Government Responsibilities to Its Citizens Research Paper

The term government as stated in the work of Hornby (2005) is used to define a body that has administrative power in the control of the state and its internal affairs and the manner in which this governing body is structured (P. 646).

Every government in the world has various responsibilities to its citizens. These responsibilities may differ from one government to another because of the different policies and legislations which these governments follow. However, there are those responsibilities which all governments to provide for its citizens.

Rosen (2005) argues that the responsibilities of a government are divided into two: those which the government must provide to its citizens, and those which the government may provide for its citizens. Responsibilities which the government has to provide to its citizens include:

  • Defending the country from intrusion or attacks by foreign nations or states.
  • Defending the people against natural calamities such as droughts, floods, earthquakes, avalanches and contagious diseases.
  • Protecting human rights.
  • Safeguarding freedoms such as life, liberty and property.
  • Facilitating the means to solve disputes among individuals and the government by using the justice system.
  • Contributing to the growth and development of the society.

The government ensures that it fulfills these responsibilities to its citizens exclusively by itself without any assistance from the society (Rosen 2005).

As stated earlier, there are responsibilities which the government may provide to its citizens. These are responsibilities for which the government requires participation of the society for their success. They include protection from non-transmittable diseases, education, and development of infrastructure and alienation of poverty (Rosen 2005).

The implementation and success of these programs requires active participation of the society. This is because it is the society who knows their own problems and needs thus they can work towards their alleviation. The government only assists in these operations, either through provision of funds, skilled manpower or the necessary machinery and equipments (Rosen 2005).

The aforementioned responsibilities ensure the maintenance of peace and security, protection of rights and freedom of individuals, high rates of literacy within the society, development of infrastructure, better health care and poverty alienation (Bullard 2008). Since it can protect its territories and citizens the government also maintains good international relations and gains respect from other nations.

The government should therefore provide these responsibilities (stated above) if it wants to achieve social development and sustainability (Bullard 2008). Once the above objectives have been achieved, then there will be a high rate of political, social and economic development in the society.

Through fulfilling its responsibilities, the government also enters into partnerships and agreements with other nations. These partnership help to develop trade, act as a forum of exchange of ideas and, in most cases, they lead to the development of good international relations with other Countries (Bullard 2008).

The government is a body in which all the powers of the state are vested. In this respect therefore, the government has various responsibilities which it has to provide for its citizens. Some of these responsibilities require the government to partner up with the society for proper implementation, while other responsibilities are to be performed by the government alone.

However, all of them are equally important, especially in ensuring that the society achieves political, social and economic sustainability. It is therefore the duty of the government to ensure that all its responsibilities have been met and delivered in the best way possible.

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Government Responsibilities

Government Responsibilities As citizens of the United States, and as people living under a democracy, the government has certain responsibilities to us. We are guaranteed union, justice, tranquility, defense, welfare, and liberty. These rights are all very important to the well being of our country and the states that exist in it. I feel that there are three that are a little more important than the others. Justice is a vital part of governmental systems. Justice is a way to control the activities of citizens without infringing on their rights. Without justice, the acts of the citizens living under a government could not be very well controlled. There would be no punishments for bad behavior with would make this type of behavior more common. Even though justice acts as a way to loosely control the acts of citizens, it doesn't affect their liberty. Liberty is freedom. No one would want to live under a government under which they have no freedom and are controlled. Defense is also very important in a government. The protection of the people should be in high priority of the government. The government is there to serve the people and make life better for everyone. If they don't protect the people then there is no point in the government. Union is important as well. I don't feel that it is as important though because if all the other aspects of government are effective then there should be no problem keeping a body under the government together. Tranquility ties in with defense. As long as the defense is strong in a country they should not have a problem keeping it tranquil. I also feel that it would be unrealistic to try and keep a body of people tranquil at all times. To even attempt this, other aspects such as justice must be intact. Welfare too is an integral part of a successful government and guaranteed to the people. However I feel that if we didn't give our money up to the government in taxes then there would be no reason for them to have to give it back to us.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the government has certain responsibilities as citizens of the united states, and as people living under a democracy, such as union, justice, tranquility, defense, welfare and liberty.
  • Opines that justice is a vital part of governmental systems, as it controls the activities of citizens without infringing on their rights. liberty is freedom, and defense is also important.
  • Opines that union is important, but not as important. tranquility ties in with defense, and justice must be intact. welfare is an integral part of a successful government.
  • Opines that the government's promises are important, but other aspects cover some of them. union, justice, tranquility, defense, welfare, and liberty are all necessary to a successful government.

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Examining the Modern Day Relevance of the Bill of Rights

The Constitution lays out the rights and obligations of the newly formed United States government. But, what of the rights and obligations of its citizens? Starting in 1791 only two years after the Constitution was ratified the Constitution began to evolve and this process continues to this day. The first ten amendments to the Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights. This Bill of Rights outlines the protections which citizens have from the government of the United States. The question raised in the title of this paper is; Are the Bill of Rights, written well over 200 years ago still relevant today? Of course they are and probably even more so. To illustrate this fact we will examine each of the ten amendments rewrite each one using common everyday language of today and if possible discuss why this was important in 1791 and why we may or may not need this document in writing today. In restating each amendment I will try to write it as if it is a brand new document, which is a stretch to say the least. With out the struggle of the colonies through war and abuse by the English Monarchy would one have the foresight to see how a government may take for granted the rights of its citizenry?

Persuasive Essay: Gun Control Contradicts the Second Amendment

the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms,

Constitution Dbq

After the American Revolution, America had earned it’s freedom from Britain. In order to govern this new country the Articles of Confederation was created. This document was flawed by the colonists fear of putting too much power into a central government. Knowing the document needed to be fixed a constitutional convention was called. The document created at this convention has been our constitution ever since. But even the Constitution was meet with criticism. One major concern when writing the constitution was how to protect the citizens rights. The Constitution did this through the preamble, the legislative process, the limit of presidential terms, the judicial branch, and the bill of rights.

Persuasive Essay On The Us Constitution

The U.S. Constitution is without a doubt the foundation of U.S. Law from which all other laws stem from. Not only does the constitution outline the basic civil liberties and laws, but also protects U.S. citizens from an unfair government. This safe guard to the American people provides a special brand of freedom, and protection from the government. Though all laws abide by the constitution, not all of them can be perfectly aligned with each special situation that individual states may carry; this is where amendments nine and ten come into action, to provide a statement of reserved powers. With the creation of the Constitution, the U.S. became its own, allowing its citizens freedoms that were not clearly defined before.

The Patriot Ac Does NOT Violate Constitutional Rights

Citizens of any country are given some rights as well as responsibilities, and the United States of America is no exception. The Constitution (US Const) of the USA as well as the first ten amendments, also known as “Bill of Rights”, defines the framework of it. It is a supreme law that defines how Federal Government works.

The Proper Role of Government

Philosophers have struggled with determining the proper role of government. In the absence of government and laws, people could do whatever they wanted, and some of them would try to slaughter others and steal their property. This is the state called anarchy. People have realized that the safety of the people and the country would be in jeopardy in such a state. Thus, it is necessary for a country to have a government and/or ruler. However, a ruler must not have absolute power nor lack authority. But the protection of the people and the country alone is not enough for a country to prosper. The property and the natural rights of the people and the government must also be protected. Thus, the proper role of government is to protect the people’s natural rights, their property, and the people themselves.

The Bill of Rights

Chapter fourteen of our text book covers the 3rd, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 13th, and 14th amendments which cover different rights of the government and the people. In this paper, I will be summarizing these amendments and how they are important to us.

Essay On The American Court System

Justice is a vital part of the American Court System and influenced and continues to influence since the beginning of American history. Structure and organization is an important factor that creates our outstanding court systems. The State and U.S Constitutions are not the only foundation of the court systems, but also that people that work hard to thrive for justice. Today, justice and equality causes the court systems to change and adapt to continue protecting the rights of the people.

Is Government Necessary Essay

-Government is a way of making laws and regulations for the people. It is necessary to provide order and safety to the public. We have freedom and there needs to be an in between of freedom and order. Having a government allows protection of our rights and it is also needed to provide us with safety and have law enforcement and education for children. The primary purposes of government are to create a good public order while providing public safety such as protecting people from crimes. Government allows there to be boundaries and behaviors deemed appropriate by society.

Constitutional Democracy In The United States

4 These consist of Freedom to express yourself, freedom to worship as you wish, right to a prompt, fair trial by jury, right to vote in elections for public officials, right to apply for federal employment requiring U.S. 6 citizenship, and the right to run for elected office, freedom to pursue “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Responsibilities are what is expected by the government from the people. 7 These consist of Support and defend the Constitution. 4 Stay informed of the issues affecting your community, participate in the democratic process, respect and obey federal, state, and local laws, respect the rights, beliefs, and opinions of others, participate in your local community, pay income and other taxes honestly, and on time, to federal, state, and local authorities, serve on a jury when called upon, and defend the country if the need should

Importance Of The 4th Amendment

The First Amendment is crucial in protecting the five fundamental freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of petition, and freedom of assembly. The Fourth Amendment is significant for it protects the individual’s privacy from the government and from government harassment. The Sixth Amendment is valuable since it provides the legal framework of the criminal legal system and to protect the accused person from abuse of power. Of all the Amendments of the Bill of Rights, the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment and the Sixth Amendment are the most

The First Amendment

When thinking of The United States only two thoughts come to mind; freedom and citizenship. The right to vote, the right to freedom of speech, and the right to a fair, speedy trial are all rights the citizens of America possess. All the same people have responsibilities. People residing in the United States are expected to know their responsibilities such as Supporting and defending the Constitution, or Respecting the rights, beliefs, and opinions of others. In 1791, the Constitution of the United States was amended and the people were given the ten amendments, which is also known as the Bill of Rights, to protect freedom.

Essay On Constitutional Principles Of Government

There are several key constitutional principles, such as popular sovereignty, federalism, republicanism, individual rights, and so on. The United States is a democracy and residences are considered the source of the government powers. Since America is well known for freedom, it is obvious that the government does not have powers to control everything. Limited government is another type of the constitutional principles as well.

Freedom Of Speech Should be Limited

The entire American Government is based in the belief that all human beings are born with certain rights. People do not receive their rights from the Government; its function is actually to guard the rights we already have. Citizens are protected by the first amendment, which prohibits government from acting against anyone's rights.

Unjust Justice

Justice is in fact the most important system of our government. To some people justice is the punishment someone receives after being convicted of a crime; other people could think it means the difference between knowing right from wrong. In my opinion, along with, justice is best defined as the fair and equal treatment of people. This is not just used in the court of law however; my definition should be used in every aspect of human life, from work to school and beyond. But, for that to happen, I believe "fair and equal treatment" needs to be defined, and that means to treat people of any skin color, gender, age, sexual preference, or any other personal trait the same way.

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Role Of Government Essay

Fourth branch of government essay.

writing prompt #6: Explain why the media has been called the fourth branch of government. Include your opinion of whether this is an accurate portrayal. Media is considered the fourth branch of government, but why? Media influences lives on the daily and can influence governmental thoughts, opinions , and decisions as well. Because of this it could be used for or against the government.

Choose Life Case Study

President become so complex.

They evolve, grow, die off, improve. Many things change over time, people, population, even the world. One of many things that evolved over time is the government. From settlers, to a colony, to a revolution, sprouted a government [the United States of America (U.S.)]. This young government, new to the world has many things to learn.

Declaration Of Rights Of Government Essay

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I accepted a Declaration of Rights which limited the Sovereign 's power, reaffirmed Parliament 's claim to control taxation and legislation, and provided guarantees against the abuses of power which James II and the other Stuart Kings had committed. I became ruler after the Glorious Revolution where James II was not king anymore. I became joint monarchs with my wife Mary, and we made the following laws: Parliament was to meet frequently. I got power in the Glorious Revolution in which the English people overthrew a king they deemed unacceptable and chose their next rulers.

Health Determinant Essay

If the population receives medical care it can help them have good health and also keep them away from becoming really ill. The government role is to help people be aware of the risks they are in danger of. For example, they make policies. Policies include making sure the environment is clean where people live in.

Purpose Of Government

I think the purpose of government is to make and enforce laws the main purpose of government is to protect it citizen. The purpose of government is to keep strict order and to stop is citizens from hurting one another. An effective system of government protection it citizens. The purpose of government is to ensure the safety of the nation and its resident. While other concerns such as economic growth are important, governments primary duty is keep people save.

Government Should Be Mandatory Essay

The government should make it mandatory to get vaccinated, because it can help prevent someone from getting sick, keep the illnesses from killing people, and to help prevent diseases from being spread to others. A vaccine is “a product that produces immunity from a disease and can be administered through needle injections, by mouth, or by aerosol” ("Basics" 1). The vaccines make it so you don’t get certain diseases, and keeps you safe from getting sick. They are a good defense against dangerous, preventable, and contagious diseases ("Basics." 1). Despite what many people argue, vaccines are very safe.

Importance Of Government In Australia

HASS ASSIGNMENT 1. We need government to keep the country towns and states under control. Also they give us road to drive on and parks to play on. If we didn’t have government if there was no federal government anymore. Imagine that one day government just disappears and the people that still exist and the infrastructure is there, but the laws, rules, systems and policies disappear.

The Laissez-Faire Leadership Style

The French term laissez-faire has originally been associated with the fields of politics and economics. It describes a system where the there is complete absence of governmental intervention in the economy. When it comes to leadership, this word takes on a slightly different meaning. “The laissez-faire leader is one who believes in freedom of choice for the employees, leaving them alone so they can do as they want” (Goodnight, 2011), p-822. This style can be described as a hands-off approach (Stanfield, 2009).

Soul Of The Marionette Essay

First off I would like to take into account what we know Laissez Faire to mean. If we want to explore freedom in our economic climate, then why not start with the management of our banks before the recession hit in 2008. Laissez Faire is a process by which a higher authority or a director of a firm does not have a hands on approach to the running’s of their business, a project or markets

Purpose Of Government Essay

Jeremy Perillo Mr. White AP European History 13 June 2016 Character: John D. Rockefeller Topics: The Purpose of Government, Limitations of Government, and the size and scope of government. History: In 1839, I was born in New York to a poor family consisting of a single mother, four sisters, one brother, and an entire country where I could leave my mark.

Adam Smith's View Of Shared Knowledge

Adam Smith, the father of Economics published papers that had changed the way Economists think. In his paper, he mentioned the “invisible hand”. The “invisible hand” refers to individual’s interests which generates a demand for goods and services that allow others to supply those goods and services. He suggests that a market work best under free market, without government intervention. There will be better allocation of resources as demand and supply will automatically adjust to equilibrium based on individual’s interest and utility.

Government Intervention Analysis

There has been no real model of a society that runs in the absence of it (Pettinger, 2012). Some form of government intervention is usually necessary to ensure greater equality and prevent market failures. However, the government might make bad decisions as they can be influenced by political pressure groups. Furthermore, government intervention might also create excess bureaucracy and inefficiency when they spend on public and merit goods. As mentioned earlier in this paper, government intervention can be very helpful when the market fails.

The Ideal Society In Jean-Jacques Rousseau's The Origin Of Civil Society

Society has been struggling to find order ever since its conception. The idea that perfection could be achieved has long been dismissed, but societies still strive for something at least resembling functionality. Some of the fundamental problems faced within the genesis of a nation stem from the establishment of a government. How would one control and provide for the citizens in an effective way? Why would anyone willingly submit to governmental control?

Government Intervention In Private Affairs Essay

. ELCT YEAR 4/ 2015 RESEARCH PAPER Government intervention in private affairs is always undesirable. Do you agree? Lim Tong, Denise B6 (12) Government intervention in private affairs can be seen as interference in someone’s private choices or as a safety precaution to prevent citizens from dangerous activities.

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The Proper Role of Government Essay

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Purpose Of The Government Essay

It’s said that the purpose of the government is to “Ensure the proper use of force...” and to “Protect the individual rights of its citizens…”, but that’s not what is really happening. In fact, it is quite the opposite, our rights list: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. With a government intact it is only enabling us to be truly free, we cannot excel in a world that is constantly at watch over our shoulders. Nor can we accomplish the wants of our hearts if we aren’t truly happy in knowing that we are under control of a government. It is also a right to live and it is sad to say that we are even being denied life itself. Where is the same assuring protection for African Americans, where is the equal protection on citizens there? That being said, isn’t there already no government, if it isn’t doing its job why have such a high labeling title. There is no justice being done to the justice system at all if nothing is ever being done about all the wrong doings. There are crimes everywhere that are not being stopped and there are people dying for no explanatory reasons. In The Portable Abraham Lincoln, written by Andrew Delbanco, Abraham is quoted “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable

The Four Functions Of Government In The United States

Every government in the world has basic functions that they provide for their citizens. “The preamble, to the constitution, alludes to two basic kinds of services that cannot easily be accomplished without government, and their provision accounts for two functions of every government of the world.” (Maltese 11) The two functions are providing and maintaining order and safety, and providing public goods, such as national defense. Governments can also provide any functions that they see fit to help promote the general welfare of their citizens. These government functions are designed to keep countries from becoming too chaotic, while still not completely controlling the people. While these are the main functions that governments perform they can do many other things, and often once a government is in place, the people will want to be provided with other services. However there are also people who believe

United States Constitution Analysis

Government was created, and has always been, to enforce law and order. “Governments almost certainly originated with the need to protect people from conflicts and to provide law and order” (Purposes, 2016, par. 2). Without government, the people would fall into disorder and chaos, causing unhappiness and hardship throughout the nation they live in; it would be anarchy. Constitutional governments not only protect citizens from foreign threats, but also domestic threats from within. In America, a citizen’s freedoms extend as far as they want until they infringe upon the rights of another citizen. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are only some of the many rights promised to the American people. These rights are set forth by a well-

Should The Government Have Too Much Power Essay

Our country was colonize by settlers that were looking for a way OUT of their own country in which leaders had too much power they were escaping dictatorship. They knew the consequences of leaders having too much power, which they suffer in their own skin sure this was one the first reasons they decided to leave in perused of freedoms that they didn’t have. With this being set when the time came to delegate power to the government they were sure not to give too much power to no one part of the government, limiting the power of the president not only to prevent their past to repeat but to also create a different type of government that they have never experience before. The limited power of the president is a great strategy of our funding

Thomas Jefferson Fairness

  • 2 Works Cited

People need the government to guide and control them; for they can have freedom. The people need the government to direct and advised them, which will allow them to furish in a free society. Additionally,

Similarities Between Locke And Hobbes

Governments are created not only to keep the peace or govern those who cannot govern themselves, governments are created to establish a set of rules or laws and keep all men equal; both John Locke and Thomas Hobbes, discuss the importance of governmental power while maintaining peace and order about the equals. There comes a time where one must decide whom to believe and stand beside; however, the logical solution to this conundrum is to combine the works of both philosophers and stand with the analysis of government by Jean Rousseau. In the 1689 book written by John Locke, the Two Treatises of Government, topics such as the importance of equality and property ownership are brought about. Locke discusses the “state of nature”, while also putting

Pros And Cons Of Anarchy

Over the course of human events, philosophers have presented their ideologies about what roles a government should have as well as what are the functions of that said government. At many times, these philosophers have clashed in their ideologies however, each philosopher recognizes one possible state of being; anarchy. Anarchy is a state of disorder in which there is no official form of a systematic government rule. Philosophers such as Aristotle, Hobbes, Locke, Mearsheimer, Ikenberry, and Gilpin all acknowledge and agree that a state of anarchy can exist but they disagree in whether anarchy is good or bad. Anarchy in a state of nature is conflictual, thus it is a problem.

Social Contract: The Most Important Purpose Of The Government

In the past, there was the creation of government that was bound to social contract to protect the rights of the people. There have been many times where the government has violated its contract and the people are able to start a revolution to take control of the government. There are 4 different purposes of the government and one key element of government is maintaining social order. I believe this is the most important purpose because social order is the balance between the people, without balance in the hierarchy of the people the country or the nation could be separated and thrown into chaos. The social contract between the government and the people is in place because people do not know how to cope and avoid conflict with the people around

Ideas Of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, And Jacque Rousseau

its people. To Hobbes, the government is there to impose laws and order in order to prevent a

Essay On The Four Purposes Of Government

Today I'm writing about the four purposes of government and examples about how they are affected throughout the United States.

Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness

Let’s imagine, if a nation does not have government, what would things be like without law? Probably this question gives us pretty much idea for the reason why we need government and what it purpose is. For a nation to stabilize and develop in peace, government is necessary because existence of a nation base upon its government. The first purpose that government can give is freedom as Thomas Jefferson said, “We hold the these truth to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” This tells that these are basic human rights; government maintains and protects the basic rights of human on freedom, equality,

Essay On Effective Government

Since the attack on the world trade center the United states of America has instituted attacks on those state's and towns who harbored Saddam Hussein. These attacks against al qaeda were very successful in toppling the terrorist regime but the U.S. struggled with the rebuilding the governments. When the us tried to reach out to make minorities heard and accidentally created a witch hunt and created a situation where no one won. The insurgents may not be the bravest soldiers but they were effective at creating an environment where an effective government would not work. Many people became angry with the U.S. because of the accidental death of family members or friends during the conflict. This lead to increased tensions between the U.S. and

Government Intervention Essay

When issues arise, governments are the ones that intervene into the market to correct market failures; these include issues such as climate change. In order to correct these issues government use methods such as inequality, externalities and public goods. This restores efficiency as well as increasing the economic well being of society. The environment is accessible by every individual as it is non-excludable. Thus, meaning that no one can be prohibited from using it and one person’s use diminishes another person’s use of it. Since it is a common resource accessible to everyone, it can easily be overused, this is when a government should intervene in order to restore the balance. There are many ways in which governments can help aid the climate issue, one being by controlling prices in the markets (directly) or by taxing and subsidising demand and supply (indirectly). But, obviously climate change could not be aided through something as simple as changing the price, so that means that the intervention would be seen as indirect because there is no market for climate change. It will be difficult for the government to measure social costs (externality) of climate change. These exist when the production or consumption of a good has a positive or negative side effect on third parties that are not accounted for in the price of the good. Manufacturing companies emit carbon pollution during the production process that increases the contamination in the environment. In order to

The Importance Of Undocumented Immigrants In The United States

What is the purpose of government? It has many, many purposes and jobs, but most importantly, it protects the citizens living in the nation. Government officials are supposed to decide what is best for the country, and ensure protection to everyone living in it. The main purpose of it, is to protect individual rights of the citizens, create laws and rules, and to be able to protect the nation from possible threats. Without government, everyone would be in danger and very disorganized. The government is supposed to hold the nation together and keep it a whole.

John Locke : An Ideal State

Without the protection of the rights entailed from the aforementioned objectives government in any society, there is no rule of law. Without the rule of law society would quickly regress back to a state of nature that was man versus man, or mob rule. Neither situation would be an ideal state for anyone John Locke is one of the many important authors of such theories and I find his reasoning compelling. He believes that if the people give their individual power to enforce the laws of nature to a political society they can result in a form of government being created. Through private property and reason, a person is to obtain liberty. Jean-Jacques Rousseau is another philosopher whose perspective seems to be in agreement with Locke in terms of exploring political foundations that depend on the social contract. Once a social contract is formed and the people comply, then the government is responsible for protecting the people’s rights.

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What Is the Proper Role of Government - Essay Example

What Is the Proper Role of Government

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essay about government responsibility


Government Responsibility Regarding Human Rights

Every state has the primary responsibility of promoting and protecting human rights. To realize these responsibilities, both local and national governments have to educate the public about human rights, create awareness, raise, and train public officials on the significance of freedom. Governments employ legal instruments that oversee social security in adherence to the 1952 convention and utilize the 2012 social protection floors recommendation to ensure human rights are protected. Additionally, governments implement the International Convention on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), where special measures protect and assist young adults and children.

Human rights are absolutely and evenly protected worldwide by adhering to the 1998 Human Rights Act, the main law that allows for freedom to be safeguarded. Public authorities must treat every individual with the equality, fairness, dignity, autonomy, and respect they deserve through the law. Moreover, since laying down the principles that brought human rights into the international law realm in 1948, the Universal Human Rights Declaration has diligently protected this freedom using on-the-ground activities and legal instruments. Lastly, through the 1950 European Convention on Human Rights, European members established an international treaty to safeguard similar privileges in Europe.

Several ways exist through which governments can improve human rights around the world. Making a difference revolves around speaking up for what people care about, with one brave voice being enough to create awareness around an issue. The other way to improve human rights protection is by donating or volunteering in global organizations where such initiations empower communities towards escaping fundamental challenges like poverty and natural disaster resiliency. The other ways to improve human rights protection throughout the world, by mention, are to choose fair trade and ethically make gifts, listen to others’ stories, stay connected with social movements, and stand up against discrimination.


De Than, Claire. Human Rights . Pearson Education Limited. 2019.

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Example Of Government And Citizens: Roles And Responsibilities Essay

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Government , Law , Politics , Relationships , Responsibility , Belief , Thinking , Time

Words: 1400

Published: 03/25/2020


It is not an untold secret that both government and people are bind together in an interdependent relationship. It means that that there is a reciprocal relationship between the government and the citizens that demands a give and take approach (Callahan 174). Just as citizens are liable to follow the laws and rules and regulations set up by the government; the government is also answerable to the citizens for all its actions. As far as citizens are concerned, I think that this collaborative association with the government tests them to find the time and to remain involved for the betterment of all. It is exceedingly necessary for the citizens to get awareness regarding the governmental functions in order to be acquainted with both prospects and restraints. As citizens, it is their duty to leave expedient personal impetus behind and come to the table for the interest of the public. The development and sustenance of the mentioned collaborative relationships are dependent on the participation of citizens. There are a number of roles that citizens must play in order to preserve their relationship with the government. These contributions include “participating in neighborhood associations, serving on school boards and advisory committees, attending public meetings and hearings, and encouraging their neighbors and friends to do the same” (Callahan 208). Such contributions may help the citizens to become dynamic and concerned members of their communities. The development of trustworthy associations, relationships and networks is dependent on this kind of active and involved participation. This kind of involvement also helps citizens to have a greater understanding of the system and governance style. The power that is consequently attained also let people to hold the government officials answerable for their activities (Callahan 208). In my opinion, my relationship with the government can become better once I understand my duties, responsibilities and rights. I believe that there are numerous rights and responsibilities that I should practice and respect being a citizen of my country. I believe that it is my responsibility to act as an involved contributor and possessor of the government. As a citizen, I shall try to develop a productive, meaningful and evocative relationship with the government. It is my responsibility as a citizen to identify and realize that I have certain duties to discharge. An active role on my part can help the government to improve its services and make decisions for the people. By assuming an active role, I can even challenge the authorities for their undertakings. I also believe that as a citizen, it is my utmost duty to look beyond my self-interests for the betterment of the community. This will become easier if I start taking interest in public affairs and to feel the troubles and tribulations of others. I believe that I can gain this understanding of mutuality if I start thinking about the consequences of my actions (as a citizen) on the society. To cut a long story short, my behavior as a citizen has a great impact on the improvement of societal conditions. I believe that as a law-abiding citizen, I must discharge my duties lawfully. The first and foremost responsibility that I have as a citizen is to hold up and protect the Constitution of the State. Secondly, I shall always be informed regarding the different issues that have a direct/indirect effect on the community. Thirdly, it is also my chief responsibility to be an efficient participant in the maintenance of the democratic system. Fourthly, it is also important for me to have respect and obedience for the laws made up by the local, state and federal governments. As a citizen, it is my responsibility to value other peoples’ opinions, respect their rights and revere their beliefs (religious, political etc.). My participation in the affairs of the local community is also my major responsibility as a dynamic civilian. One of the most important responsibilities that I have as a citizen is to make sure that all my taxes are paid without any delay. Last but not the least; I believe that I shall serve my country in the time of need. I have already mentioned that there is a reciprocal relationship between the government and the citizens. Therefore, there are certain things that I expect from government as a citizen. I believe that it is the responsibility of the government to grant me the freedom for expressing myself and my opinions openly. I also expect the government to let me worship according to my wish. The government should not interfere in people’s religious beliefs. It is also expected of the government to give its citizens the tight to a timely and just trial by the judicial system. I also think that it is very essential for the government to allow its citizens to vote in elections for the people they assume as fair and honest. It is also the duty of a government to make sure that the physiological and safety needs of its citizens are met properly and appropriately. Moreover, it is the fiscal responsibility of the government to ensure that its activities are assessed and monitored in a careful manner for the long-term sustainability. Recently, I was driving home with my family when a police officer asked us to stop to check for drugs and alcohol. It was a bad thing from his end as there was no apparent reason to stop us for checking. This was a time when I felt that it was an unfair thing to do. He insisted on looking inside our car which I think was rude. Although we knew that we could refuse to let him search the car, we remained silent. I think that it is the responsibility of the officials to have proper information before asking people to stop and get their vehicles searched. I believe that is the violation of my rights as a citizen as I was with my family and it was really offensive to be stopped and searched like that. I think that it was unfair to check us on the basis of suspicion and without any reasonable evidence. Individualized suspicion is necessary in such cases. Thus, it is one of the laws that I would like to make an amendment to. It is important to mention here that Thomas Jefferson believed in the rewriting of the Constitution from scratch. He asserted that every American generation must rewrite the laws according to its time and circumstances. However, the conditions are opposite as the Constitution of the United States of America cannot be touched for any amendment (Phillips). Being the citizen of a democratic country, I believe that I have both rights and responsibilities. I believe that I must invest time and hard work in order to be productive towards my community and country. In my opinion, the success and failure of the government is dependent on my participation. I don’t think that it is enough to just go out and vote and to let the elected officials do whatever they want. However, the government officials are also required to discharge their duties in an honest and vigilant manner. The reciprocal relationship can turn out as beneficial only then. Thus, making a country peaceful and fit for human habitation is only possible when both people and government realize their roles and responsibilities and agree to work hand in hand for the development and progression of the nation. To conclude, it is the need of the time to get aware of one’s roles and responsibilities as the citizen of a state that has given so much to us.

Works Cited

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