33 Good Tinder Bios That Will Help You Get More Matches

Step one: avoid negativity.

A good Tinder bio will make your potential matches curious to learn more about you.

Whether you tend to go through Tinder profiles as a mindless distraction while sitting at your office desk or you’re looking for a serious relationship , most dating app users can agree that swiping easily becomes a habit. In fact, 70% of Tinder users in the U.S. use the app multiple times a week . If you find yourself falling within that majority, you may be wondering how to write a good Tinder bio. Once they’ve caught a glimpse of your cute selfies or adorable shots with your dog, your bio should seal the deal on getting a right swipe.

“A good Tinder bio starts with standing out from the crowd by making your profile engaging,” certified relationship coach Amie Leadingham tells Bustle. She also recommends using humor make your bio more memorable and pique the curiosity of your potential matches.

Leadingham also suggests avoiding the “negatives'' when crafting your Tinder bio; a popular phrase that many people make the mistake of using is “no hookups.” While some may think this approach will discourage daters just looking for casual flings , starting with negativity right off the bat can be off-putting for the people you do want to attract. “[‘No hookups’] seems presumptuous and negative,” Leadingham says. “Focus on what you want instead.”

In other words, rather than listing the things you don’t want from a partner, be clear about what you are looking for . For example, it’s a good idea to mention that you want a long-term partnership in your Tinder bio if that’s true for you — as Leadingham points out, a 2015 study conducted by Tinder showed that 80% of users are on the app to find an LTR . She also recommends viewing your bio as a “targeted marketing ad” and keeping it regularly updated. As you try out different inclusions and formats, you’ll start to notice patterns in the matches you make. Consider the positive trends, and cater your bio to them.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to start or refresh your own, here are examples of good Tinder bios.

Funny Tinder Bios

1. Pros and cons of dating me: Pro, you won’t be single. Con: You’ll be dating me

2. Just looking for something super casual, like marriage and children. Nothing serious!

3. Two truths and a lie: I ran the Boston Marathon, I hate pineapple on pizza, one of these is a lie.

Fun Tinder Bios

1. Looking for an adventure partner. You in?

2. I want to know your favorite song, but in order to tell me, you have to sing it to me.

3. The most important thing to know about me? I dance at concerts.

4. First round is on me if you can beat me in Mario Kart.

Flirty Tinder Bios

1. Looking for a reason to delete this app, and hopefully, you’re it!

2. On a scale from one to Slurpees on 7/11: how free are you tonight?

3. Make and send me a playlist so I know it’s real.

4. If we match, that means we have to get married, right?

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Creative Tinder Bios

1. If you couldn’t skip a single song while listening to an album, which would you choose?

2. I’m looking for someone to dance around with me in the refrigerator light, sing in the car, and get lost upstate. Yes, this is all from a Taylor Swift song.

3. Hoping we fall madly in love, break up, then dramatically reunite decades later. Let’s give Bennifer a run for their money.

Sarcastic Tinder Bios

1. Saying “Not looking for hookups” on Tinder is like saying “I’m allergic to shellfish” in a Red Lobster.

2. I’m really loving the variety in all the photos on here. It’s like a Dr. Seuss book: One dead fish, two dead fish, red dead fish, blue dead fish.

3. Can’t wait to match, exchange one message, and then never talk again!

4. They say love happens when you least expect it, and trust me, my expectations could not be lower right now.

Suggestive Tinder Bios

1. I’m vaxxed and waxed. Do what you will with that information.

2. Looking for someone to hold the door open for me, but slap my butt as I walk through.

3. My dog’s name is Remi, and he’s looking for a father… I, however, am looking for a daddy.

4. Not picky about how tall you are, because everyone is the same height in bed.

Clever Tinder Bios

1. The last time I was someone’s “type” was when I donated blood.

2. Trying Tinder out because mouthing “I love you” to strangers out of my car window doesn’t seem to be working.

3. Do you like my sweater? It’s made of girlfriend material.

Response-Provoking Tinder Bios

1. If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

2. Give me your best pickup line.

3. Tell me about the last time you cried, and I’ll tell you about mine.

4. My most unpopular opinion is that Disney is overrated. What’s yours?

Cute Tinder Bios

1. I need someone to fill in for Timbaland’s half of the “Promiscuous” duet with Nelly Furtado. Trying to sing both by myself is getting really exhausting.

2. Looking for the pepperoni to my pizza, the peanut butter to my jelly, the cheese to my crackers. Oh dang… now I’m hungry.

3. I may not be the best cook, but I know how to whip up a great order with Uber Eats. Satisfaction guaranteed.

4. Now taking applications for a boyfriend. Must be certified in cuddling and telling me I’m pretty. Swipe right to inquire within.

No matter which direction you decide to go in, these good Tinder bios will have your matches itching to know more. And if you don’t see the results you want right away, opt for something different. Remember, Leadingham says it’s a good idea to switch up your bio on the reg anyway.

Amie Leadingham, certified relationship coach

This article was originally published on Dec. 30, 2021

how to write a short tinder bio


Watch your matches on tinder soar with these 37 flirty & clever bios.

Sarah Regan

Tinder can be an abysmal sea of swiping, or a place where you can make quality matches, link up for dates, and maybe even find your next significant other. But before you can get there, you've gotta set up your profile, including coming up with a clever bio.

As certified sex therapist  De-Andrea Blaylock-Solar, MSW, LCSW-S, CST , tells mindbodygreen, trying to summarize yourself in a short bio is hard enough, let alone trying to be witty about it. But according to her, when it comes to penning the best Tinder bios, it's all about showcasing what makes you you.

Namely, she suggests, lead with your own sense of humor, be authentic, and don't take it too seriously. It can also be helpful to ask trusted friends for feedback on your profile, "Just to make sure it's not too thirsty or creepy and looks appealing and approachable," Blaylock-Solar adds.

Depending on what you're looking for, you might be looking for a sincere bio, a funny one, or of course, a suggestive one—so we rounded up 37 of the best Tinder bios (and categorized them too), so you can give your profile a revamp.

Sincere Tinder bios:

While dating apps like Hinge are typically considered the place to be for those seeking more serious relationships, there are cases of people who have found their significant other on Tinder, despite its reputation for hookups and flings.

If you're looking for someone who is actually interested in going out and getting to know each other, try any of these bios on for size:

  • Might be looking for love in all the wrong places but...prove me wrong?
  • I am, in fact, here for a long time, not just a good time.
  • Got a lot of love to give, just need to find someone to give it to.
  • Want to help me delete this app?
  • Swipe right if you want to be more than pen pals for two days.
  • Lover of coffee, good books, and meeting new, interesting people.
  • If you like home-cooked meals, curated playlists, and/or smooth jazz, swipe right.

Funny Tinder bios:

Humor is one of the quickest ways to connect with a new person—if you're lucky enough to find someone with the same sense of humor as you, that is. As such, showcasing your humor in your bio is a great way to attract people who find the same things amusing, so give any of these funny bios a try:

  • If you can't handle me at my worst, my best will probably not make up for it. Your move.
  • "5 stars, best night of my life!" —Anonymous Tinder woman
  • Professional shower singer seeking a duet partner.
  • My grandma keeps telling me to settle down, if anyone could help me with that.
  • Is the olive theory really true? Let's find out.
  • Casual hookups are off the table, but we can talk about semi-formal, business casual, or white tie.
  • Swipe right if you're as sick of this app as I am.
  • Just looking for someone to do a couple's Halloween costume with.

Flirty Tinder bios:

If you're going to swipe on Tinder , you might as well have a little fun with it. Plus, you'd be surprised—flirty bios might just provoke more responses than you think. Try any of these out and see if people take the bait:

  • Give me one date and I'll make sure you don't regret matching with me.
  • Seeking: Wedding date who likes to dance like no one's watching.
  • There are three ways to my heart: nudes, noodles, and new matches on Tinder.
  • Have we matched beforem or do I just recognize you from my dreams?
  • I can't summarize myself in one sentence so I guess you'll just have to find out for yourself.
  • If Tinder was a pumpkin patch, I'd pick you.
  • Passenger princess seeking kind and loyal chauffeur.
  • We can tell our friends we met at a concert.

Suggestive Tinder bios:

Let's be honest—a lot of people on Tinder might only be looking to hookup , and that might even include you! If that's what you're going for, it's best to put it out there right away so the people who match with you will already know the deal. Here are some suggestive ideas to get you started:

  • HMU if you want to test out my new sheets with me.
  • Let me show you the real meaning of "nice guys finish last."
  • I like my dates how I like my movies: short, action-packed, and with an unforgettable climax.
  • My dog needs a dog dad—and I need a daddy.
  • I'm not a great cook, but I eat out like a pro.
  • I've always wanted to be a pirate. To this day, I still go wild for booty.
  • You use Colgate? I'd rather give you Oral B.

Witty Tinder bios:

There are funny Tinder bios, and then there are witty Tinder bios. If you want to come off as clever and cool, here are a handful of witty Tinder bios to spark people's interest:

  • I'm a woman on a mission: finding a guy who can keep up.
  • You pick the when, I'll pick the where, and we'll go from there.
  • Lover of slow Sundays, sunset drives, and if you're lucky, you.
  • If I'm trash does that mean there's a chance you'll take me out?
  • I'm great with numbers—give me yours and I'll show you.
  • If you want someone who will give you laugh lines instead of frown lines, swipe right.
  • Let's grab a slice sometime unless that's too cheesy.

What is best Tinder bio?

The best Tinder bio depends on what you're looking for and what about yourself you want to showcase. Good rules of thumb include using humor and letting your personality shine.

What should I write in my Tinder bio?

Keep your Tinder bio short and sweet, with just a sentence or two that gives a clue into what you're looking for, and/or what you're like as a person.

What do I put on my Tinder bio for a hookup?

If you're looking to hook up, make that clear in your bio. "Here for a good time, not a long time," is a popular bio, but you could also say something like, "Looking to meet new people and have fun," or, "Not looking for anything serious but am looking for fun."

The takeaway

At the end of the day, don't overthink your Tinder bio too much. In fact, now that there are options to beef up your profile—like selecting your interests or linking your Spotify profile—you could even get away with leaving your bio blank. (So long as your photos, music taste, and interests paint enough of a picture of who you are, that is.)

Nevertheless, if you do want to have something written and you've got a case of writer's block, try a few of these bios and see if you notice an uptick in likes—you might find there's a bio that makes your profile stand out that much more.

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The Best Tinder Bios & Tips for Guys

Last Updated: September 18, 2023 Fact Checked

This article was co-authored by Maya Diamond, MA and by wikiHow staff writer, Aly Rusciano . Maya Diamond is a Dating and Relationship Coach in Berkeley, CA. She has 13 years of experience helping singles stuck in frustrating dating patterns find internal security, heal their past, and create healthy, loving, and lasting partnerships. She received her Master's in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2009. There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 440,544 times.

Want someone to swipe right on your Tinder profile? Well, it all comes down to the bio. Your Tinder bio is your first impression to potential matches, so what should it say? Before you panic, keep reading because we’ve got the best Tinder bios for guys and all the extra tips you need to make your profile great. All you have to do is find a bio you like, copy, paste, and personalize!

Things You Should Know

  • Try a funny, flirty, or creative bio for an easy way to stand out from other profiles.
  • Show off your personality in your Tinder bio to attract potential matches.
  • Avoid leaving your bio blank. Potential matches are less likely to swipe right if your profile doesn't have a bio.

Funny Tinder Bios

Try a funny bio to make potential matches laugh.

  • “I’m Mat, and I’m hoping you don’t walk all over me.” [1] X Research source
  • “Cute enough to take your breath away, but smart enough to bring it back.”
  • “‘So, kids, I swiped right, and that’s how I met your father.’ - You, after a decade.”
  • “Last time I was somebody’s type, I was donating blood.”

Flirty Tinder Bios

Captivate a match right away with a flirtatious bio.

  • “The only thing I wear is husband material.”
  • “Felt cute, might delete later.”
  • “Feel free to add me to your to-do list.”
  • “If we match, we’re getting married, right?”

Creative Tinder Bios

Show off your creative side with a bio that’s unique to you.

  • “Pros: Great at making pasta Cons: Can only make pasta” [2] X Research source
  • “2 truths and a lie: I’m double jointed. I have a 3-legged cat. I’ve been stung by a jellyfish in Hawaii.”
  • “Song that sums up my life: Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith”
  • “In a zombie apocalypse, I’d lock myself in a 7/11 and survive on Slurpees.”

Suggestive Tinder Bios

Tell potential matches exactly what you’re here for with a suggestive bio.

  • “I can touch my elbow with my tongue.” [3] X Research source
  • “Looking for a bad boy? Looks like you've come to the right place.”
  • “72% gentleman, 28%...You’ll have to find out.”
  • “Naughty or nice? You decide.”

Engaging Tinder Bios

Grab a potential match’s attention with an engaging bio.

  • “Looking for someone to watch crime documentaries with.” [5] X Research source
  • “Would you rather never be able to eat potatoes or only ever be able to eat potatoes?”
  • “I dare you to send your best pickup line.”
  • “Unpopular opinion: Pineapple belongs on pizza.”

Simple Tinder Bios

Stick to a simple bio that describes your personality.

  • “Rebellious Aquarius who likes bending the spines of paperbacks.”
  • “Journalist. Capricorn. Can speak 3 languages.”
  • “Just an easy-going guy who talks too much and likes football.”
  • “I couldn’t live without sunrises, cookie dough ice cream, or Wheel of Fortune.”

Tips for Making the Best Profile

Step 1 Keep your profile about you.

  • Letting your personality show is the best way to capture potential matches, so don’t be afraid to be different and authentically you! After all, your profile should express yourself and all your loveable quirks.
  • Take a flattering photo of yourself or use a candid shot taken by a friend as your first profile picture, as it's more appealing than a selfie. [7] X Research source

Step 2 Explain why you’re on Tinder.

  • “Looking for someone to become friends first and maybe more after.”
  • “I’m not here to make friends or to have a serious relationship—just looking to have some fun!”
  • “Seeking a serious relationship and possible chef.”

Step 3 Keep your bio short and sweet.

  • Give potential matches something to ask you about. The goal of an online dating profile is to spark a conversation. If you detail everything, a match won’t have any questions to ask.

Step 4 Never leave your profile blank.

  • If you’re not sure what to put in your bio, write down a list of your interests and hobbies. Then, think about how you can tweak our above examples to fit your personality.

Step 5 Double-check your grammar and spelling.

  • A 🙂 or 😊 after a friendly bio could be an exception as it universally radiates positive energy.
  • A 🐶 or 🐱 in a bio discussing a love for dogs or cats may also be acceptable to show your playful side.
  • A 😉 or 😏 might be used in a flirty bio but may come off as too suggestive.

Get More Dates with this Expert Series for Men

1 - Look Attractive (Guys)

Expert Q&A

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Expert Interview

how to write a short tinder bio

Thanks for reading our article! If you’d like to learn more about tinder, check out our in-depth interview with Maya Diamond, MA .

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how to write a short tinder bio

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How to Write a Good Tinder Bio: 7 Best Examples

How To Write A Good Tinder Bio?

Your fate in online dating is determined by the number of swipes your profile gets. And to gain those precious right swipes, you will need the best Tinder photos and a sweet and short bio that condense your entire personality and life story into a few short lines.

But how to write a good tinder bio?

This must sound super challenging. Fear not, because we are here.

Stay with us, and we will explore how to write the best Tinder bios that will make you irresistible to potential matches. From witty one-liners to honest self-reflection, we'll show you how to write a Tinder bio that will make them swipe right every time.

Struggling to stand out?

Craft your unique bio in just 2 minutes


Join 304,615 happy users

Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

7 Best Examples of Great Tinder Bios

What to put in your tinder bio, why should you write a good tinder bio.

7 Best Examples of Great Tinder Bios

Too introverted to write a bio?


Here are some best Tinder bios examples that you can use as inspiration:

1. "I'm a coffee lover, wine enthusiast, and bookworm. Looking for someone who can join me on all three of those things, preferably at the same time."

2. "If you love puns, witty banter, and dad jokes, we'll get along just fine. Bonus points if you can keep up with my sarcasm."

3. "I'm a foodie at heart, but I also love hiking, yoga, and dancing. Looking for someone who can keep up with my energy level and join me on all my adventures."

4. "I'm a hopeless romantic who still believes in chivalry, spontaneity, and old-fashioned values. Seeking someone who shares my passion for making every moment count."

5. "I'm a traveler who's been to over 30 countries and counting. Hoping to find someone who loves to explore new places, try new foods, and get lost in new cultures."

6. "I'm a dog person who loves all animals, especially my furry four-legged best friend. Seeking someone who understands the joy of petting a dog and isn't afraid to get their hands dirty."

7. "I'm a lifelong learner who's always looking for ways to grow, challenge myself, and improve. Hoping to find someone who shares my thirst for knowledge and isn't afraid to try new things."

Remember, your Tinder bio should be an authentic reflection of who you are and what you're looking for. Don't be afraid to be creative; be honest and straightforward about your interests, values, and intentions.

Ready to Stand Out?

Our Bio generator is the game-changer your profile needs.

We aim to increase both your quantity and quality of matches.

Ready for more quality matches ? Let's get started!

What to put in your Tinder bio?

We'll create your distinct bio in just 2 minutes, designed for introverts to make you stand out in the crowd.

Your Tinder bio shows an insight into who you are, your interests, and what you consider a good match. Therefore, you must make sure you paint the best picture of your life with your words.

On the other hand, your bio will build a vibe about your personality, allowing you to attract similar-minded matches. So, it's best to write a bio considering the type of person you wish to date.

Here are a few things you might want to include in your Tinder bio

1. Talk about your Passions and Interests

Tinder bios show dedication to the things you love the most and are great conversation starters. It makes you more attractive to the right person who shares similar interests.

However, Instead of just listing generic hobbies like "traveling" or "watching movies," get specific about the things you enjoy. For example, you could mention that you're a fan of hiking, playing guitar, or trying new craft beers.

2. Avoid intense self-deprecating humor

A funny Tinder bio is a great way to make your profile more humorous and engaging , but it's important to be careful with your humor. While some self-deprecation can be funny, going overboard can send the wrong message and turn off potential matches.

Intense self-deprecation can make it seem like you have low self-esteem, lack confidence, or are overly negative. It can also come across as attention-seeking or even insincere. Instead, balance your humor with positive and confident statements about yourself.

3. Be short and concise

Instead of writing an entire novel about your personality, choose organized, short, and simple Tinder bios to convey your thoughts. Since you only have limited space on dating apps to showcase who you are, it's important to make every word count.

A short Tinder bio is beneficial because it's easier to read and process, leave room for mystery, and can be updated and tailored to specific matches. Using a concise bio, you can make a strong and compelling statement that captures the attention of potential matches and your chances of making a connection.

Here are some examples of cute tinder bios:

• "Coffee addict, fitness enthusiast, and travel junkie."

• "Hiker, musician, and aspiring chef."

• "Sarcasm expert, pizza enthusiast, and Netflix binger."

• "Art lover, wine connoisseur, and beach bum."

• "Lover of good food, good company, and good times."

4. Add a future date-type activity

Adding specific interests or hobbies to your Tinder bio can help break the ice and pave the way to your first date by providing a potential activity together. If you mention interests that a match shares, it can lead to easier planning of a date based on shared interests.

For example, mentioning being a live music lover can lead to attending a concert together as a first date, while mentioning an interest in cooking can lead to a potential cooking date. Including specific interests makes it easier for matches to plan a fun and engaging first date tailored to your shared interests.

5. Give a sensual touch to your bio

While it's important always to respect others and their boundaries, using flirty tinder bios can be a way to get more matches with like-minded individuals. It can also be a way to break the ice and start a conversation about mutual interests and desires.

Positively, being open and honest about your sexuality can lead to more meaningful connections and potentially even fulfilling relationships. It shows confidence and self-awareness, which can be attractive traits in a partner.

It's important always to approach sexual interactions with respect and consent and to be mindful of others' comfort levels.

Here are some examples of such Tinder bio ideas:

• “Sapiosexual who loves a good debate and a better cuddle. Let's discuss our favorite books and explore each other's minds."

• "I'm a foodie, a traveler, and a lover of all things pleasure. Seeking someone to indulge in life's simple (and not so simple) pleasures with."

• "Passionate about fitness, music, and the art of seduction. Looking for someone who can keep up with me both in and out of the gym."

6. Set some Qualifiers

Setting some qualifiers shows the Tinder users that you have some expectations greater than the looks. Set some qualities that you wish to see in your potential partner. You can talk about physical or non-physical attributes. It can be as simple as someone having a good sense of humor, being adventurous, smiling, being the best cook, etc.

Incorporating our simple online dating tips into your dating game can be the key to creating a bio that can help you make a memorable impact.

Why Should You Write A Good Tinder Bio?

A good Tinder bio is the simplest yet most powerful way to portray your charismatic personality and the expectations of a potential match. If you wish to win a serious relationship on this highly competitive dating app, you need the best Tinder bio for your profile.

Here are a few more reasons to use an appropriate bio for your Tinder profile :

It makes you stand out : A great Tinder bio can help you stand out from the sea of other users on the platform. It can help showcase your personality, interests, and values, making you more attractive and interesting to potential matches.

It attracts women’s attention : A good bio can make you seem more approachable and friendly, encouraging women to reach out to you. It could become a key factor in women feeling compelled to initiate the conversation and ultimately take things to the next level.

It confirms your authenticity and credibility : In a world where catfishing and online deception are all too common, a good Tinder bio confirms that your profile is genuine and that you are who you say you are.

Using good Tinder bios is a small but important step that can make a big difference in your online dating experience. So take the time to craft a Tinder profile that's authentic, engaging, and reflective of who you are as a person

Not getting attention?

Get a bio that stands out in 2 minutes

Writing a good Tinder bio can be challenging, but with a little effort and creativity, you can stand out from the crowd and make a great first impression.

Remember to keep your bio short, sweet, and to the point, highlighting your unique personality and interests.

Use humor, be honest, and avoid clichés and overused phrases. Most importantly, be yourself and let your personality shine through your pickup lines .

With these tips and tinder bio ideas in mind, you can craft a killer Tinder profile that will attract more matches and set you on the path to finding your perfect potential match.

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Funny Tinder Profiles: How To Make Them Laugh & Swipe Right

Funny Tinder Profiles: How To Make Them Laugh & Swipe Right

9 Tips to Take Great Professional Photos For Tinder

9 Tips to Take Great Professional Photos For Tinder

The Best Tinder Bios Reddit has to Offer!

The Best Tinder Bios Reddit has to Offer!

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how to write a short tinder bio

How to Write the Perfect Dating Profile Bio (+15 Ideas to Use on Tinder, Hinge, Etc.)

How to Write the Perfect Dating Profile Bio (+15 Ideas to Use on Tinder, Hinge, Etc.)

Key Takeaways

  • Authenticity is Key: It's important to be authentic in your dating bio to attract the right matches and ensure better chemistry on first dates.
  • Essential Bio Elements: Your bio should clearly state what you're looking for, your interests, and what you want in a potential match to start meaningful conversations.
  • Avoid Common Pitfalls: Steer clear of corny pick-up lines, overly short bios, and negativity in your profile to make a positive impression.

The first step to success on any dating app is setting up a great profile. The world of online dating requires you to summarize your personality, interests, values, and more in just a few pics and a couple of short lines.

Sound impossible? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

How to Craft The Best Online Dating Profile

Nearly 45 million people in the United States use dating apps. So, needless to say, it’s important to make your online dating profile stand out from the crowd to get potential matches to swipe right.

The best dating apps will guide you through the process of putting together your profile and some even provide prompts to help you showcase more of your personality.

Solid prompt answers are definitely important, but you really want to nail down your profile bio in order to catch someone’s attention.

Amie Leadingham, says, “A good Tinder bio starts with standing out from the crowd by making your profile engaging”. But you want to make sure you’re engaging the right people, which is why the dating coaches and dating experts of the world agree that being authentic in your dating bio is key.

Alexandra Tweten, creator of Bye Felipe and author of Bye Felipe: Disses, Dick Pics, and Other Delights of Modern Dating , says the best way to make your dating app profile stand out from the crowd is originality, “Have a personality. Say something funny or interesting about yourself. And if you can’t think of anything, ask a friend for a suggestion, or even ask them to write it for you! Sometimes it’s hard to identify our own best qualities, so ask someone who knows.”

Being true to who you are and what you like will help ensure that you’re attracting the right matches and will lead to better chemistry when it comes to first dates.

What to Include in Your Dating Profile Bio

Every dating app differs in terms of setup, but the majority of profiles on dating sites will start with an “About Me” section (after the selfies of course).

The “About Me” section typically includes at a minimum: your name, age, and location. Tinder lets you select interests as well, with options ranging from biking to karaoke. Bumble bios let you specify your drinking and smoking preferences, as does Hinge, which also has options to include political party, religious stance, vaccination status, and more.

So your options depend on which dating app you’re using but we’ll focus on a few key pieces of information that we think you should include in all of them.

1.) What you’re looking for: This is the number one must-have in your dating bio. There is no point in telling someone more about yourself if they’re not on the same page as you. You don’t want to get into a great conversation with someone, only for it to go nowhere when you find out they’re looking for a casual hook up and you’re looking for a serious relationship. People tend to shy away from being upfront about what they want. It can feel vulnerable to say out loud “I want something serious”, but you’re definitely not alone if that is what you’re looking for. In fact, 80% of Tinder users are looking for a long-term relationship.

2.) Your interests: These are the real conversation starters. Along with your pictures, your interests will tell your potential match if you two have things in common. Talk about how you spend your time, what you’re passionate about, and what matters most to you in life.

3.) What you want in a potential match: One of the best profile tips from Bumble is to communicate what type of person you’re looking for. Are you a big hiker and you’re looking for a fellow outdoors enthusiast to go on adventures with? Maybe you’re a homebody and your ideal partner is someone content with staying in, ordering takeout, and watching a movie on a Friday night. Whatever you’re into, make it clear, so other daters know if they fit the vibe you’re looking for.

There’s not a hard-in-stone template for what should and shouldn’t be in your dating app profile, but if you include these three, you’re in a good spot.

What Not to Include in Your Dating Profile Bio

This wouldn’t be a good guide without some notes on what NOT to do when it comes to your dating app bio.

1.) Avoid corny pick-up lines: While there might have been a time when these worked on dating apps, that time is now over. Your bio is precious real estate and wasting it on a cheesy one-liner is doing a disservice to you and the other daters looking for real connection. Alexandra Tweten recommends avoiding cliches or jokes that are over done, “If you’re a man, whenever women see "If you don't look like your profile pics, you're buying the drinks until you do," it makes us want to throw our phones into a volcano.”

2.) Short bio: These are far too common. It’s quite a turn off when people don’t put any effort into their profile. How are you supposed to get any sense of who they actually are if the only thing on their tinder profile is: “Looking for fun” or “Trying to get off of here as soon as possible”.  A little mystery is great, but your dating profile bio is not the time to hold back information in an effort to seem cool.

3.) Negativity: Another big tip from the dating experts is to avoid negativity in your online dating profile. Tweten advises to “Keep it about yourself. Don’t phrase anything in the negative...Instead, include what you ARE looking for and avoid describing any physical appearances. Keep your “no’s” list to yourself. That’s for you to filter out on your own. Even if you’re not typically attracted to blondes, you don’t have to say it in your profile.” So, try to keep it positive to avoid seeming like a downer or triggering red flags.

Now on to the Dating Profile Bios Ideas

We’ve put together a bunch of bio ideas, ranging from cute to funny to creative and even the unexpected. Feel free to use any of these as a starting point and add anything else that you think might be important (remember: what you’re looking for, your interests, and what you want in a potential match)

* We don't subscribe to the gender binary, so use these dating bio examples as you please, but for the sake of this showing up in search results, we've categorized these ideas into dating bio examples for women and dating bio examples for men.

Online Dating Profile Examples for Women

Funny dating bio examples:.

Long walks on the beach (with a twist): I enjoy long walks on the beach, cute dogs, and my weekly session with my therapist.

Overrated/Underrated: Overrated: Cheesy pick up lines Underrated: Sending me a shark tank pitch for why I should go out with you

Most controversial opinion: My most controversial opinion: ketchup belongs on everything—if you disagree, it’s best if you don’t see me in a restaurant setting.

Cute dating bio examples:

Looking for someone to: Looking for someone to exhaust all take-out options with.

First rounds on me if: First rounds on me if you work in tech too (you need a drink).

Dating me is like: Dating me is like watching a Jordan Peele movie: a healthy mix of unexpected twists and character development for everyone involved.

Creative dating bio examples:

Rate yourself:

  • Personality: 10/10
  • Music taste: 9/10
  • Willingness to let you have the aux: 3/10 ‍

Likes and dislikes:

  • Likes: Live music, cat people, Indian food.
  • Dislikes: Big egos, bad coffee, and being left on read.

Two truths and a lie: I’m a great cook, I’ve been to 18 countries, and I’m on here to find love"(this could be a cheeky idea if you’re looking for something casual).

Online Dating Profile Examples for Men

Swipe right, swipe left: Swipe right if you enjoy a good debate. Swipe left if you “don’t talk about politics”.

I may not, but I am: I may not know my way around the wine aisle, but I am a dive bar connoisseur.

By day/By night: Financial analyst and dad dog by day, aspiring salsa dancer and jazz club enthusiast by night

How friends describe you: My friends describe me as “the life of the party”, “their go-to for a good time”, and “in desperate need of someone to take me off their hands”.

Would you rather?: There’s about a milion of these to choose from. Try to pick one that will tell you something interesting about the other person.

Pros and cons list:

  • Pros: I’m a great wedding date, My profile picture actually looks like me, I’ll share my Netflix account.
  • Cons: I’m bad at using emojis, I’m a huge nerd for LOTR, and I own crocs.

And you’re off...

Best of luck! Remember to be yourself, keep an open mind, and as always when it comes to online dating, be safe and use caution.

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how to write a short tinder bio

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how to write a short tinder bio

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how to write a short tinder bio

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how to write a short tinder bio

In This Article:

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Have you ever found yourself swiping left on Tinder because the bio didn't quite cut it? Or perhaps you've been stuck on how to craft your own bio that's equal parts witty, engaging, and true to who you are. Perfecting your Tinder bio could be the difference between finding your match or getting lost in the sea of single guys. In the article, you'll find some of the best Tinder bios we've seen from different guys.

What Is a Tinder Bio?

A Tinder bio is the space where app users tell others about them. Allotted 500 characters, bios can make the difference between potential matches by swiping left or right. ‍

Benefits of a Good Tinder Bio and Why It Matters

Tinder has a brand awareness of 84% in the United States and in the 80s across other countries, such as the United Kingdom and Germany. In addition, the app has a daily active base of 34% and 68% monthly. Therefore, on any given day, a potential match can swipe right on your profile.

How to Write a Great Tinder Bio

When it comes to writing your own bio, here are some key elements to consider:

  • Be Authentic: Your bio should reflect who you are, not who you think people want you to be. Authenticity is attractive.
  • Keep it Short and Sweet: Tinder bios have a 500-character limit. Make every word count!
  • Show, Don't Tell: Instead of saying you're funny, show it with a witty line or joke.
  • Include Your Interests: This can be a great conversation starter and a way to find common ground.
  • Stay Positive: Negativity can be a turn-off. Focus on the good things about you and what you're looking for.

Some believe that the 500 characters that Tinders allots to its users in the bio section is a window into their autobiographies.

‍ Writing a Good Tinder Bio Framework

If you had to sum up your autobiography in 500 characters, what would you say? ‍

Consider answering one of the following questions:

  • What are the pros of dating you?
  • What are the cons of dating you?
  • What do you value?
  • What accomplishment are you most proud of?
  • Are you looking for a short- or long-term connection?
  • Are you new to online dating?
  • Do you have pets?
  • What is your favorite food, travel destination, or sports team?

You can also take an existential stance on the bio and pose a question for potential matches, such as:

  • What is art?
  • If you think not, are you not?
  • Can you sleep while cuddling?
  • Does a tree make a sound if no one is around to hear it?
  • How far east can you travel before it becomes west?

The point is to capture the attention of potential Tinder matches among a sea of suitors, so be yourself and add a little pizzazz. OK - let’s dive into the reason why you’re reading this article; creating the best Tinder bio for your profile.

Funny Tinder Bios for Men

A sense of humor can be a powerful magnet. It shows that you don't take yourself too seriously and that you know how to have fun.

  • I'm not a photographer, but I can picture us together.
  • I still can't believe I'm using a dating app, but if we match, I'll tell people we met at a book club.
  • Professional bathroom singer. Seeking duet partner.
  • I'm like a parking ticket - I've got 'fine' written all over me.
  • Swipe right if you need someone to share your fries with.

funny tinder bio example

The science behind laughter really does exist, and it’s why women gravitate toward the funny guys. Women flock to comedians and class clowns like Pete Davidson. It’s also why the funny guys get so many hosting gigs, like late-night talk show hosts Jimmy Fallon and Craig Ferguson. Laughter indicates two things: a woman’s interest in speaking with a stranger and a woman’s attraction to a suitor. It’s also a great way to execute the push-pull method for flirting. If your Tinder bio can make her smirk, giggle, or laugh, she’s more likely to swipe right. Here are more funny Tinder bio examples to consider.

Clever Tinder Bios for Men

Show off your wit with a clever bio. It can be a great conversation starter for women to jump in and make the first move.

  • I don't have a puppy, but I can still make your heart melt.
  • I have my PhD in Snuggling, with a minor in Netflix binging.
  • Fluent in sarcasm and movie quotes.
  • I'm bad at math, but I can still tell we're a perfect 10.
  • I'm like a fine wine - I get better with age. Or maybe I just get better with more wine.

Example of a Clever Tinder Bio for Men

The ratio between men and women users on Tinder is very unbalanced, 78% and 21%, respectively, and the majority of both genders identify as straight. Users spend up to six seconds before swiping left or right, so a clever bio can help you catch the eye of potential matches. ‍

Profile need a fresh coat of paint? Get a free Tinder bio in minutes with Profile Writer .

how to write a short tinder bio

Genuine Tinder Bios

Use authenticity to stand out. As women sift through numerous profiles, genuine bios often become a refreshing distinction. Authenticity fosters trust and attracts like-minded individuals who value genuine connections. Remember, clarity and truthfulness in your profile aren't just about being honest; it's about ensuring that those who swipe right are genuinely interested in who you are. Try out some of these authentic and genuine Tinder bio lines.

  • Looking for a real connection, not just a one-time thing.
  • I believe in kindness, empathy, and always making time to listen to a friend.
  • I'm a simple guy, looking for a simple girl to share life's adventures with.
  • I love life, and I love living life. I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, restaurants, laughing, and socializing with quality people.
  • I'm a glass-half-full kind of person, looking for someone to fill the other half.

Example of a Genuine Tinder Bio

As Tinder users digest profiles, a lot is going on in those six seconds. Users want to find matches based on interests, life stages, and intent. Therefore, genuine Tinder bios put intent front and center. At one point, Tinder became a platform to find hookups. Seeking to shed that reputation, the platform made some changes to help users find relationships. There’s no need to hide intention, which can lead to disappointment down the road.

Thoughtful Tinder Bios

Thoughtful Tinder bios highlight pensive quotes. From historical figures to pop culture references, such as:

  • I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. - Notting Hill
  • I'm not looking for perfection, I'm looking for chemistry. - Unknown
  • You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. - Mae West
  • The best way to predict the future is to create it. - Abraham Lincoln
  • Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. - Helen Keller

Thoughtful Tinder Bio Example

Using a thoughtful quote lets users know where your interests lie, which might coincide with theirs.

Interesting Tinder bios

Most Tinder bios are boring. Show potential matches what you're passionate about and how you’re more interesting than the rest.

  • Aspiring chef. Willing to whip up a romantic dinner for the right person.
  • I'm a bookworm. Swipe right if you're willing to be my next chapter.
  • Fitness enthusiast. Looking for a partner to conquer gym workouts and enjoy post-workout meals with.
  • Travel junkie. Let's explore the world together.
  • Music lover. Let's trade playlists.

Interesting Tinder Bio

If you were writing your autobiography, what one interesting fact would you want readers to remember? That’s the one that you’ll want to concisely write on your Tinder bio. Maybe you’re looking for a profile revamp - check out online dating profile review tool.

Unique Tinder bios

Let your unique personality shine through.

  • I'm a secret agent by day and a world traveler by night.
  • I have more books than shoes, and I'm okay with that.
  • I'm a professional nap taker. It's harder than it looks.
  • I'm a part-time unicorn.
  • I'm a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n roll.

Unique Tinder Bio Idea

Even though we’re listing the best Tinder bios for guys, look at them as examples. Take pieces as necessary, but spin them to reflect who you are and what you want users to know about you. ‍

Bold Tinder bios

Take a risk with a bold statement:

  • I'm the type of person your parents warned you about.
  • I'm not here for a long time, I'm here for a good time.
  • I'm the good kind of bad news.
  • I'm the whole package: beauty, brains, and a whole lot of heart.
  • I'm proof that good things come in small packages.

Example of Bold Tinder Bio

Finally, the best Tinder bios for guys take risks and use bold statements. Trying to find potential matches on the Tinder platform might feel like a gamble; sometimes, you have to bet big to win big. ‍

Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Tinder Bio

After reading through our examples of Tinder bios, existing users can take a look at theirs and consider the following tips and tricks to improve them:

  • Update Regularly: Keep your bio fresh and relevant.
  • Use Humor: A good laugh can go a long way to breaking the ice.
  • Ask a Question: This can encourage people to reach out and start a conversation.
  • Be Honest About What You're Looking For: Whether it's a serious relationship or just some fun, being upfront can save both parties time and disappointment.

While re-working an existing or new profile, avoid the following no-nos.

‍ Frequent Tinder Profile Mistakes

Avoid these common mistakes when crafting your bio:

  • Being Too Generic: "I love to travel and laugh." Who doesn't? Make sure your bio stands out by writing something a little more unique.
  • Negativity: As mentioned earlier, keep it positive. Avoid ranting about your dislikes or past relationships.
  • Too Much Information: Some things are best left for the first date. Keep a little mystery.
  • Poor Grammar and Spelling: This can be a major turn-off for many people. Proofread before you post!

Tinder Bio Advice from the co-Founder, Sean Rad

Entrepreneur Sean Rad co-founded the platform in 2012. Although Rad left the company in 2017, he still gave advice to users for getting noticed. ‍

Skip Using All 500 Bio Characters

Even though users receive 500 characters to talk about themselves, they should avoid reaching the limit. Rad stated that the bio is not the place to write a novel - that’s why the platform placed the limit in the first place. ‍

Fill in the Bio Section

Rad found that users, especially women, will automatically swipe left on profiles that have empty bios. Users swipe right on profiles when the user puts some effort into putting it together. The best way to start matching with other users is to offer some basic facts about oneself. ‍

Keep the Bio Focused

Focus on the bio by picking a theme. Then, tie the profile image to the bio’s theme.

Need a second set of eyes on your profile? Get an instant ai-powered profile review .

how to write a short tinder bio

It’s a Fine Line Between Openness and Obnoxious

Another way to approach a Tinder profile is as a conversation starter at a club or bar. Avoid writing anything that would make potential matches walk away or swipe left. ‍

Avoid Overthinking

It’s very easy to become obsessive about the bio. However, Rad recommends writing a friendly and respectful one that’s 250 characters. ‍

Now you’re ready to write the best Tinder bio for your profile. Since it’s a good idea to refresh the bio regularly, sit down when inspiration strikes and write a few. Then, you can test them and evaluate the matches that each provides. Once the matches start rolling in, you might need help keeping up with the conversations. Check out Banter Bot and send inspired messages!

how to write a short tinder bio

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how to write a short tinder bio

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Writing the Perfect Tinder Bio – A Conclusive 2024 Guide

Last Updated: February 13, 2024

Why Does a Good Tinder Bio Matter?

Key takeaways, ♀️ how to write a tinder bio for a woman, ♂️ how to write a tinder bio for a man.

Online dating has taken a sharp turn over the past decade. Tinder is the most popular dating app on the market as the meeting place for millions of people. If you want to venture into the world of online dating , a Tinder profile is a must; it allows you to upload photos and introduce yourself in a short bio . Keep reading to learn how to write a good Tinder bio and optimise your dating experience!

how to write a short tinder bio

Tinder is one of the simplest apps among the plethora of dating apps available to the UK public ; the only action the app has is uploading a picture (or multiple pictures) and writing a short bio to introduce yourself. Although having good pictures is important , a good bio can make your profile stand out from the rest. 

  • Reason #1: Even though men are more likely to swipe right on a profile based on pictures, women are typically more selective by reading a bio before swiping. If it’s a good bio, it’ll certainly provoke a reaction !
  • Reason #2: Profiles with great Tinder bios get more matches .
  • Reason #3: Women are more likely to message first if the profile includes a bio, and the chances of setting up a date improve significantly .
  • Reason #4: Bios confirm that it’s a real profile and that you’re an actual person , not a catfish . They provide a glimpse into your personal life and who you are as a person. If you set up a date, you’ll have more topics of conversation , as the other person will already know something about you. That’s one of the reasons why writing a Tinder bio is important!

How to Write a Good Tinder Bio – A Comprehensive Guide

Now that we’ve established how writing a bio for your profile is essential and why it is important, the next thing to do is write the bio ! Here’s what you should include (and what to omit) so that your paragraph doesn’t turn away any potential matches . 

How to Write a Tinder Bio That Stands Out

Once you understand what a bio needs to include, it’s time to write the perfect one and get more people interested . Before you begin writing, outline the most important things you want to share with potential dates; figure out how to phrase these correctly to master what to put in a Tinder bio !

➱ Make the First Sentence Interesting

The first thing you write should be catchy , which will entice people to keep reading. Tell a joke , write a sarcastic remark , or highlight the most interesting thing about your personality or job. Making fun of yourself, believe it or not, can also be successful.

➱ Share Three I nterests at Most

Don’t overdo it with the number of interests , hobbies, or activities you like. If you overshare, you might overwhelm people and display the wrong first impression . Even if you have hundreds of Tinder bio ideas , don’t write everything that crosses your mind! Instead, try to capture the essence of your personality . 

➱ State Your P references

This is one of the most important tips . The best policy is to be upfront and honest about what you want to find in another person. If you have other preferences , don’t hesitate to state them; there’s someone for everyone! Even if you don’t know what you’re looking for , mention it!

➱ Keep It F unny , Not B oring

Humour is a desirable trait in a potential partner and can help you stand out from the crowd. Be funny if you want to have the most effective Tinder bio . It’ll also show that you’re a normal person that doesn’t take life too seriously; all the best dating sites available for free aim to provide their users with a fun experience. 

➱ Don’t Use Cliches

It’s important to be authentic , so don’t include an over-used cliche in your bio. This might turn away some people from swiping right; the same goes for bios copied directly from the Internet . If you put in a little time and effort to write something original, you’re guaranteed to have the best Tinder bio to impress a girl or boy.

➱ Correct Your G rammar and S pelling

Incorrect spelling and bad grammar can turn away potential matches . Some people want to date someone that has a way with words or at least be able to speak in full sentences. Pay attention to the language in your bio and triple-check before posting it.

➱ Be H onest

Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or a hook-up , let people know. Honesty is the best policy, even when it comes to online dating . If you’re upfront about who you are , your chances of finding love and real connections will increase. 

➱ Don’t Write Long Paragraphs

Bios that are too long are often disregarded , as they take too much time to read and contain too much information . Men often make this mistake, as the simple tinder bios of female daters attract more attention. 

➱ Remove Anything Considered Controversial

Don’t write anything that might be seen as offensive . If you come off wrong, it’s very unlikely that you’ll receive any matches . Steer clear from politics or religion , and avoid misogynistic remarks or allusions . 

➱ Insert Emojis

Emojis are a great way to spice up your bio and make it seem more colourful . They make bios more approachable and easier to skim through , improving the chances of being read. 

➱ End With a Call to Action

It’s a good idea, especially for witty tinder bios for male daters, to end the bio with a call to action . This is giving someone an opening to message you about something and removes awkwardness from the initial contact. 

The bottom line is that you can include whatever you want in your bio, whether it’s your most desirable trait , biggest flaw , pet peeve , or even unpopular opinion . You can experiment with various topics and formats as long as you keep it short and respectful .

Women have more success in online dating games, but it doesn’t mean they match with every guy that catches their eye. A badly written bio can turn away potential suitors and decrease the chances of making a good match, so it’s crucial women pay attention to what they say in their profiles. Here’s some advice tailored specifically for women :

  • Don’t be shy – In person or online! There’s no need for that on Tinder – if you seem too shy, men might be h esitant to message you , so let your personality show!
  • Keep it about you – When thinking about what to write on a Tinder profile if you’re female , the answer is to just write about yourself. Don’t talk too much about your pets, friends, or family – they want to date you !
  • Ask questions – If you pose a question in your bio, guys might be encouraged to match with you to give an answer. 
  • Create a list – If all else fails, you can never go wrong with a short, fun list with all your qualities. Or, you can always go with the classic pros and cons list . 

Men have less success in online dating , so they need all the help they can get. They need to have good pictures, sure, but women are also interested in the essence of their personality . That’s why we compiled advice pertaining specifically to men .

  • Don’t be negative – Nobody wants negative energy in their lives, so don’t wallow in self-pity in your bio. The more positive you come across, the more attractive you’ll seem to the female population. 
  • Be confident – Men are often insecure in themselves when there’s no need for that. The best simple Tinder bios for male users exude confidence – women find confident men extremely attractive. But be careful – you want to come across as confident, not cocky .
  • Emphasise your strengths – Everyone’s good at something; if you think you’re only good at just one thing, still make sure to make it known . Even the smallest, most mundane things can be of interest to someone!
  • Acknowledge the other person – Some women like to be courted, so indicate that you’re willing to court them ! You can do this by mentioning first or ideal date plans or by saying what you’re willing to do for a partner . 

Tinder bios are extremely important ; they can make or break a profile . Even though the pictures you post are vital , the information you include in the bio can be the sole reason why someone swipes right , giving you a potential date ! It’s important to know exactly what to write in the Tinder bio to grab the attention of people and keep them swiping right . Good luck!

Girls want to see who you are – this goes for your pictures as well as for your bio. They want to see your face, and they want to read about the most important aspects of your personality – your interests , likes, and dislikes.

Guys should list their intentions and state exactly what they’re looking to get out of the dating process . They should be honest and share something that will entice women to pursue them.

If you’re wondering how to write a good Tinder bio , yes , include your heigh t . Many people consider this to be important when picking a match, even if it’s just for a casual hook-up .


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Sarah Scoop

How to Write a Tinder Bio + 70 Example Bios

Having a great Tinder bio is a good way to get more matches and have better conversations. However, there are lots of different methods for writing a good bio . If you want to write a tinder profile bio, the best way is to show your true colors. If you are beginning to write a dating profile, we are here to help and give out tips on how to write a Tinder bio!

how to write a tinder bio

Your Tinder bio is one of the most important aspects of your profile. It’s a great way to give potential matches a quick look at who you are and what you’re interested in.

If you want to write a good Tinder profile, here is the scoop on how to write a Tinder bio!

What is Tinder?

Tinder is an online dating app that allows you to browse through potential matches within a certain mile radius of your location. You can “like” or “dislike” each person by swiping right or left. If you both like each other, you can start chatting!

Your Tinder bio is the first thing potential matches will see when they come across your profile. It’s important to make a good first impression, so take some time to write something that shows off your personality and interests.

Also, be sure to include a few good photos! People are more likely to swipe right if they see a photo that catches their eye.

Setting Up Your Profile

When you first open the Tinder app, you’ll be asked to sign in with your Facebook account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to set up your profile.

You’ll start by writing a short bio. This is your chance to show off your personality and give potential matches a glimpse of who you are. Be creative, and don’t be afraid to show your sense of humor!

Next, you’ll need to select a few photos for your profile. Tinder allows you to upload up to six photos, so make sure you choose ones that highlight your best features.

Finally, you’ll need to set your location. This is how potential matches will know how far away you are.

Once you’re all set up, you’re ready to start swiping!

Swiping Right and Left

When you come across a potential match, you can swipe right if you’re interested, or swipe left if you’re not. If you both swipe right, you’ll be able to chat with each other.

If you’re not interested in someone, it’s best to just swipe left and move on. There are plenty of other fish in the sea!

How to Write A Tinder Bio

There are a few different ways you can go about writing a great Tinder bio, but the first step and most important thing is to be yourself. Be creative, have fun, and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Some great ideas for your Tinder bio include listing your favorite TV shows, sharing an unpopular opinion, or telling a funny fact about yourself. Whatever you do, just make sure it’s something that will make potential matches want to learn more about you.

Sean Rad, the co-founder and CEO of Tinder, has said that the most important thing in a good profile is “a great photo followed by a funny bio.” So make sure you have both covered!

Some things you should avoid in your Tinder bio include mentioning your ex, being negative, or using pickup lines. You want to make a good first impression, so it’s best to steer clear of anything that could turn potential matches off.

At the end of your bio, you can also include a call to action, like “Swipe right if you’re looking for a new friend!” This is a great way to encourage potential matches to start a conversation with you.

Another great idea is to have an open-ended bio that can serve as a tinder pickup lines to start a conversation.

Tinder Bio Examples

Now that you know how to write a good Tinder bio, here are some examples of the best Tinder bios!

1. “I’m the nice guy you’re looking for.”

how to write a short tinder bio

2. “I’m the type of person who always wants to try new things.”

3. “I’m looking for a serious relationship, but I’m also open to having some fun.”

4. “I love comedy shows and Sunday mornings.”

5. “I’m a nice guy who’s looking for a serious relationship.”

6. “I’m a single word: Fun.”

7. “I’m looking for a long-term relationship, not just a hookup.”

8. “I’m an interesting person with a lot to offer.”

9. “I’m looking for someone who shares my interests.”

how to write a short tinder bio

10. “I’m a fun-loving person who’s looking for a good time.”

11. “I’m a serial dater, but I’m also looking for a serious relationship.”

12. “I love peanut butter, but I’m also allergic to it.”

13. “I’m a nice guy, but I also have a dark side.”

14. “I’m looking for someone who can make me laugh.”

15. “I’m a funny guy who’s looking for a great time.”

16. “I’m a potential partner, not a serial killer.”

17. “I’m looking for someone who shares my sense of humor.”

how to write a tinder bio

18. “I’m looking for someone to share my life with.”

19. “I love spending time with my family and friends.”

20. “I’m looking for someone who is kind, caring, and genuine.”

21. “I’m a Mario Kart aficionado and I’m looking for someone who is as well.”

22. “I’m the type of person who loves to have a good time.”

23. “I’m looking for someone who is down-to-earth and genuine.”

24. “I enjoy spending time outdoors, so if you feel the same give me a right swipe!”

25. “My ideal first date is a nice dinner and a movie. I have a good sense of humor so you are sure to have a great time!”

26. “Swipe right and tell me your unpopular opinions.”

how to write a short tinder bio

27. “It is a good idea if you swipe right if you like a guy full of bad puns and interesting facts!”

28. “Fun fact: My favorite song is ‘Cold Heart.’ What’s yours?”

29. “In case you can’t tell from my profile picture, I don’t spend lots of time on dating sites but I am looking for the right person. I promise I will make a good match.”

30. “Just looking for someone to cuddle with during zombie apocalypse.”

31. “I’m looking for my forever person. You know, the one I can’t live without.”

32. “I’m the human equivalent of a Sunday morning hangover.”

33. “I’ll never say no to an Adventure Time marathon.”

34. “I’m the girl you can take home to mom and dad… but also the girl you can have a one night stand with.”

35. “I’m equal parts sugar and spice (and everything nice).”

how to write a short tinder bio

36. “I’m the life of the party, but I can also be a total homebody.”

37. “Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world.”

38. “I’m looking for someone who likes long walks on the beach and Netflix bingeing.”

39. “I’m the type of person who will dance in the rain, but I’ll also just stay in and watch Netflix.”

40. “I’m a sucker for love stories and cuddling.”

41. “I’m a sucker for love and cuddles.”

how to write a tinder bio

42. “Fancy meeting you here. A good thing about me is that I am a great cook and I love to spoil my dates.”

43. “I love meeting new people with similar interests.”

44. “Let’s get to know each other. I want to know your favorite food, favorite band, and favorite show.”

45. “A great example of my guilty pleasures include binging Netflix and sleeping in.”

46. “Save yourself the time from swiping on boring profiles, swipe right on me instead!”

47. “This may be a bad idea, but swipe right and message me your favorite weird fact.”

48. “Just a nice guy looking to meet like-minded people and maybe for the love of god find a partner.”

49. “Please enjoy my perfectly curated selection of good photos and a list of bullet points to date me.”

50. “I am an excellent example of a quality boyfriend, in a fun way.”

how to write a short tinder bio

51. “9 out of 10 dating experts say I’m quite the catch.”

52. “I don’t need much time to plan the perfect date night. Why don’t you swipe right and let me show you?”

53. “Swiping right on me is the best choice. It may be the last time you need to use the most popular dating app.”

54. “I’m looking for someone who likes to have fun and enjoys life.”

55. “I like a girl who isn’t afraid to send the first message.”

56. “I’m a total foodie, and I love to cook.”

how to write a tinder bio

57. “I’m looking for someone who shares my passion for travel.”

58. “A lot of people tell me that they like my cooking, would you care for a taste?”

59. *Insert funny tinder bio here*

60. “Trying to find my good luck charm.”

61. “I’m a down-to-earth guy who’s looking for the same in a partner.”

62. “I’m a one-woman man looking for my Mrs. Right.”

63. “I’m a fun-loving guy who’s looking for someone I can share my life with.”

64. “My best quality is my loving heart.”

how to write a short tinder bio

65. “Let me be someone meaningful to you.”

66. “I love to watch sports and have a good time.”

67. “I’m the type of girl who’s always up for anything.”

68. “No games, no drama, just love and happiness.”

69. “I’m looking for a man who’s strong and confident.”

70. “I want a man who’s honest and open.”

how to write a tinder bio

Things to Remember

There are a few things to keep in mind when writing your Tinder bio. Since your bio is one of the first things people will see when they swipe right on you, you want to make sure it’s eye-catching and accurate. Here are a few things to remember:

Keep your bio short and sweet. You want people to be able to read it and get an idea of who you are, but you don’t want to bore them with too much information.

Be accurate. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. It’s important to be honest about who you are and what you’re looking for.

Use keywords. Include some keywords that describe who you are and what you’re interested in. This will help people find you when they’re searching for someone with similar interests.

Proofread. Before you save your bio, make sure you proofread it for any spelling or grammatical errors. You want to make a good first impression, so you don’t want to have any mistakes in your bio.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to write a great Tinder bio that will help you attract the right matches.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! These are just a few tips to help you write the perfect Tinder bio. Just remember to be yourself, be creative, and have fun. With a little effort, you’re sure to find the perfect match.

Coming up with Tinder bio ideas is a different experience for different tinder users, but all of the best tinder profiles have one thing in common: They are genuine. We hope you enjoyed our best Tinder bio examples!

No matter what type of relationship you are looking for, you are sure to find the most effective tinder bio for you. Keep in mind, do not leave your bio blank. You can have the most attractive Tinder profile, but a good online dating profile needs to have a touch of your personality.

You can still have a short bio, but it is a better idea to include information about yourself. The best bio examples may include the most important aspect of your profile.

Do you have any other great tips for writing a Tinder bio? Share them with us in the comments below!

One of the most important things to remember when writing a Tinder bio is to be yourself.

How to Write a Tinder Bio + 10 Example Bios

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30 Best Tinder Bios (Real-Life Examples!)

how to write a short tinder bio

Do you want the secret recipe for crafting the  best Tinder bios  to get more matches and even Tinder super-likes?

Well, this is exactly what you'll learn from this article.

There are over 50 million users on Tinder.

And, that's a lot of fish swimming around looking for relationships &  Tinder Hookups .

To stand out from the crowd, you need to be strategic.

best tinder bios

The Overall Goal of Your Tinder Bio:

Make it inviting. Remember, the idea is to get a reaction even before you guys are talking. So by giving information about yourself, she might see that you guys have something in common and she will be interested.

Does it seem like a lot?

Worry not, here I'll show you how to write a good Tinder bio for your Tinder profiles to get more right swipes and –surely-  more matches .

Let's take a look at some of the very best Tinder bios we found on the web.

Best Tinder Bio Examples For Guys & Girls

1. i like my partner the same way i like my coffee. so swipe right if you're hot and bitter.

The List

Now, this is a good Tinder bio template due to its simplicity.

You can make a list in which you briefly index, let’s say,  no more than four things about yourself.  

An addendum to this is also putting a very small list of things you would like in a partner.

2. Went to a party dressed as an egg, and got with a guy who was dressed as a chicken. A lifelong question was answered

A Single Story Comment

Uhhh, risky , but it can play out pretty well.

The risk is that it doesn’t give out much more information other than the basics, but this can certainly work in your favor as long as you make it sassy or funny as it makes you interesting from the first read.

3. I got 99 problems and the patriarchy explains at least 86 of them.

Experiences list (With Twist)

This is a variation on the classic list, and it’s a good one because it gives a lot of information but in a very dynamic way. A good way to do this is by putting firsts and lasts.

For example , you can create a list of firsts in which you include your first job, first concert, and the first movie that made you cry.

The pros of this approach are that it gives information about you that people might relate to or they can ask you about, which is great for conversation starters or to make sure the conversation doesn’t get stuck once you guys get to talking.

4. Oh, and I need a date for my sister's wedding

The choices (With Twist)

Now, this one is also great for giving –or asking- information in a dynamic way. You can put a set of choices and compare them to say which one you like best.

For example, you can put “Cats or dogs? Cats” or “Beach or mountain? Mountain.”

Another way to do this is with the < symbol.

That way, you can just put “Dogs < cats”, and it might seem even cooler.

5. Pros and Cons Bios

Pros and cons

This is a clever Tinder bio template. You can put a list of a maximum of 3 pros and 3 cons.

To be successful with Pros and Cons Tinder bios, you need to make the pros as truthful as possible and the cons as funny as you can.

6. Don't let that cool you off

hilarious tinder bio

A good way to get attention is by making your bio an elaborate joke.

It can be about how her dating you will be a huge favor –in a funny, not pitiable way- or about how you are a machine and explain your different attributes as if you were reading an instruction manual.

The options are endless for writing funny Tinder bios.

7. Everyone seems to be writing about themselves so I am going to write about you instead

Emojis in bio

According to this study , using emojis in the Tinder bio leads to more matches.

Now that you know about it, then why not use it to your advantage?

The idea is simple here: Just use emojis to define yourself or something you're interested in.

8. Magazine “QUOTES” Bios

Magazine “QUOTES”

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m referring to Tinder bios in which you put “reviews” from famous outlets such as The New York Times or People magazine.

A funny way to change this is by involving the other person.

For example , “the best son-in-law I ever had”-Your mom.

This is a way to show a good sense of humor while also creating a first interaction with the person.

9. Your parents are going to love me

Be Original

Now, no one says that you need to do any of these. You can always write your 3-4 lines classic about how you like long walks at the beach, love dogs, 6 feet tall, and you might get swiped right too.

The good thing about Tinder is that you literally end up with millions of options where to choose from, and you have the opportunity to explore your dating style and see which one fits you best.

Inside Scoop: Tinder Pickup Lines

10. Downplaying your accomplishments

Downplay Your Accomplishments

Even if you’re super successful, downplaying your accomplishments on Tinder can be a great way to break the ice and make yourself more approachable.

Also, mentioning an accomplishment of any kind—no matter how small—opens up the potential for you and a match to find a common interest or talent. Science says that finding a commonality helps two people form bonds.

But if nothing else, it gives you a great opportunity to later use it as a Tinder Icebreaker.

For instance , what if this guy’s match really likes the game of Kahoot?

11. 6'1 for the height supremacists

Humble Brag

If you can find a humorous way to brag about your best qualities, then you’re golden on Tinder!

No one likes a narcissist, but tooting your own horn is a little more acceptable if you go about it the right way.

For example , this dude cleverly boasts about being tall while making fun of girls who care about height—the joke’s on you, girlfriend!

And who doesn’t like a tall dude? For real.

12. I think you're lacking vitamin ME

The Witty Bio

If you’ve got nothing else to work with, you can always get straight to the point and use a cheesy pickup line or witty Tinder in your bio.

I mean, what’s stopping you aside from your own dignity and self-respect?

13. Be Playful With What You’re Looking For 

Be Playful With What You’re Looking For

Do you know what’s boring and cliche?

Tinder bios that look like this: 

“Looking for my Prince Charming.”  “Looking for Mr. Right.” 

Lame . Instead, try what the girl above did when she put a humorous spin on what she’s looking for. 

14. Show The Manners 

Show Your Manners

One thing I’ve noticed that is really lacking in Tinder bios these days is etiquette.

You just don’t see them so much these days.

Everyone is into pizza, Netflix, and carbs.

But who’s still into kindness, empathy, and old-fashioned chivalry?

The girl in the pic above is adding a touch of compassion and big-heartedness which is a great example.

15. Admitting the flaws 

Admit Your Flaws

I absolutely love this bio because it’s unashamedly – and yet wittily – honest.

The girl is upfront about her flaws. She can’t pack. She’s always early. She never edits what she says to people. She snorts when she laughs.

If you admit your flaws early but don’t moan about them, and if you do it in an original way, what could have been a negative bio will actually catch the eye. 

16. Wine lover, Pizza addict, Netflix binger, Love dogs

The Normal Profile

Don’t worry about trying too hard all the time when – sometimes – simply being normal works just as well.

Remember, people want to meet normal people! When you try too hard, you risk alienating yourself. 

See above. The girl here lists pretty generic interests. But the thing is, these are interests that connect people, especially on first dates.

Pizza and wine followed by Netflix and some laughs?

Sounds perfect. 

17. Dogs 🐶 Carbs 🍕 Adventures

The Normal Profile With a Twist

Again, this is a short Tinder bio that lists everyday interests that many of us have. The catch here is that she’s used emojis to stand out a bit more.

And, It works. 

18. Emojis + Banter 

Emojis + Banter

Don’t simply append a cliched emoji to the end of a word all the time.

Instead, be creative with how you use them – like the Tinder bio above.

The first line is hilarious and will attract attention.

By using emojis like this, the lady in question is flaunting her humor and her creativity. It’s attractive.

19. Help me come up with something witty to put here

The Damsel In Distress

The damsel in distress is the archetypal girl who needs a man to help her out.

For this woman below, her needs begin right now. She doesn’t need a man to help her catch a spider or change a lightbulb (yet); she just needs him to help her come up with something funny for her bio.

It’s a great way to start a conversation and get the ball rolling and should invite some funny responses. 

20. Show your ambition 

Show Ambition

There’s a lot to be said for any man or woman who has the drive and personal and professional goals they’re working on.

So why not talk about them in your Tinder bio? 

If you’re not into the one-night thing and if you’re looking for someone relaxed and ambitious, it’s important that you show this in your bio. 

What I like about the above example is that the individual goes into a bit of detail, too, which lets you know they’re serious about what they want. 

21. Dealbreaker: will my dog like you though?

The Cute One liner bio

A lot of the time, one-line Tinder bios don’t work.

Especially if they look like this: “Hey” On the flip side, if you can be cute, engaging, and even a bit funny with your one-liner, a one-line bio can work. 

The example above has a hip one-liner, but it also has emojis too. It’s short, but it’s engaging, and it lets us know that dogs mean a lot to her.

Inside Scoop: Best Tinder Openers

22. The Dreamer 

The Dreamer

“The Dreamer” is a bio that paints dreamy pictures in a person's mind.

Let's say I'm a guy swiping until I come across the bio above. I see the words “Disney Land”, and I'm picturing the vacation of a lifetime!

Planting certain images in a person's mind like this – dreamy images – is a great way to capture people's imagination so that they swipe right and message you.

It could be Disney Land; it could be the Grand Canyon – anything you can think of that is a little out of the ordinary.

23. The Adventurous Bios

Be Adventurous

If you’ve got an adventurous side, flaunt it on Tinder. It only takes a few words to get this across to people – just check the image below. 

What’s good is if you can do what this lady has done – mix adventure with intellect (by getting ‘teacher’ in there, she’s letting us know she has brains, too) – because that’s a surefire winner. 

And if you hate wearing shoes? It’s always good to mention that as well 😉 

24. Be Random 

Be Random

Random doesn’t always work because it can look a bit mixed up and unattractive. But if you get it right (like the guy below), it can work like a charm.

You could just follow these guys' lead by listing your job, and any cute pets you have before listing a couple of random facts about you. They just need to be interesting and worthy of starting a conversation.

Adding a few emojis with such Tinder bios never goes amiss, too. 

25. The “I Need a Tour Guide” Bio 

The “I Need a Tour Guide” Profile

This bio is almost cheating because it’s so easy to do. If you’re new to an area, all you need to say is, “Hey, I’m new here, anyone fancy showing me around?!” and you’re guaranteed to get some matches. 

It’s also nice if you can do what the guy below did by adding a bit more info about you, including where you’re from, as it helps to break the ice. 

26. Positive Vibes

Positive Vibes

We all love positive people. So, a Tinder bio like the above can be a great choice.

You can use the same way or template but customize it based on your interests.

The Funniest Tinder Bios

Humor is a great way to attract anyone in real life or on. the Internet. So, below, we are sharing the list of the funniest Tinder bios.

27. Have you ever wanted to be in Florida & Georgia at the same time?

Pun It Up

Puns are sure bets when it comes to using humor on Tinder.

Even bad puns go over well, so you really can’t go wrong with it. It turns out that when it comes to puns, the extra cheesy ones are so bad, they’re actually super funny.

This girl Imani manages to score a Tinder trifecta by using a pun, a food reference, and a humble brag all at once.

In the above example, There’s even the hint of a little something sexual here. Tantalizing, right? Is anyone else feeling hungry?

28. My Mom thinks I'm pretty cool, I'm sure you'll too

Own Overconfidence

If you just can’t bring yourself to stoop to the level of self-deprecation on Tinder, then try swinging things in the opposite direction.

Be overconfident—like, over-the-top arrogant. Trust me, it’s funny. And if you don’t believe me, just take it from Jared.

The less impressive the thing is that you’re overconfident about (i.e. juggling, doing backflips, and winning over your mom’s affections), the funnier your bio will be.

That’s the irony. Get it? Right.

29. Self-Deprecation Tinder Bios


If you can embrace self-deprecation, you have mastered the art of laughing at yourself. And as a result, others will laugh at you too in a good way.

Our buddy Pearce (above) has definitely learned to self-deprecate, and he knocks it all the way out of the park with his funny Tinder bio.

Lucky for Pearce, there are plenty of girls out there who prefer a laid-back guy with a dad bod over an uptight jerk with abs. There, I said it.

30. My mother describes me as a toddler with a grown-up job

The Happy Go Lucky

If there’s one thing you need to be in your bio (unless you’re a misanthropic goth looking for a fellow misanthropic goth), it’s happy.

In this example, this lady shows us that she’s great fun to be around. But she does more than that.

Instead of saying, “Hey, look at me, I’m fun!” she quotes her mom, who says she’s still a kid at heart who loves to have a good time.

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how to write a tinder bio

how to write a short tinder bio

Game Changing Tinder Opener

Table of Contents

Writing a powerful Tinder bio is the last push you need to do to get a girl to swipe right on your profile. 

While most guys swipe based on pictures alone, girls are much more selective when deciding what profiles to swipe on.

Instead of swiping just on pictures alone, women look at the bio as a way to gauge interest.

If you have a blank, boring, or awful bio, she’s going to swipe left. Even if she was initially attracted to you.

A bio is much more important for a guy than a girl.

But just like pictures on Tinder, most guys don’t know how to make themselves stand out from the crowd.

There is a boring or stolen bio on almost every profile.

And many guys are so lazy, they don’t even fill it out.

30% don’t have bios……

Which btw, just adding a bio can lead to 4x the amount of matches…..

And many guys wonder why they can’t get matches on the app.

Even Tinder’s Founder, Sean Rad, has mentioned how important having a Bio is to a profile. 

“Think about how much more of a catfish you’re going to look if you have an empty bio! You’ve laid the groundwork with those photos – now it’s time to support those pics with a fitting description”

Let’s get right into crafting your new bio.

Do you have no idea how to have your bio stand out? Follow these tips and you’ll be in the top 1% of Tinder Bios

Stop Copying Bios

There are a lot of resources online with copy and paste done for you bios.

And while this is better than have no bio at all, it isn’t ideal.

Just like the generic openers, once a girl has seen it multiple times, it gets annoying.

You need to put in some effort and market yourself. 

how to write a short tinder bio

Short Statements

I personally like having 4-5 short statements in a bio.

With these statements you should be able to say 95% of what a girl needs to know about you.

Remember to say more with less. You don’t need a paragraph.

No Long Paragraph

Those with bios often make this mistake.

They write a paragraph like this. And continue to write a bunch of pointless words in there bio that really give no value to the girl. It just ends up in a text block like this paragraph. Something that could have been one line. Don’t write like this please. Most won’t read this anyways. If you did, thanks,

Did you read the entire paragraph above? Picture that on your tinder bio, it’s not going to work out.

Your bio needs to be a quick read so she swipes right or left.

Include your height (if over 6’0)

Height does matter. 

And if you are over 6’0, more girls are going to swipe right on you.

Here’s something you should know.

Tons of guys lie about their height.

I’ve heard of guys that are 5’8 or 5’9 putting they are 6’0 in their bio…..

So if you are 6’0 or higher, add an inch to your height.

If you are shorter than 6’0, don’t add your height. 

And don’t lie about it, girls will make fun of you.

As mentioned above with your height

Don’t fake your profile to make yourself look like a different person.

It’s going to be obvious on the date when you don’t align up with what’s presented.

Honesty goes a long way, and it will get you a lot farther in life and dating.

Remove The Cliches

“Here for a good time”

“I’m on here as a joke”

“If I Super Liked you, it was by accident”

This really isn’t adding any value to your profile. So many guys and girls already have these statements.

At this point, it’s a waste of space on your profile.

how to write a short tinder bio

Remove Anything Controversial

Never mention anything to do with Religion or Politics in your profiles bio.

It always divides people and will cause many girls to swipe left.

You don’t need to have the same views on everything in life to get along either if you want to hookup or date. There is so much more to a person than that.

So with that in mind, remove it. It doesn’t matter if you are a socialist or if you are proud of your southern heritage.

Get rid of it from your bio. It doesn’t belong on a dating app.

Remove the Elitistm

Coming off as an elitist is going to get you a lot of left swipes.

Tinder made a blog post talking about some of the different sayings they see in profiles.

Some of my favorite are listed down below. If you want to see the full list, check out their blog post here: Tinder Post

  • I Don’t Know Why I’m On This Thing
  • Sarcasm Is My Second Language
  • Looking For Other Successful People
  • Sapiosexual
  • Oxford Comma Activists

Add more value to your pictures

Your bio needs to have short statements that explain what’s going on in your pictures.

Don’t state the obvious. Expand on the pictures in your bio.

For example, if you enjoy running, don’t put in your bio “runner”

Specify the type of runner and add value to it.

“Ultra runner, training for a 100 mile race”

See how much more you can get out of saying that youre a runner.

It now specifies that you run ultra marathons and that you are currently training to run a 100 mile race.

On top of this, adding more information gives her stuff to bring up on dates, say in messages, or open you up with.

Here’s another example: “Guitarist”

When adding value to it

“Blues guitarist, who loves to play Marcus King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, & Eric Clapton music”

See how the girl now knows you play blues music and 3 of your favorite artists.

Give her more info, she craves it. 

Get Input From Friends

Ask your closest friends to see if your bio reflects your personality and interests.

They know you best and will add some insight on the bio.

how to write a short tinder bio

Get Input From Reddit & Facebook Groups

After asking your friends, check out the Tinder Reddit.

Here they have a post where people post their Bios and pictures for critiquing.

It’s a great way to have your bio looked at.

You can also join The Pickup Pros Facebook Group .

Post your bio or pictures and we will leave you feedback. 

Split Test Your Bio

You should always be wanting to improve your profile.

Notice what works and doesn’t work in your bio.

You’ll see what gets brought up more often. Keep that.

Things she never talks about should be axed or modified.

The goal is to make it all compelling.

The more reasons to swipe right the better. 

Add a small joke

Add a one line joke to your profile.

Girls love humor. They eat it up.

In fact most girls think it’s a trait all guys should have.

So add a joke that falls in line with the type of girls you like.

Not something you would post to reddit or a facebook group for karma or likes.

This is the only part of your bio which can be swiped from an online source.

Keep it short and you should be good.

Take Risks With Your Bio

Make your bio slightly sexual. Add some additional info that might be questionable.

Only way you’ll find out if you went too far is if you get called out on it, or your likes are decreased.

But here’s the thing, if it works you are going to stand out.

how to write a short tinder bio

End with some sort of call to action

At the end of your bio you need to reference what your ideal first date is. 

This way you already plant the seed into her head when she reads your bio.

For example, if you want to go to the beach for a first date:

“Let’s hit up the beach”

It’s as easy as that.

Even with a perfect bio, you still need great pics

Following all the advice from above, you will have one of the better Tinder bios.

A bio alone won’t get her to swipe right though.

So check out our article on Tinder Pictures .

Here you will see what types of pictures to take and what works best for your profile so that you can maximize the girls that right swipe on you. 

Pictures are the most important aspect of your profile. Nail those along with the bio, and you’ll be getting a ton of matches. 

How to know if you have a great bio

Message you first.

If she opens you up. Your odds of landing a date skyrocket.

In fact they go up over 150%

This shows you how important it is to having a good bio.

Brings it up on dates or messaging

She’s going to mention tiny details of your bio on a date or messaging

Keep note of these as they are signs showing what works and why girls like your bio.

Ask more questions about the bio

If she asks more questions about a specific section of your bio, she’s hooked.

Keep feeding her tiny bits of info and invite her out to give her the full story.

Final Thoughts

Follow these tips and you are going to have one of the best bios on the app.

Combine the great bio with pictures, and your profile is going to be unstoppable.

how to write a short tinder bio

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Best Tinder Bios

August 21, 2018 By Kate

best tinder bios

If you have ever been on Tinder, then you are probably trying to find someone to connect with, whether it is more romantically or more physically.

And if you are trying to find someone to connect with through a dating app, then you most likely know how overwhelming the whole process can be.

You might already be using Tinder with little to no success. Or maybe you are just getting started and have no idea how to set up your profile. Either way, you feel like you could use a nudge in the right direction when it comes to using Tinder.

A huge part of having success on Tinder and getting matches is your profile. From your picture to your bio, it is the first thing that strangers will see and learn about you. So choose your photo and your words wisely.

While it does say bio, in the Tinder world that does not mean that you should write out the story of your life. In a world of smartphones and swiping left and right, very few people have the time and attention span for that.

How To Write the Best Tinder Bios

When it comes to Tinder bios, one thing is for sure. You should not leave your bio blank. If you cannot bother to write anything in your bio, then why should anyone want to get to know you?

The golden rule of writing a Tinder bio is that it should be short and sweet. Because of this, you might not know what details to include in your bio.

Do you write about your interests? Your profession? Your favorite TV shows? Your dog? Or do you want to showcase your sense of humor with a funny quote?

You will have to narrow down the information you share about yourself so that it fits into a bio that is not too long.

So what exactly does a bio mean in this case? When it comes to Tinder, your bio should tell the other person about who you are, even if they don’t walk away knowing when and where you were born and what your childhood was like.

You do not need to give out every little detail right away. Save that for someone you actually end up matching with. Even if you do find a match, it does not mean you will have a long, meaningful conversation that turns into you getting to meet up with them.

You might get to meet this person. Or you might not. Either way, you will want to save all the small details of your life for the right person and the right time.

When it comes to a nice and simple Tinder bio, you are giving people a bit of yourself. That can mean anything from a witty joke that is totally your sense of humor to a short list of your favorite things.

Below are tips on how to write a simple Tinder bio that will appeal to other people who come across your profile. You will learn about what to avoid as well as which strategies work the best.

You will also find many examples of a wide variety of Tinder bios. These simple Tinder bio examples range from the funny and quirky to the sexy and serious.

As you read the Tinder bio examples, you will notice how short they all are. They are all short enough so that the reader does not get bored, but they provide just enough information to intrigue the reader as well.

Here are some things that you will want to keep in mind as you begin to put together your very own Tinder bio:

Be creative

There is a very well-known saying that there are plenty of fish in the sea. What it means is that there are plenty of other people out there in the dating world.

That is why it can pay off to be unique. Try to have some creativity and originality in your Tinder bio if you want to catch someone’s interest.

Whether you have a creative outlook on life or you have a creative personality, show that off in your profile. It will set you apart from the other people on Tinder.

This one is similar to being creative in that it encourages you to showcase how you are different from all the other people in the dating pool.

What makes you special from all the others out there? If you happen to have an interest or a favorite show or movie that you want to mention, do not be afraid to reference it in your profile.

For example, if your favorite movie is Office Space and you have a quote from that movie you love, try to work it into your profile.

If you end up matching up with someone who also loves that movie, then you will have one more thing to talk about.

Write a short list

Whether writing is not your strongest suit or you just like keeping things simple and to the point, a short list is not a bad way to write a Tinder bio.

The great thing about a list is that the bullet points will make it easy for a person to quickly read. You do not have to worry about people getting bored reading your bio because it will be so short and to the point.

But what kind of information do you put on a list? You can write a general list of things about yourself, such as a cool place that you have been to or what you do for fun.

Keep it short

This can be as little as 3 words you use to describe yourself or as long as 2 or 3 sentences. One word is way too short, while a full paragraph is just too long for most people to read.

When it comes to length in your Tinder bio, you will have a hard time finding people willing to read your 10-sentence bio or your poem that is 500 words in length. Run-on sentences are your enemy.

Be confident

You get the energy you put out. If you show the world that you already think nobody will be interested in you, then that is probably exactly what will happen.

On the other side of things, if you approach things with the confidence that there is someone out there who is right for you, then you will probably get much better results.

Even if you are not a perfect 10 with a great body or if you do not always know the right things to say, you have your own winning qualities that are unique to you.

It helps to know what these qualities are. What are you good at? What do you like to do? What makes you passionate? These pieces of information, when presented well in your bio, might attract people to you.

Be creepy or Act desperate

Whatever you do, do not say how long it has been since you have had a date. Do not joke that you will settle for anyone and do not showcase your low self-esteem.

Even if all of those things might be true, you do not want to showcase that on your Tinder bio of all places. Doing so will only repel people, not attract them.

While confidence is a great quality to have, especially in the dating world, too much of it can also be a bad thing.

You want people to know that you feel secure about yourself, but you do not want to come off as thinking that you are better than everyone else.

When writing your Tinder bio, remember that confidence is attractive, but arrogance is not. So have a respectful and humble tone even when you try to portray that confidence in your profile.

If you’re a guy

Mention your height if you are tall.

Even if your picture shows your whole body, girls will definitely be wondering just how tall you are and if you are indeed tall, sharing that information will most likely work in your favor.

Mention where you went to school

If you went to the same school, then that can be a great ice breaker for you to talk about. There are many things you can talk about if you went to the same school from what the things you loved about it to the things that you did not like.

Mention what you do for a living

If you list your alma mater without mentioning what your job is, then most women will assume that you are unemployed. Unless you graduated recently, unemployment can be a turnoff for many, even in the world of casual dating.

Avoid hypermasculinity

With both genders, it is important to be genuine. Men often think that women prefer the super macho type of guy. That is not always true.

Also, if you are not that type of guy, then do not pretend to be. You do not have to write in your profile that you are always lifting weights at the gym or something like that if that is not you.

Be more honest about the type of guy you are. If you are more artistic, then show that in your profile and bio.

As mentioned above, being real is very important. While this obviously applies to any gender, women are often looking for hints that you are not who you say you are in your Tinder profile.

Do not act like you are rich if you are not and do not pretend you go out to the bar every night if that is not what you do.

If you are not romantic, then do not pretend to be. And if you are a bit of a romantic, then do not act like you are a guy who is okay with having a bunch of one-night stands.

Remember that when it comes to your Tinder profile and your bio, first impressions will help you get your foot in the door. But do not be so desperate that you lie about who you are.

So do not be fake, even on your Tinder. Try to be genuine and you might get a better chance of having good results.

If you’re a lady

Do not list your height.

Even though it is desirable for men to do so, if a woman does it then it will possibly be perceived as insecure and a possible obstacle especially if she happens to be tall.

If you are a tall woman, you might be self-conscious of your height, but just see where things end up first unless you are picky enough that you only want to date guys who are taller than you.

Make an effort in your bio

If you write nothing in your bio, then it is left to the guys to message you with no information about you at all and that can be a lot of pressure.

They might even resort to using a cheesy pickup line on you. So write even one or two things about yourself and what you like so your prospective interests have some information to work with.

Do not be off-putting

Women, and even men, can be very defensive when they try to date online. They put up a defensive wall and try to act very tough or sarcastic before someone can even get their foot in the door.

Avoid writing things in your profile like “swipe left if you cannot handle this” or “I do not even know why I am on Tinder.” Remember that you are trying to attract people, not repel them.

And in most cases, self-deprecation is not attractive. Having decent self-esteem and allowing yourself to be open to new experiences is a lot more attractive.

Examples of Best Tinder Bios

There are many types of Tinder bios out there. These are just a few of them and you can choose what kind of style to use based on your own personality.

One-sentence Tinder bios

-I live alone with my dog.

-I like being straightforward and people who are straightforward with me.

-Taller than you in heels.

-I have my own place.

-I like drinking a good bloody mary and watching the sunset.


Job was at an ice cream store

CD was The Backstreet Boys

Car was a Honda Civic

Place of my own was in Atlanta

Pet was a guinea pig named Lola

Country I went to was Greece

Book I read was Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

TV show I finished was The Walking Dead

Movie I saw was The Hangover

Concert I saw was Phoenix

-My favorite…

Animal is the sloth

Food is a cheeseburger

Place to vacation is the Dominican Republic

-I have never…

Had a cavity

Broken a bone

Been on a cruise

Met a cat that I liked

-About me: I love trying new things, my adorable dog, and going camping

-About you: Easygoing, loves dogs, okay with a little spontaneity

-I care more about who you are as a person than hearing about all the nice places you have traveled.

-Don’t try to impress me with what you think I will like. Just be yourself.

-Do not ask me for sexy pictures. Take me to dinner, get to know me, and then try to get with me alone in a room like a normal person.

-I am kind of hoping that your standards are lower than mine.

-Looking for my future ex-husband.

-The only thing that is lower than my standards is my self-esteem.

-Looking for my next victim.

-I have red hair, which means that I have no soul.

-Let’s be miserable together.

-I am just a prince looking for his Tinderella.

-I am Tinderella looking for her prince.

-“The most amazing girl you will ever meet” -My best friend Anna

-“Has great breath and is a pro at flossing” -My dentist

-“Will give you the time of your life” -My last date

-“An outstanding guy” -The New York Times

-“He is my hero” -The most interesting man in the world

-“Definitely a winner” -My mom

-You must be my GPA because I know that I could do better. The problem is that I am just too lazy to try harder.

-If you cannot laugh at yourself, then I will happily do it for you.

-Being a single mom is hard. At least that is what they tell me. I wouldn’t know since I don’t have any kids.

-Looking for someone to bring to family events so that everyone will stop bugging me about it.

-I make a great wedding date.

-I make a great plus one at family functions and weddings.

-The last guy who swiped left on me shriveled up and died from loneliness and boredom. Don’t be like that guy.

-Married with 3 kids and looking for someone to spice up my life. Just kidding. My kids are really velociraptors.

-Will send you pictures in exchange for pizza.

-A spellchecked, proofread essay in the streets, and a completely wild and unmoderated comments section in the sheets.

-Let’s meet, fall in love too quickly, and rush into getting married. We’ll have 2 kids who end up resenting us for the rest of their lives. After a year of couples counseling, our marriage will end up in a bitter divorce. One of us will walk away penniless. But we’ll always have the good memories. Especially that time we went to Costa Rica.

-I am the one that you meet before you meet “the one.” We’ll meet and have our fun but it won’t work out. But the next one you meet after me will be the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. So in a way, I am kind of like a lucky charm.

-I want someone to sleep with. And by sleep, I mean cuddle in bed under cozy blankets.

-I like to take long walks on the beach as the sun rises, until the drugs wear off and I realize that I am in an abandoned parking lot with the lights on a cop car shining on me.

-Let’s have a contest to see who is better in bed. I have been known to be a sore loser.

-I am 6 foot and 4 inches. Those are two separate measurements.

-If we go out, you are paying and not just for me. My wife is part of the deal too and I have to warn you that she is not a cheap date.

-The good news is that your parents will love me. The bad news is that your neighbors won’t.

-I am not going to be the girl that you marry. But I will be the girl that you think about 20 years down the road when you and your wife are having some boring conversation in bed. You will be pretending to listen to her, but you will really be thinking about the nasty things we did 20 years ago.

-If you like bad girls, then you have hit the jackpot. Because as it turns out, I am bad at everything.

-I have a great body and I am a fantastic cook.

-My ventriloquist dummy and I are a package deal.

So now you know how to write a simple Tinder bio. Each bio example was relatively short with very specific tones ranging from funny and flirty to serious.

Remember that originality is important so do not copy anything for your profile word for word unless it is a direct quote.

Let the profile examples above guide you when it comes to writing your own original profile. You can even go back and tweak or rewrite your profile if you later feel like it no longer suits you.

You get to decide how others will view you. So put your best effort in the world of Tinder and see who is out there waiting to connect with you.


how to write a short tinder bio

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how to write a short tinder bio

Tinder Bios for Guys: 16 Great Examples Under the Microscope

by Samara Young - Last updated May 25, 2023

how to write a short tinder bio

Let’s talk about the hardest part of any Tinder profile – the bio.

Yes, pictures are important but a good bio can be the difference between a right and a sad left.

The best Tinder bios for guys will give the girl who finds herself speed-swiping through the app a chance to see a human with a personality amidst the endless supply of profiles.

What you want is for her to react to what you have to say. You want your words to spark an emotion whilst giving a sneak peek of who you really are.

Before we hit the good stuff, think of the first impression you make to be the same as the marketing behind a product. With your Tinder bio, you’re trying to hook women with something interesting, and once they “buy it” – the product will speak for itself.

More on this later…

Fact is, the dating pool is a highly saturated market – your ultimate goal is to position yourself apart from the rest.

So be unique, make her LOL and build curiosity to make her want to find out more…

What are the best Tinder bios for guys?

To answer this question, we’re gonna put 16 Tinder bios under the microscope. I found these examples on a recent swipe-a-thon in a bid to show you what works and what DOESN’T.

Yes, I’m a girl, and yes, you need to know what goes through our minds when we decide who we swipe right on.

So if you want the cold hard truth of what works and what categorically doesn’t work as Tinder bios for guys, then keep on reading.

If you want to write a great Tinder bio, there are 10 important things to consider to help you get more matches. So let’s get to it!

#1 Check your spelling

Please, for the love of god, check your spelling.

A typo won’t make or break your deal here, but if you misspell something that is meant to be important to you, her first impression of you won’t be a good one. She might think you’re lazy, or a little dumb. Not great, basically.

By rushing your bio and not checking your spelling, she will think that whatever it is you’re looking for must not be that important. 

Here’s a prime example of someone making a deal-breaking mistake…

check your spelling in the bio

Hello, you’re LebanESE, spell it right, damn. Get it together, Mike. 

While I have you reading this bio, another thing to keep in mind: don’t be redundant. Does he like soccer? I can’t tell. None of his photos are of him actually playing soccer. 

Let’s just say Mike, 25 here got a very easy left. 

#2 Keep the negativity to a bare minimum

I literally cannot stress this enough. Nothing turns a girl from hot to cold faster than being judged by someone she’s never met.

don't be negative in your Tinder bio

Translation: “OK…Tinder! It seems like it’s important to say I’m 6ft and my astrological sign is Aquarius ♒️😂”

Absolutely nothing about this Tinder bio says “welcome”… Quite the opposite actually.

No woman wants to date a man who openly puts every woman in a big two-factor stereotype in one fell swoop. 

Let me just clarify:

a) Not all women like tall men – even if they did, if she likes you or loves you – your height WILL NOT matter. So stop worrying about that. Your height will only be a deciding factor if she needs to decide – so use everything else about you to make sure she doesn’t have to.

b) Not all women like astrology – and if she does, then so what? Are you going to make her feel stupid for being interested in something? 

Here’s another example of a negative bio:

Tinder bios for guys - don't be negative

Morny, Morny, Morny… come on now! The only vibe she’s getting from you is that you’re a condescending piece o’ garb.

If this is what you sound like now, she can’t even imagine what you’ll sound like when you disagree with her.

This is a bright, neon, flashing beacon of a red flag for all women. This is on the same level as badly treating your waiter on the first date. So steer very, VERY clear – otherwise she will. 

#3 Challenge her to spark conversation

Now I’m not talking about the BIG things, I’m talking:

– pineapples on pizza. 
 – how you squeeze your tube of toothpaste. 
 – your favourite McDonald’s order, or 
 – Netflix vs Disney+ vs Amazon Prime vs whatever the hell else is out there. 

Or, in this example, my friend Abbe here:

challenge her in your Tinder bio

Hilariously true, and yet another strong and collective call-out. It applies to everyone, and anyone swiping through Tinder knows the person who exclusively has travel pics and who has something like “food is the way to my heart” written in their bio.

Here’s another good example:

tinder bio examples for guys - challenge her

This is bold. I like it. 

Again with the confidence.

And you know what? I believe him. He is less creepy than the last guy I just swiped left to.

Ok, here’s another good example:

tinder bio example for guys

I love everything about this.

First point: “Everything in moderation, especially moderation”

But like, what do you mean? What kind of moderation are we talking? Give me more.

Leaving people hanging in is a powerful tool. They don’t end every season of every TV show with a cliffhanger for nothing! 

Second point: Yes boi, make me ugly laugh with the sheer savagery of that call-out! (Don’t tell me you don’t do that too…) 

A+ for this guy. Hard right, AND I reached out first. 

VIDEO: If you want to get a Tinder match out on a date tonight, watch this:

how to write a short tinder bio

(It’s the best way to get girls addicted to you on Tinder in the shortest space of time)

#4 Keep it short and sweet

The best Tinder bios for men say a lot in as few words as possible.

Less is always best. For Tinder bios, at least. Because why reveal all your cards before the conversation even begins?

The goal is for her to want to get to know you, so you can start a conversation that’ll hopefully lead to a date .

You’re trying to get through the funnel that ultimately gets you to a point where you can charm her with your personality. 

Don’t let her think she already knows you before she can even swipe! 

Here’s a couple of good examples:

short and sweet Tinder bio example for men

There’s something sexy about a man who knows his strengths – even if it is just killing spiders. But hey, Alex can even fix my car AND he knows how to cook! Everyone loves a man who can cook. 

There is also nothing sexier than a man who is proud of what he’s got and owns it.

He’s giving us a preview of what separates him from the rest and signing off with a call-to-action (“hit me up”). Which is a cunning tactic.

Plus, a shot of confidence never hurt anybody! 

cheesy Tinder bios for men

Talk cheese to me, Ben. 

He gave us a sneak peek into things he enjoys without giving us too much detail. 

And best of all, he signed off with a really good cultural reference. (If you are Québecois and reading this, you already know.)

“Crissement” is the classic Québécois way of saying “f**king” – so he basically said “A little French, a little British and f**king Québécois”.

Gouda work, Ben! You must Brie a funny guy! Cheddar luck next time! (Just kidding, I swiped right)

OK so, I hit you with a few good examples of Tinder bios for men, now let’s take a look at a bad one to describe my next point…

#5 Don’t be cringe

Nothing will repel women more than a cringeworthy bio.

You’re gonna think “this can’t be real” but oh sir, this is very real. 


don't write a cringe Tinder bio

There’s nothing wrong with sending a woman a poem when you’ve been dating for a while. There is also nothing wrong with being a rapper (I would know, I dated one who was).

But if a woman cringes so hard, she cringes in real life – that is bad. 

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which line got me hightailing it out of there.

Best believe I gave it a hard left.

#6 Don’t overuse emoji’s

Writing a string of emojis in your bio is just plain lazy. Use your words – and use them wisely. 

By all means put in a couple if it stops you from rambling, but don’t replace the beautiful English language with a block of emojis to describe your passions and hobbies. 

#7 Use a Call to Action (CTA)

Let me refresh your memory: one of my previous examples said “Dad bod so if you’re into that hit me up” .

Those last 3 words are what we would call a CTA . Call-to-actions ask people to act without it actually being a question.

So Alex’s bio saying “hit me up” at the end is a gentle reminder to the swiper that she is, in fact, there to hit people up! 

Here’s another great example of a CTA: 

use a CTA in your written bio

Okay, this is less of a gentle reminder – but every competitive girl out there definitely wants those 10 points. So you can bet your ass I messaged him… And will be collecting on my 10 points. 🙂

#8 Build curiosity

If your bio leaves a girl curious to find out more, then you’re onto a good thing!

Here’s an example of just that:

tinder bios for guys - curiosity

Mike’s got me brewing in my own curiosity.

How tall is he then? And what the hell is on his playlist?

Interest = piqued = success! 

Remember: Don’t be an open book. The best Tinder bio for guys leave a little to the imagination. If your bio leaves many questions unanswered, it’s going to COMPEL women to swipe right on you, so they can find out more…

VIDEO: It only takes 8 simple texts to get a Tinder match out on a date. Discover them here:

#9 Be self-deprecating

Don’t come across too serious in your Tinder bio. Instead, hook a girl with your wit and sense of humour.

Some of the best Tinder bios for guys are just witty one-liners. Something that hooks a girl’s attention and entices her to want to find out more.

So be funny. Funny Tinder bios like the following example, work well to get higher match rates:

funny tinder bios for guys

As someone who almost exclusively uses self-deprecating humour, you can bet your bottom dollar I cackled like a wicked witch when I read this.

We love a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously – and can laugh at himself. Why? because this screams confidence.

Here’s another good one:

funny Tinder bios for men

I’m gonna safely assume that he’s joking…

Yes, I laughed. Yes, I swiped right.

…Yes, I hope he matches me.

And lastly:

witty Tinder bio example


He’s right, what can I say? Not like I can deny him this truth.

Ok onto the last point…

#10 Use a polarised opinion statement

Make it easy for a girl to message you first. Write something in your bio that’ll spark a reaction out of her and stir up a debate.

And the best way to start a conversation is by including a polarised opinion statement in your bio. For example:

– Marmite > Vegemite – Stranger Things > Tiger King, or – North London > South London

This will provide a great ice breaker to start texting . Especially if she disagrees with your opinion!

By including a polarised opinion statement in your bio, you will compel a girl to swipe right so she can then tell you why she thinks Tiger King is better than Stranger Things.

make conversation easy with your Tinder bio

As you can see here, Spencer includes “Disney+ > Netflix” in his bio. This is the easiest way to get a conversation going.

Tinder bios for guys: your personal marketing platform

Earlier on, I compared a great Tinder bio to marketing efforts made on a product. Think of all the ads you see on Facebook or Instagram , and try to dumb it down to a recipe of three things:

1. Something bold to get you to stop scrolling
 2. The benefits of owning this product, and 3. A call-to-action.

Sound familiar?

I can hear the lightbulbs dinging from all the way over here!

Try to include at least one of these in your bio. This way, you can’t go too far wrong.

Or, squish in all 3. Here’s an example of just that:

Tinder bio = your personal marketing platform

Translation: – If you’re the kind of person who claps when the plane lands, I don’t need you in my life. 💁‍♂️

– Exclusive offer for a limited time! I make good breakfasts, but I prefer doing the dishes / I use a shoehorn to put my shoes on / I floss every day

– Why don’t you give me 3 fun facts about yourself 💁‍♂️

– Athlete, drinker of gin and microbrewery beers, adventurous, playful and smiley!”

So this guy checks off all three points! (I had to check his work section to make sure he wasn’t in marketing – he did say “limited time offer”)

Let me break it down – but I’m sure you already get the gist:

– The first sentence is a challenge (i.e. something bold) ✅ – The next couple of lines are the benefits of owning the product ✅ – “Give me 3 fun facts” = CTA ✅

Let me just throw something else in there – French grammar is impossible, this man got it down pat. 👏

Ding, ding, ding, and mf ding! You can bet your ass I swiped right.

Remember: The dating pool is a highly saturated market – your ultimate goal is to position yourself apart from the rest.

So stand out, hook a girl’s attention, and make her intrigued to swipe right on you to find out more 😉

OK lets summarise the top tips from this article!

10 tips for writing the best Tinder bio for guys

1. check your spelling.

A typo won’t make or break your deal here, but if you misspell something that is meant to be important to you, her first impression of you won’t be a good one. She might think you’re lazy, or a little dumb.

2. Keep the negativity to a bare minimum

Nothing turns a girl from hot to cold faster than being judged by someone she’s never met.

3. Challenge her to spark conversation

Write something in your bio that’ll start a conversation, spark a debate, or question her habits or beliefs in a funny way.

4. Keep it short and sweet

The best Tinder bios for men say a lot in as few words as possible. Less is always best. For Tinder bios, at least. Because why reveal all your cards before the conversation even begins.

5. Don’t be cringe

Nothing will repel women more than a cringeworthy bio. For example a poem or a rap or some yoga inspired spirituality quote.

6. Don’t overuse emoji’s

Writing a string of emojis in your bio is just plain lazy. By all means put in a couple if it stops you from rambling, but don’t replace the beautiful English language with a block of emojis to describe your passions and hobbies.

7. Use a call to action (CTA)

Call-to-actions ask people to act without it actually being a question. For example write ‘hit me up’ at the end of the bio.

8. Build curiosity

If your bio leaves a girl curious to find out more, then you’re onto a good thing! Don’t be an open book. The best Tinder bio’s leave a little to the imagination. If your bio leaves many questions unanswered, it’s going to compel women to swipe right on you, so they can find out more…

9. Be self-deprecating

Don’t come across too serious in your Tinder bio. Instead, hook a girl with your wit and sense of humour. Women love a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously – and can laugh at himself. Why? because this screams confidence.

10. Use a polarised opinion statement

Make it easy for a girl to message you first. And the best way to start a conversation is by including a polarised opinion statement in your bio. For example ‘Marmite > Vegemite’

Tinder Bios for Guys: Wrapping it up

Now before I sign off, grab your phone and start writing your own Tinder bio. Which path will you take?

Will you be bold? Call someone out? Cause some light controversy? Or, will you tease them with just a dash of you?

It’s okay if it takes some fine-tuning – nothing great was made overnight!

Let it brew with thought… and let it marinade in confidence. I believe in you!

Regardless of what you choose… Please, please, please don’t forget to check your spelling! 😉

I hope this article on Tinder bios for guys will help give you everything you need to write the perfect bio to get you more matches!

Next Article:

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How to write a Tinder bio

Tinder is great. But writing a Tinder bio isn't really that easy. With this article we're going to show you how to write an excellent Tinder bio to get more matches.

How to write a great Tinder bio

How to write a good Tinder bio

In Tinder, your bio is not the most exciting part of your profile, at least most of the time. Nevertheless a lot of people check it out to find out more about you. But if there is either nothing or nothing exciting, they will either not feel like writing you or you will not be matched at all. So a bio can decide how much you stand out. Here’s a great list of tips to keep in mind when creating your profile, and they’ll definitely help you if you don’t know how to write a good Tinder biography. The following tips also work away from Tinder on other dating platforms like Bumble, Lovoo, OkCupid, Badoo etc.

  • 🤔  Why bios matter
  • 😉  Tips for great Tinder bios
  • 🤩  Sample bios

🤔 Why bios matter

As already mentioned in the introduction, the biography text in your Tinder profile may be not important at first glance. But you are wrong. Even if many people do not read the text that you have written about yourself, there is still a large number of people who look at what you have to say about yourself. Your bio provides great input for many and enables them to get in touch with you more easily. This will make it easier for your match to have a topic right from the start that can be discussed with you. If there is absolutely nothing written in a bio, they can interpret a lot in it: Either you are not really active on Tinder, you hardly feel like using it, you are boring or maybe even a little arrogant. Like your photos, your bio provides topics for conversations. Help your match and make yourself exciting.

You’re right, photos are not directly part of your Tinder bio, but they are part of your profile. Without good pictures of yourself, no one will want to read what’s written in your bio. If you want to be noticed, good photos are essential. But what makes a good Tinder photo? We could of course discuss this for a long time, but the following things apply almost always:

Never use Tinder without photos

If you haven’t skimmed over the introduction to this section, you should understand why. No one will be interested in the gray blob among the sea of faces. If you don’t have pictures of yourself that you like, ask a friend for help. Even photos that may not be up to date are still better than none at all. However, these photos should be depicting you and not an object, a landscape or someone else.

how to write a short tinder bio

Use current photos

Even if the last tip mentioned that old photos are also possible to use, they should only be a last resort. Your photos shouldn’t be older than two or three years; ideally even very recent. You’ve been to a hairdresser in the meantime and now have a radically different haircut? It’s pretty clear that you don’t have a lot of good photos of it yet, but at least one should go into your profile and if possible in one of the first two places.

Good picture quality and NO SELFIES

Selfies are poison if you want to look attractive. And selfie sticks are about the worst. If there are hardly any photos of you, ask a friend whether it would be possible to take some good pictures of you. These photos do not have to be taken with an expensive camera, a good cell phone camera is sufficient enough. Use selfies only if they are really good.

Filters and image editing

It’s okay if you retouch a pimple or adjust the color values a bit, but please don’t bend reality. And please, please, please: No photos with Snapchat filters. These dog ears and snouts are terrible.

Be positive

Your pictures should indicate that you are a good catch. Even if you are not convinced of it: you are one. Maybe you’re still a diamond in the rough which hasn’t had the best of times, but the future will be bright for you if you want to. Work on thinking positive and you will reflect it - and that goes for photos too! Even if you are not 100 percent comfortable in your skin, smile or laugh while pictures are taken, be happy, cheerful. However, your laugh should be honest. A fake smile can look quite creepy. If you’re not the laughing kind of person, profound photos are good as well. So if there is a picture in which you are reading a book and looking at it thoughtfully, it is certainly not wrong if you are the type of person for something like that. But don’t pose to fake being deep.

Snapshots are almost always better than photos which you’ve posed for. Why? They just look more natural. You in a group of friends at the table while laughing out loud at a joke: That would be a great photo, for example. However, if there are no good snapshots of you, it is of course not the end of the world. And it shouldn’t just be snapshots. A good mix is never wrong.

Not too many photos

But not too few either. You have the option to upload quite a few pictures on Tinder, but you shouldn’t necessarily use that opportunity. Otherwise, they only think that you take yourself too seriously or that you find yourself extremely hot. If there are too few, it could happen that they won’t match you for safety reasons or that they find you strange. 4 to 5 photos, that’s a good number.

No landscapes, stock photos or memes

They want to get to know you. A photo of a landscape that you like is of little interest to others. It is the same with stock photos from the Internet or memes. The latter in particular gives the impression that you are 16 and therefore much too young for Tinder anyway. And if I want to see memes, I don’t look for them on Tinder.

👉 Suggested read: How to start a conversation on Tinder

Whole body picture

At least one of your photos should show more than just your face. The main photo should still be a portrait though. Tinder is a terribly superficial platform and people want to know what they’re getting into. If you are not satisfied with your body, why should somebody else? Keep it real! You’re a little chubby? Doesn’t matter, there are a lot of people out there who find that just as attractive. Are you too small in your opinion? Again: Keep it real. A photo that shows you from the waist up would be ideal. But especially with such a photo it shouldn’t be posed but rather a snap shot.

Not too much skin

Photos of you in a bikini or bathing trunks (or even underwear) shouldn’t be on Tinder unless you like to be viewed as a piece of meat. Even if your body is well shaped: stay dressed in your pictures. This applies to women, but especially to men. I can no longer count how many guys believe that they can score with their six-packs. And girls: don’t push your pretty peach booty in the camera’s direction. I get it, you have worked hard for it and there is probably hardly a guy who does not find a well-shaped butt attractive, but still it does not go down well as the center piece of a photo. If you are only looking for sex, you can of course safely ignore this whole advice.

👉 Suggested read: The best Tinder openers & pick-up lines

Group photos

Group photos are okay in and of themselves, but your profile shouldn’t consist solely of them, and they shouldn’t be your main photo either. Your profile is about you, not your friends. But I would still suggest at least one, because group photos show that you are popular and that people like to spend time with you. But if you are more of a marginal figure in the picture, I would suggest omitting it. You should be the center piece.

It is great if you are versatile and do a lot in your free time. You should also show that with your photos. Couch potatoes are out. But what I notice more and more often: People only post photos of climbing, skiing, hiking, horseback riding, surfing, etc., on which you don’t recognize them. People want to see your face, your laugh, your joy. Pose at the summit, smile from the rock face, be in full action; but above all be visible. If they don’t recognize you, they can just as well skim through a sports magazine. If this jock on your photo could also be any other person, then it is better to omit it. And as group photos: Don’t overdo it. One or two pictures of this kind is enough.

The background can be almost as important as the foreground. Do not post photos on Tinder where the background consists of chaos or your messy bedroom. Choose an exciting or at least neutral background.

350 Good Questions to Ask - Conversation Starter

Note the following no-gos:

  • No photos with sunglasses. People can look radically different with sunglasses and seeing eyes is extremely important to build attraction.
  • Don’t pretend to be someone else. Keep it real.
  • Do not boast. Especially not with your car or your motorcycle or whatever.
  • Try not to be desperately cool or silly.
  • No photos that only show your pet. Even if it’s totally cute or fluffy, people should be interested in you and not your pet.
  • No photos with ex-partners.
  • No photos in which there are only you and your best friend from the opposite sex.
  • No photos with a child or children, except you are their parent.

😉 Tips for great Tinder bios

Now that we’ve covered the most important photo advices, we’re finally getting down to it. So, you were able to get someone to take a closer look at your profile and read your biography. Now you also want to be convincing. But how do you do that? In this section I show you how to write a good tinder bio and what to put in your bio. In the course of my many years of experience with Tinder, I have to admit that most of them are simply incredibly boring. And if a bio is boring, the person who has written it is probably boring as well. Let’s go through a few points on how to stand out from the crowd and shine .

Charm and humor

Tinder is funny, so don’t be too serious. Stay charming and show humor. There is no room for profanity. If you can make the person laugh, they will surely not mind if you get in touch with them.

🤓 Suggested read: How to flirt over text

Be aware of your target audience

What is the case in marketing also applies here. If you’re a nerd, stay true to yourself. You will hardly want to impress a superficial person or let alone match them. Do you prefer to relax on the couch at home? Then you probably won’t and don’t want to impress a person who has to climb every mountain they see, no matter how hard you try. Write your bio with the image of a potential partner in mind. What kind of person do you want to address primarily?

Not too long, not too short

Don’t overdo it, but don’t just write two words as well. Your bio should be short and concise. We live in a fast moving time, hardly anyone wants to waste too much time, so get to the point. It also looks like you have nothing else to do in your life, or are frantically looking for someone else if you write tons of lines in your profile. About two sentences are ideal.

Show don’t tell

A piece of advice that actually comes from creative writing. Do not write that you are clever and funny, but rather write something clever and funny. This proves that you are someone with whom they can have fun and who has character.

Stay positive

Positive people attract positive people. If you complain about things, it can put off some people. One often reads how much someone detests Instagram and doesn’t want to be part of the brainless crowd and therefore has no profile. This is very bad and only makes you unappealing. Nobody likes grumpy and negative people.

🤓 Suggested read: 🐣 45+ Funny Egg Puns To Make You Laugh

Negative things in a funny coat

As just mentioned, you should stay positive and remove negative things from your bio. However, if you are generally a negative person or a pessimist and want to show it openly, you can tell it in a funny way. It doesn’t make much sense to pretend being nice if you are not, of course, and maybe you enjoy being a curmudgeon. When you make someone laugh, you at least arouse positive feelings. Are you a hopeless nihilist? Then you could write the following: “The meaning of life is that it has no meaning. But we can still make the best of it. Want some pizza?”

Of course you can also choose this route and just say what you are looking for. If you want a relationship, why don’t you just talk about it? This way your potential match knows what they’re getting into. But still you should heed the remaining tips here and make it entertaining. A clumsy “I’m looking for a relationship” can come across as extremely awkward.

Put down clichés

Stop with: “I love traveling.” Almost everyone likes to travel! If you are like everyone else, you are boring. You are a girl liking horses? Totally fine, but keep that to yourself for now. You are a guy who likes cars? Wonderful, but it shouldn’t be recognizable either in photos or in your bio. You can talk about it while getting to know each other. And please stop listing all the destinations that you have already traveled to. That sounds like pure showoff.

Date Ideas List

Don’t steal quotes

Most profiles overflow with seemingly funny sayings that have been seen on dozens of other profiles. It is boring and not exactly original. A good joke or a great quote is not wrong in particular, but only as long as it cannot be found on every tenth profile. Try to be unique. And even if it was funny for a while, don’t write “actually I’m three owls in a trench coat” anymore. As I said: old and worn out.

“Fun facts” are usually not much “fun”

You could also list fun facts about yourself. Basically that might be a good idea, but often these “fun facts” are anything but “fun”. If you want to choose this path, ask a few friends if what you want to write is funny if you are in doubt. The best friends to choose would be those who do not necessarily have the same sense of humor as you.

Fake reviews

Even though fake reviews may sound funny, they’re pretty bland: just leave them out. At first it was still funny when Tinder was quite new, but Oprah Winfrey or Times Magazine are getting annoying.

Avoid being too personal

There are things that should only be addressed when you get to know each other. So don’t write in your bio about how big your family is or whatever. Bios do not have to contain personal information. Save yourself a list of jobs, siblings, pets, etc. As mentioned, you can address all of these when you get to know each other.

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Spelling and Grammar

English is compared to other languages quite simple. But still, there are few things as attractive as a person who knows where to put commas, how to spell words and so on. Not all of us studied this language of course, but it would still be advisable not to write just as sloppy as we often talk. Just pay attention to it. Believe me, that can help tremendously. And if English is not your mother tongue and you struggle with it, ask someone for help or address it in your bio.

Don’t advertise

Do not advertise your company, your product and especially not your Instagram account. It looks needy. Someone who has to go as far as to advertise on Tinder looks a little bit like a failure - even if you didn’t even want to advertise but just wrote something about the stuff you do. If you play in a band, for example, you might be able to write the name of your band in your bio, because a lot of people find musicians hot and secondly, almost everyone likes to support musicians. I would still rather show it with your photos that you play music than to mention it in your bio. If the other person is interested, they will ask you what the band is called anyway. And another reason not to advertise on Tinder is, that it can appear as if you are only on the platform for advertisement purposes and have no interest in getting to know each other.

📖 Suggested read: The best tips for getting over someone

Drugs and alcohol

Neither in photos nor in the bio would I depict anything that glorifies the misuse of substances. Cannabis may no longer have the bad reputation it once had, but still a lot of people don’t like it. The prejudice of the simple minded stoner, who doesn’t have his life under control, is still deeply rooted in many. Also, I wouldn’t necessarily mention that you love to get wasted. On the other hand, the fact that you would like to meet up for a beer in the park sounds more innocuous. Of course, that also depends on your culture.

Tip for men

How many women have you met that play “hard to get”? Probably a lot. Women like to play the unapproachable. Just turn the tables in a fun way.

I see using emojis as a risk. They have already arrived in our society very much, but still: Some hate them abysmally. If you want to make a bio out of emojis, for example because you want to be internationally understandable, I would rather suggest something funny and unexpected. You may also try to summarize the plot of your favorite movie with emojis and let people guess. Just showing what you like or do with emojis is pretty lame and nothing new.

🤩 Sample bios

Now you have received some tips that you can take to heart or partially reject if you think they do not apply to you or do not suit your style. Of course, that’s completely okay. See them as guidelines and not as rigid laws. Your head may still be spinning and you might know even less than before about how to design your bio. That’s why we have a few sample bios in this section that can help to show you how your bio may look like. Note, however, that not everyone finds every bio equally funny or appealing. There are definitely a lot of people who do not like the one or the other example at all. And please, if you want to use one of these samples, change it at least a bit, otherwise you run risk of only being one of many again. Remember that others visit this page as well.

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Details make the difference

Although I’ve strayed there three times, I like to hike through the woods of (some particular mountain nearby). Do we want to get lost together?

If you are totally into hiking and want to address this, do not write: “I like hiking.” Firstly, a lot of people like to go hiking and secondly, it’s just boring. If you tell a little story with some small details, it will be much better received. It’s more exciting and entertaining. The question in the end is particularly great. This way you provide a potential match material on how to write to you.

What you’re looking for

I am looking for someone with whom I can watch bad films from the last century, spend a lazy Sunday, occasionally go on an adventure and laugh at my lousy jokes.

In the tips above, I mentioned that it’s okay to say what you’re looking for. But if you dress this wish in a funny way, that’s a thousand times better than saying: “Looking for a relationship.” The main message of this bio is that you are looking for a significant other, in a subtle and charming way.

One girlfriend with a sweet smile, urge to move and positive charisma, please. *

This way, like the previous tip, you say what you’re looking for, but you’re a little bolder. Some really like this direct way, others detest it. If you’re the type of person for it, you can try it out. It’s still a little risky.

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Unusual things almost everyone likes

I like the smell of the first winter snow, snacking in Grandma’s orchard and the vibration on my chest when my cat falls asleep on me.

This Tinder bio is sweet and great in many ways. On the one hand, there are things that are sure to appeal to a lot of people, on the other hand, you can also subtly show that you like cats, for example, but are not a crazy cat lady or anything.

The dog lover

If you want to make friends with my dog Fido: He loves to be scratched behind his ears. It is no different with me. We are both very simple beings.

If you really want to write something about your pet, you can tell it in a funny way, as in this example. You can also playfully show with the last sentence that you are an uncomplicated person.

The glutton

I like pizza, dogs, tattoos, pizza, pranks, pizza, funny people, you and pizza. Did I say pizza? We should have one together.

Even if this bio is no longer the newest and I’ve seen something similar several times, you can get pretty creative with it. You can exchange all things and don’t even have to be talking about something edible. Maybe you’re totally into some kind of sport. You can also use this to suggest an idea for a first date. With pizza you could meet in a park and have a picnic there with pizzas, for example. Is it obvious, that I love pizza?

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A short anecdote

When I was eight I was pretty addicted to Tetris. Sometimes the blocks buzzed in front of my eyes in class and I almost failed. Even today, when I pack my suitcase, I find myself playing Tetris in my head.

A small, funny story about you can work wonders and give other people an insight. And yes, I was that Tetris addict.

Basically a tall hobbit looking for a volcano

Since you read the same thing over and over on Tinder, it’s never wrong to try something completely different. Be brave. Share a dark secret, a hidden desire, a weird character trait, something innocuous at any rate, possibly something fictitious or a reference to a favorite film. If something unusual like this isn’t rewarded with matches, you can still change it.

The meaning of life is that it has no meaning. But we can still make the best of it. Want some pizza?

Yeah, it’s the example from the tips above. You should stay positive basically, but sometimes something negative can also be very funny if you give it a nice packing. This example would be ideal for nihilists.

Talk about the other person

You like to sit comfortably, like pizza, are single and currently looking at my profile, because my pictures were alright? Then swipe to the right.

Sometimes it’s wiser not to talk about yourself, but about the one you want to match. For example, if you’re uncomfortable saying something about yourself or if you think you’re boring, this kind of thing can be very helpful. Get creative and specific.

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Make a game out of it

If you guess where this picture was taken, the first drink will go to me.

Man is an extremely playful creature. Take advantage of that! And if you reference one of your photos, that’s never wrong.

Movie guessing

Can you guess my three favorite films? 🐠❓; 🐀🥘👨‍🍳; 💑🚢🥶

Like the last example, this is a game. On top of that, in this one your counterpart has to guess your favorite films. Admittedly, these movies are all pretty easy to guess, but you will probably have better ones in stock.

I always cook for two. Help me not to eat for two as well.

With this text, you indirectly invite the person to a self-cooked meal. In combination with a photo of you cooking or eating your own dish, this Tinder bio can work wonders! Don’t we all like to eat? It works especially well if you are a little chubby, for example. Love yourself and your body. Confidence is hot!

Definitely not a Russian spy

You can be whatever you want here. But this example in particular is funny because you claim that you are not something. Not being a Russian spy would be something a Russian spy would say, right?

The plain vanilla killer

I’m the king of stacation, like to eat my tasty cheap cereals out of a plastic bowl and party with my cat until I get tired; so usually until ten p.m.

Try to make fun of all the vanilla Tinder bios. Take something that you read all the time and ridicule it.

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A search for advise

My chocolate cake never gets as fluffy as it should. Any tips?

This bio would probably be best used by a man, as women are typically more likely to know how to bake a cake than men. Of course, it still can work the other way around and you can always ask for a different advice. In any case, such a type of bio is great because most people like to help. This is a great way to start a conversation. Try it in combination with a photo of the cake in question!

We hope you enjoyed our article on how to write the perfect Tinder bio. If you are now in contact with your match and the first date is coming up, these articles might help you!

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How to Write a Tinder Bio That Shows Your Personality


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How to write a good tinder bio, 1- keep it concise., keep it short and sweet., be specific., use humor. , be yourself. , 2- avoid intense self-deprecating humor.

  • 3- Show, Don't Tell.

4- Take Risks With Your Bio.

5- be creative and unique: , 6- make the first sentence interesting, 7- share three interests at most, 8- correct your grammar and spelling, 9- be honest, conclusion: .

How to Write a Tinder Bio That Shows Your Personality

Suppose you have just downloaded Tinder and want to find cool, amazing bios to catch people’s attention. Using Tinder is not that hard, but if you want to make meaningful matches, you must have a good profile. 

Following this guide will guarantee a higher chance of landing a date! So, prepare to revamp your bio game and start writing a Tinder Bio. 

So to Write a Tinder Bio that attracts you to date, you need to ensure you don’t bore them with a lengthy bio. Make sure that when you Write a Tinder Bio, it is a short introduction to who you are. It’s your chance to make a good first impression and show potential matches what you’re all about.

Here are a few tips for writing a short and engaging Tinder bio:

You only have a few sentences, so make sure every word counts.

Don’t just say you’re “fun” or “outgoing.” Tell people what you like to do for fun or what makes you unique.

A little bit of humor can go a long way. Just make sure it’s appropriate and doesn’t come across as mean-spirited.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not. People can tell when you’re being fake and it’s not a good look.

So the next thing you need to Write a Tinder Bio that jazzs up your Tinder profile is to avoid self-deprecating humor. You don’t want anyone to open your profile and think that this person is not confident in themselves.

Keep your bio funny but don’t go too overboard, and don’t abandon the dummy aspect completely. You don’t want to come up as overconfident because many people do not like that. 

No one wants to think you’re carrying a heavy bag of worries on your back! Keep it light and positive! So Imagine you’re a superhero with a quirky sense of humor, like Spiderman cracking jokes while saving the day! Let your humor be a sidekick that adds charm and makes potential matches chuckle!

Let your bio shine with authenticity like a diamond in the rough. People love genuine, not fake! So, show off your wit like a lion showing its majestic mane! Be confidently funny, and you’ll attract matches like bees to honey! 

3- Show, Don’t Tell.

Forget the boring, old “tell, tell, tell” routine! Everyone wants to see some “show, show, show” action! Instead of listing your interests like a shopping list, let your bio be a sneak peek into your awesome world!

Imagine you’re a superstar on a stage, dazzling the crowd with your unique talents. That’s exactly what you need to do with your bio! Showcase your interests and personality like a dazzling fireworks display!

Don’t just say,

 “I like hiking and pizza.” 

No, that is too boring and basic! 

Instead of being basic, add a razzle-dazzle and Show them your adventurous spirit with a tale of hiking triumphs! 

So, instead of being a bio-bore, be a bio-roar! Get creative, be yourself, and let your bio shine like a shooting star across the Tinder galaxy! Remember, showing is the game’s name, and you’re the rock star author of your Tinder story!

However, if you feel that you are not someone who will be able to write such a creative and interesting bio for your Tinder, then you can always hire a Tinder autobiography writer . Tell them what you want to write for your bio, and then sit back and let the professionals handle it.

Taking a risk when Writing a Tinder Bio means you’re like a trailblazing explorer. You might not hit the bullseye with everyone, and that’s okay! Some people might miss the punchline or the reference, but what? Those who get it will think you’re cool and want to hit you up to talk. 

Your bio is your treasure map, leading to your amazing, one-of-a-kind self! So, don’t be a copy-paste robot; just write anything you find online. Instead, try to be like Picasso and be original! 

Show off your quirks, your humor, and your unique interests! The right match will be drawn to your sparkle like a magnet. 

Take that risk and show your uniqueness to the potential dates. This will allow you to shine and stand out from the hundreds of profiles they have scrolled through. 

Remember, not everyone may get your vibe, but those who do will be your perfect match! 

You’re like a shining star in a sea of dark skies, grabbing all the attention with your awesome bio! While others might be stuck in the land of snooze-worthy bios, you will be the superhero who breaks the monotony!

So When you sprinkle some creativity into your bio, it’s like a magnet for curious minds! Girls will be all ears, eager to know more about the intriguing person behind those words!

Imagine you’re a storyteller, then writing a story, then it is your job to draw people in! Your bio is your canvas, and you’re a brilliant artist painting a masterpiece of personality! So, instead of just another brick in the wall, be the vibrant splash of color that stands out! Show off your wit and charm like a playful dolphin flipping in the waves!

So, the first sentence is important because it will either send a person off your profile or stay. So make sure that it is interesting to catch the reader’s attention. You can start the sentence with anything. You can Write a joke that’ll tickle their funny bone, drop a sassy remark, or shine a spotlight on the coolest thing about you.

And guess what? You can make fun of yourself too! Embrace your quirks like a superhero wearing a cape! Believe it or not, a dash of self-mockery can be your secret sauce for success!

So, there you have it – the key to crafting a top-notch bio that leaves a lasting impression! Get creative, be yourself, and watch your matches soar like a rocket to the moon!

So the next thing you need to Write a Tinder Bio is to share your interest. But don’t just go overboard with it that you write your entire biography there. 

 Share just enough to attract a date because if you write everything, then what’s there left to chat about? So only Hook them with a catchy opener but hold your horses, don’t go overboard with the info dump! 

If you overshare, you might overwhelm potential matches and give off the wrong impression. We don’t want that! Try to go slow and only start by sharing three of your favorite interests. Now these interest traits can be something you want to write or think people will like to read and then approach you. 

So, keep it simple, my bio buddies! Imagine you’re cooking a delicious meal – just the right ingredients make it perfect! Focus on the most important stuff only.

Remember, it’s not about quantity but quality! You’ve got tons of Tinder bio ideas, but choose wisely, like a wise owl picking the juiciest berry in the forest!

Correcting grammar and spelling is important when writing a Tinder Bio. Mind your language and use correct spelling. Using bad grammar can be like a red flag for some people, and it might annoy them and not give them a chance. Would you want that to happen? So make sure that you proofread your bio and write something that is error-free. 

So, before you hit that “post” button, triple-check your bio like a detective solving a tricky case. Look out for sneaky errors and give it a final touch of perfection!

Remember, clear and correct language can be your secret weapon in dating! It shows you’re smart, articulate, and worth getting to know!

Being honest always works because people can tell when someone is being fake. So don’t be like one of the creeps; just be honest and open like a book with clear intentions. 

Let people know whether you’re on the hunt for a serious relationship or just a fun hook-up! Honesty is like a magic potion in online dating – it works wonders!

So, don’t be shy! If you want something serious, shout it out like a cheerleader rooting for her team! And if you’re up for some fun and casual flings. 

Remember, being true to yourself attracts like-minded souls. You’ll find people who resonate with your intentions and vibe.

Writing a bio on Tinder will make or break your profile of Tinder. So if you want people to wipe right on you, follow these tips above. With these amazing tips, your profile will look good, and you will also be able to land a date!

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How to write Tinder bio

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15+ years of experience in online dating and coaching clients to get better partners!

In today’s world of digital dating, your Tinder bio is your first impression. It’s the first thing potential matches see when they come across your profile, and it can make or break your chances of getting a swipe right. Crafting the perfect bio can be a daunting task, but fear not, because we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps of writing a killer Tinder bio that’ll make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for a meaningful relationship or just some casual fun, your bio is the key to attracting the right kind of matches. So, if you’re ready to up your Tinder game and increase your chances of finding love (or lust), keep reading.


Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world, and if you are looking to make a good impression on this platform, a well-written bio is essential. Your bio is the first thing potential matches will see, so it’s important to make it count. In this article, we will provide you with some tips on how to write a Tinder bio that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Be Creative and Unique

The key to a successful Tinder bio is to be creative and unique. Your bio should showcase your personality and make you stand out from the countless other users on the app. One way to achieve this is by using humor. A witty and funny bio will not only make you more attractive to potential matches but will also show that you have a sense of humor.

Another approach is to highlight your interests and hobbies. This will give others an insight into what you like to do in your spare time and help them find common ground with you. Be specific about your interests, and don’t be afraid to show off your passions. This will help you attract like-minded individuals who share your interests.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Tinder bios are limited to 500 characters, so it’s important to keep your bio short and sweet. You want to make an impact with your bio without overwhelming potential matches with too much information. Focus on what’s important and avoid unnecessary details.

One way to keep your bio concise is to use bullet points. This will break up your bio into easily digestible chunks and make it more visually appealing. Use bullet points to highlight your interests, hobbies, and key personality traits.

Show Your Personality

Your Tinder bio is an opportunity to showcase your personality and unique traits. Use your bio to highlight your strengths and what makes you stand out from the crowd. Be honest about who you are and what you’re looking for.

Avoid using cliches and generic phrases. Instead, focus on what makes you unique and what sets you apart from other users on the app. Don’t be afraid to be bold and try something new. This will help you attract the right matches and increase your chances of finding a meaningful connection.

Include a Call to Action

Your Tinder bio should end with a call to action. This can be a simple invitation to swipe right or a request for a specific type of match. A call to action will encourage potential matches to engage with you and increase your chances of finding a connection.

Make sure your call to action is clear and concise. Avoid being too pushy or demanding. Instead, focus on inviting others to get to know you better and see if you have a connection.

In conclusion, writing a successful Tinder bio requires creativity, uniqueness, and a bit of personality. Keep your bio short and sweet, highlight your interests and hobbies, and include a clear call to action. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to attracting the right matches and finding a meaningful connection on Tinder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should i include in my tinder bio.

Include your hobbies, interests, and what you’re looking for in a partner. You can also include a joke or a clever one-liner to show off your personality.

How long should my Tinder bio be?

Keep your bio short and sweet. A few sentences or bullet points should suffice. Remember, most people have a short attention span, so keep it interesting and to the point.

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80 Best Tinder Bios To Get Laid (Copy/Paste Examples)

What are the best Tinder bios to get laid?

In this article you’ll discover exactly how to write a bio that makes her swipe right on dating apps.

And not only that, you’ll also find out how to write a bio that leads to a hookup.

Including 80 great Tinder bio examples.

How to write a Tinder bio that gets you laid

Write a hookup-bio using the fat-method, spicy & sexy tinder bios that get you laid, polarizing tinder bios, unique tinder bios, funny tinder bios every guy can use, tinder bios for relationships.

Let’s start with the basics. How do you write a Tinder bio for hookups? And how is it different than any other bio?

Your bio is always somewhere on the spectrum from relationship-minded to hookup-minded. If you want to get laid, yours will be more hookup-minded.

A mistake these types of guys often make is that they are way too explicit in their Tinder bio. They make it too clear they just want sex.

And this works against you. Women are repulsed by it. An explicit bio is NOT a sexy bio.

Your goal should be to just make her feel attracted to you, and hint in a playful way that you’re not really the relationship type.

Women’s brains don’t work the same as men’s. She isn’t turned on by 3 shirtless selfies and a bio that shouts sex.

Women, unlike men, are usually not so focused on  looking for hookups . They might be looking for a great guy and a relationship. However, if a guy plays his cards right, she might be completely fine with just a hookup or a friend with benefits.

In fact, a good hookup-focused profile isn’t that different from a relationship-focused profile. There are only some subtle differences in what you’re trying to communicate.

In the next tip we dive into the 3 ingredients for good Tinder bios.

If you want to know more about good Tinder profile pictures instead of just bios, check out this article:

  • Tinder Profile Pictures: The Ultimate Guide

At TextGod we coach guys on their online dating profiles using the FAT-Method: The three things you need to get her to swipe right.

You need to show you’re…

  • Trustworthy

No matter your goals, all three are important.

You need to show you’re  attractive . That one’s a no-brainer. However, that’s not enough. Even if you are just trying to get laid.

You also want to show you’re  trustworthy . She must feel you’re a normal guy, not some dangerous weirdo. Remember, women are in general less physically strong. So she has to be extra careful who she meets up with.

This is exactly why the typical ‘I only want sex’-bio doesn’t work. It lacks trustworthiness. Also, it shows you’re not that socially intelligent and don’t understand women. Which is an extra risk for her.

The third thing you want to show is that you’re  fun to be with. That you have an awesome life and experience cool things. If you’re more relationship-minded you might demonstrate fun differently than if you’re more hookup-minded.

So the best sexy Tinder bio that gets you laid shows all three ingredients of the FAT-Method. And it focuses more on exciting and adventurous things than relationship-minded things.

Your bio works closely together with your Tinder pics. Use your bio to add what your pics can’t communicate, and humor is a big one. It’s hard to show you’re funny in your pics. But your bio is great for that. Who doesn’t want a guy with a great sense of humor. But also keep in mind which FAT-ingredients are missing in your pics. Use your bio to emphasize those.

What do all of the best Tinder bios share?

  • They are personal . If it describes 99% of the population, you want to try again. I’m looking at you, people who enjoy food and traveling .
  • They polarize. You don’t want to attract everyone, it’s best to attract the type of person that you like (just be careful not to go too niche).
  • They got good vibes . Life is hard enough, so most people want to surround themselves with people who can spread cheer.
  • They don’t tell the whole story . Give enough so she gets excited and curious about you, but not so much that she knows everything about you.

For your dating profile, a little bit of improvement goes a long way. Some nerds in a lab actually proved this.

how to write a short tinder bio

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Use these bios to suggest you’re looking for casual dating, hookups, and one-night stands.

  • Cereal is my second favorite thing to eat in bed
  • No bigger turn on than a girl who reads
  • I like big butts and I’m morally against lying
  • Please don’t get me hot and bothered. I’m more of a winter type guy
  • We’ll get along if the little spoon is your favorite position
  • Pineapple goes on pizza like tongues go in assholes. It’s not for everyone, but those who enjoy it are a little more sophisticated
  • Scientifically proven paper in the streets, unmoderated comment section in the sheets
  • I’m a bit like a McDouble. I look nothing like my photos but you’ll love me when you’re desperate enough
  • I work for the government. So you know I’ll f*** you hard.
  • Netflix and chill? More about intense intellectual conversation and rough sex.
  • I’ll be Burger King, you be McDonald’s. I’ll have it my way, and you’ll be lovin’ it.
  • Threesome? No thanks. If I wanted to disappoint two people in the same room, I’d have dinner with my parents.
  • Let’s have a who’s better in bed contest. Hoping to make you a sore loser.
  • People will not want to use someone else’s toothbrush but will eat a stranger’s ass after a night out
  • Let’s play doctor. I’ll go first. You owe me $2700
  • My kink is when girls care about my feelings and what I have to say
  • Not into casual hookups, only into competitively ranked hookups

Some of the above bios are pretty on the nose about your intentions. So expect to see a small dip in your matches. That’s normal. But don’t panic – the ones who swiped right to your profile with a spicy and sexy bio are more likely to be down for what you’re looking for.

The following bios will polarize your matches and lead to some fun convos.

  • I eat steak well done with ketchup
  • Gossip Girl > Sex and the City
  • Liberal thinker, conservative donger, moderate fun
  • I’ll know you’re the one for me when we both sing along to Katy Perry in the shower
  • If you’re afraid to toot in front of me after the 3rd date, swipe left
  • Tell me your first ever email address
  • I get along best with people who find olives disgusting
  • Biggie > TuPac
  • I actually enjoyed the solitude of the lockdown
  • The only way to eat chocolate is refrigerated
  • I’m at an age where I understand why people do fraud
  • Bottling up everything so I can die of stress induced heart failure when I turn 40
  • Minecraft is proof kids yearn for the mines #meforpresident

Make sure to add your own personality to the above templates!

These bios showcase parts of your personality. So potential matches can see if they’re similar, or just strike up an interesting convo due to how unique you are.

  • If I catch you not signaling while driving I’m hitting the eject button
  • For our second date, we’re analyzing an episode of Sex and the City
  • I’m not a judgemental person, but I’m not sure if we can hang out if you get your memes from Facebook
  • Don’t hate me if I read every plaque in a museum
  • Nutella > peanut butter > jam
  • I always keep a pistol under my pillow. So in case of burglary I’m able to shoot myself to prevent interactions with other people.
  • Does calling it a button-up shirt instead of a button-down shirt make me an optimist?
  • If you honk at me to get out of my parking spot faster, I’ll stay put until I die
  • Any time someone likes my post, I read it again
  • Remember when replacing your TP: beards are cool, mullets are bad
  • Sometimes I watch a show just because my remote fell on the floor

If you want to showcase your hobbies, use the following format!   Just don’t make it a boring list. Let’s say you’re into working out, reading and coffee. Bring this boring list to life like so:

  • Barbell enthusiast
  • Music-dependent life form
  • Caffeine connoisseur

Now for some stupidly simple bios that can be fitted to your personality!

  • I’d donate my kidney to (your favorite thing in the world)
  • If money didn’t matter I’d be a (your ideal job)
  • According to my friends I am more beautiful in real life, but my mom says I’m always a beautiful boy
  • Will totally humiliate you at (your favorite game here)
  • Unusual skill: (insert)
  • A non-negotiable: asking the taxi driver if it’s been busy tonight
  • Will cook (your favorite dish) if you do the dishes
  • Caffeine-dependent life form
  • Black belt in leaving my phone on top of my car before driving off
  • Dating me is like finding an extra chicken nugget in your McDonalds
  • My last Tinder date opened my mail when I was in the bathroom
  • Never again will I try to swat a bumblebee as I’m driving down the freeway
  • I can convince you to delete this app forever after just one date
  • I bet you can’t beat me at a staring contest
  • I microwave a mean mac and cheese
  • Unusually skilled at binging Netflix
  • Awkward for the first 10 minutes, surprisingly charming after
  • #1 bad boy. Still bad at everything
  • Just got a bad haircut and am feeling especially self-conscious
  • My biggest turn on is chatting for 3 months without meeting
  • Been listening to the same 200 songs for the last 15 years
  • I always talk to animals in an annoying baby voice
  • I go back and forth between ‘IDGAF confident’ and ‘I really could use a compliment’
  • Tell me the soundtrack to your life
  • I feel the most empowered when I give zero fucks
  • My mother would describe me as her son
  • The thing I hate most in the world is calories
  • I’m here to avoid friends on social me

Get more funny Tinder bios in this article:

  • 30+ Funny Tinder bios

Not everyone is looking for a quick hookup. These bios show you as more of a relationship prospect than a quick piece of meat.

  • Steal my sweater and put your cold feet on me already!
  • Let’s do something radical, let’s turn on Netflix and actually watch the movie
  • Our dogs will be named Maximilian and Ingrid. This is non-negotiable.
  • Let’s discuss what our couples email address will be
  • If you’re kind, cool and honest I’ll totes try to hold your hand
  • I will always bring you a snack even if you said you didn’t want one
  • Let’s get one thing straight: the food at our wedding banquet will be Chinese
  • Hoping to be swept off my feet, but have low expectations
  • Integrity is sexy as phuck
  • Relationship goal: us doing the lift from Dirty Dancing

If you want more general Tinder bios that work great, check out this article:

  • 72 Great Tinder bios for guys

There you have it. Plenty of examples of the best bios to get you laid. And to improve your dating profiles.

But at the end of the day, your bio won’t get you very far if you don’t know how to make her excited to meet you.

That’s why I made you the 10 Texts That Always Work.

Whether you:

  • Don’t know what to say
  • Want a funny text to make her laugh
  • Want to ask her out in a non-needy way

Blessings, Louis Farfields

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how to write a short tinder bio

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CultiVitae - Cultivate Your Life and Career

  • Professional Short Bio Examples and How to Write Your Own

by CultiVitae | Feb 20, 2024 | Blog , Career Advice , Networking | 0 comments

Professional Short Bio Examples

Creating a short professional bio is an opportunity to share your story in a way that resonates with your audience. Whether it’s for a LinkedIn profile, a company website, or a speaker introduction, your bio serves as a snapshot of your professional persona. With the right approach, it can distinguish you in a crowded field, pave the way for new opportunities, and forge meaningful connections. This post dives into a variety of professional short bio examples, offering insights and strategies to craft a bio that effectively showcases your skills, achievements, and the qualities that make you unique.

Why You Need a Professional Short Bio

Not sure why you might need a professional bio? It’s a powerful tool for making an impactful first impression in the digital landscape.

Here’s the deal: in a world where attention spans are shrinking, your bio might be the first (and sometimes only) thing people will read about you. It’s your chance to highlight your achievements, showcase your personality, and articulate your career aspirations, all within a few succinct sentences.

Professional Short Bio Examples

Professional Short Bio Examples

But why exactly do you need one? For starters, a compelling bio can significantly enhance your online presence, making you stand out on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or your personal blog. It’s like having a personal marketing statement that advertises your skills, experiences, and what makes you unique. Whether you’re networking, seeking new opportunities, or building your personal brand, your bio is your ally, ensuring you’re seen in the best light possible.

Moreover, a well-crafted bio serves as a conversation starter, providing a snapshot of your professional journey that sparks interest and invites further engagement. It’s about telling your story in a way that resonates with your audience, making them want to learn more about you and potentially collaborate.

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Key Elements of a Professional Short Bio

Let’s talk about making your professional short bio pop. Think of it as your personal brand’s snapshot, something that grabs attention and says a lot with a little. Here’s the scoop on what to include:

Concise Introduction:

Kick things off with who you are and what you do. Aim for a strong first impression that makes folks want to know more about you.

Professional Achievements:

Got some big wins under your belt? Share a couple of your proudest moments. Pick the ones that shine the brightest and are most relevant to where you’re aiming.

Skills and Expertise:

What’s your superpower? Highlight what you’re amazing at, whether it’s turning data into stories, designing sleek websites, or leading high-stakes negotiations.

Personal Touch:

Let a bit of “you” shine through. What drives your work? Any passions that bleed into your professional life? This bit of personality can make your bio stick in someone’s memory.

Call to Action (CTA):

What’s the next step for someone inspired by your bio? Make it easy for them by suggesting they check out your portfolio, connect with you on LinkedIn, or drop you an email. Make sure it’s a breeze for people to find how to contact you for those exciting opportunities.

Think of your short bio as your career’s highlight reel. It’s not just about listing facts; it’s about telling your story in a way that engages and invites people to want to learn more about you. Keep it fresh, tailor it to your audience, and don’t forget to let your personality peek through.

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Not sure how to get started?

Here are three examples to inspire you:

Example 1: Project Manager

“I’m Alex Carter, Project Manager at Tech Solutions Inc. I guide projects from start to finish, improving development time and boosting our bottom line. As an expert in Agile methodologies, I enhance team productivity and project outcomes. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, skiing, and mentoring aspiring project managers. Let’s connect and share project management insights!”

Example 2: The Creative Wizard

“I’m Jamie Yang – a graphic designer who believes in the power of visuals to tell compelling stories. At Creatives Inc., I’ve spearheaded rebrands that have doubled online engagement and have been recognized in ‘Design Weekly’ for my innovative use of color and texture. When I’m not sketching or sifting through Pantone swatches, you can find me volunteering at the local art school, teaching kids the joy of creativity. Interested in crafting visually stunning narratives? Drop me a line!”

Example 3: The Business Maestro (written in the third person)

“Meet Jordan Smith: a seasoned Account Executive dedicated to forging strong partnerships and driving revenue growth. Over the past decade at Global Enterprises, he has negotiated deals that have expanded market share by over 25% and built a network of loyal clients worldwide. Beyond the boardroom, he is a passionate wine collector and a mentor to aspiring sales professionals. If you’re keen on discussing strategies to scale your business, he can be reached by email or on his website.”

Tips for Writing Your Own Professional Short Bio

Crafting your professional short bio requires a blend of creativity, brevity, and authenticity.

Here are some unique tips to ensure your bio stands out while remaining professional:

Embrace Your Unique Value:

Think about what sets you apart from others in your field. Is there a particular skill, mindset, or approach you bring to your work? Highlight this unique aspect to make your bio memorable.

Inject Your Personality:

While maintaining professionalism, don’t shy away from letting your personality shine through. A touch of humor, a mention of a passion project, or a nod to what motivates you can make your bio more engaging.

Avoid Jargon:

While it’s important to showcase your expertise, too much technical language can alienate readers unfamiliar with your field. Aim for clarity and accessibility if this bio is going to reach a wider audience.

Proofread, Then Proofread Again:

Typos or grammatical errors can undermine the professionalism of your bio. A thorough proofreading session—or better yet, a review by a trusted colleague—can ensure your bio is polished.

By focusing on these areas, you can create a professional short bio that not only highlights your accomplishments and skills but also captures the essence of who you are as a professional.

How to Adapt Your Bio for Different Platforms

With all the possible platforms or avenues you might use your bio on, it’s important to tweak it slightly so it fits each one. Here’s how to tailor your bio effectively:

Given its professional nature, your LinkedIn bio can be more detailed and formal. Highlight your career achievements, skills, and experience. Utilize industry-specific keywords for better visibility in searches.

Twitter’s character limit means your bio needs to be concise and witty. Focus on your core expertise, add a personal touch or hobby, and use relevant hashtags to increase discoverability.

Professional Website or Portfolio:

Here, you have the freedom to expand your bio with more personal stories, a detailed career path, and a comprehensive list of accomplishments. Include testimonials or links to your work to add credibility.

Industry Conferences or Speaker Introductions:

For contexts where you’re presented as an expert, emphasize your credentials, notable achievements, and what attendees can expect to learn from you. Keep it engaging and focused on your relevance to the event.

Internal Company Profiles:

Tailor your bio to highlight your role within the company, your contribution to team goals, and how you align with the company culture. This version can be more casual, reflecting your relationship with colleagues.

Each version of your bio should align with the tone and expectations of the platform while ensuring your personal brand remains consistent across all mediums.

I hope this post has helped you craft your professional bio!

Consider who your audience is, what your goal is, and what you want to convey about yourself. Your bio is a chance for some professional storytelling and maybe even a sales pitch.

If you’re interested in landing a more aligned job offer, check out my FREE on-demand masterclass to get the freshest strategies on how to go from feeling stuck to landing more ALIGNED interviews & offers.

How to Land Your Dream Job Free Masterclass

How to Land Your Dream Job Free Masterclass

Emily Liou and her team believe that everyone can land their dream job. Want to find out more about how you can wake up happier on Mondays? Whether you like to work at your own pace or have a group to hold you accountable, there’s a Happily Hired job search program to shortcut your job search today.

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how to write a short tinder bio

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how to write a short tinder bio

Everyone on dating apps wants banter. But what does that even mean?

how to write a short tinder bio

Alice Mollon / For The Times

At its most thrilling, banter mimics the buildup and climax of good sex. At its most disappointing, banter may be branded on dating app bios but never experienced on a real date.

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“Looking for banter!”

It’s a dating app standard, among the Billboard Hot 100 of bio banality. Along with a passion for food, travel, plants and “The Office” (yes, still), the ability to banter, whatever that may mean, has become a common prerequisite for earning someone’s swipe right.

The number of U.S. Tinder users who listed “banter” on their profiles has grown by nearly 7% since 2022, with the word appearing significantly more often in bios of men who are 33 or older than women of the same age, according to Tinder spokesperson Tomas Iriarte Reyes. Countless articles provide prompts and advice on how to amp up the banter on dating apps. Reddit threads help introverts banter like the pros or suggest ways one can boost a conversation’s banter quotient. The fictional dating app in Apple TV’s “Ted Lasso” is even called Bantr .

But what is banter really? And what is it good for?

Sex educator Shan Boodram, Bumble’s resident sex and relationships expert and workshop facilitator on Netflix’s UK-based dating show “Too Hot to Handle,” notes that the word “banter” is thrown around more frequently in the UK. The popularity of British reality shows like “Too Hot to Handle” and “Love Island” may have contributed to the word’s adoption stateside.

Boodram says that banter encompasses two of the most consistent factors that contribute to a relationship’s longevity. “Agreeableness and willingness to meet each other’s bids,” she says. She explains the latter as “You scratch my back and I will scratch yours. In 2023, this also means you watch my saved TikTok with interest, and I will watch yours.”

Illustration of a rose, a candle and two people talking on a date in a bar while playing footsie.

Tired of dating apps? Bookmark these tips for when you try speed dating

Thinking about giving speed dating a try? Here’s what relationship experts say you should know before you go.

Sept. 21, 2023

The majority of roughly 100 dating app users I surveyed about banter using an online form noted that the presence of a quick back-and-forth established intellectual parity, comedic compatibility and similar interests. It’s a way to test boundaries, casually introduce personal details that may be deal-breakers and create intimacy. Even those who didn’t explicitly look for bios that mentioned banter wanted everything that banter represents. About a third said they preferred bios that included the term. Boodram explains that just like our animal kingdom peers whose mating rituals include funny little dances and call-and-response trills, we’ve concocted our own ways to signal interest and push for reciprocity through play.

“It’s romance movie terminology,” says Erin Carlon , author of “I’ll Have What She’s Having,” a deep-dive into the Nora Ephron canon. She explains that as romance novels boomed in popularity over the pandemic, the language they employed seeped into the general cultural consciousness, and in turn, onto dating apps. That, along with movies like Ephron’s “You’ve Got Mail” and “When Harry Met Sally” and later cruder comedies like “Wedding Crashers” and “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” led Gen-Xers and millennials to believe that we crave, and could even have, the verbal dexterity and impeccable rapport of scripted characters.

At its most thrilling, banter mimics the buildup and climax of good sex. According to Carlson, tension-filled banter was Hollywood’s answer to the enactment of puritanical movie production guidelines in the 1930s — if sex itself was a no-go, charged dialogue was the next best thing.

It’s “sex without having sex,” says Christopher Cartmill, the head of dramaturgy at Rutgers University. He points to the 1980s television show “Moonlighting” and its equally chatty 1940s cinematic predecessor “His Girl Friday” (and Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew”) as examples of hardcore badinage serving as a viable substitute for the boudoir.

In those examples, the straight couples proved their attentiveness through their quick wit and evenly matched cruelty. It’s two proud people conceding that they’ve found the one person who can see through their steely exterior. And the result can be better than sex.

Which, if you’re an asexual like Alexis Bates, 26, of Waco, Texas, is part of banter’s appeal. She explains that she and her current “datemate” will fake fights and improv their way through an argument to reach mutual release. However, she adds, there’s no ill will. In fact, their openness to poke fun at each other and be goofy and vulnerable is a testament to the safety and kinship they’ve found in each other. “It’s cathartic,” she says. “The body registers that we’ve argued, we’ve had these little skirmishes, and we’re fine. It continues to build the healthy relationship.”

man & woman on a date sit awkwardly on different ends of a very long blue couch with a dark blue wall with a cactus painting

No chemistry right away? Here’s why you should still go on that second date

Chemistry in dating is important, but it doesn’t always come instantaneously. Here’s why you shouldn’t give up on someone just because you didn’t feel a spark right away.

Dec. 6, 2023

Despite its omnipresence on dating apps, banter isn’t inherently flirtatious or sexual. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “mocking, humorous, or arch remarks made about people or things to expose their shortcomings and to make them appear laughable; humorous ridicule; (also) good-humoured teasing or raillery, witty or amusing repartee.” And nearly all respondents to my survey wrote that outside of dating apps, they bantered with friends, family or colleagues (or all the above). It’s a catchall term used to describe everything from a team’s locker room dynamics, to gossip at a middle school girl’s sleepover, to a comedian’s crowd work, to Aaron Sorkin’s workplace dialogue, to the chummy buffoonery of “Seinfeld.”

Which makes asking for banter on a dating app something of a guessing game. Are men looking for a shrewd dame with a wickedly sharp sense of humor and a dynamite body, are they looking for the Pam to their Jim, a co-conspirator for life who’s goofy and charming, or are they looking for a “cool girl,” what Gillian Flynn describes in “Gone Girl” as a “funny woman who adores football, poker, dirty jokes, and burping, who plays video games, drinks cheap beer, loves threesomes and anal sex.”

Maybe what they really want is a true friend. And given that there’s been a drastic decline since 1990 in the number of close friendships men have, it makes sense that they’d ask for the same buddy-buddy ribbing where it’s easiest to search for new connections.

Or maybe they’re looking for all four in one.

Studies researching humor and romance in heterosexual relationships have found that both men and women view having a sense of humor as an asset . Hinge’s love and connection expert, therapist Moe Ari Brown, says that “92% of Hinge daters consider a shared sense of humor to be an important factor when considering being in a relationship with someone.”

But a sense of humor doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. According to a 2015 study published in “Evolutionary Psychology ,” which replicated a 2006 study, men seem to want women who will laugh at their jokes and women want men who will make them laugh. (I’ve even seen men write that they’re “looking for someone to laugh at my jokes” in their bios, and survey respondents who do not limit their dating app parameters by gender noticed this sentiment far less frequently among women and nonbinary users.)

“When guys are like ‘I’m funny’ in their bios, I’m like, ‘Let me be the judge of that,’” says Kate Parrish, a 38-year-old straight woman from Nashville, Tennessee who relies on Bumble for finding dates. She says that since joining dating apps after her divorce, she’s become well acquainted with matches who articulate that they’re looking for sparky dialogue but can’t carry their own weight. Still, she says she prefers men who mention banter in the profiles.

Illustration of a 3d human figure shattering with panels of a glowing figure overlapping

Science can explain a broken heart. Could science help heal mine?

Science shows that heartbreak doesn’t just hurt emotionally. It can affect our brains and immune systems. I asked researchers if science could also mend my broken heart.

Jan. 22, 2024

“I suspect that a lot of men who write that they want someone with good banter and a good sense of humor are actually saying that they want someone to enthusiastically talk about what they’re interested in and who laugh at their jokes even if they are offensive,” says Boodram. (Donald Trump excused the pussy grabbing comments he made on Access Hollywood in 2016 as “locker room banter,” and bullying in the workplace , at school and in the sports arena underscores a widespread willingness to excuse derogatory humor as “banter.”)

Like Parrish, I found that many men who said we had good banter were delusional in believing that they had any part in it. Our conversations weren’t so much the stuff of “Moonlighting” fan fiction as they were a game of T-ball. I’d unloaded the plastic stand, bases and mesh bag of balls from the trunk of my car, handed them the bat, and said “go get ‘em slugger” before tossing them a slow pitch. They’d hit it and name themselves MVP.

Alas, I too had once included “banter” on my profile, something of a bat signal to liberal arts majors. I’d seen it on the profiles of the kinds of men I’d wanted to match with and thought maybe if they saw that it were in my bio too, they’d identify me as a kindred spirit. Just two chatty daters with a penchant for sex jokes, bad puns and blink-or-you’ll-miss-it cultural references. I wanted the Harry to my Sally and asked for the one thing I knew I could deliver.

It didn’t work.

Ultimately, “banter” is nothing more than a buzzword, the 2024 answer to the “sapiosexual” craze where online daters peacocked their degrees by designating their sexual preference as “intellectuals.” It’s a Boy Scout badge for chemistry earned through acing a written test alone, a promise of something you may not be able to deliver once the memes and GIFs give way to a cup of coffee or a walk in the park. Or as Carlson says, “Men have always looked for smart and funny women. This is just a different way of saying it.”

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