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Examples of binary opposition in romeo and juliet.

When one looks at romantic love, one would conclude that it is a social dyad that brings about certain responsibilities between two people in a relationship such as honesty, protection, openness and expressions of love. (William, 2008: 76). Contrasting with

Comparing The Symposium By Aristophanes And Socrates

This idea of love extends to romantic relations, familial love, and love of interests: the universal components of life. Essentially, love’s importance for human flourishing spawns from the exclusivity as we will always prioritize that person or object above all else; thus, it enables humans to have a purposeful and consistent direction in life. We continue to attempt to maximize our fulfillment through focusing on the people and objects of our love. Furthermore, the limitations of time is the greatest constraint on humans; thus, an individual must decide which of their favorite fields and relationships should be further developed. And based on my experiences and observations, which are limited due to my lack of experience compared to an older person, an individual will choose the option that they love the most. Ergo, reinforcing the exclusiveness from the rest of the choices as they prioritized the option that they loved. Though it could be argued that many individuals later change their options throughout their lives as many people tend to change their careers and partners that they once loved. But, these changes could occur despite the individual’s choice. Some of the people may change careers due to the effects of the economy such as

The General Theory Of Love Essay

Love is such a complicated word, it is so simple to see it as a simple math problem with a one or two letter response but in all actuality, love is much much more complicated. It is this thought that what we have interpreted here on this earth is one type of love and God has another type of love designed for us. In the book “The General Theory of Love” it discusses this idea of love through attachment and how the baby monkey if given a choice can choose whether it gets comfort and safety from one surrogate mother or food and nourishment from another. The result each time is the same, the baby monkey will select the surrogate mother of comfort and safety over nourishment and this result then creates this question of “what is love really?” (Lewis, Amini, Landon, 72).

Essay on Psychology of Love

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The human idea of love is quite possibly the most misunderstood in today’s society. Love can be between a man and woman, mother/father and their kids, or even really good friends. However, these relationships of love go through many interactions and stages to start and progress. Many psychological events must occur and be worked through in order to be successful. All relationships must endure the five perspectives of human behavior. These perspectives are biological, learning, social and cultural, cognitive, and psychodynamic influences.

Essay on Love

Much has been said about love, but if you search the horizon, you will discover that most of the things written about love are either pithy or cynical.

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

book “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, the author writes about the importance of communicating with your spouse in a language that fulfills their love tank. Throughout the book he uses real life scenarios in couples to help them examine what their primary love language is through various acts and experiments. Love and marriage are the primary topics of the book, and the author illustrates how to understand their construction, and how they function in society. Love is needed in all areas to fulfill the needs of a human and to succeed in marriage. Society plays a big role on ideal marriages and how it should be based on the defined responsibilities and rights of husbands and wives.

Attachment Anxiety

Of course, physical affection plays a large role in connection to a partner, but the underlying glue for a strong relationship lies in the mindset behind it. Maria Fatima and M. Asir Ajmal, who both research clinical psychology, undertook a qualitative study and used Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) as a research method. There is not any pre-existing theories or hypothesis surmised upon in using the IPA research method. However, there can be a great deal of bias because all of the information gathered can be subjective towards the interviewee. In Maria and Asir’s experiment, they interviewed a woman that was happily married and asked her direct questions about the influencers of a long marriage. The interview questions asked were formulated from what one needs as an individual, to how it can work in a relationship as well. “The interviewee stated, "Happiness and satisfaction go side by side. Satisfaction level determines your level of happiness and a satisfied life is a happy life".” (Maria 39). There were 16 categories to a life-long marriage that presented themselves within this research, and satisfaction was one of the most important. Each category could potentially be subjective to the one woman interviewed, and if the experiment is replicated, it could be possible for another person to have the same categories. One cannot aspire to share, forgive, or love,

My Love Gottman Summary

This book’s most important theoretical claim is the seven principles that will make marriages work and Four Horseman of the Marriage Apocalypse that will make your marriage fail. The seven principles included Enhance Your Love Maps, Nurture Your Fondness and Admiration, Turn Toward Each Other Instead of Away, Let Your Partner Influence You, Solve Your Solvable Problems, and Overcome Gridlock Overall. The Four Horseman include Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness and Stonewalling. Also included in this book is are excises that the partners can do together or that the reader can do alone in order to actually apply the science and theories

Analysis Of The Poem ' Against Love ' By Laura Kipnis Essay

While people are often able to identify when they feel the emotion love, love itself seems to defy definition.  In her polemic “Against Love”, Laura Kipnis argues that love cannot exist as traditional expressions of love such as marriage, monogamy, and mutuality.  However, in her argument, she defines love incorrectly by equating love to expressions of love. This definition lacks a component essential to understanding the abstract concept of love: emotion. Recognizing love as emotion helps us realize that, contrary to Kipnis’ argument love by nature transcends all expressions of love. Love is subjective and exists in any and all forms. In her argument that love cannot survive as conventional expressions of love, Kipnis ignores the nature of love as emotion in favor of equating love to different expressions of love. Love is a force which exists above expressions of love; a true understanding of love can only come from an assessment of how individuals, not societies, respond to the emotion.

Essay on The Meaning of Love

Love has many different meanings to different people. For a child, love is what he or she feels for his mommy and daddy. To teenage boy, love is what he should feel for his girlfriend of the moment, only because she says she loves him. But as we get older and "wiser," love becomes more and more confusing. Along with poets and philosophers, people have been trying to answer that age-old question for centuries: What is love?

Essay about Love

Love is difficult to define, difficult to measure, and difficult to understand. Love is what great writers write about, great singers sing about, and great philosophers ponder. Love is a powerful emotion, for which there is no wrong definition, for it suits each and every person differently. Whether love is between family, friends, or lovers, it is an overwhelming emotion that can be experienced in many different ways.

A Love Story Essays

I met her two years ago and we did not have much to say at that time. Little did I know that she would later steal my heart and become an intimate part of my life. As the saying goes "there is someone for anyone at any time in this life" and I was about to find out that this saying was so true. I have had a wall built around me and my defense was as a stronghold to protect myself from all the relationships that have come and gone over the years. I thought that I was meant to be alone in this old life and happiness was forever gone from me. This wonderful woman I am speaking of is Mary Doe, and the joy she has given me has revived my hope and faith that I may have finally found love and peace within. She has made me feel like I am a child

Love Is A Powerful Feeling Essay

Love is a powerful feeling; it makes you do crazy thing. Many people spend years trying to find it, others give up thinking they’ll never find it. Love has been defined as an intensive feeling of a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone. Of course, Love doesn 't have to romantic and/or sexual. People who are ace, as in asexual, aromantic and agender, can still be in relationships that are satisfying for them without the needs of a romantic relationship. Familial love is also non-romantic-sexual. However, in this paper, we will be talking about romantic-sexual love, what it is, and why I believe it’s so important to understand and experience.

Essay On Romantic Love

In other times, we may be thrown off. What we think could be considered love may not actually be love.

Relationship Between Love And Friendship Essay

When discussing love, people generally think about the love between a husband and wife, or the love between a couple in a romantic partnership, and that is one type of love that I will be discussing. In addition to romantic love, there are other types of love also. There is the love we have for our children, our families, and also the love that we have for our friends. All of these types of love share some of the same attributes, however, they have differences also. In reading and researching different types of love, I have found that romantic love and friendship seem to be the most similar in nature, although they have differences, they share a lot of the same attributes. I found that friendship and romantic love tend to have more similarities than differences. In this paper I will examine romantic love and friendship. I will discuss the definitions of the two, and what elements each of these have. I will discuss the different theories of love, and I will compare and contrast the similarities and differences between romantic love and friendship.

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essays on love and relationships

The Psychology of Love

Love by lauren slater, the science of love by barbara fredrickson, the biology of attraction by helen e. fisher, love is like cocaine by helen fisher, the rejection lab by alison kinney, there's no such thing as everlasting love by emily esfahani smith, 50 more articles about psychology, men, women, sex and darwin by natalie angier, 12 revelations about sex by alain de botton, safe-sex lies by meghan daum, why my wife won't sleep with me by sean elder, women who want to want by daniel bergner, 50 more articles about sex, kids these days, no labels, no drama, right by jordana narin, why developing serious relationships in your 20s matters by elizabeth spiers, like. flirt. ghost. by mary h. k. choi, friends without benefits by nancy jo sales, boys on the side by hanna rosin, 50 more articles about growing up, the limits of friendship by maria konnikova, the type of love that makes people happiest by arthur c. brooks, how friendships change in adulthood by julie beck, it’s your friends who break your heart by jennifer senior, friends of a certain age by alex williams, a guide to friendship, schmoozing, and social advancement by glenn o'brien, the man date by jennifer 8. lee, subscribe to our email newsletter.

essays on love and relationships

Love and Relationship Essay

The word ‘love’ is observed to have distinct meanings in various settings and contexts. Different people from various cultural settings would tend to have different perceptions about love. Generally, love refers to some kind of inexplicable feeling which is felt by people towards others, probably those of the opposite sex. Relationship on the other hand would refer to the condition of people being connected or associated with each other.

We have all experienced love at one moment of life, but it is as though there is still much we don’t know about love itself. Humans have always asked inexplicable questions about love such as, “Why do we fall in love?” or “What makes us love others?” We may not necessarily have perfect answers for all the questions regarding love but there is no doubt that we have been closer to the right answers for most of these questions through the perception of psychologists.

For instance, according to love psychologists, the reason as to why we fall in love will depend on our minds. The way our minds perceive love is what comes out to us as love. Sometimes, these perceptions may match with the perceptions of another person and in that case love is certain to be realized.

Different groups of people have different views about love. Some communities would see it as something that would be contained in the eyes while others just associate it with blood thus the observations ‘love is in the eyes of the beholder’ and ‘blood is thicker than water’ respectively.

However, some aspects in life have come up to disqualify these perceptions, making people to search for other alternative explanations. For instance, let us consider the situation of blind people. Does their incapability to see hinder them from loving? More importantly, if love was really contained in the blood, will there be any cases concerning lost identities in life as we can see today?

Having asked ourselves these questions, it would be easy for us to appreciate the psychological view of love that is determined by our minds as the perfect answer to most of the questions we frequently ask ourselves regarding love. The issue of love and what makes people fall in love has been a subject of debate all over the world for a very long time. There may never be false love as some thinkers would observe, but we are all informed of the many uncertainties associated with love nowadays.

Think of someone who is strolling down the street without any specific focus or intention then suddenly, he bumps on a lady and it happens they fall in love at the first sight. How can this situation be explained? There is no other perfect manner we can explain this but through the ‘idea of the mind.’

What had just happened between the two people would depend on their brains. Single people; ones who are not in any relationship will always be in hunt for love and if someone fitting their criteria crosses their path, they will definitely be attracted to them and these feelings would trigger love instantly.

The person in this example fell in love with the lady she met on the street owing to the opportunistic perceptions of his mind that he was single and he needed a lover. This is just what happens to many people in this world as far as love is concerned.

As it would be observed, most people would appear to be crazy in love at the beginning of their relationship. This however is likely to change over the time and that fire would fade away as they continue seeing each other. They can even start having feelings of hate against each other.

This is another stand which can be used to justify the hypothesis in this argument. Most of the times, humans are misguided by their minds to make instant choices about love, instead of taking their time to think of the possible outcomes which are likely to arise later. This way, they end up making the wrong choices in what can be termed as ‘rushed love.’ This is a misunderstood situation that would be characterized by arguments and hate against each other come in the future.

To avoid such situations, psychologists have observed a number of factors for people to consider before thinking of falling in love. First of all, we should try to establish a checklist about the things we expect to see in our future lovers and some of the aspects which can apply in the checklist might include behavior, appearance, and education. A checklist is more likely to guide us to the right people thus sparing us future disappointments in relationships.

Through the observations of this topic, we get to learn the benefits of psychology in helping us come into terms with some behaviors and processes of life. Through psychology, we can gain practical benefits regarding various aspects of life. Psychology is always certain to offer satisfying answers to most of the questions we may frequently ask ourselves about many things facing us in our daily lives.

For instance, in the above case concerning love psychology would provide the right answers and the perfect guideline on how to go about it without regrets. This would help people make the right decisions thus avoiding future disappointments. In this case, we should see the capability of psychology in giving us the perfect guideline about sensitive issues of life.

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250-500 Word Example Essays About Love and Romance

Got an Essay assignment about Love and Romance? Let us help you out with these inspiring Examples!

Love, an emotion that has captivated the hearts and minds of poets, authors, and artists throughout history, remains a profound and multi-faceted subject. While the depth and complexity of this emotion can make it a daunting topic to explore in an essay, the right resources can turn this challenge into a rewarding endeavor. For those looking to capture the essence of love and romance in their writing, our essay writer can be a beacon of inspiration and assistance. This tool, powered by, offers a seamless journey through the essay-writing process, from brainstorming ideas to refining the final draft. 

Whether you're delving into argumentative, persuasive , or reflective essays about love, ensures clarity, coherence, and a touch of elegance in your prose. It's a trusted companion for students, educators, and seasoned writers alike, simplifying the writing journey every step of the way.

1. The Evolution of Love: A Study of the Changing Nature of Romance throughout History


Love is one of humanity's most complicated and mysterious emotions. People have strived to comprehend and define Love throughout history, resulting in many works of literature, art, and music dedicated to the subject. Despite its universal appeal, the nature of Love has evolved significantly throughout time, reflecting evolving cultural, social, and economic situations. In this essay, we will look at the evolution of Love, from ancient times to the present.

Ancient Love

A. Greek and Roman Love

Love was viewed as a complex and varied feeling in ancient Greece and Rome, comprising characteristics of desire, friendship, and awe. Love was frequently represented as a tremendous force in ancient civilizations, capable of both propelling individuals to high heights of success and bringing them down into the depths of sorrow. This was especially true of romantic Love, which was glorified in epic poems like the Iliad and Odyssey, as well as works of art and literature depicting the hardships and sufferings of star-crossed lovers.

B. Medieval Love

A chivalric code known as courtly Love emerged in medieval Europe. Its core tenants were the importance of Love, honour, and devotion. During this time, romantic Love was typically portrayed as an unrequited emotion, with the lover pining for the affections of a faraway and unreachable beloved. Medieval poets and troubadours mirrored this romanticised picture of Love in their works by singing and writing about the highs and lows of passionate Love.

Modern Love

A. The Renaissance

The idealized picture of Love that had ruled for centuries was called into question by artists and intellectuals during the Renaissance, marking a turning point in the development of romantic relationships. During this time, romantic Love was portrayed as more tactile and visceral. Shakespeare, for instance, reflected the shifting beliefs of his day by exploring the nuanced and often tragic nature of Love in his works.

B. The Enlightenment

The concepts of reason and individuality began to gain root during the Enlightenment, and with that came a shift in how people saw Love. Political marriages and alliances were often formed based on Love, which was now considered a more sensible and practical feeling. Thinkers from the Enlightenment period, including Voltaire and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, shared this perspective on Love as a tool for bettering society and the individual.

C. The Modern Era

Today, the word "love" is most often used to describe a feeling one has when they are in a committed relationship or when one has achieved their own goals. Love has become a consumable good thanks to the spread of consumerism and the worship of the individual. The media and arts reflect this conception of Love by depicting it as a means to one's fulfillment and contentment.

The changing cultural, social, and economic conditions of each historical epoch are reflected in the history of Love. The essence of Love has changed dramatically throughout the years, from its idealised image in ancient Greece and Rome to its depiction as a spiritual tie in mediaeval Europe to its current identification with romantic relationships and personal fulfilment. Despite these changes, Love remains a strong and enduring force in human existence, inspiring numerous works of art, literature, and music and affecting how we live and interact with one another.

2. The Power of Love: Examining the Impact of Love on Our Lives and Relationships

Love is a strong feeling that may dramatically alter our life and the bonds we form with others. love, whether romantic, familial, or platonic, can unite us and improve our lives in countless ways., the benefits of love.

A. Improved Physical Health

Love has been demonstrated to improve physical health by decreasing stress, lowering blood pressure, and increasing immunity. The hormone oxytocin, which is released in response to social bonding and has been demonstrated to reduce physiological responses to stress, is thought to be at play here.

B. Enhanced Mental Health

In addition to its physical benefits, Love has been shown to have a beneficial effect on our mental health, lowering stress and anxiety levels and boosting our general sense of happiness. The protective powers of Love against the negative consequences of stress and other difficulties in life are well accepted.

C. Strengthened Relationships

A stronger tie may be formed between two people via the power of Love. Relationships of all kinds, whether romantic, familial, or platonic, may benefit from the strengthening effects of Love by increasing their levels of closeness, trust, and mutual understanding.

The Challenges of Love

A. Love can be painful

Sometimes Love hurts, as when a relationship ends or when we can't find the one we're looking for. One of life's most trying events is losing someone we care about, which may leave us feeling isolated, discouraged, and empty.

The Power of Love to Overcome Challenges

Despite these difficulties, Love may help us overcome them and grow closer to one another. The strength of Love is that it may help us learn and grow, both as people and as a community, via its many forms, such as forgiveness, compromise, and the willingness to persevere through adversity.

Finally, Love is a strong and transformational force that may profoundly influence our lives and relationships. Love may provide us joy, comfort, and a feeling of purpose, whether between friends, family, or romantic partners. Despite its numerous advantages, Love may also bring with it difficulties such as heartbreak and strife. Nonetheless, never underestimate the power of Love. 

It has the potential to draw people together and form deep, long-lasting bonds. Love has the power to make the world a better place, whether through acts of kindness, selflessness, or simply being there for one another. So, let us embrace Love in all of its manifestations and harness its potential to improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

3. The Science of Love: Understanding the Biology and Psychology Behind Love and Attraction

For millennia, people have been drawn and intrigued by the intricate and intriguing feeling of Love. Despite its enormous global significance, the science of Love is now being thoroughly investigated. This paper will investigate the biology and psychology of Love and attraction, delving into the different elements that impact these powerful emotions and how they form our relationships.

The Biology of Love

A. Hormone Function

Love is a biological process controlled by chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. These hormones influence our sensations of attraction, enthusiasm, and enjoyment and boost sentiments of trust and closeness.

B. The Influence of Genetics

Genetics also has an impact on Love and attraction, with some personality qualities and physical characteristics that are considered to be appealing to potential spouses being handed down from generation to generation. This suggests that particular preferences for specific sorts of people are hardwired into our genetics, influencing our romantic and sexual attraction patterns.

The Psychology of Love

A. The Role of Attachment Styles

Our attachment types, which we acquire from our early connections with our caretakers, also affect our Love. These attachment types can significantly influence our later relationships, influencing how we build and keep deep attachments with others.

B. The Impact of Social Norms and Values

Cultural Values

Social conventions and cultural ideas also impact Love and attraction, with societal expectations and values impacting our romantic and sexual impulses. These social conventions and cultural ideas influence everything from who we are attracted to and how we approach and pursue relationships.

The Meeting of Biology and

Love Psychology

The biology and psychology of Love are inextricably linked and interdependent, with one having a complicated and subtle impact on the other. This suggests that, while biology influences our sentiments of attraction and Love, our psychological experiences and beliefs may equally shape these emotions.

To summarise, love science is a complicated and intriguing discipline that encompasses the biology and psychology of this strong and transformational emotion. By investigating the elements that impact Love and attraction, we may gain a deeper understanding of the systems that underpin these feelings and how they shape our lives and relationships. The study of Love is a vital and beneficial effort, whether we seek Love, attempt to preserve Love, or wonder about the science underlying this feeling.

4. The Fine Line Between Love and Obsession: Exploring the Dark Side of Love

Love is a powerful and transformative emotion that can bring immense joy and fulfilment to our lives. But Love can also turn dark and dangerous when it crosses the line into obsession. This essay will examine the fine line between Love and obsession, exploring how Love can become unhealthy and dangerous.

The Characteristics of Obsessive Love

A. Unhealthy Attachment

Obsessive Love is characterized by an unhealthy attachment to another person, with the obsessed person becoming overly dependent on their partner for emotional fulfilment. This can lead to feelings of possessiveness and jealousy, as well as a need for constant attention and validation.

B. Control and Manipulation

Obsessive Love can also involve control and manipulation, with the obsessed person trying to control every aspect of their partner's life and behaviour. This can range from minor acts of manipulation, such as trying to dictate what their partner wears or who they spend time with, to more serious forms of control, such as physical abuse or stalking.

The Dark Side of Love

A. Stalking and Harassment

The dark side of Love can take many forms, with stalking and harassment being among the most extreme and dangerous forms of obsessive behaviour. Stalking and harassment can have serious and long-lasting consequences for the victim, causing fear, stress, and trauma that can impact their mental and physical well-being.

B. Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is another form of the dark side of Love, with physical, sexual, and psychological abuse being used as a means of control and domination. Domestic violence can have devastating consequences for the victim, often leading to serious injury or even death.

The Roots of Obsessive Love

A. Psychological Issues

Obsessive Love can have its roots in psychological issues, including depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder. These conditions can lead to feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem, making it difficult for individuals to form healthy relationships.

B. Cultural and Social Factors

Cultural and social factors can also play a role in the development of obsessive Love, with certain societal beliefs and norms promoting possessiveness and control in relationships. This can include gender roles, expectations, and cultural beliefs about Love and relationships.

In conclusion, the fine line between Love and obsession is delicate and dangerous, with Love crossing over into unhealthy and dangerous territory when it becomes obsessive. By understanding the characteristics of obsessive Love and how it can take dark and dangerous forms, we can better protect ourselves and our loved ones from the negative consequences of this powerful emotion.

5. The Concept of Unconditional Love: An Analysis of the Ideal of Selfless Love

All kinds of different things count as Love since it's such a complicated and diverse feeling. Unconditional Love is frequently depicted as altruistic, all-encompassing, and unshakable, making it one of the most romanticized types. In this essay, I'd discuss the idea of unconditional Love, defining it and contrasting it with other types of affection.

An Explanation of Selfless Love

A. Selfless Love

The term "unconditional love" is commonly used to describe a type of Love that puts the other person's needs before its own. In this kind of Love, one person cares for another without any thought of return or compensation.

B. Love that encompasses everything

Many people use the term "all-encompassing" to express how unconditional Love embraces a person regardless of who they are or what they've done in their lives. A love like this doesn't depend on the other person changing or improving in any way; rather, it's an unconditional embrace of the person as they are.

The Ideal of Unconditional Love

A. Love Without Conditions

Unconditional Love is a romantic ideal in which the lover places no restrictions on the object of his affection. Since it involves so much giving of oneself, this kind of Love is typically held up as the pinnacle of romantic relationships.

B. Putting the Feeling into Action

However, since we are all flawed human beings, practising unconditional Love can be challenging in daily life. Although this may be the case, the ideal of unconditional Love is still significant since it motivates us to improve our Love and compassion towards others.

The Advantages of Unconditional Love

A. Stronger Connections

Unconditional Love has the potential to improve our connections with others, leading to deeper and more meaningful bonds. This kind of Love creates a non-judgmental and welcoming attitude towards people, which can assist to lessen conflict and improve understanding.

B. More Joy and Satisfaction

As a result of the more profound relationships it fosters, unconditional Love may also increase a person's sense of well-being and contentment. Finding Love like this may give our life new meaning and make us feel whole.

In conclusion, many of us hold unconditional Love as a relationship goal. Even if it's not always possible, the ideal of unconditional Love is worthwhile since it motivates us to increase our Love and compassion. The concept of unconditional Love may lead us to a more meaningful and happy lifestyle, whether our goal is to better our relationships or to find more pleasure and contentment in general.

6. The Importance of Communication in Love Relationships: A Study of the Role of Communication in Maintaining Love

Love relationships, like all others, benefit greatly from open lines of communication between partners. Connecting with one another on a regular basis, whether it's to chat about the day, express emotions, or problem-solve, is crucial to keeping the Love alive between you. This essay will discuss the significance of communication in romantic relationships, specifically how it helps couples stay together and grow closer over time.

Advantages of good communication

Increased Compatibility and Mutual Understanding

Love partnerships benefit significantly from open lines of communication that facilitate mutual understanding and closeness. Sharing our innermost ideas, emotions, and experiences with our partners via direct and honest communication strengthens our bonds with them.

Reduced Conflict

As we can better address difficulties and find positive solutions to differences when communicating effectively, we experience less conflict in our relationships. Relationships may be stronger and more loving by talking through differences and finding common ground.

The Difficulties in Expressing Your Feelings in a Romantic Relationship

A. Confusing Messages and Confused Intents

Good communication can sometimes be difficult, especially in romantic partnerships, despite its many advantages. Conflict, anger and a lack of trust may all result from poor communication and misunderstandings in relationships.

B. Vulnerability and Emotional Safety

Likewise, it takes courage and trust to open up and talk about your feelings with the person you love. It may be nerve-wracking to communicate our innermost thoughts and feelings with a partner because of the risk of being judged harshly or rejected.

The Importance of Active Listening

What is Active Listening?

Maintaining positive connections with others requires not just good talkers but also good listeners. Paying close attention to the other person as they speak and making an effort to get their viewpoint and requirements is an essential component of active listening.

The Benefits of Active Listening

The ability to listen attentively and process information can have a significant influence on interpersonal bonds. You may show your spouse how much you value their opinion and the commitment you have to the relationship by listening attentively to what they have to say.

Finally, it's important to note that communication is a cornerstone of successful, loving partnerships. Communication is crucial for developing and maintaining healthy relationships, whether it is via problem-solving, venting, or just listening. Your relationship may grow stronger and become more rewarding and loving if you put an emphasis on communicating well with one another.

Final Words

Love is a complicated and varied theme that has inspired numerous works of art, literature, and music. Whether it is the science of Love, the power of Love, or the development of Love, there is a great deal to learn and comprehend about this universal feeling. 

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Love is the most significant thing in human’s life. Each science and every single literature masterwork will tell you about it. Humans are also social animals. We lived for centuries with this way of life, we were depended on one another to tell us how our clothes fit us, how our body is whether healthy or emaciated. All these we get the honest opinions of those who love us, those who care for us and makes our happiness paramount.

essay on love

What is Love?

Love is a set of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs with strong feelings of affection. So, for example, a person might say he or she loves his or her dog, loves freedom, or loves God. The concept of love may become an unimaginable thing and also it may happen to each person in a particular way.

Love has a variety of feelings, emotions, and attitude. For someone love is more than just being interested physically in another one, rather it is an emotional attachment. We can say love is more of a feeling that a person feels for another person. Therefore, the basic meaning of love is to feel more than liking towards someone.

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Need of Love

We know that the desire to love and care for others is a hard-wired and deep-hearted because the fulfillment of this wish increases the happiness level. Expressing love for others benefits not just the recipient of affection, but also the person who delivers it. The need to be loved can be considered as one of our most basic and fundamental needs.

One of the forms that this need can take is contact comfort. It is the desire to be held and touched. So there are many experiments showing that babies who are not having contact comfort, especially during the first six months, grow up to be psychologically damaged.

Significance of Love

Love is as critical for the mind and body of a human being as oxygen. Therefore, the more connected you are, the healthier you will be physically as well as emotionally. It is also true that the less love you have, the level of depression will be more in your life. So, we can say that love is probably the best antidepressant.

It is also a fact that the most depressed people don’t love themselves and they do not feel loved by others. They also become self-focused and hence making themselves less attractive to others.

Society and Love

It is a scientific fact that society functions better when there is a certain sense of community. Compassion and love are the glue for society. Hence without it, there is no feeling of togetherness for further evolution and progress. Love , compassion, trust and caring we can say that these are the building blocks of relationships and society.

Relationship and Love

A relationship is comprised of many things such as friendship , sexual attraction , intellectual compatibility, and finally love. Love is the binding element that keeps a relationship strong and solid. But how do you know if you are in love in true sense? Here are some symptoms that the emotion you are feeling is healthy, life-enhancing love.

Love is the Greatest Wealth in Life

Love is the greatest wealth in life because we buy things we love for our happiness. For example, we build our dream house and purchase a favorite car to attract love. Being loved in a remote environment is a better experience than been hated even in the most advanced environment.

Love or Money

Love should be given more importance than money as love is always everlasting. Money is important to live, but having a true companion you can always trust should come before that. If you love each other, you will both work hard to help each other live an amazing life together.

Love has been a vital reason we do most things in our life. Before we could know ourselves, we got showered by it from our close relatives like mothers , fathers , siblings, etc. Thus love is a unique gift for shaping us and our life. Therefore, we can say that love is a basic need of life. It plays a vital role in our life, society, and relation. It gives us energy and motivation in a difficult time. Finally, we can say that it is greater than any other thing in life.


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Love Relationship Essay

I always assumed if you invested more into the relationship and genuinely cared about the well being of a relationship then you would hold the power. After learning about the principle of least interest I realize how naïve the following thought process is. When you love someone and give everything you have to the relationship it can leave you in a vulnerable state. Especially if you are in the beginning of the relationship and have not reached an intimate level with the person. If you are giving into a relationship, and the other person is not it would stand to reason the person in the vulnerable position would be doing everything in their power to make the other person car. Hence, allowing the person who does not have a major interest in the relationship, hold the power. I was nineteen years old, and infatuated with my now ex-boyfriend. I was young and wanted attention, and he gave me just enough where I would go back for more. Looking back on the relationship now it did not matter what I did for him or for us, he just never seemed willing to put 100 percent into the relationship, and it left me asking myself what I was doing wrong or what I could do better. We would go …show more content…

I do not know how much I believe in an ideal love or a perfect love, but I am comfortable knowing we have passion, intimacy, and level of commitment to each other. I believe a marriage and family course could be beneficial to everybody. I was not aware of the different stages and meaning of love, and we are taught by media love should always be romantic and full of passion, but after this course I realize this simply is not true. I take pride in feeling completely comfortable with someone, and able to share my life with this person. Luckily, I have a good man who was willing to be patient while I figured out the shift in our relationship, because this course came about a year after our relationship

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they were bitter for a long time, and even after he left they still wanted him back. after experiencing the turmoil of the relationship, they decided to air on the side of caution.
  • Explains the triangular theory of love, which deals with three components of love: intimacy, passion, and commitment.
  • Narrates how they established a romantic love, comprised of intimacy and passion after three years of dating and getting to know each other.
  • Narrates how after a year-in-a-half of dating, they began to think they were not in love anymore. they realized there was comfort in silence.
  • Opines that a marriage and family course could be beneficial to everybody. they believe that love should always be romantic and full of passion.
  • Explains how nave the principle of least interest is when you love someone and give everything you have to the relationship, leaving you in a vulnerable state.

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First Love Essay

In Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the characters Hermia and Lysander are faces with a difficult situation when they want to be married and are forbidden to by Hermia’s father, who instead wishes her to be married to another young man, Demetrius. Hermia and Lysander forced to plead her case to both her father and the duke of Athens, Theseus. But Theseus’ only words to Hermia are those that tell her she should be obedient to her father. Her pleas are essentially ignored. While it is unfortunate that her thoughts should not be given a second thought,

Intimate Relationships Essay

Erikson saw the development of inatimate relationships as the crucial task of young adulthood. The need to form strong, stable, close, caring relationship is a powerful motivate of human behaviour. An important elemen of intimacy is self-disclosure, ‘revealing important information about oneself to another’ (Collins & Miller, 1994, p 457). People become intimate and remain intimate through shared disclosures, responsiveness to one another’s need and mutual acceptance and respect (Harvey & Omarzu,1997, Reis & Patrick, 1996).

Love And Marriage Essay

does without love imbibed in it. I agree with the view and definition of love and marriage in

Argumentative Essay About Love

Love, that single feeling which generates the funny sensations in people's stomach, giving them the warm pleasures in their body, causing them to feel joy, and to believe every aspect in their life is right. It causes them to receive an exhilarating, appealing feeling that makes them want to rejoice. Love can be a speeding of their heart, but it can also be nerve-racking. It makes their hearts begin to rapidly pump, making a rapid beat— “ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom”. Attempting to describe love is a rigorous task, but it is possible. However, the easiest detail to describe and understand about love is not so much the feeling of it, but the concept of what it is about. Many people may obtain different views and definitions regarding love, but

What Love Means Essay

Love is one of those things that means different things to different people. If you would look the word love up in the dictionary, you would find this: “an intense feeling of deep affection.” For some people, love can be purely romantic or even just purely sexual. For others, real love can only exist between family members or between people and a god. For some people, it is felt for your partners, family, pets, or even inanimate objects. None of the people are right or wrong, but I do know one thing, love is very powerful. Love is overused in today's world, people say they love someone because of the way they look or their body. That isn't love. To me, love is the most spectacular, indescribable, deep euphoric

Meaning Of Love Essay

Many people have different perspectives when it comes to the topic of love. The word love has been tossed around by everybody and not very many people really understand the true meaning of love. There are some exceptions, but I think this is especially true for teenagers and young adults. I might be one of those people who do not fully understand the topic of love, but I hope to better understand the topic of love and its true meaning is this course.

Relationships: A Personal Essay Relationship

“Relationships are what make up our world today, they shape the ways we see things and the way that we do things, relationships affect how we see the world today”. I believe supporting what your partner does, having a great sum of trust and showing your affections towards your partner is what will make a healthy relationship great.

Love Narrative Essay

Love happens when you least expect it. It can happen on the street corner, at the bar, at the grocery store, the park. That’s one of the greatest things about love. As for me I found love in the pouring down rain in the middle of the street. I fell in love with a man who I never thought in a million years I’d fall for. A man who is loving, caring and respectful. The night I laid my eyes on him I knew he was it. He came into my life at a point when I was unraveling and losing control. I was lost for two years after my high school sweetheart and I broke up, I thought I was never going to find real love, but I did. He saved me and I remember every minute from that night.

Being In Love Essay

I disagree and would argue that being in love and loving someone has two very different meanings. The word love is used too loosely. Loving someone and being in love with someone are two very different things. Although I am not a love master, being only 19 years old and in two serious relationships in my life, I have come to realize being in love is something special. I believe when you are in love it’s not a choice, that person is picked for you. You are addicted to them, you want all your friends and family to love them as much as you do, you are there when they succeed and there when they fail, you miss them every minute you are apart and you unconditionally love them, even when times get hard.

Love Essay: The Beauty Of Love

“Love is universally accepted by many people and the concept of love within the English language refers to a variety of different approaches, states and attitudes, ranging from pleasure to interpersonal attraction.” (Kendrick 123) My characterization of love encourages the intimate emotion I partake for my family. The distinct connection that we fashioned and the invaluable moments that we consolidated. In the perceptive of a mother, my children are my supremacy and the greatest blessing of my lifecycle. They’re my inspiration and motivation to continue progressing and becoming the best at what I do. With that in mind, Love relics your outlooks and approaches the linkage they become associated with. Consequently, this condition can fluctuate over a period of a specific time. Additionally, depending on your situation, your perspective on love can be an altering affect, creating a stable or inconsistent assessment. Furthermore, causing your love to intensify, decline, or even cease. Love in its essence, stands justly powerful and the beauty of it advances,

1,000 Word Essay On THE LOVE STORY

There are many positive things and negative things about the movie and the story. In the movie

The Love Of My Life Essay

Love is a weird feeling. It’s been said that love has nothing to do with your heart, it 's all chemical reactions inside of your brain. Infatuation, attraction, crush is such powerful feelings that people do think that they are in love. Also, it is blind to the other person’s weaknesses and exaggerates his or her strengths. Similarly, infatuation often fades within a short time. However, true love is so real and so strong, strong enough that if it came down to it you would even die for your partner. Love as much more than a feeling. It is based on a well-rounded knowledge of a person’s strengths and weaknesses. Not so in the case of China and Jeremy, in T. Coraghessan Boyle “The Love of my Life.” Before we talk about them

My Relationship Essay

Throughout most of my life I have gained friendships and relationships with others that have turned into long term, but others which only lasted a short while. The friendship that has greatly impacted my life significantly over the last eight years is someone who means so much to me. This meaningful friendship all started back when I was in middle school, which has grown stronger over the years. I met Brooke in middle school because we had some of the same classes and were in homeroom together. Our friendship developed quickly and lasted throughout our high school years. We became really close our Junior and Senior year of high school. But, maintaining our friendship hasn’t always been so easy. Today, we text and call each other on our free time, but I know I can count and rely on her when I need someone to talk too. I call her my second sister and vice versa. And when we go home on breaks we see one another as much as we can. The best part of our relationship is that if one is in need of advice or in need of a shoulder to cry on, we are always there for one another. Keeping in contact is very important in our relationship and communication has played a key role in our relationship.

Teenage Relationships Essay

The guiltiest people of abusing and overusing the phrase, “I love you.” As well, they are the people with the worst reputation for relationships. Not only that, but no one ever believes the relationship will last, except for them. Teens being so adolescent are the reason they have a bad name with relationships. They bring their own reputation upon themselves. Almost all teen relationships are looked down upon because of the way majority of them work.

Essay About Love: Speaking of Love

What is love? Love is a very special and meaningful word to each human being. Each human being has his/her own thoughts about love to guide himself/herself to land safely and smoothly into the kingdom of Love. Without this preconceived idea of love, people would be acting like a blind person searching for the light with thousand of obstacles in front of him.

More about Love Relationship Essay

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25 Modern Love Essays to Read if You Want to Laugh, Cringe and Cry

The popular column, which began in 2004, has become a podcast, a book and an Amazon Prime streaming series. Here are some of its greatest hits.

essays on love and relationships

By Daniel Jones

Whether you’re new to Modern Love or a longtime fan, we think you’ll enjoy this collection of some of our most memorable essays. You’ll find some of our most read and most shared of all time, and others that really got readers talking (and tweeting, and sharing). We present, in no particular order, the quirky, the profound, the head scratching and the heartbreaking. (A handful of these essays and dozens more of our most memorable columns can also be found in the Modern Love anthology .)

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1. No Sound, No Fury, No Marriage

By Laura Pritchett

After her peaceful marriage quietly dissolves, a woman comes to appreciate the vitality of conflict and confrontation.

2. Sometimes, It’s Not You, or the Math

By Sara Eckel

He didn’t care that I was 39 and hadn’t had a serious boyfriend in eight years.

3. Am I Gay or Straight? Maybe This Fun Quiz Will Tell Me

By Katie Heaney

A young woman seeks answers to her sexual orientation online, where the endless quizzes she takes deliver whatever label she wants.

4. First I Met My Children. Then My Girlfriend. They’re Related.

By Aaron Long

A former sperm donor, searching online, finds both offspring and love. 

5. What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage

By Amy Sutherland

I wanted — needed — to nudge my husband a little closer to perfect.

6. The 12-Hour Goodbye That Started Everything

By Miriam Johnson

A spurned woman confronts the question: When you lose love, should you even try to get over it?

7. During a Night of Casual Sex, Urgent Messages Go Unanswered

By Andrew Rannells

On one of the most consequential evenings of his life, a young man still finding himself wishes he had picked up the phone.

8. Let’s Meet Again in Five Years

By Karen B. Kaplan

They thought college was too soon for lifelong love, so they scheduled their next date for a little later — 60 months.

9. My Body Doesn’t Belong to You

By Heather Burtman

A young woman who finds herself being catcalled, followed and grabbed at wonders why some men seem to think a female body is public property.

10. Making a Marriage Magically Tidy

By Helen Ellis

At her husband’s suggestion (and with the wisdom of Marie Kondo), a recovering slob discovers the sexiness of cleanliness.

11. Loved and Lost? It’s O.K., Especially if You Win

By Veronica Chambers

It’s O.K. to fall deeply for one loser after another. It’s O.K. to show up at a guy’s house with a dozen roses and declare your undying affection.

12. To Stay Married, Embrace Change

By Ada Calhoun

It’s unrealistic to expect your spouse to forever remain the same person you fell in love with.

13. After 264 Haircuts, a Marriage Ends

By William Dameron

He acknowledged he was gay and left his wife, but he kept returning home for their monthly ritual.

14. In the Waiting Room of Estranged Spouses

By Benjamin Hertwig

An ex-soldier, rocked by infidelity, finds hope in a chance meeting with a mother and her young son.

15. What Sleeping With Married Men Taught Me About Infidelity

By Karin Jones

A divorced woman seeking no-strings-attached liaisons learns a sobering lesson about men and marriage.

16. Sharing a Cab, and My Toes

By Julia Anne Miller

During a taxi ride home a co-worker makes a surprising request.

17. On Tinder, Off Sex

By Ali Rachel Pearl

Living a life where secondary abstinence isn’t exactly a first choice.

18. No Labels, No Drama, Right?

By Jordana Narin

The winner of the 2015 Modern Love college essay contest, who was then a sophomore at Columbia University, writes about her generation’s reluctance to define relationships.

19. Those Aren’t Fighting Words, Dear

By Laura A. Munson

“I don’t love you anymore,” my husband said, but I survived the sucker punch.

20. You May Want to Marry My Husband

By Amy Krouse Rosenthal

After learning she doesn’t have long to live, a woman composes a dating profile for the man she will leave behind.

21. Somewhere Inside, a Path to Empathy

By David Finch

A man learns to deal with Asperger’s syndrome, with the help of his wife.

22. My Husband Is Now My Wife

By Diane Daniel

He took the first step in becoming a woman: surgery to help his face look more feminine.

23. Would My Heart Outrun Its Pursuer?

By Gary Presley

How might a woman love the millstone I believed myself to be?

24. When Eve and Eve Bit the Apple

By Kristen Scharold

A Christian woman’s identity is challenged by her love for church and another woman.

25. To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This

By Mandy Len Catron

What happens if you decide that falling in love is not something that happens to you, but something that you do?

Daniel Jones is the editor of Modern Love.

Modern Love can be reached at [email protected] .

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Long and Short Essay on Love in English for Children and Students

essays on love and relationships

The feeling of mutual care and concern among two or more groups of people is described as love. A certain amount of love and care is essential for every living being, be it human or animal. I believe that love is also omnipresent, it is everywhere in some form or the other. No matter how tough a person appears from outside, there has to be someone whom he/she loves dearly. A soul without love is like a pitcher without water- useful to none. Love is the essence of life and the most important feeling around which it revolves.

essays on love and relationships

Long and Short Essay on Love

Short essay on love – essay 1 (200 words).

Love is an emotion that we all yearn for. Right from the day we are born we crave love. Little babies who just enter this world are unaware about what goes on around here. If there is one thing that they understand, it is love. They understand nothing else but love and crave for it. They long to be with their parents and grandparents as they can feel the love and warmth by their touch and behaviour. They hesitate and cry when a stranger picks them as the love quotient is lower or at times not there at all.

The mother-child relationship is said to be the strongest. The sole reason for it is love. There is immense love involved. The mother loves the child selflessly and the later reciprocates this love. As we grow up, we make friends, are introduced to teachers, relatives, neighbours and many other people. What is it that draws or repels us from a person? It is his nature. A person with a kind and loving nature is loved by all.

For instance, a teacher who is loving and supporting is loved by the students while one who is harsh is not liked by anyone. Similarly, we love those relatives who love us and treat us nicely. We look forward to meet them and feel happy in their company.

Thus, love is the basis of every relationship. A place where people love each other is peaceful and beautiful.

Essay on Love and Affection – Essay 2 (300 words)


Love and affection are often used simultaneously. These are both essential to build long lasting relationships. Relationships those have love and affection along with other things such as mutual trust, honesty and care are the best relationships. These emotions are not only essential for romantic relationships but to strengthen familial bond and friendships too.

Difference between Love and Affection

Love and affection are two different emotions though they often overlap. While affection can be defined as a liking for another person owing to the qualities he/ she possesses love is a deeper emotion. Loving a person means accepting them with all their vice and virtues. It involves caring for them and standing by them during their thick and thin.True love is selfless and pure. It does not demand anything in return. However, a relationship where the flow of giving and receiving love is in equal balance lasts longer and is more satisfying.

Showing Affection Essential for Loving Relationships

Just as love is essential to build a long lasting relationship so is affection. Love without affection can make any relationship dull and lifeless. Showing affection towards the other person is of utmost importance. This is true for every relationship. It is the key to a happy relationship. For instance, parents love their children. They make sacrifices and fulfill all their duties and responsibilities towards their children selflessly out of their love for them.

However, merely paying the children’s school fee, buying dresses for them and cooking food for them is not enough. Children long for love and affection. In order to develop a strong parent-child bond it is essential to spend time with them, listen to them, give them attention and make them feel loved.

Where there is love there is affection and where there is affection there is room for love to penetrate. Love and affection often coincide and depend on each other. Both are essential for a loving and fulfilling relationship.

Essay about Love of Family – Essay 3 (400 words)

Love is the basis of a happy family life. It brings the family members closer to each other and creates a strong bond. It is natural for us to have an inherent love for our family members. Whether this love grows with time or the relationships turns bitter depends largely on how well the elders in the family nurture their children.

The Parent-Child Bond

Parent-child bond is one of the deepest and strongest bonds. This is because is it based on pure love. Parents love their children with all their heart. On the other hand, children feel the closest to their parents. They cannot imagine their life without their parents. Parents help and support their children at every step in life. They may be strict with their children and may even scold them at times. However, it is all for the good of their children. All these emotions are born out of love.

Love and Respect for Grandparents

Grandparents shower immense love and affection on their grandchildren. They love their grandchildren with all their heart and always look forward to spend time with them. The bonding between grandparents and grandchildren is impeccable. This is because the love between them is limitless. Grandparents can go to any extent to make their grandchildren smile. They always want to see their little ones happy.

Everything they do reflects their love for their grandchildren. Grandmothers are more than happy to prepare delicious food for their grandchildren while grandfathers take them out for walk and share their experiences to help them become more aware and able in life. Grandchildren respect their grandparents because of their love for them and not because of fear. This is a true mark of respect.

Sibling Love and Bonding

No matter how much the siblings fight with each other, they love one another dearly. This can clearly be seen when an outsider behaves rudely with their siblings. Siblings share a deep bond and are inseparable. The bond grows deeper as they grow up. They are always there for each other.

The parents play an important role here. It is the duty of the parents to help their children bond well with each other. There are some families where there is sibling rivalry. This can largely be attributed to bad parenting or unintentional negligence on the part of the parents.

A family where love blooms is an ideal family. Children raised in a loving atmosphere develop a loving nature and spread love and joy all around while those who are raised in dysfunctional families turn bitter towards everything in life.

Essay about Love and Relationships – Essay 4 (500 words)

Love is an essential ingredient for nurturing any relationship. Whether it is a parent-child relationship, friendship, sibling relationship or a romantic relationship – love is one of the main factors that keep any relationship alive. Relationships without love are usually short-lived as they do not render happiness.

Love Binds People

Love is a beautiful and intense emotion that has the power to bring people closer and bind them together. Here is how love impacts people and relationships:

  • Parent-Child Relationship

Parents are known to love their children selflessly and limitlessly. However, not every child is lucky enough to have been blessed with loving and caring parents. Some parents are so self absorbed that all they think about is themselves. They care about their career and social life more than their children. Children feel neglected in families where both the parents are self engrossed. Lack of love hampers their growth and development. Children who are loved are more joyous and content. Besides, they develop a deep bond with their parents.

Similarly, parents need love and attention as they grow old. Lack of it can affect their physical as well as mental health negatively.

  • Sibling Relationships

Love is of utmost importance among siblings. Siblings who truly love each other are there to support one another at every step. They develop a sense of security as they know someone is always there to stand by them. On the other hand, sibling rivalry develops when there is lack of love in this relationship.

  • Romantic Relationships

Romantic relationships are born out of love. Love keeps them alive and the lack of it can be quite frustrating. Couples often drift apart as love among them begins to fade.

Friendship born out of love is the strongest. Many people become friends with others because of their social standing or have other selfish motifs. Such friendships do not last long as the true intention of the person is revealed soon. Only those friendships that are based on love last long.

Love alone is not enough

While love forms the basis of any relationship, the feeling of love alone is not enough for a happy relationship. There are a number of other things that are needed to nurture a relationship. For instance, parents must render a feeling of safety and security to their children besides loving them dearly. This can be achieved only when they fulfil all their responsibilities properly. The children on the other hand must not only love their parents but also respect and obey them to build a healthy relationship.

Similarly, in a romantic relationship, love coupled with trust can build a strong and long lasting relationship. Love without trust can make one feel vulnerable.

Love must be Kept Alive

We feel love for some people and are naturally drawn to them. This is how we make friends, build romantic relationships and connect with our neighbours and extended family members. Getting into different relationships is easy however maintaining them is difficult. Relationships can last long only if we add a dash of other emotions along with love. Humour, trust, honesty, care, kindness and respect are some of these emotions.

Love brings people closer and has the power to make any relationship beautiful. We must recognize the importance of love and never hesitate to express it in relationships.

Long Essay on Love for Nature – Essay 5 (600 words)

As soon as the word nature is mentioned, the images of trees, mountains, valleys and rivers pop up into our mind. Nature encompasses all the beautiful things available naturally without any human intervention. We too are a part of the nature. Being in the natural surroundings full of tress, plants and other marvels of nature such as sea, mountain and river is a joyous experience. Man’s love for nature can very well be seen by his longing to visit hill stations and other places that boast of beautiful natural surroundings.

Be One with Nature

Nature is beautiful. The snow covered mountains, the green valleys, the spectacular waterfalls, the ever-so-beautiful moon, the calm night sky and the restless sea – these are all breathtaking. The beauty of these natural wonders is loved by all. People visit far and wide to view nature’s beauty. While everyone appreciates nature and wishes to spend time in the beautiful natural surroundings not everyone has the ability to be one with it.

One can experience the true beauty and power of nature only by being one with it. True love for nature works on a deeper level. Nature loves us as much as we love nature. Somebody who becomes one with nature can experience the true joy of life. Being one with the nature helps connect with our own self. It enlightens and empowers us. It has the power to help us recognize and understand our purpose of life.

Nature Loves Selflessly and Abundantly

We love our family and friends. We are there for them in the hour of need and try to do the best we can to help them. However, often we get disappointed when we do not get as much love and care in return. It is quite natural to feel this way. However, such expectations and feelings of being left out often ruins relationships.

Many times, people break their ties with their loved ones. Sibling rivalries, divorce cases and estranged family relationships are mostly a result of unfulfilled expectations. While it is alright to expect however we must not hold grudges against people who do not come up to our expectations.

Here, we can take a cue from the nature. Nature gives from an abundant heart. It does not worry about receiving anything in return. The sun rises every day, the wind blows carrying the pollens from one place to another without worrying about whether they will sprout or not, rain falls without thinking whether the rain water would be wasted or put to good use and the trees give us shade without thinking about whether we would return the favour by watering them.

Just like nature, we must also spread love and joy in abundance. We must love others selflessly without worrying about whether they will love us back with same intensity. We must do our bit and not stress about the behaviour of others.

Show Your Love for Nature

Nature loves us abundantly and we all claim that we love it too. But do we really love nature or are we just attracted to its beauty? If we truly loved nature we would not spoil it. The fact is that we are deteriorating our natural surroundings with every passing day. The increasing levels of air, land, water and other forms of pollution are causing extreme damage to our beautiful nature.

If we truly love nature, we must do our bit to keep our surroundings clean and bring down the pollution level.

Nature renders positive energy and helps us rejuvenate. It renders strength and makes the world beautiful. It is sad that we human beings are ruining our beautiful natural surroundings in the name of development. We must show our love for nature by maintaining its beauty.

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