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Understanding The New SPM (2021) English 1119 Paper Format

1. very similar to pt3-2019, 2. 4 papers rather than previous 2, 3. grades for each skill & an overall grade, 4. only 1 out of 4 papers will be assessed by lpm, 5. kssm = less emphasis on reading & writing, 6. possible changes to the marking criteria for spm writing, 7. expect changes over time, popular posts from this blog, what to do when your unifi service suddenly drops.


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My cpt results.


Rukun Negara dalam Inggeris, Melayu, Cina, & Tamil


English For All

A blog in sharing knowledge about English. SHARING IS CARING :)



  • the reasons behind the haze
  • role of government and society
  • steps that can be taken
  • give relevant examples of:
  • will help you to further your studies
  • will help you to get a job
  • will help you in your job
  • will help you in your travels
  • will help you to enjoy many interesting programmes in television
  • will help you to appreciate many of the world’s most beautiful literary works
  • couple – taking a walk
  • two men approached them
  • ordered couple to give jewellery
  • a struggle – husband injured
  • one neighbour – taking a dog for a walk
  • heard shouts – went to investigate
  • robbers saw dog – fled
  • couple made police report
  • insufficient table and benches
  • food and drinks not covered
  •  too little food counters
  • dirty and clogged drains – smelly
  •  food – expensive and lacks variety
  • inadequate food – late comers have nothing to buy, to eat
  • cold food – not fresh
  • rude canteen workers
  • express concern over the health of your friend’s cousin
  • news about the situation
  • steps taken authorities
  • present situation
  • use the informal letter format
  • use all the points given
  • expand each of the points given
  • write in paragraph

Latest PT3 Marking Scheme for English Paper 2021

7 minutes to read

article essay format pt3

  • 01. Assessment Instrument for PT3 English Paper
  • 02. The Latest PT3 Grading Range
  • 03. PT3 Latest English Paper Marking Scheme
  • 04. The Pros and Cons of PT3
  • 05. Tips to Score PT3 English Paper

I know you must be anxious on how PT3 is marked? Well, you have come to the right place. Before I start, let us get to know what is PT3.

PT3 is Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3 or Form 3 Assessment. PT3 is taken by 15 years old students. From here we know that the middle school final test wasn't called examination but instead an assessment.

PT3 started in 2014 after PMR (Penilaian Menengah Rendah, Lower Secondary School’s Examination) which then, they assessed the examination through Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia, LPM (Malaysia Examination Council). LPM will have their own examination markers where all the examination papers will be sent to another state to be marked.

This kind of examination will ensure no bias to any specific students, races and religions. However, since 2014, LPM introduced PT3 which is done by school-based. This assessment will be assessed throughout the year by the subject’s teacher. The marking instruments and standardized grading has been prepared by LPM.

This type of assessment have it pros and cons which I will tell you later in this article. So before we begin, let me explain to you, what is the assessment instrument for PT3 English Paper Marking Scheme


Assessment Instrument for PT3 English Paper

Starting from 2019, all PT3 candidate will need to sit for assessment test for every subjects registered. This assessment is done as a school-based test. If the candidate is absent or did not take it, they will be considered as a no show candidate for that particular subjects. The consequences is failing the examination.

However, if the candidate is absent due to sickness or any unavoidable circumstances, they will need to provide all the supporting documents to the principle of the school before PT3 examination ends. The only acceptable documents are such as a doctor’s letter or police letter.

The differences between PT3 started in 2014 and the latest instrument is that the grading will follow The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) measuring system.

Based on the Malaysia Ministry of Education, the target for PT3 candidate will start at level A1 to B1. The language proficiency is measured into 4 communicative skills from A1 progressing to A2 (Basic user); B1 into B2 (Independent user); and C1 to C2 (Proficient User) (The Star, 2019) .

According to the local newspaper, the general proficiency level for form 5 students was inly at A2. That is considered very weak. Hopefully, with the implementation of PT3, the English proficiency level for PT3 student might reach A2 and progressing fast to B1 or B2 by the time they sit for SPM.

Let us see how is the marking breakdown of PT3 English paper 2021.

The Latest PT3 Grading Range

PT3 Assessment is Easy to score

PT3 has changed their grading range since 2016. The new range is considered more competitive and effective to grade the student.

Check out the difference between the old and the latest grading range.

  • 85 - 100 : A : Cemerlang
  • 70 - 84 : B : Kepujian
  • 60 - 69 : C : Baik
  • 50 - 59 : D : Memuaskan
  • 40 - 49 : E : Mencapai Tahap Minimum
  • 0 - 39 : F : Belum Mencapai Tahap Minimum
  • TH : TH : Tidak Hadir

From the previous grading, getting E means failed, but not in the latest grading range. You are considered failed only if you get grade F or absent. I know all of you here will target to get A’s, so, please just focus to get 85% and above.  Don't even bother to look at the other grading, okay? You can also find the  PT3 Latest Format at Superprof.

PT3 Latest English Paper Marking Scheme

There are four papers in English (Bahasa Inggeris) subjects. The total weightage for each paper is 25% that will accumulated into 100%.  Let’s see how the paper is being divided.

Paper 1 - Reading

Paper 1 English PT3 will test your reading and the use of English. There are 40 questions that are divided into 5 parts. Each correct answer is awarded with 1 mark, thus the total marks for this paper is  40 marks . The time allocated for paper 1 is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

This paper will test your knowledge in linguistic, reading, understanding and the skills for information transfer.

Paper 2 - Essay

The essay and writing paper has 2 questions. The first question is a short communicative message with 20 marks. The second questions is the notes expansion that also has 20 marks. The overall time allocated for paper 2 is 1 hour only.

For this paper, you will need to have the ability to write and express your creativity in the English language. Check out our  tips on writing an essay for PT3.

Paper 3 – Speaking

I know everyone hated to speak especially when you are being evaluated in your speaking skills. Fret not, this test will only take 11 minutes in total! Believe me, you wouldn't have enough time to get any breakdown during this test.

!This test will be carried out internally with your class teacher and classmates. This test environment is set to let you feel more comfortable conversing in English. The overall mark for this test is 20.

There are 3 parts in speaking test. The first part is interview section. The question asked will be very easy and simple. The second part is the individual prompt-card story. Here you’ll receive a card and you’ll need to talk about the question on the card. The last part is the discussion part. Did I told you that you are going to do the speaking test with your partner?

The question asked for you and friend will be different. However, during the last session, you will need to discuss verbally with your friend about the questions given. You will need to be able to express your opinion.

There will be 2 examiners during the test. The first examiner can give you up to 15 marks meanwhile the other examiner will act as intercalator and able to give you 5 marks.

Paper 4 – Listening

For the listening test, there will be 25 questions with a total of 25 marks overall. This test is divided into 4 parts. You’ll be tested in your listening skills. This test will take up 35 minutes.

Are you excited yet to sit for PT3 examination? You can get the latest PT3 English Papers at Superprof.

The Pros and Cons of PT3

getting through PT3 examination

Well, the debates for the pros and cons of PT3 over PMR has been on since the first year of PT3 implementation in 2014. It has been 7 years since. Here is the advantages of PT3.

  • The new format of speaking and listening test will help students to develop their communication skills.
  • Teachers will have more time to focus on individual students’ achievement and are able to help weaker student to improve in assessment.
  • Students are able to make continuous improvements.
  • Students are not able to simply skip schools due to the on-going assessment which is at random.
  • Students are taught to consistently study and not only stressed on final examination.
  • Students will become more respectful of teachers as the teachers are the one who’s going to mark their assessment test.


  • Students are unable to fulfil the examination’s requirement due to not enough assessment done.
  • Even with the standardize grading method, teachers still can be biased towards their preferable students.
  • Malaysian education standard has been downgraded.
  • It is hard for teachers to assess each student individually as they teach a lot of students – imagine 1 class, 30 students, and they teach 10 classes in total. So 300 students to continuously assessed.
  • All the quiet and introvert student might be invisible to the teacher and are unable to get extra marks compared to the extrovert students.

Tips to Score PT3 English Paper

PT3 student studying in class

We have looked at the marking scheme and PT3 English Instruments. You have also take a look at the pros and cons of PT3 assessment. Can you guess what are tips Superprof going to share with you? Check out the Complete Guide to PT3 English for more tips.

If you understand enough all the formats, getting a lot of exercises by doing past year papers and sharpened your English essay writing, I believe you will get outstanding grade in your PT3.

Let me share with you few extra tips to get A in your PT3 test.

  • Never skip schools or there is a chance you will miss the test
  • Be ready at all time as the assessment will be done at random
  • Get help from teachers, friends or tutor if you are weak in any subjects
  • Be good to your teachers as they will be the one to access your paper
  • Try to speak more such as asking teacher questions during class as the teacher will remember you and they can make good assessment for you

You know PT3 assessment is not very hard to score. If you are weak in the subjects, look for alternative learning method. You can also get extra classes at tuition centre or tutor. You can find a lot of experience tutors at Superprof too! Tutors at Superprof will always be readily available anytime if you need them.

Last but not least, all the best and enjoy your day-to-day classes.

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Alia J.

Alia Jamaludin is known as a passionate environmentalist and animal lover. By being both educator and writer, she can reach out her positive thought to almost every being on this planet.

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article essay format pt3

  • describe what happened
  • express what you felt
  • suggest ways on road safety
  • write between 120 and 150 words.
  • Use the 6W 1H method
  • Read the question carefully
  • Use the information given in the question to write your essay.
  • Write at least 200-250 words as time permits.
  • Prevention is better than cure -   it is better to stop something bad from happening than it is to deal with it after it has happened.
  • As fast as lightning - incredibly quickly or speedily.
  • Good Samaritan -    a person who helps other people and especially strangers when they have trouble.
  • A stone's throw away - a very short distance .
  • Sample Essay - How write an 'Article'
  • Sample Essay - Descriptive
  • Sample Essay - How to write an 'Informal Letter'


teacher , can in know how to use progressive tence in essay ???

article essay format pt3

The progressive form is a verb tense used to show an ongoing action in progress at some point in time. It shows an action still in progress. Verbs can appear in any one of three progressive tenses: present progressive, past progressive, and future progressive. The verbs in the progressive form use a form of "to be" + the present participle (an -ing verb). (It is the form of the helping verb that indicates the tense.) Example Present Progressive: I am eating. Past Progressive: He was writing. Future Progressive: She will be working. Present Perfect Progressive: I have been sleeping. Past Perfect Progressive: They had been eating. Future Perfect Progressive: She will have been coming.

article essay format pt3

if i want to write "An Unforgettable Experience",how? Can you please give me some tips?

First, we need to understand what the word recount means... -Recount is a way of retelling an important event or describing an experience that you have had to others, such as a holiday trip,a school trip or a story... The Components in a recount type essay are:- 1.First Person 2.Past Tense 3.Chronological order

How to write a recount

For more info you can check out this website:- All the best..!

Did you know, what question in essay came out in pt3 ?

Dear Unknown, whatever the question might be you need not fear if you are ready and prepared. As for what question it might be-it is varies from school to school as you know the exam format has changed and is no more the same-therefore, follow what your teacher has taught you in class and for extra info you can check out my sample essays plus my videos on youtube...ALL THE your PT3 Exam....

Dear Syiqah, whatever the question might be you need not fear if you are ready and prepared. As for what question it might be-it is varies from school to school as you know the exam format has changed and is no more the same-therefore, follow what your teacher has taught you in class and for extra info you can check out my sample essays plus my videos on youtube...ALL THE your PT3 Exam....

Can we use it for human..."it was Kamal"?

What do you mean....?

yes you may

What mean an article?

How to write an article?

Can I know the article format .....check the link-this a sample on how to write an article...

Wow ...good ...

Example for Process and Procedure format

How I can improve my English skill.I can't remember all the world

You can't remember all the 'world' or 'words'...?

Teacher, do you have other examples of article essays? Because I need more examples of the essays for me to understand well.

You can try wathing my YOUTUBE Videos.....

Featured post

Grammar component - fanboys.

This video explains what are "FANBOYS" and the types of articles we usually learn at school. There are 3 types of "CONJUNCTIO...

article essay format pt3

For teachers and students, fast and easy ways to write your email/note/postcard: question 3(j).

article essay format pt3

Previously, I’ve posted  an entry on How to start and end question 3(J) and it’s been well received and I’ve also gotten some valuable feedbacks from our readers. I also mentioned that I might share with you a cycle that I normally introduce to my learners.  So, why not now? The test is closer now that it is July, I am sure you guys are feeling more anxious now. Maybe this could help you.

*The usefulness of this cycle is very subjective, if you do not think it will work with your learners, I welcome you to write to me and we can chat 🙂

PT3 Papers have certain ways of constructing this question. There is almost a pattern in the things they ask for.

In almost all the question types that have been asked out there, you will most probably be asked to :

  • invite/suggest/recommend
  • give 1 or more reasons
  • encourage someone to take action

It does not run away from this. Therefore, all you need to do is to link all of them together and try to make your writing sound as natural and interesting as you can.

In my previous post  How to start and end question 3(J),  I have explained how you can start and end with some ready-to-go phrases.

In here you will find some more help for you to go about with your content:

  • This is to make sure you are on the right direction. It also helps you to make sure you answer the question.
  • It is very important that you give AT LEAST 2 reasons to show that you understand what the question asks.
  • In 2017, the question changed its format and ASK FOR ONLY 1 REASON . It killed many students and it showed that many students either don’t read the question properly or don’t understand the difference between ‘REASONS’ and ‘REASON’ 
  • As TEACHERS , it’s extremely important to brief your students on this and make it a point for them to READ the questions. EVERY QUESTION should be READ and DISSECTED!
  • Use connecting words to help arrange your points. 
  • Some suggested sentence starters are there to help you build around the notes given from given text.
  • REASON 3 is optional but highly recommended if you feel that you don’t have much to say
  • Here are some very useful sentences I introduce to my student:
  • I know you like ______ right?
  • You are going to love it. 
  • We can have fun together.
  • We can take a lot of pictures there.
  • What are you waiting for? Come and join me.

These may sound simple but they could be life saver for your weaker groups. They feel more confident when they have some sentences up their sleeve.

Just remind them try not to repeat the same sentence too often.


  • They always ask for this in the question. If you worry your students can’t understand the word, make it a point for them to write this in. I mean, it can’t be wrong, can it?
  • Just a sentence to end the whole writing. 

The picture below may help you to better understand what I am talking about here:

article essay format pt3

From my experience, students feel less lost when they have a guideline like this.

The positive side of it:

  • It comes most useful with the weaker groups. They will be able to come up with something instead of nothing.
  • Some students like playing safe. This is SAFE.
  • They write quicker. Once they get used to the pattern, it’s faster for them to get it done.
  • Avoid a lot of weird language (grammar and tenses comedy)

The negative side of it:

  • You take away students’ creativity. They might stick with your samples language. If you want genuine products from them, this might not be what you’re looking for.
  • Expect a lot of similar answers. But hey, if it gets them to the shore, why not?
  • Also, many will still get it wrong. I’ve seen many learners still not able to connect the phrases into meaningful language. For this, I’m still looking for ways to help them, any ideas from you?

article essay format pt3

9 thoughts on “ Fast and Easy ways to write your Email/Note/Postcard: Question 3(J) ”

Very useful indeed as were the others you have sent. Thank you Grace.

Kudos to a wonderful teacher for her refreshing ideas. Much thought too given to cater to different set of students. Keep up the good work. May God bless you with more great sharings.

Thank you so much for your updates. This is the best site that supports tchrs and i appreciate yiur prompt replies and guides!!


Appreciate your kind words! Let’s spread the love! 🙂

this is so useful. even advance students need base guideline. thanks so much

This is waaaaayy helpful than looking at those emails on the guidebooks

appreciate your kind words!

appreciate your kind words! however, with the implementation of the new format, we’re going to change the content of this post to better fit the new requirements of the new format. stay tuned!

Thanks. Easy way. May I share to my students?

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