Essay on Honesty for Students and Children

 500+ words essay on honesty.

Honesty implies being truthful. Honesty means to develop a practice of speaking truth throughout life. A person who practices Honesty in his/her life, possess strong moral character. An Honest person shows good behavior, always follows rules and regulations, maintain discipline, speak the truth, and is punctual. An honest person is trustworthy as he always tends to speak the truth.

essay on honesty

Honesty is the Best Policy

A major component for developing moral character is Honesty. Honesty helps in developing good attributes like kindness, discipline, truthfulness, moral integrity and more. Lying, cheating, lack of trust, steal, greed and other immoral attributes have no part in Honesty. Honest people are sincere, trustworthy and loyal, throughout their life. Honesty is valuable and it is the habit of utmost importance. There are famous quotes, said by a great personality like “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom”. It holds good due to its ability to build, shape and motivate integral values in one’s life.

Benefits of Honesty

Honesty is always admirable in the family, civil society, friends and across the globe. A person with honesty is respected by all. For one to build the character of Honesty entirely depends on his/her family values and ethics and his/her surrounding environment. Parents showing honest behavior and character in front of their children create an impact on the children and we say “Honesty lies in their genes”. Honesty can also be developed practically which requires proper guidance, encouragement, patience, and dedication.

An honest person is always known for his/her honesty just like a sun is known for its eternal light and unlimited energy. It is a quality which helps a person to succeed in life and get much respect. It gives identification to the moral character of a person. Dishonest people may easily get trust and respect from other people. However, they lose that forever whenever they get caught.

Being dishonest is a sin in all the religions, however, people practice it for their short time benefits and selfishness. They never become morally strong and their life becomes miserable. An honest person moves freely in society and spread his/her fragrance in all directions. Being honest is never mean to bear the bad habits of others or bear ill-treated activities. Everyone has rights to reveal and take action against what is going wrong with him.

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Importance of Honesty in Life

Honesty plays an important role in everyone’s life and it is a character which is visible with open eyes like an open book. Having considered as an Honest person, by society is one of the best compliment one can dream of in his/her entire life. It is the real character a person earns in life by being sincere and dedicated towards it. Lack of honesty in society is doom. It is due to the lack of proper interpersonal relationship between parents-children and students-teachers. Honesty is a practice which is built slowly and patiently, firstly at home and then school. Hence home and school are the best places for a child to develop Honesty since his/her growing times.

Home and school are the places where a child learns moral ethics. Thus, the education system should ensure to include some essential habits and practices to keep a child close to morality. Children must be instructed right from the beginning and their childhood to practice honesty. Youths of any country are the future of that country so they should give better opportunities to develop moral character so that they can lead their country in a better way.

For all human problems, Honesty is the ultimate solution. Corruption and various problems are everywhere in society. It is because of the decreasing number of honest people. In today’s fast and competitive world, we have forgotten about moral and integral ethics. It is very important and necessary for us to rethink and remodel, that we bring the honesty back in society so that everything goes in a natural manner.

Moral ethics of a person is known through Honesty. In a society, if all the people seriously practice getting honest, then society will become an ideal society and free of all the corruptions and evils. There will be huge changes in the day-to-day life of everyone. It can happen very easily if all the parents and teachers understand their responsibilities towards the nation and teach their children and students about moral ethics.

People should realize the value of honesty in order to manage social and economic balance. Honesty is an essential requirement in modern time. It is one of the best habits which encourages an individual and make capable enough to solve and handle any difficult situation in his/her life. Honesty acts as a catalyst in strengthening our will power to face and fight any odds in life.

FAQs on  Essay on Honesty

Q.1. What are the basic principles that were followed by Gandhiji?

Ans: The six principles followed by Gandhiji were Truth, Non-Violence, Simplicity, Faith, Selflessness, and Respect for an Individual.

Q.2. Who gave the proverb, “Honesty is the Best Policy”? Ans: Benjamin Franklin one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, gave the proverb, “Honesty is the Best Policy”.

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Essay on Honesty

Honesty is more than a moral virtue; it’s the foundation upon which trust and integrity rest. This essay delves into the essence of honesty, exploring its significance in personal development, relationships, and societal progress. Designed for students entering essay writing competitions, it offers a comprehensive analysis of honesty’s multifaceted role in shaping ethical individuals and communities.

At its core, honesty is the act of being truthful, transparent, and sincere in all aspects of life. It involves speaking the truth and acting genuinely, even when it’s challenging. Honesty is not just a practice but a principle that guides ethical behavior, encouraging individuals to live authentically and with integrity.

Honesty and Personal Integrity

Personal integrity is built on the cornerstone of honesty. It fosters a sense of self-respect and inner peace, knowing one’s actions align with their values and beliefs. Honest individuals navigate life with a clear conscience, making decisions that reflect their true selves, thereby setting a foundation for a fulfilling and principled life.

The Role of Honesty in Relationships

Honesty is the lifeblood of healthy relationships. It creates a framework of trust and respect, essential for deep, meaningful connections. Whether in friendships, family bonds, or romantic partnerships, honesty strengthens ties, fosters open communication, and builds a resilient bond that can withstand challenges.

Honesty in the Professional Sphere

In the professional realm, honesty is synonymous with reliability and professionalism. It underpins ethical business practices, transparent communication, and trustworthiness. An honest work environment encourages accountability, fosters mutual respect among colleagues, and contributes to a positive organizational culture.

The Social Value of Honesty

Societally, honesty is a pillar of a functioning and fair community. It is essential for justice, as it upholds the principles of fairness and equality. Transparent governance, ethical journalism, and fair trade practices are all predicated on the fundamental value of honesty, ensuring societal progress and cohesion.

Honesty and Moral Courage

Embracing honesty often requires moral courage, especially when facing situations where deceit might offer an easier path. Standing by the truth in the face of adversity showcases strength of character and a commitment to ethical principles. This moral bravery not only benefits the individual but also inspires others to act with integrity.

The Consequences of Dishonesty

Dishonesty, on the other hand, erodes the foundation of trust and integrity. Even small lies can lead to a tangled web of deceit, damaging relationships, tarnishing reputations, and leading to guilt and anxiety. The short-term gains of dishonest behavior are vastly outweighed by the long-term repercussions on one’s character and social fabric.

Honesty as a Path to Self-Improvement

Honest self-reflection is a critical aspect of personal growth and self-improvement. Acknowledging one’s flaws and mistakes candidly allows for genuine development and learning. This internal honesty is a stepping stone to bettering oneself, cultivating resilience, and enhancing emotional intelligence.

The Challenge of Practicing Honesty

While the virtues of honesty are clear, practicing it consistently is not without challenges. Society often presents scenarios where truth-telling is difficult or might lead to negative consequences. Navigating these situations with integrity requires wisdom, discernment, and a steadfast commitment to one’s ethical principles.

Cultivating an Honest Society

Creating a culture that values honesty begins with individual actions. It involves fostering environments—at home, schools, and workplaces—where truthfulness is encouraged and rewarded. Educational systems play a crucial role in instilling the importance of honesty from a young age, shaping future generations to prioritize integrity.

Honesty is a timeless virtue, central to the fabric of ethical human interaction. Its significance transcends personal benefit, extending to the creation of trustworthy relationships and just societies. In embracing honesty, individuals not only cultivate personal integrity but also contribute to a world where truth and transparency are cherished. As we reflect on the essence of honesty, let us strive to embody this virtue in every aspect of our lives, recognizing its power to transform not only ourselves but the world around us.

essay on honesty and integrity

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Essay on Integrity

Students are often asked to write an essay on Integrity in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on Integrity

Understanding integrity.

Integrity means being honest and having strong moral principles. It’s about doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

The Importance of Integrity

Integrity is important because it builds trust. When we show integrity, people know they can rely on us. It helps us grow as better individuals.

Integrity in Daily Life

We can show integrity by being honest, keeping promises, and standing up for what’s right. It might be tough, but it’s always worth it.

Integrity shapes our character. It’s a value that makes us trustworthy and respected. Let’s strive to live with integrity every day.

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250 Words Essay on Integrity

Defining integrity.

Integrity is a profound concept that transcends the simplicity of moral righteousness. It is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, but also encompasses consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, and principles. It is the inner compass that guides us when we are torn between right and wrong.

The Essence of Integrity

At its core, integrity is about wholeness and completeness. It is about aligning our actions with our beliefs and values, even when no one is watching. It is not a trait that can be turned on and off at will; rather, it is a constant state of being that permeates every aspect of our lives.

Integrity in Action

Integrity manifests itself in various ways in our daily lives. It is seen when a student refuses to cheat on an exam, when an employee declines a bribe, or when a friend keeps a secret. These actions may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but they are the building blocks of a society founded on trust and mutual respect.

The Impact of Integrity

Integrity has far-reaching implications on both an individual and societal level. For individuals, it cultivates self-respect and earns the respect of others. On a societal level, integrity fosters trust and cooperation, which are essential for the functioning of any community.

In conclusion, integrity is a pivotal attribute that each individual should strive to uphold. It is more than just a moral virtue; it is a way of life that can lead to personal fulfillment and societal harmony.

500 Words Essay on Integrity


Integrity is a fundamental value that we should all strive to uphold. It is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Beyond this, integrity also refers to the consistency of actions, values, methods, and principles. It is a concept that extends beyond simple honesty to encompass a broader range of ethical and moral standards.

At its core, integrity is about wholeness and consistency. It is about aligning your actions with your values, regardless of who is watching or what the potential rewards or punishments might be. This consistency between beliefs and behavior is what sets people of integrity apart. They are not swayed by changing circumstances, nor do they compromise their principles for temporary gain.

Integrity is also about accountability and transparency. It means acknowledging mistakes, taking responsibility for actions, and making amends when necessary. It is about being open and honest, even when it is uncomfortable or inconvenient.

Integrity in Personal Life

In personal life, integrity plays a crucial role in shaping one’s character and reputation. It builds trust and respect in relationships, whether they be familial, romantic, or platonic. When you consistently demonstrate honesty and uphold your moral principles, you show others that you are reliable and trustworthy. This can strengthen bonds and deepen connections.

Integrity also fosters self-esteem and personal growth. When you live in alignment with your values, you experience a sense of fulfillment and peace. You are not plagued by guilt or regret, as you know that you have acted in accordance with your moral compass.

Integrity in Professional Life

In professional life, integrity is equally important. It fosters a positive work environment, promotes ethical behavior, and enhances organizational reputation. Employees who demonstrate integrity contribute to a culture of trust and collaboration. They are more likely to be productive, engaged, and committed to their work.

Moreover, organizations that prioritize integrity are likely to be more successful in the long run. They attract loyal customers, dedicated employees, and positive attention. They also tend to be more resilient in the face of challenges, as they are guided by ethical principles rather than short-term profits.

In conclusion, integrity is a pivotal value that underpins personal and professional success. It is not just about honesty, but also about consistency, accountability, and transparency. Upholding integrity demands courage and conviction, as it often involves standing up for what is right, even when it is difficult. However, the rewards are immeasurable. A life lived with integrity is a life of authenticity, fulfillment, and respect. It is a testament to the power of moral principles in shaping our actions and our world.

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The Importance Of Honesty And Integrity: Beliefs In Morals

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125 Honesty Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

Whether you’re writing about academic dishonesty or trust in friendship, you need a topic about honesty. We have some for you – our experts have gathered ideas so that you see honesty essay examples & titles here.

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  • Honesty in the Workplace The illustration he used was that of a poker game, the players are the businessmen and they have the right and the duty to win at all cost as long as they play well within […]
  • As for Me and My House: Honesty and Reliability of the Narrator about the Relations with the Others In the story, the main character is deprived of the opportunity to enjoy her emotions and the feelings of her husband to herself.Mrs.
  • Maintaining Academic Honesty It is considered a severe academic offence; consequently, the students should be aware of the chastisement that is commensurate to such academic vices.
  • Medical Ethics: Arguments for Medical Dishonesty Therefore, without the protection of ethics, the medical care organization will be an analogy of a financial jungle, within which the fast and the superior will enjoy enormous financial gain over the sick and the […]
  • Academic Honesty Essay Indeed, with growth in technology like smart phones and emergence of the use of internet in research work has caused administrators in universities and colleges to extend the definition of academic honesty or dishonesty.
  • A Punitive Environment Fosters Children’s Dishonesty: A Natural Experiment For that matter, Kassin, Meissner and Norwick concurs with the study since a punitive environment which fosters children’s dishonesty is part of the nature and nurture factors that a child is raised in.the dishonest behavior […]
  • Dishonesty in Business This paper will analyze the policy of honesty in the work place and in business using the case of Vic who has developed a character of dishonesty in what he does.
  • Analysis of trends of Academic Dishonesty He concluded that academic dishonesty is on the rise and students perceived that most institutions and faculties had failed to institute a strong culture of integrity.
  • Academic Honesty and Plagiarism While rather efficient and working in most cases, the approach in question, though, is not to be considered the silver bullet of detecting plagiarism in an academic setting either, for the individual psychological qualities of […]
  • Academic Honesty Importance I chose honesty due to the importance of this virtue in our daily lives, both in and out of school. What is the importance of honesty in our daily lives?
  • Academic Honesty and Electronic Screening The first example is when a learner utilizes the work of another person, or changes a few words and keeps the same structure and the same importance without acknowledging the author.
  • The Importance of Academic Honesty The efforts made by both the institution and the students to promote academic honesty mostly results in the creation of a good environment for the students’ learning and this environment play a crucial role in […]
  • How Do Journalists Stay Honest and Not Lose Confidence? With regards to the case concerning Caitlin and Bird Textiles, the public is likely to adopt a consequentialist perspective; on the other hand, even if this situation is viewed from the deontological perspective, the truth […]
  • Niccolo Machiavelli’s Views on Compassion, Honesty and Liberality The examples of the flexibility given will demonstrate the inappropriateness nature of the examples in the role of being an effective ruler.
  • The Fears That People Face: The Importance of Being Honest With Yourself Since the feeling of belonging to certain social groups and the need to correspond to this group has been one of the most important ones among people since times immemorial, the plausible problems and the […]
  • Money and Honesty in a Dollhouse by Henrik Ibsen The events reflect the economic and social constraints of society and the role of money in the life of the characters.
  • Ethical Dilemma and Ethics and Honest Reporting And adhering to the principle of rights, professions have an ethical duty to evaluate the consequences of a particular decision they make in relation to the rights of other people.
  • The Consistency of Beliefs, Honesty With Others, Professional Integrity At the personality level, integrity is the opposite of hypocrisy and refers to the wholeness and consistent benevolent application of one’s beliefs.
  • Reporting Mistakes in Nursing: Honesty vs. Withholding Information The principles expressed in the Code of Ethics are supported by the nurses’ Code of Conduct, which reasserts the central place of a patient in the healthcare system.
  • Benefit and Honesty in Human Relationships Summing up, I would like to tell my readers that you should be more careful in building relationships with people because it is not a fact that you will always be there.
  • The Film “(Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies” Decision fatigue: The more choices you have to make, the more tired you will feel and the more difficult it will become.
  • Finding Strong Communications Skills, And Acting With Honesty
  • The Effects of Moral Honesty in Contemporary Architectural Practice
  • Honesty, Integrity, and Consequences in the Scarlett Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • Honesty in Elmer Gantry by Sinclair Lewis
  • Challenging the Honesty and Deceit of Some Characters in Shakespeare’s Hamlet
  • Honesty As A Providing Theme In The Importance of Being Earnest
  • Honesty In Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner
  • The Dichotomy of Honesty in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest
  • Absalom and Achitophel’ by John Dryden and Honesty
  • Honesty on the Streets – A Natural Field Experiment on Newspaper Purchasing
  • Honesty, Diligence and Skill: Risk Sharing and Specialization in the Kiryu Silk Weaving Cluster, Japan
  • The Truth and Honesty in the Book From the Shahs to Los Angeles by Saba Soomekh
  • Market Thickness, Prices and Honesty: A Quality Demand Trap
  • Honesty: European Union and Preferential Trade
  • Importance of Maintaining Academic Honesty
  • Does Honesty Result from Moral Will or Moral Grace? Why Moral Identity Matters
  • Honesty in Pride and Prejudice and a Doll’s House
  • Honesty in a Signaling Model of Tax Evasion
  • On the Use of Honesty Priming Tasks to Mitigate Hypothetical Bias in Choice Experiments
  • Honesty, Ethics And Professionality Of The Criminal Justice
  • Elizabeth Proctor: Love versus Honesty
  • Differing Moral Principal on Honesty in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
  • The Importance of Teaching Honesty to American Youth
  • Honesty and Rejection of Concession Depicted in Robert Bolt’s Play, A Man for All Seasons
  • Honesty and Integrity in Academic Economics
  • An Analysis of Honesty in Duddy Kravitz by Mordecai Richler
  • Honesty and Intermediation: Corporate Cheating, Auditor Involvement and the Implications for Development
  • Honesty and Justice in the Criminal Justice System
  • Integrity and Honesty in People in the United States
  • The Main Qualifications for an Employer, Integrity, Honesty, Ability to Interact With Others and Language Skills
  • Announcement, Observation And Honesty In The Voluntary Contributions Game
  • The Components Of Trust Is Love, Honesty, And Dependability
  • The Principles of Honesty in The Crucible, a Novel by Arthur Miller
  • Loyalty, Honesty and Trust in The Conscience of the Court
  • Honesty and Dishonesty in the Great Gatsby
  • Honesty: An Observation Of Human Behavior
  • An Analysis of Iago and Honesty in Othello by William Shakespeare
  • The Integrity And Honesty Of The Bagrut Exams In Israel
  • Honesty as the Best Policy in Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richards Almanack
  • Honesty and Evil That Distinguishes between Shakespeare’s Book Othello and Poe’s Book The Cask of Amontillado
  • The Theme of Honesty in The Importance of Being Earnest, a Play by Oscar Wilde
  • Honesty and Manipulation of Iago in Othello by William Shakespeare
  • Honesty in the Story of my Punishment at the Principal’s Office
  • Benjamin Franklin: A Life of Modesty, Honesty and Diligence
  • The Nobility and Honesty of the Protagonist in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, a Middle English Chivalric Romance
  • Interpersonal Relationship and Honesty
  • Maintaining True Friendship Through Love, Respect, and Honesty
  • Leadership Skills, Honesty, And The Development Of Resilience
  • Time and Tide To Make Your Children Capable Of Honesty Is The Beginning Of Education
  • Honesty Versus Justice and Due Process Versus Crime Control
  • The Lack of Promotion of Truth and Honesty in the Mass Media
  • The Role of Honesty in the Church of Jesus Christ
  • The Effect of Behavioral Codes and Gender on Honesty
  • Honesty: Lie and Friendship Relationship
  • Reputation: the Crucible and Honesty Perfect Condition
  • Plagiarism : School Academic Honesty And Integrity Policy
  • Honesty, Integrity and Trust in Leadership
  • Researching the Realm of Honesty in a Charitable Society
  • Honesty and Trust in Old and New Democracies: Challenges and Disappointments
  • The Importance of Honesty in Offering Details About Business Forecast in Relation to Google
  • The Effect of Cognitive Moral Development on Honesty in Managerial Reporting
  • Honesty and Trust in the Light of the Post-Socialist Transition
  • The Significance of Honesty, Reverence and Sympathy in the Success of Marriage
  • Honesty And Fairness In Commercial Marketing Practice
  • The Importance of Honesty in the Business World
  • Fairy Tales and Honesty in Shakespeare’s King Lear
  • Fraud Deterrence Institutions Reduce Intrinsic Honesty
  • The Concept of Truth and the Principles of Accuracy and Honesty on the American Television
  • Gender Differences in Honesty: Groups Versus Individuals
  • Honesty And Knowledge : The Philosophy Of Saint Augustine
  • Critique of The Inefficiency of Honesty by Stephen L. Carter
  • Supply and Demand and Academic Honesty Policy
  • The Two Types of Sworn Statements of Honesty in Modern Society
  • Honesty in a Model of Strategic Information Transmission
  • What Is an Operational Definition of Honesty?
  • What Is Academic Honesty and Its Impact on the Learning Process?
  • How Important Is Honesty in Professional Activities?
  • What Is the Price of Honesty in Today’s World?
  • How to Balance Politeness and Honesty?
  • What Philosophical Views Exist on the Nature of Honesty?
  • What Are the Differences Between Honesty and Decency?
  • Why Is Honesty Important in a Business?
  • How to Pass an Honesty Test for Employment?
  • What Are the Honesty Issues With Charitable Donations?
  • What Is the Importance of Maintaining Intellectual Honesty in School?
  • What Do Honesty, Integrity, and Trust Mean in Leadership?
  • How to Build Trust and Honesty in a Relationship?
  • Does Honesty Result From Moral Will or Moral Grace?
  • What Ethical Concepts Represent Justice and Honesty?
  • Is Honesty an Innate Human Trait or Acquired?
  • What Does the Bible Say About Honesty and Truth?
  • How Does Honesty Affect Society?
  • What Are the Causes and Effects of Honesty?
  • How Do Honesty and Ethics Affect the Professionalism of Criminal Justice?
  • Is Honesty Always the Best Policy With Friends?
  • What Is the Advantage and Disadvantage of Being Honest?
  • How Do People Usually Understand the Word Honesty?
  • How Important Is the Trait of Honesty to Law Enforcement Officers?
  • What Is the Value of Honesty in Nursing?
  • Is Patience, Honesty and Compassion the Key to Creating a Better World to Live In?
  • Does the Pricing in the Product Line Depend on the Honesty of the Seller?
  • What Aspects Make Honesty a Value?
  • What Are the Psychological Mechanisms of Honesty in Real Financial Decisions?
  • How Does Honesty Affect Interpersonal Relationships?
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

IvyPanda. (2023, October 26). 125 Honesty Essay Topic Ideas & Examples.

"125 Honesty Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." IvyPanda , 26 Oct. 2023,

IvyPanda . (2023) '125 Honesty Essay Topic Ideas & Examples'. 26 October.

IvyPanda . 2023. "125 Honesty Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." October 26, 2023.

1. IvyPanda . "125 Honesty Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." October 26, 2023.


IvyPanda . "125 Honesty Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." October 26, 2023.

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essay on honesty and integrity

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Writing Essays About Honesty

Essay paper writing

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essay on honesty and integrity

The objectives of any educational system are not only to provide young people with knowledge and skills in a specific field but also shape the moral image of new generations. Writing academic papers on socially important topics is often included in the school or college curriculum as it helps to attract students’ attention to important issues and form a positive worldview. For example, essays about honesty is a quite popular assignment nowadays. If you received such a task, this article would help you to cope with it perfectly.

Honesty Essay Writing Guide 1

Basic definitions for an “importance of honesty” essay

One may explain in a “what is honesty?” essay that this concept is connected with truthfulness and sincerity. It means some exemplary order of being and human relations, which must be strictly followed to create harmony between people. From this perspective, the notion of the word ‘honesty’ coincides with the concept of ‘justice.’

You can also tell in your honesty definition essay that honesty means the openness between people: they are sincere with each other, do not lie, betray, or resort to hypocrisy. In interpersonal communication and relations between groups, it is manifested in trust, attention, and responsiveness and involves mutual assistance, support, as well as the desire and ability to understand the other person. Honesty and integrity exclude any exploitation or selfish and prudent use of the other person as a tool for achieving individual goals.

It is believed that honesty is the basis of every virtue. Indeed, only an honest and truthful attitude towards other people is moral because it involves the recognition of their dignity. No one wants to be deceived and should not act in this way with others.

However, there is another aspect of the notion of honesty, which may be considered in an essay about honesty and lying. Do we always have to tell the truth? This is a moral issue that can be formulated as follows: in what cases should we tell the truth and when it is better to remain silent or tell a white lie?

Honesty Essay Writing Guide 2

For example, philosophers of the East believed that the unpleasant facts always should be told in a polite form. Emphasize in a “should we always tell the truth?” essay that otherwise the honesty turns into a dangerous tool.

Of course, honesty is quite a broad concept, so you may find various examples for your essay. For instance, it’s also worth mentioning about the consistent and persistent fulfillment of promises in an honesty and integrity essay. Growing children should honor their elderly parents. Parents should always keep the promises they made. The person who runs a business should be honest with his or her partners. In this sense, honesty may be understood as conscientiousness or reliability.

Finally, it is not difficult to find an example of a definition essay on honesty where this word is used as a synonym for ‘justice.’ The phrase ‘They honestly shared what they earned together’ means ‘shared fairly.’ In the framework of honest behavior, everyone who participates in a joint undertaking will get the reward or punishment that they deserve.

Honesty Essay Writing Guide 3

Material for “what prevents honesty?” essay: examples of stumbling blocks

All the above definitions of honesty show that a person of honor has dignity and self-respect. Such people will never resort to immoral, vile, or treacherous behavior. At the same time, people often lie to themselves and others, concealing the truth and distorting real facts. You can consider this situation as a central problem of an essay about the meaning of honesty and explain it by several factors.

In many respects, internal qualities (such as arrogance, self-conceit, and easily vulnerable ambition) are the first and most crucial stumbling blocks that prevent a person from looking at themselves honestly. The problem is that these traits do not allow people to admit their own incompetence, ignorance, and imperfection. Therefore, they do not have an opportunity to improve their lives.

Secondary benefits

It’s also worth including in an outline for an essay on honesty and integrity so-called secondary benefits and obstacles that impede them. The term “secondary benefits” has been introduced by psychiatrist Sigmund Freud and is widely used in psychology. It means the existence and manifestation of deliberately suppressed interests and significant needs that are achieved in the process of satisfying other intentions. For example, when buying a car, the person’s positive benefits are the speed of movement, convenience, and reliability. At the same time, the need to emphasize one’s social status can be a secondary benefit.

When the secondary benefit contradicts positive intentions consistent with the values and moral norms of a person, it may be forced out of one’s consciousness. Owing to unconscious secondary benefits, a person may misunderstand the essence of events and the motives of his or her behavior. Stress in a persuasive essay on why lying is bad that this is a severe stumbling block for change. 

For example, the secondary benefits of illness (long absence of recovery) often include care and attention of relatives or material rewards (insurance). Unwillingness to give up secondary benefits can significantly hamper and slow down the recovery process.

Denial of responsibility

Self-deception can also occur due to the unwillingness of a person to take responsibility for their actions and decisions (or their absence). The author of the book Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life Marshall Rosenberg considered the rejection of responsibility as one of the types of life-alienating communication.

The author described a Nurnberg trial with war criminals. The subordinates of Nazi Germany leadership denied responsibility for their actions using a specific official language (bureaucratic speech). For example, when officers were asked why they committed certain crimes, they answered: ‘I had to do it.’ If the question ‘Why?’ followed, the answer sounded like ‘order from the authorities,’ ‘such is the policy of the organization’ or ‘such is the law.’

Honesty Essay Writing Guide 4

Advantages of honesty

There are many reasons to choose the path of honesty. List the most important of them in a “why is it important to be honest?” essay:

  • There is always a necessity to speak out. It’s great to share feelings and emotions with someone else. Moreover, it is quite harmful to hold your emotions and feelings back. In the end, it turns out that you remain alone, no matter how many people are around. In such a case, it’s hard to be really happy.
  • Many people are familiar with the consequences of isolation: negativity, alienation, and affliction. We all need someone to rely on to avoid those feelings. But how could your friend know what’s happening in your heart if you do not answer his or her questions honestly?
  • Also, it’s worth emphasizing in an honesty research paper that you can restore order in your own soul and mind. Owing to honesty, you will find out what you really think about other individuals, the world around, and life as a whole. Being honest would help you to eliminate many useless contacts and allow you to get closer to like-minded people. Be honest with yourself, and it will be easier to find them. Mention this argument in your “honesty is the best policy” essay.
  • Honesty allows us to conquer fear, to recognize our weaknesses, limitations, and constraints precisely as they are. Moreover, by speaking out, it’s possible to go through them and free yourself.

What else to talk about in a being honest essay? Let’s consider some more interesting ideas:

  • It is also important to stress in an essay about truthfulness that being an honest person is a choice. Sometimes it takes a long time to get used to a new model of behavior. Of course, some people eventually prefer completely another life path.
  • It may be quite problematic to reveal something that was hidden for a long time. However, emphasize in a “the value of honesty” essay that honesty is a path to freedom from shyness, and fear. The faster you pass it, the quicker you can enjoy all the colors of life.

Information for a “why is honesty important in a friendship?” essay

Sometimes we have to tell the truth to our friends and relatives. Of course, this information sometimes may be unpleasant to hear. In your paper, you can describe how to present the truth in the mildest form because honesty is anyway better than lies.

“People should not be afraid of telling the truth” is the perfect example of a thesis statement for an essay on honesty. Explain to the readers that, on the contrary, such behavior can improve relationships with loved ones. After all, not everyone likes to be deceived. However, a bitter truth can also hurt. That is why sometimes people begin to lie in order not to offend each other, and such an attitude to distortion of reality becomes a habit.

The tips for people who want to build sincere relationships with the environment are listed below. You can use them as a call to action in an “honesty in friendship” essay.

Honesty Essay Writing Guide 5

If you cannot keep a lie inside, it's better to tell the truth

No matter how bitter the truth is, telling it is still better than carrying a burden of lies in own soul throughout life. Tell your friends what you wanted to say for a long time. Do not be afraid of the truth. Speak sincerely. People who love you will be able to forgive.

It’s reasonable to advise your readers in an essay about honesty not to be afraid that all friends will leave them. If a person really figures out and corrects his or her mistakes, new friends will come to their life.

If you deceive people, they will deceive you too

This is an important lesson that may be described in essays on honesty. Remember, there is nothing accidental, and nothing is done without the reason. If you have lied to someone, then in the future, you will be deceived too, since you give what you want to receive. If you mislead, insult, and humiliate people, be ready that in the future, you will be accountable for your actions because what goes around always comes back around. These patterns need to be understood to live more consciously and not to make mistakes hoping that everything will turn out fine.

Arguments for an academic honesty essay

It’s not difficult to find a good sample essay on honesty because this topic is quite popular. You may even download one from some websites, but in this case, you won’t have an opportunity for your own independent and conscientious study. You may wonder why it is so important to do all the assignments on your own. Let’s consider some arguments.

First of all, each of us can have our own understanding and perception of success. Whether it is money, fame, power, or universal recognition, each person has one general goal – to be successful in life. Only on our road to success, we can understand why good and diligent education, strong background, broad outlook, and comprehensive knowledge are so important. Mention this argument in your essay on academic honesty.

Secondly, our life is a journey with a huge number of options for movement, as well as a great variety of obstacles, problems, and disappointments that a person can encounter. And at the same time, it grants great joy and happiness. None of us knows what waits around the corner and how quickly our way will lead to the finish. In order to be confident in what direction you are moving, you need to have specific skills and knowledge. One more fact for your honesty essay for students: everything you learn will come in handy in time.

Finally, each time you feel down and sick of all the assignments and essays, ask yourself why should you deprive yourself of a flashlight, map, and compass on your way to success? So you may state in “my academic honesty in college” essay that knowledge will always illuminate your life path.

Honesty Essay Writing Guide 6

Useful tips for essay writing about honesty

Having collected enough information on the chosen topic, you also need to figure out how to process it as well as how to format the text correctly. The essay genre has some standard rules that should be followed.

First of all, essay structure always remains unchanged, whether you’re going to write a short essay on honesty or long research consisting of several pages:

  • In the introduction, you should make a thesis statement, ask a question, or describe the problem. The first sentences should attract the attention of the reader, so pay enough attention to this section.
  • The main part is based on theses that support the main idea and arguments. You can use any number of theses, but experts recommend stopping at three statements.
  • In the conclusion of an honesty essay, you must summarize your thoughts, once again mention the problem described in the introduction, and provide its solution in a short and clear form.

It is also important to remember that the most crucial feature of any essay is the author’s unique style. Even if your academic paper has many quotes from literary sources or statistics, it does not mean that you can leave the reader alone with this data. Tell them what you think about the issue under consideration.

Moreover, it is not enough to provide definitions from dictionaries in a “what does integrity mean to you?” essay. Write about your own understanding of this concept and how you implement it every day. Believe us, the paper with life examples will be much more fascinating and even useful to read.

Do not lose heart if you can’t write a masterpiece at once. It is a good idea to work on drafts to develop your writing skills. First, formulate the main thesis, then compile the structure of the body (which include writing theses and arguments), write a conclusion, and then an introduction. This sequence may seem unusual to you, but it is better to write the introduction at the end when you have a clear vision of the issue. According to the same principle, you can select a good title for an essay about honesty.

Having done all this work, do not forget to check the text carefully. Eliminate grammar, lexical, punctuation, and other errors. Even though the essay is a free genre, illiteracy, poorly-constructed sentences, and negligence are unacceptable.

As you can see, this kind of work is not that complicated. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to be creative.

Besides, writing various essays is a perfect way to become a more confident person because you will learn to substantiate your point of view using convincing arguments. So, perceive essay writing as an instrument for developing a personality.

We hope that this information was useful, and now you will write a really high-quality essay on honesty. Good luck

essay on honesty and integrity

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The Importance of Being Honest

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Words: 637 |

Published: Sep 1, 2023

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essay on honesty and integrity

Honesty And Integrity Essay

essay on honesty and integrity

     When it turns out that your essay is on honesty and integrity, it may put you into more of a confusion. Those are the two qualities, which make people do it right as many times through life as possible. Honesty is a commitment to sincerity and facts. To be honest means to tell the truth, to do all one can on the way of being trustworthy, to live one`s life without cheating and to stay true to oneself and others. Integrity is performing something right. Be genuine and act faithfully and truly means to be honest and if you decide on following this rule, you should take into consideration.

     Integrity goes closely to the honesty. It is a state of union. Does being undivided means anything to you? If it is yes, write upon it in your honesty essay and tell the whole world through the essay about your attitude to the honesty and integrity, what role it plays in your life and how it may change other people`s lives. It is very important to develop in oneself features, which might be useful for you and people around you. If you need help on writing, our writers will be happy to help.

     Maybe you already are the proud owner of honesty and integrity in your nature. Then, it should not be much of a difficulty for you to write on these matters. To be honest does not mean to tell the truth only but much more. It is much deeper than one may think. Honesty is very important in the development of people`s conscience. Honesty is a path to many things such as knowledge, academic goal`s truth and understanding.

     Honesty and integrity will always matter. No matter what time we live in. No matter how hectic our life is. No matter how busy we are with our lives. There are simply things, which are eternal and integrity let alone honesty will always be one of those things. One grows in honesty and integrity. It is always better to live in united and honest family, to work with united and honest staff workers, to have united and honest people for daily communication among one`s circle of friends. It may sound easy but it is not as easy as it seems to be.

     You will never understand anything once you explore it. Literature is full of examples of honesty and dishonesty. One has loads to follow. It is great to have an example to follow and it may be used while writing an honesty essay. Think about it or ask for outside assistance. Our writing service will gladly assist.   

Integrity, honesty, and unity are eternal values for the life harmony. Truthfulness is a virtue, common for a real man. No matter whether he is at school or in the army. For the national society, this feature can be seen in integrating communal property and European marketing principles.

The topic of candidness is popular for TOEFL, Psychology and Theology essays. Order a sample of the paper on our site. Our company integrates great experience, practice and language skills. We take into account paragraphs structure, a logic of a statement, grammar rules. Our workplace has a system of integrated communications, so we’ll take an order from you immediately and implement it correctly. We provide samples both in PDF and Word format understanding the necessity of integration into your data system.

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essay on honesty and integrity

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Essay on Honesty is the Best Policy: Samples in 100, 150 and 200 Words

' src=

  • Updated on  
  • Oct 10, 2023

essay on honesty is the best policy

The phrase “Honesty is the best policy” is one we’ve all heard before. It’s crucial to understand that being truthful helps to cultivate a strong moral character, teaches good behaviour, instils discipline, encourages intelligent adherence to rules and regulations, and promotes punctuality. In this blog post, we’ll explore why honesty is so important in building and maintaining relationships in an essay form. 

This Blog Includes:

Essay on honesty is the best policy (100 words), essay on honesty is the best policy (150 words), essay on honesty is the best policy (200 words), related articles:.

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Honesty is the foundation of trust and integrity. It is the best policy because it builds strong relationships, fosters credibility, and maintains one’s morals. When individuals are truthful, others rely on their words and actions, creating bonds of trust essential in personal and professional life. Honesty also develops self-respect and a clear conscience, allowing individuals to navigate life with integrity. Whereas, deceit and lies remove trust and can lead to damaging consequences. In the long run, honesty is the foundation upon which ethical, successful, and fulfilling lives are built, making it undeniably the best policy.

“Being honest builds trust with others. This helps people to rely on their words and actions.”
“Honest communication helps in building healthier and more genuine relationships.”

Honesty is a fundamental virtue that guides individuals to live a principled life. It is often said that “honesty is the best policy,” and this saying holds true in various aspects of our lives.

Firstly, honesty fosters trust and builds strong relationships. When people are truthful and transparent, others feel confident in their words and actions. Trust forms the foundation of successful personal and professional relationships.

Moreover, honesty promotes personal integrity. It allows individuals to maintain a clear conscience and peace of mind, as they have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. This leads to a sense of self-respect and dignity.

Additionally, honesty contributes to a just and fair society. It ensures that people are held accountable for their actions and that deceitful behaviour is discouraged. In business and governance, honesty is essential for ethical decision-making and public trust.

In conclusion, honesty is indeed the best policy. It enriches our lives by fostering trust, preserving personal integrity, and promoting fairness in society. Embracing honesty as a core value leads to a more honourable and fulfilling life.

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“Honesty removes the stress of keeping secrets of maintaining lies.”
“Honestly helps in maintaining more personal integrity and reputation.”

Honesty is a timeless virtue that holds immense significance in our lives.

First and foremost, honesty fosters trust. It is often said that trust is the foundation of all healthy relationships, be it in personal friendships, family bonds, or professional collaborations. Without honesty, trust crumbles, leading to suspicion and conflict.

Furthermore, honesty promotes personal growth and self-respect. When we are truthful, we confront our mistakes and shortcomings. This self-awareness is crucial for personal development, as it allows us to learn from our errors and strive for improvement. Dishonesty, on the other hand, leads to a cycle of deceit and hinders personal growth.

In the world of business and economics, honesty is vital for a thriving society. Honest business practices lead to fair competition and consumer trust, which in turn contribute to a healthy economy. Companies that prioritize honesty tend to enjoy long-term success and customer loyalty.

In conclusion, honesty is not just a virtue; it is a guiding principle for a fulfilling and harmonious life. It strengthens relationships, fosters personal growth, and sustains thriving societies. Embracing honesty in our words and actions is a path to both individual and collective well-being. As the saying goes, “Honesty is indeed the best policy.”

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A1. Honesty helps in developing good qualities like kindness, discipline, truthfulness and moral integrity in people. 

A2. Being honest with yourself can make life easier, less complicated, and a lot more beautiful.

A3. Honesty means “fairness and straightforwardness of conduct.”

We hope this blog provides you with all the information on honesty as the best policy and its benefits. To discover more essay-writing articles, then keep reading at Leverage Edu! 

' src=

Malvika Chawla

Malvika is a content writer cum news freak who comes with a strong background in Journalism and has worked with renowned news websites such as News 9 and The Financial Express to name a few. When not writing, she can be found bringing life to the canvasses by painting on them.

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essay on honesty and integrity

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essay on honesty and integrity

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People With True Integrity Have These 17 Important Qualities

Posted: December 26, 2023 | Last updated: December 26, 2023

essay on honesty and integrity

2. Authenticity

smiliing woman meditating on grass

3. Gratitude

Taking responsibility is a hallmark of someone with integrity. When they make a mistake, they don’t pass the blame or make excuses. Instead, they own up to their actions, apologize if necessary, and take steps to make things right. They recognize that they’re human and that everyone slips up from time to time, but what sets them apart is their commitment to learning and growing from those missteps.

4. Accountability

Empathy and compassion are key traits in a partner. A husband material man genuinely cares about your feelings and well-being. He’s not just there physically but emotionally, showing empathy when you’re going through tough times and offering a compassionate ear when you need to talk.

6. Transparency

Being compassionate is about more than just feeling sorry for someone; it’s about understanding their pain and wanting to help alleviate it. People with integrity exhibit genuine kindness. They’re quick to lend a helping hand, not out of obligation, but out of a sincere desire to make someone’s day a bit better. They recognize the struggles others face and offer support without judgment.

7. Compassion

One of the most recognizable traits of a person with true integrity is consistency in their actions. They aren’t swayed by personal gain or convenience. Whether it’s how they treat others or how they approach their work, you know what to expect from them. Their steadfast nature provides stability and assurance in both personal and professional settings.

8. Consistency

Learning to love being alone is a process, and it can be a tough one for a lot of people, especially if you’re used to being around people 24/7. However, once you start to settle into your own company a bit more, you start feeling a lot more comfortable with yourself. All the “flawed” bits of yourself you previously tried to hide or pretend didn’t exist suddenly aren’t so bad, and you begin to embrace your truest self as-is. It’s incredibly freeing, and it ends up carrying over to the relationships you have with other people too.

9. Humility

A hallmark of integrity is fairness. People who are fair treat everyone equally, regardless of background, status, or personal bias. They judge situations and people based on facts and not preconceived notions. They believe in giving everyone an equal shot, an equal voice, and an equal opportunity. Fair-minded individuals don't play favorites or let their personal feelings cloud their judgment; they make decisions that are just and unbiased.

10. Fairness

If someone with integrity says they'll do something, they'll do it. <a href="">Reliability</a> is about sticking to one's word and commitments, even when it's not convenient. Others can depend on them because they're consistent in their actions and follow through on promises. They don’t back out last minute or leave people hanging. Their consistency establishes a strong foundation of trust with those around them.

11. Reliability

In a world of instant gratification, patience stands out as a virtue of those with true integrity. They understand that good things take time and that it’s important to give people and situations the time they deserve. They’re willing to wait for the right moment and resist the urge to rush. This patience applies to how they deal with others as well, offering space and time for people to express themselves, grow, and learn.

12. Patience

Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely, but there are times when you start to feel a bit isolated and in need of company. This is the amazing thing about spending time with yourself - it makes you appreciate the time you get to spend with the people you’re closest to. Because you’ve had the space to look after yourself and make sure you’re in a good place, you’re able to give more in your relationships and enjoy those bonds more. No doubt your friends and family will notice the change, too.

13. Open-mindedness

It’s not just about money or gifts; generosity is a broader gesture of the heart. People with integrity are generous with their time, advice, and kindness. They understand the importance of giving back and lending a hand where they can. Their acts of generosity are often selfless, driven by a genuine desire to make a positive difference and uplift others, rather than seeking recognition or something in return.

14. Generosity

Life isn't always smooth sailing, and those with integrity are often marked by their resilience. They face challenges head-on and bounce back from setbacks. Rather than getting disheartened by failures, they view them as learning opportunities. Their tenacity is not about stubbornness but about a deep-rooted belief in their values and a commitment to stand by them, even in the face of adversity.

15. Resilience

Ah, the born leader claim. They’re essentially saying they’ve always been at the top of the pack, the one in charge. It’s a way to assert dominance and superiority without directly saying, ‘I’m better than you.’ They want you to see them as a natural authority figure, but it often comes off as just being full of themselves. It’s less about actual leadership qualities and more about wanting to be seen as the alpha.Like what you've read? Follow <a href="">Bolde on MSN</a> for more!The post <a rel="nofollow" href="">14 Phrases Narcissistic People Use To Draw Attention To Themselves</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="">Bolde</a>.

16. Adaptability

Those with true integrity possess a keen sense of self-awareness. They spend time reflecting, understanding their emotions, triggers, strengths, and areas needing improvement. This introspective nature allows them to remain true to themselves, recognize when they might be veering off their path, and make necessary corrections. Their ability to self-reflect ensures that their actions align with their values, leading to authentic interactions and genuine relationships.Like what you’ve read? Follow <a href="">Bolde on MSN</a> for more!The post <a rel="nofollow" href="">People With True Integrity Have These 17 Important Qualities</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="">Bolde</a>.

17. Self-awareness

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            Honesty and integrity are defined as qualities that allow an individual to do the right thing as often and as much as possible, and when they have done they wrong thing admit to what they have done. Honesty is the adherence to the facts and sincerity. To perform honestly would be: to tell the truth, to be able to be trustworthy, to not cheat and to be true to yourself. Honesty is doing the right thing, integrity; following through and being able to be counted on, trustworthy; you will not take credit, money or rewards for things you didn't perform or do, fairness/ honor; meaning what u say, sincerity; and finally you will act and explain yourself as you truly are, genuine. When a person is dishonest they will act in a way that they know is wrong and, if asked to explain, will proceed to lie about what they have done. Being dishonest usually will catch up with the person. If dishonesty lets them get too far, it will go to their head and will take it to an extreme, making it much better to start out honestly.              Integrity goes hand in hand with honesty, seeing that each word uses the other in its definition. Integrity is the quality or state of being undivided. It is moral soundness, honesty, and freedom from corrupting influence or motive. It can be used especially with reference to the fulfillment of contracts, the discharge of agencies, or trusts. Integrity allows a person to be proud of what kind of morals they have, what kind of things they do and are proud and unafraid to tell the truth. If a person with integrity has done something wrong, than they probably did not purposely do it and are absolutely fine with admitting to it and taking responsibility for it. .              Honesty and integrity also have a meaning for me. I will do my best not to do the wrong thing but if I have chosen to do so, for me to be honest, I will tell the truth to my parents, teachers, friends and anyone I speak to or come in contact with.

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Honesty and integrity are the most vital virtues because leaders act as role models to their subordinates. ... Honesty and integrity are the most vital qualities of leadership in the business world. ... Leaders that show integrity and honesty are true to themselves and to their respective employees. ... Honesty forms the foundation of a leaders integrity at all times. ... There ought not to be any exceptions to integrity and honesty within a business. ...

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2. Integrity

Integrity Essay In my opinion I think that integrity is a strong part of my character. ... The values that I find most important in my life are honesty, and religion. ... In my opinion my greatest value would have to be honesty. ... With honesty as my most important value I am insured to reach success. ... Using this value and honesty I am guaranteed a success in my goal to achieve integrity. ...

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Integrity, by definition, means a code of expected moral, the quality or state of being complete or undivided, honesty, soundness, incorruptibility, or an unimpaired condition according to Webster's Dictionary. ... However, each individual has a responsibility to maintain honesty and expected moral. Honesty means more than simply telling the truth. ... Integrity is the driving force behind dedication and willingness. ... An integrity-minded person's decisions and conduct are defined by his or her commitment to integrity, not by the fear of being caught. ...

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Honesty and integrity are the very two pillars on which everything is balancing. Honesty and Integrity is important and shouldn't ever be muddied. ... All customers appreciate honesty. ... The feeling of integrity is priceless. ... Integrity is forever. ...

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Therefore, the colleges expect honesty from all of its students in every academic setting. ... Academic honesty is very important to attain our goals in the future; therefore, students around the world have a responsibility to maintain academic honesty. ... Instructors expect their students to conduct themselves with honor and integrity at all times. ... To do so requires more than simply avoiding any violations of academic honesty. Students must consider the significance of academic honesty, and then commit themselves to intellectual integrity in college and beyond in order to facilitate the...

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Honesty is defined in the dictionary as: 1: obsolete: CHASTITY 2 a: fairness and straightforwardness of conduct b: adherence to the facts: SINCERITY Synonyms: HONESTY, HONOR, INTEGRITY, PROBITY mean uprightness of character or action. HONESTY implies a refusal to lie, steal, or deceive in any way. ... INTEGRITY implies trustworthiness and incorruptibility to a degree that one is incapable of being false to a trust, responsibility, or pledge. PROBITY implies tried and proven honesty or integrity. Honesty can be applied to the same relationships. ...

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Integrity is defined as the adherence to moral and ethical principles, the soundness of moral character and honesty. ... This has a lot to do with a general lack of integrity. ... Infidelity is a prime example of lack of integrity. ... Integrity in dealing with other people is very common. ... Integrity is one thing but peace of mind tends to override integrity from time to time....

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The word integrity means honesty, incorruptibility, wholeness, and entirety. Many well determined students have integrity at my school and I am proud for them. My integrity allows me to be responsible for my schooling, be hardworking in all my endeavors, and be unprejudiced with my fellow classmates. ... The integrity that I have is not only one of my greatest strengths, but is also the key in which I live by. ... Ending this I will say, would you rather give the scholarship to a person with no integrity or someone with integrity and determination like myself?...

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A friend "for a lifetime" provides respect, integrity, loyalty, and honesty in a relationship. ... One cannot prove integrity unless one has respect, honesty, and loyalty towards others. ... Honesty is the best policy in a friendship. ... Honesty builds the trust in a friendship. ... Respect, integrity, loyalty, and honesty are the keys to a successful friendship. ...

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Mugwang'a: purging fake papers only way to safeguard public service integrity.

You don’t expect people who stole certificates not to steal your money.

  • Public service institutions are entrusted with the solemn duty of upholding the rule of law, delivering essential services, and fostering the public good.
  • When individuals with fake or forged credentials occupy pivotal roles within these institutions, it undermines public confidence. 

Public Service Commission chairperson Amb. Anthony Muchiri flanked by EACC CEO Twalib Mbarak, Director of Criminal Investigations Mohamed Amin, EACC chairperson Dr David Oginde during a briefing on the Status of Authentication of Academic and Professional Certificates in the Public Service on February 13, 2024.

Imagine taking your sick relative to a surgeon who’s only proven successful surgical procedure is slicing an already dead chicken into edible pieces?

That is the scary reality this week’s revelation that thousands of holders of our public offices, some very close to retirement, faked academic papers to get their jobs.

The Government, the only employer of public and civil servants, says it is certain it has 2,000 people it hired based on fake academic and professional papers. That means at least 2,000 fake medics, fake engineers, fake drivers, fake accountants, fake tax collectors have been and are serving Kenyans in specialist areas!

Public Service Commission chairman Ambassador Anthony Muchiri says the most affected ministries are Interior and Energy, the ministries responsible for the country’s internal security and electricity and fuel, respectively. And you wonder why we have a rogue police force and prices of power and fuel keep sky rocketing every day.

At the same level with Interior and Energy ministries, the head of the country’s staff hiring cites parastatals such as Kenyatta National Hospital and several public universities. It is not difficult to guess why we are losing so many lives at the country’s biggest hospital. What is ironic is how the institutions that give the certificates cannot detect fake ones, leave alone the assumption that they have the highest concentration of the best brains in the country.

What is worrying is the fact that Mr Muchiri says the number is just the tip of the icebag and we should expect more in the coming days.

What a country!

In the realm of public service, integrity stands as the cornerstone of trust and efficacy. It is the bedrock upon which the foundation of a nation's governance is laid.

However, the recent revelations by the Public Service Commission of all institutions, expose a disconcerting reality — individuals with counterfeit academic and professional certificates are infiltrating our esteemed institutions.

The revelation is but a glimpse into a pervasive issue that threatens the very fabric of our society.

As a nation, we cannot afford to tolerate such malpractices. The imperative to weed out these impostors from our public service ranks is not merely a matter of administrative rectitude, it is a fundamental necessity to safeguard the welfare and interests of our citizens.

The ramifications of having individuals with fraudulent credentials occupying positions of public trust are multifaceted and far-reaching. Firstly, the credibility of our institutions is severely compromised.

Public service institutions are entrusted with the solemn duty of upholding the rule of law, delivering essential services, and fostering the public good. When individuals with fake or forged credentials occupy pivotal roles within these institutions, it undermines public confidence and erodes the legitimacy of governmental actions.

Citizens rightfully expect transparency, accountability, and competence from their public servants. Any deviation from these principles tarnishes the reputation of the entire system.

Moreover, the presence of impostors within the public service poses a significant risk to public safety and welfare. Many professions within the public sector — such as healthcare, law enforcement, and engineering—require specialised knowledge and expertise.

Entrusting these responsibilities to individuals with counterfeit qualifications jeopardises the well-being of citizens. Whether it be a doctor administering medical treatment without proper training or an engineer overseeing critical infrastructure projects without the requisite skills, the consequences of such negligence can be catastrophic. We cannot afford to compromise the safety and security of our society for the sake of expediency or oversight.

Furthermore, the proliferation of fake credentials perpetuates inequality and undermines meritocracy. In a fair and just society, individuals should be rewarded based on their competence, diligence, and qualifications.

By allowing impostors to ascend the ranks of public service through deceit, we undermine the efforts of genuine professionals who have worked tirelessly to acquire legitimate credentials. This not only breeds resentment among qualified individuals but also perpetuates a culture of mediocrity and favouritism.

Meritocracy is the bedrock of social mobility and equal opportunity. Any erosion of this principle undermines the very essence of a democratic society.

Addressing this pervasive issue requires a multifaceted approach.

Firstly, robust verification mechanisms must be implemented to authenticate the credentials of all public servants. This includes stringent background checks, verification with issuing institutions, and periodic audits to ensure ongoing compliance.

Additionally, there must be severe penalties for individuals found guilty of submitting fraudulent credentials. This serves as both a deterrent to potential impostors and a reaffirmation of the seriousness with which we regard the integrity of our public service.

Moreover, there needs to be a concerted effort to promote a culture of transparency and accountability within our public institutions. Whistle-blower protections should be strengthened to encourage individuals to come forward with information regarding fraudulent activities.

Additionally, there must be greater public awareness and education regarding the risks associated with fake credentials and the importance of upholding integrity within the public service.

The revelation that so many individuals with fake or forged academic and professional certificates are infiltrating our public service is not merely a cause for concern, it is a call to action.

As a nation, we must stand firm in our resolve to weed out these impostors and uphold the principles of integrity, transparency, and meritocracy. Our citizens deserve nothing less than a public service that is dedicated to serving the common good with honesty and competence. It is only through collective vigilance and unwavering commitment that we can ensure the continued prosperity and well-being of our society.

The writer is a political commentator 

Over 2,000 public officers got jobs, promotions using fake papers - PSC

How academic frauds cheat their way to state jobs, academic fakes in kenya reach shocking levels, most popular, mugwang'a: fake papers purge will restore public integrity, iran's vibrant medical tourism a great lesson for kenya, omwenga: divided opposition will give ruto second term, obuchunju: world radio day: let’s preserve radio’s charm, benny hinn visit highlights first lady’s deep religiosity, latest videos, kindiki declares war on illicit brews akin to banditry, terrorism, i'm coming for you kindiki warns corrupt police officers, sign up for the free star email newsletter and receive the latest kenya news daily..


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