Essay on Cleanliness of Environment for Kids

Kids nowadays are growing up in a world where they are constantly exposed to germs. They go to school, play outside and come into contact with people and things that can cause infections. The best way to protect themselves from getting sick is by being clean. Here is an essay on how you can help your kids stay clean and healthy by teaching them the importance of keeping their environment clean. When we think about the environment, the first thing that comes to mind is the pollution humans create. In reality, the cleanliness of our surroundings is just as important as our environmental responsibility . Read BYJU’S essay on cleanliness of the environment to learn the significance of keeping the environment clean.

The health of people and other living beings depends on a healthy environment. Clean air and water are essential for human health, while plants need clean soil to grow healthy. Keeping our surroundings clean can help protect our health and the environment. There is a famous saying, “ Cleanliness is Godliness ”, and we must follow some basic hygiene steps to maintain the same. Encourage your kids to participate in environmental education programmes. These programmes teach kids about the importance of conserving resources and keeping our planet clean. In addition, we have briefly explained the top five ways to keep our environment clean in this short essay on cleanliness of the environment.

Cleanliness of Environment

Table of Contents

How to encourage good hygiene in kids, top 5 ways to keep the environment clean, importance of cleanliness.

Cleanliness is one of the most important things to maintain in our environment. It is not only good for the environment but also for all living beings. We need to encourage good hygiene in our kids if we want them to be responsible stewards of their surroundings. We have provided some ways to maintain the cleanliness of the environment here in BYJU’S essay on cleanliness of environment in English.

Set a good example yourself and keep your home clean. This will help your kids see that it is vital to take care of their environment. Help your kids learn about the importance of taking care of their bodies. Talk about how dirty our hands and feet can be, and show them how easy it is to clean them up.

There is no denying that maintaining a clean environment is something that we need to always keep in mind. It improves the overall look and feel of our surroundings, and it also helps protect the health of ourselves and the animals that reside in our ecosystem. This cleanliness of environment essay will discuss the top five ways to clean up our environment that positively impact both the quality of life and the environment itself.

  • There are many ways that you can help keep the environment clean. The first way to keep the environment clean is by maintaining a healthy ecosystem and reducing the usage of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Keeping the environment clean is essential for everyone. Children are the future of the world, and they need to learn how to care for the environment.
  • Using less energy can save a lot of money in the long run. For example, if we use electricity to power our lights instead of a light bulb, we can save a lot of money.
  • Recycling can also save money. If we recycle materials, such as paper, plastic, and metals, we will save a lot of money in the long run.
  • Finally, using public transportation is one of the best ways to conserve energy and protect the environment. Public transit uses less fuel than driving in cars. It also reduces traffic congestion and air pollution.

Pollution is a problem any time it enters the environment. Across the world, pollution comes from several sources, including automobiles and factories. Pollution also comes from natural sources, such as rain, sea salt, volcanoes etc. Here are two reasons why it is vital to keep our environment clean:

  • Good for our health : Pollution can cause respiratory problems, heart disease, and even cancer. By keeping our environment clean, we can reduce the risk of these illnesses. It protects our resources. Polluting our environment harms natural resources such as water and air. We can save environment and these resources for future generations by cleaning up our act.
  • It preserves our heritage : When improperly disposed waste ends up in rivers and oceans, it can harm fish populations and contaminate marine habitats. By keeping our environment clean, we can prevent pollution and preserve all the species in aquatic habitats as well as other living beings on Earth.

It is now commonly acknowledged that the health of our environment is linked to our own. We must take measures to clean up our act and preserve the natural resources we depend on. However, many people continue to put their convenience above all else, leading to an increasingly polluted world. We need to reduce the cause and make a difference. We can create a cleaner, healthier future for ourselves and for generations to come by doing so. For more kids learning activities, like essays , worksheets and stories , visit BYJU’S website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Essay on Cleanliness of Environment

What are some ways to clean the environment.

There are many ways to clean the environment. Some of the ways are recycling, composting and using green energy. Each of these methods has its pros and cons, so it is important to choose the one that best suits our needs.

What is the importance of a clean environment?

A clean environment is vital because it can help improve health and well-being because it reduces the exposure people have to harmful chemicals. It can also reduce the risk of accidents because it makes it easier to see and avoid obstacles. Finally, a clean environment is less likely to produce harmful emissions that can impact the environment and human health.

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essay writing on how to keep our environment clean

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8 Ways to Keep the Earth Clean

Litter on beach. Image credit: NOAA.

By: Amanda Laverty, Knauss fellow with NOAA’s Marine Debris Program

April 18, 2017 — Here at the NOAA Marine Debris Program, Earth Day is every day and we are always encouraging others to get involved and support efforts working toward a clean environment and healthy planet.

Our oceans are filled with items that do not belong there. Huge amounts of consumer plastics, metals, rubber, paper, textiles, derelict fishing gear, vessels, and other lost or discarded items enter the marine environment every day, making marine debris one of the most widespread pollution problems facing the world's ocean and waterways.The ultimate solution to the problem lies with every single one of us—preventing marine debris in the first place.

First, consider how you might personally contribute to marine debris and follow the “4Rs” whenever possible. Refuse unnecessary single-use items, like plastic straws or cutlery when possible. Reduce the amount of waste you produce by choosing products with less packaging. Reuse items when you can and choose reusable items over disposable ones. And, Recycle as much as possible — bottles, cell phones, ink cartridges, and many other items can be recycled.

Next, spread the word to others! Tell your family, friends, community, and more about this important issue and what they can do to help.

Here are a few easy and effective ways you can choose to reduce your daily impact and make a world of difference:

  • Bring a bag. Remember to bring reusable bags to the grocery store or for any other shopping activities to reduce consumption of disposable bags.
  • Invest in a reusable water bottle. Acquiring a reusable water bottle would not only greatly reduce the amount of single-use plastic you use, but it would also save you money in the long run! If you’re concerned about the quality of your tap water, consider using a water filter.
  • Bring your own reusable cup. Think about how many disposable cups are used every day in just your local coffee shop. Bringing a mug for your morning coffee can reduce the amount of waste you produce annually. Imagine how much waste we could reduce if we all made this simple daily change!
  • Refuse single-use items. Take note on how often you rely on single-use items and choose to replace them with more sustainable versions. Refusing plastic straws and disposable cutlery when you go out and bringing your own containers for leftovers are a few ways you can start today.
  • Avoid products with microbeads. Facial scrubs and beauty products containing plastic microbeads were banned in the United States in 2015, but won’t be fully phased out until 2019. Read the labels when purchasing products and opt for ones that contain natural scrubbing ingredients like salt or sugar.
  • Shop in bulk. Consider the product-to-packaging ratio when purchasing items and choose larger containers instead of multiple smaller ones. When you have the option, also consider purchasing package-free foods and household goods.
  • Make sure your waste goes to the right place. Do your best to ensure that the waste you dispose of ends up where it should. Recycle the materials that are recyclable in your area and make sure to reduce the likelihood of your garbage ending up in the environment by keeping a lid on your trash can when it’s outside.
  • Compost. Composting at home reduces the volume of garbage sent to landfills and reduces the chance of some products becoming marine debris.

These are just a few ways that we can incorporate taking care of our ocean and Great lakes into our everyday lives. By doing our part to work toward a sustainable and debris-free planet, we’ll also be providing others with inspiration and a good example to follow. As individuals we have the potential to make a big difference and together we can change the world.  

Learn more about NOAA’s Marine Debris Program and its mission to investigate and prevent the adverse impacts of marine debris.

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How I Would Clean the Earth Analytical Essay

Issues facing the world, involving the youth, how to clean the earth, recommendation, works cited.

The world is continually advancing in technology and other areas of life such as businesses, and e-commerce, among others. However, this does not reflect on its steps towards being eco-friendly.

Instead, the world is becoming polluted at an alarming rate, which in turn contributes to various health problems. In addition, the world is suffering from the effects of global warming, which is increasingly causing unpredictable weather. This has contributed to various devastating calamities such as global warming, famine, among others, on the world population.

This raises the need to save our world by trying to solve these challenges. Various organizations around the world have credited global warming with a series of devastating calamities throughout the world. For instance, The Pentagon believes that pollution and its effects in global warming, famine, among other calamities are the destabilizing force in the world as people seek for limited resources.

This is mainly because a polluted world leads to climatic changes, which are closely linked to economic stability as well as security of energy. This paper will try to explore ways of cleaning the earth to make it a better place for the present and future generations ( 1).

The world is faced with several issues that need immediate attention. These range from global warming, famine, earthquakes, inadequate drinking water, drought, overcrowding, and increased spread of diseases, among others. Most of these issues have been attributed to our way of living. In fact, some of these issues can be avoided if we could take care of our world.

In essence cleaning our world is an instrumental step towards saving it from harsh calamities such as tornadoes and spread of diseases. To do this, every party needs to be involved. This includes the society, to ensure that their aspirations of a green earth are met. Cleaning the world is a collective responsibility that should encompass every group of people.

This should include the youth, organizations, government institutions, universities, schools, corporate businesses, private sectors, among others. When this is done effectively, pollution of our environment would be greatly reduced, in the process helping in reducing transmission of waterborne diseases, natural calamities, and conflicts, among others.

For, this reason, it is important that cleaning of our world be done regularly to help save it for future generations. Moreover, for this to succeed, youths should be involved. This is mainly because they will suffer from the symptoms of emerging calamities named above. Furthermore, their children will also be affected, and they have the energy to make these changes (VanderMey 58).

Youths are usually instrumental in almost every activity of the society. This is mainly because they posses the energy and numbers required to perform this cause. Educating the youth on how to ensure cleanliness of their environs is critical to survival of future generations. The bible states clearly that cleanliness is next to godliness. This phrase has had a great impact in our society as people try to explore its significance.

In essence, even as we move forward in technologies, social development as well as in our steps with Christ. It is our responsibility to care for the environment. The youth, especially, have a mandate to ensure our world is clean. In this regard, it is important not only to clean the earth during the earth-cleaning day, but also to be aware of our environment and keep it safe.

Another reason why we need to save our environment and clean our world is to protect the lives of endangered species. The changing climates are posing great danger to animals and plants as famine and drought ravage them respectively ( 1).

For all the advances that have been made, the worlds still suffers greatly from pollution and careless disposal of wastes that now threaten our very survival. Some of these problems are avoidable, if care can be taken to ensure safe disposal of wastes as well as regular cleaning of our environment.

This will mitigate spread of diseases, effects of global warming, drought and instead improve lives of inhabitants of the earth. There are many ways through which, individuals and organizations can clean up the world. These include buying recyclable products, preparing vegetarian meals fewer times a week.

Others include wise disposal of wastes, cleaning our compounds, among others. This paper will focus mainly on those that affect our youths and that require changes. These include, cleaning our compounds, disposing both recyclable and unrecyclable wastes wisely and safely.

Buying recycled products to help clean our world. Ensuring that we completely use up our clothes before buying new ones and other related materials. In addition, youths need to participate in eco-friendly projects such as tree planting programs, sensitization of the society on importance of conserving our environment as well as cleaning it (VanderMey 58).

These programs are very important in helping to cleanup the world. Moreover, youths should take a significant step to educate the world on health risks and calamities associated with a dirty world.

They should also ensure that they take the initiative to clean streets and other environs during earth clean up day, which usually takes place every third weekend of September. In addition, they should also be proactive to initiating other projects aimed at cleaning the world wherever they are regularly.

This is a call to all the youths in the world, because the repercussions of our mistakes will affect all living things on earth. Every group of individuals has a responsibility of saving our world from pollution. In fact, every organization as well as businesses should adopt eco-friendly methods of production, and waste disposal.

For instance, use of recyclable papers to print in offices and other departments should be adopted to save our trees. In all these, the youth, who form the majority of populations in the world, need to be actively involved in cleaning our world. If this is achieved, then most of the world’s goals will be achieved (VanderMey 58).

Most people keep blaming our governments for global warming due to release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. However, even though this is true and should be condemned, our people also need to save their environs from destruction. Cleaning the world is for everyone and should therefore a collective responsibility.

As much as this may be difficult, everyone should do something to clean the world. This starts from simple disposal of wastes to e-commerce, paperless banking, buying of recycled products and reducing carbon emissions, among others. Polluted environment poses hazardous risks to life on earth.

In fact, some calamities have been attributed to a polluted world. These include global warming, drought, famine, economic instability, conflicts among other problems. Countries should therefore ensure that such problems are mitigated on, to promote a better world for the present and future generations ( 1).

The modern world is currently faced with various environmental issues that need immediate attention. These range from global warming, famine, earthquakes, inadequate drinking water, drought, and overcrowding, increased spread of diseases, among others. Most of these issues have been attributed to our way of living.

In fact, some of these issues can be avoided if we could take care of our world. This cannot be achieved fully, if everyone looks on governments to reduce fuel emissions. In fact, as much as the governments work towards reducing environmental pollution, steps should be taken by the society to clean their environment.

As has been stated above, this should be done through, among others, actively involving the youth in cleaning our world, buying of recycled and recyclable products such as printing papers, and computers. Other methods include using electronic mails, to save our trees, paperless banking, participating in regular tree planting programs, among others (Parashar 1).

More Youths should be actively involved in cleaning the world since they form the majority of the earth’s population and are strong agents of change. Institutions should also adopt paperless banking as well as e-messages and learning to save our trees. In addition, more people should participate in world earth day to clean the world. It should also be noted that even without waiting for earth cleaning day, people should ensure that their environs are clean (Mika Community Development 1). “Put Your Group on the 2011 Global Environmental Map!” Cleanuptheworld. 2011. Web.

Mika Community Development. “Youth Development”. mikacdc. 2011. Web.

Parashar, Utpal. “Nepal: Cleaning the world’s highest garbage dump”. Hindustan Times . 2011. Web.

VanderMey, Randall, et al., eds. “The College Writer: A Guide to Thinking, Writing, and Researching. 2nd ed”. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2006.

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IvyPanda. (2024, March 28). How I Would Clean the Earth.

"How I Would Clean the Earth." IvyPanda , 28 Mar. 2024,

IvyPanda . (2024) 'How I Would Clean the Earth'. 28 March.

IvyPanda . 2024. "How I Would Clean the Earth." March 28, 2024.

1. IvyPanda . "How I Would Clean the Earth." March 28, 2024.


IvyPanda . "How I Would Clean the Earth." March 28, 2024.

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  • The Effects of the US Army Corp Engineers Lock and Dam System on Recreation
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How To Make Our Surroundings Clean And Green (Essay Sample)

How to make our surroundings clean and green.

Everyone loves to stay in a clean and green environment, we always dream of a clean and pollution free environment. Very few people make an effort to take any action to maintain a clean environment. Even though civic agencies are charged with the responsibility to ensure that the environment is clean, it is also important to support them to maintain a clean and a green environment. It is our responsibility to keep our surroundings neat because this will help us live healthily.

There are many we can do to keep our surroundings clean since every household generates wastes, we should avoid throwing the waste everywhere. Garbage pollutes our environment, especially the plastic bags. We need to be eco-friendly by using bags that can be recycled like paper or jute bags instead of plastic bags.  We can only maintain a green environment by planting trees and plants to make our environment beautiful. Plants can help in cleaning the air, having them in the house will reduce indoor pollution by more than half. Since we live in the society and we are part of the environment, we have the moral responsibility to contribute to a clean environment.

To make our environment clean and green, we need to take action and be the change that we want to see in others; everyone keeps on complaining about how other people are polluting the environment without taking any corrective measure.  Most of the time we also pollute the environment by engaging in several activities like littering.  As change agents, we need to set a good example by using dustbins and burning waste to keep our environment clean.

Reuse products whenever you can, manufacturers use a lot of materials when packaging hence we end up with many waste products, instead of throwing some of the items used for packaging we can try reusing them.  For instance, boxes used for packaging can be used for storage. If only we can be creative, you will be surprised to know many ways of reusing items that you thought were trash. To maintain a clean environment, it is important to buy items made of non-toxic and recycled materials to help conserve valuable resources. Instead of buying disposable plates, cups invest good quality items that can be washed and be reused.

One of the simplest ways of maintaining a good environment is to take care of our trees because tree helps in purifying the air and controlling air pollution. Having allotted of trees within our neighborhood will enable us to stay healthy. Proper use of water is equally important since water is the most important resources proper use and storage of water will help have enough to use. Excess or deficit of water is harmful, water logging around the houses  can result to disease because mosquitoes will breed causing malaria and other deadly diseases. There are several ways we can get involved to save the environment.

Many charity events in our community are devoted toward saving the environment. You can choose to participate in these events at the local level to make a difference in the society. You will feel great by helping in a worthwhile course and set a good example for others. We do not need allot of resources to save the environment, sometimes the best thing to do is to make small changes in our everyday activities. The small things will add up to make a significant difference in our environment. You need to review everything you do and see what you can do differently to maintain a clean and green environment.

essay writing on how to keep our environment clean

Home — Essay Samples — Environment — Waste Management — Plastic Waste: How to Keep the Environment Clean


Plastic Waste: How to Keep The Environment Clean

  • Categories: Environmental Issues Plastic Bags Waste Management

About this sample


Words: 1858 |

10 min read

Published: Jun 12, 2023

Words: 1858 | Pages: 4 | 10 min read

Table of contents

Recycling plastic should be a normal activity, the use of reusable food and liquid containers , final thoughts.

  • Carbonated Soft Drinks. They may include 7-up, Sprite, Sunkist, etc.
  • Beer and Malt Beverages. Examples include Corona, Bud Light, Heineken, Smirnoff Ice, etc.
  • Water and Mineral Water. Examples may include Evian Natural Spring Water, Dasani Purified Water, Crystal Geyser, etc.
  • Sports Drinks. The Drinks may include Body Armor, Vitamin Water, Gatorade, Powerade, etc.
  • Noncarbonated Drinks. These drinks may include Snapple, Tropicana, Minute Maid, Orange Juice, etc.
  • Carbonated Fruit Drinks. The drinks are Martinelli sparkling cider, Ocean Spray sparkling juice drink, and Welch’s juice sparkling cocktail.
  • Non-carbonated Soft Drinks. These drinks include Country Time Lemonade, Glaceau Vitamin Water, etc.
  • Vegetable Juice. These drinks are V8 100% Vegetable Juice, Campbell’s Tomato Juice, etc.
  • Carbonated Water. Examples are Crystal Geyer Sparkling water, Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, etc.
  • Coffee Beverages. Examples of Coffee Beverages are Starbucks Frappuccino Coffee Drink and etc.
  • Tea Beverages. Examples of Tea Beverages are Arnold Palmer Iced Tea, Arizona, etc.

Image of Alex Wood

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In conclusion, recycling offers numerous advantages, including the conservation of natural resources, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and economic benefits. However, it is not without its disadvantages, such as the cost [...]

IntroductionThe manufacturing and usage of firearms have long been a subject of debate due to their potential social and safety implications. However, a less explored aspect of this issue is the environmental impact [...]

Wastewater treatment is an essential process to ensure the safety and cleanliness of our environment. One of the many methods used for wastewater treatment is the Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) system, which has its own set of [...]

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essay writing on how to keep our environment clean

Essay on Cleanliness for Students and Children

500+ words essay on cleanliness.

Cleanliness refers to the state of being clean. It is something which must not be forced but encouraged. Cleanliness is a good habit which can enhance the quality of one’s life. Cleanliness of all kinds carries equal weight.

Most importantly, parents and teachers must encourage this habit from early on kids. This will ensure that the awareness of cleanliness. It is not a tough task to complete, rather cleanliness is quite easy. One should never make the mistake of compromising with cleanliness . It is essential for the health and well-being of humans and animals.

Essay on Cleanliness

Importance of Cleanliness

Similar to the basic essentials of life like food, water, shelter, cleanliness also holds great significance in life. It is, in fact, one of the most important things for healthy living. The first and foremost importance of cleanliness is that it means the absence of disease. Cleanliness helps us stay refreshed and hygienic on a personal level.

Further, it lessens the chances of any viruses or bacteria to harm us. When you stay clean and keep the environment clean, you are less likely to fall ill. You can enjoy good health and lead an active lifestyle. It will keep you physically fit and also enhance your lifespan.

Similarly, cleanliness in our surroundings will mean enhanced beauty and healthiness. It will not only beautify the area but also make it more attractive. This can be helpful in attracting more and tourists to enhance the economy of the country. It will also earn a good name for the country in the eyes of foreign tourists.

In short, cleanliness is vital for one’s health and spiritual development. In addition to this, it is also essential for the environmental development of our country.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Way to maintain Cleanliness

As we all know, it is not tough to maintain cleanliness. It is very important to maintain cleanliness for a healthy life. When we talk about our personal lives, we can maintain cleanliness by bathing regularly. It is very important to wash our hands before eating food. This will ensure no bacteria enter your body and prevent illnesses .

Subsequently, we must always eat healthy food and consume clean water. Avoid eating out often and drinking water from unclean sources. Personal hygiene must be taken care of. Remember to trim your nails timely before they grow long. Long nails are very dirty and that means you will have dirt under your hands at all times. In addition, maintain the habit of brushing and flossing twice a day for oral hygiene.

In terms of surroundings, you must clean your house daily to get rid of dust. Never litter the roads of your city to keep them clean. For instance, when you finish a packet of chips, do not throw it out of the car window. Keep it with you and throw it in the dustbin.

Furthermore, avoid using plastic bags. Encourage recycling and reusing. Try to plant more trees to make the environment healthier and cleaner.

In conclusion, everyone must maintain cleanliness. Whether it is an individual effort or the collective effort of the government. In order to maintain cleanliness, ‘ Swachh Bharat Abhiyan ’ was launched. We can learn from it and be a part of it. If everyone does their bit responsibly, we can make earth cleaner and greener.

FAQ on Cleanliness

Q.1 Why is cleanliness important?

A.1 Cleanliness is important because it keeps away diseases. It furthermore, improves the quality of life.

Q.2 How can one maintain cleanliness?

A.2 Cleanliness can be maintained on both personal levels and in our surroundings. We must bathe, wash hands, brush, and floss regularly. We must also not litter and use plastic to make the environment clean.

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How to Save the Environment: 17 Easy & Helpful Things You Can Do at Home

Last Updated: April 24, 2024 Fact Checked

This article was co-authored by One Tree Planted and by wikiHow staff writer, Glenn Carreau . One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. Their projects span the globe and are done in partnership with local communities and knowledgeable experts to benefit nature, people, and wildlife. Since 2014, One Tree Planted has planted over 40 million trees across the globe. There are 13 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 2,863,177 times.

Saving the environment might seem like a tall order, but living an environmentally friendly life is actually quite easy. With just a few small lifestyle changes, you can protect the planet while creating a healthier life for yourself and future generations. A single household or individual can make a big difference: the more people become environmentally conscious, the healthier our planet will be. Read on for a comprehensive list of tips on how you can save the environment at home.

Things You Should Know

  • Follow the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle! Upcycle things you don’t need in fun creative projects, shop secondhand, and compost scraps too.
  • Eat locally-grown foods, cut back on meat and dairy, and shop at farmer’s markets. Make an effort to conserve water and electricity around the house.
  • Walk or bike rather than drive a car when possible. Volunteer your time to clean up the community and advocate for environmental awareness.

Plant a tree in your yard.

Trees save energy and release oxygen that keeps the air clean.

  • You can also plant other plants in your yard that are native to your area in order to support local ecosystems and wildlife.
  • If you don’t have a yard of your own, you could always support organizations that aim to plant more trees, like the Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees campaign, or One Tree Planted .

Cut back on driving.

Find alternate forms of transportation that consume less (or no) gasoline.

  • Combine multiple errands into one trip to minimize the distance traveled and fuel consumed.
  • If you need to use a car, choose fuel-efficient models or hybrid/electric vehicles. Regularly maintain your vehicle to ensure optimal fuel efficiency.
  • Carpooling will also enable you to take a highway's High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane, usually saving time and money on gasoline.
  • Many bus systems in major cities operate diesel-electric hybrid buses, reducing harmful emissions.

Volunteer to clean up your community.

Volunteer work has a direct positive impact on your area’s environment.

  • If you prefer to be part of a group, volunteer with friends, your class, a church group, or anyone else.

Recycle items properly.

Recycling lowers the amount of environmental waste you produce.

  • Check the rules and regulations in your area to ensure you recycle properly. For instance, some places may not accept glass, while others might require you to separate the different materials.
  • It’s important to know what is and is not recyclable in your area because if you dispose of something improperly, the whole load will likely be rejected and end up in a landfill.

Upcycle items.

Creatively repurpose unwanted items to put less trash into the world.

  • You might turn glass jars into windchimes or create lanterns with them. You could turn an old metal dish rack into hanging wall storage or use old newspapers to line a garden path before covering it with pebbles.
  • Upcycling can be as simple as refinishing or repainting a piece of furniture rather than replacing it outright!
  • If you aren’t going to reuse something yourself, donate it. This ensures that nothing is wasted, and someone in need can use your old items.

Compost your food scraps and yard waste.

Composting keeps trash out of the waste stream and creates rich soil.

  • Food scraps that can go in the compost pile include fruits and veggies, egg shells, coffee grounds, nut shells, and tea bags.
  • You can compost plant matter like yard trimmings, grass clippings, leaves, houseplants, sawdust, and wood chips.
  • Other biodegradable materials include shredded newspapers, cardboard, hair and fur, and even fireplace ashes.
  • If you don’t plan to use your compost, check and see if garbage removal services in your area can pick up organic waste as well as trash and recycling.

Cut back on product consumption.

When you buy less, you also stop more trash from piling up in landfills.

  • Avoid purchasing products with excess packaging. Often, food companies spend just as much energy creating the packaging for food products as they do producing the actual food.
  • When you do buy something, look for durable products that will last you a long time.
  • Borrow or rent items you need only for brief or occasional use.

Shop at second-hand stores.

Save energy and natural resources by buying secondhand clothes.

  • This philosophy also applies to bigger purchases, like cars. Buying a secondhand car can help the environment and impacts your wallet less.
  • If you have family members or friends looking to give away some clothing, consider doing a swap with them. You can refresh your wardrobe without buying anything at all.

Alena Le Blanc

Alena Le Blanc

Invest in well-made garments that are eco-friendly. Look for natural, sustainable fabrics like organic cotton or recycled synthetics. Look for durable denim with a high cotton content (around 98-99%). Prioritize quality over quantity to extend your closet's lifespan and reduce your environmental footprint.

Choose reusable items over single-use plastic.

Plastic items often end up polluting the environment and hurting wildlife.

  • Next time you need batteries, consider investing in rechargeable ones. Most batteries can now be thrown out with the regular trash—thanks to reduced chemical use—but they still take up space in landfills.

Reduce the amount of paper you print and use.

Paper production emits greenhouse gasses that harm the environment.

  • Try using a washable cloth or sponge for most of your cleanup if possible.

Buy locally-sourced foods.

Eating fresh, local food consumes less fuel and packaging materials.

  • If you’re in the US, look for CSAs using the Department of Agriculture’s directory . Otherwise, do an online search for CSA produce boxes. Local foods are fresher, so they’re higher in nutrient value!
  • Avoid waste by planning your meals ahead of time so you don’t cook more than you’ll eat. Store leftovers and use them for one of your meals over the next few days.
  • Buy from local artisans, clothing makers, and retailers too. Avoid ordering things online to be shipped to you whenever possible. The more locally-sourced products you buy, the better.

Cut back on eating meat and dairy.

Avoiding meat and dairy will also lessen your environmental impact.

  • You don’t have to go fully vegetarian or vegan, especially if you have dietary restrictions that would make it difficult. The most important thing is to cut back on meat and dairy as much as your dietary needs allow.
  • Meat and dairy are also typically more expensive, so cutting back and eating vegetarian meals can help your wallet!
  • Eat more seafood as well. Seafood (and seafood fishing) is much more sustainable than producing vast amounts of meat and dairy, and it’s a great source of protein in your diet.

Conserve water around the house.

Reducing your water use saves energy and helps the ecosystem.

  • Consider investing in a high-efficiency washing machine in the future.
  • Fix leaky faucets and pipes as soon as possible to avoid wasting water.
  • Install efficient shower heads and low-flow faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms to reduce water consumption further.
  • Use a pool cover if you have an outdoor swimming pool. This will prevent water from evaporating, so you don’t need to refill the pool as often.

Use fewer chemicals in your daily life.

Some chemicals have harmful long-term effects on the environment.

  • When you have hazardous materials to throw away—like fluorescent light bulbs, cleaning products, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, automotive fluids, and paint—be sure you dispose of it properly .
  • Harmful chemicals and materials should never end up in a landfill, sanitary sewer, or storm drain! Contact your local waste management office for proper disposal options.
  • Avoid blowing up helium balloons, too. Fill them up with regular air instead.

Conserve electricity at home.

Saving electricity is critical to reducing air and water pollution.

  • When you buy new appliances, be sure to choose Energy Star-certified products.
  • Air-dry your clothes on a clothesline rather than turning on a dryer.
  • Cut back on your heating and air conditioning use by ensuring your home is properly insulated and sealing air leaks around doors and windows.
  • If nothing else, you can always throw on a sweater when it’s cold or turn on a fan when it’s hot, rather than using energy-consuming air conditioning or heating.

Donate to environmental causes.

Your support can help organizations that are trying to save the planet.

  • For example, you could host a Facebook fundraiser on your birthday and ask people to donate to an organization you support.
  • Check out organizations working to save the environment like the Rainforest Alliance , Earthjustice , the Ocean Conservancy , or the World Wildlife Fund .

Encourage others to help save the environment.

Advocacy and education allow more people to create a positive impact.

  • Visit to find local representatives in the United States.
  • If a friend or family member asks for tips, be sure to educate them about what they can do to save the environment and encourage them to get involved, too!

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Tips from our Readers

  • If you have old clothes, donate them to a secondhand store or take them to a shelter so someone else can wear them.
  • Before you start a new school year, look through last year's materials. Many supplies can be reused or recycled.

essay writing on how to keep our environment clean

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You can help save the environment by turning off things that use electricity when you're not using them and unplugging devices when they're not in use. You can conserve water by taking shorter showers, turning off the faucet when you're brushing your teeth, and doing laundry less frequently. Also, try walking or riding your bike instead of driving, which will help reduce carbon emissions. Buying your food locally also helps lower carbon emissions since the food doesn't have to be shipped from far away! If you want to learn more, like how to recycle or reuse materials, keep reading the article! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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13 ways to save the Earth from pollution

You might use plastic water bottles, yogurt cups, and straws for just a day, but they can remain in the environment for years. And that pollution can harm habitats and the animals that live there. Cut down Earth’s trash with these tips. 

Bust the balloons

Balloons eventually fall back down to Earth … and can end up in the ocean, entangling animals or being mistaken for food. Skip the balloons at your next party, and ask friends to do the same. Make pom-pom decorations instead!

Bin for the win

Always throw trash in the can. Garbage left outside might harm wildlife and end up in the ocean. Trash that’s properly brought to a landfill is kept out of the sea.

Fish responsibly

If you go fishing, don’t leave nets or lines in the water. Animals can become entangled in the trash.

Scientists estimate that about half the world’s sea turtles accidentally eat plastic and other trash. Keep the ocean clean by never leaving toys or trash at the beach.

Dump plastic

According to one study, over eight million tons of plastic pollution end up in the ocean each year. Drink from a refillable water bottle, place your sandwich in cloth or a reusable container, and use bar soap instead of bottled.

Garbage club

Form a club in your classroom to reduce your waste at school . Monitor what’s thrown away each week, and think about ways to cut down on those items.

Trash trooper

Participate in a community cleanup . The groups that host the events sometimes weigh the collected trash, which helps leaders make decisions about laws that encourage people to waste less.

Recycle right

People in the United States recycle only about 35 percent of their waste, so recycle what you can. Ask for help to create a paper and plastic recycling program in your classroom.

Business talk

Does your favorite ice-cream shop use plastic spoons? Ask an adult to help you talk to the owner about switching to a non-plastic option. Some kinds of spoons are even edible!

Do-good goodie bag

Don’t fill your birthday goodie bags with plastic yo-yos and other trinkets for your friends. Instead, give them homemade treats or coupons to a local bakery.

Straw sense

Experts estimate that Americans use about 500 million plastic straws a day, and they’re one of the top 10 trash items found during ocean cleanups. If you must use a straw, find a reusable metal straw or a paper version or make your own.

Pest Friends

Ask your parents to buy food and clothes that are made without pesticides—chemicals sprayed on crops to kill bad bugs. The problem? Pesticides also can kill critters like bees that are eco-friendly.

Stuffed with stuff

Items shipped to your home often come wrapped in plastic packaging; toys bought at the store are covered in it. Think about what can be bought secondhand, what can be shared, and what doesn’t need to be purchased at all.

explore more

Learn about plastic and how to reduce your use., save the earth, save the earth tips, endangered species act.

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  • Cleanliness Essay


Essay on Cleanliness


Cleanliness refers to the art of keeping our body, mind, house, work area and our surroundings clean. We can divide cleanliness into various types such as cleaning clothes, cleaning streets, clean surroundings, clean homes and personal cleanliness. We should make cleanliness our habit because cleaning of our body is important for good physical and mental health. Cleanliness of our surroundings and environment is essential for social and intellectual health. We should never compromise with cleanliness. Parents and teachers must encourage children to adopt the habit of cleanliness and make this a part of our lives. 

Cleanliness is not other’s responsibility. It is our own responsibility. It is very important to have a healthy living so basic cleanliness is significant in life. It is as essential as we need food, water and clothes to live. Absence of cleanliness leads to various types of diseases, illness and breeding places for flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches. 

Basic cleanliness starts from our own personal cleanliness and hygiene. To start with, we must wash hands regularly. Washing hands keeps germs and bacteria away. So, it is very important to wash hands before eating a meal. When we come back home from outside, the first thing we should do is wash hands to clean all dirt and germs. Every day we should take a bath and wear clean clothes. Clothes should be washed daily. After using the toilet, we must always wash hands with soap. We must cut or trim nails regularly. Cutting nails is essential for personal hygiene. If we don’t cut or trim nails regularly, then there is a high possibility for the dirt and germs to enter our body. In addition, brushing and flossing twice daily are also important for oral hygiene.

We must keep our homes clean all time. We should ensure that dusting, sweeping and mopping are done daily. Instead of littering our house with papers and wrappers, we must inculcate the habit of throwing them in wastebaskets. We should clean our bathrooms daily.  Our kitchen, where food is being cooked and stored should be cleaned and hygiene must be maintained. We must cover food all times so that flies and other insects don’t get into them. Utensils should be covered while cooking. After cooking and eating, dishes, spoons, glasses and other vessels should be thoroughly cleaned with hot water and soap. We should wash raw vegetables and fruits before consuming. We must eat fresh and hygienic food and avoid eating outside. If we leave food items out for a long time then there could be a growth of bacteria and viruses so refrigeration or other ways of storing food items is important. The source of drinking water should be proper. Drinking water should be either boiled or filtered through modern UV technology. Pest control and sanitization should be done periodically at homes to keep away cockroaches and flies. 

We must realize that keeping our surroundings and environment clean is as important as keeping our homes clean. It is the responsibility of every individual to keep the public places clean. One important way to keep the public places clean is to stop littering roads and streets. People should be educated not to spit and urinate in public. Proper toilets should be built in public places to avoid this. Proper sanitization of the drain pipes should be done. Everyone is responsible for the country’s environment. Cleaning the environment plays an important role in the development of a country. Cleaning our surroundings encourages people to do better work because it helps to reduce stress and focus well on work. It also provides employment to many people and thus reduces poverty.

Our Prime Minister, Sri. Narendra Modi has launched the campaign of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ to promote cleanliness of our environment. We should support this initiative started by our government for a better and clean country. There is a proverb saying, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” which explains maintaining clean surrounding results in a fresh mind and body, which leads to a successful life. Cleanliness helps in bringing spirituality and concentration. Cleanliness is the responsibility of every citizen for a peaceful and healthy living.


FAQs on Cleanliness Essay

Q1. Why is Cleanliness Important?

Ans. Cleanliness is important for a healthy living. It plays an important role in the development of a country.

Q2. How do we Take Care of our Personal Hygiene?

Ans. Following is the ways to maintain our personal hygiene:

Wash hands before eating meals.

Take a shower daily and wear clean clothes.

Do brushing and flossing twice in a day for oral hygiene.

Cut or trim nails regularly to remove dirt.

Q3. What Steps Should be Taken to Keep our Environment Clean?

Don’t litter on roads and streets.

Don’t spit and urinate in public places.

Proper sanitization of drain pipes.

Build proper toilets in public places.

Q4. Which Campaign the Government of India to Promote Cleanliness has Initiated?

Ans. The government of India has launched the campaign Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to promote cleanliness of our surroundings.

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Essay on Cleanliness

List of essays on cleanliness in english, essay on cleanliness – essay 1 (150 words), essay on cleanliness: importance and conclusion – essay 2 (250 words), essay on cleanliness – essay 3 (300 words), essay on cleanliness: introduction, impact and challenges – essay 4 (400 words), essay on cleanliness – essay 5 (500 words), essay on cleanliness: with benefits and conclusion – essay 6 (600 words), essay on cleanliness: a key to achieve our goals – essay 7 (750 words), essay on cleanliness: types, importance and conclusion – essay 8 (1000 words).


‘Cleanliness’ as per the Cambridge dictionary means the state of being clean or the act of keeping things clean . One of the first commandment for health is cleanliness. Cleanliness is essential physically, mentally, spiritually and even environmentally.

Importance of Cleanliness:

Cleanliness is the major step to a healthy living. Cleanliness can prevent and cure people from communicable diseases. Effective cleaning can forbid viruses and other infectious diseases.

Tips to Maintain Cleanliness:

Major tips to maintain Cleanliness personally include brushing and taking bath regularly, washing hands properly before and after every meal, maintaining neatly trimmed nails and eating healthy food.

Environmental cleanliness can be enhanced by cleaning the mess created around us regularly, avoiding plastic bag usage, not littering the road by throwing the garbage, effective disposal of used water, adopting reusing and recycling techniques and always monitoring the pollution levels.


Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Indian Government’s initiative like Swachh Bharat has given hope for a cleaner India. Along with the government it is the duty of every citizen to ensure a clean home and clean street to enable a peaceful living.

The state of being free and clean from dirt and germs and the act of imbibing this as a habit is called cleanliness. Cleanliness is one of the best qualities a human being can possess. In fact, not only humans, even animals are known to keep their surroundings clean? How many times have you come across a scene where your pet is cleaning the surface before being seated on it?

Aspects of Cleanliness

Disease prevention and hygiene are said to be the two aspects associated with cleanliness. Maintaining hygiene does not necessarily mean keeping yourself clean. It includes your house, your neighbourhood, your city as well as keeping your country clean or keeping your surroundings clean. In this way, cleanliness has more of a cultural and social impact on society as a whole.

Importance of Keeping your Surroundings Clean

With the assistance of cleanliness, we can keep our mental as well as physical health clean, which will make us feel better. Cleanliness offers to ascend to a decent character by keeping the body, brain, and soul perfect and tranquil. Keeping up cleanliness is the basic piece of solid living since it is the cleanliness just which enhances our identity by keeping clean remotely and inside.

We should all do our bit to maintain cleanliness in the areas we live or visit. In fact, for this very purpose, the Government of India has initiated the Swacchh Bharat Abhiyan so as to educate and inculcate good habits among the citizens of the country with regards to cleanliness.

We should also be mindful towards this habit. We should stop others from throwing waste at undesignated places. It is the cumulative effort of all of us which can help us build a clean India someday.

Cleanliness is a way of living in and around with a neat and clean environment, materials, etc. It is not a forced phenomenon and everyone should be practicing cleanliness for a better healthy life. Parents should teach their kids the importance of cleanliness within their home.

Home is our first school and we should be learning cleanliness from the root of a kid’s growth. It is necessary to keep yourself clean to avoid any type of diseases from affecting you and it will help you to be fresh and active all day. Keeping yourself clean is the first step towards cleanliness.

Next step is to keep your surroundings clean. Whether it be your room, school, garden, community, society, etc., you should keep it neat and tidy. With proper education about the importance of cleanliness, the characteristics should be developed in the kids so that they will continue this habit throughout their life.

The importance of cleanliness and its impact on the person should be taught to everyone from an early age. From picking up wastes on the floor to cleaning yourself to proper cleaning methods should be trained for their own well-being. Cleanliness is not only a good habit, but also reflects the inner beauty of a person.

Many life-threatening diseases are caused due to the lack of cleanliness in and around our places, whether it be home, schools, etc. With proper cleaning and taking care of your environment, all these health issues can be destroyed for a happy living.

Cleanliness is nothing that should be forced upon a person but should be properly practiced and be made a lifestyle. A clean and well-maintained person will always succeed in all his difficulties if he applies it in every path he walks. Cleanliness will also help us to be fit and healthy mentally, physically and socially as well.

Everybody loves a clean environment but very few have the ability to maintain cleanliness. The ability to ensure cleanliness and perform cleanliness is tasking and requires a lot of work. Due to the importance of cleanliness, most people struggle to keep their environments clean at all times. It can be a habitual process as it require to be done on a daily basis. Personal hygiene for example is an essential aspect of an individual’s life because it affects social relations, self-perception and health in general. It is therefore important to practice cleanliness at all times.

Impacts of Cleanliness on Our Lives:

Cleanliness cuts across for all stages of life and it plays important roles in the activities of daily living. In education, cleanliness has been determined to have an impact on leaning. The mindset of students is influenced by the environment which influences the ability of students to learn. A dirty environment is not conducive for learning because it instills stressful motions and there is reduced ability of students to learn.

In the workplace, the same concept applies because productivity is influenced by the environment. A clean environment will enhance productivity because people will work with a positive mindset that is free of stress. Also, achievements will be more pronounced in a clean environment compared to a dirty environment. In health, cleanliness is important because hygienic practices contribute to good health of individuals. A dirty environment predisposes people to diseases, which affects their ability to perform activities and it results in less productivity.

Social relationships are built through interactions between people. Personal hygiene is an important aspect in creating social relations because it is hard to approach a dirty person as they will be having bad breath, bas body odor and the interaction will be limited due to discomfort.

Challenges in Cleanliness:

Lack of resources can inhibit cleanliness. In order to maintain cleanliness, there is need for water, detergents and other supplies like cleaning equipment. In some situations, all these resources may be unavailable thus cleanliness is compromised. Another challenge is the availability of labor. Since cleaning is tasking and requires effort from people, some people opt out and cleanliness will not be achieved.

In conclusion, cleanliness is a huge responsibility that requires commitment. The impacts of a clean environment on the performance and achievements should be a motivating factor. If you love a clean place it should be your responsibility to make it clean.

Cleanliness can basically be defined as a state or attitude of keeping things clean and trying to stay away from any form of dirt in a bid to maintain a very good mental and physical health. Generally, cleanliness is an act of trying to keep our mind, body, home, dress, surrounding and even every of our other work area clean and very neat. The cleanliness of our body is extremely essential for our mental and physical health. Our surrounding areas should also be kept clean and our environment being clean is of utmost importance to our intellectual and social health. We should try to imbibe the habit of cleanliness and ensure that our home and surroundings are free of dirt; dirt is the primary cause of most diseases we have around us. If our surrounding isn’t clean and our body isn’t properly groomed and taken care of we can become highly susceptible to a variety of disease causing bacteria, germs, fungus and virus.

People with dirty habits are the major ones that spread fatal (threat to life) and very dangerous diseases. A lot of infectious diseases are propagated to different wide areas and can make people very sick and in severe cases leads to the death of the sick. As a result of this, we should do our best to always try to take good care of our health through our cleanliness every day. Some of the habits we should endeavour to imbibe include us always washing our hands very well and with soap anytime we eat or before we eat anything, we should also try to always make sure our body and most especially our face is clean by bathing frequency, we should also ensure that we take proper care of all our clothes and try to wear only clothes that are properly and well washed and clean; all of these should be done to keep a very good mental and physical health. Cleanliness also does a great deal to help boost our self-respect and level of confidence and also earn respect from other people. Cleanliness is a very good habit that can always make us happy and proud of ourselves in the society.

Cleanliness is extremely important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a good standard of living. Cleanliness plays a very vital role in boosting a person’s popularity. A lot of civil laws and programmes have been organised and put in place by various governments of the world. We should endeavour to dispose the wastes in our surrounding, we can do this by outing our waste away into the dustbin for disposal and in a bid to prevent the spread of various infections and diseases in our home and surrounding. Cleanliness is not just one person’s responsibility or job; everybody should do their best individually and collectively to maintain cleanliness in the country, community, society and the home. We should do our best to fully understand all the different facets of cleanliness so that we can fully benefit from cleanliness.

Cleanliness ranks high on the agenda of great and successful people. Because next to hard work, cleanliness tells a lot about a person’s character. When it is belittled, it results in indiscipline, dirt and disease. Therefore, when people progress, they become more clean and neat. Hence, cleanliness is often seen as an indicator of progress in the civilization of a society.

Areas of Cleanliness:

i. Personal Grooming:

Every individual is capable of the art of personal grooming. It involves cleaning and maintaining the body parts and look good. Taking bath, brushing and flossing teeth, combing, washing hands whenever required, cutting nails and hair at regular intervals are some habits that are important part of personal cleanliness. It further involves keeping our mind from filthiness. While a theist should spend time every day to confess the wrongdoings and receive forgiveness, an atheist needs to spend time on meditation on a regular basis. Keeping ones thoughts clean is as important as physical cleanliness.

Next to personal cleanliness comes keeping the dwelling place neat and clean. Starting with disposing the garbage on a daily basis, it includes cleaning up all rooms on a regular basis, maintaining bedcovers and curtains, trimming the interior and exterior garden, keeping the kitchen sink and toilet free of unpleasant smell, insects etc. It also includes proper disposal of solid and liquid waste into the municipal dustbin and drainage system.

iii. Workplace:

Since major part of the productive day is spent in the workplace, it is necessary to keep it very clean. Being quite larger than home in terms of area and headcount, the workplace requires the collective effort of the employer, employees and janitors to maintain the work environment. Apart from the basic cleanliness activities done at home, the workplace needs additional application of disinfectants, air filters, and waste disposal systems to maintain hygiene and dignity. It needs still more attention at Hospitals, Restaurants and like industries.

iv. Public Places:

Living in communities, it is important to keep public places like roads, beaches, parks etc. neat and clean. If each citizen becomes responsible and could show the same care that is taken for home and workplace, then the city and the entire country would have a clean environment to live, work and play.

Benefits of Cleanliness:

Since health is wealth, cleanliness prevents diseases, promotes good health and thereby preserves our wealth. It maintains discipline at all levels. It promotes self-respect and self-confidence of the family, institution, city and country. A clean environment gives a cheerful mind to improve and progress.

How to Nurture Cleanliness:

Although it is best to learn cleanliness from childhood, it could be developed at point of life whenever the sensitivity is achieved. Being careful and regular on a daily basis is the success mantra for cleanliness. It has nothing to do with being rich. So, it could be achieved by anyone in the society irrespective of their social status and wealth.

Champions of Cleanliness:

The first Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew started the campaign to keep the country clean almost 50 years ago. It made the place pleasant and added value to its economy. The sickness rate is low, life expectancy is more, tourism has flourished and all the citizens benefit from it.

Learning cleanliness from his days in the West, Mahatma Gandhi insisted that a lavatory must be as clean as a drawing room. He strongly believed that cleanliness would promote good health and hence advocated it throughout his lifetime.

Following Gandhi’s model, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has initiated a nation-wide campaign called Swach Bharat on 2nd October, 2014. It functions to provide sanitation facilities, proper solid and liquid waste disposal systems, and safe drinking water.

Cleanliness adds more value to personal and social life. Since good habits are contagious, it is possible to teach children, neighbours and illiterates on the importance of cleanliness, by being a role model. With a collective effort, cleanliness and in turn, good health and happiness are within reach.

Keeping our mind, body, home, neighborhood and workplace Clean and Green is “Cleanliness.” It is one of the most important habits we develop since childhood. We cannot ignore the value of cleanliness and hygiene in our lives. Habits learned in the early phase of our live stays implanted in our mind for a more extended period. Being clean and keeping green is a lifestyle we need to adapt for leading a healthy life.

Cleanliness is not just limited to sanitation of the area where you live. It has a pivotal role in your personal life. Cleanliness in attitude and thoughts play an important element to become a successful person in life. External cleanliness is related to the sanitation of your home and premises. But, it is equally important to have internal cleanliness – the cleanliness of the soul. Removing garbage, dirt and foul smell, etc., are part of sanitation, which helps to maintain the cleanliness of your living surroundings.

It is an imperative factor in life, and everybody must be conscious about the importance to maintain cleanliness. A dirty mind and surrounding is indeed a reason for a person becoming sick. Therefore we have to put conscious effort to maintain a healthy atmosphere by keeping the surrounding clean and keeping oneself clean.

Is it a key to achieve our goals?

Yes, we as an individual hesitate to understand the importance and value of cleanliness in our daily routines. It is not the goal, but it plays a vital role in achieving our goals. Personal hygiene gets affected easily if we don’t take proper measures to maintain cleanliness. And an unclean state of body and mindset can easily distract you from your desired goal. It will stop you, affect your performance and capabilities of your living standard.

For leading a purposeful life, cleanliness is crucial as it complements your true worth. It helps to fight from many dangerous diseases. Consuming unhygienic food, drinking foul water or a poor living condition are a few challenging conditions makes people sick.

For a healthy lifestyle, we need to respect our environment, body, and mind. Right steps taken at the right time will help in building our nation. The enchanted beauty will bring more foreign tourists to our land which will increase the tourism business. Remember, not a single tourist would like to visit a foul land. We, ourselves encourages and strikes the places with mesmerizing beauties. Thus, we should adopt a lifestyle to nurture our surroundings.

How to maintain it?

It is our responsibility to keep the environment clean and making others to understand the importance of maintaining the environment clean. Only the sincere efforts of following certain manners could give a better surrounding. Every government has to play a vital role to carry out cleanliness awareness drives and make sure that people respect the cleanliness laws. The government needs to take strict actions against people who are responsible for littering public places and throw garbage on the roads. Keeping the neighborhood unclean is a shabby practice which causes health issues. A healthy and positive mindset with a good physique is the balance sheet of cleanliness.

Pollution is one of the primary reason for the unhygienic living condition. Making changes in the lifestyle can save our neighborhood from pollution. We have to develop a recycling culture and all materials that are recyclable should go to the recycling plant. It can stop material pollution and spoiling the environment. Purchasing the products made of non-toxic materials will help to preserve valuable resources. Let’s say, investing in reliable and durable household items and reuse them in the future instead of purchasing disposable items will help to maintain a clean environment.

To maintain a healthy environment, we need to look out for greenery and stop felling trees. Trees are an essential resource to purify and control pollution. More trees in our surroundings equal healthy environment and a fresh mindset. Water – one of the most necessary resource needs to be utilized and stored efficiently. Never allow to contaminate water.

Planting the importance of cleanliness among society is essential to motivate the individuals keeping their surrounding clean. There should be a proper awareness campaign to reinforce the need for sanitation, and it can be easy to adopt a strategy to involve students, social and service organization to be part of the drive.

A joint campaign by involving all section of the society is essential to accomplish total cleanliness of a state. If each of us can put their effort to maintain the cleanliness, then it will have a significant impact on the society. Inclusive cleanliness awareness campaign will be helpful in spreading the importance of the subject, and people will start to adopt cleaning the surrounding as their responsibility.

To see the much-awaited change, we need to take strict actions and act with sincerity. Corrective measures required instead of complaining about the pollution. Make everybody responsible for cleaning their premises by actively involving them. Students can start their effort by cleaning their school campus; government officials can engage in cleaning their office and premises, factory employees can participate in cleaning their factory and surrounding, etc. A combined effort of all sections of the society can make a lot of changes in the nation and attitude of the individuals towards cleanliness.

As we live in a society, we are a part of our surroundings, so we need to understand our responsibility as an individual, we should encourage the efforts made by others’ and contribute to ensuring a healthy surrounding. Systematic collection and segregation of waste depending on the scope of recyclability should strictly implement to maintain sustainable cleanliness. For maintaining cleanliness of the environment, we need to process biodegradable and non-degradable waste separately. Similarly, for personal cleanliness, we have to keep our body clean.

Cleanliness has different meanings depending on the matter of discussion. With regard to religion, cleanliness is the state of being pure, without moral contamination. When the subject matter is on the environment, it is the state of being free from dirt. Environmental cleanliness is what most people are familiar with because of the daily interaction with the environment and the impact they have on the lives of individuals with regard to health and expectations of the society. Cleanliness of the environment include everything on the surface of the earth. There are different types of cleanliness in the environment. Mostly, the environmental cleanliness is emphasized during prevention of pollution and health education in the society. Cleanliness of religion varies with the specific religion and its beliefs. The importance of cleanliness is realized in both spiritual and physical aspects. The society s place double standard on cleanliness such that, whatever is clean is admired and fought for.

Types of Cleanliness:

There are two major types of cleanliness i.e., physical cleanliness and spiritual cleanliness. Physical cleanliness has several subtypes according to the object being cleaned. Physical cleanliness involves elimination of dirt and impurities from the body, clothes, food, houses and the outside environment. Body cleaning is done through full body bath with soap and water, handwashing practice and keeping away from dirt. Cleaning clothes is a laundry process whereby manual washing by hands can be done or machine washing. Cleaning the environment is through collection of dirt in the environment and disposing them appropriately, while observing the purity of all the three aspects of the environment i.e., air, water and land. When handling food, cleanliness should be observed through hand washing and using of clean cooking and eating utensils so as to prevent ingestion of dirt. The houses and household items should also be kept clean especially the living space, the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms because we interact with the house environment more often.

Spiritual cleanliness is basically focused on the removal of moral contamination and being pure in the faith and beliefs of the religion. In Christians, cleanliness means the forgiveness of sin and living according to the Bible doctrines. Christians also have cleanliness of conditions considered impure for example menstruation and childbirth. Christians lay strong emphasis on hygiene in humans. In Islam, cleanliness means the cleanliness of hearts of individuals and the good manners of members of the society. Muslims believe that purification of hearts of individuals from feelings of negativity and bad vices like jealousy enables the society to stay peaceful at all times. Muslims also believe that cleanliness from conditions that are considered ritually impure is important. Hindus believe that cleanliness is a divine quality that should be practiced by individuals. Bhagavad Gita describes cleanliness with relation to the Hindu society virtues and qualities that individuals must acquire in order to be given grace by God. Hindus also perform cleanliness through visiting the seven rivers to bathe and purify their minds.

Cleanliness is a vital component of human life both physically and spiritually. Spiritual cleanliness is important in being on the right with your God and following the beliefs and rituals of your religion. On the other hand, physical cleanliness is important in the wellbeing and existence of humanity.

Cleanliness is necessary for health and wellness of individuals and the society. Health and cleanliness relate to each other and influence each other. In order to be of good health, one should practice hygiene. Hygiene is basically the practice of maintaining good health and preventing diseases through cleanliness. Cleanliness of the body, food and environment contribute to the wellbeing of an individual health wise. Cleanliness prevents disease because dirt usually harbors infective pathogens that cause disease to human beings when they get exposed to them. Hygienic practices are highly advocated for by health professionals because it is better to prevent a disease than to wait and seek treatment for it. Hygienic practices prolong the lives of individuals because they will be free of illnesses.

Safety is enabled through cleanliness of the environment. The environment that we interact with often needs to be clean so that accidents can be prevented. For example, in the workplace, daily cleaning will ensure that there are no water spills on the floor that could cause a fall. Clearing bushes around homes provide safety from harmful insects and animals like snakes. Cleaning not only involves the act of clearing bushes and washing floors, but also the organization of the environment. Through organization, harmful objects can be put away so that accidents can be prevented in the environment.

Brand protection can be achieved through cleanliness. In environmental cleanliness, buildings and the surrounding environment are cleaned and organized. As a marketing strategy, cleanliness is an advantage for the brand because it will portray the brand as organized and conducive for human interaction. In this competitive world, cleanliness is a priority consideration for brands. In the food industry, cleanliness is what people look at before they can engage because health well-being is important for individuals.

Cleanliness also enables the extension of a lifespan of an object. With tools and instruments, cleanliness is emphasized because dirt causes reduction of the lifespan like in metallic objects, rust causes destruction of the tools and instruments. In buildings, cleanliness also preserves the integrity and enables longer durability.

Cleanliness is a moral virtue that is admired. When a person is clean, social relations and interactions become easier because society views dirty people as a nuisance and they are inapproachable. Cleanliness is attractive and admirable in the society.

In conclusion, cleanliness in the lives of individuals is unavoidable. Everything surrounding the life of an individual is viable for cleanliness in order to maintain functionality and development. Spiritual cleanliness is mostly focused on purity of self before God and humanity in all religions although the methods of purification are different for each religion. Physical cleanliness is beneficial with regard to human interaction and with the environment in terms of health, safety and lifespan.

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essay writing on how to keep our environment clean

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essay writing on how to keep our environment clean

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Essay on Keep Your City Clean [With PDF]

Hygiene plays an important role in the lives of one and all. In this lesson, you will learn to write essays in two different sets on keeping your city clean. It will help you in articulating your thoughts in the upcoming exams.

Table of Contents

Essay on keep your city clean in 200 words, essay on keep your city clean in 500 words.

Feature image of Essay on Keep Your City Clean

Hygiene is essential for the well-being of an individual and a nation. For a nation to thrive, it is essential to keep your city clean. Narendra Modi’s Swacch Bharat Abhiyan focuses on certain sectors to promote hygiene and curb disease.

Wastes can be classified into many types. There are industrial, domestic, medical and sewage wastes. These wastes, if segregated and handled wisely, can be put to reuse and recycled. The Van Mahotsav is observed every year to promote afforestation and make people aware of the harmful effects of deforestation.

To keep our city clean, we must ban the use of plastic. We should follow the 4Rs policy to reduce, reuse, recycle, and restore. We must plant saplings and gather in small groups to educate the layman about the necessity of keeping our city clean.

We must adhere to the maxim, “Godliness is next to Cleanliness.” If we keep our city clean, positivity will boost in all its nooks and corners. It will lead to economic growth and healthy citizens. It will also cause a decrease in the number of hospitalisations every year. Diseases that are air and water-borne will come under control. Everyone will live a happy and healthy life.

We should keep our cities clean to have a healthy and standard lifestyle. Hygiene is essential for the well-being of an individual and a nation. It is the responsibility of every individual, and as we keep our homes clean, so shall we keep our cities clean. For a nation to thrive, it is essential to keep your city clean.

Narendra Modi’s Swacch Bharat Abhiyan focuses on certain sectors to promote hygiene and curb disease. The Van Mahotsav is observed every year to promote afforestation and make people aware of the harmful effects of deforestation. These programs direct us to plant trees and collect litter for proper disposal on a particular day. However, we need to bear in mind the need to do it regularly.

We must adhere to the maxim, “Godliness is next to Cleanliness.” If we keep our city clean, positivity will boost in all its nooks and corners. It will lead to economic growth and healthy citizens. It will also cause a decrease in the number of hospitalisations every year. Diseases that are air and water-borne will come under control. Everyone will live a happy and healthy life. It will help in the overall development of our country, and people will become more thoughtful and conscious of their responsibilities.

Many places in my city Kolkata lack proper drainage systems. During the monsoon season, the roads are flooded with muddy water and causing stagnation. Stagnant water breeds mosquitoes and flies. It can cause various infections and skin diseases, or allergies. Loss of biodiversity is a major loss for our environment, which is caused due to mismanagement of waste.

Spitting in public places is a sickening sight that we witness every day on roads, stairwells, parks, subways and metro stations. It is disgusting and uncivilised. Citizens lack awareness, education and culture. Imbibing these qualities and making them literate shall help overcome their urge to cause a nuisance. We must work hard to make the City of Joy a clean place.

There is a need to remodel the public transport as they are so old that they release soot and toxic gas causing air pollution. It causes lung cancer, asthma and allergies. Keeping our city clean will keep us proactive and healthy. A lack of public toilets also causes a lot of pollution, stinking odour and breeding of mosquitoes.

A tremendous amount of waste has been generated from construction work. It can be overcome or reduced to a great degree by making the process faster. Installation of dustbins in a public area shall take us a long way in maintaining hygiene. Along with the government, each citizen must work in a collective spirit to keep our cities clean. It is truly said that a green city is a clean city.

Hopefully, after going through this lesson, you have a holistic idea of the importance of keeping your city clean. I have tried to cover every aspect of the topic briefly and in an expanded form. If you still have any doubts regarding this session, kindly let me know through the comment section below. To read more such essays on many important topics, keep browsing our website. 

Join us on Telegram to get the latest updates on our upcoming sessions. Thank you, see you again soon.


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