1. Essay Samples on Someone Who Inspires Me

    To aid you in your writing process, we provide a sample essay about someone who inspires you. It serves as a guiding light, illustrating the structure, tone, and depth needed to craft an outstanding piece. Drawing inspiration from this sample, embrace your unique voice, infuse your essay with passion, and let your words leave an indelible mark ...

  2. Free Someone Who Inspires Me Essay Examples & Topic Ideas

    Introduction Talking about the person that I admire so much, a lot of names run through my mind. My mother, sister and some good friends. I even wanted to write about Steve Jobs, the man who made my eyes pop out and he is one... Admired Person Someone Who Inspires Me. Topics: Father, Love, Marriage, Mother, Religion.

  3. My Dad is My Inspiration: a Story from My Life

    My Dad is My Inspiration. Whenever I encounter a challenging decision or a perplexing problem, I am reassured by the knowledge that my father will stand behind me wholeheartedly, regardless of the path I choose to follow. This unwavering support has been a cornerstone of my life, alleviating much of the stress that often accompanies decision ...

  4. Essay on A Person Who Inspires Me

    500 Words Essay on A Person Who Inspires Me Introduction. Inspiration can spring from a myriad of sources, but often, it is the people in our lives who leave the deepest impact. One person who has significantly influenced my life is my mentor, Dr. Jane Goodall. Her life's work in primatology, ethology, and anthropology has not only ...

  5. A Person Who Inspires Me

    A Person Who Inspires Me. This essay sample was donated by a student to help the academic community. Papers provided by EduBirdie writers usually outdo students' samples. It is impossible to deny that our lives are shaped by a multitude of influences, whether positive or negative, from advertising, through the media or by all kinds of leaders.

  6. Write an Essay on Someone Who Inspires You: Parent or Famous

    2. Craft your thesis about the person. Each paper should begin with a 3-5 sentence introduction. A thesis sentence should be one of those sentences. The thesis statement informs the reader of the paper's major point. When writing about someone who inspires you, the same thing may happen.

  7. Essay on Person Who Inspires Me

    Conclusion. Lily inspires me to be a better person. Her hard work, kindness, and love for learning are qualities I admire and try to embody. She shows me that with determination and a warm heart, I can achieve my dreams and help others along the way. Lily is not just my sister; she is my hero.

  8. Someone Who Inspires Me Essay Examples

    The Most Influential Person in My Life. This letter is an example of the most influential person in my life essay. As you will notice my hero is my dad. Dear Gio (Dad), Happy Father's Day to by far the most kindhearted, inspirational and amazing role model I have ever met in... Father Influential Person Someone Who Inspires Me.

  9. How to Write a College Essay About an Influential Person

    November 2, 2022. When brainstorming topics for your college essay, you've probably considered writing about a person who has influenced or inspired you-a parent or grandparent, a sibling, a teacher, or another significant figure in your life. You may be writing an essay of your own design or responding to the fourth prompt on this year's ...

  10. 8 Tips To Write An Essay About Someone Who Inspires You

    Here are some tips you'd better use while writing your inspirational essay: 1. Understand what kind of person is inspiring. Since your professor asked you to write an essay about an inspiring person, you should find a really good example. That's why the first thing you need to do is to define the qualities of an inspiring person.

  11. Essay on Famous Person Who Inspires You for Students

    250 Words Essay on Famous Person Who Inspires You Introduction. The person who inspires me the most is Mahatma Gandhi, a great leader from India. He fought for freedom and justice in his country. His life is a great example of how one can bring change in the world through peace and love. Early Life. Gandhi was born in India in 1869.

  12. How To Answer "Who Inspires You?" (Examples Included)

    3. Dig Deeper. When you're explaining who inspires you and why, try not to lean heavily on the obvious traits of the person you're discussing. For example, saying that the thing that inspires you most about an inventor is that they created a product isn't exactly groundbreaking. Go further.

  13. Answers to "Who Inspires You?" (5 Examples)

    Example #5 for Who Inspires You: Your Father. My father is someone who inspired me throughout life and is the reason I got into the marketing industry. When he was 19, he started a small local marketing firm and grew it to the point of having 200 clients throughout the state.

  14. Person Who Has Influenced Me: [Essay Example], 475 words

    Let us write you an essay from scratch. 450+ experts on 30 subjects ready to help; Custom essay delivered in as few as 3 hours; Write my essay. ... Related Essays on Someone Who Inspires Me. My Dad is My inspiration: a Story from My Life Essay. Every individual has a series of achievements in their life, and often, there is a person who plays a ...

  15. Who Inspires You and Why? 5 Best Sample Answers with Examples

    First, they want to know you better and see what motivates you. Second, they want to see if you have the ability to be inspired by others. This is important because it shows that you can learn from other people and that you are not just focused on yourself. Third, they want to see if you can identify who your role models are and why they ...

  16. Who Inspires You: Essay

    What Inspires You: Essay. Someone Who Inspires Me ; А gоod leаder is sоmeоne whо аcоmplishеs the missiоn, has the respect of their subоrdinаtes, and mаkes the difficult decisiоns when nеeded. For every human being there is always one favorite leader whom he or she likes the most, always try to be like the leader and want to ...

  17. What Inspires You: Essay

    What Inspires You: Essay. Topics: Someone Who Inspires Me. Words: 1108. Pages: 2. This essay sample was donated by a student to help the academic community. Papers provided by EduBirdie writers usually outdo students' samples.

  18. How To Answer "Who Inspires You?"(+ Example Answers)

    Here's how to do it. 1. Choose the Example. When you begin your answer, the first sentence should always include the person's name and the assertion that you find them inspiring. After that, it's time to talk about why. Ideally, you want an anecdote that showcases the skills and traits you want to emulate.

  19. Essay on Who Inspires You the Most

    10 Lines Essay on Who Inspires You the Most (100 - 120 Words) 1) Everyone has one person that inspires them to take every decision in their life. 2) My mother is the person in my family who inspires me the most. 3) She supports everyone and is the backbone of our family. 4) Her selfless and unconditional love for family inspires me to be like ...

  20. Describe A Person Who Inspired You To Do Something Interesting

    A person who inspired me to do something interesting is my cousin's wife, Priya. My cousin got married a few years ago, and he and Priya moved to Ludhiana, about 40 minutes from my hometown. Priya is a computer engineer by profession and works at a software company.

  21. How To Answer the Interview Question "Who Inspires You"

    1. Keep your answer short. It may be easy to spend several minutes answering this question because of several factors: You want to share about a person you respect. You want to talk about several people. You want to explain several values you and your inspiration share. You want to tell the employer about every detail of your inspiration's life.

  22. Someone Who Inspires Me

    Someone Who Inspires Me. There are always people in our lives that can be heroes in many ways, but my life's hero will always be my mom. She influences me since I was born until now and also sacrifices a lot in her lifetime to make my and my siblings lives better. She loves us unconditionally, I have become the person I am today because of her.

  23. Essay on Teacher Who Inspired Me

    1. This essay sample was donated by a student to help the academic community. Papers provided by EduBirdie writers usually outdo students' samples. Cite This Essay. Download. This man is so fantastic he was not the whitest paddle on a flower but he got somewhere to live. He was hated by all his teachers when he was younger.