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  1. Essay on Pollution in English

  2. Pollution Essay In English|| Pollution Essay For Students

  3. Air pollution essay English,english readingparagraph/Englishreadingpractice@Englishreadingpractice

  4. Essay On Plastic Pollution In English || English Key

  5. Pollution English essay for State students Types of pollution effects of pollution #easy #pollution

  6. Soil Pollution Paragraph/Essay in English || About Soil Pollution


  1. Essay on Pollution in 500 Words

    500+ Words Essay on Pollution. Pollution is a term which even kids are aware of these days. It has become so common that almost everyone acknowledges the fact that pollution is rising continuously. The term 'pollution' means the manifestation of any unsolicited foreign substance in something.

  2. Pollution Essay in English for Students

    Kinds of Pollution. There are mainly three kinds of pollution - 1) Air Pollution, 2) Water Pollution, and 3) Soil Pollution. Air Pollution occurs due to the presence of harmful gases and substances in the air. It is due to vehicle emission, dust and dirt, poisonous gasses from the factories etc.

  3. Essay on Pollution: Elements, Type, Format & Samples

    Sample Essay on Pollution in 250- 300 Words. The biggest threat planet earth is facing is pollution. Unwanted substances leave a negative impact once released into an environment. There are four types of pollution air, water, land, and noise. Pollution affects the quality of life more than any human can imagine.

  4. Environmental Pollution Essay

    500 Words Essay on Environmental Pollution. Environmental pollution has serious impacts on both humans and the environment. It affects air quality, water quality, soil fertility, and public health. Poor air quality affects the respiratory system, leading to respiratory illnesses like asthma and bronchitis. Water pollution can lead to the spread ...

  5. Air Pollution Essay for Students in English

    Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health. Air pollution has adverse effects on human health. Breathing polluted air puts you at higher risk of asthma. When exposed to ground ozone for 6 to 7 hours, people suffer from respiratory inflammation. Damages the immune system, endocrine, and reproductive systems.

  6. Essay on Pollution

    Essay on Pollution - Sample 1. Pollution had existed long before humans evolved. For instance, volcanic eruptions commonly pumped massive amounts of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere, causing acid rain. The greenhouse gas, ozone, forms from natural, photochemical reactions in the atmosphere. However, significant levels of pollution occurred ...

  7. Essay on Pollution, Types| Pollution Essay in English

    Essay on Pollution in English. I have written an essay on Pollution in English for class 10. In the Pollution Essay we get to know on these issues - What is Pollution? Pollution types - air, water, noise, environment, Global Warming, and Climate Change. What is pollution? Present scenario of Pollution; Types of Pollution

  8. Essay on Air Pollution for Students: Check Samples 100 Words to 250

    10-Line Essay on Air Pollution. Below mentioned is a 10-lined essay on air pollution: Air pollution is caused by harmful substances known as pollutants. The pollutant come from various sources, like vehicle gasses, forest fires, and other human activities. The two of the biggest sources of air pollution are burning of fossil fuels and ...

  9. Air Pollution Essay for Students in English: 100, 200 and 500 ...

    500 Words Essay on Air Pollution. One of today's top environmental concerns is air pollution. There are numerous factors that frequently increase this air pollution. Toxic gases, particulates, paint, and batteries containing lead are released throughout the industrialization process. The ozone layer is also being destroyed and the world is ...

  10. Pollution and Its Effects Essay for Students in English

    Short Essay. The pollution problem in the world today is one of the most disturbing. We will talk about the extent of these effects and their harmful effects in this short paper on pollution and its effects in English. In this essay on pollution and its effects, the author aims to eradicate pollution from the earth.

  11. Essay on Air Pollution

    Essay on Air Pollution - Sample 1 (200 Words) Air pollution is a serious issue and a cause for major concern in today's world. A report published in 2014 by the World Health Organisation states that 4.21 million individuals died prematurely in 2012 as a result of air pollution. Air pollution existed much before humans, in the form of ...

  12. Environmental Pollution Essay for Students and Children in English

    Long and Short Essays on Environmental Pollution for Students and Kids in English. A Long Essay on the topic of Environmental Pollution is provided; it is of 450-500 words. A short composition of 100-150 words is also given below. The extended articles are popular among students of classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

  13. Problem of Pollution Essay

    200-Word Essay on the Problem of Pollution. Pollution is defined as the introduction of contamination, either a substance (solid, liquid, or gas) or any form of energy (heat, sound, or radioactivity) that causes an adverse change in the environment. The major kinds of pollution are air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, noise pollution ...

  14. Pollution

    Pollution is the introduction of harmful materials into the environment. These harmful materials are called pollutants. Pollutants can be natural, such as volcanic ash. They can also be created by human activity, such as trash or runoff produced by factories. Pollutants damage the quality of air, water, and land.

  15. Air Pollution: Causes and Effects: [Essay Example], 723 words

    Get original essay. Burning of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and other factory combustibles is one major cause of air pollution, also vehicles like cars, trains and airplanes cause a big amount of air pollution. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous, odorless, colorless gas that is formed when burning fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and ...

  16. Environmental Pollution Essay for Students in English

    Essay on Environmental Pollution. The environment is the surrounding of an organism. The environment in which an organism lives is made up of various components like air, water, land, etc. These components are found in fixed proportions to create a harmonious balance in the environment for the organism to live in.

  17. Essay On Pollution In English For Students

    Essay on Pollution in 200 Words. Pollution is a global challenge that poses a threat to the health of our planet and its inhabitants. It manifests in various forms, including air, water, soil, noise, and light pollution. The consequences of pollution are far-reaching, affecting ecosystems, biodiversity, and human well-being.

  18. Essay on Environmental Pollution: 100 Words, 200 Words

    Essay on Environmental Pollution - 100 Words . The presence of contaminants in the environment is referred to as pollution. Gases like Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO), among others; solid pollutants like plastic, sewage, etc.; and chemicals like fertilisers, as well as those produced as byproducts in manufacturing, transportation, etc., are a few examples of polluting substances.

  19. Essay on Pollution in 500, 250 Words

    The word limit can be 150, 250 or 500 depending upon the class they study. Students from class 1 to 12 can take help of this short essay about pollution taking important points. Take help from this short essay on pollution in English to complete their homework on time. To help students, we have provided a pollution essay in 150, 250, 500 Words.

  20. Water Pollution Essay for Students in English

    Water contamination occurs when pollutants pollute water sources and make the water unfit for use in drinking, cooking, cleaning, swimming, and other activities. Chemicals, garbage, bacteria, and parasites are examples of pollutants. Water is eventually damaged by all types of pollution. Lakes and oceans become contaminated by air pollution.