1. The Christian Life

    The Christian life is based upon the work of God in the new birth, justification, the gift of the Spirit, the forgiveness of sins, and our union to Christ. The goal of the Christian life is to be conformed into the image of Christ and, as a result, to share in God's rule on the earth to the glory of God. Using various means of grace, such as ...

  2. Christian Living: Living the Way Jesus Wants

    The Christian way of life is the best way of life possible! Jesus said He came so His followers "may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly" ( John 10:10 ). God's way of living has great benefits for this life and offers "pleasures forevermore" in the next ( 1 Timothy 4:8 ; Psalm 16:11 ). That doesn't mean that ...

  3. The purpose of life: A Christian perspective on living purposefully

    7 min · Jim Albig. What is the purpose of life? Grow up, get an education, get a good job, start a family. That's where you'll find happiness, you're told. Or maybe you're a non-conformist and you need to blaze your own trail; find things out for yourself. Through discovery and thinking for yourself, you believe you'll find peace and ...

  4. 10 Guidelines for Christian Living

    Let Christ have first place in all the choices of your life. Learn how to meet temptation. Temptation is not sin. It is yielding that is sin. Let Christ through the Holy Spirit do the fighting for you. Be a wholesome Christian. Our lives and appearance should commend the Gospel and make it attractive to others.

  5. Essays on Important Theological Topics from The Gospel Coalition

    Explore an expansive list of short theological essays from over different 100 authors on key theological terms and concepts. ... The Christian Life. The Christian Life. Christopher Ash . Cultivating Practical Godliness. Donald Whitney . The Trinity and Christian Devotion. Ryan McGraw .

  6. 6 Marks of a Healthy, Well-Balanced Christian Life

    Running ourselves down in the cause of serving others undercuts our ability to serve well. The more we submit ourselves to God in this, the more we'll see the gift he's giving us in a well-rested mind or strong legs or a cheerful spirit. 6. It engages your mind and imagination regularly.

  7. How Do I Live the Authentic Christian Life?

    I will strengthen you. I will meet every need.". You trust him for that. That is A.P.T.A.T., and that is what I think it means to live by the Spirit, and walk by the faith by the Spirit, and work out your salvation, and act the miracle of the Christian life. I will just say one last thing.

  8. Articles on The Christian Life

    Topic The Christian Life Sort Newest. Recommended; Newest; Oldest; Most Viewed; Article. See Through Enemy Eyes Expecting Temptation Before It Comes. May 7, 2024. Greg Morse May 7, 2024. ... Life Is for Living. Mar 30, 2024. Greg Morse Mar 30, 2024. Article. The Humble Young Leader Four Qualities of Godly Men. Mar 18, 2024. Erik Thoennes Mar 18 ...

  9. What is the Meaning and Purpose of Life?

    From a Christian perspective one would say that life is action, faith, belief, and relationships. Life is full of emotion, miracles and facts. Life is growth, change, and experience. Life is intelligent, sorrowful, and full of regrets. Life is a story filled with forgiveness, hate, love, disappointment, discouragement, and questions.

  10. The Essential Challenge of Christian Life

    As St. John Paul the Great has confirmed for us: "Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth.". The thriving Christian life is an all-encompassing effort of the whole person, body and spirit. St. Irenaeus has suggested that "the glory of God is man fully alive .".

  11. Christianity as a Way of Life

    Theologian Kevin Hector (University of Chicago Divinity School) joins Ryan McAnnally-Linz for a discussion of his latest book, Christianity as a Way of Life. Together they reflect on the practice of Christianity; the role of devotion to God in framing the importance of Christianity to a practitioner; the unique practices embedded in the life of ...

  12. Christian Lifestyle (What This Means and How To Live For God)

    The Christian lifestyle is about living in alignment with the principles and teachings of Jesus Christ. It is not merely a set of rules or rituals, but a way of life that reflects the love, grace, and compassion of God. It is a life characterized by selflessness, humility, forgiveness, and service towards others.

  13. 5 Ways to Live the God-Centered Life

    Your local church is an outpost of heaven—an embassy of the kingdom—in a world adrift from love, grace, compassion, and truth. 3. Forgive, fear, fight. I easily lose insights when I gain them, so I summarize what I've learned in memorable form. Forgive others, fear God, fight the good fight of the faith. It's too easy to bear grudges ...

  14. Reflections on Christian Living

    In the book Educating for Life, Nick Wolterstorff says that the Christian life must be a life of seeking justice for those who need it—for the poor, the downtrodden, the needy. He says that our lives are to be activities of thanksgiving. Remember that the Great Commandment Jesus gave us for our lives has two parts.

  15. Theologians on the Christian Life Series

    The Theologians on the Christian Life series, edited by Stephen J. Nichols and Justin Taylor, provides accessible introductions to some of church history's greatest teachers, exploring their personal lives and writings, especially as they pertain to the walk of faith, and gives insights into how each one viewed the Christian life.

  16. Writer's Guidelines

    Annual Writing Contest: Today's Christian Living holds an annual writing contest. The 2024 Writing Contest is now open for submissions. Entries are due by August 15, 2024. This year's theme is My Spiritual Hero. In 1200-1500 words, tell us about your spiritual hero (besides Jesus) and why that person is so important to you.

  17. Christian Blogs To Follow Before Writing a Religious Essay

    The Christian Century. Progressive, ecumenical magazine committed to living faithfully and thinking critically, The Christian Century writes about politics, society, arts, culture, church, Scripture, and theology. Moreover, it discusses what it means to believe and live as a Christian in our modern society. Redeeming God

  18. Christian Ethics

    The highest ethical duty of a Christian is the same as the greatest commandment: love God and love your neighbor. Scripture is the Christian authority for ethics, just as it is for theology. This is because God is our ultimate authority and standard, for he himself is goodness. While Christians know God's character through reading Scripture ...

  19. Jim Wilson (Author of How to be Free from Bitterness, and Other Essays

    edit data. Jim Wilson has worked as a pastor and director of Community Christian Ministries (Moscow, Idaho) for over forty years. Before that, he served in the Navy as an officer for nine years and then with Officer's Christian Fellowship for another twelve years. Jim has authored a number of books, including How to Be Free from Bitterness, and ...

  20. Bio

    Oh, well. The Bio. N. D. Wilson is the best-selling author of the "100 Cupboards" trilogy (now in more than twenty languages) and the acclaimed "Ashtown Burials" series (both from Random House). His first work of nonfiction was the ground-breaking Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl (Thomas Nelson), which was adapted into the widely distributed ...

  21. Christian Living

    Featured Essay . Resurrection of Jesus . An essay by . Benjamin Shaw . Read Now . Trending . Death of Christ ; ... Christian Living . Share Share Post Post Email . Rome Is Not Our Home: Live Counterculturally During Election Season ... The real #blessed life is enjoying the presence of a God who loves you far more than you can imagine.

  22. Meet the Conservative Evangelicals Practicing 'Strategic Hibernation

    By the 1990s, Wilson had become a widely acknowledged authority on homeschooling, promoting a classical curriculum based loosely on Dorothy Sayers's previously neglected essay, The Lost Tools of ...

  23. The Federal Vision

    The Federal Vision is a controversial theological and ecclesiastical movement within Reformed, paedobaptist covenant theology. It's primarily discussed within Reformed and Presbyterian churches in North America, yet its impact is also international. The word "federal" is from the Latin ( foedus) meaning "covenant.".