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plastic surgery cons essay


What are the Pros and Cons of Plastic Surgery

by Bett N. | Jul 2, 2022

Plastic surgery has become mainstream in recent years. This happens as techniques have dramatically improved and plastic surgeons are able to pull off precision procedures with a high degree of safety and patient satisfaction. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there were more than 2 million surgical cosmetic procedures completed in 2020 alone. This is in addition to another 6.8 million reconstructive surgical and over 13 million non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Based on these statistics, more and more Americans seem to be comfortable turning to plastic surgeons in order to achieve both aesthetic and functional goals.

If you have thought about having plastic surgery yourself, it is important to make sure that you are having it for the right reasons. This article highlights the pros and cons so you can make a better-informed decision.

Pros of plastic surgery

Some of the main advantages of going to a plastic surgeon in Baton Rouge include the following:

1. Boost Confidence

Many people who have plastic surgery in order to alleviate an aesthetic concern end up feeling more confident about their appearance. This in turn helps to enhance their sense of self-image and thus self-esteem and confidence. Ultimately, the procedure may end up resulting in an improved quality of life.

2. Hide Flaws

The main reason people pursue cosmetic surgery is to conceal specific aesthetic flaws. For instance, women with small breasts may choose to have breast enlargement in order to enhance their size and shape. Similarly, an individual who is bothered by under-eye bags can benefit from eyelid surgery to reveal a refreshed and youthful facial appearance. Plastic surgeons have a variety of techniques and procedures that they can use to address diverse cosmetic flaws. The specific treatment method is determined by the problem at hand.

3. Look Younger

Many plastic surgery procedures result in a refreshed and youthful appearance that removes years from your perceived age. Examples of cosmetic procedures that are very good at accomplishing this include facelifts and neck surgery. It is not unheard of for patients to look as much as 15 years younger than they actually are after this kind of treatment.

4. Improve Scarring

Nasty scars resulting from injuries or car accidents may leave you looking deformed and even eat into your sense of self-confidence. Cosmetic surgeons have mastered techniques to improve unsightly scarring in order to give the patient a higher quality of life.

5. Treat Obesity

Diet and exercise and the primary interventions to alleviate obesity. However, these do not always work. In extreme cases, plastic surgeons can perform a type of plastic surgery referred to as bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) to help patients shed off those excess pounds and overcome obesity. Additional cosmetic procedures may also be performed in order to remove excess skin and fat (in order to reveal a better-contoured appearance).

Cons of plastic surgery

Despite the benefits, plastic surgery is not without its drawbacks. These include the following:

1. Expensive

Many cosmetic surgeries are considered to be elective in nature. For this reason, health insurers typically do not pay for the treatment. Patients usually need to foot the cost of treatment out of pocket . This can be a disadvantage given that the costs of even the simplest treatments can easily run into thousands of dollars.

2. Surgical Risks

There are inherent risks associated with any surgical procedure. These include the risk of bleeding, blood clots, or infections. Patients also have to deal with side effects of the surgery, which often include discomfort, bruising, and swelling. The best safeguard you can take to lower the risk of complications is to work with a highly qualified Baton Rouge plastic surgeon.

3. Unsatisfactory Outcome

The majority of patients are happy with the outcome of their plastic surgery treatment. For instance, breast enlargement (one of the most common cosmetic procedures) has a satisfaction rate of over 95%. That means that, still, 5% of women who have this type of treatment are not entirely happy with the outcome of the procedure. Taking the time to thoroughly prepare, and choosing to work with a highly skilled plastic surgeon, can go a long way to ensure that you are pleased with the outcome of your surgery.

4. Recovery Downtime

Once your treatment has been completed, you can expect to go home to continue with recovery. This recovery duration can range from a few weeks to a couple of months depending on the specific procedure that you’ve had. Regardless, this requirement can be inconvenient, especially for individuals who have very demanding schedules.

Before you choose to move forward with plastic surgery, it is absolutely important that you conduct thorough research and consider both the positives and negatives. Attending a consultation visit with a board-certified plastic surgeon can also help get some personal questions answered.

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Essay about The Good, Bad, and the Ugly of Plastic Surgery

  • 2 Works Cited

Plastic Surgery Should Not Be Banned Essay

There are so many reasons to say but there are only few I want to be specify, there are: (1) It is a freedom to change physical appearance, (2) Increase self-confidence of those who undergo the process and (3) Helps patient return their old face or body. Don't judge people by what they did. Not because they take plastic surgery so will you judge them that they are not contented in their life, maybe yes, it's partly true but not almost. All people have reason for what they doing. Nowadays, the problem in people is they didn't want to listen to explanation they just want to judge and contented for what they see. Taking plastic surgery is not that bad unless you do so. Don't look only for the negative side of a thing; look also for the positive side-the cause of plastic

Key Points Of Declaration Of Independence

It is everyone's initial right to go about achieving what will help improve their self. It is important to receive these procedures in safe conditions that way it may have a higher success rate. So, getting plastic surgery done in the United States is very much encouraged, especially when the society is not going to change the social norms of looking a particular way. Although the declaration is out of date as far as the technology and types of instruments that we use to achieve these looks through plastic surgery, it is still the basic reason to why one may want to have a surgical fixation of their

Informative Speech On Plastic Surgery

Thesis: Plastic Surgery has been a problem in American society. People shouldn’t feel ashamed of their body, their looks, or be insecure about any body part because everyone is beautiful in their own way. Problems of plastic surgery include expenses, health issues, and medical malpractice.

Persuasive Essay On Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is the first thing people would think of when they’re feeling down on what they look like. For many people, plastic surgery is considered to be very beneficial. It could release people from anxiety and allowed them to take on obstacles that they’ve never tried before. Some celebrities on television may look like they’re in their late 20s, but they’re actually in their 50s. Plastic surgery is a treatment that gives aesthetics look or replaces a broken/burned part of a person’s body.

Persuasive Speech On Plastic Surgery

In recent years plastic surgery is something that has become a very popular trend, and also where many young people are even lining up for it. Plastic surgery is to reconstruct or repair parts of the body, especially by the transfer of tissue it can be used for treatment of injury or cosmetic reasons. It enhances one’s physical appearance, allowing him or her to achieve a look he or she desires. For example, a women’s buttocks can be enlarged or reduced, or a nose can be straightened or lifted. Many people find themselves changing their bodies and wondering if perfecting their appearance would make life a bit more perfect. Plastic surgery can enhance someone’s level of confidence and boost their self-esteem, but it is something that can have very serious consequences people need to be aware of.

How Does Plastic Surgery Affect The Mental State Of Mind

As more and more people search for a solution to their flaws. People turn to plastic surgery. In a generation where people are searching for perfection many dilemmas arise. Science had many gaps when it comes to cosmetic surgery such as the affects that it has on the human mind and how does it affect you psychologically. Another issue that arose is the correlation between mental illness and patients who receive multiple plastic surgeries.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Worth The Risk

In a society so consumed by the ideology of beauty, it makes sense as to why so many women these days undergo cosmetic surgery. The definition of beauty has long been obstructed and changed. In the past, if you look at the woman, you will see they are curvy, during this era being thin meant you were poor where as a beautiful and wealthy woman would be plump because she could afford fine dining. As society has changed, being slender has become the new trend, creating the idea that in order to be truly beautiful one must be thin. The movie stars in Hollywood, although most people realize the beautifying changes that are made to the pictures, this idea of 'beauty ' and 'desire ' still lingers in the mind of whoever comes across it. Our society is bombarded with several different ideologies of beauty but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The beauty standards that have been set should not be what are shaping people around the world and influencing them to go through with plastic surgery. The use of plastic surgery has changed from a medical procedure used to reconstruct the wounded or people with birth defects to reconstructing something people do not like about themselves. Plastic surgery was used during WWI in 1910 and after the war, skin grafting grew. The first training program in the United States was in 1924 thanks to Dr. John Davis. In 1950-1959, plastic surgery was used broadly to repair cleft pallet. It wasn’t until about

Informative Speech : Plastic Surgery

One of the biggest pros toward getting plastic surgery is that your appearance can be enhanced. For example, a woman who has been small breasted her entire life can get breast implants and get that ultra-feminine shape that she has long dreamed about having.

Argumentative Essay On Plastic Surgery

Usually, plastic surgery can be associated with individuals that tend to be self-conscious or have low self-esteem. Acquiring cosmetic surgeries can significantly boost a person’s confidence and self-image. Normally, beautifying procedures are seen to improve psychological damage. Plastic surgery can be beneficial for mental health. Although this may be true, plastic surgery has become an addiction. The perception of beauty should not be held at the hands of surgery.

Essay on Plastic Surgery for Teenagers

Plastic Surgery is a controversial topic nowadays. Some men and women believe that plastic surgery is a great chance to have finally the body, face, and even romantic life always dreamed about. In the U.S. the plastic surgery television shows have made these ideas more popular and common than ever. Some men and women have other reasons for want plastic surgery Such as people who want plastic surgery have disfigurements to the face or body because of birth defects or genetic problems. The rise in plastic surgery in U.S. is a bad sign for future. Plastic surgery is not always a good thing for everyone. Cosmetic surgery should be prohibited for teenagers and people having psychological problems.

Cosmetic Surgery: A Risky and Costly Procedure

  • 10 Works Cited

If one is considering cosmetic surgery I suggest reconsidering. Research shows cosmetic surgery can be a risky and costly procedure. Society is pressuring people to look more attractive. Media shows actors to be flawless and the public feels that one should be compared to these actors. Cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular is today’s culture. People are turning to cosmetic surgery for many reasons, some of them are not healthy.

Plastic Surgery : An Invention Of Modern Technology

We live in a society where people worship beauty. As far as recorded history people have gone to extremes to seek beauty. From foot binding in China to wearing strangulating corsets in Victorian era. People from different race and culture have experimented in every way possible way to look beautiful prior to this popular age of plastic surgery. It’s very common to hear people complain about their appearance, whether it’s their crocked nose, thin lips or flat chest. Remarkably, plastic surgery has been the solution for people who complain. Most people tend to think of plastic surgery as only cosmetic surgery and not as reconstructive surgeries. Plastic surgeries seems to be an invention of modern technology; however its roots lie in the ancient history of India. An Indian surgeon contributed towards the establishment of plastic surgery, it was intended to correct physical deformities acquired during birth, accident, disease or war. These surgeries did not gain the popularity it has today until the First World War. It was during the late 60’s, when doctors started realizing the endless possibilities of plastic surgeries. With the help of this surgery a trained surgeon can replace an amputate body part, remove skin cancer, get rid of unattractive scars and visible birthmarks or rescaling a nose or enhance body parts. Today more and more people from different age groups opt for plastic surgeries to obtain dramatic physical changes. These surgeries were envisioned to restore

Essay about Plastic Surgery: Does It Really Change Your Identity?

Somewhat surprisingly, patients did not report significant improvements in body image quality of life.” (Sarwer, 268) It seems the long-term effects are not quite yet 100% certain so far, so one cannot say that plastic surgery makes a person`s life better for the rest of his or her life.

Risks and Benefits of Plastic Surgery Essay

MedicineNet analyzes mental health risks as a result of unrealistic expectations of surgery. When a person engages in plastic surgery on the wrong grounds, they tend to be unsatisfied with their results. This causes stress and sometimes depression on the patient, which can also affect their physical health, due to delayed and/or prolonged healing time. It is critical for plastic surgeons to be specifically trained in psycho-therapy. During an initial consultation, the doctor must first determine whether the patient is emotionally stable. They look for things such as age, development, mental illness, whether the patient is realistic towards the outcome, whether the patient has recently undergone any sort of traumatic event, or any other factor capable affecting their mental health. Once this is assessed and the patient is cleared for surgery a whole new array of problems arise.

Plastic Surgery Essay

Have you ever considered having plastic surgery? After reading this paper you might want the surgery or you might not. Plastic surgery, a form of art, can reconstruct your body and renew your confidence but can you accept the risks involved?

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Disadvantages Of Plastic Surgery Essay

plastic surgery cons essay

Show More In modern society, women face a barrage of media images promoting ideal feminine beauty and various routes. They achieve this beauty through the procurement of products and services, including plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is increasingly becoming one of the women’s consumerist routes. They are turning to in order to achieve cultural standards of beauty. With increased technology, surgery is becoming an option for any beauty illness and as the options are increasing, so are the number of patients. The popularity of plastic surgery has increased dramatically. Women make up the largest group of plastic surgery consumers. Plastic surgery can include relatively simple procedures such as permanent hair removal or Botox to more complicated procedures …show more content… However, the disadvantages of plastic surgery, which included the risks of it, wasting a huge amount of money, ignoring their own unique personality and bad influences for children, are much more than the advantages. Certainly, after doing plastic surgery, people will be attractive and cover flaws as well. Nevertheless, it will cause several terrible effects after the plastic surgery. One of the most important is that they will suffer a patient for a long time to restore. They should protect themselves and keep pretty though others ways, such as drugs and operation. Moreover, it still exist risk. People should tolerate failure of surgery after they paid a great deal of money. Consequently, it is worthless to do plastic surgery in order to make body a little …show more content… Sometimes we see on TV or read the magazine that many Hollywood artist do the plastic surgery. Hollywood star trying to delay the effects of aging, people who want to change the size of their stomachs, breasts, or other body parts. Plastic surgery becomes a usual thing that people do although it includes many dangerous risks. In this part, this essay would discuss why many people want to do plastic surgery, what the external factors influencing the desire for plastic surgery, and what the effect that will be felt by people. There are many variety reasons that people want to do the plastic surgery, some people want to do that because they depressed to their body, others are obsessed to be like the person that they adore, and the other people do the plastic surgery to correct their part of body from the physical defect. Plastic surgery is a complicated issue because it does make some women feel better by reducing a perceived flaw or insecurity. Women sometimes feel empowered by taking control of something that makes them feel bad about themselves. If a woman spends all her time and energy focused on a perceived imperfection then it has become consuming. So, the aim of this essay is to provide reasons causing plastic surgery happens dramatically in the current

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How to write a persuasive essay on plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery, or “plastic surgery” as it’s often referred to, is surgery in which the principle purpose is to improve the appearance. (Farlex 2012) In 2012 there were more than 236,000 cosmetic surgeries done for minor’s ages 13 through 19. The most common surgery is nose reshaping, and following close behind are tummy ticks, liposuction, and breast augmentations. Being a teenager myself, I cannot justify having these kinds of surgeries.…

Plastic Surgery Could Cause Heart Failure

Although plastic surgery was made to make people beautiful, it could also ruin people's life the systems can cause death and other systems and people can abuse it to. The first reason why plastic surgery should be restricted is it could cause heart failure. ”In surgeries, for instance, cellulitis ( a skin infection) occurs in 2-4% of people”. “Since cosmetic surgery seeks to improve the way you look, scars can be particularly troubling”. “Visceral perforations or punctures can occur when the surgical probe comes into contact with internal organs”.…

WRT 205 Research Paper

WRT 205 Research Paper Rough Draft Beauty and the way it is conveyed through media coincide in negatively altering women’s ability to justly view and obtain the correct perception of beauty. The ideals and standards that media expose to the public tell a number of women that they do not fit in this altering spectrum. Looking at where the concept of beauty started, how the media interpret it, and the way it physiologically impacts women, we are able to see a correlation that shows how the culture of beauty today negatively impacts society. (How beauty is portrayed in the media) 2ND ARGUMENT…

Media Influence On Beauty

As Lerner and Lerner stated, it shows that the plastic surgeon is making profit off of this but with the individual it gives them the sense that they fit into society. In a culture where mass media promote model-thin, photographically manipulated images of beauty that are difficult to impossible for the average woman to achieve, body dissatisfaction is common (Smith 1). With the photoshopped images removing all the imperfections this causes many to think that is the ‘perfect human’. When in reality the images the viewers…

Enhancing Your Body Image Summary

In the article, “Skin Deep: Seeking Self-Esteem Through Surgery,” Sweeney gives the reader reasons about having plastic surgery. First, young adults have performed plastic and cosmetic surgery due to social media. People much rather have a curvy body and breast implants because of celebrity obsessions. However, individuals have low self-esteem about themselves; therefore, being bullied can lead to a cosmetic or plastic surgery. Many family members approve the decision to undergo surgery, to change their child's life, even if they are underage .…

Women Lashed To Their Bodies In The 1970's

Throughout history, society has looked at the role of woman with a domestic and submissive perspective. Women were the property of men, and were there to pleasure him, bear his children, and relieve him of the domestic duties. Throughout time the role of women in society has evolved; however, women still struggle to have full control of their own bodies. As Adrienne Rich said (Of Women Born):"Women are controlled by lashing us to our bodies. " The theme of women being lashed to their bodies has been evident in America from the 1800’s until the 1970’s, as women have fought to gain the right to their own bodies and is still evident today as women continue to battle against patriarchal control of their bodies by the government and media.…

Definition Essay: Defining Beauty

Plastic surgery has become people 's way of escaping their own lives. According to The Babbling Book, plastic surgery has helped people become more confident and have more self-esteem. People now have the courage to hold their head high and not be so apprehensive. People rely on their outer appearance to give them a “boost of confidence” said Harvell, Shayne. Because of the boost in confidence from their appearance, they can now be able to get a job because they have their focus on their life now since they will be done mourning about their looks.…

Persuasive Speech On Plastic Surgery

If you choose to look at plastic surgery as a specialty that improves lives, then someone else will, and so on and so forth. A chain reaction can help change how plastic surgery is perceived overtime. Ultimately, the professionalism of plastic surgeon’s careers will be viewed more seriously; patients will not have to undergo any more psychological harm; people who have thought of becoming a patient as a result of a deformity or insecurity will have the courage to do so; and more qualified doctors will be encouraged to enter the…

Hegemonic Femininity Essay

The “Generation Diva” article by Jennifer Bennett, mentioned previously, says that the amount of cosmetic surgeries performed on girls 18 and younger have nearly doubled in the last 10 years. The statistics and examples from Miss Representation and “Generation Diva” are shocking and sad. They show examples that media representation of what is considered an ideal female has obvious implications on the self-esteem and positive body image young girls and women should…

The Negative Effects Of Plastic Surgery On Teenagers

Most females desire to feel loved and accepted by everyone. When someone does not give them the love they desire young females tend to try and figure out what they did wrong. Women turn to surgeries and expensive procedures to fill the gap in their lives when that is a huge mistake. Studies have found that after a female undergoes plastic surgery her body-image satisfaction has greatly increased, however, it also revealed that body-image satisfaction improved greatly in females who did not participate in surgery. (Zuckerman).…

Impact Of Plastic Surgery On Society

In a study done on plastic surgery patients it concluded that, “patients who were young, had unrealistic expectations, had a minimal deformity, had previous surgeries, were motivated by relationship issues, or had a history of depression or anxiety disorders”(Poupard). Plastic surgery is not a form of therapy to help with a person’s issues. Cosmetic surgery should only be allowed to help with critical injuries, not for cosmetic reasons. Plastic surgery is forcing people to believe they are not worth accepting because they are not under the label of being perfect. In the same study of The Ethics of Plastic Surgery it states, “Cosmetic surgery differs in that we are seeking to augment otherwise healthy tissues to improve appearance and self-esteem...evidence shows the long-term effects of cosmetic surgery are not universally positive, and we should be esteemed not based on our own image” (Poupard).…

Does Plastic Surgery Really Boost Self Esteem

“Does Plastic Surgery Really Boost Self-Esteem?” There’s no question that many people are getting surgery these days. Because of pressure that society gives for people to look good and due to the negative connotation for normal aging in America, millions turn to cosmetic surgery each year. Rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast enlargements and breast reductions are the most common procedures.…

Plastic Surgery Pros And Cons Essay

On one hand, surgery can help people who have suffered from accidents or that have been born with a malformation, but on the contrary hand it enslaves people looking for perfection and the power of "eternal youth. " It all depends on our tastes and our pockets. So, this paper will focus in the pros and cons of the plastic surgery.…

Cosmetic Surgery Make Teens Happy Argumentative Essay

Will Cosmetic Surgery Make Teens Happy? “My nose looks too big. My ears look like elephant ears. My chin looks too big.…

Persuasive Essay On Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty that was intended to be used for traumas and reconstruction of body defects. But, over the years, elective surgeries are becoming more popular to achieve the beauty people want. Beauty is the qualities in a person that give pleasures to the sense or the mind. In today’s society, beauty is judged harshly and is frequently talked about throughout social media. The people who are troubled about their appearances will try to cover up these insecurities with make-up, fashion, or dieting and exercising to improve their self-esteem and appearances.…

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Plastic Surgery: Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

Plastic surgery is one of the most popular types of medical services in the modern world. However, it is a relatively new field that has seen a rapid development over the last few decades. This paper offers a discussion of the concept of plastic surgery, the reasons for patients to undergo it, and some of the historical figures associated with it.

Plastic surgery is defined as a type of surgical procedure that is oriented toward the improvement or restoration of the appearance of form of body parts. Plastic surgery can be used for versatile purposes and is multifunctional. Even though this kind of surgical procedure has been popular for many decades, the practice is still considered controversial.

Generally, there are two major categories of patients for plastic surgery. The first type of patient includes the individuals who are dissatisfied with certain body parts and desire to change how they look. These patients are willing to change their appearance due to their strong self-image and a wish to improve their bodies in order to become more satisfied with them (for example, breast augmentation or rhinoplasty). The second type of patients for plastic surgery includes the people whose appearance was deformed due to different circumstances (accidents, for example) or persons who have visible physical or cosmetic flaws on their bodies such as scars ( Cosmetic surgery , 2009). Compared to the patients of the first type, these individuals are forced to undergo plastic surgery by diverse external factors that have impacted their bodies in a negative manner. At the same time, there are some groups of individuals who are known as inappropriate candidates to undergo plastic surgery. Their reasons for plastic surgery are questionable, and it could be very risky for both the patients and the professionals to proceed with the surgeries in these cases.

Such groups include people who are experiencing an ongoing emotional crisis that may significantly affect and compromise their decision making capability (for example, severely depressed patients who are convinced that plastic surgery would make them feel better) ( Cosmetic surgery , 2009). These patients are advised to solve their emotional issues first and then re-think their decisions regarding plastic surgery. Moreover, another group of inappropriate candidates involves people whose reason to undergo surgery is based on a minor defect (for example, perfectionists who obsess over a feature that may not even be noticeable to anyone else) ( Cosmetic surgery , 2009). Finally, one more type of undesirable plastic surgery candidates consists of individuals who are impossible to please or who pursue unrealistic goals such as having facial features similar to those of celebrities ( Cosmetic surgery , 2009).

The world’s first plastic surgery was carried out in 1917. The patient was Walter Yeo, a sailor who had suffered from an extensive injury to the face during his service in the First World War ( The Telegraph , 2008). As a result of the injury, Walter Yeo lost his lower and upper eyelids. The surgeon who worked on Yeo’s treatment was named Harold Gilles, currently recognised as the “father” of plastic surgery as a field ( The Telegraph , 2008). Gilles used a skin graft taken from an uninjured part of the patient’s body that was then placed on the area around his eyes, similar to a mask, in order to re-create eyelids. The first plastic surgery was a breakthrough in medicine that was especially relevant in the years after the First World War that had left many men with severe injuries inflicted by explosives.

Over the decades following the case of Walter Yeo and the pioneering practices of Harold Gillies, the field of plastic surgery developed rapidly and now is mainly used for beauty-related purposes along with life-saving strategies. One of the most common images associated with modern plastic surgery is that of the so-called “real-life Barbie.” Her name is Valeriya Lukyanova, and she is a 30-year old model from Ukraine. Valeriya is known for her surgically re-shaped body for the purpose of making it resemble that of the world-renowned doll. The woman underwent a series of surgeries on many of her body parts in order to achieve doll-like proportions in her body and face. Namely, her measurements are 39-18-34 inches; her breasts and waist were surgically re-shaped, her eyes enlarged, and a couple of her ribs removed, and the shapes of her nose and lips were modified as well ( Valeria Lukyanova Height Weight Body Statistic s, 2016). Valeriya’s makeup routine is also thorough and takes as long as an hour and a half since her goal is to achieve a look similar to that of a Barbie doll (Bacardi, 2016).

According to Valeriya, her decision to change her body so much was based on her spiritual needs and development; basically, she adjusted the way she looks to who she feels she is on the inside (Bacardi, 2016). This change could scarcely be considered essential from a physical point of view. However, that of Walter Yeo was a physical necessity because his eyelids were destroyed due to his injuries.

In comparison, the sources of motivation each of these patients had for their surgeries differs significantly. Valeriya’s advantage is the fact that surgeries made her happier about her appearance and helped her career. Walter benefited in terms of health because the function of his eyes improved due to the procedure. The main disadvantage of the surgeries for Valeriya was their cost; whereas, for Walter, the surgery changed his face, making it less attractive.

Bacardi, F. (2016). Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova answers plastic surgery questions and talks the misconceptions of her looks . Web.

Cosmetic surgery . (2009). Web.

The Telegraph. (2008). Pictures of first person to undergo plastic surgery release . Web.

Valeria Lukyanova Height Weight Body Statistic s . (2016). Web.

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IvyPanda . (2020) 'Plastic Surgery: Advantages and Disadvantages'. 26 August.

IvyPanda . 2020. "Plastic Surgery: Advantages and Disadvantages." August 26, 2020. https://ivypanda.com/essays/plastic-surgery-advantages-and-disadvantages/.

1. IvyPanda . "Plastic Surgery: Advantages and Disadvantages." August 26, 2020. https://ivypanda.com/essays/plastic-surgery-advantages-and-disadvantages/.


IvyPanda . "Plastic Surgery: Advantages and Disadvantages." August 26, 2020. https://ivypanda.com/essays/plastic-surgery-advantages-and-disadvantages/.

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The Pros and the Cons of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery from a Psychologist’s Viewpoint

Mandy has been working in the mental health field for more than eight years and has worked with a diverse group of clients. These range ...Read More

One thing is clear. Cosmetic surgery stems from low self esteem and non-acceptance of ourselves. If we truly liked and loved ourselves we wouldn’t feel the need to change anything. Women especially, are conditioned to look good. There is so much pressure to be beautiful and thin and it causes emotional distress and immense amounts of self loathing in women all over the world.

We are bombarded with perfect images of women on a daily basis. Just look up at an advertising billboard or read a magazine and perfection stares back at you. It is easy to forget that the image you see is probably the best one of a hundred photos taken and has more than likely been airbrushed as well. Yet, these pictures of slim attractive women trigger our insecurities and self doubt and usually cause us to reach for the first doughnut we can lay our hands on…and so the self loathing continues.

The cosmetic surgery industry is booming and is likely to continue doing so. Yet it seems there is not enough being done to educate people from the inside out. We automatically assume that beauty on the outside will transform us within but this is wrong. Most women do not adore themselves overnight once surgery has taken place. Many find they are still stuck with the same old insecurities as before and they still compare themselves unfavourably to other women. Surgery can help individuals with deformities and obvious flaws but those women looking for superficial changes – such as breast enlargements, will more than likely find that they don’t miraculously change into this fictional women they always hoped to be. They still live with the same attitudes and beliefs as before.

What are the pros and cons of plastic surgery?

There are numerous pros and cons associated with cosmetic surgery. Pros can include increased self-confidence, improved physical health (for instance, rhinoplasty can help with breathing problems), and even improved mental health by reducing anxiety and depression related to one’s appearance. However, there are also cons to consider. Cosmetic surgical procedures can carry the risks of complications such as infections, scarring, and even life-threatening problems like blood clots or anesthesia complications. There may be dissatisfaction with the results, potentially leading to the need for additional cosmetic surgeries. Furthermore, these procedures can be expensive and may not be covered by insurance.

Therapists are Standing By to Treat Your Depression, Anxiety or Other Mental Health Needs

Explore Your Options Today

I have given it some thought and here are the pros and cons to cosmetic plastic surgery procedures from a Psychologist’s viewpoint:

The pros of plastic surgery

1) Cosmetic surgery can improve body appearance and benefit a person on a superficial level

2) Confidence can be improved by altering the attitude of the person having the cosmetic and plastic surgery done. Some people need very little to jump start their image of themselves in a positive direction and tweaking their physical appearance with certain procedures can be the boost they need in order to see themselves differently. It is not just about the surgery in itself though, there is a change in attitude that helps the transformation

3) Cosmetic surgery helps people to feel more accepted by others and less inferior to some degree.

The cons of plastic surgery

1) Cosmetic surgery can make someone feel less confident as they will always be thinking that others like a ‘fake version’ of them. This is not the true reflection as nature intended and it can lead to a person feeling even less in tune with themselves. They are likely to wonder whether people would still like them if they knew them pre-surgery.

2) Cosmetic surgery deals solely with aesthetics and does nothing for the emotional and mental aspects of a person. This can leave a person feeling even more lost than before they undergo the surgery.

3) Complications of surgery. There is always a risk of pain when undergoing surgery.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong here. Cosmetic surgery is an individual choice. Some people swear that it has changed their lives for the better whilst others feel that they had unrealistic expectations of how cosmetic surgery could change their lives. It won’t make people love you anymore than they already do (and if it does then those people are incredibly shallow) and it won’t make you the most popular person at the party. Make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons – to please yourself and improve upon yourself not to fit in with others or fit the ideals of others.

Is cosmetic surgery good or bad?

The evaluation of cosmetic surgery as “good” or “bad” is highly subjective and depends on various factors including the individual’s motivations, expectations, and the potential risks involved. For some people, cosmetic surgery may lead to improved self-esteem and improved quality of life. For instance, someone who has undergone liposuction might feel more comfortable in their skin and experience reduced anxiety about their appearance. However, like any surgical procedure, cosmetic surgery comes with risks, including complications during surgery or dissatisfaction with the results. Therefore, it’s crucial for individuals who undergo cosmetic surgery to thoroughly research, discuss with medical professionals, and carefully consider their decision before undergoing such procedures.

How does plastic surgery affect relationships?

Plastic surgery can affect relationships in a variety of ways, both positive and negative. On the positive side, if an individual feels more confident and comfortable with their appearance after surgery, this can potentially improve their interpersonal relationships. However, changes in appearance may lead to issues within relationships. For instance, a partner or spouse undergoing cosmetic surgery may have difficulty adjusting to the change, or might feel insecure or threatened. Furthermore, if the surgery was done to meet unrealistic expectations or without the full support of a partner, it could potentially strain the relationship.

Why are people against plastic surgery?

There can be multiple reasons why people are against plastic surgery. Some individuals may hold a philosophical belief that one should accept and value their natural appearance rather than altering it surgically. Others may have concerns about the risks associated with a plastic surgery procedure, the potential for complications, or dissatisfaction with the results. There is also a societal debate around the pressures placed particularly on women to conform to certain beauty standards, which can be perpetuated by the availability and normalization of cosmetic procedures. These individuals may argue for a focus on boosting self-confidence and promoting beauty in all forms, rather than resorting to surgical alteration.

  • Introduction
  • Wellness Tips For Adults
  • Yoga For Mental Health
  • Building Strong Internal Resources
  • Can Money Buy Happiness?
  • Can You Succeed?
  • Energize Yourself & Your Family
  • It's Just Not Fair!
  • Maintaining Food Portions
  • Getting Active
  • How Do I Love Myself?
  • Are Mental Health Apps The New Generation Of Self-Help Books?
  • The Science Of Affirmations: The Brain's Response To Positive Thinking
  • The Science Of Manifestation: The Power Of Positive Thinking
  • 120+ Daily Positive Mental Health Affirmations
  • 140 Daily Chakra Affirmations To Restore Balance To Your Energy Centers
  • 140 Daily Positive Affirmations For Men To Boost Self Esteem & Confidence
  • 140 Daily Positive Affirmations For Kids & Children
  • 200 Daily Positive Affirmations For Women To Boost Self Esteem
  • 150 Powerful Daily Affirmations & Words Of Affirmation Quotes To Guide You
  • How To Find The Best Online Therapy For Teens
  • The Science Of Making Bad Decisions
  • Dig Deeper: How Does Gardening Boost Mental Health?
  • 7 Habits Of Supremely Happy People
  • 4 Ways To Improve Your Relationships This Year
  • How Technology Is Changing How We Relate
  • Mindfulness For Busy People
  • Effective Listening In Small Groups
  • Believe It's Possible
  • 3 Ways To Know If You're Saying Yes Too Much
  • Words Of Wisdom
  • Warm Up This Winter By Embracing Mistakes
  • Helping Yourself Speak Your Truth
  • What's YOUR Biggest Challenge For The New Year?
  • Navigating Life's Challenges
  • Improving The Quality Of Life As We Age
  • The Third Noble Truth - The Noble Truth Of The End Of Suffering
  • The Second Noble Truth - The Noble Truth Of The Cause Of Suffering
  • Why Are We So Busy?
  • The First Noble Truth - The Noble Truth Of Suffering
  • Discovering Your Best Personal-Professional Energy: Reconnecting With Your Spiritual Homeland - Part II
  • Discovering Your Best Personal-Professional Energy: In The Context Of Health, Aging & Time - Part I
  • Give Yourself A Break!
  • Get A Better Night's Sleep
  • Changing The Machinery Of Upset
  • Why We Lie To Ourselves
  • Too Much Pretending
  • A Mistake Is But An Error: An Ironic-Poetic Odyssey For Human Authenticity And Audacity
  • 9 Clever Ways To Gain Confidence
  • Understanding Human Behavior
  • Emotional Needs - More Subtle And Sensible Than You Think
  • Life Goals And The Perception Of Time: Do It Now!
  • The Myth Of Emotional Security
  • How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?
  • Being At Peace With The Pain Of Others
  • Celebrating Transitions In This Season Of Change
  • Thinking And Beliefs
  • What Will You Do With The Rest Of Your Life?
  • The Key To Overcoming Procrastination
  • Eight Ways To Take Care Of Yourself During A Health Crisis
  • It's Not Only Okay To Reach Out During A Health Crisis - It's Recommended
  • The Machinery Of Upset
  • How To Be Mentally Strong
  • Antidote To Busy: 5 Simple Ways To Find Time For You
  • Is The Intention A Goal Or Already Realized?
  • Being Proactive About Problem-Solving
  • Natural SPEED: Stress Resiliency Shrink Rap(TM): Safe Stress Survival Strategies
  • 10 Things You Should Never Give Up For A Relationship
  • Emotion In The Brain
  • Be Mind Full Of Good
  • Steps To Self Reliance
  • Expressing Your Intentions
  • Kindness To You Is Kindness To Me; Kindness To Me Is Kindness To You
  • Using Your "Free" Time To Enrich Your Life
  • Integration Of Mind And Brain
  • The Meaning Of Life
  • Can You Truly Be Yourself At Work?
  • Grow A Key Inner Strength
  • Five Tips To Make You More Successful
  • Evolutionary Neurobiology Of Shame
  • Is Laughter Really The Best Medicine?
  • Whose Decision Is It Anyway?
  • What Is The Mind?
  • Getting The Respect You Deserve
  • Volunteering In Later Life: Rewarding Or Stressful?
  • What Is Mindful Presence?
  • How To Say No To People You Care About
  • Are Your Needs Getting Met?
  • Key Points Of Letting Go
  • Discovering Love In The Face Of Imminent Death
  • Empathy: Your Most Potent Skill For Building Closer Relationships
  • Would You Let A Crowd Diagnose You?
  • Intention Of Harmlessness
  • Weak And Strong
  • Games And Manipulation: The Games People Play
  • U.S. Army's Wounded Warrior Program Aims For Multifaceted Wellness
  • Right Intention
  • What Do Running And Knitting Have In Common? Both Can Make Us Feel Better
  • Developing A "Buddha Brain" Through Gratitude
  • Tickets To Paradise: A Good-Hearted Tale
  • Orthorexia Nervosa On The Rise In The Quest To Eat Healthy
  • Wholesome Intentions - The Neurology Of Intention
  • Developing An Inner Protector
  • "Hope Dealers" Inspire Youth To Achieve True Wellbeing
  • Learned Optimism
  • Key Points Of Awareness
  • It's Far Too Simple: An Adapted Zen Parable
  • The Secrets Of Persuasion
  • Relax Needless Fear Around Others
  • Everyman's Dance Troupe Teaches Lessons About How To Live Well
  • Incessant Drip, Drip, Drip -- A Universal Story
  • How The Three Pillars Of Exercise Benefit Mental Health
  • Core Beliefs And Happiness
  • Do Life Challenges Make Us More Creative?
  • A Meditation On Gratitude
  • A Caring, Joyful Heart
  • The Secrets Of People That "Get It"
  • How Socrates' Students Chose Themselves
  • Helping Adult Children Affects Well-Being Of Older Parents
  • 10 Secrets Of Successful People
  • Binge TV Watching On The Rise
  • Mind Changing Brain Changing Mind
  • Being Sedentary Changes The Brain (And Not For The Better)
  • Are Workplace Wellness Programs Worth It?
  • The Fun House Of Mirrors -- Seeing Light In Everyone
  • Why Do We Fail To See Beauty? Thoughts On The Joshua Bell Experiment
  • The Power Of Intention
  • Conquering Inertia
  • Water Your Fruit Tree
  • Anxiety Free New Year's Resolutions
  • Learning From The Fatal Flaw
  • Freeing The Sculpture From The Stone
  • What Does The Latest Dream Research Tell Us? Not Much
  • Essential Fatty Acids And Mental Health
  • Instant Gratification
  • Cowardice Or Choice: From Vice To Voice
  • A Beautiful Mind -- Saying Goodbye To What Cannot Be True
  • Five Ways To Escape The Cycle Of Rumination
  • Creating Lasting Happiness In The New Year
  • When Self-Focus Becomes A Hazard
  • My Cup Overflows: A Zen Tale Adapted
  • Three Favorite Ego Games
  • Enjoy Sobriety
  • How Will You Use Your Gifts?
  • Seeing Through The Ego's Fantasy-Reality Gap
  • Accept Difficulty
  • Worrying Too Much?
  • The Beauty Of Saying "No"
  • Can Neurofeedback Help Musical Performance?
  • Handling Blocks To Any Inner Practice--Meditation, Yoga, Gratitude, Mindfulness
  • The Ego's Way Of Handling The Now
  • Are You Mentally Strong?
  • IV Drip Bars: Is This The New Path To Wellness?
  • The Psychological Importance Of Gratitude And Gratefulness
  • Late Sociologist Warned About Multitasking's Effect On Wellness
  • The Importance Of Gratitude And Gladness For A Happy Life
  • Celebrate The Ordinary!
  • Turning A Negative Nelly Into A Positive Polly
  • The Benefits Of Suffering And The Costs Of Well Being: Secondary Gains And Losses
  • Optimism Bias, Ignoring Warning Signs
  • The Evolution Of Our Species
  • Reframing: Finding Solutions Through A New Lens
  • How To Be More Hopeful
  • A Walking, Talking, Breathing Miracle--Y-O-U! A One-In-Several-Billion Shot
  • Let Things Change
  • Questions To Live By
  • Five Ways To See A Problem In A New Light
  • Accept Them As They Are
  • Three Components Of A Commitment: A Universal Tool
  • The Long Term Consequences Of Being Bullied
  • History Shows That Exercise Boosts Mood
  • Grow Inner Strengths
  • Meaning Depends Upon Context, Egos Make Up All The Meanings & The Context Of All That's Real Is Being Aware Of Awareness Itself
  • Possible Direct Control - Staying On The Playing Field
  • Must You Win An Argument And Lose A Friend?
  • Enjoy Four Kinds Of Peace
  • Live Longer By Believing You Will
  • What Do You "Have To" Do In Life?
  • Posture And How It Changes Your Feelings
  • The Five Businesses And An Inner Meter On Manipulation
  • What You Look For Is What You Get: Learn 5 Ways To Change Your Looking
  • Offending Rules, Bending Rules And Upending Rulers While Defending The Rule Of Life
  • Free Yourself From Self Sabotage
  • Introversion Gaining The Respect It Deserves
  • Embrace Your Introverted Self
  • To Escape The Box, Embrace Paradox
  • Taming Our Inner Dialogue
  • Seeing Three Domains - Illusory, Empirical World, And Absolute
  • The Pros And The Cons Of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery From A Psychologist's Viewpoint
  • How To Cultivate Gratitude
  • Motivation: What To Do When You Don't Feel It
  • When Nostalgia Is A Good Thing
  • Being Presence Itself - Enliven The Quality Of Your Life
  • Relationships And The Meaning Of Courage
  • The Power Of Witnessing: How Would A Fish Know It Is In Water?
  • The Visionary Emperor Encounter
  • Seeing Through The Unreal, Reveals Purely What Is Real
  • Get Out Of The War
  • 10 Ways To Stick To An Exercise Program
  • Dealing With Liars
  • Want To Change Careers? You're Not Alone
  • Who Is Unhappy? What Is Natural Happiness?
  • Drop The Load
  • Sleeping, Eating & Gaming, Oh My: The Blood Sugar-Blood Pressure-Out For Blood Triangle
  • How To Create Great Personal Goals
  • Choice - Level III: The "Will" Without A Willful Doer Chooses
  • What Makes People Happy?
  • Choice - Level II: Developing A Workable Structure For Choice
  • How Exercise Can Change The World: Discovering Your Hidden Self
  • The Mozart Effect: Fact Or Fiction?
  • Choice - Level I: Seeing Through Obstacles To Living By Choice
  • What Defines A Successful Life?
  • Feelings Are Authentic And Valid -- Perceptions And Beliefs Are Suspect
  • 24/7 SPEED/Resiliency Shrink Rap(TM):Safe Stress Survival Strategies
  • The Importance Of Feeling Safe
  • Are Good Surprises Ever Harmful?
  • Accept Dependence
  • Your Diet Affects Brain Function, New Study Shows
  • Can Stress Make You Fat?
  • How Negative Energy Effects Adults, Teenagers And Children: What We Can Do To Change It
  • Critical Thinking Is Not Critical, Just Looking For Truth & Reality: The Heart Of Asking Questions That Reveal "What Is"
  • On Becoming More Perceptually Objective, Empathic And Accurate: Or Getting Your Head Out Of The Clouds Of Negative Assumptions And Premature Judgments
  • Change How You Think And Change Your Life
  • Being An Outstanding Steward Of Life Itself -- What We Can Learn From Animals
  • The Art Of Happiness
  • Healthy Feeling Processing
  • Are Emotions A Choice?
  • Personal Identity: Meanings Over Memories
  • Give Them What They Want
  • How Social Norms Affect Our Decisions
  • Have Your Ethics Slipped?
  • Recognize Suffering In Others
  • The Sixteen Laws Of Emotions: Recognizing Moods And Emotions To Return To Healthy Feeling Processing
  • To Stabilize Weight And Improve Your Self-Esteem, Research Shows The HAES Approach Is A Winner!
  • "Let's Just Wait And Watch It" -- Let's NOT! The Mentality Of "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It" Can Kill You
  • Transform Ill Will
  • Hospitals Take Notice Of Bedside Manner - Finally
  • Social Isolation May Affect Mortality More Than Simply Feeling Lonely
  • Ego Can Be A Superb Servant And A Tyrannical Master: Recognize Four Functions Of Ego
  • Cultivate Good Will
  • How Giving To Others Can Improve Your Mood
  • Come To Center
  • Kids, Cupcakes, And Guns: How Our Cognitive Distortions Suffocate Our Children
  • Sister Jean Is A Picture Of Wellness At 93 Years
  • "Good Enough" Isn't Even Close
  • Make Good Bargains
  • The Lure Of Facebook
  • Mediterranean Diet May Benefit Your Noggin As Well As Your Heart
  • How Does Exercise Improve Mental Health? It's Complicated
  • Will's Five Dynamic Laws Of The Universe
  • The Final Five "N & N" Tools And Techniques For Saying "No" (and Meaning It) - Part III
  • Do You Believe In Miracles?
  • Be Kind To Yourself: You Just Might Age Better
  • Taking It Easy Can Actually Boost Your Productivity
  • Social Traps And Beyond: The Situation Is Hopeless But Not Serious
  • "N & N" - No & Negotiate - Tools And Techniques For Saying "No": Establishing Priorities, Setting Limits, And Solving Problems - Part II
  • The Greater The Effort, The Sweeter The Reward (and The Harder The Loss)
  • Speak Truly
  • Have You Lost Your Sense Of Wonder?
  • Integrative Health Care: The Prince Of Wales Is Right On The Money
  • The Greatest Barrier And Passageway To Effective Communication At Work: "You"!
  • Does Emotion Help Or Hurt Your Performance?
  • Why Is It Hard To "Just Say 'No'"?: Ten Barriers To Asserting Your Individuality, Intentionality, And Integrity - Part I
  • Mindfulness Research Makes Us Take A Deep Breath
  • Benefits Of Meditation And How To Get Started
  • How Does Your Income Determine Your Well-Being?
  • Own Being Responsible? -- Absolutely, Make Others Responsible? -- You Must Be Kidding!
  • Facebook And Emotional Well-Being: Three Ways To Keep Things Positive
  • Lived By Love
  • Do We Need Anxiety? Thoughts For Entering The New Year
  • Reaching Out: Strategies For Addressing Loneliness
  • Dump The Resolution And Adopt An Acronym
  • What I Learned About Engagement, Motivation, And Leadership From A 13-Month Old - Part I
  • Telehealth: A Modern Path To Wellness
  • Don't Quarrel
  • Is Lack Of Sleep Hurting Your Health?
  • Attention Restoration Theory: Was Thoreau Onto Something?
  • Why Can't I Stick To My New Year's Resolutions?
  • In These Heart Breaking Times, Remember: We Are The Other.
  • Wellness Resolutions For The New Year
  • Trust In Love
  • Do You Seek Happiness?
  • Twenty Ways To Promote Peace In Our World
  • Bruce Springsteen In Concert: What Life Lessons Does He Teach Us?
  • One Breath At A Time
  • A Caring Request To Keep Your Feet (and ALL Of Your Toes) On The Ground
  • The Intricate Ties Between Depression And Insecurity
  • Lean Into Good On First Waking
  • Empathy: It's About Happiness, Too
  • Believe It Or Not: Skeptics Brains Are Different
  • See Deep Wants
  • Life Cannot Be Reduced To Numbers
  • The Anatomy Of A Poker Face
  • Embarrassment: Powerful And Puzzling
  • Don't Rain On The Parade
  • How To Make An Anti-Bullying Program A Bad Thing (Do Not Try This At Home)
  • Community Development: An Untapped Resource In Mental Health Treatment
  • Want To Get Tougher In Life? Be Vulnerable.
  • Regret: How You Can Reshape The Past
  • See Good Intentions
  • Should Doctors Prescribe Lifestyle Changes?
  • Now And Then, Stress Is A Good Thing
  • Don't Let Waiting Become Regret
  • See Progress
  • Three Errors In Judgment We Are All Too Inclined To Make
  • To Caffeinate Or Not To Caffeinate? Making Personal Health Decisions Must Remain Personal
  • Speak Wisely
  • Feeling Bad About Being Sad
  • Cultivating Patience In Everyday Life
  • Unexpected Causes Of Tiredness
  • New And Old Friendships Alike Help Us Age Successfully
  • 6 Ways Mindfulness Can Improve Your Daily Life
  • Drop The "Shoulds"
  • If You're Happy And You Know It...Wag Your Tail?
  • How To Be Wise About Fear
  • Let It R.A.I.N.
  • Why I Love Rock 'n' Roll: Healing Music For The Soul
  • The Art Of Routine
  • Ways We Think That Can Make Or Break Us - Part 2
  • Insisting On Fairness & Justice Is A Recipe For Conflict, Misery & Suffering
  • Ways We Think That Can Make Or Break Us - Part 1
  • Find Your Own Way
  • The Brain In Your Gut
  • How Our Brains Adapt To Trust And Betrayal
  • The Risk And Reward Of Emotional Agility: How To Know When To Let Go
  • Are Compassion And Pride Mutually Exclusive?
  • Garbage Detection And Brilliance Spotting
  • Can You Predict Your Emotional Future?
  • Wake Up To Good News
  • Behold The SuperAgers!
  • Change The Channel
  • Mental Health First Aid: A New Concept Helping Communities
  • Bottom-Up Or Top-Down? How We Generate Emotions
  • Find Stillness
  • The Thoughts That Hold Us Back - And What To Do About Them
  • "Off With Their Heads!"--Danger! Danger! Guillotiners Ahead! - Identifying And Protecting Yourself From Expediency-Driven Guillotiners
  • Cultivating Everyday Spiritual Experiences
  • Minimize Painful Experiences
  • Conscientiousness And A Happier, Longer Life
  • Friends And Marriage
  • Relax, You've Arrived
  • How To Be Emotionally Aware - No Cat Ears Required
  • Peeling The Onion--Uncovering Our Wounds In Therapy
  • Hold Wants Lightly
  • Self-Advocacy Vs. Hypochondria: Where Do We Draw The Line?
  • Why Support Is Important For Dealing With Food, Weight + Body Image Issues
  • Rule-Bound Adjustment Is Deadening - Rule-Flexible Adaptiveness Is Enlivening
  • Rest Your Weary Head
  • The Importance Of Family Pets, Grieving The Loss Of My Best Friend, Bonnie
  • Our Obsession With "More"
  • When Does Vicarious Trauma (VT) Become A Sign Of Codependency? - Part II
  • Generativity As A Path To Wellness
  • Gift Yourself
  • When Does Vicarious Trauma (VT) Become A Sign Of Codependency? - Part I
  • The Essence Of Healing, Governing, Service, Judgment And Contribution
  • The Protective Effect Of Having A Purpose In Life
  • Is Hating Someone Because They Are Different A Mental Illness?
  • Find What's Sacred
  • Complacency, Apathy And Resignation Be Banished And Transformed
  • Successfully Negotiating The Crisis-Trauma, Grief-Transition Passage: Six Emo-Existential Questions
  • The Benefits Of Self-Questioning Part One
  • Clean Air = Clear Thinking (Or How Pollution Undermines Cognitive Health)
  • Avoid The Rush
  • More Evidence That Staying Active Is Good For The Brain
  • Lessons Learned From Almost Dying: A Personal Journey
  • Steps Back Are Not Setbacks: Finding Solid Ground Can Be Essential
  • Bridging The International Corporate Geo-Cultural Divide Or Presenter Beware And Buyer Be Aware
  • Defining Your Own Spiritual Path
  • Find Your North Star
  • Change Your Body, Change Your Mind
  • Being Positional, Non-Positional And Taking A Stand
  • Men Are From Earth And So Are Women
  • Multidimensional Wellness: Powerful Concept And Practical Tool
  • Cling Less, Love More
  • Follow Your Dreams
  • Start Feeling Joy Now!
  • What Can I Do? The Seven Options Available For You In Any Situation
  • In Challenging Times, No More "Inner Child": Boldly Bring Your Inner Chutzpah
  • Pay Attention
  • When Calmness Is A Trigger For Fear And How To Change It
  • The Grammar Of Committed Action: Speaking That Brings Forth Being
  • The Strength And Stamina Of Your Willpower
  • Be Benevolent
  • Inspiring Power And Partnership: An Interactive And Interdependent Perspective
  • Catch A "Wild Pitch?" You Must Be Kidding!
  • Don't Beat Yourself Up
  • Are Reasons Complete Nonsense? A Three-Minute Course
  • Admit Fault And Move On
  • Positivity In Relationships Is Contagious
  • Put Yourself On Your Priority List
  • It's Shocking How Little People Settle For, How Much They Put Up With And How Much Better They Deserve
  • Be The Body
  • Single And Alone For The Holidays? 6 Strategies For Surviving And Even Thriving The Holidays Alone
  • Withdraw Attention, Interest And Feeding Unhappy Thoughts,and Natural Happiness Arises And Blossoms
  • Back To Basics
  • The Impact Of Exercise On Your Mental Health
  • See The Good In Others
  • This Holiday Give Yourself And Your Partner The Gift Of Your Presence
  • Be Friendly
  • Pattern Recognition: A Key To Success In Doing Anything Well
  • Know You're A Good Person
  • Step Into The Clouds: Relieving Stress
  • Do You Ever Recover From Emotional Pain? The Answer Is Yes
  • The Architecture Of All Change Processes
  • See Beings, Not Bodies
  • Drop Tart Tone
  • The Top Seven Sources Of Stress And Their Remedies
  • Lower The Pressure
  • Receive Generosity
  • Basics Of Living: Breathing, Standing, Walking And Sitting: Safeguards Of Well Being And Listening Within
  • Balancing Joining And Separation
  • Keeping It Real -- Do You Get It?
  • You Can Feel Safer: Is There Really A Tiger In Those Bushes?
  • An Interview With Lama Tsering Everest
  • 21 Ways To Turn Ill Will To Good Will
  • GROKKED: Being Seen, Heard And Known For Who You Are
  • How Did Humans Become Empathetic?
  • Am I Normal?
  • The Wolf Of Hate
  • Self-Responsibility/Self-Accountability Qualifies You As An Adult
  • Taking In The Good
  • Acknowledgment Transcends Pride And Humility
  • Healthy Friendship
  • Can You Improve Life Satisfaction By Changing Your Focus?
  • Video Blog: Confidence
  • The Brain In A Bucket
  • Developing An Inner Meter On Manipulation -- A Critical Life Skill
  • Why Do Smart And Successful People Do Dumb And Self-Sabotaging Things?
  • My Beef With The "Secret"
  • Beliefs, Roles And Stories Can Be Useful At Times Or Create Suffering: Recognition, Disillusionment, Disidentification & Surrender Is Freedom Itself
  • Beliefs Are Not To Be Believed
  • Straight Feeling Talk: "I Anger Myself", "I Delight Myself"--It's All An Inside Job
  • Becoming Happier: A Will And A Way
  • Is Lady Gaga Destroying America Or Is She Holding Up A Mirror For Us To Reflect?
  • Safety To Express Feelings: The IPA Spring Retreat
  • Monitor Your Thoughts And Improve Your Mood
  • Ten Tips To Improve Happiness
  • Awash In Harm, Do No More Harm: The First Law Of All Health, Healing, Wellness And Well Being
  • Treating Depression With Medication: A Philosophical Approach
  • What An Apparent Poor Sense Of Direction Revealed About The Mind
  • Withdraw Attention, Interest And Feeding Unhappy Thoughts, And Natural Happiness Arises And Blossoms
  • What The Future Holds (From The Perspective Of Two 30-Year-Olds)
  • Three Components Of A Commitment: What Qualifies As A Commitment And A Committed Person
  • Twisted Upside-Down Communication
  • Survival Tips For Singles During The Valentine's Season
  • Another View Of Forgiveness
  • Obstacles And Obscurations
  • The Benefits Of Routine
  • Needless: You Can Have Almost Anything You Want(So Long As You Don't Need It!)
  • Mindfulness In Daily Life
  • The Junction Of Political Awareness And Mental Health
  • Excellent Self-Programming With The Unconscious
  • The Four Thoughts That Turn The Mind: Part Four: Precious Human Birth
  • Recharging Yourself Through Relationships And Giving To Others
  • A Fresh New Year Upon Which To Embrace Change
  • Recognizing And Working Well With The Unconscious
  • The Four Thoughts That Turn The Mind: Part Three: Karma
  • The Four Thoughts That Turn The Mind: Part Two: Suffering
  • The Four Thoughts That Turn The Mind: Part One - Impermanence
  • Strategies To Communicate And Maintain Relationships
  • A Vacation Is Good For The Soul...and For The Relationship
  • The Art Of Pacing - Live Long And Prosper
  • Did You Know? Some Surprising Data About Stress
  • An Expert Interview With Darrin Zeer On Managing Work Stress
  • Can How You Eat Change What You Eat And What You Weigh?
  • How Lucky Are You?
  • The "Fallen" Realities Of Human Nature
  • Fighting Stigma: Dialectical Behavior Therapy And Wellness For Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Our Fast Paced Lives
  • How To Better Motivate Weight Loss
  • Exercise Promotes Happiness And Can Have An Antidepressant Effect
  • Could Loneliness Shorten a Life?
  • Health Tip: Balance Work and Home Life
  • Always Sleepy After the Change to Daylight Saving Time?
  • When One Spouse Exercises, the Other May Start, Too
  • A Sense of Purpose May Help Your Heart
  • Healthy Living in Middle Age Keeps Heart Failure at Bay Decades Later
  • Just a Half Hour of Lost Sleep Linked Weight Gain
  • Health Tip: Conquering Exercise Saboteurs
  • Health Tip: Count Your Calories
  • Tips for Safe Snow Fun
  • Could a Bad Night's Sleep Make You Eat More Fatty Food?
  • Health Tip: Eat Right to Get Through Winter
  • Health Tip: Maintaining Healthy Habits
  • Health Tip: Take Seven Steps for Heart-Healthy Kids
  • U.S. Dietary Guidelines Take Aim at Sugar
  • Healthy Eating Up Worldwide, But Unhealthy Eating Up Even More: Study
  • Sun's Damage Lingers Long After Dark
  • Health Tip: Stranded During a Snowstorm
  • Study Questions Benefits of Treadmill Desks
  • Sleep Group Updates Shuteye Guidelines
  • How to Survive Valentine's Day Without Romance
  • Health Tip: Vary Your Exercise Regimen
  • Beware the Bitter Cold
  • Health Benefits of Moderate Drinking Overblown: Report
  • Naps May Improve Your Health
  • Binge-Watching TV May Be Sign of Depression, Loneliness
  • Early Birds May Catch the Worm, but Night Owls May Snatch the Win
  • 'Long Life' Gene Might Make Some Smarter, Too: Study
  • Good Sleep in Middle Age May Pay Benefits Later
  • How to Stay Safe When Riding Out a Blizzard
  • Walking Group a Step Toward Better Health, Researchers Say
  • Test Your Home for Radon: EPA
  • Health Tip: Get Fit Without the Gym
  • Want to Get Healthy? Get Your Partner Involved
  • Too Much Sitting Can Be Deadly -- Even if You Exercise, Review Finds
  • Homebound Neighbors May Need Your Help in Winter
  • Take Steps to Avoid Winter Falls
  • Scientists Spot Gene Linked to Tanning 'Addiction'
  • Music Resonates Across Cultures, Study Suggests
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cosmetic Surgery

plastic surgery cons essay

Mr Debashis Ghosh

Nhs consultant gmc number: 4657664, medically reviewed by a licensed nhs consultant.

Get Free & Simple Pricing, Procedure & After Care Information from a Licensed Consultant Now

Deciding whether you should follow through with a plastic surgery procedure can be tricky, to say the least. There are many factors you should consider before you make your final decision which will have permanent consequences to your physical appearance.   Flawless is here to help you and give you all the information about undergoing such surgeries, especially as recent articles have suggested that 90% of people are misinformed about cosmetic surgery .

Getting to grips with both the advantages and disadvantages of plastic surgery is the first step you should take if you’re considering cosmetic surgery.

  • What is Cosmetic Surgery?

It is a common misconception that cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are the exact same procedures, just different terms. There are clear differences that you should be made aware of before you begin to read about the advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic surgery.

The first question is, are you looking for cosmetic OR plastic surgery?

The main purpose of cosmetic surgery is to e nhance an individuals’ appearance. The procedures are solely focused on aesthetic appearance. Examples of the most   common cosmetic surgery procedures are:

plastic surgery cons essay

  • Facial Contouring (Chin, Cheek and Rhinoplasty )
  • Breast Enhancement (Lift, Reduction and Augmentation )
  • Body Contouring ( Liposuction and Tummy Tuck)
  • Skin Rejuvenation (Laser Resurfacing, Filler Treatments and Botox)
  • Facial Rejuvenation (Eyelid Lift, Neck Lift, Brow Lift and Facelift )                    

  (Copyright: Photomaxx/shutterstock.com)

  • What is Plastic Surgery?

Contrastingly, plastic surgery does not focus on the aesthetic outcome. Plastic surgery repairs birth defects or deals with burns and disease. Examples of plastic surgery procedures are:

  • Burn Repair Surgery
  • Hand Surgery
  • Scar Revision Surgery
  • Lower Extremity Reconstruction
  • Breast Reconstruction

This post focuses solely on the benefits and disadvantages of cosmetic surgery; howe ver, the points do often overlap with those for pros and cons of plastic surgery. Continue reading for all you need to know before under-going these types of surgeries.

Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

Enhanced appearance.

plastic surgery cons essay

(Copyright: Africa Studio/shutterstock.com)

Improved Physical Health

Anothe r advantage of cosmetic surgery procedure is that in some cases it can enhance your physical health. For example, a rhinoplasty surgery, not only will enhance the l ook and shape of your nose but may also help with respiratory issues that you may have.

The same goes with liposuction – allowing patients who undergo this surgery to be more physically active after its completion. This, therefore, reduces the chances of developing issues such as an increased blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Improved Confidence

By fixing and altering your appearance to suit your wishes, you will automatically have an improved self-esteem. This does wonders for your social life and your mental health. Being confident in the way you look makes you feel better in all aspects of life. Gone are the days of insecurities about your physical appearance. This is one of the great est benefits of cosmetic surgery for many patients who have lived their whole life unhappy with their exterior.

plastic surgery cons essay

(Copyright: Aysezgicmeli/shutterstock.com)

Psychological Benefits

The previous point briefly touches on the suggestion that cosmetic surgery has psychological benefits. You are more inclined to socialise due to your improved state of mind regarding how you feel towards yourself. Some people who are unsatisfied with their looks frequently struggle with anxiety and depression, which are both mental health problems. However, more often than not, these problems reduce or even disappear completely after cosmetic surgery procedures. This is a huge bonus for many and is what encourages them to proceed with surgery. The positive psychological outcomes are worth it.

Pain is Over Estimated 

Many people who consider cosmetic surgery are hesitant because of the fear of the ‘extreme pain’ that is often associated with cosmetic surgery. While cosmetic surgery is not painless, it is not as painful as it is believed to be. This is true now more than ever because of the recent and ongoing advances in technology. The procedures have been improved to reduce the feelings of pain – bringing a feeling of reassurance to many.

Permanent Results

Another key advantage to cosmetic surgery is that it produces results which often last a long time or are permanent. This relieves any sort of worries of getting your ‘undesired’ looks back. However, you must keep in mind that you have to look after yourself after the procedures in order to make them more long-lasting. For example, if you undergo a tummy tuck surgery – it’s high advised that you stick to a healthy and active lifestyle to maintain your results.

Easily Accessible

With more and more individual opting for cosmetic surgery, there are now many clinics that offer these services. So, this means that it is relatively easy to find somewhere to do your procedure. Also, if you don’t want to do your surgery in the UK, there are many clinics aboard that you can easily access too. This is also known as ‘cosmetic tourism’ and has been on the rise in recent years.

Disadvantages of Cosmetic Surgery

plastic surgery cons essay

(Copyright: Pretty Vectors/shutterstock.com)

Chance of Addiction

A grav e disadvantage of cosmetic surgery is that some individuals get addicted to it. This has extreme effects on patients’ state of mind as they may increase the severity of or develop Body Dysmorphic Disorder, or BDD, (whereby they continuously find faults and flaws with their appearance.) Individuals who are diagnosed with this believe that they can get rid of BDD through multiple cosmetic surgeries, but this is not the case. Surgery is not the correct treatment for this type of serious disorder.

There are grave consequences for those individuals who become addicted to cosmetic surgery and continue undergoing such procedures. Common dangers include the fact that it can permanently damage the individual’s muscles and skin.

Risk of Death

Although this isn’t common, it can happen during or after surgery. In most cases, this happens due to the reaction to anesthesia or because of your health history (a person with bad health is more likely to have complications during surgery than those who are in good health). It is highly recommended that you take this factor into consideration, and although unlikely, it can occur. Making this a very serious risk of cosmetic surgery.

Doesn’t Always Meet Expectations

Anot her disadvantage of cosmetic surgery is that after the procedure, it’s not fully guaranteed that you will come out of the other end completely satisfied with the changes. These adjustm ents made to your face or body may have been desirable before you had them, however, they may not look as you expected and fill you with regret. So, you must always be sure exactly of what you want and do your research before committing to the surgery in order to avoid disappointment!

Mistakes can Happen

Another key risk that should not be overlooked is that cosmetic surgeries can go wrong. This is more common than the risk of death but is still quite uncommon due to advancement in technology. However, mistakes during surgery do still occur. For example, a facelift can cause permanent nerve damage which leads to face paralysis. This is undoubtedly a devastating outcome, which should be taken into consideration before undergoing a surgery. These types of errors in surgery will lower your self-esteem even more than it was, prior to the surgery. In extreme cases, these mistakes are irreversible and cannot be fixed.

Recovery Time

Another unfavourable factor that you should bear in mind is that, after surgery, the recovery period can last quite a long time. This period can last up to 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the type of procedure. This means your life, immediately post-surgery, is drawn to a halt as you need time to recover. Therefore, you aren’t able to go through your daily life like you normally would straight after the operation. This is off-putting for many who have jobs and would need to take a considerable amount of time off to do this. 

Also, pain is apparent during the recovery time which can make some individuals reliant on pain killers, which is clearly a negative outcome, post-surgery.

The Right Surgeon

Ther e is a risk of cosmetic surgery regarding the surgeon. You have quite a lot of pressure to choose the right surgeon for you. They must be experienced and have good reviews. It can sometimes be difficult to find someone you can trust with the procedure, as your life and appearance lies in their hands. This can be an off-putting factor for some.

Depression Post-Surgery

A con of cosmetic surgery is that it sometimes takes time to adjust to the new changes that have been made to your appearance. It may not be the case that you dislike your ‘new’ self, but you are simply not accustomed to it (yet), which can sometimes be unsettling and cause further insecurities than you s tarted off with.

plastic surgery cons essay

(Copyright: Stock-Asso/shutterstock.com)

The Reaction of Others

If you’re one that cares about other’s opinions, cosmetic surgery may not be for you. Your relatives and friends may have a bad reaction to you getting cosmetic surgery. This is an upsetting reality for some who value the opinions of others but are stuck with their own gut feeling about undergoing surgery to enhance their appearance. However, if you are confident in your decision to have surgery, you shouldn’t let other’s completely influence your decision. Afterall, it’s your body, so it’s ultimately your choice.

These are the main advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic surgery that you should be aware of before making a concrete decision. It is also advised that you do your research thoroughly, so that you’re familiar of the ins and outs of the procedure you wish to have. Our website aims to help those learn more about cosmetic and plastic surgery – so be sure to explore our other informational posts too.

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