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Restaurant Review (Essay/Paper Sample) 2023

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Are Cheap Essays Legit and Is it realistic to expect a low-cost, High-Quality Essay from a Cheap Paper Writing Service ? Most of the time when people are looking to try out restaurants they usually ask for suggestions from friends or family members. If they are new to the place they simply start looking for online reviews for nearby hotels. It’s no lie that good and bad reviews can either make or break a restaurant’s reputation. Through this essay, I will provide a review of how I felt when I visited the Papua restaurant. 

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Table of Contents

500 words Long Essay on Restaurant Review for Kids of Class 3 to Class 9

When people are looking to try some new restaurant, they start looking for online reviews. Reviews are by far the best way to judge whether you should or shouldn’t try a restaurant. Today’s essay is a review of a Papua restaurant. 

Papua restaurant is situated in the heart of a small town in Makuta Province, Peru. It is perched on top of mara hill. It’s a favorite hangout place for couples, families, and sportsmen. The atmosphere is welcoming and admirable. Out of all the different restaurants I visited in Peru, this one had the most beautiful climate and eye-catching scenery. When you enter you get aw-stuck by the amazing interior and beautiful environment. You start to feel all cozy and comfortable when you sit and look around.

The restaurant offers its customers a wide range of entertainment options. These include live bands, plays, clubbing, camping, etc. All these facilities enable the customers to explore the countryside. They do also offer accommodation services with a wide array of choices for couples, singles, and families. Their accommodation rooms are well-designed and provide a magnificent view of Mara hill.

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Now we come to the most important section, which is none other than the food section. The restaurant offers a wide variety of delicious food items including fried rice, steak, different cuisines, Chinese & Italian food along with mouth-watering dessert and chicken dishes. The owner himself instructed the waiters to attend to each customer for the best quality. 

They also had a small snack bar that I loved. From the snack bar, I ate Ceviche, one of the most popular snacks in Peru. It was chilly, sour, and lively at the same time. I never tried raw fish before that and was skeptical at first but when I finally tried it, it blew my mind away. I would love to try it again, even a million times more. Based on my experience of the food I tried in this restaurant, how it tasted, and how well it was presented I would recommend it to all of you reading my review.

Let’s now talk about the room service. It was also good but not great, it wasn’t great because the rooms were less clean and untidy. Whenever I ordered food it arrived late because the room service was not quick enough. Other than that, they came every time I prompted. They were really friendly, skilled, and dedicated individuals. Despite all that, they still need to work on the tidiness of the rooms and the time they take to deliver the food. 

The pros and cons of the Restaurant:

Overall it was a great experience. If I were to score it on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 9 or else a 4.5-star review. 

The Pros of this Hotel

The atmosphere, the taste of food, outside view, meals, dining experience, and price of food were all amazing. In addition to this, the accommodation services offered by the restaurant at those prices were a blessing.    

The Cons of this Hotel

As I also mentioned above, based on my experience, the restaurant had one downside and it was the room service. Other than that I was completely satisfied with all other services offered.

My Recommendation

Concisely, Papua restaurants deliver the best dining experience with exquisite flavors. I highly recommend going there and to experience it yourself. I am hopeful that everyone will enjoy all they offer and not just the food. I would love to visit again if I ever get a chance to travel to Peru. 

Short 150-200 Words Restaurant Review Essay in English for Children and Kids from Primary and High School

I am writing a review of the beautiful Papua restaurant I recently visited during my time in Peru. This hotel is situated in the heart of a small town in Makuta Province, Peru. It is constructed on top of the elegant Mara hill. 

When you enter the hotel you get awe-stuck by the delightful merge of antique art and modern designs. The designs and architecture coupled with elegant lighting leave you all cozy and relaxed. From the top of the mountains where the lounge is pegged, there was a breathtaking view of the slopes and the short waterfall. 

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Adjacent to a winding road downhill there are the rolling plains that add to its beauty. They offer live bands, clubbing, camping, and accommodation services. During my stay, I had the pleasure of experiencing their accommodation, clubbing, and food services.

The restaurant’s menu was mouth-watering with a plethora of options. Most meals were prepared from fresh, healthy organic ingredients found in abundance within the restaurant vicinity. Some of their recipes featured local flavors which you should surely try out, they were rare and delicious delicacies. 

The accommodation was also very neat and tidy with room service always standing by for anything we needed. On top of that, the breathtaking view I had from my room was something I will never forget.

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who is thinking about visiting Peru. The quality of food, the location, family atmosphere, and accommodation services were all up to the mark. It’s also a great couple and family space. Based on my experience, I would give it a 5-star review and would love to visit again if I ever can. 

FAQ’s About Restaurant Review Essay 

Q1: how to write a restaurant review essay .

Answer: Start with the introduction of the restaurant in the opening paragraph. Talk about their services and how you felt about them in the body. End it with positive or negative feedback.

Q2: How do you start a restaurant review essay?

Answer: Start the hotel review essay by giving an introduction to the restaurant. Like where it’s located, how it looked at first sight, why did you visit it in the first place, and then move on to the body section. 

Q3: How do you write a review essay?

Answer: For this, you should first introduce what you are going to review. After that provide strong arguments when you discuss how you felt there. End it with a conclusion based on those arguments. 

Q4: How do you write a restaurant food review?

To do a food review always make sure you focus on all the aspects of the food and not just the taste. These criteria might include hygiene, food presentation, freshness, the menu, and most importantly the taste.

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restaurant review essay 150 words

A restaurant review

A restaurant review

Learn how to write a restaurant review.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.



Vega, New York

Reviewed yesterday

Great mains, pity about the chips

Came for lunch with my sister. We loved our Thai-style mains which were amazing with lots of flavour, very impressive for a vegetarian restaurant.

But the service was below average and the chips were too terrible to finish.

When we arrived at 1.40, we had to wait 20 minutes while they got our table ready. OK, so we didn't have a reservation, but the restaurant was only half full. There was no reason to make us wait at all.

We ordered the chips as a side dish and they looked delicious. But, when we tasted them, they were overcooked and swimming in oil so we left most of them. We expected a lot more for $10!

When the waiter asked if everything was ok, we said we really didn't like the chips and he said 'That's funny, I love them' and that was it. He didn't offer us anything else or take them off our bill. Also, when we didn't leave a tip, he looked annoyed.

I was really excited about visiting Vega, and the mains were just fantastic, but the rest of the experience was really disappointing.

  • Use an informal or semi-formal style.
  • In the title, give the main idea or opinion.
  • Write about the important parts of the experience, not every detail.
  • Organise your ideas into paragraphs.
  • Write about the good and the bad.

Have you ever had a bad meal in a restaurant?

Language level

The last week I tried a cute coffee shop near my house. I think is my favorite place to get a coffee and peace time. First, the place was very nice with fall decorations. Second, the service was kind and fast, they explained me so clear somethings about the menu. Also, the food arrived really fast and the Chef walked to my table to give my food (I felt so special). Finally when I check the bill, I was in shock because was cheap. It was best bacon Sandwich I have ever eaten!

  • Log in or register to post comments

A good recommendation doesn't become a good meal! I can't say I have had a bad meal in any restaurant but I had a bad experience in a one Michelin Star Restaurant recommended by a good friend. That day, enjoying a walk around where the restaurant were located, my husband and I decided to ask for a reservation that night, but the chef told us it where all fully booked. Well, hours later, when we where going home, we saw the restaurant almost empty and we came in to ask why he told us they were all booked. The chef, invited us very annoyingly to leave the restaurant without any explanation. Next day in restaurant's web we leave a review saying what happend. The chef answered us in the same arrogant attitude, without any acceptable explanation.

I went with my sister, my mom, and my uncle to an ice cream place; it was great inside, Mario and Luigi drew and a lot of decorations, so we sat, but we needed to wait for 30 minutes there without any attention, so we decided to left the site, the person that was working there asked us why we were leaving the place, but we didn´t say anything and we went off that place without a word.

Mexico restaurant, Fukuoka

The interior design is great, the food and service are terrible. When I visited Fukuoka city with my girlfriend for the first time, we tried Mexican food for the first time in our lives. We both thought the restaurant looked great and its dishes must be delicious. So we ordered 4 dishes, and all looked so cheap even though they were expensive. I think they use instant food, instead of cooking real dishes. They also took table fees and service fees too. I don't think it is reasonable to take such a fee.

Yes,I had a very bad meal when I and my family went to a near restaurant and we ordered pizza and fajita, unfortunately the meal was too bad ,so we couldn't complete the meal.

Yes, I had a horrible meal one of the restaurants. I have never encountered like that before since I am a kind of person who enjoys every foods. Even though the service is good, the meals were not delicious at all so I am afraid to recommend you.

Have you ever had a bad meal in a restaurant? That was well, But pay attention ingredients :) I usually invite myself to the restaurant as a reward when I have advanced my to-do list according to my schedule in 1 to 2 months. Since I love pizza, I usually order pizza. Also, I love hot green pepper and add it to all of my food. two weeks ago, I dined out and I ordered pizza as usual. of course, one which I hadn't eaten before( with the name of shicago). It was well but when I ordered, I didn't pay enough attention that there weren't any vegetables as ingredients and It was an experience that proved me I really preferred to have vegetables in my food. the environment was calm with light music with a view to the highway.

Sumathi Restaurant - Belize City This restaurant has bad customer service. Owners allow in-laws to disrespect and mistreat customers while consumption. In-laws go as far as verbally abusing you and threathening you and calling police while spending your money there. These are very crazy scenarios you may want to avoid.

Sarku, Bogotá ★★★★★ Delectable mains, excellent sushi and delicious dessert

I went to this restaurant whit my girlfriend, I had something like Peruvian food in mind but Asian food sounds fine to me, I am open to new dishes.

I have seen a sort of burrito in a large menu at the entrance, but when we were already inside the normal menu didn’t have neither this “burrito” nor another type of hamburger but with rice instead of bread.

We ordered as a main one order of Ikigai which was new for us, a kind of ball shaped crab palm tempura very juicy and overall delicious. Then the main dish arrives we order ceviche sushi and sushi with crab palm and coconut milk, we interchange half of each dish to try both. It was a great idea because both tasted very well, but for me a little better the ceviche sushi.

In the end we ordered a chocolate volcano that was like a chocolate cake with liquid chocolate inside accompanied by ice cream for dessert. I am really a chocolate lover, so the taste was perfect for me.

We will definitely return to this restaurant.

I loved the food, the service was great, the dishes were just delicious, I'll recommend it.

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Cikgu Mohd Zuhri

Enhance Your SPM Success! Excel in English Essays!

Essay Sample SPM: Review of Restaurant

Review of Restaurant Essay

Write your answer in 200 – 250 words in an appropriate style on this question paper. You recently saw the following notice for a restaurant on a popular food blog.  Write your review .

This is a sample essay for the subject Bahasa Inggeris in the SPM exam.

Table of Contents

The Ship Seafood Restaurant

Have you visited any interesting restaurants recently? – Tell us more about the restaurant. – Would you recommend the restaurant to others? Why? The best review will be published in our blog.

I recently discovered a very unique restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. I first went there with my family members and since then I have been going back regularly. The Ship Seafood Restaurant is indeed a well-known place for local foodies. This restaurant was established back in 1999 by two brothers who love to eat seafood and can cook seafood marvellously.

Decoration of restaurant

The restaurant is situated by a lake which is used as fish farm. The fish grown by the owners are organic, so they taste fresher and sweeter than those served in other restaurants. The indoor dining section, is decorated with pirate ship replicas and fishermen lanterns from the ceiling, while the sea deck outside is an open-air dining space with a stunning view of the lake.

Types of the food

The menu at the seafood restaurant was impressive, with a wide variety of seafood dishes to choose from. There are more than 100 types of seafood and non-seafood dishes. Patrons can choose to cook their favourite seafood in Malay, Thai or Western styles. I strongly recommend their delicious mixed seafood tom yum as you can taste all the seafood at one go.

Apart from that, their staff are very friendly and helpful. From the moment we walked in, they greeted us with a smile and seated us at a cozy table by the window. The staff at this seafood restaurant were all very knowledgeable and can easily recommend their signature or special dishes to you. They are trying their best to make sure we were enjoying in the restaurant. Overall, their service was top-notch and really made our dining experience enjoyable.

Review Coclusion

All-in-all, I would rate The Ship Seafood Restaurant 4.5 out of 5 stars. Its dining atmosphere, food and service quality are excellent. The prices for live seafood are slightly above average but other than that, it is quite reasonable. I would definitely recommend it to all seafood lovers!

Essay Sample Bahasa Inggeris: Travel review of Penang

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This is a such a great full and perfect essay for my homework and exam realy thanks full for cikgu mohn zurhi your restaurant experience is realy nice .Im also try it this same experience one day and very thanks this amazing essay this essay a realy very help full for our, your are good teacher your student are very luky you could made your students more glow i should meet one day thank you and good luck.

perfect essay for spm level of students.thanks

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Restaurant review.

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                          The main reasons why we chose to eat at Don Chuy were because, we heard that the food was good, and the prices were reasonable, and the atmosphere was festive. When we arrived, we were surprised to see an empty restaurant. The host asked us where we would like to sit and we chose a booth in the back near a window. The restaurant looked like it was just pulled out of a fifties magazine. The entire restaurant was purple and white, the it was really festive, but not what you would expect from a fifties restaurant. I expected to see a Hispanic theme what we saw was a fifties diner. That wasn't bad I liked the lighting it was neon and all lit up like a Christmas tree. The best thing by far was the attentiveness of the waiter (we were the only customers). As time went on, people started to show up and the place seemed less empty. The prices were wonderful for four people to eat it was roughly forty dollars. Our meals (Janine and I) cost about twenty. Which for the amount of food we were served was great! By the time we were half way through the meal, I couldn't eat another bite! I ordered chicken fajita nachos, served with guacamole. It was delicious I loved every bite. The food was given to us fresh, hot and steamy from the kitchen. My meal cost $6.75, and the dish it was served in, looked like a skillet it was so big. Not bad for the price. Janine ordered Chicken Monterrey, which is grilled chicken breast, topped with ranchero or salsa Verde sauce and cheese. It cost $7.75, and was served simmering in a hot dish with tortillas on the side. .             

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Eat, Sleep, Wander

30+ Good Restaurant Review Examples to Copy & Paste

Having good restaurant reviews is crucial these days. It is not just making our decision to pick one easier, it is also helping the restaurant be more successful. You can quickly copy and paste these good restaurant review examples, publish them on Facebook , Yelp or other rating platform and help the restaurant get higher ratings and more customers.

good restaurant review examples

When the online review system was introduced, restaurants and other businesses as well improved their quality and service in order to gain more positive feedbacks from guests. Restaurant owners are now going an extra mile to satisfy their clients. By adding free dessert, “on the house” drink, and extra politeness are some of the new features that are helping them get good reviews for their restaurant. We always try our best not to forget to write review, especially when we are satisfied from the service and food in a small family owned restaurant , but sometimes can be a pressure. So, we decided to make this list with good restaurant review examples that you can copy and paste to help you speed up the process and help their business.

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Good Restaurant Review Examples

LEGEND for Good restaurant review examples: – Restaurant name – ( RN ) – City name – ( CN ) – Food name – ( FN )

1. This cozy restaurant has left the best impressions! Hospitable hosts, delicious dishes, beautiful presentation, wide wine list and wonderful dessert. I recommend to everyone! I would like to come back here again and again.

2 . First time in ( RN ) and YOU have to go! It’s the cutest little spot with amazing food. The ( FN ) is to die for. IT WAS FIRE!! The service we received was so amazing and we will definitely be back again. They made us feel welcomed and gave us an amazing experience.

3 . It’s a great experience. The ambiance is very welcoming and charming. Amazing wines, food and service. Staff are extremely knowledgeable and make great recommendations.

4 . This place is great! Atmosphere is chill and cool but the staff is also really friendly. They know what they’re doing and what they’re talking about, and you can tell making the customers happy is their main priority. Food is pretty good, some italian classics and some twists, and for their prices it’s 100% worth it.

5 . Do yourself a favor and visit this lovely restaurant in ( CN ). The service is unmatched. The staff truly cares about your experience. The food is absolutely amazing – everything we tasted melted in other mouths. Absolutely the best meal we had while in ( CN ). Highly recommend!

6 . When we think about celebrations, ( RN ) is always our first option and it never disappoints. From the starter to the dessert the quality and tastes of everything was outstanding, my ( FN ), ( FN ), ( FN ) might have been the best meal I have ever been served. Service was delightful and very professional. 10/10

7 . I have to say, I enjoyed every single bite of the meal in ( RN ). I had a 3 course meal, with a couple of beers. Considering the quality, the price is reasonable. Ideal for those who want a romantic night out. There was also plenty of room for bigger groups.

8 . Excellent food. Menu is extensive and seasonal to a particularly high standard. Definitely fine dining. It can be expensive but worth it and they do different deals on different nights so it’s worth checking them out before you book. Highly recommended.

9 . This is my absolute favorite restaurant in ( CN ). The food is always fantastic and no matter what I order I am always delighted with my meal! Servers are also great and always efficient, happy and polite. Can’t wait to return and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for somewhere to eat in ( CN )

More Good Restaurant Review Examples on the next page

restaurant review essay 150 words

  • Exercise 6 Thai Restaurant Review

IGCSE ESL Exercise 6 Thai Restaurant is a good example of a review which has the appropriate content and language to gain a high mark in this part of the exam.

thai restaurant, thai food

Your English teacher has asked you to write a review of a restaurant in your area. You should talk about the kind of food it offers, the decor, the service and what your dining experience was like.

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Restaurant Review Essay

Hibachi grill research paper.

I am going to be completely honest, I never really been to a medium or upper level restaurant and I if I did go to one I don't remember it. The main places I go to are fast food restaurants( I literally went to taco bell yesterday), but I the last place that I remember going to is a Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet.

Summary : ' The Crucible '

with many furnishings creating a clean feel and a window allowing sunlight to pear in.

New Orleans

It was very good, because they have a bunch of seafood places. The one thing I enjoyed the most was a type of pasta I had everyday. It was like Fettuccine Alfredo and it had chicken in it. It had a Cajun taste to it. The other thing I had was a really good, it was a baked mac n cheese souffle. For desserts we had this pastry item and it was called a beignet. It was a piece of fried dough with powdered sugar on top and you would get three of them. They were the most delicious things in the world. They would just melt in your mouth, with the dough so creamy and the powdered sugar on

Essay about Evaluation on a Restaurant

It came with croutons, lettuce, tomatoes, grilled chicken tossed in ceasar dressing in an enormous plate. I was so satisfied with my appetizer and the delicious complimentary bread that I had to order a salad and even that was too much for me to finish. Even though I was too full, I had to order one of their infamous cheesecakes after all. I ordered the Oreo Extreme which was a special edition cheesecake and it was big and delicious enough to feed my whole family.

Restaurant Profile Essay

The 240-seater restaurant, one of the largest in the northern end of the Sydney CBD, offers a range of dining options varying from large group tables, through to intimate tables for two and seating at the open kitchen. Showcasing the old-world charm, Mr Wong displays timeless colonial furnishings including timber floors with tiled inlay, bamboo framed French woven chairs and slow turning ceiling fans, giving a 1930s Shanghai teahouse vibe. The Chinese Roast Duck, comparable to the best available anywhere, is a must

Descriptive Essay : Myrtle Beach

After we had finished shopping we went to a mexican restaurant we usually go to. When I get really hungry I like need food that second or I get sick, we call that a “food panic”. So I was having a food panic and was like really hungry. I really like the restaurant because of the chips. I love the chips at mexican restaurants. For my main meal I got the best cheese quesadilla ever. The quesadilla was so cheesy that the cheese would stretch forever, there was this seasoning on it that made it really spicy. Overall the meal was really tasty.

Varsity Club Research Paper

Typically, consumers go out to eat not only for good food, but we also expect good services, fresh ingredients, proximity, and an atmosphere to match. My client is The Varsity Club Tavern in Morgantown, WV. Usually just referred to as The Varsity Club, but the tavern part gives a little hint to the overall feel of the restaurant. As you may know, taverns are places that sell beer and other beverages and some of the time food. The Varsity Club offers an extensive beer selection and

Ruby Tuesday Research Paper

Begin your lunch date with a warm bowl of spinach dip made with artichoke hearts and creamy parmesan cheese or the Thai Spring rolls. Savor the endless garden bar with endless dressing and topping combinations or enjoy the Smoky Mountain chicken entrée smothered in barbecue sauce and Swiss cheese. For dinner, dip into the Italian five cheese skillet appetizer with tomato basil sauce. Cut into a perfectly cooked steak with a side of white cheddar roasted brussel sprouts or the grilled salmon with a fresh baked potato. End your meal with a decedent slice

The Felix Valle House State Historic Site

There was a relaxing feeling coming from the room. The colors were pretty mellow such as the cream-colored walls. Although the room gave off this aura, there was a very elegant tea set in the middle of the room. The wall contained a fireplace while the corner of the room contained a combination of both a bookshelf and a desk. The desk had a pair of golden glasses that belonged to one of the men who lived in the home (I can’t recall exactly who they belonged to). Aside from these things, the room also contained what looked like a very comfortable couch. The guide stated that all of the pieces in the house aside from one fireplace and most of the replicated sales pieces in the General Store.

Tinsley And Simpsons Narrative Report

Lunch: Chicken nuggets with mashed potatoes and gravy or chicken and yellow rice with green beans and cabbage and strawberries with a choice of lemonade or limeade.

Tower Sq Research Paper

The Tavern from Tower Sq., in Plainville, serves a contemporary take on elevated pub food in its rustic and charming eatery. The crispy sweet and spicy mango habanero chicken tenders and a cup of the luscious seafood chowder make for excellent choices with which to start your meal. Some of The Tavern from Tower Sq.’s house specialties include the baked haddock Louise topped with cheddar, breadcrumbs and crabmeat in a lemon butter wine sauce and the teriyaki-marinated London broil steak. Pizzas are a gourmet affair at The Tavern from Tower Sq, being served fresh from the wood-fired oven. Popular varieties include the Dexter’s topped with Italian sausage, green peppers and onions, the Little D’s with meatballs and herbed ricotta and the Kevin

Cultural Experience Paper

I felt really good during and after the experience. During the experience I was a little nervous because I didn’t know if I was going o like the food. I usually don’t experiment with most foods but I feel better now that I tried something new. After the experience was great. The experience was so good I would check it off that I wouldn’t

Dessert: Tiramisu and Double Chocolate Mousse Cake called from the menu. Since the meal was so filling, we took our dessert home. The next morning the tiramisu was just as I expected with the right amount of liqueur. My taste buds were not disappointed and although it was not intended for breakfast, I was completely satisfied with my choice of desserts.

Essay about My Mother’s Dining Room

The center of the room is what draws your attention. It leaves your mouth open in amazement. The long rectangle table is made of strong mahogany solid wood, trimmed in a thin layer of gold. The top of the table is filled with brownish marble. The long back and tall legged chairs are also made of mahogany wood. The cushion on the chairs are soft like down alternative pillows. The square crystal clear dinner plate, trimmed in platinum, sit in front of the 30 chairs that surround the table. A fresh mixed green centerpiece is in the center of the

Descriptive Essay About Restaurant

Me and my friends order two dishes, one is called Fish Fillet with Sauerkraut and the other one is called Shredded Lettuce. They came to my table very fast. When I first saw the food, I shocked. It looks almost the same as Chinese food. After I tried the food. It tastes so good. Although there were some small difference between the food in China. But I still would say it’s the real Chinese food. Also, the amount of the food it nice. After we done with the food, there are still more than half left. We packed it and we think it could eat it for two more meals. One more thing which I want to talk about it the price. It’s cheap if you go with your friends. Probably you only need to pay like 10 dollars after you split with your friends. I think it is good for friends to get together during the weekend and enjoy the nice food. Although it’s a little bit far from my apartment, I still will come here again with my friends if I have free time.

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My Favorite Restaurant

restaurant review essay 150 words

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Olive garden evaluation.

Having a tour around the restaurant, I noticed that the workers are friendly and able to serve the large number of customers. The guests are satisfied with the services they get from this restaurant. The staff does not ignore calls and they talk in a professional and courteous manner. Listening to the staff responding to the guests over the phone shows that the staff has respect for the customers and they have effective communications skills. The workers are clean and the utensils used to serve are also clean. This is the restaurant where customers’ orders are considered. The customer service is excellent because the customer eats the food they ask for and even have some offer to welcome the customers. The waiters are able to save discrepancies whenever they arise. The answer politely and listen to the views of the customers. The housekeepers also are warmly welcoming and their services are effective. The rooms and the beddings are clean and the customers enjoy these…

My Favorite Place to Be

My house is a common house; it was built several years ago. It is located in Mexicali Baja California in a popular avenue called Constitution. It has trees on the sidewalk, a little backyard, and a big yard next to the house. Inside the house there are three bedrooms, one for my parents, another for my big sister, and the last is for my little girls and me. Most of the people who visit my house say that they feel comfortable because the atmosphere inside the house is relaxing. A family home is the best place to be.…

My Favorite Food

Ever since I was a little boy, pizza has always had a special place in my heart. From pizza day in the school cafeteria to pizza parties at sleep away camp, there was nothing more exciting than when that cardboard box was opened to reveal a round pie with eight delicious slices waiting to be devoured.…

Favorite Place

four leaf flowers,water trickling down the sides of the rocks and running down along the edge of…

Food Restaurants

Thesis: Chinese people classify restaurants into fast food restaurants, Chinese food restaurants, and restaurants with other countries’ styles, due to the tastes of foods, the function of restaurants and the cooking methods of foods.…

My Favourite Place in the U.S.

The best place in the World is New York. It is a place where you can see magnificent things. It is the biggest city in the world and the capital of world’s economy. There isn’t something you can’t find in NYC. Manhattan is the wealthiest area of the city, actually it is a group of islands in Hudson River. In this area there are stores of the most famous brands in the world, there is everything from clothes and restaurants to electronics and luxurious hotels. The World’s biggest Stock Market is in Wall Street in Lower Manhattan which gives the city the right to be called The Capital of the World. Brooklyn bridge is something that symbolises NYC. The former World Trade Centre was another of the most significant places to visit in New York, unfortunately the two buildings of the Trade Centre were destroyed in 9/11 attacks by the Al-Qaeda terroristic organisation.…

My Favorite Place

We had our daughter’s wedding in our front yard. It was a beautiful ceremony; we had what you would call a garden wedding. The weather was great, sunny skies and in the 70’s, a great day for a wedding. We had the chairs setup for the guests and the flowers arranged nicely. With everything setup I met my daughter at my front door and walked her down the isle to the alter to give her away. The…

favorite place

I always loved the beach since I was a child. There is nothing like the fulfillment the beach brings with your toes in the sand, and nothing but the horizon in my perception. The sounds of the waves crashing, the smell of the salty atmosphere, and the relaxation you get from God’s beautiful creation. Throughout this essay I will get more into depth of why I have chosen the beach to be my favorite place to be. This essay will briefly describe my experiences, exposures, existences, and observations of my visits to the beach.…

Campus life is full of new experiences and challenges, and is the time to add a new lifestyle and more responsibilities to your plate. It is a place where you get treated like adults and are here, by choice to further your education and to achieve your goals in life. We as adults have to take on responsibilities, and you choose to do them, it is really up to you. People who enroll in school should be ready for what campus life has to throw at them.…

My favourite restaurant

If you are looking for a good place with Italian food, I will recommend you the Olive Garden. It is my favorite restaurant to dine in. It is a chain of restaurants located all over the United States. The restaurant offers a wide variety of Italian food that I love. I go there with my friends at least once a month. Every time I go there, I enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant, the taste of the food, and the friendly service.…

My Own Restaurant

It has always sounded extraordinary exiting to me to build my own restaurant. I can picture in my mind exactly how it would look and feel to my customers. I will be able to put my personality into my restaurant. I am thinking now about my restaurant’s interior, exterior, and, of course, menu.…

Favorite Location

My favorite location is the cemetery in my father’s home town in Puerto Rico. I like this location because it brings me back to my childhood memories. The ocean is on the other side of the cemetery. I enjoy the combination of both.…

If you have managed to obtain a drivers license than you know your main focus should be on the road. Yet some of us continue to be occupied with other things while driving behind the wheel. It’s a serious situation and it needs to stop. Whether it’s hurting someone, hurting yourself or hurting your pockets, it can be avoided. There is no reason we should be texting, eating, taking pictures while driving. It’s a fact that multitasking doesn’t allow you to do the best at both things.…

Restaurant 1

We all have our favorite restaurant that we prefer to dine in. There is always that one restaurant that you will resort back to when you don’t feel like taking the risk of trying a new place out. Why is that? What kind of evaluations do you conduct on a restaurant when you dine? What factors lead you to believe a restaurant is perfect for you? I’m going to discuss some of these factors on one of my most frequently visited restaurants “The Olive Garden.”…

Max's Restaurant

Max's Restaurant currently has over 127 branches in the Philippines. The chain also has branches in the U.S. states of California, Hawaii, and New Jersey, and its first Canadian branch in Toronto, Ontario. A store opened in Vancouver, British Columbia in March 2012. More branches will open soon[when?] in Sydney, Australia, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Queens, New York.…


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