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Take your writing to the next level with our free AI Essay Checker. Refine your grammar, fix common spelling mistakes, and detect AI content and plagiarism all with the push of a button.

Max 800 Words is allowed. Visit → RewriterPro AI Checker for higher limits.

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Join  thousands  of users who have used essay check to refine their writing, remove plagiarism and eliminate ai content with 100% accuracy..

essay corrector ai

High School Teacher

Upholding Academic Integrity: The Essential Role of Essay Check for English Teachers

“ Being an English teacher, maintaining academic integrity is paramount. Essay Check has become an indispensable tool in my classroom. It not only aids in detecting plagiarism but also identifies any AI-generated content seamlessly. With its user-friendly interface, Essay Check empowers me to uphold academic honesty effortlessly ”

essay corrector ai

Content Creator

Content Creation Revolution

“Essay Check transforms my online content creation, ensuring authenticity and originality in scripts and blog posts. It eliminates AI-generated content, empowering me to confidently engage my audience!”

SEO Specialist

Such a life-changing experience. Highly recommended!

“In the competitive world of SEO, Essay Check has truly become my trusted ally. By meticulously ensuring that my content is devoid of any plagiarism or AI-generated elements, it not only maintains but elevates the quality and integrity of my work. This invaluable tool has enabled me to consistently deliver top-notch content, leading to tangible improvements in my clients’ website rankings. With Essay Check by my side, I feel confident in my ability to navigate the competitive landscape of SEO and drive lasting success for my clients.!”

essay corrector ai

College Student

An overall wonderful and excellent experience

“”Essay Check makes my essays better and original. It catches mistakes check AI content and stops copying so I get good grades.”!”

Patrick Abrams

Transformative Content Creation with Essay Check

“ Essay Check has revolutionized the way I create content for my online platforms. As a content creator, authenticity is everything. This incredible tool not only helps me maintain originality in my scripts and blog posts but also ensures there’s no trace of AI-generated content. With Essay Check, I can confidently produce content that resonates with my audience! ”

Get Rid of Spelling Errors

Once you paste your text into Essay Check, it will identify potential spelling errors and offer suggestions. If our tool flags a word that’s spelled correctly, just select the “Ignore All” option!

essay corrector ai

Fix Grammar Errors

Professors aren’t fans of poor grammar because it interrupts your message and makes your essay hard to understand. ProWritingAid will run a grammar check on your paper to ensure that your message is precise and is being communicated the way you intended.

Get Rid of Punctuation Mistakes

A missing period or comma here and there may not seem that serious, but you’ll lose marks for punctuation errors. Run ProWritingAid’s paper checker to use the correct punctuation marks every time and elevate your writing.

ProWritingAid product image - punctuation student

Improve Readability

Make sure that in the grand scheme your language is not too complicated. The essay checker's built in readability report will show if your essay is easy or hard to read. It specifically zones in on paragraphs that might be difficult to read so you can review them.

What Else Can the Essay Checker Do?

The editing tool analyzes your text and highlights a variety of key writing issues, such as overused words, incohesive sentence structures, punctuation issues, repeated phrases, and inconsistencies.

ProWritingAid illustration- unnecessary word student

You don’t need to drown your essay in words just to meet the word count. ProWritingAid’s essay checker will help to make your words more effective. You'll get to construct your arguments and make sure that every word you use builds towards a meaningful conclusion.

Use more transition words in your essay

Transition words help to organize your ideas by showing the relationship between them. The essay checker has a built in Transition report that highlights and shows the percentage of transitions used in your essay. Use the results to add transitions where necessary.

ProWritingAid product image - student sentence variety

An engaging essay has sentences of varying lengths. Don’t bore your professor with long, rambling sentences. The essay checker will show you where you need to break long sentences into shorter sentences, or add more sentence length variation.

ProWritingAid product image - student passive voice

Generally, in scholarly writing, with its emphasis on precision and clarity, the active voice is preferred. However, the passive voice is acceptable in some instances. When you run your essay through ProWritingAid’s essay checker, you get feedback on whether you 'r e using the passive or active voice to convey your idea.

ProWritingAid illustration - power verb

There are academic specific power verbs like appraise , investigate , debunk , support , etc., that can add more impact to your argument by giving a more positive and confident tone. The essay checker will check your writing for power verbs and notify you if you have less than three throughout your essay.

ProWritingAid product image - repeats

It's easy to get attached to certain phrases and use them as crutches in your essays but this gives the impression of boring and repetitive writing. The essay checker will highlight your repeats and suggest contextually relevant alternatives.

ProWritingAid illustration - learn as you edit

Gain access to in-house blog reports on citations, how to write a thesis statement, how to write a conclusion, and more. Venture into a world of resources specific to your academic needs.

What Kinds of Papers Does ProWritingAid Correct?

No matter what you’re writing, ProWritingAid will adapt and show you where your edits are needed most.

  • Argumentative
  • Descriptive
  • Textual Analysis
  • Lab reports
  • Case studies
  • Literature reviews
  • Presentations
  • Dissertations
  • Research papers

Professors and students love using ProWritingAid

If you're an English teacher, you need to take a look at this tool - it reinforces what you're teaching, highlights strengths and weaknesses, and makes it easier to personalize instruction.

prowritingaid customer

Jennifer Gonzales

Only reason I managed to get an A in all my freshmen composition classes.

ProWritingAid customer

Chris Layton

Great tool for academic work. Easy to use and the reports and summary evaluation of your documents in several categories is very useful. So much more than spelling and grammar!

prowritingaid customer

Debra Callender

Questions & Answers

1. how do i use the essay checker online tool.

You can either copy and paste your essay in the essay checker field or upload your essay from your computer. Your suggestions will show once you enter text. You’ll see a number of possible grammar and spelling issues. Sign up for free to get unlimited suggestions to improve your writing style, grammar, and sentence structure. Avoid unintentional plagiarism with a premium account.

2. Does the essay checker work with British English and American English?

The essay checker works with both British English and American English. Just choose the one you would like to use and your corrections will reflect this.

3. Is using an essay checker cheating?

No. The essay checker won’t ever write the essay for you. It will point out possible edits and advise you on changes you need to make. You have full autonomy and get to decide which changes to accept.

4. Will the essay checker auto-correct my work?

The essay writing power remains in your hands. You choose which suggestions you want to accept and you can ignore those that you don’t think apply.

5. Is there a student discount?

Students who have an eligible student email address can get 20% off ProWritingAid Premium. Email [email protected] from your student email address to access your discount.

6. Does ProWritingAid have a plagiarism checker?

Yes! ProWritingAid’s plagiarism checker will check your work against over a billion web-pages, published works, and academic papers, so you can be sure of its originality. Find out more about pricing for plagiarism checks here .

A good grade is closer than you think

Drop us a line or let's stay in touch via :

Free AI Writing Assistant & Text Editor

Get writing assistance now.

Get a Full Suite of AI Writing Assistant Tools

Each AI-Powered revision tool in the free AI Writing Assistant is designed to improve your writing to meet the needs of your document. To access advanced tool modes and features, upgrade to the Premium plan .

AI Proofreader

Perfect & elevate your writing with style.

two folded papers and a pen

AI Paraphraser

Transform your text & ensure your unique voice.

two folded chat bubbles

AI Translator

Translate ideas seamlessly between languages.

two folded papers with alphabets written

AI Summarizer

Sum up the main points of any document.

two folded papers

AI Plagiarism Checker

Guarantee the authenticity of your submitted work.

check sign on a paper

AI Detector

Check for AI-created content in your text.

two folded paper with a check sign on bottom right

Authors Love Our AI Writing Assistant

Our AI text editor and AI reviser tools are perfect for anyone who can benefit from instant enhancement of their writing.


Content writers, enterprises.


Dr. Emily Rivera

Pick a Subscription Plan That Suits the Needs or You and Your Team

Choose a Team plan for easier group collaboration.

  • Access to Basic tools
  • 5,000 words/month
  • Basic revision modes

$9.95 /month

  • Access to all Premium tools
  • 1,000,000 words/month
  • Premium revision modes

$8.45 /month

  • One account–unlimited team members
  • Extra discounts for 10+ seats

See pricing plan details →

Wordvice AI Text Editor Overview

Wordvice AI is your ultimate AI writing editor-designed to empower authors across all fields with cutting-edge AI technology to enhance their writing efforts.

a man examining a box

Benefit from sophisticated AI text editor tools that refine academic papers to meet publication standards.

a woman pointing at a laptop screen in front of her

Elevate assignments with an AI essay editor to achieve academic success with targeted improvements.

a woman looking satisfied in front of her laptop


Gain a competitive edge with clear, error-free communication that helps you stand out in your industry.

a man and a woman chatting with a laptop in between

Collaborative writing assistant solutions to streamline projects and maintain consistency across documents.

a woman looking at a screen with a checklist

Learning Resources

Articles and videos provide valuable tips for improving writing skills and utilizing AI tools effectively.

a man holding a spanner and a triangular object

Expanding AI Toolbox

Continuous tool updates give you access to the latest advancements in AI-powered writing tool technology.

Expert Proofreading Services On Demand

Although our AI Writing Assistant is pretty great at preparing any kind of document, sometimes you just need a human touch. We also provide English editing by qualified native English-speaking editors with PhDs and Master’s degrees. For your academic paper, application essay, business document, or other important documents.

Wordvice’s Expert Editing & Proofreading Services

a school building

Academic Editing Services

a mortarboard and diploma

Admissions Editing Services

two high buildings

Business Editing Services

a computer monitor with a chart on

Writer Editing Services

Enterprise Inquiry

Share your requirements with us and our team will respond to you promptly., grammar and writing done right.

Trinka is an online grammar checker and language correction AI tool for academic and technical writing.

#Proprietary patented AI technology

  • Grammar Checker


Plagiarism checker.

human checking grammar errors

Trusted by Global Leaders


Proofread File

Latex proofreader, consistency check.

Trinka’s Grammar Checker covers everything from word choice, usage and style, and word count reduction to advanced grammar checks.


Proofread entire documents in MS Word with Trinka. Retain original formatting, get a language score, apply style guide preferences, and download your file with track changes.

proofread file

Eliminate grammar errors in your LaTeX document without impacting your TeX code. Get a language quality score along with instant corrections, track changes.

latex grammar checker

Trinka identifies several inconsistencies like spellings, hyphens and dashes, characters with accent, and more to make your writing look professional.


Make Your Writing Unique


Experience enhanced clarity in your writing using Trinka's Paraphrasing tool, designed to provide coherent paraphrases while preserving the original meaning.

Plagiarism Checker

Writing is Now Easier Than Ever

Academic and technical writing.

Trinka finds difficult errors unique to academic writing that other grammar checker tools don’t. From advanced English grammar errors to scientific tone and style, Trinka checks it all!

academic grammar checker

General Writing

Trinka streamlines your writing by identifying grammatical errors, analyzing sentence structure, suggesting optimal word choices, and ensuring adherence to both US and UK English styles.

grammar checker for general writing

Key Features of Trinka

latex Proofreader

Publication Readiness Checks

bias free writing

Inclusive Language Checks

find right journal

Journal Finder

proofreading file

Citation Checker

Personal dictionary.

writing tool for lawyers

Legal Writing

consistency checker

Available Wherever You Need It

and many more..

Rated Highly by Users Globally

source forge

4.3 out of 5

trust radius

8.4 out of 10

software suggest

Trinka for Enterprise

Easily integrate Trinka for Enterprise into your workflow. Customize Trinka to match the specific requirements of your company. Multiple partnership & pricing models available.

Data Security

Highest level of data security with Trinka sensitive data plan.

Custom Style Guides

Get customized style guide as per your organization style rules.

Intergrate our enterprise grade API into your application.


James Smith - testimonial

First, I love Trinka. Congratulations on developing something that extensively aids editing, especially critical grammar conventions and word count reductions.

James Smith

Emmanuel Lochin - testimonial

I've been using Trinka for four months now, and I have extensive experience with other grammar checker systems. I've used the proofreader for two ten-page papers, and I must admit, I'm quite impressed by its quality and usefulness. I am very satisfied with Trinka and strongly recommend it for academic proofreading.

Emmanuel Lochin

Rosa Diaz Sandoval - testimonial

Writing texts with correct English grammar and style is not an easy task for people who speak other languages. Sometimes you cannot find little mistakes in your document without help and moreover for academic writing. I tried Trinka AI as a tool of automatic correction and was quite glad with the suggested corrections and the feedback. With the feedback you understand why the suggested change must be taken into account.

Rosa Diaz Sandoval

Fouad Khalifa - testimonial

Trinka has a robust proofreading feature that allows me to effortlessly upload entire manuscript documents and receive fully tracked changes in a single step. Moreover, its unique supporting tools such as citation checker and journal finder, significantly enhance the efficiency of my research endeavours.

Fouad Khalifa

Jesse Rumball-Smith - testimonial

I just wanted to say thank you for such a great and free service, all the other grammar checkers and writing assistants I have tried don’t have nearly the depth of features let alone all available on a free subscription. As a student with little income available I am extremely grateful that unlike all others companies you don’t limit features on the free plan. This is a fantastic product and given the income I would definitely upgrade to the premium. I've let all my fellow students know about Trinka as it is seriously a life saver.

Jesse Rumball-Smith

Dr. Farooq Rathore - testimonial

I have mainly used it to improve the language, grammar, and syntax of the scientific manuscripts that I write for national and international biomedical journals. I have found the interface to be user friendly and the procedure itself is efficient and hassle-free. The auto-edit is a great help and the supplementary page with the revision summary is an excellent idea.

Dr. Farooq Rathore

Dr. Nitin Wahi - testimonial

Trinka AI is a great tool to help beginners in research publication. Its grammar editing, online proofreading with file download, citation checker, plagiarism checker, paraphraser, and journal finder provide amazing features at your fingertips. Even the free Trinka Basic plan can be invaluable for researchers in their early stages or at PG levels, helping them improve project reports and papers to meet publication standards. Overall, I'm extremely impressed with Trinka AI, as it stands out among research writing tools. Give it a try and you will love it! Thanks Trinka AI team for this valuable tool.

Dr. Nitin Wahi

Georgieva Milena - testimonial is my most favorite choice for grammar and spelling edit. The application works correctly, is fast and tidily! Completely satisfied!

Georgieva Milena

Dinesh Gupta - testimonial

The grammar checking tool exceeds Grammarly! I re-checked some documents that I had checked earlier with Grammarly. I was pleasantly surprised to see such a product from India!

Dinesh Gupta

Aftab Hussain - testimonial

Trinka has awesome features. Advanced level of academic writing checker and suggestion are so original. I would highly recommend to others.

Aftab Hussain

Edith Davies - testimonial

I have tested Trinka and am impressed with its fine capabilities. It did better than the grammar checkers I use. Well done! I have told my colleagues in my research lab to use Trinka. Hope it is widely used in academia.

Edith Davies

Noor Al-rishi - testimonial

Trinka AI's suggested corrections and feedback astounded me. It is simple to use and extremely beneficial

Noor Al-rishi

Nwaji Jude - testimonial

It's been a wonderful experience using Trinka and I almost can't submit any manuscript without re-evaluating with it. In summary, Trinka has been a life-saver.

Stumpf Curtis - testimonial

I trust and use Trinka as a final spot check for my edited documents. It helps me find the few remaining errors that I have missed during the primary editing. I really like using this platform for my writing. One particular feature that works well for me is the thumbs down button.

Stumpf Curtis

Dyke Gareth - testimonial

I think is a very interesting and potentially useful idea, especially for editors/publishers/journals. I found it very useful when I checked my editing work on the platform.

Dyke Gareth

Bhargava Sharma - testimonial

I am happy with the overall performance. I have been using Grammarly for a long while, but when it comes to academic or technical writing, Trinka is definitely a much better option. Academic document settings and auto file edit are my favorite features.

Bhargava Sharma

Ralph Bailey - testimonial

Trinka has become my go-to tool for grammar corrections. The AI-powered corrections and language enhancements made writing a lot more easier. Now I am able to focus more on research than on writing an error-free document.

Ralph Bailey

Thomas Andres - testimonial

The grammar correction and suggestion based on the AMA style guide is really impressive! Trinka is indeed the best grammar correction tool for medical writing.

Thomas Andres

Paperpal logo

Experience the future of academic writing

Boost your chances of success with real-time, subject-specific language suggestions that help you write better, faster!

Paperpal uses cutting-edge machine learning trained on millions of editorial corrections performed

Research, Write, Cite: Enjoy Uninterrupted Writing with Paperpal

Get science-backed answers to your questions from 250M+ research articles and save relevant citations to your library!

Research banner

Online Plagiarism Checker For Students & Academics

Avoid accidental plagiarism in your academic text with Paperpal’s accurate plagiarism detector.

Plagiarism banner

1Mn+ academics love Paperpal

trustpoilot rating image

Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

“It offers suggestions about tenses, and paraphrasing and helps re-organize my paragraphs, giving them better language structure. I feel confident about my manuscripts after running them through Paperpal. ”

" Unlike Grammarly, Paperpal aligns and tailors my sentence structures to the convention of academic writing. It also helps me to rephrase or simplify unclear sentence structures and helps me write with confidence and ease"

" What I love about Paperpal is that it has an element of context sensitivity. It understands the context in which the content is written and then gives suggestions"

" The best thing about Paperpal Word is that you get edits in real-time , and not when you’re done writing your document."

“Because of Paperpal, my manuscript is now free of errors, more concise and more readable! ”

“Its easy to use, helpful in drafts as an academic and unlike ChatGPT, it doesn't provide same suggestions everytime. ”

Try Paperpal

Unmatched features for academic writing

Language suggestions.

Paperpal understands academic context, suggesting precise language corrections without changing references, equations, technical terms, and non-English words.


Plagiarism Checks

Get similarity score, colour-coded results and side-by-side comparisons to sources.

unmatched feature image

Research NEW

Get science-backed answers to your questions from 250M+ research articles as you write

unmatched feature image

Brainstorm ideas, get outlines and titles, create abstracts, summaries, study highlights, or craft powerful emails to journals with a click.

essay corrector ai

Paraphrase text to improve clarity and tone

Accurate paraphrasing that retains the meaning of your work, helps meet journal-prescribed word counts and maintains a formal tone.

High quality academic translations for your text

Context-sensitive translations from 25+ foreign languages to English, letting you focus on your research while we polish your writing.

Pre-submission checks to avoid desk rejection

Comprehensive submission readiness report with 30+ language and technical checks.

Contextual synonyms for better vocabulary

Improve the clarity of your text with relevant synonym suggestions that are validated based on published literature.

Paperpal has you covered at every writing stage

feature image

Have a ready manuscript that needs review? Full language checks with edits in track changes and multiple free rounds to ensure high-quality writing

feature image

Work anywhere online with real-time, secure, accurate language and grammar checks and rewrite suggestions for academic writing

feature image

Writing a paper on MS Word? Paperpal for Word provides assistive writing with instant language and grammar suggestions as you write

Be a part of the new writing revolution

Our powerful AI tools transform your work by giving you the power to improve your writing. Paperpal is built for all academics. Learn more below

feature image

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data used for training paperpal’s ai, how does paperpal work, how to use paperpal in ms word, can i use paperpal for free, what is the price for paperpal paid subscriptions, who can use paperpal, what all can paperpal be used for, how secure is my manuscript and does paperpal use my data, what ai models are used in paperpal, will my paperpal edited document be flagged as plagiarised, will my paperpal edited document be flagged by ai detectors, will i retain copyright over my paperpal edited document, take the first step towards academic writing excellence.

essay corrector ai

Free online proofreading and essay editor

A reliable proofreading tool and essay editor for any writer or student, a complete environment.

Typely is more than just a proofreading tool. It's a complete writing environment.

Thousands of checks

More than a thousand checks are being performed and we've only scratched the surface.

Inspired by the greatest writers

Gain access to humanity’s collective understanding about the craft of writing.

A proofreading tool that does not bark at every tree

Typely is precise. Existing tools for proofreading raise so many false alarms that their advice cannot be trusted. Instead, the writer must carefully consider whether to accept or reject each change.

We aim for a tool so precise that it becomes possible to unquestioningly adopt its recommendations and still come out ahead — with stronger, tighter prose. Better to be quiet and authoritative than loud and unreliable.

Relax, focus, write your next masterpiece...

Writing presumes more than simply laying out words on a paper. Typely helps you get in the mood and keeps you focused, immersed and ready to write your story.

Whether you need a distraction-free environment, some chill relaxing sounds or a pomodoro timer to manage your time we got you covered.

Got questions? We have answers.

No. Typely is completely free and we plan on keeping it that way. We are considering some advanced features however that might be available under a premium plan.

The only limit we have applied thus far is on the number of characters you can submit and that is being set at a maximum of 50,000.

In theory yes but that will require a lot of work and professionals dedicated for this job. We are considering a way of letting the community participate somehow.

Typely does not do grammar checking because it's hard and almost impossible to get right. The aim for Typely is to be precise and reliable.

GPT Essay Checker for Students

How to Interpret the Result of AI Detection

To use our GPT checker, you won’t need to do any preparation work!

Take the 3 steps:

  • Copy and paste the text you want to be analyzed,
  • Click the button,
  • Follow the prompts to interpret the result.

Our AI detector doesn’t give a definitive answer. It’s only a free beta test that will be improved later. For now, it provides a preliminary conclusion and analyzes the provided text, implementing the color-coding system that you can see above the analysis.

It is you who decides whether the text is written by a human or AI:

  • Your text was likely generated by an AI if it is mostly red with some orange words. This means that the word choice of the whole document is nowhere near unique or unpredictable.
  • Your text looks unique and human-made if our GPT essay checker adds plenty of orange, green, and blue to the color palette.
  • 🔮 The Tool’s Benefits

🤖 Will AI Replace Human Writers?

✅ ai in essay writing.

  • 🕵 How do GPT checkers work?

🔗 References

🔮 gpt checker for essays: 5 key benefits.

People have yet to learn where AI and machine learning are taking us, but it has already caused many problems in the education system. This AI essay detector can resolve some of them, at least as of the moment.

There are 5 key benefits of the above GPT checker for essays and other academic writing projects.

Elon Musk, one of Chat GPT creators, said that it was “scary good” and that humanity is approaching the creation of “dangerously strong AI.”

In an interview , Bill Gates commented on the program: “It gives a glimpse of what is to come. I am impressed with this whole approach and the rate of innovation.” And these words give us goosebumps.

Over the first week of its functioning, the program exceeded 1 million users . Therefore, developers are interested in monetizing it, and launching a paid Beta-version won’t take long.

We prefer not to throw out compliments to the chatbot and instead let you check for yourself . It is a chat with AI. The best way to start is to ask a question. It is free so far (still under research), so you can ask as many questions as you please.

We should care about AI-generated content because, in a decade, it will be an everyday reality. Even more so, it is a hot-button issue now. For now, GPT 3 can’t replace human writers. However, AI essay detection has already become an issue for teachers.

You can try asking ChatGPT to write an essay for you. But we do not recommend pass it off as written by you. Not only because it's unethical (although it is). The fact is that ChatGPT has a number of drawbacks that you need to consider before using it.

Chat GPT in Essay Writing – the Shortcomings

  • The tool doesn’t know anything about what happened after 2021. Novel history is not its strong side. Sometimes it needs to be corrected about earlier events. For instance, request information about Heathrow Terminal 1 . The program will tell you it is functioning, although it has been closed since 2015.
  • The reliability of answers is questionable. AI takes information from the web which abounds in fake news, bias, and conspiracy theories.
  • References also need to be checked. The links that the tool generates are sometimes incorrect, and sometimes even fake.
  • Two AI generated essays on the same topic can be very similar. Although a plagiarism checker will likely consider the texts original, your teacher will easily see the same structure and arguments.
  • Chat GPT essay detectors are being actively developed now. Traditional plagiarism checkers are not good at finding texts made by ChatGPT. But this does not mean that an AI-generated piece cannot be detected at all.

🕵 How Do GPT Checkers Work?

An AI-generated text is too predictable. Its creation is based on the word frequency in each particular case.

Thus, its strong side (being life-like) makes it easily discernible for ChatGPT detectors.

Once again, conventional anti-plagiarism essay checkers won’t work there merely because this writing features originality. Meanwhile, it will be too similar to hundreds of other texts covering the same topic.

Here’s an everyday example. Two people give birth to a baby. When kids become adults, they are very much like their parents. But can we tell this particular human is a child of the other two humans? No, if we cannot make a genetic test. This GPT essay checker is a paternity test for written content.

❓ GPT Essay Checker FAQ

Updated: Oct 25th, 2023

  • Abstracts written by ChatGPT fool scientists - Nature
  • How to... use ChatGPT to boost your writing
  • Will ChatGPT Kill the Student Essay? - The Atlantic
  • ChatGPT: how to use the AI chatbot taking over the world
  • Overview of ChatGPT - Technology Hits - Medium
  • Free Essays
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  • Lit. Guides
  • Donate a Paper
  • Referencing Guides
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  • Discount Codes
  • IvyPanda Shop
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookies Policy
  • Copyright Principles
  • DMCA Request
  • Service Notice

This page contains a free online GPT checker for essays and other academic writing projects. Being based on the brand-new technology, this AI essay detector is much more effective than traditional plagiarism checkers. With this AI checker, you’ll easily find out if an academic writing piece was written by a human or a chatbot. We provide a comprehensive guide on how to interpret the results of analysis. It is up to you to draw your own conclusions.


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  2. AI Essay Checker: Detect AI Content, Plagiarism & Fix Grammar

    AI Essay Checker. Take your writing to the next level with our free AI Essay Checker. Refine your grammar, fix common spelling mistakes, and detect AI content and plagiarism all with the push of a button. Some words are easy to confuse, others have difficult spellings, and grammar can be a nightmare to perfect.

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  7. Free AI Grammar Checker

    How to Use Our Grammar Checker. Before submitting any text for an online grammar check, adjust the revision settings to align with the requirements of your document. 1. Paste the text you would like to correct into the text box. 2. Select the grammar-checking mode that best suits your document. 3. Select "Check Grammar" and the grammar ...

  8. Essay Checker: Free Online Paper Corrector

    The editing tool analyzes your text and highlights a variety of key writing issues, such as overused words, incohesive sentence structures, punctuation issues, repeated phrases, and inconsistencies. You don't need to drown your essay in words just to meet the word count. ProWritingAid's essay checker will help to make your words more effective.

  9. DeepL Write: AI-powered writing companion

    Write with confidence, powered by AI. Get perfect spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Sound fluent, professional, and natural. Fine-tune your writing with word and sentence alternatives. Choose a writing style and tone that fits your audience. DeepL Write is a tool that helps you perfect your writing. Write clearly, precisely, with ease, and ...

  10. Free Essay Checker

    Trinka is an AI-powered English grammar checker and language enhancement writing assistant designed for academic and technical writing. Trinka corrects contextual spelling mistakes and advanced grammar errors by providing writing suggestions in real-time. It helps professionals and academics ensure formal, concise, and engaging writing.

  11. Free AI Grammar Checker

    This tool enhances your overall writing workflow, making it more efficient and effective. Fix Grammar: Ahrefs' Grammar Checker goes beyond basic spell-checking, offering a robust grammar correction feature. It identifies and rectifies grammatical errors such as misused tenses, subject-verb agreement issues, and faulty sentence structures.

  12. Free AI Writing Assistant & AI Text Editor

    Although our AI Writing Assistant is pretty great at preparing any kind of document, sometimes you just need a human touch. We also provide English editing by qualified native English-speaking editors with PhDs and Master's degrees. For your academic paper, application essay, business document, or other important documents.

  13. Free Online Proofreader

    Fix mistakes that slip under your radar. Fix problems with commonly confused words, like affect vs. effect, which vs. that and who vs. that. Catch words that sound similar but aren't, like their vs. they're, your vs. you're. Check your punctuation to avoid errors with dashes and hyphens, commas, apostrophes, and more.

  14. Free Grammar Checker

    Unleash the professional writer in you with LanguageTool Premium. Go well beyond grammar and spell checking, and impress with clear, precise and stylistically correct writing. LanguageTool is a free grammar checker and paraphraser for English, Spanish, and 30 other languages. Instantly check your text for grammar and style mistakes.

  15. Trinka: AI Writing and Grammar Checker Tool

    Trinka is an AI-powered English grammar checker and language enhancement writing assistant designed for academic and technical writing. Trinka corrects contextual spelling mistakes and advanced grammar errors by providing writing suggestions in real-time. It helps professionals and academics ensure formal, concise, and engaging writing.

  16. AI Academic Writing Tool

    Enhance your academic writing with our free writing assistant, a generative AI-powered academic writing tool. Key features - AI Language suggestions, academic translation, grammar checker, english language check, paraphraser, free essay checker and text reducer tool. Try our online AI academic writing tool that checks language errors and provides instant, in-depth suggestions to help you ...

  17. PaperRater: Free Online Proofreader with Grammar Check, Plagiarism

    This will help you correct any grammatical and spelling mistakes, address unintentional instances of plagiarism and earn a higher grade for your work. ... Using Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, submissions are analyzed in real-time with results typically appearing 5-15 seconds after submission. PaperRater's cloud-based software digs ...

  18. Free online proofreading and essay editor

    Relax, focus, write your next masterpiece... Writing presumes more than simply laying out words on a paper. Typely helps you get in the mood and keeps you focused, immersed and ready to write your story. Whether you need a distraction-free environment, some chill relaxing sounds or a pomodoro timer to manage your time we got you covered.

  19. GPT Essay Checker

    This AI essay detector can resolve some of them, at least as of the moment. There are 5 key benefits of the above GPT checker for essays and other academic writing projects. ⚙️ It does work: Our AI writing checker is based on the brand-new technology. Therefore, unlike traditional plagiarism checkers, it can actually detect AI-generated texts.

  20. Free AI Detector

    Scribbr's AI and ChatGPT Detector confidently detects texts generated by the most popular tools, like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Copilot. GPT2, GPT3, and GPT3.5 are detected with high accuracy, while the detection of GPT4 is supported on an experimental basis. Note that no AI Detector can provide complete accuracy ( see our research ).

  21. Free AI Sentence Rewriter Tool

    Content editing and enhancement. Ahrefs' AI Sentence Rewriter Tool can be highly useful for content creators, writers, and editors who want to improve the quality and clarity of their sentences. By inputting sentences into the tool, users can receive rephrased versions that offer enhanced readability, improved flow, and better overall structure.