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What do you do when you know what type of essay you need to write but can’t think of a proper topic? Answer: Come to our Essay Topic Generator and let us create the kind of topics you need to get started.

Need to write a controversial essay? Select that type from the drop down menu and click on the Generate Topic button!

Need to write an argumentative essay? No problem—we’ve got that covered as well!

Need to write a compare and contrast essay but don’t know what to write it about? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s see how it works!

How to Use Essay Topic Generator

Our essay topic generator is simple to use. You start by selecting the type of essay you will be writing. Options include: controversial essay, persuasive essay, personal narrative, and many more.

Once you’ve selected the type of essay you want, just click on the big blue Generate Topics button. Your first result will give you a topic idea followed by a proposed Essay Title.

For example, let’s say you have to write a controversial essay but can’t think of a topic. Select controversial essay from the drop down bar, and click the blue button. The first result you receive might be a topic on gun control. Gun control is a controversial topic in America, right? See how simple it is?

Well, say you don’t want to write on gun control—no problem. Hit that blue button again. You’ll get another result—maybe abortion as a topic. Abortion is a super controversial topic and would be a great subject for a controversial essay. But maybe you don’t want to write on that either. So smash that button again! We have hundreds of topic ideas and we’re sure you’ll find one that strikes your fancy.

Choose Your Essay Type

Essay topics.

Okay—so what? You’ve got a topic. Now you have to explore that topic. What’s that mean? It means you have to get to know the topic and understand it before you can expect to write about it. The topic is basically just a broad field for you play in. But in order to connect with your reader, you need to narrow the field. Think of your topic as a ballpark and connecting with your reader as a series of bases that have to be tagged before you can make it home. The topic tells you which ballpark you’ll be playing in—but you still need to step up to the plate and put the ball in play for your audience to care.

So how do you put the ball in play? That’s where our suggested Essay Title can help. It might strike you as a bunt or, meh, as a single. Or you make get one that strikes you as a double or a triple—or maybe one that even looks a like a homerun. It doesn’t really matter because a title is about putting the ball in play. You’re narrowing the focus and just trying to reach base in most cases. Once you’re on you can think about how to get from first to second or from second to third. The end goal is to make it to home plate. But the title is where it starts. It gets you thinking in the right direction. That’s why we don’t just stop at generating a topic idea for you. We also give you a great title to think about. So keep hitting that blue button and generating more results for yourself until you find one that fits!

From Essay Topic to Essay Title

The  essay topic  gets you in the right ballpark, the essay title lets you put the ball in play, and now you have to round the bases—i.e., write your essay. What are the steps to doing this? How do you go from topic to title to writing? Think about the bases on the base path. What shape do they make if you trace a line from home to first to second to third and back to home plate? They make a diamond shape. That’s why it’s called the baseball diamond. Now consider the writing process as a similar shape that you need to create. You’re creating a diamond for your reader and it is basically a step by step process just like rounding the bases.

Need help coming up with a title? Try our  essay title generator.

First, you need to touch first base. Let’s say first base is where you brainstorm using the title you’ve been provided. For example, if you like the title, “Should Public Schools Allow Teachers to Carry Weapons?” you can brainstorm the pros and cons of teacher carry schools. What would be the benefits of having armed teachers in public schools? What would be the drawbacks? What would be your preference if you were a student in such a school? Jot down your answers to these questions. There! See? Now you’re on first base.

Let’s get you over to second. Reaching second base is about pulling those ideas together and giving them some shape. This is where you want to start creating an outline for your essay. You bring these ideas together and arrange them in a way that makes sense. Your outline should start with an introduction that tells what you’ll be looking at in the essay. Then create a section for each point you want to cover: a section for the pros, a section for the cons, and a section for your personal view. Then follow that up with a conclusion that reiterates your points. There you go—that’s an outline!

Now you have to get to third base. Easy—start writing! Follow your outline to stay in the base paths and before you know it you’ll be rounding third and heading for home. To get to home plate all you need to do is go back and edit your essay!

Additional Title Information

You’ll notice that once you hit that big blue button we don’t just give you a topic and a title. We also give you Additional Info. This is where we provide with some more tips to think about when you got to make your outline. For example, with an essay on gun control, you might want to give both perspectives by arguing for one side and then writing a rebuttal. So pay attention to the Additional Info that we offer because it will help you round those bases.

Our Essay Topic Generator is a great way for anyone with writer’s block to get ideas on a topic. Click on the type of essay you need to write by selecting it from the drop down bar. Then click on the Generate Topics button. We’ll give you a topic that fits the type of essay you’re writing. We’ll also give you an essay title to help you get started with the brainstorming process. Finally, we’ll hit you up with some helpful additional info that you can use to flesh out your outline and round the bases towards writing your essay. Hey—no need to thank us! That’s why we’re here: we know that when it comes to writing, every little bit helps.

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Random Topic Generator

Enter the keywords you want to see in your topic and click the button. Our AI-powered tool will provide the most up-to-date writing ideas for you!

Now, here comes your inspiration 😃

Please try again with some different keywords.

Get a Bunch of Ideas in a Flash

We know how hard picking up the right topic may be. That’s why we developed this powerful topic generator that will provide you with the best topics within a second.

Boost Your Creativity

Every writer at least once had issues with choosing the right topic. If you have ever felt a lack of creativity or patience in selecting the idea for your paper—you’re in the right place. Try our tool to get a comprehensive list of topics to use in any writing and enhance your creativity.

100% Authenticity

Using our random topic generator, you can be sure that you will get 100% unique ideas to choose from. Enter the keywords, press the button, and select the subject you feel the most interested in.

Random Topic Generator Features

Ai algorithms.

We created this random idea generator using the most sophisticated NLP algorithms to provide you with relatable topics.

Multipurpose Usage

The random topic creator can help literally with any writing project: an article, blog post, essay, or even research study.

Creative Approach

Use the random topic maker to think from a different stance of view and formulate new ideas around the topic.

How to Use Our Topic Generator

Using our free online topic maker is very simple. Just follow the steps below and get an excellent topic suggestions:

  • Enter the keyword you’re looking for—it would define the paper’s central theme.
  • Press the button "Generate Topics." Our random topic maker will provide you with a list of suggestions.
  • Copy the 100% authenthic thesis statement and paste it right into your paper.

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Random Topic Generator for Essays & Speeches

Looking for a random topic generator? Try the tool on this page! Our random essay topic generator will create a bunch of writing ideas and prompts for your paper or speech.

Follow a few simple steps to generate a topic for your assignment:

  • Enter your search term
  • Press the “Search topic” button and view the ideas proposed by the topic randomizer
  • In case you need more options, press the button once again to refresh the list

Are you in this situation? You have been assigned an essay and not only do you have to write it, but you also need to come up with the topic you want to write about. Choosing an idea for a paper or speech can be tricky.

Having a seemingly endless number of essay topic possibilities can feel overwhelming. Especially when you have to navigate through the mountains of information available online. Is choosing a topic really that difficult of a task for a student?

Simplify this process with!

Custom Writing offers topics for persuasive essays, informative speeches, creative writing - you name it! With just a few clicks, our random essay topic generator will provide you with brilliant ideas for your next assignment. You will be surprised by the creativity of our amazing generating tool.

  • ⭐ The Tool's Benefits
  • 🤨 Choosing an Essay Topic

🔍 References

⭐ essay & speech topic generator: the benefits.

Our essay and speech topic generator can provide you with fresh original content ideas. Why is it better than other tools out there?

In other words:

It’s free and requires no registration

How many times have you encountered a supposedly free tool only to be asked to sign up? This time, that’s not a problem! Use the random topic generator without payment or registration.

The generator is fast (and furious)

The search speed can play a significant role if you have a deadline. With this topic creator, you don’t have to deal with slow processing speeds. This automatic generating tool as fast as can be.

Instead of spending your time on choosing a topic, you can concentrate on researching the subject and editing your writing.

It’s user-friendly

You don’t really need detailed instructions on how to use this writing topic generator. It has a super intuitive interface. There are two categories to pick from and one button—that’s it!

Our tool is accessible online

You don’t have to download anything to use our topic creator. If you have access to the internet, you have access to this free tool!

The tool has a huge database of information

There are a lot of unutilized ideas out there waiting for you. Our generating tool collects them from a variety of sources and suggests them here. It regularly updates its list of topics to propose more relevant ideas.

Our random topic generator is the perfect choice for you. In case you prefer looking at the full list of ideas rather than at its parts, there are quite a few of them that you can find online.

🤨 Steps to Generate an Essay or Speech Topic

When you have a number of different options, you can find yourself struggling to make a choice. Which one is the most appropriate one for your academic writing or speech? How can you select it from the bunch?

W questions: Who? Where? When? Why? How

Who are you talking about? Why should the reader know about them?

Where is your topic being researched? Where is your topic relevant?

When is your assignment due? When did the majority of research on your topic get published (especially important in the sciences)?

Why is your topic being researched? Is it an important, urgent issue? Why do you like your topic?

How are you going to do your research? How will you phrase your thesis or research question? How will you focus your topic?

To answer this, check out our guide!

🎓 Select an Assignment

Let’s start with the basics: did your professor or tutor ask you to prepare an assignment in a particular format, such as an essay? Or are you required to choose your own format and assignment type? If so, select one from the list!

With our topic maker, you can search for an idea specifically for:

Consider what you can write about for a blog. Discover what ideas are relevant and can attract potential readers.

There are a variety of academic papers, with essays being the most common one for students. If you’re assigned to write one, use our topic randomizer to pick the best idea.

The 4 main types of academic writing

Our topic generator can propose titles according to a paper type, with each one having specific characteristics. There are ideas for expository, descriptive, persuasive, argumentative, and creative essays. The tool forms them so that the title and the writing style fit the format.

Whether it’s an assignment or your desire to compose something creative—it doesn’t matter! The topic generator can provide you with an idea that can boost your imagination and give you inspiration.

Whether you’re planning a college essay or a blog post, the generating tool can be helpful. If you don’t find your assignment type listed, search by the subject of interest instead. More on that below.

🙋 Pick a Subject

Do you have an area of research that you're required or willing to dive into? If the answer is yes, then consider the subjects that our generator proposes.

The tool can be a great random science topic generator when you need one. It provides a collection of unique topics on natural sciences, as well as healthcare and medicine. Get ready for extensive research or a quick search for useful information—whatever you choose!

What’s more:

The topic maker also covers social studies. You can find an idea for a paper on law, business, political sciences, history, or even religion. Nowadays, topics on theology are increasingly popular, and our tool can help propose ideas on what to write about.

The themes of theology include God, humanity, the world, savation, and eschatology (the study of last times).

When you’re looking for a creative idea, there are art and design topics for you. You can also find suggestions related to literature or language if it’s your sphere of interest. And ideas for such subjects such as media and education can be helpful regardless of your initial task.

Whatever subject you select, you will get a bunch of engaging ideas. So, what’s next?

👀 Consider the Topics

Having found a list or used the research paper topic generator, look at the proposed ideas. Which ones do you find most intriguing? Worthy of your time?

Choose a few topics and eliminate them one by one. Copy the picked ones and paste elsewhere or write the ideas down. From the ideas proposed by our topic generator, make your own list to compare and contrast items later.

Keep in mind:

If the selected ideas are broad, that’s great! You can narrow your topic down further. A vague idea will give you a starting point from which you can determine specifics later. Remember, you don't want your subject matter to be too narrow, as it can be hard to find any credible information on it.

Don't rush with idea finalization

To figure out the perfect in-between, neither too broad, nor too narrow, try selecting a specific aspect or angle for your essay topic. Or you can explore how various factors affect the narrow subject matter.

Overall, improve the topic!

Don’t be afraid to modify the topic to your needs. You’re the one who will be doing the research and essay writing. You should call the shots.

🎯 Define a Thesis Statement

Now that you have your topic area, see if you can create a thesis statement . You don't have to do it right away, but it can help direct your research and develop your arguments.

To create a thesis statement, try turning the given sentence into a question and then try to answer it. Study the subject matter further if you’re unsure where to begin. It’s crucial as this claim will become your thesis.

Bear in mind:

A thesis statement is neither an essay title nor an announcement. It’s a specific assertion that expresses the essential idea of academic writing. It’s the point you will argue throughout your essay, drawing on examples that prove or support this thesis statement. You create it at the beginning of your paper to make a reader understand the point of your work from the start.

3 steps to write a thesis statement

So, use a topic to come up with one key point that you will write in your thesis statement. If it’s impossible for you, find another point or subject matter. An essay question generator can always help you with the latter.

🔎 Research Your Topic and Start an Outline

At this point, you're ready to start, but for any good paper or speech, you need an in-depth knowledge of the idea that you have chosen to write about. You need to find some factual information to support your thesis statement.

Handbooks and encyclopedias - how useful are they

Start by investigating the idea and composing an outline. If you see that you can't structure and write an appropriate text, change the topic a bit or select an entirely new one. It’s more appropriate to change a subject matter while you are writing, rather than suffer through attempting to compose an entire paper.

To organize your essay or research, include topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph. They should include the idea you are discussing in that paragraph and they should link to your thesis statement. Coming up with them beforehand can help offer structure to your writing and your research.


You have now successfully chosen a topic for your academic writing. Use our essay idea generator for future projects and share this article to help others with their writing.

❓ Speech Topic Generator FAQ

❓ how do you create ideas for an essay.

First of all, understand the assignment and the subject. When it’s done, there are 4 key methods:

  • Brainstorming. Write down all the words and phrases that you associate with the subject.
  • Freewriting. Write non-stop for a few minutes.
  • Idea web. Create a web of terms and phrases related to the subject.
  • Daydreaming. Let your mind wander, write when you’re ready.

❓ How do you choose a topic for an essay?

The following tips will help you with picking the perfect topic:

  • Start from examining the task. Understand your assignment and determine your field.
  • Find something that you’re curious about. Eliminate boring topics from the start.
  • Select an idea that is neither too broad nor too narrow. Improve the topic, if you’re allowed to.
  • Check whether there are trustworthy sources for your essay.

❓ How do you develop a research topic?

When deciding on a research idea, keep in mind the following:

  • You can select a topic or come up with one. Improve its initial version later to suit you better.
  • Determine your area of interest. Consider what you know and whether it intrigues you.
  • Define your title. Make it narrow enough to know what to focus on.
  • Find reliable and relevant sources.

❓ How can I start writing?

Writing should start from you ensuring that you have enough time to write without distractions. Then, create or choose a good idea. Composing will come naturally from you contemplating on and researching a fruitful topic.

Take notes and make an outline before you proceed to actually write. If you can’t start from the beginning, start composing from any other part.

❓ What is a good persuasive speech topic?

A good persuasive speech topic is the one that you have something to say about. If you care about what you’re talking about, you have a higher chance of convincing your audience.

Make your topic appropriate and relevant to your listeners. But find one that not everyone heard about. Even the most engaging topic becomes boring when it’s overdone.

  • Introduction to Research: Cornell University Library
  • Prewriting Strategies: KU Writing Center
  • Choosing a Topic: Purdue Writing Center
  • Tips on Choosing a Topic for Long-Term Blogging Success: Susan Gunelius, Lifewire
  • How to Choose Your Thesis Topic: Central European University
  • Thesis Statement: Literacy Education Online

1200 out of 1500 words used

Quota = 1500 words

Generate Perfect Topics with Ease

Fill out the brief below to Generate a High Quality Essay!

Please enter a valid Subject Area/Theme


Provide the Required Information

Didn’t Like the Topics? Try Changing the Instructions a Bit, then Hit Generate!

Instant Inspiration: Explore the Power of Our Essay Topic Generator Tool

Say goodbye to the difficulty of finding the perfect topic and say hello to endless inspiration. Our AI-powered tool is like your creative friend, making personalized essay topics with just a click.

No more staring at blank screens—our generator is made to spark your imagination right away.

Easy to use yet smart, this tool lets you be in charge. Whether you're writing about science, literature, history, or technology, we've got it all covered.

Why choose the ordinary when brilliance is just a click away?

Upgrade your writing experience with our Essay Topic Generator, where every topic opens a door to a world of possibilities.

What Exactly is an Essay Topic Generator?

The Essay Topic Generator is a tool that helps you easily find interesting and personalized topics for your essays. It's designed to save you time and spark your creativity by generating tailored essay topics based on your preferences.

You can specify your interests, subject area, or any unique requirements, and the generator will provide you with a curated list of captivating topics.

It's a user-friendly way to overcome writer's block and enhance your writing experience.

Key Features of Our Essay Topic Generator Tool

Make the most of our Essay Topic Generator with these special features designed to make your writing experience better.

🌐 Personalized Topics:

Tailor your essay topics to match your interests, subject area, or specific requirements for a truly customized writing experience.

⚡ Instant Generation:

Experience the convenience of a single click generating a curated list of captivating topics, saving you time and eliminating writer's block.

🔄 User-Friendly Interface:

Navigate effortlessly through our intuitive tool, making the process of selecting topics simple and enjoyable for users of all levels.

📚 Versatility Across Subjects:

Whether you're delving into science, literature, history, or technology, our tool covers a broad spectrum of subjects to meet diverse academic needs.

🚀 Effortless Creativity:

Say goodbye to the struggle of finding the perfect topic and hello to a world of inspiration, where your ideas can flow effortlessly.

🤖 Smart Technology:

Benefit from our AI-driven algorithms that ensure the generated topics are not only relevant but also of high quality, meeting academic standards.

Become a Part of Our Ever Growing Community of Writers and Students is your ultimate choice for those seeking exceptional essay topics. Join our ever-growing community of 1.2M+ students who rely on our Essay Topic Generator to enhance their writing creativity.

Let us guide you in effortlessly achieving excellence in your essay topic selection journey.

Get Topics in

Quick Results, Lightning Fast!

Out of 5 Stars

Glowing Reviews, Speak Volumes!

Claim your FREE 1st trial, No Sign-Up Required!

Get Unique Essay Topics With Ease And Incredible Speed

How to Use Our Essay Topic Generator?

Finding a great essay topic is now a breeze! Just follow these simple steps to make the most of our tool:

Choose Your Field of Discussion

Begin by selecting the subject or field you're exploring. Whether it's chemistry, biology, Artificial Intelligence, or any other area of interest.

Specify Your Essay Type

Next up, let the tool know about the type of essay you're aiming for. Are you aiming to persuade, analyze, or present a compelling argument? Choose from categories such as argumentative, persuasive, analytical, and more.

Identify Your Intended Audience

Lastly, consider your audience. Are you writing for scholars, teenagers, high schoolers, or a specific group? Communicating with your target audience ensures that the generated topics resonate with the intended readership.

And that’s it! With these three simple steps, our tool transforms the often challenging task of choosing a topic into a seamless and personalized experience.

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Elevate your writing effortlessly with our user-friendly writing tools. Craft better content and enjoy the process!

Paragraph Generator

Sentence expander, paraphrasing tool.


Write Perfect Paragraphs in a Snap!

Struggling to find the right words? Our Paragraph Generator is your secret weapon to effortlessly construct well-crafted paragraphs. Elevate your writing game and watch your ideas flow seamlessly into perfectly structured paragraphs.

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essay writing topic generator

Essay Topic Generator

Ai-powered essay topic ideas.

  • High school or college essays: Find engaging topics for your academic assignments.
  • Blog posts: Discover interesting subjects to write about and attract readers to your blog.
  • Research papers: Uncover unique angles to explore in your next research paper.
  • Opinion pieces: Generate thought-provoking topics for opinion articles or editorials.
  • Thesis or dissertation: Identify potential topics for your graduate or postgraduate research.

New & Trending Tools

Argumentative essay assistant, readability enhancer, increase word count.

Topic Sentence Generator – Free & Fast Tool

A vital element of any text is topic sentences in the introduction and body paragraphs. Your ideas should be structured for readers to understand the central thesis and its supporting arguments. Well-formulated topic sentences perform this function: aid in understanding the essay's logic. Use our essay topic sentence generator to create a compelling beginning for each paragraph.

  • 📍 All About the Tool
  • ✍️ How to Write a Topic Sentence

🧩 Parts of a Topic Sentence

  • 🎬 Topic Sentence Starters

🔗 References

📍 topic sentence generator – what is it.

Our topic sentence generator for essays and research papers is a free online tool that will help students formulate an excellent topic sentence for their writing.

What Is a Topic Sentence?

A topic sentence is the first sentence of a paragraph that conveys the general concept or theme of the work.

It includes enough information to support numerous subtopics and examples but doesn't obscure the purpose of the text. A strong topic sentence is brief , powerful , and emphasizes critical thought with supporting information.

  • The positioning of the topic sentence varies depending on the author's intentions. Starting with the topic sentence guides readers to the key message immediately.
  • When significant details lead to a generalization, it is sensible to place the topic sentence at the end of the paragraph.

The Purpose of a Topic Sentence

A topic sentence's purpose is to direct the reader to the subject of the paragraph . It presents the particular issue of the text section and relates to the essay's thesis statement . Moreover, topic sentences structure an essay by dividing it into key points.

Topic Sentence Vs. Thesis

Although the topic and thesis statements should be precise, concise, and explicit, they differ:

✍️ How to Write a Body Paragraph Topic Sentence

There are four practical steps you have to take to create a solid topic sentence .

Determine the main idea of the paragraph . To write a topic sentence, you must understand the subject matter of your paper. A thesis statement will help you identify the fundamental concept of the paragraph.

Create a statement . Creating a statement that includes what and why questions and leads to your core idea is essential. You must describe the issue and explain why it is crucial.

Formulate the topic sentence . Write a statement that introduces the subtopic of a particular paragraph and leads readers back to the thesis statement. You can keep using the what and why structure as you write new topic sentences for each section.

Add transitions between paragraphs . Topic sentences should also establish a throughline in your research paper by drawing on the previous sections. Utilize transition words to refer to the previous paragraph while heading to the next section.

A topic sentence consists of 2 parts:

  • The topic . This is the paragraph's subject, indicating what the paragraph is about.
  • The controlling idea. This is the point that leads to the supporting arguments and limits its scope.

Here are some examples from our topic sentence generator with the topics in bold and the controlling ideas in italic .

A Good Topic Sentence Features

A solid topic sentence has the following features:

  • Novelty . A good topic sentence is well-focused on a fresh concept since it always provides new information for the reader.
  • Specificity . If the beginning of a paragraph is too broad, the reader will be confused about what to expect next.
  • Strength . The topic sentence should provide explicit and unambiguous information.

🎬 Essay Topic Sentence Starters

Some of the most powerful words in writing are those opening a sentence, for they introduce the mood of the sentence. We have prepared some catchy starters that you can use as your opening phrases:

  • Views on …. range from...
  • Emphasized are...
  • Here, we discuss...
  • The key aspect discussed...
  • The central theme...
  • The issue focused on...
  • As shown below...
  • Resulting from this...
  • While this may be true...
  • Latest research corroborates the view that...
  • The focus of discussion is...
  • The premise of (the topic) is based on...
  • The supposition drawn from this is that...
  • There is growing support for the notion that...
  • The data gathered in the study strongly suggests that...
  • Leading to the supposition that...
  • The source suggests...
  • A sensible idea would be to...

Thank you for reading this article! If you have already written your topic sentence, try our free concluding sentence maker .

❓ Topic Sentence Generator FAQ

  • The topic of the paragraph;
  • The controlling idea of the paragraph.
  • How to Write a Topic Sentence (With Examples and Tips) |
  • The Topic Sentence | SEA - Supporting English Acquisition
  • What Are Good Sentence Starters for Essays? | Grammarly
  • Tips on Writing a Thesis Statement | Writing Center
  • Write Your Essay | UNSW Current Student
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This page contains a free essay topic sentence generator that will help you create a killing first phrase for each paragraph. A topic sentence is a vital element of any text, as it structures your arguments and introduces the body paragraph. Find here a fast and effective generator as well as helpful tips on how to formulate an impressive topic sentence.

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  • How to Write Topic Sentences | 4 Steps, Examples & Purpose

How to Write Topic Sentences | 4 Steps, Examples & Purpose

Published on July 21, 2022 by Shona McCombes . Revised on June 5, 2023.

How to Write Topic Sentences

Every paragraph in your paper needs a topic sentence . The topic sentence expresses what the paragraph is about. It should include two key things:

  • The  topic of the paragraph
  • The central point of the paragraph.

After the topic sentence, you expand on the point zwith evidence and examples.

To build a well-structured argument, you can also use your topic sentences to transition smoothly between paragraphs and show the connections between your points.

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Table of contents

Writing strong topic sentences, topic sentences as transitions between paragraphs, topic sentences that introduce more than one paragraph, where does the topic sentence go, frequently asked questions about topic sentences.

Topic sentences aren’t the first or the last thing you write—you’ll develop them throughout the writing process. To make sure every topic sentence and paragraph serves your argument, follow these steps.

Step 1: Write a thesis statement

The first step to developing your topic sentences is to make sure you have a strong thesis statement . The thesis statement sums up the purpose and argument of the whole paper.

Thesis statement example

Food is an increasingly urgent environmental issue, and to reduce humans’ impact on the planet, it is necessary to change global patterns of food production and consumption.

Step 2: Make an essay outline and draft topic sentences

Next, you should make an outline of your essay’s structure , planning what you want to say in each paragraph and what evidence you’ll use.

At this stage, you can draft a topic sentence that sums up the main point you want to make in each paragraph. The topic sentences should be more specific than the thesis statement, but always clearly related to it.

Topic sentence example

Research has consistently shown that the meat industry has a significant environmental impact .

Step 3: Expand with evidence

The rest of the paragraph should flow logically from the topic sentence, expanding on the point with evidence, examples, or argumentation. This helps keep your paragraphs focused: everything you write should relate to the central idea expressed in the topic sentence.

In our example, you might mention specific research studies and statistics that support your point about the overall impact of the meat industry.

Step 4: Refine your topic sentences

Topic sentences usually start out as simple statements. But it’s important to revise them as you write, making sure they match the content of each paragraph.

A good topic sentence is specific enough to give a clear sense of what to expect from the paragraph, but general enough that it doesn’t give everything away. You can think of it like a signpost: it should tell the reader which direction your argument is going in.

To make your writing stronger and ensure the connections between your paragraphs are clear and logical, you can also use topic sentences to create smooth transitions. To improve sentence flow even more, you can also utilize the paraphrase tool .

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See an example

essay writing topic generator

As you write each topic sentence, ask yourself: how does this point relate to what you wrote in the preceding paragraph? It’s often helpful to use transition words in your topic sentences to show the connections between your ideas.

Emphasize and expand

If the paragraph goes into more detail or gives another example to make the same point, the topic sentence can use words that imply emphasis or similarity (for example, furthermore , indeed , in fact , also ).

Indeed , cattle farming alone is responsible for a large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions.

Summarize and anticipate

If the paragraph turns to a different aspect of the same subject, the topic sentence can briefly sum up the previous paragraph and anticipate the new information that will appear in this one.

While beef clearly has the most dramatic footprint, other animal products also have serious impacts in terms of emissions, water and land use.

Compare and contrast

If the paragraph makes a comparison or introduces contrasting information, the topic sentence can use words that highlight difference or conflict (for example, in contrast , however , yet , on the other hand ).

However , the environmental costs of dietary choices are not always clear-cut; in some cases, small-scale livestock farming is more sustainable than plant-based food production.

You can also imply contrast or complicate your argument by formulating the topic sentence as a question.

Is veganism the only solution, or are there more sustainable ways of producing meat and dairy?

Sometimes you can use a topic sentence to introduce several paragraphs at once.

All of the examples above address the environmental impact of meat-eating versus veganism. Together, they make up one coherent part of a larger argument, so the first paragraph could use a topic sentence to introduce the whole section.

In countries with high levels of meat consumption, a move towards plant-based diets is the most obvious route to making food more sustainable. Research has consistently shown that the meat industry has significant environmental impacts.

The topic sentence usually goes at the very start of a paragraph, but sometimes it can come later to indicate a change of direction in the paragraph’s argument.

Given this evidence of the meat industry’s impact on the planet, veganism seems like the only environmentally responsible option for consumers. However, the environmental costs of dietary choices are not always clear-cut; in some cases, small-scale livestock farming is more sustainable than plant-based food production.

In this example, the first sentence summarizes the main point that has been made so far. Then the topic sentence indicates that this paragraph will address evidence that complicates or contradicts that point.

In more advanced or creative forms of academic writing , you can play with the placement of topic sentences to build suspense and give your arguments more force. But if in doubt, to keep your research paper clear and focused, the easiest method is to place the topic sentence at the start of the paragraph.

View topic sentences in an example essay

A topic sentence is a sentence that expresses the main point of a paragraph . Everything else in the paragraph should relate to the topic sentence.

Topic sentences help keep your writing focused and guide the reader through your argument.

In an essay or paper , each paragraph should focus on a single idea. By stating the main idea in the topic sentence, you clarify what the paragraph is about for both yourself and your reader.

The topic sentence usually comes at the very start of the paragraph .

However, sometimes you might start with a transition sentence to summarize what was discussed in previous paragraphs, followed by the topic sentence that expresses the focus of the current paragraph.

Let’s say you’re writing a five-paragraph  essay about the environmental impacts of dietary choices. Here are three examples of topic sentences you could use for each of the three body paragraphs :

  • Research has shown that the meat industry has severe environmental impacts.
  • However, many plant-based foods are also produced in environmentally damaging ways.
  • It’s important to consider not only what type of diet we eat, but where our food comes from and how it is produced.

Each of these sentences expresses one main idea – by listing them in order, we can see the overall structure of the essay at a glance. Each paragraph will expand on the topic sentence with relevant detail, evidence, and arguments.

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