Pollution Essay with Outline – Causes and Effects

Essay on pollution with outline for matric, fa, fsc, 2nd year, intermediate, ba and bsc.

Here are 2 examples of essay on Pollution with Outline for students. This is Pollution essay with Reasons and effects for Class 10, Class 12 and graduation. The same essay could be written under the question, Essay on Pollution, Essay on Atmosphere Pollution, an essay on the types of pollution, Essay on environment pollution, pollution essay and pollution in Pakistan. If you are a student of FSC and you want this essay with quotations, you can visit this link .

Pollution Essay with Outline for B.A & BSC

  • It is a constant threat to mankind.
  • Pollution means “contamination” of the purity of things.
  • Atmospheric pollution is the result of emissions f gases.
  • The major water pollutants.
  • Noise pollution is a severe threat to human health.
  • Pollution is a fatal threat to every living being.
  • Every person should take part in the anti-pollution campaign.

“The most important pathological effects of pollution are extremely delayed and indirect.” (Rene Dubos)

We are living in the age of science and technology. Though we have made tremendous progress yet we have to conquer everything, has upset the balance between living things and surroundings. Pollution is like burning mountain that can cause every loss to the living souls on the earth. It is a constant threat to mankind and the entire civilization.

Pollution means “contamination of the purity of things.” It has become a grave problem which is destroying the purity of the air, the seas and the land. The main causes of pollution are continuous industrial development, the excessive use of automobiles and the population explosion. The wastes have been so great an amount that his capability of nature to dispose of wastes has become unable to purify the environment. This problem has assumed alarming proportion. Our rivers, seas, land and air have become polluted.

Atmospheric pollution is the result of emissions of carbon, mono-oxide, sulphur oxides and hydrocarbons. Factories are sending huge quantities of poisonous gases into the atmosphere. Thousands of cars, buses and aeroplanes are pouring deadly poisons into our atmosphere. This severe situation has posed a serious threat to the life of living species. Several people are suffering from various respiratory ailments that could threaten their very lives. Most of the industrial centres in Pakistan e.g. Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala are suffering from pollution one way or the other.

The discharge of the poisonous gases is damaging the Ozone layer which protects us from the harmful rays of the sun. this may result in cancerous diseases and also cause an increase in the atmospheric temperatures.

Human excrements, industrial discharges, nuclear wastes, hospital wastes and agricultural pesticide are the major water pollutants. These poisonous materials are contaminating nearby wells, canals and rivers. The result is that we do not have pure water to drink. This water pollution is killing wildlife and sea life. It is also causing various diseases among human beings. The food crops irrigated with poisonous waters also become poisonous. They also cause various diseases.

Noise pollution is another severe threat to human health. The constant noise of the factories disturbs ou mental peace all the time. The workers are suffering from several psychological diseases because of the noise pollution of machines. The noise of rickshaws and other vehicles shatters our nerves.

Pollution is a fatal threat to the survival of human beings, animals and vegetation. It is causing numerous human health problems such as cancer, weak eyesight, respiratory ailments, headaches, fatigue and digestive disorder. The massive use of pesticide and herbicide is poisoning the ecosystem of the earth. If pollution is not checked, our crops, our fields and our forests will soon disappear. It will cause serious danger to green, marine, animals and human life.

Pollution is an important problem in the modern age. Man must establish and maintain a beneficial relationship with the rest of nature. All activities which pollute the environment must be curtailed. Every person should fulfil his duty by actively taking part in the anti-pollution campaign.

Pollution Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation

  • Introduction
  • Factors which corrupt our atmosphere
  • uncontrolled growth of technology and vast industrial production
  • The massive use of pesticides
  • pollution due to automobiles
  • Pakistan has a high rate

The word “Pollution” means the destruction of the purity of the atmosphere. The pollution of the atmosphere is not a new problem. In the past, this problem did not pose a threat to the health of the people. But under modern conditions of life, this problem has assumed an alarming proportion. Every country in the world is faced with this problem. Even America, Britain and Japan are worried about pollution. They are making serious efforts to overcome it. It has posed a serious threat to the life of living species. Our rivers, seas, land and air have become polluted. The animal and other living species cannot survive in a dirty atmosphere.

Causes of Pollution

There are many factors which corrupt and pollute the atmosphere.

First, is the uncontrolled growth of technology and vast industrial production. The mills, factories and foundries emit smoke gases and poisonous fumes. In this way, they corrupt the atmosphere.

Second, the discharge of the gases and poisonous smoke is infecting rivers, lakes and oceans. The massive use of pesticides corrupts the atmosphere also. Apart from this, the countryside is being affected by the radiations and waste disposal of nuclear power.

Third, the ever-increasing pollution of the world has also contributed to the uncleanliness of the atmosphere.

Fourth, traffic has increased many times and the automobiles like buses, cars, rickshaws etc. emit smoke in large quantity and defile the environment.

Fifth, man has resorted to the game of destroying trees, plants and natural sights in order to fulfil his material needs.

Pakistan is an underdeveloped country. It is also faced with the problem of pollution. Pakistan has a high rate of pollution growth. It has spread a network of mills, factories and foundries. Science and technology have occupied the scene. The use of automobiles has multiplied. The land has been turned barren by the use of pesticides. The government of Pakistan is fully aware of the seriousness of this problem. A national pollution ordinance is on the anvil. Excessive use of radiations may cause serious damage to health.

Pollution is a serious danger to the health of man, living species, crops and animals. If it is not checked, it would endanger animal and human life. It can cause many ailments to men. This problem has become more grave for us because we depend too much on waterways. Our crops, our fields and our forests can soon disappear.

Our Government should take effective steps to improve the quality of the atmosphere. All activities which pollute the atmosphere must be curtailed.

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pollution essay with outline

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pollution essay with outline

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pollution essay with outline

Essay on Pollution: Samples in 100, 150 and 200 Words

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  • Apr 27, 2024

Essay on Pollution

As the world embraced urbanization, mother nature witnessed the greener lands getting transformed into modern cities and metropolises. What followed is a trail of natural disasters signalling that something is wrong with the planet Earth. Pollution is increasingly asked under the writing section in school and college tests as well as competitive exams . This is because it is a relevant environmental issue today. This blog aims to help you with the necessary knowledge as well as tips and tricks to draft a well-written essay on pollution.

What is Pollution?

Pollution is the introduction of harmful materials into the environment. These materials are called pollutants. They can be created by human activity like trash and natural like volcanic ash. Pollutants damage the quality of water, air and land. Pollution is a global problem. Air and water carry pollution into the ocean currents and migrating fish. Pollution is among the many things that harm our planet- once greener and healthier than it is now. Pollution is a dangerous phenomenon that is contributing to an array of health issues.

Types of Pollution

In simple terms, pollution is defined as the contamination of the physical and biological constituents in the earth’s atmosphere. It affects human life and the natural environment to a very great extent. It degrades our natural resources, from the water we drink to the air we breathe. While writing an essay on Pollution, you must mention the major four types of pollution which are as follows:

  • Air Pollution : Air pollution is the contamination of air in the atmosphere when harmful or excessive quantities of substances such as smoke and harmful gases from industries, CFCs and oxides produced by automobiles, the burning of solid wastes, etc. are introduced into the environment.
  • Water Pollution : This refers to the contamination of natural resources of water, due to the addition of harmful chemical, biological or physical materials, which includes industrial wastes, oil spills, domestic and farm wastes, pesticides, as well as mining and agricultural wastes, to water resource which make it unusable.
  • Soil Pollution : Land/Soil Pollution occurs due to the degradation of the earth’s surface by different commercial, industrial, agricultural and domestic activities. Causes of soil pollution also include mining, deforestation, dumping of e-waste and other industrial wastes, usage of harmful chemicals such as insecticides, pesticides, etc.
  • Noise Pollution : Excess noise due to sounds created by machines, loudspeakers, microphones, loud music, noise from industries, construction and civil engineering works etc. lead to noise pollution.

Causes and Health Effects of Pollution

You can include various causes and health effects in your essay on Pollution from the following table:-

Essay on Pollution

Sample Essay on Pollution in 100 Words

Pollution is the addition of unwanted substances which are incorporated into the environment that can damage our Earth. There are mainly four types of pollution, these include water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, and noise pollution. One should note that any form of pollution is the result of careless activity carried out by man. We, humans daily dump waste directly into water bodies which leads to water pollution.

Vehicle emissions of smoke into the atmosphere impede the ability of all living things to breathe, leading to air pollution. Our garbage is dumped into landfills directly, which results in soil pollution. Although it cannot be seen, noise pollution is a severe type of pollution that can harm our ears.

Sample Essay on Pollution in 250-300 Words

The biggest threat planet Earth is facing is pollution. Unwanted substances leave a negative impact once released into an environment. There are four types of pollution air, water, land, and noise. Pollution affects the quality of life more than any human can imagine.

Due to air pollution, even teenage kids have developed various respiratory diseases. Water pollution has led to diseases in children. The waste we humans dump on the land or chemical fertilisers which are put on the land for agricultural purposes causes land/ soil pollution.

If the soil quality deteriorates due to such practices, the soil will become infertile and no crops could be grown in future. The government has launched various schemes over the years to fight pollution but individual efforts can also play a vital role.

Start by replacing plastic bags for shopping with cloth bags, stopping littering on roads and stopping wasting water are some of the basic things to start with that can lead to big changes in the environment.

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Sample Essay on Pollution in 300-350 Words

One of the most critical threats faced by our planet in the present-day scenario. Environmental pollution is a global issue affecting people around the world. It is occurring in different forms, whether by affecting the air we breathe or the water resources we utilise for several purposes.

Air pollution came into being with an increase in the level of carbon dioxide, with the increase in pollutants which are contaminating the air and causing breathing discomfort as well as skin diseases to human beings. Talking about the other aspect, there is no life without water.

The water bodies are polluting and becoming unsafe for drinking or any other use because of industrial development, rapid urbanisation and various other reasons. Due to air pollution, diseases that can occur in human beings are asthma, various skin diseases, cancer, etc. Therefore, it is the essential need of the hour to take serious steps to reduce pollution to its core.

At a personal level, we can minimise environmental pollution by taking public transport or carpools to reduce vehicular smoke, avoiding firecrackers at festivals and celebrations can also cut down on air and noise pollution, and not using fertilisers and pesticides which can cause both water and soil pollution, and switching over to organic farming. The government can also bring strict rules and regulations to lessen industrial pollution.  

To sum up, any type of pollution is harmful to the environment with serious consequences like global warming, uneven climatic changes, etc. Due to our greediness and illegal human activities, the innocent lives of animals are lost. The time has come to join hands and work towards preserving and protecting the environment for the present as well as future generations.

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Short Essay on Pollution in English

Find a sample of a short essay on pollution below:

Esssay on Pollution

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261 Pollution Essay Topics & Essay Examples

The problem of environmental pollution is one of the main subjects for discussion worldwide. Manufacturing, carbon emissions, plastic, etc., have an adverse impact on air, water, and soil entire the world. That is why it is crucial to understand the problem and develop solutions to mitigate our negative effects on Earth.

In this article, you will find interesting research questions about pollution, ideas for your argumentative and persuasive papers, and essay examples to inspire.

Keep reading!

đź’ˇ 8 Tips for Writing Essays on Pollution

🏆 best pollution topic ideas & essay examples, 🥇 captivating pollution research topics, 🌩️ shocking pollution essay examples and topic ideas, 🎓 simple & easy topics related to pollution, ✅ most interesting pollution topics to write about, ✍️ pollution essay topics for college, ❓ research questions about pollution.

There is a rising interest in ecological awareness and an overall building desire to move towards sustainable living within society. Thus, a pollution essay requires much more than merely outlining cause and effect occurrences.

Tackling a topic that should be both conscientious and demanding may be a difficult task, but with these few tips below, you can quickly address all pollution essay topics. Here are some ideas on how to make your assigned essay more comfortable to write:

Do your research beforehand. This action will help you start your bibliography, which you should begin by writing down every book and article you hope to use.

Additionally, doing so will help you better understand your subject and be more comfortable writing about it. Readers can always feel when writers are too vague because they want to avoid some aspects of a problem.

Introduce your issue from a historical viewpoint. You should explain the origin of your problem, outlining what changes began affecting the environment and why.

Doing so not only allows engaging your readers but also prevents needlessly confusing them by being evasive about your subject.

If some key terms and processes are not common knowledge, then you should explain them. Topics on pollution have tricky terminology, and you should allow your readers to read your essay while on the same level of knowledge as you.

For example, if you are writing about air pollution, then the terms you use may range from “particulate matter” to “hygroscopicity,” depending on the complexity of your essay’s subject.

The pollution essay thesis statement is a guiding line throughout your writing process. Every sentence you write should relate to your central argument and help advance it forward.

From when you start outlining until you write your conclusion and even when revising your draft, you should always ask yourself whether your writing helps you uphold your thesis.

Use credible sources to support your writing. Book and journal titles, research papers, and even interviews with respected scientists are good examples of what you should include in a bibliography.

You may also use pollution essay quotations to demonstrate scientists’ opinions or statistical numbers. When you reference your facts, your readers trust your writing and accept it as credible and truthful, as well as show a good understanding of the subject.

Give your essay an appropriate heading. Your pollution essay titles should clue your readers in on your argument. Using a “talking” title, which explains your subject at a glance, is a useful way of making your essay stand out among others.

If your subject ties together different issues, then you should think about using subheadings to make your essay more readable.

For example, when writing about nonpoint source pollution, you may need to mention its effects on both ocean and forest environments.

Doing so in different sections of your essay may help you structure your thoughts and bring together your arguments for a well-written conclusion.

Read sample essays written by others to help you understand your subject and essay structure better. Doing so will help you be consistent with your chosen citation style and immerse yourself in your research.

However, do not commit an academic offense by plagiarizing from the work of others.

Need more tips? Want to read an essay example? Visit IvyPanda!

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  • Pollution and Illegal Dumping in Chilliwack River Chilliwack River Watershed maintenance is under great pressure because of differing use of resources and activity, high demands for growth and recreation, and impacts to quality of water and riparian habitation from different water-use and […]
  • Simply Green Products Firm: Pollution Allegations The natural decomposition is the surety that the company to the environmentalist organizations and the citizens. There is considerable proof that the company has been the primary producer of the packaging materials for the orchards […]
  • Atmospheric Pollution Constituents A department dealing with the effects of atmospheric pollutants in the vicinity of an industrial complex has established a data table of measurements of a purity index Y on a scale of 0 to 1000 […]
  • Air Pollution: The Problem’ Review Indoor pollution and related conditions are a big burden to the already suffering world according to the reports of the world health organization that it’s the 8th most important risk factor and is perceived to […]
  • Law, Property Rights, and Air Pollution In the law of torts, ‘harm’ is considered when there is physical invasion to a person there fore in the case there was no violation of this law as the secretary was not harmed by […]
  • Reducing Traffic Noise Pollution in Cairo In conclusion, it seems reasonable to state that the issue of traffic noise pollution is rapidly growing in Egypt’s capital Cairo and increasingly impacts public health.
  • Air Pollution in Middle East: Saudi Arabia The rate of air pollution in the world has increased gradually since the advent of the industrial revolution in the early 1800s.
  • Global Pollution and Climate Change Both of these works address the topic of Global pollution, Global warming, and Climate change, which are relevant to the current situation in the world.
  • Health Science: Pollution and Health The spill was apparently a result of the containing dam wall being weak and the ensuing heavy rains rapidly increased the volume of the contents resulting in breaking of the reservoir.
  • Point vs. Non-Point Air Pollution To determine the air pollution source of a large smoke stack, one has to assess the physical characteristics of the smoke; description of the color concentration intensity is it grey or extremely dark?
  • Noise Pollution: Best Practicable Means Magistrates’ Court identified Statutory Nuisance in the case and forwarded an abatement order against respondents along with a huge fine for their misconduct that led to noise pollution.
  • Public Policy Issue: Particle Pollution in Chicago Metropolitan Area The Chicago metropolitan area has been mentioned quite a number of times in American Lung Association’s State of the Air 2008, an annual report that grades the quality of the air across the different cities […]
  • Noise Pollution: Environmental Issue in Lagos, Nigeria The aim of the study would be to understand and evaluate the amount of noise pollution in Lagos, Nigeria and its affects on public health.
  • Air Pollution and Health Issues in the US The industry of health care is closely connected to the industrial activities sector, which has the largest impact on the atmosphere through polluting the air, soil, and waters.
  • Thames Water Company’s Pollution Issue and Ecocentrism Fines can be treated as a strong solution to this issue even though it is not presupposed by the ethical theory discussed, as they ensure that some funds can be spent on protecting the environment.
  • Air Pollution Externalities and Possible Solutions In order to fully integrate public utility, power generation, policy and use of nuclear power in light of the growing concerns on the depletion of natural forms of energy as well as degradation of the […]
  • Industrial Pollution in China and USA The pollution of world’s environment with industrial wastes is highly intensified and according to the authors’ opinion the scientific approach is the most significant and useful tool for the purpose of quick resolving of this […]
  • Air Pollution and Ecological Perspectives of the Atmosphere The major contributors to CO2, one of the main pollutants in the atmosphere, are the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation.
  • Pollution Is a Consistent Demolition of the Earth Pollution means the introduction into the environment of substances or energy that is liable to cause hazards to human health, harm to living resources and ecological systems, damage to structure or interfere with the legitimate […]
  • Air Pollution and Its World History From the times of industrial revolution, smoke pollution was a concern and continues to be one with vehicles and industries replacing coal and wood.
  • The Influence of Global Warming and Pollution on the Environment This essay is going to address global warming from a psychological point of view with an emphasis on the psychological and social reasons that make it important to tackle this problem which is threatening the […]
  • Atmospheric Chemistry – Pollution Ozone, a photochemical pollutant, is formed by the oxidation of explosive organic compounds in the presence of sunlight and oxides of nitrogen in the atmosphere.
  • Construction Technology and Air Pollution Hot-list section has new and transferable technology and highlights the features that appeal to construction companies, specifies and designers, owners of the building and end users.
  • As China Roars, Pollution Reaches Deadly Extremes The idea is to harness the excess waters of the Yangtze River to replenish the Yellow River which perennially suffers from lack of water and the formation of silt.
  • Noise and Sound Pollution The noise pollution should be considered by the duration of the sound, the frequency of noise, and whether there is any control to the sound or not.
  • Pollution Control Policy: Glodal Issues Global warming poses a great problem for the global biosphere since it affects the habitat of most of the natural occupants of the global hemisphere.
  • Earth’s Atmosphere and Natural Pollution The stratosphere is the next layer of the atmosphere and is from that 7 17 km range to about 30 km above the earth’s surface.
  • Water Pollution: OIL Spills Aspects The effects of the oil spill on a species of ducks called the Harlequin ducks were formulated and the author attempted to trace out the immediate and residual effects of the oil on the birds.
  • Atmospheric Pollution and Global Warming Green forests help in soaking the suspended particles in the air and thus clean the air for all of us to breathe.
  • Recurrent Pollution of the Tisza River of Hungary The Tisza basin is located almost precisely in the geographical center of Europe and crosses the near-future boundary of the European Union.
  • Marine Pollution: Management and International Legislation Marine environment refers to: the physical, chemical, geological and biological components, conditions and factors which interact and determine the productivity of, state, condition and quality of the marine ecosystem, the waters of the seas and […]
  • Marine Pollution: Sources, Types, Pathways, and Status By examining sources, types, pathways, and status of water contamination in the context of the World Ocean, it is clear that most marine pollution caused by human actions, especially the mismanagement of plastic debris.
  • The Public Perceptions of Air Pollution and Related Policies in London The primary questions for consideration are the public perceptions of air pollution and related policies in London and other cities of the United Kingdom, previous surveys regarding existing policies related to the environment or air […]
  • Concerns of Ocean Ecosystem Pollution The range of adverse outcomes for ocean ecosystems can be discussed in volumes; however, the current discussion will focus on trash in the ocean waters, acidification, and the disruption of the marine life cycles.
  • Food Distribution and Water Pollution Therefore, food distribution is one of the central reasons for water pollution. According to Greenpeace, one of the ways to improve the ecology of the planet is by creating healthy food markets.
  • How China Cuts Its Air Pollution 5, which is the smallest and one of the most harmful polluting particles, were 54 percent lower in the last quarter of 2017 as compared to the same period in 2016, specifically in Beijing.
  • Haze Pollution in China One of the outstanding aspects of pollution in the country is that the Chinese are highly desensitized and aware of issues surrounding this matter.
  • Pollution and Federal Environmental Policy Pollution continues to influence the flora and the fauna of the United States, as well as people in urban and even rural areas.
  • Plastic Pollution and Social Institutions The purpose of this paper is to investigate the political and economic barriers that hamper the efforts to reduce plastic pollution and discuss the ways in how they could be overcome.
  • Social Activism Against Plastic Pollution Of the 30 million tons of plastic waste in the United States in 2009, only 7% were sent for recycling, which primarily damages marine life.
  • Climate Change: Reducing Industrial Air Pollution One of the most effective measures of air quality in the USA is the Air Quality Index, which estimates air conditions by concentrations of such pollutants as particle solution, nitrogen and sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, […]
  • Pollution as a Social Issue and Mass Media’s Role The reason why plastic pollution gained traction only during the 21st century is directly connected to the invention of the Internet and the technological advances in electronics.
  • Environmental Ethics. Optimal Pollution: Reality or Myth? The effects of globalization and environmental change have caused the resurgence of environmentalism, yet the necessity to sustain industries and the global economy invalidates the idea of a pollution-free environment.
  • Environmental Pollution and Contamination The rains are known to corrode marble and metals, cause respiratory diseases in human beings and increase the acidity of the soil.
  • Low Pollution Car Engine The following is a discussion on the introduction of the low pollution car engine and its benefits to the UAE. In addition, pollution and climate change will be a thing of the past.
  • Chemistry: Environmental Pollution in Hungary The acidification of water bodies leads to the death of numerous species that are susceptible to the presence of acid. Part of the problem is caused by the fact that Hungary is currently forced to […]
  • Environmental Pollution Analysis The author explains that the damaging alterations have become possible due to the use of a large number of pesticides in the area.
  • Coal Pollution in China as an Environmental Problem Thesis: Coal pollution in China has been a significant cause of environmental pollution-China being one of the largest coal producers in the world- therefore, necessitating the development of appropriate measures to reduce its severity.
  • Air Pollution, Its Constituents and Health Effects The National Ambient Air Quality Standards are the regulations or policies that are adopted by states to ensure the safety of the environment.
  • The Deepwater Horizon Oil Platform Pollution The oil spillage in the sea can result to the death of sea animals as well as plants that thrive in the water because of the dangerous chemicals that are contained in the oil.
  • Air Pollution in the United Arab Emirates’ Cities In the article called Evaluating the Potential Impact of Global Warming on the UAE Residential Buildings, the author focuses on the negative consequences of global warming on the situation in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Advanced Pollution Prevention in the United States In the United States, the overview of the previous legislation shows that the government used to enforce measures that would deal with pollution control which occurred at the final stage of production processes. The Pollution […]
  • Environmental Pollution and Increased Birds Death The increase in the population of different animals may also cause the death of birds. This leads to the extinction of some animals and birds hence massive death.
  • Climate Change, Air Pollution, Soil Degradation Then followed by outdoor air pollution, soil degradation which can also be called as soil contamination, global overpopulation, drinking water pollution, nuclear waste build-up, disappearing of the water supplies, indoor air pollution, depletion of the […]
  • China Shenhua Energy Company: Pollution Reducing Although the Chinese government recognized the issue of pollution and announced a course for liberalization of the economy and a greater emphasis on ecology during the 12th 5-year plan, the transformation from a coal-based energy […]
  • Air Pollution in Washington State and Healthy Living of People The problem of air pollution is closely related to the issue of the energy supply of the US. Due to the high level of air pollution in Washington state, there is a growing threat to […]
  • Air Pollution as a Factor for Renal Cancer Therefore, to prevent renal cancer, it is crucial to examine the primary causes and look for better strategies to curb the issue.
  • Podocnemis Lewyana: Habitat Loss, Overfishing and Pollution The second factor is overhunting, which in the case of Magdalena River Turtle leads to the inability of these animals to locate food.
  • Pollution in the San Francisco Bay The rivers provide fresh water for domestic use to many civilians, and it is apparent that the authorities have given the power plant the freedom to test the quantity of chemicals in the waste water.
  • Indoor Air Pollution: The Silent Killer in Rural India The video “Indoor air pollution: The silent killer” discusses the detrimental impact of indoor air pollution in rural Indian households on people’s health. The problem of indoor air pollution is rather significant, and people should […]
  • Water Pollution and Associated Health Risks The results of plenty of studies indicate the existence of the relation between the contamination of water by hazardous chemicals and the development of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, cancer, asthma, allergies, as well as reproductive […]
  • Air Pollution and China’s Governmental Measures The consequences of air pollution in China are already becoming evident, and not only they are the reason for environmental problems, but also they have a significant influence on the health of Chinese people living […]
  • Lake Erie Water Pollution There are worries among the members of the community that the lake could be facing another episode of high toxicity, and they have called for the authorities to investigate the main causes of the pollution […]
  • Environmental Pollution and Green Policies Although various scholars are of the view that green technology reduces the level of pollution, adequate research on the use of this form of technology needs to be conducted so as to fully contain environmental […]
  • Air Pollution in Beijing and the Decision-Making Bias Severe air pollution in Beijing did not become a subject of worldwide concern and discussion until the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which brought the issue to the attention of the global public due to the immense […]
  • “Fort McMurray Fires Cause Air Pollution” by McDiarmid As a rule, the air in Canada is clean and rich in oxygen; however, when the wildfire burst, it affected the ozone layer to a significant degree.
  • Air Pollution as the Trigger of the Ecological Catastrophe The key data collection tool is a survey that is targeted at determining the main factors of air pollution, finding out the social opinion regarding the quality of air in different cities, and estimating the […]
  • Agricultural Nutrient Pollution and Its Reduction The solutions that have been proposed for the issue are varied: there is the possibility of upgrading farms with the help of better technologies, controlling the use of fertilizers and waste discharge with the help […]
  • Water & Air Pollution and Health Issues in Brazil The main environmental effects of pollution include the destruction of marine habitats, water scarcity, and anoxia. The conclusion is informative because the writer includes strategies to alleviate the problem of air and water pollution in […]
  • Air Pollution and Respiratory Illnesses in Nigeria The purpose of the article presented was to test the relationship of the respiratory system illness and air pollution in developing countries, especially in Africa.
  • Air Pollution Impact on Children’s Health in the US In these parts of the country, the level of air pollution is much higher. Nevertheless, the growing number of vehicles in the United States contributes to air pollution.
  • Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Health Effects It emphasizes the fact that air contamination has a negative influence on the health of the representatives of the general public.
  • Nebraska Pollution Prevention Project The article is about Nebraska’s Partners in Pollution Prevention program and the benefits it has brought to the state in the reduction of pollution caused by small businesses.
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan All players need to be trained in significant areas of business so as they can handle them with care and beware of the potential they have in causing damage.
  • Water Pollution in the US: Causes and Control Although water pollution can hardly be ceased entirely, the current rates of water pollution can be reduced by resorting to the sustainable principle of water use in both the industrial area and the realm of […]
  • Importance of Water in Economics: Uses, Pollution, and Sustainable Growth Some of the water is found in the continents’ rivers, lakes and in the subsurface. This research tries to explain the importance of water especially in an economist’s perspective by explaining the uses of water […]
  • Air Pollution in Los Angeles The escalation of congestion in the city has worsened the problem of air pollution because of the volume of unhealthy air emitted in the atmosphere.
  • Noise Pollution: Urban Traffic Noise Besides these two, noise also has an effect on the learning of an individual so that it distracts the individual in a way that s/he is not able to learn, as would be the case […]
  • Environmental Revolution: Air Pollution in China
  • Pollution & Climate Change as Environmental Risks
  • The Knoxville City’s Environmental Pollution
  • Environmental Behavior and Air Pollution in Ohio
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  • Marine Pollution and the Anthropogenic Effects Upon It
  • The New York City Air Pollution
  • Air Pollution Effects on the Health and Environment
  • Dealing With Air Pollution
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  • China’s Air Pollution Problem
  • Pollution and Human Health
  • Business and Pollution Inequality in Poor States
  • China’s Air Pollution Is Not Unique
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  • An Investigation of Green Roofs to Mitigate Air Pollution With Special Reference to Tehran, Iran
  • Air Pollution: Human Influence on Environment
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  • Air Pollution Sources in Houston
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  • Technological Applications in Industrial Pollution Prevention
  • Air Pollution: Public Health Impact
  • Solutions to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Watershed Pollution Problem
  • Economic Impact of Industrial Pollution in China
  • Environmental Impacts of Air Pollution
  • Pollution and Neglect in America
  • Pollution in Beijing, China
  • Nitrate and Phosphate Pollution of Freshwater Ecosystem: Sources, Impacts and Cost Effective Measurements
  • Automobile Pollution in the US
  • Chloramine in Drinking Water: When the Threat of Pollution Emerges
  • How Mechanical Engineering Used to Prevent and Fix Oil Pollution
  • Technologies for Reduction of Automobile Pollution
  • “Water and Pollution” Class Game
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  • Water in Crisis: Public Health Concerns in Africa
  • Does Air Pollution in Schools Influence Student Performance?
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  • Air Pollution Characteristics and Effect
  • Impact of Blowing Drums on Air Pollution
  • The System for Pollution Offsets
  • The Nature of Nonpoint Pollution Control Problem
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  • Health Hazard of Noise Pollution
  • Fossil Fuels Subsidies and the Impact of Pollution on Health and Lifetime Earnings
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  • The Impact of Industrial Pollution on the Environment
  • Water and Water Pollution in Point of Economics’ View
  • The Problem of Ocean Pollution in Modern World
  • Environmental Justice Issues Affecting African Americans: Water Pollution
  • Plastic Ocean Pollution on Ocean Life in U.S.
  • Air Pollution Effects on the Health in China
  • Air Pollution and Health Policy in China
  • The Pollution Within: Foreign Substances in the Human Body
  • The Effects of Noise Pollution
  • Air Pollution and Its Consequences
  • The Problem of Atmospheric Pollution in Modern World
  • Four Marketing Practices That Cause Noise Pollution
  • Water Pollution and Wind Energy
  • Air Pollution by Automobiles
  • Air and Water Pollution in Los Angeles
  • Tehran Chokes and Blames Severe Pollution on US Sanctions
  • Water Pollution Causes and Climate Impacts
  • The Case of PBC Pollution in Hudson River
  • Preposition 23: Suspension of Air Pollution Control Act
  • Climate and Air Pollution
  • Urban Pollution – Many Long Years Ago
  • Water Pollution Origins and Ways of Resolving
  • Can Pollution Rights Trading Effectively Control Environmental Problems?
  • Mud Lick Creek Project – Fresh Water Pollution
  • A Discussion of Air Pollution & Related Health Implications on the Community
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  • Why Air Pollution Can Harm the Environment Dramatically?
  • What Are the Sources of Air Pollution?
  • Does Air Pollution Affect Health and Medical Insurance Cost in the Elderly?
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  • What Causes Water Pollution and Its Effects?
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  • What Will the Effects Be if We Don’t Stop Plastic Pollution in Our Oceans?
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  • What Are the Leading Factors of Water Pollution Around the World?
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  • Will Pollution Free Cars Become a Reality of the Near Future?
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  • Who Suffers From Indoor Air Pollution?
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IvyPanda . "261 Pollution Essay Topics & Essay Examples." March 2, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/pollution-essay-examples/.

  • Biology Article
  • Essay On Air Pollution 200 Words 500 Words

Essay on Air Pollution

Essay on air pollution is a crucial topic for students from an academic perspective. Moreover, an essay is one of the most effective ways to educate students about the plight of nature and the repercussions of human activities. Creating awareness for future generations is important if we have to undo decades of ignorance and neglect.

Furthermore, air pollution essay helps students to realize the gravity of the scenario and enable them to take action. Some as simple as using public transport or even carpooling will help reduce a significant amount of air pollution. Read on to discover how to write an engaging essay on air pollution.

Essay on Air Pollution – Important Points to Note

Please consider adopting the following points when writing an essay on air pollution. These tips are also helpful for other essay topics as well:

  • Always begin with an introductory paragraph about the topic, preferably detailing its origin.
  • Unless the topic is technical, try to avoid jargons.
  • Present content in bulleted points wherever possible
  • Insert factual data, such as important dates, places or name wherever possible.
  • Avoid writing the content in a large monotonous block of text. Remember to break up the content into digestible chunks
  • Always conclude the essay with a closing paragraph.

Essay on Air Pollution – Sample 1 (200 Words)

Air pollution is a serious issue and a cause for major concern in today’s world. A report published in 2014  by the World Health Organisation states that 4.21 million individuals died prematurely in 2012 as a result of air pollution. Air pollution existed much before humans, in the form of volcanic eruptions and forest fires. However, it became much more prevalent after the Industrial Revolution.

Rapid industrial growth, unregulated emissions and a host of other issues significantly contributed to the rise in air pollution. In some cases, the severity of air pollution reached an extent where government intervention was necessary. The Great Smog of London, 1952, was an extreme case of air pollution where visibility was severely hampered. It also caused a host of illnesses and the consequent deaths of countless civilians. In November 2017, the levels of air pollution in Delhi were ten times above the safe limits. For reference, the healthy air quality index is between 0 to 50, but during that particular time period, the air quality index hit 500+. This event is now called the Great Smog of Delhi.

An air quality index of 500 and above indicates that the air is heavily polluted and will cause irreversible lung damage and a host of other illnesses to everyone who is exposed to it. Therefore, to avoid such situations in the future, relevant actions must be implemented.

Essay on Air Pollution – Sample 2 (500 Words)

Air pollution may seem like the result of anthropological activities, however, it has been around even before humans evolved. Places which are naturally arid and have minimal vegetation are prone to dust storms. When this particulate matter is added to the air, it can cause health issues in animals exposed to the dust storms.

Furthermore, active volcanoes pump extremely large amounts of toxic plumes and particulate matter into the atmosphere. Wildfires also pump large amounts of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere and hamper photosynthesis for plants. Even animals, especially ruminants such as cows contribute to global warming by producing large quantities of methane, a greenhouse gas.

However, air pollution was never a major concern until the industrial revolution. Industries grew rapidly, untreated emissions were pumped into the atmosphere, and the rise of automobiles significantly contributed to air pollution. Such activities continued without any restrictions until they started to cause a wide range of repercussions.

In humans, air polluted with contaminants can cause a wide array of illnesses ranging from asthma and bronchitis the various forms of cancer. Air pollution is not only present outdoors; interior air pollution is also a great concern. Recent research has actually found credible evidence that room fresheners have the many compounds within them, some of which are classified carcinogens. This means some of those compounds present in the aerosol has the potential to cause some forms of cancer. Other sources of air pollution can include gases such as carbon monoxide and radon.

Radon, in particular, is quite alarming. It is an odourless, colourless gas that occurs naturally. It is found in the soil as Uranium, which breaks down and eventually turns into radon gas. Radon has limited repercussions on health if exposed to low concentrations, however, when this gas gets trapped indoor, the higher levels of concentration can have wreak havoc or ultimately be lethal. Radon is also reported to be released from building materials such as granite. Exposure to radon causes no immediate health effects, but long term exposure has the potential to cause lung cancer.

Air pollution not only affects the lungs but the central nervous system too. It has been linked to a lot of diseases such as schizophrenia and autism. A study also implied that it can cause short-term memory losses or distortion of memory.

Historically, air pollution has caused many crises with the worst ever being the Bhopal Disaster in 1984. Fatalities were estimated at 3,800, with at least 600,000 injured. Next in severity was the Great Smog of 1952 which formed over London, killing an estimated 4,000 civilians over the course of four days.

Though measures have been taken to reduce the effects of air pollution, a lot of irreversible damage has been done. For instance, the effects of global warming have drastically increased; this is very apparent with the rise in sea levels and melting glaciers. If the ice caps continue to melt, then we will have to face drastic repercussions. Scientists have proposed a hypothetical scenario where the greenhouse effect becomes “uncontrolled.” Here, greenhouse gases build up and temperatures continue to rise steeply. Oceans will start to evaporate, adding more water vapour into the earth’s atmosphere. This intensifies the effect, reaching a point where temperatures are sufficiently high for rocks start sublimating. Though this scenario is hypothetical, some speculate that this phenomenon already occurred on Venus. The supporters of this theory back this up by claiming Venus has an atmosphere composed primarily of carbon dioxide. The theory also explains why Venus has an extremely high surface temperature of 462 degrees Celcius; which is in fact, the hottest planet in the solar system.

Hence, we need to reduce our impact on the planet and make a conscious effort to reduce air pollution. Explore more essay topics or other fascinating concepts by registering at BYJU’S

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Environmental Pollution Essay

Pollution is the presence and inclusion of unwanted items in the environment. The state of the environment is altered when it has become contaminated with potentially dangerous compounds as a result of human activity. Water, air, and land are dangerously affected by the pollution. Here are a few sample essays on environmental pollution:

100 Words Essay on Environmental Pollution

200 words essay on environmental pollution, 500 words essay on environmental pollution.

Environmental Pollution Essay

When it comes to protecting the environment, awareness is the key. As more and more people become aware of the causes, types, and impacts of environmental pollution, they are more likely to take steps to prevent it. Air pollution is created as a result of burning fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Water pollution results from industrial activities, such as the dumping of chemicals into rivers and lakes, as well as from agricultural runoff. Land pollution is caused by the misuse of land and improper disposal of waste. The causes of environmental pollution are numerous and varied. Some of the main culprits are industrial activities, burning of fossil fuels, use of pesticides, and deforestation.

Awareness and taking necessary resolving steps is essential when it comes to protecting the environment from the impacts of environmental pollution. By teaching people the importance of taking steps to prevent environmental pollution, we can ensure a brighter future for our planet. We must understand the causes of environmental pollution, the types of pollution, the impact it has on the environment, and how we can prevent it.

Causes | Environmental pollution is the contamination of the environment through the emissions of pollutants including harmful gases, chemicals, and particulate matter. It is caused by human activities such as burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and industrial pollution. These activities have caused global warming, acid rain, and water and air pollution, leading to global environmental degradation.

Types | There are different types of environmental pollution. The most common type is air pollution, which is caused by burning of fuels and other industrial activities. Water pollution is another common type of pollution which is caused by sewage and industrial waste. Soil pollution is caused by overuse of pesticides and other chemicals. Noise pollution is caused by traffic, construction activities, and industrial noise. Light pollution is caused by the emission of artificial light.

Impact | The impact of environmental pollution is far-reaching and devastating. Air pollution can lead to respiratory diseases, while water pollution can contaminate drinking water and cause health issues. Land pollution causes reduction in soil fertility and even destruction of natural habitats for animals. In addition, it can lead to the destruction of ecosystems, which in turn leads to a decrease in biodiversity.

Environmental pollution has serious impacts on both humans and the environment. It affects air quality, water quality, soil fertility, and public health. Poor air quality affects the respiratory system, leading to respiratory illnesses like asthma and bronchitis. Water pollution can lead to the spread of diseases like cholera, typhoid, and dysentery. Soil pollution can reduce crop yields, leading to food insecurity.

Types of Environmental Pollution

Air | Air pollution is the introduction of dangerous compounds into the atmosphere, which has a negative influence on the environment and humanity. Air pollution simply makes the air impure or contaminated. It happens when noxious gases, scents, dust, or fumes are discharged into the air in concentrations that endanger human and animal comfort or health or even kill plant life.

Water | The act of contaminating water bodies, such as rivers, oceans, lakes, streams, aquifers, and groundwater, is known as water pollution. It happens when foreign, dangerous substances—such as chemicals, garbage, or polluted materials are released into bodies of water, either directly or indirectly.

Land | When the quality of the earth's land surfaces in terms of use, landscape, and capacity to support life forms is compromised or destroyed, this is referred to as land pollution. It is frequently brought on by human activity and the misuse of land resources, both directly and indirectly.

Soil | Chemical pollutants can pollute soil or cause it to degrade through activities like mining, clearing vegetation, or topsoil erosion. Typically, it occurs when human activities bring harmful chemicals, substances, or items into the soil.

Noise | Noise pollution is an unpleasant sound or a sound that causes excruciating ear pain. Noise pollution is described as unpleasant and unwanted sound levels that cause significant distress to all living beings. It is measured in decibels (dB).

Factors Responsible For Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution has a variety of causes. One of the most prominent is the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas by power plants, factories and automobiles. This produces large amounts of carbon dioxide, which is a major contributor to global climate change. Other sources of environmental pollution include agricultural practices, such as over-fertilization and the use of pesticides, and industrial processes, such as mining, manufacturing and waste disposal.

What Can We Do

To prevent environmental pollution, we must reduce the emissions of various pollutants. We can do this by switching to renewable sources of energy like solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. We should reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and use more efficient transportation methods. We should also reduce the emissions of harmful industrial chemicals and practise sustainable agriculture. Additionally, we should increase public awareness of environmental pollution and its impacts, and promote eco-friendly lifestyles.

By understanding the causes and effects of environmental pollution, we can work towards preventing it and ensuring a cleaner, healthier environment for all. Awarness and knowledge is essential in this regard, as it helps us to become more conscious and informed citizens. It helps us understand the importance of protecting and preserving the environment and make us more responsible citizens.

The world is facing an ever-growing threat from pollution, which if left unchecked will have catastrophic consequences. Education and taking conscious action plan can play a key role in helping to reduce environmental pollution.

Applications for Admissions are open.

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Essay on Pollution

pollution essay with outline

Table of Contents

Environmental pollution is a global problem that affects people all over the world, and it is one of our planet’s most pressing issues today. And it is for this reason that we frequently encounter this essay within the writing area. This blog attempts to assist you in drafting a pollution essay by providing all of the relevant facts.

What is Pollution?

The term pollution is defined as the presence of any harmful substance in something. When we talk about pollution we mean the contamination of natural resources by these harmful substances called pollutants.. The pollution causes imbalance in the environment, this threatens the very survival of all forms of life. The effects of pollution are humongous and it is severely damaging our earth. 

Pollution is a major issue in industrialized societies. The development of industry and the green revolution have had a negative impact on the environment. The natural ecological system has been disrupted by the conversion of natural resources to human resources. Therefore we need to take this matter seriously and tackle this issue straightaway. We need to realize its effects and serious measures must be taken to reduce pollution to the core.


Types of Pollution

Air Pollution: When dangerous or excessive quantities of pollutants such as smoke and harmful gases from industry, CFCs and oxides created by automobiles, the burning of solid wastes, and so on are introduced into the environment, air pollution occurs.

Water Pollution : The contamination of water bodies such as the ocean, seas, lakes, rivers and groundwater, mainly because of human activities. Chemical fertilisers, industrial waste, sewage and wastewater, mining activities, and marine dumping are all examples of harmful substances that contribute to water pollution.

water pollution

Soil Pollution: Excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides, industrial waste etc resulted in the contamination of soil. One of the rare types of soil pollution occurs because of radioactive waste.

Noise Pollution: It occurs when the level of noise exceeds the normal level due to the usage of machines, loudspeakers, microphones, loud music, noises from industries etc.

Causes and health effects of Pollution

Format of essay on pollution.

When writing a pollution essay, you must adhere to the standard format for essay writing.

Introduction, body of content, and conclusion are the three most important elements of an essay format. Flexibility, on the other hand, is critical to essay writing. Allow the topic and specific word limit to guide the writing while keeping this basic essay format in mind.

Introduction : You can begin your pollution essay by defining its meaning and giving a brief overview of how and when it happened. 

Body of content: Now describe your topic in detail, however, keep your word limit in your mind. If you are writing for a word limit of 200 to 350 then write a body of 120 to 100 words.

Conclusion: A conclusion is more than just “the last paragraph”; it’s an integral aspect of the paper’s structure. This is the part to encourage your reader to consider the wider implications of your issue.

Sample essay on Pollution in 250-300 Words

Environmental pollution is a global issue that plagues people all over the world, and it is one of the most critical problems of our planet today. It occurs in several ways, like contaminating the air we breathe or the water we use for various purposes.

The earth is in continuous motion and the one thing that the principle of nature teaches us is that we should never disrupt the harmony in which the ecosystem is working. Interfering with natural processes can have long-term consequences that can bring Earth towards mass destruction. Pollutants must be recognized and dealt with efficiently in order to pull off a last effort for the benefit of our fellow co-habitants as the exposure of pollution is worse than it was ever before. No matter the type of pollution it will affect the things necessary for human survival, e.g. water, air, soil.  and we can see its effects in the form of global warming and air pollution is the root cost behind it.  Air pollution is one of the key challenges that have arisen as a result of increased carbon-dioxide level in the atmosphere, as well as the increase in pollutants that are polluting the air and causing various diseases and climate warming. 

The concept of three R’s which means to reduce, reuse and recycle is good to implement in our daily lives. People throughout the world should work together to reduce pollution’s effects so that future generations can live in a healthy, pollution-free environment

Sample Essay on Pollution in 300-350 Words

Pollution is an intermixing of harmful substances known as pollutants in the natural resources and natural environmental components. There are multiple forms of pollution like air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution. No matter what kind of pollution we are dealing with. It can have devastating effects. Pollution has disrupted the natural order of our ecosystem, wreaking havoc on the earth’s inhabitants. Unchecked and unlawful activities that exploit natural resources and do not follow criteria set by pollution control boards in the country are the main causes of pollution. If a pollutant is allowed unregulated it can have serious harmful effects on our ecosystem, regardless of its status. 

Water pollution is the major concern of many countries in the world. Without clean and drinkable water, we can’t survive. So if and when all water bodies in the world will get contaminated the human race will perish. Air pollution is the next major concern; many cities in the world are facing severe problems because of air pollution which mainly happens because of the emission of toxic exhumes from vehicles and the burning of coal energy.

World leaders are coming up with various initiatives and schemes to fight pollution however the help of individuals are needed. Start by using cloth bags instead of plastic shopping bags, stop littering on the roadways and stop wasting clean water. These are just a few simple steps to follow to make a great difference in the environment. Moreover, to reduce pollution and achieve a healthy and pollution-free environment, we must work together.

Tips on how to write an essay on Pollution

  • Make an outline first and foremost. And write all the sub-headings there so that you will be able to reorganize and remember all the information you want to include
  • Remember to use all types of pollution: air, soil, water and noise.
  • Add factual information
  • Write all the causes and effects you know
  • Write precisely
  • Make sure that everything in the three parts of your pollution essay is connected.

Tips on Reducing Pollution

  • Embrace the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Say no to plastic! Reduce the use of non-biodegradable things
  • Plant more trees
  • Use public transportation
  • Avoid burning leaves, trash and other material.
  • Less use of chemicals: food should be produced without the use of pesticides.

As it is one of the most pressing issues of the world today, it has a high chance of appearing as an essay in your next examination (with one or two different choices). We hope with the essay help of this blog you will be able to understand what a pollution essay must include.

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pollution essay with outline

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pollution essay with outline

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pollution essay with outline

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Stuck with an Air Pollution Essay? Here’s Your All-in-One Writing Guide!

Benjamin Oaks

Table of Contents

Air pollution is a complicated topic as so many man-made factors contribute to the poor quality of air today. Simply put, air pollution is caused by any physical, chemical, or physiological change that leads the environment to become polluted, putting people’s health and the lives of other creatures and plants in danger.

Concurrently, students studying at different departments are frequently assigned to write an air pollution essay on various subjects. Some essays on environment pollution deal with the primary aspect of the problem, with students assessing the cause, impact, and solutions in their texts. Furthermore, climate change, ozone layer protection, and numerous air contaminants are among topics that can be covered in an air pollution essay.

So, if you’re stuck with an air pollution essay, don’t worry; we’re here to assist and accompany you in your educational pursuits. In this comprehensive article, we covered all nuances and details of creating such an essay, including but not limited to:

  • Selecting a fascinating essay subject.
  • Creating a logical essay.
  • Choosing reliable sources for your paper’s content.
  • Composing clear, evidence-based arguments.
  • Producing an analytical and critical essay on environment pollution.

Keep on reading to discover everything you need about writing this kind of homework from scratch, and you’ll be on your way to achieving academic success.

What is a Pollution Essay and How to Go About It

Pollution essay is a critical subject for students from an academic standpoint. Besides, an essay is among the most efficient ways to inform students about the state of the environment and the consequences of human actions. Also, an air pollution essay enables students to recognize the magnitude of the situation and encourages them to take measures.

However, not all students can write an informative essay on environment pollution because most of them are overburdened with academic tasks and may not have enough time to write high-quality essays.

That is why our experts present some key factors to consider so that students can cope with this task with ease:

  • Always start with an introductory section about the subject, preferably one that explains the broader context of this problem.
  • Avoid using jargon unless the issue is technical.
  • Convey information in bulleted form wherever necessary.
  • Provide factual information, such as important dates, locations, or names.
  • Avoid presenting information in huge blocks of text, which are monotonous.
  • Ensure to break down the information into logical, easily understandable parts.
  • Always end your essay with a concluding paragraph.

These ideas are only a few crucial aspects of writing that can help students accomplish an engaging, clear, and precise essay.

How to Write an Air Pollution Essay Introduction

An introduction is commonly the first paragraph of your essay. The purpose of your introduction is to inform your reader about the contents of your work.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to making a decent start, an air pollution essay introduction should generally include the following:

1.Captivate the attention of the reader.

Start with a “hook” that attracts the reader’s attention and introduces the broad theme. Here are some ideas for how to come up with a “hook”:

  • Mention an intriguing fact or figure related to your topic.
  • Pose a rhetorical question to your audience.
  • Highlight prevalent misconceptions regarding your issue.
  • Create an appropriate setting for your story by answering the following questions: who, where, why, when, what, and how?
  • Present attention-grabbing anecdotal data to engage the readers in your topic.

2. Specify your main point of interest.

Following your “hook,” add a line or two outlining your paper’s precise subject. What is the topic of your paper? What is the significance of this topic?

This section of the introduction can offer background info about your issue to set the stage effectively.

3. Craft a thesis statement.

Lastly, establish your central thesis. The type of thesis you provide varies on the kind of essay you’re writing, but your thesis should generally include the following:

  • Your particular subject.
  • Your central point on the subject.
  • The discussion points you’ll include in your essay.

Your thesis ought to be simple to understand and easily identifiable. It’s usually the final paragraph or sentence of the introduction.

Definition of Pollution Essay and Other Things You Need to Know

An essay on environment pollution is a structured piece of writing exploring a concept, argument, and judgment concerning air pollution using evidence and research. Besides, there are various types of air pollution topics you can explore. Your course prerequisites, level, and field of study will determine its style and length.

Most university essays are more argumentative in nature, intending to persuade the reader of a particular stance or point of view on a topic. Furthermore, each level of your topic requires preparation, attention, and work. Therefore, it’s critical not to forget the essential steps when dealing with such a project at your university.

Obviously, the subject of air pollution is topical and well-known, so countless papers have been written about it, digging into every single aspect of this modern problem. However, there is always a way to make your work stand out; remember that your perspective is distinctive, and how you handle the topic will set your essay apart from other texts.

Can’t Choose a Topic on Air Pollution? Here Are 20+ Ideas to Choose From!

What is the most challenging aspect of your assignments? We know most of you will say “research,” but we don’t believe that’s the case. This is what determines the level of your paper’s quality and the ease with which you can go on writing it. Choosing a suitable essay topic is typically the most troubling step on which many students get stuck.

So, to help you jumpstart the process with a fresh and attention-grabbing topic, our professionals have compiled a list of 20 evergreen air pollution topics for you:

  • Air quality and pollution.
  • Does air pollution affect global warming?
  • What is ozone layer protection?
  • Indicators of climate change.
  • Causes of air pollution.
  • Types of air pollution.
  • Ways to reduce air pollution.
  • Are renewable energy sources completely environmentally friendly?
  • What is so bad about pollution?
  • Actions you can take to stop pollution.
  • Health effects of air pollution.
  • Environmental impacts of pollution.
  • The connection between air pollution and climate change.
  • Where does pollution come from?
  • Why is pollution a problem?
  • Why are cities polluted more than rural areas?
  • What is the most common pollutant in the atmosphere?
  • What kinds of transportation causes less pollution?
  • How to minimize pollution in your home?
  • Is there a link between human overpopulation and environmental problems?

Final Checklist to Guarantee the Best Results

Although writing an essay about air pollution may not be your favorite academic task, our essay professionals are here to help you make it more manageable and enjoyable.

First, you need to determine the type of your essay. There are four primary types—persuasive, expository, argumentative, and analytical—and all have the same structure: an introduction, body sections, conclusion, and bibliography. Still, an approach to argumentation is different in each of the types, so you need to know the task’s specifics to structure your paper accordingly.

Next comes the essay’s length and depth of research. The more advanced your degree, the more complicated your essay format will be. While most high school learners conform to a five-paragraph format, undergraduate and graduate students write more complex and lengthy papers. Following this fundamental framework can help you achieve your desired purpose, regardless of the type of essay you’re writing.

Here are some tips to help you cover the air pollution essay writing quicker:

  • Make an intelligent topic choice.
  • Make use of a variety of information sources.
  • Create a list of ideas.
  • Make a rough outline.
  • Show some evidence.
  • Keep your focus on the task at hand and be as specific as possible.
  • Attract the attention of your audience.
  • Make use of reasoning.
  • Use an essay format that is appropriate for your content.

This ultimate checklist will give you all you need to exhibit your originality and unveil your knowledge while adhering to typical essay writing rules.

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How to write an essay: a complete guide.

pollution essay with outline

How to Write an Abortion Argumentative Essay?

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Zahid Notes

Pollution essay with quotations and outline

 This page has an essay on environmental pollution in Pakistan. The essay is specially written for class 12 and 2nd year students. The quotations have been included in the essay. The outline is also given. The essay can be used by BA students too. It is also good for 10th class.

Pollution essay for 2nd year with quotations

Pollution essay for 2nd year with quotations

10th class students may not include quotations to keep the essay short. The outline is given for college-level and degree-level students.

Essay on Pollution in English

1. What is pollution

2. Types of Pollution

3. Causes of Pollution

4. Effects of Pollution

5. Our responsibility

6. Measures to control pollution

7. Conclusion

Pollution is the forerunner of perdition - John Trapp
Pollution should never be the prices of prosperity - Al Gore
Pollution- if you don't kill it, it will kill you - Anonymous
The more we pollute the earth the less we deserve to live on earth. - M.M Ildan

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  • Water Pollution Essay


Water Pollution and How it Harms the Environment

Global pollution is a problem. Pollution can spread to remote areas where no one lives, despite the fact that urban areas are typically more polluted than the countryside. Air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution are the three main categories of pollution. Some contaminated water has a terrible smell, a muddy appearance, and floating trash. Some contaminated water appears clean, but it contains dangerous substances that you can't see or smell.

Together, developed and developing nations must fight to conserve the environment for present and future generations. Today, we dig deep into the subject of Water Pollution. This article can be an introduction to water pollution for kids as we will read many things such as the causes of water pollution further in the article.

What is Water Pollution?

Water contamination occurs when pollutants pollute water sources and make the water unfit for use in drinking, cooking, cleaning, swimming, and other activities. Chemicals, garbage, bacteria, and parasites are examples of pollutants. Water is eventually damaged by all types of pollution. Lakes and oceans become contaminated by air pollution. Land contamination may contaminate an underground stream, a river, and ultimately the ocean. As a result, trash thrown on an empty lot can eventually contaminate a water source.

(Image will be uploaded soon)

Water Pollution

seo images

The water cycle, called  the hydrological cycle, involves the following steps:

Evaporation- Because of the sun's heat, the water bodies such as oceans, lakes, seas etc., get heated up, and water evaporates in the air, forming water vapours.

Transpiration- Like evaporation, the plants and trees also lose water from them which goes to the atmosphere. This process is called transpiration.

Condensation- As the water evaporates, it starts to become cool because of the cold atmosphere in the air and because of this cooling down of water leads to the formation of clouds.

Precipitation- Because of the high movements of the wings, the clouds start to collide and then fall back to the earth’s surface in the form of rain. Sometimes they also fall back in the form of snow, hail, sleet etc., depending upon the temperature.

Runoff or Infiltration- After precipitation, the water either flows to the water bodies called runoff or is absorbed into the soil, called infiltration.

Causes of Water Pollution

There are many reasons for water pollution. Some of the reasons are directly affected by water pollution and some indirectly. Many factories and industries are dumping contaminated water, chemicals, and heavy metals into major waterways as a result of direct water pollution. 

One more reason for water pollution is the use of modern techniques in farms. Farmers apply nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium in the form of chemical fertilizers, manure, and sludge. It causes farms to discharge large quantities of agrochemicals, organic matter, and saline drainage into water bodies. It indirectly affects water pollution.

Pollutants can be of various types such as organic, inorganic, radioactive etc. Water pollutants are discharged either from one point from pipes, channels etc., which are called point sources or from various other sources. They can be agricultural areas, industries etc., called dispersed sources. 

Some of the major forms of water pollutants are as follows:

Sewage- Domestic sewage from homes contains various forms of pathogens that threaten the human body. Sewage treatment reduces the risk of pathogens, but this risk is not eliminated. 

Domestic sewage majorly contains nitrates and phosphates, and excess of these substances allows the algae to grow on the surface of water bodies. Due to this, the clean water bodies become nutrient-rich water body and then slowly, the oxygen level of water bodies reduces. This is called eutrophication or cultural eutrophication (if this step rapidly takes place by the activities of humans). This leads to the early death of water bodies.

Toxins- The industrial or factory wastes that are not disposed of properly and contain chemicals such as mercury and lead are disposed of in the water bodies making the bodies toxic, radioactive, explosive and cancerous.

Sediments- Sediments are the result of soil erosion that is formed in the water bodies. These sediments imbalances the water bodies ecologically. They also interfere in the reproductive cycle of various aquatic animals living in the water.

Thermal pollution- Water bodies get polluted because of heat, and excess heat reduces the oxygen level of the water bodies. Some of the species of fish cannot live in such water bodies with very low oxygen levels. The disposal of cold waters from the power plants leads to increased thermal pollution in the water bodies.

Petroleum oil pollution- The runoff of oil into the water bodies, either accidentally as happened in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, or intentionally, leads to an increase in water pollution.

As water is an important element of human health, polluted water directly affects the human body. Water pollution causes various diseases like typhoid, cholera, hepatitis, cancer, etc. Water pollution damages the plants and aquatic animals present in the river by reducing the oxygen content from the water. Polluted water washes the essential nutrients which plants need out of the soil and also leaves large amounts of aluminium in the soil, which can be harmful to plants. 

Wastewater and sewage are a by-product of daily life and thus produced by each household through various activities like using soap, toilets, and detergents. Such sewage contains chemicals and bacteria which are harmful to human life and environmental health. Water pollution also leads to an imbalance in our ecosystem. Lastly, it also affects the food chain as the toxins in the water bodies are consumed by aquatic animals like fish, crabs etc., and then humans consume those animals forming turmoil. 

Sometimes our tradition also becomes a cause for water pollution. Some people throw the statues of deities, flowers, pots, and ashes in rivers.

There are various standards to define water quality standards. Water meant for swimming may not be clean enough for drinking, or water meant for bathing may not be good for cooking. Therefore, there are different water standards for defined:

Stream standards- Standards that define streams, lakes, oceans or seas based on their maximum use.

Effluent standards- Define the specific standards for the level of contaminants or effluents allowed during the final discharge of those into the water bodies.

Drinking water standards- Define the level of contamination allowed in water that will be supplied for drinking or cooking in the domestic areas.

Different countries regulate their water quality standards through different acts and amendments.

While many of the solutions for water pollution need to be applied on a broader macro-level for that individual, companies, and communities can have a significant and responsible impact on the water quality. Companies, factories have to dispose of leftover chemicals and containers properly as per the product instructions. Farmers also have to reduce the use of nitrates and phosphates from fertilizers, pesticides, and contamination of groundwater. 

The Swachh Bharat Mission of the government had led to reduced groundwater contamination. Under the Namami Ganga program, the government has initiated several major projects to clean Ganga. Along with all these steps, conservation of water is the very basic and important step towards water conservation and should be followed globally, treatment of sewage before their disposal in the water bodies and using environment-friendly products that do not form toxins when dissolved in water. These are some small steps that have to be taken into consideration by every human being.

As we all know, “Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.” We have to save water. We must keep the water clean. If everyone will follow their responsibility against water to protect it from getting polluted then it will be easy to get clean and healthy drinking water. Clean water is a must for us and our kids' present, future, and healthy environment. 

We cannot just live with contaminated waters filled with toxins and no oxygen. We cannot see our wildlife being destroyed and therefore, immediate steps have to be taken by groups of people to first clean the already contaminated water bodies and then keep a check on all the surrounding water bodies. Small steps by every individual can make a huge difference in controlling water pollution.

Water Pollution Prevention

Conserve Water 

Our first priority should be to conserve water. Water wasting could be a big problem for the entire world, but we are just now becoming aware of it.

Sewage Treatment 

Cleaning up waste materials before disposing of them in waterways reduces pollution on a large scale. By lowering its dangerous elements, this wastewater will be used in other sectors or in agriculture.

Usage of Eco-Friendly Materials

We will reduce the amount of pollution produced by choosing soluble products that do not alter to become pollutants.

Water contamination is the discharge of pollutants into the water body, where they dissolve, are suspended, are deposited on the bottom, and collect to the point where they hinder the aquatic ecosystem's ability to function. Water contamination is brought on by toxic compounds that easily dissolve and combine with it and come from factories, municipalities, and farms.

Healthy ecosystems depend on a complex network of organisms, including animals, plants, bacteria, and fungi, all of which interact with one another either directly or indirectly. In this article, we read about water pollution, its causes and prevention. With this, we have come to the end of our article, in case of any other doubts, feel free to ask in the comments.


FAQs on Water Pollution Essay

1. What are the effects of water pollution?

Water pollution has a great impact on human health. Water pollution kills. It's been recorded that in 2015 nearly 1.8 million people died because of water pollution. People with low income are exposed to contaminated water coming out from the industries. Presence of disease causing pathogens in drinking water are the major cause of illness which includes cholera, giardia, and typhoid. Water pollution not only affects human health but also our environment by causing algal bloom in a lake or marine environment. Water pollution also causes eutrophication which suffocates plants and animals and thus causes dead zones. Chemicals and heavy metals from industrial and municipal wastewater contaminate waterways and harm aquatic life.

2. What are the causes of Water pollution?

Water being a universal solvent is vulnerable to pollution as it dissolves more substances than any other liquid on earth. Therefore, water is easily polluted. Toxic substances from farms, towns, and factories readily dissolve into water and mix with it, resulting in water pollution. Agricultural pollution is one of the major causes of contamination in rivers and streams. The use of excessive fertilizers, pesticides, and animal waste from farms and livestock operations lets the rain wash the nutrients and pathogens—such as bacteria and viruses—into our waterways. The other major cause of water pollution is used water,  termed as wastewater which comes from our sinks, showers, toilets and from commercial, industrial, and agricultural activities. It's been reported that the world's 80% wastewater flows back into the environment without being treated or reused. Oil spills and radioactive waste also cause water pollution to a great extent.

3. How to prevent water pollution?

It is important to keep our water bodies clean so we can take the following preventive measures to prevent from water pollution:

Chemicals like bleach, paint, paint thinner, ammonia, and many chemicals are becoming a serious problem. Dumping toxic chemicals down the drain or flushing them down the toilet can cause water pollution. Thus, proper disposal is important. Also, household chemicals need to be recycled.

Avoid buying products that contain persistent and dangerous chemicals. Buying non-toxic cleaners and biodegradable cleaners and pesticides cut down on water pollution.

Prevent from pouring fats or greasy substances down the drain as it might clog the drain resulting in the dumping of waste into yards or basement which can contaminate the local water bodies.

4. What is the role of medical institutions in polluting the water?

Pharmaceutical pollution affects aquatic life and thus there is a need to take preventive measures. Consumers are responsible for winding up pharmaceutical and personal care products in lakes, rivers, and streams. There's a lot of unused and expired medication that can potentially get into the water if not disposed of properly.

5. What are the major kinds of pollution?

The three main types of pollution are air pollution, water pollution or soil pollution. Some artificial pollution is also there, such as noise pollution. Factors leading to such pollution include:

Air Pollution: Industrial emissions, fires, traffic and transportation, burning of chemical waste, etc.

Water Pollution: No proper sewage disposal, pesticides in farms leaking into water bodies, industrial waste dumped into water bodies, etc.

Soil Pollution:  Oil spills, acid rains, irresponsible disposal of trash, chemical waste, etc.

Noise Pollution: Honking of horns, construction activities, loud parties, etc.

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About Pollution

Pollution is the introduction of harmful materials into the environment. These harmful materials are called pollutants. Pollutants can be natural, such as volcanic ash. They can also be created by human activity, such as trash or runoff produced by factories. Pollutants damage the quality of air, water, and land.

Major forms of pollution include air pollution, light pollution, litter, noise pollution, plastic pollution, soil contamination, radioactive contamination, thermal pollution, visual pollution, and water pollution.

Natural pollution (volcanoes, wildfires), human-generated pollution (motor vehicle emissions, hazardous wastes), greenhouse gases emissions (carbon dioxide).

Recycle and Reuse, waste minimization, mitigating, pollution control, and prevention, compost, using public transport, reduce using plastic bags etc.

Pollution is one of the biggest global killers, affecting over 100 million people. More than 3 million children under the age of five die annually from environmental factors. Each year 1.2 trillion gallons of untreated sewage, stormwater, and industrial waste are dumped into US water.

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