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Writing help, paraphrasing tool, argumentative essay examples, my career path: embracing the unplanned according to krumboltz’s theory.

Have you ever been asked, what do you be when you grow up? This is not something that can really be planned early in life or even when you graduate high school. There may be a plan but it’s not always followed because of one reason or another. Career counselors should teach their clients the importance of engaging in a variety of interesting and beneficial activities, ascertaining their reactions, remaining alert to alternative opportunities, and learning skills for succeeding in […]

The Giver: Argumentative Writing

The book "The Giver" by Lois Lowry , which appeared in 1994, presents a different kind of society. The right of choice is clearly forbidden. The citizens have a regulated live. The Elders makes the decision for everyone. They determine your curriculum vitae. Everyone makes the same experience. Everything must be perfect. Unperfect people will be released. They strive for success. The citizens don't know everything about their society. Nevertheless, they have to follow the rules without question. A safe, […]

Benefits of College Degree

Everyone wants an equal chance to achieve the ""American Dream."" The average person wants to attend college, find a great career, start a family, and own a house and car. College provides students with a steady path, control over their lives, and a secure future. It has become the new way of life for current and future millennials. College has plenty of great benefits even though the cost of it dissuades people away, it is a great investment towards people's […]

Something about Immigration Argumentative Essay

There is little doubt that America is a country of immigrants. Many of its citizens today can trace their lineage to other geographic areas all over the world. They come in pursuit of the so-called “American Dream.” After all, who wouldn’t want to be in a land where success and prosperity are virtually guaranteed to everyone if they work hard in a society with very few obstacles? Yet, presently, few topics are as hotly debated in the nation as immigration […]

Douglass and Whitman Argumentative Solution on a Contemporary Problem about Race Relations

Racist and racism are stimulating words in American society. To some extent, these words have reached the level of curse words in their offensiveness. Yet, racist and racism are descriptive words of a reality that cannot be denied. One of the renowned writers in English literature has given us some solutions to this contemporary problem. Walt Whitman has commonly been professed as one of the few white American writers who excelled the racial attitudes of his time, a great prophet […]

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Arguments for and against Euthanasia

Euthanasia is also known as physician-assisted suicide or good death. It refers to the method where animals that are suffering or in discomfort are helped to rest in death. Many pet owners consider Euthanasia a more compassionate manner of bidding their beloved animals goodbye. In the case of people, many states have not legalized euthanasia for people with dementia or those suffering from incurable diseases. Euthanasia creates an ethical dilemma on three main lines: legal, medical, and philosophical. There are […]

Sam Patch and Industrialization in America

Introduction Sam Patch is known across the United States as one of the risk takers and a showman who was born in the year 1800. He was a jumper who started his life as a worker in a mill hand when he decided to take risk and jump off falls at first in the Blackstone River. For the mill boys across the country, the issue of leaping on falls and many of the bridges was a common act in which […]

Cost of Production in Starbucks

When we analyze the cost of production, which is the cost related to making goods and services that directly create revenue for a firm, it is also represented by the cost acquired by a business when manufacturing a good or service. Production costs include a variety of expenses, such as labor, raw materials, consumable manufacturing supplies, and overhead. There are various costs that a firm handles that help guarantees both production and distribution of a good, product, or service. They […]

Abraham Lincoln as the Great Emancipator

Abraham Lincoln was our sixteenth president. He issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which ended slavery, or was supposed to end slavery. Our President did a lot of things for our country. Although his issue on the Emancipation Proclamation was not completely successful and he ordered it for all the wrong reasons. He accomplished great things but lost his reasoning closer to the end. On January 1st in 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation was issued. There had been a lot of anticipation for […]

The Four Noble Truths

The Four noble truths are one of the stories covered in the book "World views: Classic and contemporary readings" by Elizabeth Hair, Mike Krist, Richard Harnett and Roger West. The four noble truths are the teaching of the Buddhist path and is a summary of the awakening path. They are the key components that helps one understand Buddhism and the teachings of Buddha. It is often defined in four interdependent and logical steps. The truths have been defined differently by […]

Are School Uniforms Good or Bad

School uniforms are a common trend in the modern school system. Students, teachers, and parents all have their own thoughts and opinions on school uniforms. While each side of the debate has their strong reason I am against school uniforms. Many people believe students should not have to wear school uniforms (like me). I support this argument with the reasons that school uniforms do not improve attendance, academic preparedness, or grades. David L. Brunsma, PhD, Professor of Sociology at Virginia […]

Ancient Rome: Scobie’s Analysis on Sanitation and Public Health

Should we think more on what Scobie argued? Yes. The situation in the antiquity was terrible. Right from the sanitation all the way to public health the situation was pathetic. In most cities in the Roman Empire, the level of sanitation was low. Furthermore, there was poor standard on, the public health in the cities. Also cases of mortality increasingly more that you can image. In the antiquity the ability to access public services such as medication, legal system as […]

Influence of Social Media on Youth

Media is quickly evolving, especially social media that has captured the attention of many children. There are new forms of media that are coming up with the rapid rise in technology. It is clear that media has been influential factors on how it benefits children's interaction. Media is not only an essential part in influencing socialization among children, especially the peer group but now it has become part of the community marketing and motivation of people. However, it has been […]

Positive Effects of Peer Pressure

What is peer pressure? Peer pressure is any influence from a group of people that changes a person’s behaviour or attitude. The term ‘peer pressure’ raises a lot of eyebrows; it is automatically assumed that it is inherently negative. However, this is not always the case. Despite the obvious stigma surrounding social influences, it is possible to be pressured in a positive way. There is another side of this phenomenon that most people don’t even consider to be peer pressure. […]

Should the US Constitution be Amended to State that Corporations are not Persons?

Introduction Are companiesindividuals? The U.S. Supreme Court asserts so. Furthermore, corporate rights have s drastically been extended by the high court. It ruled that companies have the right to finance political campaigns, and that some profit companies may, on religious arguments, decline to conform to a federal directive to include birth control in their health insurance for employees. Corporations have been accorded these personal rights. To numerous, the idea of organizations as individuals appears to be odd, no doubt. Corporate […]

Education Science

At this point in time, I feel the need to transfer to a more reputable institution. Currently, I am studying in a community college and I would like to transfer to a 4-year course University. My preferable institution is the University of California. I have selected different majors in the various campuses of UC spread across the United States. The majors that I have applied for include Education Science at UCI, Sociology at UC, Davis, Sociology Law and Society at […]

Drug Abuse – Destructive Pattern

Drug abuse is the destructive pattern of using substances that leads to uncounted problems and diseases in the human body. It is a physical and psychological term which takes dependence on human activities. Drugs create bad effects on human life like anxiety, impaired social relations, depression, hopelessness, rejection etc. Impaired social relations and suicide are considered the worst consequences of addiction. The drugs have negative consequences on one's life. If the addicts were able to see the reality of their […]

Childhood Immunization

Introduction Nothing concerns a health care provider more than walking into a patient’s room to take a history and realizing that the child or adult you are attempting to treat never received vaccinations. Unfortunately, this situation and the number of “anti-vaxxers” in the United States are becoming a prevailing trend. This is regrettably proven by the increase in certain preventable yet deadly diseases like measles. In fact, “The largest measles outbreak in the United States in more than 20 years […]

Education Process

Different colleges have shown leniency in ranking student s due to the stiff competition posed by the private institution and increased demand for students with higher grades. The tolerance in grading has let the college standards down, thus reflecting negativity in the education process. According to Brent (1998 pp 22-19), the grading system, especially in US colleges, should be in the public domain giving the reasons and the effects of students grades. Despite the fact, he focuses on the management […]

The Power of Context by Malcolm Gladwells Argument

A pivotal aspect that makes patterns soar into mass popularity is the thing that Gradwell expresses as the power of context. His essay particularly revolves on massive the decline in crime rates in the New york city between 1980 and 1990. Despite the fact that Gradwell recognizes that a wide assortment of complex factors assumed a key part in sparking the decline in clime, he contends convincingly that it was a couple of little yet persuasive changes in nature inside […]

Plastics and Toxins

Introduction 1) Plastics i) Plastic consumption ii) Recycling initiatives 2) Biodegradable i) Are there biodegradable alternatives ii) Obstacles faced 3) Toxins i) Toxins in household items ii) Alternatives iii) Toxins in clothing 4) Regulations on toxin production 5) Personal commodity used Plastic is a synthetic material which is made from a wide range of organic polymers like polyethylene, PVC, and nylon, and could be molten and shaped while they are soft. Today, the world`s population has found plastics to be […]

The Consequences of Homelessness – a Childhood on the Streets

“A therapeutic intervention with homeless children (2) often confronts us with wounds our words cannot dress nor reach. These young subjects seem prey to reenactments of a horror they cannot testify to” (Schweidson & Janeiro 113). According to Marcal, a stable environment and involved parenting are essential regarding ability to provide a healthy growing environment for a child (350). It is unfortunate then, that Bassuk et al. state that 2.5 million, or one in every 30 children in America are […]

Race and Public Art

Introduction Public Art entails any media that made with the intention of setting it in an open strategic physical point. Public art is usually placed at publicly accessible sites, for instance, a building accessed by the general public. After conducting thorough research through reading from the university notes, and internet research on public art, it was clear that the minorities are not represented. The minorities instead get excluded from participation in the sector of public art. Public art industry faces […]

Early Youth Education

Every kid needs to experience early childhood education before attending kindergarten. This atmosphere offers children assistance in preparing for decision making later in life. It also establishes the foundation for future education. The government has put various support systems and services in place to provide high-quality early childhood education. Early education for children not only imparts knowledge but it also teaches self-worth and progress. The programs offer both mental and social care for youngsters, preparing them to face the world. […]

Educational Disparities Among Black and Hispanics

Introduction Educational disparities based on race have been evident in the United States for a long time. They exist in many forms example Hispanics and Blacks commonly score low grades and perform poorly on the standardized exams, their number of enrollment in public colleges is smaller than the whites, their drop out level is also high. Study has shown that they get low grades compared to other races Asians included. In the last 45 years in the United States, there […]

Children Vaccination

Introduction What are vaccines? Whenever germs enter into the body of a human being, the immune system distinguishes them as external substances to the body known as antigens. The immune system then fights against the antigens through the production of the correct and rightful antibodies. Vaccines then are a weakened version of a specific antigen or virus that causes a certain disease and are weakened to the point that they cannot produce any symptom of the specific disease. However, since […]

Milton Friedman and Social Responsibility

Friedman do not affirm that the executives can act in any way as are used in accordance with the law and follow the ethical custom. But he closed the charity activity since they do not contribute straight to the victory. An upright overview of organization activities in the views of Friedman's agreement is simply not that carry out happenings simply since they are ethical, but since they are economically feasible. One of the main reasons for Friedman to the exclusion […]

Benefits of Early Childhood Education

“If school is about learning, and learning starts at birth, then the idea that we expect Kindergarteners to meet their first teachers at age five is all wrong (English, 2018)”. There is increasing research being facilitated on early education with specific emphasis on the overall benefits it has on children. The range of benefits discussed in recent research include academic achievement, behavior, educational progression and attainment, delinquency and crime, and labor market success, among other domains (RAND, 2005). While much […]

Internet Revolution and Economic Development

Over the last decades, technological advancements have greatly impacted on Americans' day to day way of life. The influence and impact of these advancements in political, economic and social ways of modern life cannot be underestimated. For instance, innovations in computer technology and automation in engineering is a significant factor that has led to these changes. The use of the internet and adoption of robots in modern-day America and the world at large has brought to attention the issues that […]

God’s View on Homosexuality

In spite of the fact, that God’s commands are considered morally right to believers in the divine command theory, homosexuality is very debatable. In the Bible, Leviticus 18:22 says, “[Men] shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.” Leviticus 20:13 says, “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act” (Jeffress). God’s Word says the homosexual […]

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Argumentative Essay Writing

Argumentative Essay Examples

Cathy A.

Best Argumentative Essay Examples for Your Help

Published on: Mar 10, 2023

Last updated on: Dec 1, 2023

argumentative essay examples

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Argumentative essays are one of the most common types of essay writing. Students are assigned to write such essays very frequently.

Despite being assigned so frequently, students still find it hard to write a good argumentative essay .

There are certain things that one needs to follow to write a good argumentative essay. The first thing is to choose an effective and interesting topic. Use all possible sources to dig out the best topic.

Afterward, the student should choose the model that they would follow to write this type of essay. Follow the steps of the chosen model and start writing the essay.

The models for writing an argumentative essay are the classical model, the Rogerian model, and the Toulmin model.

To make sure that you write a good argumentative essay, read the different types of examples mentioned in this blog.

On This Page On This Page -->

Good Argumentative Essay Examples

Argumentative essays are an inevitable part of academic life. To write a good argumentative essay, you need to see a few good examples of this type of essay.

To analyze whether the example is good to take help from or not. You need to look for a few things in it.

Make sure it follows one specific model and has an introductory paragraph, organized body paragraphs, and a formal conclusion.

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How to Start an Argumentative Essay Example

Learning how to start an argumentative essay example is a tricky thing for beginners. It is quite simple but can be challenging for newbies.   To start an argumentative essay example, you need to write a brief and attractive introduction. It is written to convince the reader and make them understand your point of view .

Add body paragraphs after the introduction to support your thesis statement. Also, use body paragraphs to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your side of the argument.

Write a formal conclusion for your essay and summarize all the key elements of your essay. Look at the example mentioned below to understand the concept more clearly.

Check out this video for more information!

Argumentative Essay Example (PDF)

Argumentative Essay Example 

Argumentative essays are assigned to university students more often than the students of schools and colleges.

 It involves arguments over vast and sometimes bold topics as well.

For university students, usually, argumentative essay topics are not provided. They are required to search for the topic themselves and write accordingly.

The following examples will give an idea of how university students write argumentative essays.

Argumentative Essay Example for University (PDF)

Argumentative Essay Examples for College

For the college level, it is recommended to use simple language and avoid the use of complex words in essays.

Make sure that using simple language and valid evidence, you support your claim well and make it as convincing as possible

If you are a college student and want to write an argumentative essay, read the examples provided below. Focus on the formatting and the vocabulary used.

Argumentative Essay Example for College (PDF)

College Argumentative Essay Sample (PDF)

Argumentative Essay Examples for Middle School

Being a middle school student, you must be wondering how we write an argumentative essay. And how can you support your argument?

Go through the following examples and hopefully, you will be able to write an effective argumentative essay very easily.

Argumentative Essay Example for Middle School(PDF)

Middle School Argumentative Essay Sample (PDF)

Argumentative Essay Examples for High School

High school students are not very aware of all the skills that are needed to write research papers and essays. 

Especially, when it comes to argumentative essays, it becomes quite a challenge for high schools to defend their argument

In this scenario, the best option is to look into some good examples. Here we have summed up two best examples of argumentative essays for high school students specifically.

Argumentative Essay Example for High School (PDF)

High School Argumentative Essay Sample (PDF)

Argumentative Essay Examples for O Level

The course outline for O levels is quite tough. O levels students need to have a good command of the English language and amazing writing skills.

If you are an O-level student, the following examples will guide you on how to write an argumentative essay.

Argumentative Essay Example for O Level (PDF)

Argumentative Essay for O Level Students (PDF)

5-Paragraph Argumentative Essay Examples

A 5-paragraph essay is basically a formatting style for essay writing. It has the following five parts:

  • Introduction

In the introduction, the writer introduces the topic and provides a glance at the collected data to support the main argument.

  • Body paragraph 1

The first body paragraph discusses the first and most important point related to the argument. It starts with a topic sentence and has all the factual data to make the argument convincing.

  • Body paragraph 2

The second body paragraph mentions the second most important element of the argument. A topic sentence is used to start these paragraphs. It gives the idea of the point that will discuss in the following paragraph.

  • Body paragraph 3

The third paragraph discusses all the miscellaneous points. Also, it uses a transitional sentence at the end to show a relation to the conclusion.

The conclusion of a five-paragraph essay reiterates all the major elements of an argumentative essay. It also restates the thesis statement using a more convincing choice of words.

Look at the example below to see how a well-written five-paragraph essay looks like

5 Paragraph Argumentative Essay Example (PDF)

Argumentative Essay Examples for 6th Grade

Students in 6th grade are at a point where they are learning new things every day. 

Writing an argumentative essay is an interesting activity for them as they like to convince people of their point of view.

Argumentative essays written at such levels are very simple but well convincing. 

The following example will give you more detail on how a 6th-grade student should write an argumentative essay.

6th Grade Argumentative Essay Example (PDF)

Argumentative Essay Examples for 7th Grade

There is not much difference between a 6th-grade and a 7th-grade student. Both of them are enhancing their writing and academic skills.

Here is another example to help you with writing an effective argumentative essay.

7th Grade Argumentative Essay Example (PDF)

Tough Essay Due? Hire a Writer!

Tough Essay Due? Hire a Writer!

Short Argumentative Essay Examples

For an argumentative essay, there is no specific limit for the word count. It only has to convince the readers and pass on the knowledge of the writer to the intended audience.

It can be short or detailed. It would be considered valid as far as it has an argument involved in it.

Following is an example of a short argumentative essay example

Short Argumentative Essay Example (PDF)

Immigration Argumentative Essay Examples

Immigration is a hot topic for a very long time now. People have different opinions regarding this issue.

Where there is more than one opinion, an argumentative essay can be written on that topic. The following are examples of argumentative essays on immigration.

Read them and try to understand how an effective argumentative essay is written on such a topic.

Argumentative Essay Example on Immigration (PDF)

Argumentative Essay Sample on Immigration (PDF)

Writing essays is usually a tiring and time-consuming assignment to do. Students already have a bunch of assignments for other subjects to complete. In this situation, asking for help from professional writers is the best choice.

If you are still in need of assistance, our essay writer AI can help you create a compelling essay that presents your argument clearly and effectively. 

With our argumentative essay writing service, you will enjoy perks like expert guidance, unlimited revisions, and helpful customer support. Let our essay writer help you make an impact with your essay on global warming today! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 7 types of arguments.

The seven types of arguments are as follows:

  • Statistical

What is the structure of an argument?

The structure of an argument consists of a main point (thesis statement) that is supported by evidence. 

This evidence can include facts, statistics, examples, and other forms of data that help to prove or disprove the thesis statement. 

After providing the evidence, arguments also often include a conclusion that summarizes the main points made throughout the argument.

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argumentative essay examples

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argumentative essay example middle school

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Author Image

by Michelle Boyd Waters, M.Ed.  

A Plethora Of Writing Examples For Middle School (& High School)

October 14, 2014 in  Pedagogy

Middle School Writing Samples

When I started my first job as a professional newspaper reporter (This job also served as an internship during my junior year in college — I just didn't leave for about 6 years.), I quickly realized that all my experience, and all my years of journalism education had not been enough to help me write stories about drug busts, fatal car accidents and tornadoes. All the theoretical work I'd done, and all of the nifty little scholastic and collegiate stories I had done, did not prepare me for real world writing.

At that point, I had to find a solution quickly. After all, I had a deadline to meet, and it was only a few hours away.

One of my colleagues, who also served as a mentor, had the solution. She introduced me to the newspaper's “morgue.” This was a room filled with filing cabinets in which we kept old — dead — stories arranged by reporter. Whenever I wasn't' sure how to write a story, all I had to do was check the morgue for similar stories. If I needed to write a story about a local drug bust, for example, I'd find another story on a similar incident, study its structure, and mentally create a formula in which to plugin the information I'd gathered.

Once I'd gained more experience, and had internalized the formula for that particular type of story, I felt free to branch out as the situation — and my training — warranted.

I do the same thing when I want to write a type of letter, brochure, or report that I've never written before.

This is what writing looks like in the real world.

Of course, if you're a new teacher like me, there is one problem with providing mentor texts to my students: I have a dearth of middle school level writing sitting around in my file cabinets.

Fortunately, the Internet is full of sources, so I scoured the bowels of Google to find examples. I know how busy you are, so I'm sharing.

Expository writing examples for middle school

Below are several sources of expository writing samples for middle school students.

  • The Write Source Expository Writing Samples
  • Holt, Rinehart, Winston Expository Essay Models

Finally, here is an article in the New York Times that will help you teach your students  real-world expository writing skills .

Descriptive writing examples for middle school

  • Descriptive Writing Samples from Novels
  • Milwaukee Public Schools Descriptive Essay Samples (p. 137)
  • Holt, Rinehart, Winston Descriptive Essay Models

Narrative writing examples for middle school

  • Writing Samples by Steve Peha (PDF)
  • The Write Source Narrative Writing Samples
  • Oregon Department of Education Scored Writing Samples (Ideas and Organization)
  • Oregon Department of Education Scored Writing Samples (Sentence Fluency and Conventions)
  • Oregon Department of Education Scored Writing Samples (Voice and Word Choice)
  • Oregon Department of Education High School Scored Narrative and Argumentative Writing Samples
  • Holt, Rinehart, Winston Narrative Essay Models

Argumentative/persuasive writing examples for middle school

  • The Write Source Persuasive Writing Samples
  • Holt, Rinehart, Winston Persuasive Essay Models

Reflective writing examples for middle school

  • Reflective essay examples from Lake Washington Girls Middle School

If you know of any other online writing example sources, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

Related topics: Argumentative Writing , Informative Writing , Mentor Texts , Narrative Writing

Author Image

About the author 

Michelle Boyd Waters, M.Ed.

I am a secondary English Language Arts teacher, a University of Oklahoma student working on my doctorate in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum with an concentration in English Education and co-Editor of the Oklahoma English Journal. I am constantly seeking ways to amplify students' voices and choices.

This is very, very helpful. Thank you for sharing!

As a new middle school teacher (coming from elementary) this was very helpful and encouraging.

Thank you very much for letting me know. I’m glad that I was able to help you!

Thank you! I’m glad I can help.

Your welcome

This is super helpful. Thank you!

These links are a fantastic help. Thank you!

This helped me BUNCHES! Thanks so much!

thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

These links are now dead 🙁

Thank you for notifying me! I have updated the post to include new (live!) links. Some of them are geared towards high school, but I think we can still use them as exemplars of what we want our students to aim for.

Comments are closed.

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8th grade Argumentative Essay What will I learn by doing this Argumentative Essay in Library? Learning Target #1: I CAN learn about what an argumentative essay is and what it is not by comparing it to a persuasive essay. Learning Target #2: I CAN learn about the parts of an argument and key terms. Learning Target #3: I CAN learn about evidence by exploring passages on a particular topic and identify evidence for their claim. Learning Target #4: I CAN learn about counterclaims and be able to write a counterclaim for their argument. Students will also learn that a counterclaim is weaker than a claim and identify no more than 2 reasons (pieces of evidence). ​ Learning Target #5: I CAN draft an argumentative essay that includes all the parts of an argument in order to demonstrate their understanding of argumentative essay writing. ​

Map grade-level assessment practice, english language arts standards » writing » grade 8 standards in this strand: text types and purposes: ccss.ela-literacy.w.8.1 write arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence ccss.ela-literacy.w.8.1.a introduce claim(s), acknowledge and distinguish the claim(s) from alternate or opposing claims, and organize the reasons and evidence logically. ccss.ela-literacy.w.8.1.b support claim(s) with logical reasoning and relevant evidence, using accurate, credible sources and demonstrating an understanding of the topic or text. ccss.ela-literacy.w.8.1.c use words, phrases, and clauses to create cohesion and clarify the relationships among claim(s), counterclaims, reasons, and evidence. ccss.ela-literacy.w.8.1.d establish and maintain a formal style. ccss.ela-literacy.w.8.1.e provide a concluding statement or section that follows from and supports the argument presented. ​.

argumentative essay example middle school

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102 Excellent Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School

November 10, 2023 //  by  Brittany Ray

Middle schoolers are always ready for a feisty debate and to argue their points! This list of excellent argumentative essay topics for middle school is sure to give your students the practice they need in getting their arguments down on paper, in a persuasive way. With a variety of topics ranging from whether or not to outlaw animal testing to debating a 3-day weekend, this curated collection will give your kiddos lots of fun choices to explore! Take a look and see which topics are sure to spark some interest in your classroom!

1. Should cell phones be allowed at school?


2. Should exotic animals be kept in captivity?


3. Should there be harsher punishments for bullying?


4. Explain why or why not: Should students have homework on weekends?


5. Do you feel the government should dictate what you get for school lunch?


6. Should cigarettes be illegal?


7. Should gym class (physical education) be a requirement?


8. Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?


9. Do you think that the government should do more to fight against human trafficking?


10. Do you think there should be automatic screen time limits for children?


11. Explain whether or not animal testing should be outlawed.


12. Should the death penalty exist?


13. Do you feel undocumented immigrants should be granted all the same rights as naturalized citizens?


14. Explain your stance as to whether schools should or should not require students to wear uniforms.


15. Should violent video games be banned in the United States?


16. Is milk beneficial to a person’s health?


17. Are hot dogs bad for you?


18. Should a college degree earned through online education have the same worth as a degree earned at a brick-and-mortar university?   


19. Explain whether or not the Electoral College should be eliminated.


20. Should an individual be able to keep wild animals as pets if they have the means to care for them?


21. Should the school day be extended in exchange for a long weekend?


22. Should the government have more say in what is or is not “fake news”?


23. Do you feel art courses should be a required part of earning a college degree?


24. Do you agree or disagree that parents should be held responsible for childhood obesity?


25. Explain your stance on whether wind farms are a good or bad idea.


26. Should college admission criteria be less stringent?


27. Do you believe brick-and-mortar schools are still necessary for today’s post-pandemic society?


28. Is the student-per-class limit too high?


29. Should college athletes be paid?


30. Should a felon have the right to vote?


31. Should children be given an allowance?


32. Does the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) do a good job of regulating the production of food? 


33. What do you believe is the appropriate age to begin using social media (i.e., Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.)?


34. Should high school students be required to take a civics exam before graduation?


35. Should elite athletes be allowed to use performance-enhancing drugs?


36. Do you believe that a college education is necessary for everyone?


37. Have Native American communities been given proper reparations for the United States’ long history of seizing land?


38. Is scientific research on cloning DNA ethical? 

39. should the government have more strict gun control policies.


40. At what age should children begin doing chores?


41. The moral stain of the slavery of African American people in early American History is undoubtedly present. Do you feel the government promotes hate or love with the way it currently speaks about racism?


42. Should employers have the right to require a Covid-19 vaccine?


43. Do you think electronic voting machines make the election procedure fair or unfair?


44. Should all political offices have term limits? 


45. Is climate change something we can truly make a difference with? 


46. Should the voting age be lowered?


47. If protecting the environment is of utmost importance, should bottled water be banned?


48. Should the FDA allow GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in our food?


49. Is daylight saving something the U.S. should keep, or should it be abolished?


50. Should excellent grades guarantee a scholarship?


51. With the separation of church and state, should churches be exempt from paying taxes?


52. Should school security be improved? 


53. Should the minimum wage be raised to $15 an hour?


54. Has artificial intelligence gone too far?


55. Should public education at the college level be tuition-free?


56. Should the government have the ability to ban certain books in the classroom? 


57. Should school cafeterias serve exclusively vegetarian meals to promote health?

argumentative essay example middle school

58. Should schools have mandatory classes on financial literacy?

argumentative essay example middle school

59. Do you believe that the media negatively impacts body image among teens?

argumentative essay example middle school

60. Should students be required to learn a second language starting in middle school?

argumentative essay example middle school

61. Should schools have mandatory mental health classes and counseling sessions?

argumentative essay example middle school

62. Do curfews for teenagers prevent them from getting in trouble or infringe on personal freedom?

argumentative essay example middle school

63. Should students be allowed to grade their teachers?

argumentative essay example middle school

64. Should junk food advertisements be banned during children’s TV shows?

argumentative essay example middle school

65. Do you believe standardized tests accurately measure a student’s intelligence and capabilities?

argumentative essay example middle school

66. Should students be allowed to use smartwatches during examinations?

argumentative essay example middle school

67. Do social media platforms need stricter age verification processes?

argumentative essay example middle school

68. Should parents have access to their children’s social media accounts for monitoring purposes?

argumentative essay example middle school

69. Do you believe that school field trips are beneficial or merely recreational?

argumentative essay example middle school

70. Should schools introduce mandatory community service as part of the curriculum?

argumentative essay example middle school

71. Should schools allow students to bring their pets to school?

argumentative essay example middle school

72. Do violent cartoons and animations impact a child’s behavior negatively?

argumentative essay example middle school

73. Should schools be allowed to monitor students’ online activities?

argumentative essay example middle school

74. Should education about global warming and environmental conservation be a mandatory part of the curriculum?

argumentative essay example middle school

75. Do video games have educational potential or are they merely distractions?

argumentative essay example middle school

76. Should parents limit the time their children spend on video games?

argumentative essay example middle school

77. Do school dress codes infringe on personal expression?

argumentative essay example middle school

78. Should middle school students be allowed to bring and use laptops in class?

argumentative essay example middle school

79. Should schools ban single-use plastics?

argumentative essay example middle school

80. Is cursive writing still a necessary skill in the digital age?

argumentative essay example middle school

81. Do “participation trophies” diminish the value of real achievement?

argumentative essay example middle school

82. Should students be taught about controversial historical figures objectively or with a critical lens?

argumentative essay example middle school

83. Should students have a more significant say in the creation of school rules and policies?

argumentative essay example middle school

84. Do schools focus too much on college preparation at the expense of life skills?

argumentative essay example middle school

85. Should students be allowed to take “mental health days” off from school?

argumentative essay example middle school

86. Are parent-teacher conferences still effective or have they become outdated?

argumentative essay example middle school

87. Should middle schools have later start times to accommodate adolescent sleep patterns?

argumentative essay example middle school

88. Should schools have strict policies against cyberbullying?

argumentative essay example middle school

89. Should parents be held more accountable for their children’s misbehavior at school?

argumentative essay example middle school

90. Should school libraries invest in more digital resources or in physical books?

argumentative essay example middle school

91. Is homeschooling a better option than traditional schooling for some students?

argumentative essay example middle school

92. Should schools introduce more practical skills courses like basic cooking, sewing, or home repair?

argumentative essay example middle school

93. Do children currently have too much screen time, and is it harmful?

argumentative essay example middle school

94. Should schools emphasize more on teaching critical thinking skills rather than just memorizing things?

argumentative essay example middle school

95. Should there be more emphasis on vocational training in middle school?

argumentative essay example middle school

96. Should students be taught the dangers of misinformation and “fake news” as part of their curriculum?

argumentative essay example middle school

97. Do parents put too much pressure on their children to excel academically?

argumentative essay example middle school

98. Should schools have mindfulness and meditation sessions as part of the daily routine?

argumentative essay example middle school

99. Should there be a limit to the amount of homework a school can assign to students?

argumentative essay example middle school

100. Is the traditional grading system effective, or does it need an overhaul?

argumentative essay example middle school

101. Should schools offer more extracurricular activities to cater to diverse interests?

argumentative essay example middle school

102. Do schools place too much emphasis on sports and athletes at the expense of academic pursuits?

argumentative essay example middle school

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argumentative essay example middle school

Argumentative Essay Writing Sample Analysis Worksheet Activity Middle School

argumentative essay example middle school

10 Argumentative Text Essay Samples w Argument Writing and Rubric Checklist

argumentative essay example middle school

Argumentative Essay Graphic Organizer and Sample - Digital and Printable

argumentative essay example middle school

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argumentative essay example middle school

Persuasive and Argumentative Essay Unit - Lessons, Handouts, Sample Essays

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Argumentative Essay Writing Sample Analysis (Uniforms) Example Persuasive

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Argumentative or Persuasive Essay Writing Sample & Guide Graphic Organizer

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Annotated Sample Argumentative Essay High School

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Argumentative Essay Introduction Tutorial Samples and Guide Persuasive

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Argumentative Writing Sample Argument Essay Text FREE

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Persuasive / Argumentative Writing Outline, Student Sample Outline & Essay

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7th Grade Bundle! ECR - Paired, Informational & Argumentative ( sample essays !)

argumentative essay example middle school

Middle School Argumentative Essay with Rubric and Sample | Pizza Writing Prompt

argumentative essay example middle school

Argumentative 5 Paragraph Essay with Rubric and Sample | Mythical Creatures

argumentative essay example middle school

Writing Argumentative , Persuasive Essay / A Guide for Students ( Sample Essay )

argumentative essay example middle school

Sample Argumentative Essay for Modeling

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Argumentative Essay Prompt/Passages/Graphic Organizer/Annotated Sample Response

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Middle School Argumentative Essay with Rubric and Sample | The Cringiest Gift

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Persuasive Argumentative Essay / A Writing Guide with a Sample Essay

argumentative essay example middle school

Middle School Argumentative Essay with Rubric and Sample | Alphabet Elimination

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ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY : Guided instructional sample & template

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Argumentative Essay Materials - Terms, Template, and Samples

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Tips and Sample of Argumentative Essay (editable resource)

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School Argumentative Essays Samples For Students

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Regardless of how high you rate your writing abilities, it's always a good idea to check out an expertly written Argumentative Essay example, especially when you're handling a sophisticated School topic. This is exactly the case when catalog of sample Argumentative Essays on School will prove handy. Whether you need to think up an original and meaningful School Argumentative Essay topic or inspect the paper's structure or formatting peculiarities, our samples will provide you with the required data.

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Bill Clinton Speech Argumentative Essay Examples

Whether cutting the school year will argumentative essay.

Post the global economic recession of 2009, the government announced budget cuts across states. This placed great pressure on public schools to save costs in order to continue functioning. One of the cost saving measures employed by schools in several districts of the United States was to make cuts in the school. While this measure surely saves schools a lot of immediate costs, it needs to be evaluated what kind of an impact such a measure would have in the long run, especially with concerns being raised about the quality of education being provided in a shorter school year.

Cost Cutting Pressures

Example of argumentative essay on career and technical education, introduction.

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Argumentative Essay On Parents The Key For Children Success

Example of argumentative essay on littering, good the argument for year-round school argumentative essay example, “nutrition policy in schools” argumentative essays examples, students need cell phones to detour abductions argumentative essay sample, good argumentative essay on homework is not helpful in the large amounts it is given out, dropout rates argumentative essay sample, example of on the topic of “suicide prevention” argumentative essay, argumentative essay, example of year off before entering college argumentative essay, students in public schools should wear uniforms argumentative essays example, should students be required to wear school uniforms argumentative essay example, school uniforms argument essay, education argumentative essay examples, argumentative essay elementary school education's quality physical education, good example of argumentative essay on should players have to wait till they are 19 years old to play in the nba, or should they be able to play straight out of high school, school uniforms argumentative essay.

Undeniably, school uniforms have been in existence for a good number of years now. Initially, they were common in private grade schools as well as high schools. However, the number of public schools implementing the policy of school uniforms has been increasing gradually. The issue of school uniforms can be a very contentious topic particularly among learners who are not ready to lose their freedom of choosing their own clothing. Nevertheless, once this policy is implemented even the learners come to appreciate the advantages of uniforms.

Computer Literacy as High School Graduation Requirement Argumentative Essay Example

Good example of argumentative essay on special interest groups, good using cell phone in schools argumentative essay example, should cell phones be banned in the classroom argumentative essay examples, the problem of cultural literacy in adult learning argumentative essays examples, sum wing lawprofessor kang argumentative essay examples, good example of argumentative essay on public school vs. private school in the united states, example of argumentative essay on child obesity, free argumentative essay on why high school grads should take a gap year, argumentative essay on education system in saudi arabia, free argumentative essay on h.s. dress codes, example of 'setting the direction' framework for inclusive education in alberta argumentative essay, is class still a relevant factor in 21st century britain argumentative essay example, good example of defining their existence and drawing resolutions to the dilemma argumentative essay, should students wear uniform argumentative essay samples, changing lives with cell phones argumentative essay samples, changing lives with cell phones, good argumentative essay about should schools have the right to discipline students who bully others off school property, argumentative essay on the pros and cons of single-sex schools, religion in school argumentative essay sample.

My essay looks into the intention of the implementation of the First Amendments Clauses regarding religious matters, the actual implementation, and the impacts of the implementation. I analyzed the pros and cons of the First Amendments Clauses implementation, and came up with a recommendation.

Brown V. Board Of Education Argumentative Essay Samples

Public education argumentative essay sample.

[Professor’s name appears here] [Date appears here]

Why Current Education System Is Not Good Enough Argumentative Essay Examples

Argumentative essay on pros of stronger security measures in schools, never let me go and the effects of confined institutions on humanity argumentative essay example, free argumentative essay on how i can handle negative attitudes and behaviors in the classroom, argumentative essay on school uniform improves academic performance, argumentative essay: school uniform improves academic performance, good argumentative essay about the government and education, expertly crafted argumentative essay on schools should stop bullying, free distance learning is the way to go argumentative essay sample.

There have been admirable advancements in technology amongst them being video teleconferencing, video, email, internet and videotapes. This has brought about change in the education sector. With technology, individuals are able to meet varying educational needs of varying students. Distance learning has in a way undermined face-to-face teaching and being in a class has had its magnitude of necessity minimized. It is a modern approach that delivers education in a different way eliminating the need for the student and the teacher meeting at the same place. The entire globe has identified the need for education and distance learning is helping that become a success.

Thesis Statement

Free argumentative essay on argument.

For many people who attend classes in various institutions, there is always the option of attending classes either in the morning or afternoon depending on one’s other activities. There are those who have to go to work during the day and still attend classes later on in the afternoon or attend classes in the morning and attend to some other duties in the afternoon. This system of attending classes however have its ups and downs depending on how suitable they are for each individual student.

Free Argumentative Essay On Difficult Finances While Attending College

Argumentative essays about music and education, free first letter argumentative essay example, example of how does sex impact middle and high school students whose brains are not fully developed argumentative essay, should physical education classes be a required class in college argumentative essay sample, should physical education classes be a required class in college, why its necessary for grades k-12 to wear uniforms argumentative essay sample, good argumentative essay about should henry david thoreau be taught in high school, do college rankings matter argumentative essay samples, example of just say yes to college argumentative essay, education student retention and dropout rates in higher education argumentative essay example, free argumentative essay on strategies for combating childhood obesity, violence against teachers argumentative essay sample, debating the effectiveness of homeschooling argumentative essay.

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    They took him to Memorial. Hospital, where he had several more heart attacks. My mom tried to call the school all morning to get in touch with me, but the

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    Looking for Argumentative Essays on School and ideas? Get them here for free! We have collected dozens of previously unpublished examples in one place.