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Single Domain Antibodies: Small but Mighty Therapeutics

A DNA sequence represented by its base letters.

Cell Surface RNA Helps Neutrophils Get Around

Mega crispr: engineering better immunotherapies with rna editing, growing milk-secreting mammary organoids, a colorful approach to tracking cellular cargo.

Flagellated rod-shaped bacteria live on intestinal tissue.

It’s a wonderful world — and universe — out there.

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Science News Explores

a photo of the base of a huge tree wrapped in multiple thick woody vines climbing up it and out of the image frame

Rampaging vines are slowly strangling tropical forests

Called lianas,these vines are growing out of control. They may cause tropical forests to absorb less carbon dioxide — worsening climate change.

An image of a forest

Forests could help detect ‘ghost particles’ from space

a girl and her mom sit a table in a restaurant, the girl is playing with various rainbow colored fidget toys

Explainer: What is autism?

science articles 1000 words

Many natural underground stores of freshwater are shrinking

Let’s learn about godzilla and king kong, this urban gardener is mimicking nature to create healthier plants, artificial intelligence helped design a new type of battery, word of the week.

a silver robotic hand with its finger open

Scientists Say: Bionic

This type of technology combines natural and synthetic systems. It can restore lost vision and mobility and even grant cells new abilities.

Analyze This!

a photo of a mahagony glider (a small fuzzy marsupial) clutching a branch

Analyze This: Marsupial gliders may avoid the ground to dodge predators

It has been unclear why gliding evolved in marsupials. To search for clues, researchers strapped activity trackers to some of these cryptic creatures.

Technically Fiction

a photo of Archax, a giant mecha

Could we build a mecha?

In the movies, mechas come equipped with all kinds of abilities. But real giant robots would first have to master simpler actions, like walking and jumping.

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What's Hot

A visual showing the periodic table of the elements

Scientists Say: Periodic table

a cut away diagram showing the innner layers of the Earth

Explainer: Earth — layer by layer

the total solar eclipse in 2017, photographed with a special filter making the sun's corona

Get ready for the 2024 total solar eclipse

a photo of the base of a huge tree wrapped in multiple thick woody vines climbing up it and out of the image frame

Let’s learn about meteorites

godzilla and king kong race through an underground cave, both of their jaws open to roar

Scientists Say: Megalodon

The ultimate blackout.

science articles 1000 words

A total solar eclipse will race across North America on April 8, 2024, providing a rare opportunity for both scientists and casual observers.

How to safely watch a solar eclipse

This space physicist uses radios to study eclipses, eclipses come in many forms.

science articles 1000 words

Physics explains what happens when a lawn sprinkler sucks in water

Experiments with a floating sprinkler revealed the surprisingly complex physics behind a simple question.

science articles 1000 words

The weird sky glow called STEVE is really confusing scientists

science articles 1000 words

Some cockatoos craft drumsticks, then woo mates like a rockstar

science articles 1000 words

Analyze This: Tropical forests have gotten patchier

science articles 1000 words

Toothed whales use their noses to whistle and click

More stories.

an aerial view of a giant circular sinkhole in a desert with light tan sand. The bottom of the hole is not visible and it seems very deep.

Explainer: Sprites, jets, ELVES and other storm-powered lights

To get diamonds perfect for barbie, make and break a supercontinent, scientists say: solar cycle, black holes and activism inspire this astrophysicist.

a silver robotic hand with its finger open


two fence-like rows of tubes (one grey, one green) run across a platform toward other equipment under a blue sky

Scientists Say: Carbon capture

Bottled water hosts many thousands of nano-sized plastic bits, new ultrathin materials can pull climate-warming co 2 from the air.

a close up of a hand with a pen writing

Handwriting may boost brain connections that aid memory

Scientists say: confirmation bias, brain scans hint at how well teens will manage pandemic stress, here’s why blueberries aren’t blue — but appear to be, physics explains why poured water burbles the way it does, health & medicine.

a photo of a person walking along the Flint River in downtown Flint Michigan

Health problems persist in Flint 10 years after water poisoning

9 things to know about lead’s health risks — and how to curb them, family, friends and community inspired these high school scientists.

All Articles

  • Spider conversations decoded with the help of machine learning and contact microphones A new approach to monitoring arachnid behavior could help understand their social dynamics, as well as their habitat’s health.
  • Why chickens probably crossed the Silk Road The domesticated birds were likely common in Central Asia from 400 BCE to 1000 CE.
  • 5 AI art generators that actually create cool images (including free options) Results vary depending on the tool and prompt.
  • Transform your listening experience with these price-dropped Sony LinkBuds S noise-canceling earbuds Save $100 and achieve unparalleled audio clarity.
  • These frogs may be evolving because of road salt Road salt can often wash into nearby wetlands and ponds and hurt freshwater wildlife, but some animals appear to be adapting.
  • Why aren’t there solar-powered cars on our roads? Solar-powered cars exist mainly as concept vehicles. Here’s why mainstream adoption is so hard.
  • Get connected with refurbished Chromebook for under $65 This Education Edition is an affordable option for students, casual users, or anyone on a budget.
  • If Pokémon existed in the wild, how would they compare to real animals? Would Eevee and a rhesus macaque be friends, and if not…who would win in battle?
  • The best shredders for small offices in 2024 Upgrade your small office setup with these reliable document shredders tailored for security and convenience.
  • We were very wrong about birds A sticky piece of DNA is rewriting the story of avian evolution–and shaking up the family tree.
  • This cap is a big step towards universal, noninvasive brain-computer interfaces Users controlled a car racing video game with the device, no surgery needed.
  • How BMW’s color-changing cars work Lessons from the i5 Flow Nostakana project could help the electronic ink go mainstream.
  • Gmail debuted on April Fool’s Day 20 years ago. The joke is still on us. Google’s new email service offered astounding features—at a cost.
  • Spring allergy season is off to an even earlier start this year Here’s how to cope with more pollen.
  • Take half off this TikTok-famous collapsible storage bin at Amazon and kickstart your spring cleaning You’ve probably seen ads for this stacking storage system all over your social media channels. Now it’s just $30 at Amazon.
  • Explore the outdoors with this mini 80x zoom LCD microscope, now $81.99 See the tiny world more clearly with a 4″ LCD screen.
  • April skygazing: A total solar eclipse, a meteor shower, and the Pink Moon The eclipse officially kicks off in North America on April 8 at 11:07 a.m. PDT.
  • Why isn’t dental health considered primary medical care? Ailments of the mouth can put the body at risk for a slew of other ills. Some practitioners think dentistry should no longer be siloed.
  • Get the best AdGuard plan for your family—options as low as $16 Access powerful data privacy tools & ad blocking for a better web experience.
  • How to check your password strength—and what to do about it Don’t leave yourself vulnerable.
  • There are thousands of holes at the bottom of the sea Mysterious divots in Germany’s seafloor might have an unexpectedly cute cause.
  • Unlock the flavors of summer with these Seido Japanese Knives for only $140 From backyard barbecues to picnic spreads, these knives are your ticket to culinary delight.
  • The 2024 Bentley Continental GT’s thermal imaging camera is fascinatingly fun The camera can highlight objects you might not see with the naked eye.
  • Capture daily interactions with this wide-angle mini body camera, now on sale for $37.99 This compact camera comes with 1080p resolution and a 4-button interface.
  • How to annotate any website Take notes, make suggestions, and collaborate with others.
  • A brief history of chairs in astronomy From the mundane to the iconic, the physical to the symbolic, the striking presence of chairs in the history of science begs to be acknowledged and understood.
  • Unlock a lifetime of luxurious journeys with these AI-discovered flight deals, further on sale through April 2 Gear up to travel during spring break and beyond.
  • Get lifetime access to this Emmy-winning streaming service and save $200 Find the lowest price on the web for Curiosity Stream here.
  • Researchers unlock fiber optic connection 1.2 million times faster than broadband Using an optical processor to operate in the E- and S-band ranges, UK researchers hit a transfer rate of 301 terabits per second.
  • The best smart grills for 2024 Overdone? Underdone? Be done with both with smart grills that make sure your cooking experience is just right.
  • New tiny gecko species named after Vincent van Gogh Its light spots and deep color reminded scientists of The Starry Night.
  • How these feathery ‘memory geniuses’ remember where they stashed their food Chickadee brains make neural ‘barcodes’ to help recall thousands of hiding spots.
  • A robot named ‘Emo’ can out-smile you by 840 milliseconds The bot’s head and face are designed to simulate facial interactions in conversation with humans.
  • 18 beautiful and jarring wildlife photos that remind us nature is fierce Nature, you’re wild.
  • Simplify complex data with Microsoft Visio Pro 2021, now $24.97 through April 2 This Windows-based software makes creating diagrams a breeze.
  • Get ready for the robotic fish revolution Scientists say swarms of robotic fish could soon make traditional underwater research vehicles obsolete.
  • Seamlessly integrate learning into your hectic schedule with the $60 Headway app Explore a wealth of condensed wisdom from best-selling nonfiction books.
  • Breaking through the noise How Sennheiser’s new Conversation Clear Plus true wireless earbuds tackle the surprisingly common problem of hidden hearing loss.
  • Breville makes our favorite smart ovens and they’re all 20% off at Amazon right now Get our top-rated smart oven that does way more than air fryer for 20 percent off right now at Amazon.
  • Please think twice before letting AI scan your penis for STIs Awkward Gen Z buzzwords, troubling tech, and outdated sex ed: Calmara is not your ‘intimacy bestie.’
  • NYC takes first step towards unleashing robotaxis on city roads Mayor Eric Adams says driverless technology is on route ‘whether we like it or not.’
  • Cracking open a 117-year-old Antarctic milk time capsule Powdered whole milk samples from Ernest Shackleton’s 1908 Nimrod expedition offer a glimpse into dairy’s evolution.
  • Hyenas’ social status shines through in their poop Hyena clans have a rigid, female-dominated social hierarchy that influences everything from behavior to gene regulation.
  • Scientists recreate the face of an ancient Chinese emperor Emperor Wu of the Northern Zhou reigned from 560 to 578 CE and died at age 36.
  • Amazon’s largest Kindle is at its lowest price since Black Friday Amazon’s Kindle Scribe is $100 for a limited time.
  • Japan’s SLIM moon lander survives a second brutal lunar night It’s still upside down, but it’s showing signs of life.
  • The benefits of barefoot shoes: A beginner’s guide Free your feet, but start slow.
  • Unlock new productivity levels with a Windows 11 Pro upgrade, now $24.97 Hurry, this limited-time sale ends April 2.
  • Black licorice can be dangerous for your health A toxicologist explains the treat’s dark side.
  • New material neutralizes 96-percent of virus cells using nanospikes This ‘smooth’ silicon wafer is actually covered in very tiny, virus-slaying needles.
  • Bird flu detected in dairy cow milk samples The virus was detected in dairy cows from Texas and Kansas.

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Science News

a quillback rockfish

Eavesdropping on fish could help us keep better tabs on underwater worlds

Scientists are on a quest to log all the sounds of fish communication. The result could lead to better monitoring of ecosystems and fish behavior.

Bits of colorful microplastics lay on the tips of a white person's outstretched fingers.

A new study has linked microplastics to heart attacks and strokes. Here’s what we know 

About a dozen people with their backs turned to the camera watch the August 21, 2017 eclipse. The people are looking up into the sky at a white sun with a black dot in the center. The sun is at the top center of the image. The sky is dark blue gradually darkening to midnight at the upper corners of the picture. The horizon is yellow and orange as if at sunset. Several people are taking pictures with cell phones held aloft. One person at the center right in the back of the group wears a red hooded sweatshirt with an Adidas logo on the back and a skirt.

During a total solar eclipse, some colors really pop. Here’s why

A brownish-red roller pigeon does backward somersaults from left to right across a white background.

Here’s why some pigeons do backflips

A photo of a perched black-capped chickadee where it is across from what looks like seeds stuck to wood with peanut butter. There's a cobweb stuck to the chickadee's beak that also falls into the food.

Chickadees use memory ‘bar codes’ to find their hidden food stashes

A desert ant strolls across sand near its nest.

Here’s how magnetic fields shape desert ants’ brains

Digital art of someone in a hospital gown standing at a line graph full of data points with other images such as lungs, chemical makeup and bell curves around the person.

How patient-led research could speed up medical innovation

Trending stories.

White tendrils in the solar corona frame a heavily shadowed moon during a solar eclipse

Why the 2024 total solar eclipse will be such a big deal

A teen scrolls through social media alone on her phone.

Social media harms teens’ mental health, mounting evidence shows. What now?

Barberton Greenstone Belt in South Africa

Earth’s oldest known earthquake was probably triggered by plate tectonics

a quillback rockfish

Electrons are extremely round, a new measurement confirms

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Spotlight on Health

a picture of a concentrated cannabis product

The teen brain is especially susceptible to the harms of THC

Marijuana that’s higher in THC and concentrated cannabis products may pose even higher risks of addiction and psychosis.

Here’s why COVID-19 isn’t seasonal so far

Is aging without illness possible, from the archives.

science articles 1000 words

How to Stop a Biological Clock

March 9, 1974 Vol. 105 No. #10

Science News Magazine

Cover of the March 9, 2024 issue of Science News

March 9, 2024 Vol. 205 No. 5

Here’s why blueberries are blue

Here’s how scientists reached nuclear fusion ‘ignition’ for the first time.

science articles 1000 words

Featured Media

Jon Nelson sits next to his son.

How brain implants are treating depression

This six-part series follows people whose lives have been changed by an experimental treatment called deep brain stimulation.

An assortment of dogs, some sitting and some standing, look at the camera. Shown breeds include a bulldog, a chihuahua, schnauzers and a Yorkshire terrier.

Explore the expected life spans of different dog breeds

science articles 1000 words

Does this drone image show a newborn white shark? Experts aren’t sure

A photograph of a rosy-faced lovebird (Agapornis roseicollis) against tree bark.

Parrots can move along thin branches using ‘beakiation’

How ghostly neutrinos could explain the universe’s matter mystery, follow science news.

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More Stories

A photograph a ringed caecilian female with gray skin, and her pink-skinned babies wrapped up in her tail

This is the first egg-laying amphibian found to feed its babies ‘milk’

Insects flocking to artificial lights may not know which way is up, some honeybees in italy regularly steal pollen off the backs of bumblebees.

A model of a human embryo against a black backdrop. The model has ane exterior ring dotted with bluish light clumps. Wtihin is an oval-shaped purplish blob of cells with orange running through it. Below that are long bluish structures, also with bright orange and white running between cells

Human embryo replicas have gotten more complex. Here’s what you need to know

Lauren schroeder looks beyond natural selection to rethink human evolution, oldest traces of a dysentery-causing parasite were found in ancient toilets.

A photograph of a flooded street in Conway, South Carolina.

Waterlogged soils can give hurricanes new life after they arrive on land

Cold, dry snaps accompanied three plagues that struck the roman empire, numbats are built to hold heat, making climate change extra risky for the marsupials.

This false-color composite space image shows a bright ring of swirling dust and gas around a bright blue spot, both remnants of the supernova explosion dubbed 1987A. The blue spot marks an area of highly ionized atoms, as seen by the James Webb Space Telescope, suggesting the explosion left behind some kind of neutron star.

JWST spies hints of a neutron star left behind by supernova 1987A

Astronomers are puzzled over an enigmatic companion to a pulsar, a bar of stars at the center of the milky way looks surprisingly young.

A tiny and portable gravimeter can sense changes in the Earth's gravitational field

A teeny device can measure subtle shifts in Earth’s gravitational field

50 years ago, superconductors were warming up, ‘countdown’ takes stock of the u.s. nuclear weapons stockpile, health & medicine.

science articles 1000 words

Here’s what distorted faces can look like to people with prosopometamorphopsia

Long covid brain fog may be due to damaged blood vessels in the brain, don’t use unsterilized tap water to rinse your sinuses. it may carry brain-eating amoebas, climate change is changing how we keep time, where are u.s. earthquakes most likely a new map shows the hazard risks, science & society.

An illustration of many happy people

Not all cultures value happiness over other aspects of well-being

Geneticist krystal tsosie advocates for indigenous data sovereignty.

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