The Pros and Cons of Writing Essays for Money

Considering writing essays for money? Consider these pros and cons before jumping into this popular freelance gig.

Essay writing jobs are popular among freelance writers. They have low barriers to entry, and you can quickly find dozens of gigs online.

Although accessible, you might feel skeptical about paid essays. They encourage cheating, after all. To help you reach an informed decision, let's discuss some pros and cons of writing essays for money.

The Pros of Writing Essays for Money

Freelance writers worldwide take on essay writing jobs because they’re simple and accessible.

1. Academic Writing Gigs Are Widely Available

Freelancers primarily accept essay writing jobs for their accessibility. They’re widely available. A quick search on Upwork already displays 1,000+ projects, and you’ll likely find more on other essay-writing platforms .

Searching Essay Writing Jobs on Upwork

Just search “academic writing” or “essay writing” on freelancing sites to get started. And make sure you contact multiple clients. They receive thousands of resumes regularly—your first few applications will likely get rejected.

Also, sign up as a Fiverr seller. While you might not receive as many orders initially, you’ll have some flexibility over setting your rates.

2. You Can Work on Essays Within Your Field of Expertise

Essay writing jobs comprise several niches. There are orders for personal essays, academic research papers, history reports, case studies, and business proposals, among other coursework. You’ll have no trouble finding ones that suit you.

While you might feel tempted to write about multiple topics, consider starting with just one or two fields. Orders often require 1,000+ words. You’ll spend too much time researching if you have minimal background knowledge of them.

Choose orders that align with your profession. For instance, economics reports suit finance professionals, while biology essays are perfect for healthcare workers.

3. Writers Can Make a Quick Buck With Paid Essays

It’s common for freelancers to struggle with client acquisition regardless of their tenure and skill. Even seasoned professionals experience a dry spell. Many spend weeks finding a lucrative gig that will replace their previous ones.

If you lose work and get strapped for cash, supplement your income with essay writing jobs. They don’t pay much. However, the extra money should help you get through these trying times.

Attract more freelance clients by utilizing your online network. Update your portfolio, contact hiring managers, and publish guest posts on reputable websites.

4. Essay Writing Gigs Are Often Open to Writers of All Levels

Writers of all levels can try writing essays for money. Even inexperienced freelancers and college students qualify for most of these gigs. They don’t even have to write that well yet. Clients just need assistance with their coursework, e.g., essays and theses.

Newbie writers should maximize these low barriers to entry. Try taking on as many essay writing jobs as possible to jumpstart your career. The freelance market is super competitive. You won’t win projects if you have zero experience.

5. Some Essay Mills Encourage Writers to Paraphrase Content

Essay writing jobs have become easier with the advancement of AI. Content mills now encourage their writers to rephrase articles that chatbots generate.

ChatGPT can generate large amounts of text quickly. The writer then needs to paraphrase the AI-generated text, a process that can vary in time depending on the complexity of the content.

ChatGPT Writing 500 Word Essay on Bees

Some clients might overlook it, but copy-pasting AI content classifies as plagiarism. Chatbots only pull information from their datasets. Instead, explore the responsible, ethical ways to use AI as a writer .

The Cons of Writing Essays for Money

Think twice before accepting essay writing jobs. Weigh the disadvantages first—they might not be worth your time.

1. Essay Mills Encourage Cheating

Students Cheating in Class Behind Teacher

Regardless of what content mills say, writing essays for money is unethical. It promotes cheating and commodifies plagiarized work. Entitled students may eventually think that corruption and bribery will help them achieve their goals.

The U.K. government even banned essay mills in 2022 . It’s a criminal offense to sell paid essays or facilitate these transactions. While writing essays for money might not be illegal in the U.S., no educational institution allows it. Students caught submitting paid essays will get sanctioned.

2. Writing Essays for Money Is Unsustainable

Essay writing jobs are unsustainable. Students will stop paying for essays once they find free alternatives, e.g., AI. Content mills only paraphrase AI-generated content, after all. And considering the accessibility of chatbots and paraphrasing tools, students can do that themselves.

Even if the industry survives, essay writing jobs offer no career progression. There’s nowhere else to go. You’ll only increase your income if you exploit the system yourself and start an essay mill.

3. Clients Care Little About Quality

Essay mills rarely teach writing skills. Let’s face it—students pay no attention to quality. They merely want their assignments done. So unlike legitimate publications and agencies, content mills solely focus on churning out thousands of words. You’ll have no reason to upskill.

While writing essays for money could offer some opportunity for practice, it's important to remember that high quality, engaging writing is usually valued more in other writing fields. These fields may also offer better opportunities for improving and honing your writing skills.

4. Essay Writers Make Very Little

Searching for Sellers of Essay Writing on Fiverr

Unfortunately, you can’t make a living writing essays. Although essay writing jobs are widely available, they pay terrible rates. There are Fiverr sellers offering 500-word pieces for just $5, and to make matters worse, content mills pay even less. Even if you write 5,000 words a day, you’ll only make around $20 to $50.

5. You Can’t Add Paid Essays to Your Portfolio

You can’t add paid essays to your writing portfolio. They already belong to the buyer. Essay mills even provide contracts stating writers should never upload or repurpose their content.

Either way, publications might not be interested in your experience writing essays. The practice is a freelancing gray area. Just write some new blogs and articles if you have no other samples.

Should You Write Essays for Money?

Writing paid essays is a quick way to make extra cash. With the prevalence and accessibility of essay mills, you could probably land your first gig within hours. Just note that writing essays for money is neither sustainable nor lucrative.

Please explore other freelancing opportunities as your writing career progresses. You’ll find plenty of high-paying projects on LinkedIn, Upwork, ProBlogger, Pitchwiz, and even Facebook. Broaden your options.

Make a Living Writing


can you write essays for money


can you write essays for money


  • Write for Money: 80+ Websites that Pay Freelance Writers $50+

Write for money: 80+ websites that pay freelance writers $50+

What’s included in this write for money roundup (and what’s not included), business, career and finance, family and parenting, lifestyle and general interest, travel and food, tips for successful pitching, need help learning how to pitch a paying guest post.

Tired of earning pennies (or peanuts or whichever cliche for crappy pay you prefer) and ready to learn how to write for money online for real?

We’re tired of it, too. That’s why Make a Living Writing pays for posts, and why our rates start at $150 depending on the type of article we commission (but please note we are not currently open to submission). And it’s why we update our list of sites that pay on a regular basis.

Below is an updated version of the Make a Living Writing list of websites that pay at least $50 per post.

Rather than updating our Monster List of 161 Markets for Freelance Writers , we decided to release an updated and comprehensive list with newer markets and made our bottom line $50 for posts. That’s our minimum for this post. If you want to explore sites that pay $30-$50, check out these 21 niche markets .

In some cases, these sites keep it on the down low exactly what they pay. We’re including markets where freelance writers in our network report they pay more than $50, in order to bring you the widest variety of paying markets possible.

We also removed sites that are not currently accepting pitches, which knocked a good portion of the writing-focused sites off. Sites where you only have a shot at earning $50 writing on spec, or based on traffic or ad clicks, are NOT included. This is a list of markets offering guaranteed pay only!

The list runs the gamut of topics, from parenting and knitting to business and writing, so there should be something here for everyone, no matter what type of writing job you’re looking for.

And don’t forget, if you’re ready to supercharge your freelance writing career, the Freelance Writers Den has over 300 hours of on-demand bootcamp trainings you can access 24/7 plus an exclusive community of 1,500+ members sharing valuable advice day in and day out. There’s also a direct referral program with new opportunities to make money writing posted regularly. Get on the waiting list now so you can take your career to the next level.

Get your writing questions answered. Banner ad for

As always, we appreciate any corrections or additions. Here’s the list.

  • B. Michelle Pippin pays $50-$150 for business-related articles
  • Coaches Training Blog is looking for articles about coaching—business, life, career, and other kinds. Pay based on assignment
  • Copyhackers pays $300-$1,000 for articles about copywriting, branding, running a business, and more. Read the submission guidelines carefully to pitch
  • CEO Hangout  will pay $50 if you pre-arrange it with the editor—send a pitch and negotiate payment before writing the article. They run posts about the CEO lifestyle, success stories, interviews, and other reported features of interest to business leaders
  • HerMoney pays $150 for articles about women and money. They list a blackhole editorial@ email address, so take time to research which editor is best-suited for your topic. Start with Kathryn Tuggle , chief content officer
  • Doctor of Credit pays $50 for personal finance articles that focus specifically on credit
  • eCommerce Insiders pays $75-$150 for articles about online retailing
  • FreelanceMom pays $75-$100 for posts about running a business as a busy parent
  • FreshBooks (yup, that same freelancer invoicing site we recommend) pays $200 a post and up. They’ve removed their contributors page since we first published this article, but they still reportedly accept pitches from time to time for their blog
  • Acorns has an online pub called Grow Magazine that pays $50+ for finance writing geared toward millennials. They don’t have guidelines posted, but they told me to submit to [email protected] with the word STORY in your subject line. We don’t normally recommend those generic emails, but because the pub is still new, it might not be a huge black hole yet
  • IncomeDiary pays $150-$300 for articles about making money online, including SEO, affiliate sales, and traffic generation
  • Mirasee  pays $200 for 1,000- to 2,000-word posts on marketing, business productivity, and growth topics. NOTE: Mirasee publishes guest articles by invitation only
  • Modern Farmer reportedly pays around $350 for articles
  • Priceonomics pays $250-$1,000 for articles on data and economics. The catch? Articles must be submitted on spec. They occasionally post requests for articles on specific topics , which might get you closer to that big paycheck
  • RankPay pays $50 for articles about SEO, content marketing, and social media
  • LiisBeth is all about feminist entrepreneurs. Study the guidelines, read past articles, and look at the About page and LiisBeth manifesto to get a feel for the audience. Pay depends on assignment
  • Smart Blogger regularly invites writers to craft posts on content marketing and freelancing through its job board. Assignments typically pay $150 to $350. BONUS: Even when there aren’t current assignments available to write for Smart Blogger’s blog, the job board offers numerous paid writing opportunities from other sites
  • Aish accepts first-person accounts on the positive influence of Orthodox Jewish beliefs on everyday life—and they reportedly pay $200 on publication. Know the frum life to succeed here, and email [email protected]
  • Hearst owns more than 200 magazines worldwide and many of them accept pitches and pay writers a minimum of $100. You can write for money about a wide variety of topics, but in order to pitch you must track down the individual magazine editors and review their calls for pitches
  • Dame reportedly pays $350-$750 for essays. They do accept reported features and other article types, and pay rates may vary for those
  • Brain Child Magazine publishes long-form essays on a wide range of topics. Pay is reported as $300 for 1,500 to 4,500-word essays
  • The Establishment pays $125 and up for reported stories and essays
  • Eureka Street is an Australian site that pays $200 for analysis or commentary on politics, religion, popular culture or current events in Australia and the world. They also pay $50 for poetry (check out our full guide to poetry jobs ), which seems to be a rarity these days
  • Guideposts reportedly pays $250 for Christian faith-based essays
  • LightHouse pays $100 for uplifting essays by blind or visually-impaired writers
  • Narratively reportedly pays $200-300 for 2,000- to 2,500-word essays on specific topics. Check their guidelines for a list of current needs
  • The New York Times Modern Love column reportedly pays as much as $300 for essays on any topic that could be classified as modern love
  • Skirt reportedly pays $200 for 300- to 800-word essays about women’s issues
  • The Bold Italic might be a great fit if you’re from San Francisco or have a connection to the city. Past essay topics have included the gig economy, online dating, mental illness, and more. Pay is $50 per essay
  • Vox reportedly pays in the $400 range for personal essays of about 1,500 words. Pitch  marina.bolotnikova
  • Buzzfeed has an estimated 168 million unique visitors every month, and they publish a wide variety of topics to keep those visitors entertained and informed. Pay is reported to be between $0.13 and $0.27 per word

Vertical illustration that says write for money: 80+ websites that pay writers. There's a graphic of a bag of money and some green bills.

  • Just Parents is a UK-based site that focuses on pregnancy and parenting. They reportedly pay $60 per post
  • posts non-snarky articles about parenting and family issues. Pay reportedly starts at $50
  • Fatherly is looking for parenting advice and funny experiences with kids from a dad’s perspective. Pay based on assignment
  • Well Family  (the New York Times’ parenting blog) pays $100. Pitch the editor

36. The Anxiety Foundation  pays $50 for mental health articles

37. The Atlantic’s  online health section reportedly pays $200

38. PsychCentral covers mental health. They don’t list a pay rate on their site, and they didn’t respond to our query about pay, but a reader on last year’s list reported they are a paying market. TIP: The website says they don’t pay, but exceptions are made if you discuss payment BEFORE submitting

39. BBC Britain doesn’t publish their pay rate, but I’ve seen reports of $350-$1,000 for various BBC sites. Pitch stories with a British slant for an international audience

40. Bitch Magazine’s website pays for pop culture features. Pay is variable, so negotiate to get your desired rate

41. BookBrowse pays for book reviews! Writers accepted into their stable of reviewers will earn a reported $50 for a 600-word review

42. Adoptive Family accepts pitches on all aspects of the adoption process. Pay based on assignment

43. The Daily Beast reportedly pays $250 and up. Their submission guidelines have a black-hole editorial@ email address, so you’ll want to do a little digging to find the right person to pitch

44. Backpacker is all about wilderness hiking. Pay based on assignment

45. getAbstract reportedly pays $300 for longer (2,000-4,000 word) book summaries

46. Gothamist pays $50-$150 for reported pieces about New York when the publication is open for submissions

47. Backstage is a resource for performing artists. Pay is reported at $0.14/word – pitch Briana Rodriguez, Editor-in-Chief, on LinkedIn

48. The International Wine Accessories blog pays $20 and up for articles

49. The Conversation doesn’t publish their rates, but it’s reported by our community that they pay well

50. Knitty  raised their rates to $300 for articles about knitting and knitting patterns. They also have a sister site— Knittyspin —for knitters who like to use handspun yarn

51. Lifezette reportedly pays $100-$200 for articles on parenting, politics, faith, health, and pop culture. Contact the appropriate editor with your idea. NOTE: Lifezette has removed their editorial contact page so you’ll have to do some digging

52. Listverse pays $100 for long (1,500 word) lists on various topics

53. New York Observer pays $100 on posts about politics and culture for “sophisticated readership of metropolitan professionals”

54. OZY does allow freelancers to write for money, but rates vary

55. Paste reportedly pays $50+ for submissions in many different areas

56. Playboy reportedly pays up to $350, depending on the topic. NOTE: Playboy has removed their editorial contact page so you’ll have to do some digging

57. Pretty Designs covers fashion and beauty. You’ll need to negotiate per-post pay

58. Refinery29 reportedly pays $75 and up for slideshows, articles, and essays on various topics. They also post their needs for specific columns on their guidelines page

59. Salon pays $100-$200 for essays and reported features, even very long ones

60. Smithsonian Magazine Online reportedly pays established freelancers up to $600 for reported articles

61. The Tablet pays for articles on Jewish news, ideas, and culture. Pay varies, so be prepared to negotiate. I saw a report of $1,000 for a heavily reported 2,000+ word feature

62. Upworthy reportedly pays $150-$200 for 500-word posts

63. Vice ‘s pay rate varies, so you will need to negotiate if you’d like to write about food, technology, music, fashion, and other lifestyle topics

64. YourTango reportedly pays $50 for posts on love, sex, travel, mental health, and just about anything else that affects your relationships

65. A List Apart covers web design. They reportedly pay $200 per article

66. The Graphic Design School blog pays $100-$200 for articles and tutorials about Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and open source design tools. NOTE: This site has removed its submission guidelines page, and it’s not clear whether they still take guest posts

67. Linode reportedly pays $250 for articles about Linux,, NoSQL databases, game servers, Open Change, and Web RTC

68. SitePoint reportedly pays $100-$150 for articles on HTML, CSS, Ruby, PHP, web development and more

69. SlickWP reportedly pays $100 for posts about WordPress and the Genesis Theme framework

70. Tuts+ pays $100 and up for tutorials on various technologies, including web design and Flash. Tuts once ran a network of 16 different blogs, including Freelance Switch, but now it’s all together on a single site that encompasses design, gaming, photography, writing, and more

71. WordCandy reportedly pays $0.06 to $0.10 cents per word for ghostwritten pieces about WordPress—these will appear on some of the larger WordPress blogs, such as wpmudev

72. WPHub reportedly pays $100-$200 for posts on web design trends, coding best practices, and other WordPress-related topics

73. Expatics serves U.S. expatriates. This is another site where you’ll need to negotiate pay before you write your article

74. Fund Your Life Overseas reportedly pays $75 for articles about business ideas that provide enough income for U.S. ex-pats

75. Saveur reportedly starts at $150 for “amazing stories about food and travel”

76. The Salt (NPR’s food blog) reportedly pays $200+

77. ClearVoice is a platform to connect bloggers with brands in various niches, as well as commissioning posts for its own blog. Pay is variable but ranges as high as $250-$400 from what we’ve seen so far. When you apply, you set the rates you’re willing to accept; then, the platform emails you when appropriate opportunities arise. It’s not a bid site—fees are preset. But gigs are presented to multiple writers, and then the client chooses who they’ll work with. Luckily, there’s no elaborate application process, once your profile is set, you simply reply that you’re interested, and they let you know if you win the job

78. Contently pays about 35 cents a word for their freelancer-focused online magazine

79. Freedom with Writing pays $50-$150 for lists of paying publishers. They also pay for short ebooks, so there is an option for longer-form content too

80. Make a Living Writing . That’s right, this blog pays for guest articles, starting at $150, depending on complexity and research needed. Be sure to read our guidelines thoroughly, especially our list of the topics we’re actively looking for guest posts on right now. Pitching one of those will seriously improve your odds!

81. WOW! Women on Writing pays $50-$150

82. The Write Life pays for some posts, starting at $150

Before you pitch any of these sites, read the guidelines carefully and study the posts they’ve already run. Make sure you either have a fresh topic or a new way of exploring an issue they’ve covered before.

Paying markets are more competitive than posting on free sites. And the more bad pitches a site receives, the likelier they will reconsider whether they even accept guest posts, let alone pay for them. (Believe me, this happens, and it is the reason some sites we’ve listed before are no longer accepting pitches.)

  • See this post on Guest Post Pitches That Got the Gig
  • See this post on what not to do when pitching
  • Make sure to check out our tips for effective freelancer invoicing so you get paid for your work

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Jennifer Roland is a freelance education, financial institution, and technology writer—and keeps things running at the Freelance Writers Den. Her latest book, 10 Takes: Pacific Northwest Writers , was published by Gladeye Press.

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can you write essays for money

Good news: there are a LOT of different options when it comes to paid online writing. No matter your interests or areas of expertise, if you’re ready to bring in some extra cash, opportunities are waiting for you.

Whether you want to write an occasional article for extra spending money or dedicate your free time to running a blog so you can one day quit your day job and become a freelance writer for hire , we’ll show you 30 easy ways to make money writing online in 2023 and everything you need to know to get paid for your writing skills.

1. Start a blog

Blogging is a tried-and-true method for writers to make money online. You may be wondering if it’s still possible for new bloggers to make money with all the established blogs already online, and the answer is YES.

Blogging requires dedication and consistency, and it will also take some time for your blog to gain momentum before you see much income, but it is absolutely possible.

The first step to starting a blog is picking your niche. This is the topic you’ll write about. It’s good to get specific here; there are many blogs on the internet, so if you can provide a unique perspective, your readers are more likely to stick around.

Next, you’ll need to pick your domain, design your blog, and get it all set up. There are a ton of great resources out there to help you with this (just remember you get what you pay for: while there are free blog hosting sites and free templates, top bloggers agree that you’ll need to spend a little money upfront if you want to make money writing in the long run).

Once you’ve got your blog established, remember to post regularly, promote your posts on social media, and engage with your readers. No blog has ever been an overnight success, but you can make good money from blogging with a little time and consistency.

2. Create blog posts (for others)

If you’re not quite ready to start your own blog, you can always dip your toes in the water by guest blogging. Many bloggers hire other bloggers to create content, and a lot of companies will hire freelance writers to contribute to the blog section of their website.

If you decide to go this route, make sure to do your research beforehand. Familiarize yourself with the blog you’re writing for, so you can match the tone and blend in with the existing content.

Bloggers who publish daily get 57% better results than those who publish multiple times per week. - Semrush

3. Establish a niche website

If you have an interest or expertise in a particular niche, you can start a website dedicated to it. This gives you all the creative control of running your own blog without the pressure of regular posting. (Although you will need to update your website regularly to keep it fresh and make sure it reaches full potential.)

4. Self-Publish a book

There are self-publishing options for every type of book, from short instructional guides to romance novels to nonfiction tomes. If you’ve written a book and you’re unsure what your next step should be, why not consider self-publishing?

Publishing your own book is an incredibly rewarding experience, as you have control over every step of the process. This can be a double-edged sword, however. After starting down the path to self-publication, many authors realize that while they love writing, they don’t love obsessing over font and margin options or negotiating with cover artists.

And even if you use a free service, such as Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing , you’ll need to spend money on editing, cover design, marketing, and advertising.

The hope is that you would make that money back from your book sales, but there are no guarantees. But if you play your cards right, it’s possible to turn a profit from your self-published book.

5. Create affiliate content

Ever notice how almost every food blogger includes Amazon links to their favorite ingredients and cookware? Or maybe you found an article on Pinterest listing an outdoor enthusiast’s essential camping gear.

These are both examples of affiliate content, where you (the affiliate) partner with a company to drive traffic to their website and earn commissions on any resulting sales. Affiliate marketing content is an excellent way to generate passive income on your blog or website.

It takes a little strategizing, but once you develop a plan and implement your affiliate content, you can make money while you sleep .

6. Write scripts for video creators

If you understand scriptwriting’s technicalities, you can bring in money by partnering with a video creator. It’s pretty common for video creators to have great screen presence—but not-so-great writing skills, so there are plenty of gigs to be had in this field.

Video content is exploding in popularity, so now is a great time to get your foot in the door and add some script-writing experience to your resume. These gigs are often posted on job boards , and you can also take the initiative and reach out to some content creators whose work you enjoy to see if they could use a hand with scriptwriting.

"60% of businesses use video as a marketing tool." - Biteable

7. Write show notes for podcasts

Show notes are a written online resource for podcast listeners that accompany each episode of a podcast. Every podcast approaches show notes a little differently, but typically, they are brief, easy-to-scan episode summaries that often include additional relevant resources. You can find work writing show notes on job boards, or send cold pitches out to podcasters you would like to work with as a freelance writer.

8. Create written content for social media

can you write essays for money

Large companies typically have a marketer (or a team of them) dedicated to keeping their social media running smoothly. But smaller businesses often can’t hire a full-time employee to manage their social media presence. Freelancers are the ideal solution, and are a win-win for everyone.

Think about your favorite local ice cream parlor, gift shop, or espresso stand, and do a little digging into their social media presence. If you notice that they haven’t posted anything in months or that they struggle with creating high-quality, engaging content, then you just found an excellent opportunity to pitch your writing services.

There’s no need to bash them or focus too much on their social media mistakes , but you can start a polite and friendly conversation where you mention that you noticed room for improvement. Try to emphasize what they stand to gain from working with you and how much potential you see in their social media presence.

Before you pitch your social media writing services, make sure you do your research on fair pricing and know which services you want to offer at what rates. If a business owner shows interest in working with you, the last thing you want to do is keep them waiting while you iron out details you could already have had in place.

9. Produce content for local businesses

While you’re talking to small, local business owners about their social media content, don’t forget the other services you can provide as well.

Maybe a local business could use your help with the occasional blog post, copy for their website, or informational materials like brochures and pamphlets. If you need a list of local businesses, consider joining your local chamber of commerce. Their events can be an effective way to network with other local business owners.

10. Submit magazine articles

Do you have a juicy story from your personal life that your friends love hearing over and over again, or a political perspective that incites the “mind-blown” emoji from every person you share it with? Write it down and turn it into a magazine article to make money.

The magazine industry may not be as prominent as it once was, but it is still going strong , and plenty of freelance writers are getting paid to write magazine articles. Some magazines pay upwards of $500 per article.

Do a little research to find the magazines that would be the best fit for your article, and make sure they haven’t published anything too similar in the recent past.

This is also a good time to find the magazine’s submission guidelines—make sure you follow their instructions carefully, so you have a better chance of getting accepted.

11. Create an information product

If you’re an expert at something, you can monetize that knowledge by creating and selling informational products. This can be an ebook, a video, a short PDF, or any electronic format sharing your insights. Don’t be afraid to get creative here!

Online information products are an excellent way to generate revenue because there are little to no overhead costs involved. You don’t need to worry about packing and shipping a physical product, nor do you need to be involved in the transactions once you handle the initial logistics of making your product available.

The most important thing is to make sure you’re providing a high-quality product with valuable tips and tricks that your customers won’t be able to find elsewhere. If your customers love what they learn from you, they’re much more likely to pay for other products you offer and recommend your business to their friends.

12. Ghostwrite online content

Want to know a secret?

When you see a byline on an online article or blog post, there’s a pretty good chance that the named author didn’t actually write that content. Ghostwriting is not just for celebrity autobiographies; a lot of blogs and websites hire ghostwriters, too.

If you’re okay with taking home the paycheck but not seeing your name on the byline, seek out ghostwriting gigs. These jobs often command rates of 30% to 50% more than bylined work because they aren’t pieces you can add to your portfolio or claim responsibility for.

13. Write video game guidebooks

Streaming your gameplay isn’t the only way for gamers to make money online. If you know a video game inside and out, consider writing a guidebook for it and selling it as a PDF.

If you don’t want to handle the logistics of selling your own product, you can always write freelance articles and guides for video game websites and magazines.

"In 2019, the gaming industry has generated total revenue of $151.9 billion." - Review42

14. Create destination guides

Whether you love to travel or are the go-to person for the best spots to visit in your hometown, you can turn your knowledge into a profitable destination guide. This can be an extensive information product that you sell on your blog or website, or you can pitch it to a travel magazine or blog accepting these types of publications.

15. Write poetry

Poetry may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about making money writing online, but it’s possible to turn a profit off of your poems. There are several places you can submit your poetry online for publication, and if your piece is selected, you’ll get a paycheck on top of bragging rights. Here are some of the top-paying online poetry publishers:

  • The Sun Magazine : Pays $100-$250
  • Poetry Foundation : Pays $300+
  • Boulevard Magazine : Pays $50-$250
  • Crazyhorse : Pays $20-$200
  • EPOCH : Pays a minimum of $50 per poem

16. Transcribe documents

Transcribing is flexible work that can pay very well once you have some quality pieces in your portfolio. High-paying transcription jobs often require experience, special equipment, and specialized medical or legal knowledge.

But don’t let that discourage you if you think you’d enjoy the work. You can quickly get your foot in the door by taking on a few simple, lower-paying gigs. Check out these reputable transcribing sites to learn more:

  • TranscribeMe

17. Write personal essays

can you write essays for money

If you have interesting life stories, the world wants to hear them. Lots of websites pay you for the right to publish your personal essays. Further below, you’ll find some publications to pitch.

You could also turn your essays into a blog or website, although you should be very strategic if you decide to go this route; blogs dedicated to niches tend to perform exceptionally well, while personal perspective blogs do not.

18. Create greeting card sayings

Someone has to write the sayings and poems on greeting cards. Frequently, that someone is a freelance writer. If you think you have what it takes to create a best-selling greeting card, these companies that pay for greeting card verse submissions:

  • Oatmeal Studios
  • Blue Mountain Arts

19. Write product descriptions

Some companies pay quite well to ensure that the product descriptions on their websites are clear and informative. Look for these gigs on job boards or pitch the company yourself. There are even websites you can join, such as Crowd Content , that pay you to write product descriptions for their clients. You can also find possible clients for this on sites like Upwork .

20. Start copywriting

Copywriting can refer to any writing that is specifically used for promotion and marketing. This can include content on websites, video scripts, blog posts, emails—you name it.

Businesses use copy to promote a product or service and drive the reader to action. Some companies hire freelance copywriters, some hire copywriters from marketing agencies that work with multiple companies, and some have staff copywriters. You can find copywriting work on job boards of all kinds, including Indeed and Zip Recruiter.

21. Create email sequences

An email sequence is a series of automated emails sent from a business to its clients at different sales cycle stages. Companies also send out email sequences when someone takes a specific action (or lack of action), such as clicking a link in an email or leaving an e-commerce site with items still in the shopping cart.

If you have a strong understanding of email marketing tactics, you can work with any company to create or improve their email sequences. Since more companies are getting into email marketing , there is plenty of opportunities to make money writing here.

Nearly 90% of marketers use email marketing to distribute content organically. - Content Marketing Institute

22. Write technical manuals

Technical writing is a lucrative field because it requires extensive knowledge of the industry you’re writing for. Technical writers need to know how to take complex information and break it down into simple, easy-to-understand messages.

23. Post on a revenue sharing site

Revenue sharing sites host your content and give you a percentage of the ad revenue generated from the page in exchange. This can be a great way to gain experience writing online , since you don’t have to worry about setting up your own website or driving traffic—although you should do everything you can to market your work and encourage people to read your work on revenue sharing sites.

Here are some examples of revenue sharing sites where you can get paid to write articles:

24. Enter a writing contest

Keep an eye out for writing contests, and throw your hat in the ring when you can. This one is a bit of a gamble because only the winners get paid, but it could well be worthwhile.

Some contests pay their winners surprisingly well, and winning can also be a great way to gain exposure as a writer. So if you have the time, why not give it a shot?

Here are a few reputable contests to get you started:

  • Reedsy lists over 100 writing contests
  • Biopage’s Storytelling Contest pays $100 to $300 for winning short stories.

25. Write resumes

If you have a knack for creating effective resumes, you can find freelance work writing resumes for job hunters. Check job boards for resume writing gigs, and spread the word through social media that you are accepting clients for resume makeovers.

As a similar way to get paid to write, you can also specialize in LinkedIn profiles. Many professionals are willing to pay for an optimized profile that can help them land work.

26. Write and sell songs

Do you love writing music? You can sell your songwriting services online with the help of these websites:

  • Nashville Songwriters Association

27. Review books

Calling all readers! Did you know you can get paid to review books? If you can read quickly and write engaging, objective reviews, this could be an excellent way to earn some extra money.

Here are some companies that accept applications for book reviewers:

  • Reedsy Discovery
  • Online Book Club

28. Do SEO writing

SEO writers are some of the best-paid freelance writers because they provide the most value to their clients. These specialized writers know plenty of SEO tips, including researching keywords and integrating them into websites to make them rank higher in search results.

Semrush lists seven SEO Certification courses that you can take if you want to learn more about SEO, some of which are free.

29. Write sponsored content

If you have a blog, writing sponsored content is a no-brainer. Simply put, sponsored content is anything that a company pays you to write and publish on your blog.

There are tons of options for companies you can work with, and some creative ways to write sponsored content that doesn’t feel like advertising. Check out these trusted sponsored post networks you can join to find paid blogging opportunities:

  • Blog Meets Brand

How can you find paid writing opportunities online?

can you write essays for money

There are several ways to find legitimate opportunities to make money writing online. The links provided in the above examples are an excellent start, and we have even more ideas for you below.

Cold pitching companies you want to work for

As a freelance writer, one of the most critical skills for you to develop is learning how to cold pitch your services. This is where you send unsolicited emails to companies or individuals to offer your writing services.

Since the people you’re approaching didn’t ask for your help, it’s normal to get many nos. But there’s also a chance that the business does need your services, and you’ll never know unless you ask.

Searching online job boards

Online job boards are a great resource for finding any work, freelance writing gigs included. Here are a few of our favorite reputable job boards. You’ll find some free ones and others that you’ll need to pay to access:

  • Freelancing Females
  • Freelance Writers Den
  • Blogging Pro

Pitching bloggers who accept guest posts

When you’re looking at blogs, take note of the ones that include guest blogging articles. Use your cold pitching skills and email the author to offer your guest writing services.

Bloggers are typically very busy people, and they’re often grateful for the opportunity to outsource some of their work. Not all bloggers can afford to pay their guest bloggers, so it’s up to you if you want to accept free work or not.

Sometimes the new connection and link to a published article that you can add to your portfolio are worth it, but only you can decide.

Searching on social media

It’s becoming more common for companies to turn to social media to find writers to hire. The next time you’re scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, take a moment to check out these hashtags:

  • #needwriters
  • #hiringwriters
  • #writerswanted
  • #writersneeded
  • #bloggerswanted

Then read through the listings and see what catches your interest. You can often find opportunities in a variety of niches this way.

Submitting queries to publications

If there’s a magazine or website you love, check and see if they accept submissions from freelance writers. See further below for tips on finding a publication to pitch.

Networking with other freelance writers

Keeping in touch with your writer acquaintances is always a good idea. Don’t be afraid to mention that you’re always looking for new writing jobs—the next time they get an offer that they’re too busy for, they may just pass your name along.

You can connect with other writers on social media or at in-person events. Work on keeping your working relationship positive, and you never know when you’ll see a referral coming your way.

Pro tip:Search for freelance writer groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social platforms.

Posting on social media

If you don’t already have social media accounts strictly dedicated to your writing business, don’t waste any time in getting them established. Social media is a fantastic resource to find paid writing opportunities; the occasional post announcing that you’re accepting new clients can do wonders for your business. Don’t forget to encourage your followers to share your posts. Someone in your network may know someone who is searching for a writer.

Creating a website to share your services

Setting up a website to help advertise your writing services is a great way to appear more professional to prospective clients. You can share a link to your website whenever you apply for a gig or cold pitch your services.

Here are some essential elements to include:

  • Your resume
  • A professional photo of yourself
  • Links to any published writings of your own
  • Sample articles
  • A list of services you provide
  • Testimonials from past clients
  • Your contact information or even a contact form so potential clients can email you directly from your site

Searching on Craigslist in major cities

Craigslist often has paid writing opportunities, so don’t overlook this resource. Remember to search other locations outside of your own city, too. Check the listings for major metropolitan areas, where people post the majority of jobs. Here are five cities you should check regularly:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco

Another tip to help you find assignments on this website - writing jobs on Craigslist are sometimes posted under “Gigs” and sometimes under “Jobs,” so be sure to check both sections.

Asking past freelance writing clients if they have more work for you

As mentioned earlier, networking is essential. Keeping in touch with your past clients is equally important. There’s no need to hound them, but don’t be afraid to check in periodically and see if there’s anything else they need help with.

Where can you submit your writing online for money?

can you write essays for money

When deciding where to submit your writing, you want to make sure that the publication will pay its authors and that it fits well with your preferred writing style. Here are a few possibilities for you to check out, organized by niche.

If you prefer writing personal essays, you’re in luck. Here are five sites that might pay you for your essays:

The Bold Italic

Can you write a personal essay about the spirit of San Francisco that will make readers laugh or cry? If yes, submit it to The Bold Italic . The editors will review it and make a decision. If it’s published, you’ll get $50.

Buzzfeed Reader

If you want your personal essay to be read by the masses, you’ve got to pitch the editors over at Buzzfeed Reader . It pays competitive rates for essays about nearly any fresh idea.

The LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in San Francisco pays for dynamic personal essays written by blind or visually impaired writers. It will occasionally publish pieces written by writers outside of this category. The editors enjoy working collaboratively with you on the piece, and pay $100 upon publication.

If you can write a unique personal essay with a strong voice, the editors at Dame want you to send a pitch. A published essay will earn you about $150, though you’ll finalize payment details throughout the submission process.

Business, career, and finance

The penny hoarder.

This popular website is a great place to pitch if you have a laid-back writing style and unique tips about earning or saving money. The Penny Hoarder gives detailed pitch directions and provides a form you can fill out, making the whole process as simple as possible. If your pitch is accepted, an editor will discuss payment with you at that time.

Doctor of Credit

Do you have a strong understanding of consumer credit law? Have you found a unique credit card from a small issuer? Doctor of Credit is a great blog that may publish a guest post if you have niche financial knowledge to share. They pay $50 per post.

Income Diary

This website is all about making money online, from blog design to content creation to entrepreneurship and a success mindset. Income Diary pays up to $200 for an article on these topics.

Freelance Mom

If you know how to balance being your own boss and being an awesome mom, Freelance Mom wants to hear from you. You can earn between $75 and $100 on articles between 900 to 1,500 words.

Family and parenting

Pregnant chicken.

This fun and informative website features pregnancy tips and stories about pregnancy, childbirth, and being a new parent. Pregnant Chicken pays $100 per post.

Zift publishes articles relating to parenting in a technology-driven world. If you have an evergreen, original article about managing kids and screen time, you could earn $100 for it.

Your Teen Media

If you’ve raised teenagers and seen it all, you can get paid to write by Teen Media , a trusted editorial source for readers seeking information about raising teenagers. Payment rates are not listed on their websites, but you can discuss this with the editor if your pitch gets accepted.

Go World Travel

This is a great place to pitch if you’re a new writer. Go World Travel publishes contributions from first-time writers and experts alike. If you can tell a captivating, descriptive story about your travels, you can earn $30 to $40 per article.

Matador Network

You’ll need to set up a profile with Matador Network to respond to their calls for submissions. Once you do, you can earn $40 or more for short commissioned travel articles.

GoNOMAD is a resource for “honest, accurate, well-written and detailed articles and destination guides that speak to an educated, curious, and well-traveled audience.” They pay $25 for stories between 1700 to 2200 words long.

Extra Crispy

Extra Crispy is all about breakfast, and they are looking for opinion pieces, stories, essays, recipes, etc. This is the perfect place to pitch if the most important meal of the day also happens to be your favorite. It doesn’t list payment terms on its website, so you’ll need to work that out with the editor if your pitch is accepted.

Taste of Home

This family-favorite publication publishes recipes from home cooks. You can sign into their website to see what types of recipes they are currently looking for. Taste of Home discusses payment rates upon acceptance.

If you have a unique perspective on food culture, try pitching Eater . They cover a wide range of food-related topics, so take a look and see if you can come up with an idea they might love! Payment terms are not listed on their website.

Digital Ocean

DigitalOcean is looking for talented authors to create technical tutorials and articles about software development. In addition to a personal payout (typically $300), you’ll also get to select a tech-focused charity to receive a donation from DigitalOcean.

If you can create original content to add to Linode’s library of technical guides and tutorials, you can earn $300. They currently are focusing on adding articles about Kubernetes, Linux essentials, and databases, so if you send a pitch about one of those topics, you’re more likely to be accepted.

Do you consider yourself a WordPress expert? If yes, consider pitching WPHUB . Depending on your article’s topic and length, they pay between $10 to $200 for content about web design trends, exploring useful plugins for developers, coding best practices, and other WordPress-related topics.

How to send a pitch for an online writing gig

can you write essays for money

Whether you're trying to send a submission to a specific blog or applying for a gig you found on a job board, you’ll need to send a pitch if you want to get paid to write.

If you’re wondering what a pitch is, it’s a written correspondence in which you explain to an editor or publisher an idea you have for an article, blog post, story, etc., and ask them to consider hiring you to execute your idea.

While you want your pitch to have your voice and not sound like you copied and pasted it, there are a few essential pieces to include. Here’s what every pitch needs:

  • The editor’s name. Addressing your pitch to the right person will show that you did your homework. On this note, also make sure you send it to the correct email address.
  • Details about your idea. No need to send the entire finished piece (unless it’s asked for). However, you need to make it clear what your story is about and why you’re the best person for the job.
  • A brief bio. The editor doesn’t have time to read your life story, but you should introduce them to you and share any relevant experience you may have.
  • A link to your portfolio. This gives the editor the chance to get a feel for your writing abilities and style. If you write in a wide range of styles, it’s a good idea to only link to the ones that best match the publication you’re pitching to.

It’s natural to feel a little nervous when submitting a pitch, especially for new writers. Whatever you do, don’t let your fear of rejection or imposter syndrome stop you from sending a pitch. Manage your expectations, and know going into it that you will receive a lot more nos than yeses.

That’s true for even the most talented writers, though, so don’t take it personally. Keep at it, and eventually, your pitch will reach the person who’s ready to work with you.

5 tips for successful pitching as a freelance writer

To improve your acceptance rate, here are five tips to help you send a better pitch:

1. Follow directions

If you are replying to a job listing or submitting to an established publication, make sure you carefully follow any guidelines they provide. If the publisher thinks that you can’t follow simple instructions such as giving your email the proper subject line or saving your resume in the specified format, they probably won’t be very eager to work with you.

2. Pitch for topics you’re comfortable writing about

When you’re first getting started, It’s tempting to pitch for any and all gigs you can find. But it’s highly encouraged that you pitch selectively.

You don’t need to stick to just one niche, but if you pitch topics you’re genuinely excited about, your passion and expertise will show, it’ll take you less time, and your finished work will be stronger.

3. Send a great idea

If you’re pitching an idea you came up with for a magazine article or a guest blog post, take some time to research the existing content and see what’s missing, so you don’t suggest topics they’ve already published.

Try to come up with a unique angle or provide a different perspective. That way, you send a great idea instead of a topic the site has already covered.

4. Explain why it’s a great fit

Make it clear to the publisher that you’re familiar with the publication and that you know what they’re looking for. Don’t make it about you; emphasize what they and their readers stand to gain from a partnership with you.

Do your research beforehand and know who their target audience is, what types of content they typically publish, the tone they usually write in, etc. The more you understand their style, the more you can blend in and convince them that it’s a natural partnership.

5. Keep it short

Editors are busy and don’t have time to read a novel in their inbox. Your pitch is the perfect place to show that not only are you a great writer, but you have an excellent understanding of clear and concise communication. Stick to the point, and don’t run off on unrelated rabbit trails.

How to get paid to write online

When you write content online, you’re typically considered a contract writer instead of an employee. This means you’ll need to send an invoice if you want to get paid.

An invoice is a simple document that sums up the work you did for your client, so they can see what they owe you. Basically, it’s a bill for services rendered.

It’s essential to make your invoice look professional. If you have branding elements or a logo, you’ll want to include those.

Your freelance writing invoice should include the following elements:

  • The word “Invoice” at the top. You want to make it clear to your client that this is an official billing document so that they’re more likely to pay you promptly.
  • Date you sent the invoice.
  • Your client’s name.
  • Your contact information.
  • An itemized list of services provided, with short, clear descriptions of each, and individual rates for each service.
  • Dates services were provided.
  • Payment rate.
  • Total amount due.
  • Any payment terms previously agreed upon.
  • A unique invoice ID number for your records.

There are invoice templates available online that can help you quickly set up invoices to send to your clients. The downside to using templates is that you can't easily track the payment status of all the different invoices you've sent to your clients.

Wave's invoicing software lets you do everything above (and more!) for free, no strings attached. You can create unlimited invoices with your logo and keep tabs on whether clients have seen your invoices. There are also options to set up recurring invoices for regular clients, which can save you a lot of time and headaches. If you turn on the payments option, there’s a small per-transaction fee when a client makes a payment.

Wave Money , a new service we’re launching, lets you deposit client payments and manage funds in an FDIC-insured account. We’re transforming the business banking industry with small business owners in mind. It’s the perfect online business banking option for freelance writers and other entrepreneurs.

How to create a portfolio to help you make money writing online

Having a solid portfolio is a crucial tool for any writer. Follow the below tips to make your portfolio as strong as possible.

Keep your portfolio up-to-date with your best new work

It doesn’t matter how much amazing content you created three, five, or ten years ago. Your potential clients want to see that you have recent publications under your belt.

Don’t include everything

Think of your portfolio as your highlights reel. Only include the writing you’re most proud of and that aligns with the type of work you hope to get more of. There’s no need to have articles from your stint as a sports reporter if you’re trying to break into beauty blogging.

Break it into categories

If you do more than one type of writing, keep your portfolio well organized so that your potential clients can easily find the work that is most similar to what they want to hire you for.

Host it in an effective location

Your personal business website is the best place to keep your portfolio. However, if you don’t have a website yet, you can always use a portfolio-hosting website such as Contently or ClearVoice .

7 Red flags to watch for with online writing jobs

While you can legitimately get paid to write, there are scams out there. Knowing what to look for can help you avoid getting scammed, so keep an eye out for these red flags.

  • Anything that sounds too good to be true.
  • Any online gig requiring you to send money before you make money (except for some legitimate publications that charge a nominal submission fee).
  • A potential client asking for too much personal information.
  • Job postings that list unprofessional email addresses that look like a jumbled mess of letters and numbers.
  • Vague job descriptions.
  • Meager pay for the amount of work. (And on the other end, payment that seems way too high for the demands of the job.)
  • A company requesting that you do trial work for free to evaluate or sample your services.

While these red flags don’t necessarily mean you’ve stumbled upon a freelance writing scam, seeing one does mean you need to proceed with caution. You don’t want to get your identity stolen or complete work you never get paid for.

Time to take action

Now that you’ve learned about the best options available for you to get paid to write online, it’s time to get out there and give it a shot. Remember, there’s nothing you can gain from doubting yourself, so show a little faith, pick a path to get started with, and begin to make some money. With the right attitude and enough determination, anyone can make a living writing online.

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can you write essays for money

Be Your Maverick

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10 Ways Students can make Money with Essay Writing

Make money with essay writing.

There are plenty of ways to earn money as a freelance writer if you’re a student.

You can get paid to write essays for other students or write essays for money for many other online publications.

Here are some options to help you get started with essay writing. 

Essay Writing

1. Write college papers for money

There are high-quality academic websites where you can write papers for money.

You will need to fill out an application, take a test, and upload samples of your work. If you’re accepted, you can bid for jobs.

You may have to write custom essays, research papers or even help a student with homework.

You will earn about $10 a page and more on work with a tight deadline.

2. Write a first-person narrative

Vox is a well-known general interest publication that’s looking for first-person narratives.

Read their submission guidelines and email the editor with your pitch.

The publication covers a wide range of topics, such as health, science, culture and politics.

All the accepted stories are edited and paid at competitive rates. 

3. Write nonfiction

The American Scholar is a quarterly magazine that will consider publishing nonfiction by known and unknown writers. Submissions should be no longer than 6,000 words and be submitted through the online submissions manager system.

You can upload your essay and check its status online. Submissions are carefully reviewed, and it may take several months to get a response.

Payment is up to $500 for accepted pieces and $250 for web-only pieces. 

4. Pay for essays

If you are a student who can’t even think about writing papers for money because you don’t have enough time to write your own, you can use a perfect essay writer at an essay writing service.

You can pay for essay on EduBirdie, and you will receive a quality essay from professional writers who are thoroughly screened to make sure they have the right educational background and experience to help you.

And with time, you can enroll yourself on this number one site to make money by helping others do their assignments.

male work from home

5. Write stories and articles

The Threepenny Review is open for submissions from January through June.

Response times for submission can range from two days to two months.

Critical articles should be about 1200 to 2500 words, and stories about 4000 words or less.

You can make money writing essays, short stories and articles.

They pay $400 per story or article. 

6. Write about women’s issues

The goal of the Women’s Media Center is to increase the influence of women in the media.

They want stories and commentaries that offer a feminist perspective on news events and stories about women in the media industry.

You can write essays about women and work, the environment, human rights, choice, and women as leaders and peacemakers.

7. Write fantasy and science fiction

Fantasy & Science Fiction is a science fiction print journal that’s been around forever.

It has a large readership and wants stories with surprising ideas, plots or character insights.

You can submit your entire manuscript.

It publishes fiction of up to 25,000 words in length, and you should allow eight weeks for a response.

Payment is 8-12 cents per word on acceptance. 

8. Write narrative nonfiction

Narratively wants personal essays that show readers what makes your life interesting or different.

Your storytelling must be immersive and take readers into another world or another life using vivid scenes and colorful details.

You can submit a pitch or a completed essay for consideration and earn up to $300 for a 2,500-word essay.

9. Write essays about the Christian faith

If you are a Christian, writing essays for money online is possible on Guideposts .

It publishes true stories about people who have learned a lesson or overcome a challenge through their faith.

Write a first-person narrative with a spiritual point that readers can apply in their lives and submit for publication.

Payment for essays is up to $250.

10. Write for a legit essay writing service

Make sure you choose a legit essay writing service if you want to write essays for college students.

You will need to consider the company’s background, how long it has been around, whether it’s reliable, and what you will get paid.

Check what kind of online reviews the company has. 

As a student, you can make money by writing essays in just about any niche.

You may decide to write essays for other students or for various publications.

You need to know where to look to pitch an editor and how to write essays for money.

Hopefully, the above suggestions will give you some ideas about where to begin. 

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20 Websites to Write and get Paid Instantly (upto $200 each)

20 Websites to Write and get Paid Instantly (upto $200 each)

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read the full disclosure here . 

Get Paid to Write

Table of Contents

If you are looking for ways to get paid to write articles from home, you will love this list!

You can get paid to write about anything, from food, faith, health, money and more.

This is the perfect way to make money instantly and will also give you the confidence to begin a freelance writing career online.

You can get paid for writing articles that will benefit readers of the websites listed in this post.

Get Paid for Writing

For example, say you are looking to write on “Earn money as a stay-at-home mom” – make it informative, rather than a personal story. So instead of only talking about your experience finding a work from home mom job, get into details – write about income potential, job description, and advance career options.

This way they are getting the full package and your article are more likely to be accepted for publication.

Remember, it’s not about how long your posts are, but about how beneficial they are to their readers.

Research articles on the topics before you submit your first draft for approval.

Also, make sure you go through their website and read previous articles that have been submitted by other writers. This way you know the type of articles that click with their audience.

They could be looking for humour, tutorials, list-based posts, or just simple and easy to follow tips. Keep these in mind before applying and you can nail these gigs easily.

You can either be a blogger, a freelance writer or just someone who writes as a hobby.

Get Paid to be a Writer

If you are looking to make a full-time career as a freelance writer, here is a mom blogger who teacher beginners how to do just that.

As a blogger, I have followed Elna Cain for years and can tell you from experience that she always has some solid advice to share.

Elna runs multiple blogs, one of which teaches you how to make money as a writer. She has also created this online course that will show you how to make your first $1,000 freelance writing.

I had purchased her blogging course in the past and it was plain simple and easy to follow. I would recommend her online training for beginners who need help breaking into this career.

freelance writing jobs

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Let us now take a look at this list of paid articles and writing websites to apply.

Paid Articles

Clubhouse Magazine is a Christian magazine that helps teach faith to children by providing stories and educational material.

Fiction stories are $200 and up, while non- fiction is $150 and up.

Eureka Street accepts submissions of up to 800 words, on topics surrounding politics, religion and culture in Australia and around the world.

They pay $200 per article and also accept poetry and short fiction.

Visit their website for more information and submission guidelines.

Cooking detective  – If you are a food or a recipe blogger you will love this! Get paid for writing review articles on kitchen gadgets and appliances.

Up to $160 for posts and payment made through PayPal. Review articles need to be written keeping food, recipe, and nutrition in mind. There is an email address to send in your pitch on their website.

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Health & Wellness

Eating well  – You can earn up to $1/word for an article you write for them.

Its a magazine about recipes, educative nutrition and science-based approach to healthy living.

If this is something that suits you, go ahead and apply as they have a reach of over 850k readership!

The editors’ email address is provided for you to apply to on their site.

Listverse  –  You know I was going to mention this, didn’t you?

Listverse is a list based website that will pay your $100 for a post even if you are not an experienced writer.

You just need to include a bit of humour into your post and have a passion to write on things unusual and interesting.

A perfect way to start your writing gig as a newbie!

Wonders list – Similar to listverse, they are looking for list-based articles with a unique content that is factual and will pay you via Paypal for a 1500 worded post. They have included an email address for you to send in your pitch.


Money pantry  – Get paid to write with MoneyPantry and earn between $30- $150 a post.

They welcome writers at any level – even if you are just a beginner.

They are looking for unique money-making or money-saving articles, that would be of benefit to their audience.

The post needs to be at least 700 words and emailed to the editor.

Penny Hoarder   – If you blog about personal finance, money-making or money-saving you are bound to know this website.

With a huge readership, you will be gaining a lot of visibility as a writer and will get paid for doing it.

They haven’t mentioned the payment figures on their website, however, the editor will discuss this based on your post.

They have an online contribution form for you to submit your article.


Income Diary – If you are well versed with SEO this website pays $200-$500 per blog post.

Other topics accepted are social media marketing and making money online.

You can also choose to write about increasing blog traffic, web design or affiliate marketing.

Money Crashers – They are a personal finance site looking for 3,000+ words on investing, money management, retirement planning, credit and debt, real estate, mortgages, frugal living, and lifestyle.

Their payout is monthly by PayPal or direct deposit.

Make a Living Writing – Pay between $75-$150 for writing guest posts on the following topics:

  • Copywriting
  • Ghostwriting
  • productivity
  • Social media marketing success stories and more

Freelance mom  – well researched, informative articles that will benefit the readers.

The post is meant to be 900-1800 words long and you get  $75  – $100  paid through PayPal

Her view from home  – this is a family oriented site that is looking for writers on topics like parenting, kids, faith.

Articles are to be between 600-800 and you get paid through PayPal based on the number of views tour post received.

Wow! Women on Writing – they are looking for an article worded between 1000- 3000 which relates to how- to’s, interviews or roundups that will be of benefit to fellow writers.

Paid via PayPal either  $50  Or  $75  based on the article

A fine parent – An online community for parents that publish in-depth articles each week. Articles must be original and within the range of 1,500 and 3,000 words.

Paying  $75  for a post, you just don’t want to miss out!  – They require articles on a wide range of well researched and thought out topics.

They have listed a variety of previously published posts that have fared well, to give you a sense of what they are looking for in your submission. A well paying $50- $150  for a post.

Just parents  – They are a parenting site based in the UK.

They accept submissions through their contact form and you will be paid through PayPal in 24hrs of your article being approved

Green parent  – If you live in the UK, this UK based publication accepting guest post between 1,500 to 2,000.

They have a readership of over 100,000 and they pay £75 for every 1000 words!

Metro- parent  – Pay varies depending on the type of article, length of it and experience of the writer. But you have a lot of options to choose from.

Focus on the family – They are looking for hands-on practical ideas for parents to try. Word count is between 50-300, with a payment of $50 on acceptance. Visit their website for more information on how to submit your work.

Great Escape Publishing  – Is about articles on getting paid to travel whether its to do with writing or photography.

Their payment is up to $200 depending on the content you create, and how much readers can profit from it.

Transitions Abroad – They are looking for planning guides for travel, work, study and living abroad. Details about how to submit are on their website. Once accepted, writers can earn between $75 to $150 per article.

Writing Jobs:

If you are an experienced freelance writer or blogger, you can try applying to websites that offer regular writing jobs like Online Writing Jobs .

Once you apply with them they offer you writing gigs on a regular basis. They only accept those living in the United States.

The application involves, submitting an online application form, writing sample, proof of residency and tax form.

Another online platform hiring writers is GrammarGang . They have full-time, part-time and freelance writing jobs available.

Topics include freelancing, writing, grammar, SaaS, B2B, eCommerce, and affiliate content.

According to their website, you can earn between $75 – $500 per article, and they have an online application form that you can use to apply.

FlexJobs is another choice for freelance writing jobs.

You have regular jobs posted on their website and you can apply to the ones that suit you best. FlexJobs is an online job board, but they do require you to pay a monthly fee to view their listings.

Writing Websites

While the list above offers a quick one-time writing opportunities, let’s take a look at some sites that offer regular freelance writing gigs.

  • Click Worker
  • Virtual Vocations
  • We Work Remotely

In conclusion to this post on paid articles

First thing is to make sure you sign up for a PayPal account. It’s free to sign up and a fairly simple verification process.

Make sure your content is – unique. Something that will be of benefit to the reader, and something that leaves the reader with an action plan

If allowed, try an aim for a personal experience in your post so the audience can relate to it. This makes your post more relatable and sets a realistic goal for the readers.

Be sure it’s100% your original content.

Be confident, keep trying and don’t give up.

Start getting paid for writing on topics you love!

get paid to write : 16 websites to write and get paid instantly



This is such an incredible resource. I had no idea there were this many sites out there willing to pay for posts. Right now I’m focusing mostly on writing for our site, but will be saving this for the near future. I would love love love to make a little extra money doing what I’m passionate about. Keep up the good work. You’ve provided so many valuable resources and this post is yet another one!

Saranya Ramanathan

Thank you so much, Jenny!! Yes, there are numerous websites that pay writers, and these are some that are currently accepting.


Thank you for the article. I applied to Penny Hoarder =). Hopefully they will be in touch.

Hi Karen, that’s great! Let us know how you get along:)


Thank you so much for this list. How in the world do you find all this information? This is great. I am working on the courage to start pitching and freelancing. I will check some of these out. I love it!

Thanks Jane! I hope you find some of these resources useful to find freelance work. I had to research and filter out the most legit sites in the market to narrow down this list:) Let me know how you go!


Awesome resource- thanking for writing and sharing this information 😊

Thanks Samantha!

Davianna @ Mompursuit

Reading this post was so engaging. I ended up on 4 more of your post. It gave me a sense of a better understanding to improve my blog moving forward. So greatful for these helpful post… You are awesome ..

Aww thank you Davianna! And you just made my day:)


Hello, I’m really interested but PayPal isn’t available in my country. Do you have any other recommendations?


hello, i m interested to write something about health and fitness ,but PayPal isn’t available in my region . what can i do ?


This is a great resource, thanks!

Craig | Lifein12Keys

Another great article Saranya. I’ve found this to be a great way for new bloggers to cover some monthly costs while honing their writing craft. I’ve also made some extra money re-writing short 500 word articles into longer 1000+ word posts with my own affiliate links and ads.

Hi Craig! Thank you for commenting. This is indeed motivating for new bloggers looking to make some extra money online. And thank you for sharing your tips on whats worked for you:)


Could you tell me about it, please?


Thank you, this is a great resource


I think I will try “Litverse” and “Wow! Women on Writing”. I love to write and I was wondering what is the next step. It would be nice to make a bit of money from my writing; doing something that I love.

Absolutely Ingrid! Writing for magazines are a great way to earn extra money, if you enjoy writing. Thanks for stopping by!

Have you tried Listverse? Do they actually pay you? Also how often because I’ve heard things.

I haven’t personally used Listverse, but have heard some good reviews about it and hence included it in this list:)

Elena Aquino

Great article. I really appreciate it. But I have just one question. Do the post have to be written in English or do the sites accept posts in Spanish too?

Hi Elena, This post particularly deals with English content, unfortunately.


Is this available in Nigeria

Mighty isaacs

Thank you dear for sharing such info. Be blessed

amit maurya

I think I will try “Litverse” and “Wow! Women on Writing”. I love to write and I was wondering what is the next step. It would be nice to make a bit of money from my writing; doing something that I love.

surendra naruka

Thank you so much for this list. How in the world do you find all this information? This is great. I am working in High School. I also work on a website; Thank again.

Thank you Surendra!

marco baatjes

great post, I will try to sign up for some of these when I have a moment. Thanks for sharing the list


This is an amazing article full of website links. I will definitely share this to my friends who really wanted to earn money by writing.

Nayan Kumar

Nice Article. Thanks for sharing.

Oladoke kehinde

What an excellent post here,writing is one of my passion, I could write as long as i can

I am very sure that with this wonderful guide I would be able to make money writing article


Hi, the great article you have written here, I love this blog I already bookmarked it and I am a regular visitor to this site, it’s very helpful for me. thanks


Are there any websites that you could suggest for blogs or articles about dealing with addiction?

Ray Leezy

very interresting thank you. is there any sites for cleaning or sales? thats my background. thanks again.

Aruni Jayawardane

Hi there. It’s my first time trying this out. Ive been out of work for a few months and wanted to give writing ago as it was something I really loved doing sometime back. As I’m not working, I’ve enough time to write and was hoping to slowly earn some money writing. Would anyone know of any sites that accept writing but do not require that I put money in first to begin and that would work for Asia? I am currently in Sri Lanka and so would need something that works in this part of the world. Could anyone please advise me. Thanks so much


Great Article thanks for sharing this.

Mubashar Iqbal

Really awesome piece of content. I really don’t know about these websites that you’ve mentioned in your post. Very thorough research and You’ve put everything in such a way that even a newbie can understand this and can start earning money using their writing skills.

Codeaxia Digital Solutions

thanks for the website list where we write and pay …


Great information about digital marketing websites to grow your business.

Nasir sindhu

That’s a great job. It gives full description about the topic.

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Willow Writes

Writing Essays for Money: A Guide for Aspiring Freelance Writers

Are you looking to make money from your writing skills? One of the most popular—and increasingly in-demand—ways to do so is by writing essays for money. With online writing services on the rise and more students and professionals turning to them for help with their work, there has never been a better time to become a freelance essay writer.

Table of Contents

Are you looking to make money from your writing skills? One of the most popular—and increasingly in-demand—ways to do so is by writing essays for money. With online writing services on the rise and more students and professionals turning to them for help with their work, there has never been a better time to become a freelance essay writer. But before you jump into this career path, it’s important to understand what it entails—including the challenges and ethical considerations. 

The Essay Writing Market: An Overview 

The essay writing market is a unique and ever-growing sector. As students, professors, and professionals alike become increasingly aware of the range of online services, so does the demand for these services.

In this section, we’ll look at the different types of online writing services, discuss the demand for academic writing services, outline the demographics of people who use these services, and explain the factors that drive the demand for essay writing services. 

Types of Writing Services Available Online 

There are many different varieties of online essay-writing services available today. These include custom essay writing services (where a customer can provide specific instructions and have a paper written specifically to their needs), editing/proofreading services (for those who need help with formatting or spelling/grammatical errors in an existing document), research paper writing services (which provide essays based on individual research topics), copywriting or rewriting services (where customers can submit existing documents which will then be rewritten for them), and resume/CV writing service (which provide job seekers with tailored resumes or CVs). 

Demand for Academic Writing Services 

The demand for academic writing has grown considerably over the past decade as students have become more aware of the availability of such services. This is especially true among college students seeking assistance with their coursework.

In addition to students, there is also growing demand from professionals looking to outsource their written assignments due to lack of time or expertise. As a result, this market has seen exponential growth over recent years. 

Demographics of People Who Use These Services 

The demographic makeup of those using essay writing services is quite varied. On one hand, you have college and university students who turn to these companies when they need help with their coursework; on the other hand, there are also professionals from all walks of life who are looking to outsource their written assignments due to a lack of time or expertise.

Most customers tend to be from countries where English is not their first language; however, there has been an increasing number of US-based customers over recent years. 

Factors that Drive Demand for Essay Writing Services 

One major factor driving demand for these types of essay-writing services is convenience – customers can easily find what they need without having to do all the work themselves.

Additionally, many customers feel more comfortable entrusting their assignment with a company than tackling it alone due to a lack of knowledge or experience in certain subject areas. Finally, affordability plays an important role in this market – customers want quality work but at affordable prices, which many companies are able to offer them through competitive pricing models and discounts. 

With so many different types available, ranging from custom essay writing to resume/CV service providers, it’s easy to see why this industry continues to expand each year as more people realize just how convenient it can be when they need help with written assignments!

Writing Essays for Money: A Path to Both Flexibility and Financial Security 

Are you looking for a way to make money that provides you with both flexibility and financial security? Writing essays for money may be the perfect job opportunity for you. This blog post will explore the pros of writing essays for money and how it can help you reach your career goals. 

Flexibility in Work Schedule 

One of the biggest advantages of writing essays for money is that it allows you to work when and where it’s convenient. Since you’re working remotely, there’s no need to worry about commuting or taking time off from a traditional job.

You can write essays whenever it suits your schedule, whether early in the morning, late at night, or even on weekends. Plus, being able to work from anywhere means that you don’t have to be tied down to one location; if you want to take a vacation or travel for any other reason, all you have to do is pack up your laptop and go! 

Ability to Earn a High Income 

Another great advantage of writing essays for money is that it allows you to earn a very good income. Depending on how much experience and expertise you bring to the table and how much demand there is in your chosen field, you can significantly increase your earning potential.

Plus, since most projects are paid per word or page written (or sometimes both), it is easy to track your income and ensure that you’re getting paid what you deserve. 

Opportunities for Professional Growth 

Finally, writing essays for money can also provide great professional growth opportunities. As an essay writer, you will be expanding your knowledge base through research and practice and working with new clients from various backgrounds who might have different perspectives on certain topics.

You’ll also get exposure to different writing styles, which can help improve the quality of your own work over time. And if the client has requested revisions on their project, this is another chance for you to hone your skills while still getting paid!  

By taking advantage of this unique job opportunity now, you will be able to open up new doors professionally and financially secure yourself in the process. Thanks so much for reading!

Making Money Writing Essays: The Pros and Cons 

Making money by writing essays sounds like a great way to earn an income. It can be an enjoyable, flexible job with the potential for a good return on your investment. But is it really worth it? Let’s look at the pros and cons of writing essays for money so that you can decide whether this type of work is right for you. 

Unclear Ethical Considerations 

When you write essays for money, you must consider whether this type of work is ethically sound. It can be difficult to decide whether or not you are doing something wrong by helping someone else cheat their way through school.

At the same time, some argue that if students are willing to pay for essays, why should they be prevented from doing so? Ultimately, it’s up to each writer to decide if they are comfortable writing essays for money. 

Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty 

One of the most serious issues associated with writing essays for money is the potential for plagiarism and academic dishonesty. When students turn in work that isn’t their own, they lie about their capabilities and cheat themselves out of learning experiences.

This can lead to serious consequences such as expulsion or loss of scholarship opportunities. As a writer, it’s important to ensure that all papers are written from scratch to avoid potential plagiarism or dishonesty problems. 

Pressure To Meet Tight Deadlines & Produce High-Quality Work 

Another drawback of writing essays for money is the pressure writers face when it comes to meeting tight deadlines and producing high-quality work on short notice. While some writers may thrive under such intense conditions, others may find them overwhelming and stressful.

If deadlines and high-pressure situations aren’t something you feel you can handle consistently, then this type of work may not be right for you. 

Possibility Of Dealing With Difficult Clients

Although there are many benefits associated with working as an essay writer, there is also the possibility that some clients may be difficult or unresponsive when it comes time to pay up or provide feedback on a project.

In these cases, it pays to take proactive measures such as setting clear expectations upfront to avoid any misunderstandings. Additionally, having a strong contract in place can help protect both parties in case something goes wrong during the course of a project.                  

Ultimately, only you can decide if this type of work suits your lifestyle; however, understanding both sides will help inform your decision-making process before committing one way or another!

How to Write Essays for Money with Confidence 

Writing essays for money can be a rewarding and lucrative way to make a living. When you take on the challenge of writing essays for money, you take on the responsibility of delivering quality work that will satisfy your client’s needs. You should keep certain best practices in mind to ensure success in this endeavor. Let’s explore four key areas for success in writing essays for money. 

Ethical Considerations and Avoiding Plagiarism 

As a writer being paid to write essays, you must understand how important ethics are in any professional venture. As a paid writer, your job is to write words and create original ideas and content that reflects your client’s unique perspective.

You must avoid plagiarizing other people’s work at all costs, even if it means taking extra time or research to gather the information needed to complete an essay assignment. Not only is plagiarism illegal and unethical, but it can also ruin your reputation as a writer if discovered by your clients! 

Time Management and Staying Organized 

Time management skills are essential when writing essays for money because oftentimes, deadlines must be met quickly and efficiently.

That said, good time management skills should never come at the expense of quality work. So you must have systems that help you stay organized and plan ahead for any potential roadblocks or problems you may face while completing projects on time.

One great way to do this is by creating lists of tasks that need completing and breaking them down into smaller chunks so they can be completed quickly without sacrificing quality or accuracy. 

Maintaining Quality While Meeting Tight Deadlines 

When writing essays for money, meeting tight deadlines while still creating quality work can seem daunting; however, there are ways around this problem!

By researching topics thoroughly before beginning an essay assignment – such as gathering facts, relevant quotes, or statistics –you will save time during the actual writing process since much of the material will already be gathered beforehand.

Additionally, having someone else proofread your work before submitting it can also help catch errors or typos before they become issues with your client! Lastly, always make sure to double-check all sources cited within the essay against the original source material (if available), so accuracy remains paramount throughout the entire project from start to finish.  

Building a Positive Relationship With Clients 

Writing essays for money requires more than technical know-how; it also requires maintaining positive relationships with clients over time so they can trust your abilities as a reliable writer who consistently produces high-quality work.

To build strong working relationships with clients over time, stay communicative throughout each project—from initial contact through completion—and provide regular updates whenever necessary so everyone stays on track toward meeting deadlines without sacrificing the quality of output in the process.

Additionally, having open lines of communication allows both parties involved in an essay assignment to discuss any revisions or changes needed before submitting final drafts, which helps ensure total satisfaction with each project! 

Where to Write Essays to Make Money

Writing essays for money is a great way to make extra income. Many websites offer freelance writing services where you can write essays and other types of content for clients who need them. You can also find opportunities to write essays for money on job boards and freelance marketplaces. Before taking on any project, it is important to research the client and make sure they are legitimate.

Are you looking for places to sell essays?

Here are 10 great options:

  • Fiverr : Fiverr is a great platform for freelancers to offer their services, including essay writing.
  • Upwork : Upwork is another popular freelance platform where you can find clients who need essays written.
  • Guru : Guru is a freelance marketplace that connects businesses with professionals, including those who write essays.
  • Freelancer : Freelancer is an online job board that allows freelancers to bid on jobs, including essay writing projects.
  • PeoplePerHour : PeoplePerHour is a website where freelancers can find work, including essay writing jobs.
  • iWriter : iWriter is a content creation platform that allows writers to create and sell essays online.
  • Textbroker : Textbroker is an online marketplace for writers to create and sell content, including essays and other academic papers
  • EssayShark : EssayShark is an online platform where students can get help with their essays from professional writers
  • StudySolver : StudySolver offers students the opportunity to get help with their essays from experienced writers
  • WritersDepartment : WritersDepartment provides freelance writers with the opportunity to write and sell essays online

Finding legitimate freelance essay writing jobs can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are a number of websites that offer opportunities for writers to find work and make money.

The future of the market for online writing services is looking bright. With more businesses and individuals turning to the internet for their content needs, the demand for quality writers will only increase. As technology continues to advance, so will the opportunities available to freelance writers willing to put in the time and effort necessary to create high-quality essays for money.

Therefore, if you want to make some extra cash with your writing skills, consider joining the growing market of freelance essay writers who are seeing success and making money through their work!

What Does It Mean To Take Inspired Action?

Is writing for a living possible exploring the reality.

Willow Tenny

When it comes to writing, Willow Tenny is a true pro. She has a wealth of experience in SEO copywriting and creative writing, and she knows exactly what it takes to produce quality content. On her blog, Willow Writes, Willow shares top writing strategies with both beginners and experienced writers.

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Making Money on Medium: How to Turn Two Articles a Week into $1000

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The Ultimate Guide to Using ChatGPT to Write a Book

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How Writers Make Money: 5 Income Sources For Writers

' src=

Wondering how you can make money writing? Here’s 5 legit ways writers make money.

How Writers Make Money

We may receive a commission when you make a purchase from one of our links for products and services we recommend. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for support!

Sharing is caring!

If you like to write, there are tons of ways for you to make money as a writer. Today we will look at 5 ways writers can earn an income and the most popular methods of making money writing.

Whether you are in search of a side hustle or exploring your long-term career options, here are the main five ways to make a living as a writer:  

1. Freelance Writing and Writing for Hire

This is perhaps the first thing that most writers think of doing when considering this career path. Freelance writing or writing-for-hire essentially involves writing text according to your client’s specifications. This could include any of the following: 

  • Website copy 
  • Marketing copy 
  • Articles 
  • Blog posts 
  • Product or service reviews 
  • Instructional material 
  • Product manuals 
  • Company or individual profiles 
  • Transcriptions 

Freelance writing is pretty much the ‘catch-all’ segment of the writing world. You can be called upon to write in any of the above and sometimes, even more than one of those.

Depending on your client, you may be expected to write in a specific style and have a wide range of different topics assigned to you. 

If you are looking for freelance writing gig ideas, check out our post on 62 Types of Writing Jobs for Writers – lots of inspiration there for ways to make money as a freelance writer!

How Much Can You Make Freelance Writing?

With freelance writing, you get paid by the job. Sometimes you can find freelance writing gigs that pay by the hour, but it is more common to find jobs that pay by the word.

Freelance writing typically pays based on your experience level or your expertise. New writers may only make between 5-6 cents a word, where an expert may be able to charge between 50 cents to $1 per word.

Hourly rates typically range between $12-$16/hour, which isn’t great but freelance writing does provide flexibility most other careers don’t offer!

Pros and cons of freelance writing 

  • There is typically a wide range of subjects to write about
  • There are always plenty of jobs available
  • Flexible – Write to fit your schedule
  • Copywriting gigs can pay quite well 
  • You may have to conform to rigid writing and SEO guidelines 
  • You probably won’t be credited for your work 
  • You may have to write about topics that don’t interest you 
  • The work can get tedious and repetitive 

2. Book Sales and Royalties

Another popular way for writers to make money is from book sales and earning royalties from sales.

Books have traditionally been the domain of formally-trained writers, but not anymore. Nowadays, almost anyone can write a book, have it published (or publish it themselves), and make money off its sales. 

One interesting thing about book sales is they don’t need to be traditional types of books! You can explore publishing low-content books or even consider other book formats such as digital guides and audiobooks.

In fact, one of the best ways to increase your revenue as a book writer is by offering your titles in several different formats, including: 

Doing so enables you to reach a much wider audience than if you’d only stuck with print or digital.

How can you get started selling books? 

There are many ways to become a published author, but most involve one of three methods: 

  • Signing up with a traditional publisher 
  • Hiring a publishing firm
  • Self-publishing 

Traditional publishers typically offer book contracts to prospective writers. The terms and conditions may vary, but the contract typically stipulates that the publisher will pay the author a sum of money in exchange for the rights to publish the book. 

With the second model, you will hire a publishing firm to publish your book for you. Many companies offer such services, for which the author is expected to pay a fee. 

Self-publishing involves acting as your own publisher. It is pretty much like running your own publishing business, with you hiring the necessary personnel to publish and sell the book.

See our post on Publishing Your Book for more details on how it all works!

Pros and Cons of Selling Books to Make Money as a Writer

  • It can be a lucrative money-earner 
  • Established writers can look forward to a lengthy career 
  • It is possible to become a respected figure in your niche 
  • Considerable business and marketing savvy is essential
  • The competition is quite fierce 
  • It can be difficult to break into the industry 
  • You may not have enough book sales to earn a full-time income

3. Blogging

Blogging has quickly become one of the most popular writing-centered careers around today. Writers make money blogging by choosing a particular topic or niche, writing posts about it, and engaging with the audiences that read it. 

Blogging can be very lucrative for a writer as there is a huge market for blog content. Consider these statistics from :

  • Over 409 million people visit over 20 billion pages each month 
  • WordPress users publish 70 million posts monthly 

How Do Bloggers Make Money Writing?

Bloggers can make money writing through many different ways, including sponsorships and advertisements. Monetizing a blog generally involves the following: 

  • Affiliate marketing: This involves recommending products to readers and bloggers get paid a commission on sales.
  • Advertising: Bloggers can easily sign up with many ad networks to get paid either by impression or by click on ads displayed on their website.
  • Sponsorships: Companies will pay bloggers to write about them and recommend their services.
  • Other Monetization Methods: There are many other ways to monetize a blog, whether through coaching, online courses, custom merchandise or brand licensing. 

Pros and Cons of Blogging as an Income Source

  • It is possible to build a career based on something you are passionate about 
  • You can become a recognized authority figure in your niche 
  • You can be totally independent and autonomous 
  • The competition for audiences is intense 
  • You will need to have a considerable degree of technical knowledge 
  • Managing a blog can leave little time for actual writing 
  • It can be hard to get traffic to your site
  • Tech skills required!

4. Subscription Based Writing Services

A relatively newer online model for writers to make money, subscription services give writers an opportunity to earn an income directly from their readers.

The best way to understand subscription based writing services is to think of it like how traditional magazine publishing works – readers pay a monthly amount to access the exclusive content.

You can either offer a subscription by setting up your own blog and charging readers for premium content, or you can sign up with one of the many popular online subscription platforms such as Medium, Ghost, Substack, or Patreon.

With the subscription service model of making money as a writer, your readers can pay you directly to access your content.

Publishing content on such a site is similar to blogging in many ways. You write your article and make it available to online readers through one of the platforms. Instead of being paid by advertisers, you get paid by your readers directly, who subscribe for your premium content.

Although you aren’t likely to build a substantial reader base by publishing on these sites, the readers you will attract are a captive audience. Most will appreciate the convenience of having access to exclusive content from an authoritative source, and will gladly pay for the privilege. 

How Much Can You Make as a Writer By Charging a Subscription Rate?

While you may have fewer subscribers and readers, it’s also possible to see an even bigger return from a subscription model than advertising.

For example, if you had 50,000 readers to a blog, you might earn $2000/month from display ads. If you had just 1000 readers pay $5/month to read your exclusive content, you might make $5000/month!

That’s a huge difference which makes this a very lucrative business model indeed.

The downfall of course is it can take a very long time to start seeing subscribers and meaningful income from it on one of these subscription model sites.

Pros and cons of writing for a subscription service: 

  • Many major subscription services allow you to post content for free 
  • You have near total freedom to write whatever you want 
  • You get to keep most of the revenue you generate 
  • You don’t have to worry about creating links or going viral 


  • There is little incentive for people to subscribe 
  • There is absolutely no editorial support or oversight 
  • You have to put in a lot of work to build a following 

5. Merchandising and Licensing Your Writing

This method differs from all the others in that you will be making money from products you sell rather than anything associated with your writing.

A good example of writers who earn well with merchandising would be those who make money writing poetry . These entrepreneurial writers can often sell their poetry in the form of physical products, such as greeting cards, posters, t-shirts and more!

If you are a fiction writer, there are also many merchandising opportunities to generate additional income and revenue sources for your books. Consider the Harry Potter Franchise for example – you buy nearly anything with a Harry Potter character on it, from T-Shirts to even licensed Lego sets.

Bloggers can also tap into this lucrative income source. The Pioneer Woman started as a blog – now you can find her licensed branded goods in retail stores across America to buy all kinds of housewares and kitchen products.

The merchandise that you sell will still be associated with your brand, of course. But they can encompass such a wide variety of products that it is almost an entirely different line of work. 

What kind of merch are we talking about here? Almost anything goes, including:

  • Craft items
  • Character models or images 
  • Household Goods
  • Greeting Cards

…and on and on and on. The sky is truly the limit, and you have carte blanche to decide what items to create and offer your audiences. 

Pros and cons of merchandising 

  • You can build your following substantially 
  • It can be a profitable income stream 
  • It helps enhance your brand identify and reputation 
  • It can take a lot of time away from writing 
  • It requires considerable financial investment 
  • Managing the business can become overwhelming 

Should you become a writer?  Can you make any money as a writer?

It’s a common misconception that writers don’t make any money. While it’s possible to not make very much in any career path, the reality is writers don’t have to be starving artists. Many writers can do well, especially once you know about the many streams of revenue available to writers!

As you can see, there are many ways to make money and get paid as a writer. We’ve covered some of the most popular and profitable income streams, but there are many other avenues to explore. 

Like anything else, writing for a living requires hard work‒and lots of it. It isn’t for everyone, and even if you have the requisite writing skills, you may not be willing to devote your time and energies into pursuing all the other tasks and responsibilities necessary to make money in this business. 

Perhaps the single most important thing you can take away from all this is: Yes, you can make money by being a writer. But if you want to sustain yourself and hopefully continue to work at your passion for many years to come, it is worth looking into developing the other essential skills. 

Good luck and here’s to a rewarding career ahead!

' src=

Eric Pangburn is a freelance writer who shares his best tips with other writers here at ThinkWritten. When not writing, he enjoys coaching basketball and spending time with his family.

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>Like anything else, writing for a living requires hard work‒and lots of it.

Sadly, a lot of people don’t get the extent of discipline required. Perhaps, sometimes you should learn it the hard way?

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Get Paid To Write: 10 Best Sites

T he path toward a writing career can take a lot of turns. Writing jobs don’t just have to be passion projects, but rather you can earn money as a side hustle or even a full-time venture.

See: 3 Ways to Recession Proof Your Retirement

Whether you want to get paid to write articles, blog posts or even personal essays, start looking into what sites can help you earn money online and be worth your time. 

10 Best Sites That Pay You to Write

  • Copyhackers: Copywriting educational content
  • Copypress: Variable content
  • Fiverr: Variable content
  • Listverse: Listicles
  • Narratively: Narrative nonfiction
  • RankPay: SEO/digital marketing/small business blog posts
  • Reader’s Digest: True micro-stories
  • Writer’s Digest: Fiction, nonfiction and poetry
  • Unemploymentville: Employment and job-focused content
  • Vibrant Life: Christian philosophy and health

1. Copyhackers

  • Pay range: $300 to $1,000 per accepted article
  • Type of content: Educational

This content company not only has copywriting educational programs but also pays writers for guest posts or other articles. It is strict with its submission guidelines, so be sure to follow them exactly to avoid your work being put in the spam file. Copyhackers is competitive, as they typically choose around one out of 30 entries, but if chosen, your piece gets great exposure and is re-shared on several social media platforms .

2. Copypress

  • Pay range: 6 to 10 cents per word
  • Type of content: Varies

This content and marketing agency takes on many freelance writers, as well as offering free training for its site. The content clients request will vary, so you could write anything from true stories to personal stories to branded pieces. It also offers gigs to influencers and designers.

  • Pay range: Set your own

Fiverr is a great site for all types of beginning writers. It accepts submissions for many writing ventures, such as transcribing, proofreading, editing or article writing . The pay does range, as you can set your own rates based on your personal skillset and experience. You can upload a résumé and other writing samples to your Fiverr profile and get started.

4. Listverse

  • Pay range: $100 per list
  • Type of content: Listicles

If you like writing snappy, highly clickable posts such as listicles, then Listverse may be the site for you. What’s even better is you can pitch and write about any topic you like, which, paired with the fact it pays $100 per list, makes it a pretty choice site for writers. Listverse just requests that your work is original and includes one to two paragraphs per item on your list and that you follow its author guide rules as listed on the website.

5. Narratively

Pay range: $300 to $400 per article

Type of content: Narrative nonfiction

As the name suggests, Narratively prefers submissions to be longform, human-interest, boldly told stories. It has several sections and topics that it takes unique submissions for, but be sure to incorporate solid storytelling threads throughout your narrative nonfiction piece.

  • Pay range: $50 per blog post
  • Type of content: SEO/digital marketing/small business blog posts

RankPay is always looking for writers to enter blog submissions on topics covering small business, SEO or digital marketing copywriting. Be sure to follow the blog program submission guidelines so your pieces are chosen to help RankPay provide business solutions through content marketing.

7. Reader’s Digest

  • Pay range: $100 per piece
  • Type of content: True micro-stories

Reader’s Digest is classic for a reason. Though it takes in submissions for and produces an array of writing, it is currently seeking smaller pieces — stories of 100 words or fewer. Even though it’s a short piece, you still make $100 , which makes it more than financially efficient for your time.

8. Writer’s Digest

  • Pay range: 30 cents to 50 cents per word in print
  • Type of content: Fiction, nonfiction and poetry

Writing for writers is a great way to hone your craft and truly speak to an audience of your peers. As an instructive magazine for writers, Writer’s digest focuses on industry trends, readership trends and other writers’ success stories and how they accomplished it. It also holds various writing competitions for everything from poetry to personal essays to self-published books.

9. Unemploymentville

  • Pay range: $25 to $75 per blog post
  • Type of content: Employment and job-focused

In today’s job market, unfortunately, there are many people experiencing the stress and woes of unemployment. On the bright side, Unemploymentville pays freelancers to write on topics such as dealing with job loss, small business ideas or job searching techniques. Plus, if you’re an out-of-work writer, writing a blog post that potentially pays $75 has its appeal.

10. Vibrant Life

  • Pay range: $100 to $300 per article
  • Type of content: Christian philosophy and health

Though Vibrant Life is a bit more niche as a lifestyle magazine about the Christian perspective on philosophy and physical health, if this is a field you are interested in, it does pay its writers well — on average, it pays $200 per piece. In general, Vibrant Life accepts more in-demand shorter articles ranging from 450 to 650 words.

So often, writers are told their vocation is a passion project and they should settle to get paid in exposure or something else condescending that won’t pay their bills. However, if you know where to look, there are numerous sites out there that will pay you to write. Even a small amount per piece grows your portfolio as well as your bank account.

  • There are many sites that pay you to write content, including Copyhackers, Copypress, Listverse and Narratively.
  • RankPay, Fiverr, Writer's Digest, Unemploymentville and Upwork are all good options for writers who don't yet have any published work. Just note that your beginning pay range may be lower than that of experienced writers, especially on freelancing sites.
  • Yes, you can absolutely make money writing. There are many sites that publish submitted work on various topics, fiction and nonfiction both, or you can sign up for a freelance website like Fiverr and pitch your portfolio to companies looking to hire writers for various projects.

Information is accurate as of March 13, 2023, and is subject to change.

This article originally appeared on : Get Paid To Write: 10 Best Sites

Young man typing at the laptop

10 Legit Ways to Get Paid to Write Reviews (Movies, Restaurants, and More)

Our readers always come first.

The content on DollarSprout includes links to our advertising partners. When you read our content and click on one of our partners’ links, and then decide to complete an offer — whether it’s downloading an app, opening an account, or some other action — we may earn a commission from that advertiser, at no extra cost to you.

Our ultimate goal is to educate and inform, not lure you into signing up for certain offers. Compensation from our partners may impact what products we cover and where they appear on the site, but does not have any impact on the objectivity of our reviews or advice.

Some companies will pay their customers to leave candid feedback about their products, while others provide free product samples in exchange for reviews. If you want to make extra money, getting paid to write reviews can be a great way to do it.

TJ Porter

  • Side Hustles

can you write essays for money

Our number one goal at DollarSprout is to help readers improve their financial lives, and we regularly partner with companies that share that same vision. If a purchase or signup is made through one of our Partners’ links, we may receive compensation for the referral. Learn more here .

When you’re shopping online, do you look at the reviews left by other customers to determine if you’re getting a good product?

Or maybe you like leaving reviews to help future customers.

But reviews aren’t just for other consumers. Companies take your feedback seriously and use customer feedback to improve their products. Some will even pay their customers to leave candid feedback about their products, while others provide free product samples in exchange for reviews.

If you want to make a few extra dollars writing reviews for money — be it for movies, restaurants, or something else entirely — this list of resources is a great way to accomplish exactly that. 

10 Places to Write Reviews for Money

It can be difficult to convince a company to pay you directly for reviews. Most companies who choose to do so generally work through an intermediary. There are plenty of websites and services that you can sign up for if you want to get paid to write reviews.

1. LifePoints


LifePoints is a website that pays users to complete surveys. Some of these surveys will be about the products that you’ve bought. Others will be about more general topics.

For each survey that you complete, you’ll earn LifePoints. Some surveys will ask you for demographic information and may disqualify you if enough responses from your demographic have been received. If this happens, you’ll still earn a few LifePoints for your time.

Most surveys take about fifteen minutes to finish, but some are much shorter or much longer. Usually, longer surveys will offer more LifePoints.

You can redeem LifePoints for rewards. Redemption options include gift cards, charitable donations, and cash deposits to your PayPal account.

Related: LifePoints Review: Should You Become a Free Member?

2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars Homepage

InboxDollars pays its customer for a variety of tasks, including:

  • Taking paid surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Shopping online
  • Reading emails

Opportunities to complete surveys and other tasks are emailed directly to you. You’ll earn cash rather than points, and InboxDollars has paid its customers more than $56 million since 2000.

Related: InboxDollars Review: Is it Legit, and How Much Can You Earn?

3. American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion Homepage

American Consumer Opinion is another survey-taking site that pays you to share your opinions with companies. The site has paid out more than $30 million to its 7 million members.

Each survey you take rewards you with points. You can redeem points for cash through PayPal, sweepstakes entries, or charitable donations, letting you choose how you want to be rewarded.

4. Start a Review Blog

If you don’t want to deal with another website’s requirements to get paid for reviews, consider starting your own review blog. While it can be difficult, especially in the beginning, it’s a good strategy for making money writing reviews.

Websites like Wirecutter have grown to have millions of readers each month because of their high-quality reviews. With a review website, you can make money with advertising or by working with a service like Amazon Affiliates that allows you to earn a commission when someone makes a purchase based on your review.

Related: How to Start a Profitable Blog (Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners)

5. UserTesting

UserTesting Homepage

UserTesting connects tech companies to regular people who want to help them test their websites and apps.

Companies will provide you with a link to their site or app and a set of tasks they’d like you to accomplish. An online retailer, for example, might ask you to go through the process of buying a shirt.

To start an assignment, you’ll need a microphone. While you’re going through your tasks, UserTesting will record your screen and anything you say. You should speak your thoughts clearly and out loud so that the people reviewing your recordings can understand your thought process and update the website accordingly.

You’ll be paid $10 through PayPal for every 20-minute recording you complete.

6. Review Stream

At Review Stream , you’re paid based on what other consumers think about your reviews. This means that it pays to be completely candid and to provide as much detail as possible.

You can review almost anything on the site — products, movies, and books are all fair game. If Review Stream accepts your submitted review, you’ll earn a small payment. Once your review is posted, other users can vote on whether the review is helpful or not. You’ll earn ten cents per helpful vote that you receive. You can also earn ten cents for each answer you provide to other consumers’ questions.

Payment is made through PayPal. The minimum balance to cash out varies based on how much you made for the first review you sold in each payment cycle. The minimum will be ten times the value of the first review you sold, with a minimum of $100. So, if your first review sold for $2 or $10, the minimum is $100. If it sold for $16, the minimum is $160.

Related: 11 Ways to Get Paid to Read Books In Your Spare Time

7. YouTube BrandConnect

YouTube BrandConnect is an invite-only service that connects YouTube creators to brands that want to show their products to a wider audience.

This service is relatively hands-off, connecting you to companies to pitch, but you get to decide how you want to feature products and you can set your own rates. Once you sign up for the service, you’ll be able to see all of the sponsors looking to work with YouTubers. The site advertises nearly 500 companies that pay people to advertise their goods and services .

In exchange for connecting you with brands, YouTube BrandConnect takes a 10% service fee. There are no sign-up or other fees, so you only pay the fees when you get paid. YouTube BrandConnect pays through PayPal or check.

8. Influence Central

Influence Central is another site that connects influencers to brands who want to showcase their products to consumers. You’ll get paid to write reviews and post them directly on your blog, website, or social media accounts.

The pay for each review varies. Some companies will pay you more than others, but this can be a good way to leverage your influence and provide honest reviews to your followers.

If you want to get paid to test products , Tryazon is the website for you. After you sign up, you’ll be able to view a list of available TryaBox and Party opportunities.

For a TryaBox opportunity , a company will send you a single product or item for you to test. If you apply for a Party and Tryazon selects your application, the company will send a box filled with products, party favors, and the like, free of charge. You can host a party with friends, family, and colleagues and everyone gets the chance to try the product.

Once you’re done, your free to share your feedback with the manufacturer, post about the party on your blog or social media, and tell your friends about the things you tried.

10. Write Reviews for Clients

To find possible clients, you can do an online search for websites that focus on product and service reviews. Then, pitch your review writing services to them directly. You will need to have a portfolio and a drive to pitch multiple clients before landing your first gig. Make sure your final submissions to clients are amazing, because it may lead to steady work writing more reviews in the future.

Related: 18 Legit Online Jobs for College Students

Can You Get Paid to Write Reviews for Google and Amazon?

woman writing paid reviews

Google and Amazon are two of the most trusted websites on the internet when it comes to reviews. That means that companies are willing to do a lot to make sure their Amazon and Google reviews are good.

You can get paid to write reviews on these websites. However, although providing compensation for a review is allowed, providing compensation with the requirement that you leave a good review violates both websites’ Terms of Service. So if this type of opportunity is presented to you, make sure you think about whether or not you should take it.

For example, your local pizza shop is welcome to give you a free slice when you show that you left a review, but it can’t require that you leave a five-star review on Google. It has to extend the offer to anyone who leaves a review.

3 Tips to Make the Most with Paid Reviews

The truth is that you won’t make a huge amount of money for writing reviews, but it can be a good way to add some extra cash to your wallet. Here are the best ways to make money writing reviews.

Do it in your spare time.

Turn some of your unproductive spare time into productive time by writing reviews. If you commute by bus or train, write a review or two on each trip. After work, rather than focusing on a Netflix show you’ve seen a dozen times, put it on in the background while you write a review.

Because most reviews are short and easy to write, they’re a great way to fill small chunks of time.

Review things you already use.

You’re most familiar with products that you use on a regular basis, so start by reviewing those items.  Your familiarity with them, especially if you’re a long-term user of a specific product, will help you make high-quality reviews that other consumers can use.

Write high-quality reviews.

To make sure your reviews are approved by the company paying you and appreciated by other consumers, take the time to make the reviews as good as they can be. That means checking your spelling and grammar, including photos, and providing specific details about each product.

Are Paid Review Sites Worth Your Time?

Paid review sites are a good way to earn extra cash, but they won’t give you a full-time work from home income.

The best sites will pay a reasonable wage. For example, UserTesting can pay as much as $30 an hour, but you won’t be able to fill a full workweek with the available opportunities. You’re more likely to earn $5 – $10 an hour when writing reviews.

When getting paid to write reviews, be on the lookout for online scams . The most common scams are websites that force you to pay a fee before you can view opportunities to get paid. The companies organizing these opportunities should be earning a commission from the companies that provide the products or surveys, so if you find a company asking reviewers to pay a fee, walk away. That is a major red flag that something is not legit.

You Can Get Paid to Write More Than Reviews

Writing reviews online might be good for pocket money, but you won’t earn a full-time income from it. However, reviews aren’t the only way to make money from online writing.

If you enjoy writing, you may want to try to pick up freelance writing gigs. It can be a good way to earn some money in your spare time and to hone your writing skills. Some clients will pay hundreds of dollars for a single article and many people make a full-time living from freelance writing.

Even people who don’t write can earn a great income online by working as virtual assistants, editors, transcriptionists, or artists. The internet makes it easy to work with and get paid by people across the globe. It’s up to you to showcase your skills and find the people who need your services.

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Get Paid to Read: 18 Legitimate Sites That Pay Reviewers

Join Discovery, the new community for book lovers

Trust book recommendations from real people, not robots 🤓

Blog – Posted on Tuesday, Sep 24

Get paid to read: 18 legitimate sites that pay reviewers.

Get Paid to Read: 18 Legitimate Sites That Pay Reviewers

Serious question: do you want to get paid to read? You might laugh it off at first, thinking that that sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. You can get paid for spending time on what you love: reading books. 

Of course, the key to this #hack is book reviewing, where you offer your personal opinion of a book after you’re done with it. (If you’d like to learn more, check out this post to discover how to write a book review .) Because books are constantly being published, book reviewers are generally always in demand. 

So whether you’re a voracious reader of nonfiction, genre fiction, classics, or indie books, there’s probably an outlet that’s willing to compensate you if you read (review) for them! Without further ado, here’s a definitive list of the 17 sites that will help you get paid to read. If you want to cut to the chase and find out which of them is the right fit for you, we recommend first taking this quick quiz:

Which review community should you join?

Find out which review community is best for your style. Takes 30 seconds!

Then read on for the full list of all of the ways to get paid while reading!

 1. Kirkus Media

💸 Pay: Freelance basis

👀 More information: Check here

If you’ve ever lingered on a book’s Amazon page before, you’ll have heard of Kirkus Reviews. It’s one of the most respected sources of book reviews out there, publishing many of the blurbs that you’ll see on Amazon, or on the cover of your favorite titles.

You have to wonder: where do all of these reviews come from? That’s where you come into the picture. Kirkus Media lists an open application for book reviewers. As of right now, they’re specifically searching for people who will review English and Spanish-language indie titles. Some of the qualities that they want in reviewers include: experience, a keen eye, and an ability to write about a 350-word review in two weeks’ time.

To apply, simply send your resume and writing samples! You can find out more about this opportunity here .

2. Reedsy Discovery

💸 Pay: Tip basis

A powerhouse in the world of indie books, Reedsy Discovery gives book reviewers the chance to read the latest self-published books before anyone else. You can browse through hundreds of new stories before picking one that piques your interest. And if you’ve built up a brand as a book reviewer on Reedsy Discovery, you can liaise with authors who contact you directly for a review.

Its application process is pretty simple: just complete this form to be selected as a book reviewer. Once you’re accepted, you can start looking through the shelves and reading immediately. One more thing: book reviewers can get tips for their book reviews. Readers can send $1, $3, or $5 as a token of appreciation (which, let’s be honest, all book reviewers deserve more of).

If this system intrigues you, you can “discover” more about how it works on this page .

3. Any Subject Books

Any Subject Books is a full-suite self-publishing service. More importantly for you, it hires book reviewers on a book-by-book basis to help them review new books.

They’re big on in-depth, honest, and objective reviews. No fluff here! They’re also happy to give you books in your preferred genres, so if you’re a voracious reader of war fiction, you won’t typically be asked to read the latest paranormal romance hit (or vice versa).

Sadly, Any Subject Books is not currently open to book reviewer applications, but check back again — this could change at any time.

4. BookBrowse

BookBrowse reviews both adult fiction and nonfiction, and some books for young adults. The site focuses on books that are not only enjoyable to read, with great characters and storylines, but that also leave the reader knowing something about the world they did not before. Reviewers also write a "beyond the book" article for each book they review.

5. Online Book Club

💸 Pay: $5 to $60

Online Book Club’s FAQ begins with a warning for all aspiring book reviewers: “First of all, this is not some crazy online get-rich-quick scheme. You won't get rich and you won't be able to leave your day job.”

That daunting reminder aside, Online Book Club’s setup is pretty reasonable, not to mention straightforward. You’ll get a free copy of the book and you’ll get paid for your review of that book. Moreover, it’s one of the few sites that’s transparent about their payment rates (anywhere between $5 to $60). To begin the sign-up process, simply submit your email here .

6. U.S. Review of Books

U.S. Review of Books is a nation-wide organization that reviews books of all kinds and publishes those reviews in a popular monthly newsletter. The way that it works for a book reviewer is simple: when a book title is posted, reviewers can request to read it and get assigned.

A typical review for U.S. Review of Books is anywhere between 250 and 300 words. They are looking particularly for informed opinions and professionalism in reviews, along with succinctness. To apply, submit a resume, sample work, and two professional references via email. But we’d recommend that you check out some previous examples of their book reviews here to first get a better sense of what they’re looking for.

7. Women’s Review of Books

💸 Pay: $100 per review

Women’s Review of Books is a long-running, highly-respected print publication that’s a part of Wellesley Centers for Women. This feminist magazine has been published for 36 years and is looking for more book reviewers to join their force.

If you plan on writing reviews for Women’s Review of Books , you should be aware that its reviews are published “in the service of action and consciousness.” Most of its writers are also academics, journalists, or book reviewers with some years of experience behind them. If you meet these qualifications and are accepted, you’ll be compensated $100 per review.

To pitch then a review, send them an email with a quick proposal. For more details, click here .

8. eBookFairs

eBookFairs primarily helps authors grow their author platforms, but it also has a Paid Book Reader program where readers can earn money by, you guessed it, reviewing the books listed on their site.

Note that they do have clear instructions on what qualifies as a review, so do read their guidelines carefully before applying to make sure you can meet them. For instance, the review must be at least 250 words, you must allow at least 3 days between reviews submitted, and it must provide helpful feedback for the author. There are also a limited number of paid reader positions available.

💸 Pay: Variable

If you’re a freelancer, you’re probably already familiar with Upwork! One of the biggest marketplaces for freelancers, Upwork has fingers in every industry’s pie. So it won’t be a surprise to learn that people who are looking for freelance book reviewers regularly post listings on its marketplace.

Because each job caters to an individual client, the requirements and qualifications will differ. It might be a one-time project, or the gig might turn into a long-running collaboration with the client. Generally, the listing will specify the book’s genre, so you’ll know what you’re getting before you agree to collaborate with the client on the other end.

To begin, you’ll need to sign up as a freelancer on Upwork. Find out more information on Upwork’s FAQ page!

10. Moody Press

💸 Pay: Free ARCs

Moody Press is a nonprofit publishing house of Christian titles and Bible study resources. If this is your niche, you’ll definitely be interested in Moody Press’ Blogger Review Program! As part of the program, you’ll get free copies of book published by Moody Press.

Like some of the other programs on this list, you won’t get paid for your review, but you will get a free book. Moody Press also asks you to write your honest review within 60 days of reading it. To get a feel for it, try joining the MP Newsroom Bloggers Facebook group , where you can directly interact with existing members of the program.

11. New Pages

💸 Pay: Variable 

Not interested in writing anything longer than 300 words? Are quick flash book reviews more your pace? If so, becoming a NewPages reviewer might be just your speed. is an Internet portal to small presses, independent publishers and bookstores, and literary magazines. More importantly, they’re looking for short book reviews (generally between 100 and 200 words) on any recent literary magazine or book that you’ve read.

If you’re already a fan of books from small presses or unknown magazines, even better: that’s exactly the kind of reviewer NewPages wants to work with. If you’d like to look through some of their past book reviews to see if your style matches, check out their book review archive here .

12. Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly is an online magazine focused on international book publishing and all that that entails. More pertinently, it regularly reviews both traditionally published and self-published books, which means that it does occasionally have a call for book reviewers. As of right now, it’s closed to applications — but if you check its Jobs page every once in a while, you might see an opening again.

13. Tyndale Blog Network

Tyndale Blog Network runs a program called My Reader Rewards Club, which is based on an innovative rewards system. If you join as a member, you can earn points for certain actions that you take on the site (for instance, inviting a friend to the program and sharing a direct link to on Facebook each fetches you 10 points).

Writing a review for a Tyndale or NavPress book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble gets you 10 points, with a maximum limit of 50 points in 30 days. In turn, you can use your accumulated points to receive more books off of Tyndale’s shelves. If this sounds like something that may be up your alley, check out their FAQ here.

14. Booklist Publications

💸 Pay: $12.50 to $15 per review

Booklist is the American Library Association’s highly respected review journal for librarians. Luckily for freelance writers, Booklist assigns freelance book reviews that vary from blog posts for The Booklist Reader to published book review in Booklist magazine.

As the site itself suggests, it’s important that you’re familiar with Booklist Publication’s outlets (which include Booklist magazine, the quarterly Book Links , and The Booklist Reader blog) and its writing style. Reviews are generally very short (no longer than 175 words) and professionally written. You can discover more of its guidelines here — and an archive of previous Booklist reviews here .

To apply, contact a relevant Booklist editor and be prepared to submit a few of your past writing samples.

15. Instaread

💸 Pay: $100 per summary

Not interested in writing critical takes on the books that you read? Then Instaread might be for you. Instaread has an open call for book summaries, which recap “the key insights of new and classic nonfiction.”

Each summary should be around 1000 to 1500 words, which makes it a fair bit lengthier than your average flash book review. However, Instaread will compensate you heartily for it: as of 2019, Instaread pays $100 for each summary that you write. You can peruse Instaread’s recommended Style Guide on this page , or download Instaread from your App Store to get a better feel for the app.

16. NetGalley

If you’ve dreamt about becoming an influencer in the book reviewing community, you may want to give NetGalley a look. Put simply, NetGalley is a service that connects book reviewers to publishers and authors. Librarians, bloggers, booksellers, media professionals, and educators can all sign up to NetGalley to read books before they’re published.

How it works is pretty simple. Publishers put digital review copies out on NetGalley for perusal, where NetGalley’s members can request to read, review, and recommend them. It’s a win-win for both publisher and reviewer: the publisher is able to find enthusiastic readers to provide an honest review for their books, and the reviewer gets access to a vast catalog of books.

The cherry on top is that NetGalley membership is 100% free! Simply use this form to sign up. And if you’d like more information, you can dip into their FAQ here .

17. getAbstract

Are you an avid reader of nonfiction books? getAbstract is a site that summarizes 18,000+ nonfiction books into 10-minute bites. Their Career Opportunities page often includes listings for writers. At the time of this post’s writing, getAbstract is looking for science and technology writers who can sum up the latest magazine articles and books. They pay on a freelance basis, so apply through their website to get further details.

18. Writerful Books

💸 Pay: $10 to $50

Writerful Books is an author services company that provides everything from beta reading to (you guessed it) book reviewing. As such, they’re always on the lookout for book reviewers with fresh and compelling voices.  

One of the benefits of this gig is that you can review any book that you want for them (although they prefer contemporary award-winning American, Australian, British, Canadian, Irish, and New Zealand authors). Getting a regularly paid gig with Writerful Books isn’t a guarantee, but if you regularly publish quality reviews for them, they may contact you. 

To apply, you’ll have to be able to provide previous book review samples. Here’s the job listing if you’re curious to learn more about this role.

If you're an avid reader,  sign up to Reedsy Discovery  for access to the freshest new reads — or  apply as a reviewer  to give us  your  hot takes!

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Essays About Money: Top 5 Examples and 6 Prompts

With money comes great power; however, power must always come with responsibility. Discover thought-provoking essays about money in our guide.

Money is everywhere. We use it to eat, drink, clothe ourselves, and get shelter, among many other uses. Nowadays, it is an undisputed fact that “money makes the world go round.” The earliest known form of money dates back to around 5,000 years ago ; trade was previously carried out using a barter system. However, over the centuries, more and more nations began implementing a currency system, and money has become more critical. 

In the contemporary world, it seems to be “all about money.” However, it is important not to lose sight of what is important; we must maintain good physical and mental health and healthy relationships with the people around us. Money is necessary; it is just not the only thing necessary. To start your essay, read these examples to write insightful essays about money. 

5 Top Examples On Essay About Money

1. essay on money by prasanna, 2. how money changed human history by jacob wilkins, 3. capitalism: money that make money by ernestine montgomery, 4.  is money the most important thing by seth higgins.

  • 5. ​​An Introduction to Saving Money by Jeremy Vohwinkle

Writing Prompts For Essays About Money

1. good uses for money, 2. the “dark side” of money, 3. money’s role in history, 4. morality vs. money, 5. can money buy happiness, 6. how to save money.

“Imagine the world without money. We will eventually come to a point where we will be asking questions like “what’s the point of life”. Hope and goals are some of the important things that will keep a man going in life. Without any sense of achievement or motivation, there wouldn’t be any inventions or progress in the world. People work to get money and then people work harder to get more money. This cycle of life that keeps a man motivated and hopeful is one of the biggest advantages of the system of money”

This essay gives readers a general outlook on money and its advantages and disadvantages. It gives people equal opportunity to work for their dreams and motivates them to be productive members of society, while it also raises the question of greed. Money, without a doubt, has its positive and negative aspects, but it exists and is only becoming more critical.

“But the barter economy was flawed. There was no universal measure for determining the value of an item. It was all based on the subjective opinion of the individuals involved. And to make matters worse, the barter economy relied on both sides wanting something the other had to offer. Trade, therefore, could be sluggish and frustrating. Human beings needed something different, and money was the answer.”

Wilkins writes about how money revolutionized the way trade was conducted. The barter system involved trading any objects if both parties agreed to a deal, such as trading animal skins for fish or medicine for timber. However, the only measure of an item’s value was how much one party wanted it- both sides needed to have something the other wanted. The introduction of money allowed people to put a solid value on commodities, making trade easier.  

“So, if you were to closely observe the dirty, disordered canvas of economic progress during the 20th and 21 st century, you should conclude that, for all its warts, capitalism has been the winner. It has sometimes caused pain; suffered from serious cycles; and often needed the clout of the state- such as we have seen from September 2008. It has also been quite resistant to sensible regulation. Even so, the basic institutions of capitalism have worked, not just in the US and the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and development) nations, but also many developing countries, of which India is one.”

Albeit lengthy, Montgomery’s essay discusses the debate between socialism and capitalism, a topic of which money is at the core. Montgomery describes Karl Marx’s criticism of capitalism: all the money goes to a few people, not the workers. She believes these are valid to an extent and criticizes certain forms of capitalism and socialism. Neither capitalism nor socialism is perfect, but according to Montgomery, capitalism creates a better economy. 

“Being the richest man in the world does not mean you are the happiest man in the world, although money can buy you happiness sometimes, but not always. If we could all appreciate the way life is, the fun, and the beauty I think the world would be better. If people weren’t power hungry maybe we’d have a lesser demand for money. Those people who is money hungry and power hungry need to relax. Money can’t buy you happiness. These individuals need to understand that.”

Higgins implores readers to remember that money is not the only thing people need in the world. He stresses the necessity of money, as it is used to pay for various necessary goods and services; however, he believes it is not a prerequisite for happiness. Material things are temporary, and there are other things we should focus on, like family and friends. 

5. ​​ An Introduction to Saving Money by Jeremy Vohwinkle

“A financial emergency may take the form of a job loss, significant medical or dental expense, unexpected home or auto repairs, a hurricane or major storm, or something unthinkable, such as a global pandemic. The last thing you want to do is to rely on credit cards with their hefty interest fees or to be forced to take out a loan. That’s where your emergency fund can come in handy. Historically, the formula for an emergency account is to have enough readily available cash to cover three to six months of living expenses.“

Vohwinkle’s essay gives readers some suggestions on how to save more money. Most importantly, he suggests setting up an emergency fund, as all other saving techniques stem from there. He also suggests creating an automatic savings plan and cutting down on “spending leaks,” like buying coffee. You might also be interested in these essays about celebration .

In this essay, write about why money is necessary and the ways to use it for the greater good, and include ways in which it can be used (investing, donating, etc.). For each point, you make, be sure to explain why. Of course, this is entirely subjective; feel free to write about what you consider “good uses” for money. 

On the other hand, money also has a negative side —research on money-related issues, such as taxpayer-funded corruption and trading of illegal goods. In your essay, explore this side of money and perhaps give solutions on how to stop these problems. 

Money has played a progressively more important role throughout human history. Discuss the development of currency and the economy, from the barter system to the digital world we live in today. You need not go too in-depth, as there is a lot of ground to cover and many eras to research. Be sure to cite reputable sources when discussing history. 

Many people warn of “selling your soul” for financial gain. In your essay, you can write about the importance of having solid values in this day and age, where money reigns supreme. What principles do you need to keep in mind? Explain how you can still value money while staying grounded; mention the balance between material needs and others. 

As stated in Higgins’ essay, more people have begun to prioritize money over all else. Do you believe that money is truly the most important thing? Can it alone make you happy? Discuss both sides of this question and choose your position accordingly. Be sure to provide precise supporting details for a stronger argument. 

Essays About Money: How to save money?

Enumerate tips on how you can save money. Anything works, from saving certain things for special occasions to buying more food in the grocery rather than eating out. This is your opinion; however, feel free to consult online sources and the people around you for extra advice. 

For help with your essays, check out our round-up of the best essay checkers .If you’re still stuck, check out our general resource of essay writing topics .

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