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Cheating among students has been a well-known problem which is difficult to gain knowledge of. There are different ways of cheating in exam; students can copy from each other, write short notes on their hands or other body parts, use of mobile phones, and others methods. Therefore, the intent of this paper is to discuss the causes and effects of exam cheating . The major reason which leads to popularity of cheating is that students always desire to have good marks. Today’s academic system is generally based on grade point average or some other alphabetical or numerical representation of academic skill. If students notice that many classmates have high marks, they also want the fame of having good grades. Therefore, this pressure unintentionally causes students to value their goods marks much more than their knowledge. Eventually, students do anything to achieve good marks, even cheating in exams. Another important reason is the lack of high self-esteem. Students with high self-esteem feel too embarrassed to cheat in exams. Instead, they think they have to study hard so to get full marks thanks to their knowledge. On the other hand, students with low self-esteem cheat on the exams whenever possible. They just think about the good grades because of cheating, and do not feel something wrong for their behavior. Temptation is another reason for cheating in exams. The birth of internet brought the ability to quickly and efficiently transmit information on anything from anywhere, right to our fingertips with sites. The sites cater for students by providing pre-written reports and essays that you can purchase or download for free. Mobile phones with internet increases the chance of cheating in exam rooms. Another common reason that studen... ... middle of paper ... ...ions in which cheating is common, they face problems in the job or college search. Since many students with high marks from the institution prove uninformed in their field, employers and admissions committee are unable to verify which students do not know the information, and those who know the information. Therefore, they will have a negative effect of any student from that particular institution. The above discussion shows that there are many effects of cheating in exam. Therefore, schools should come up with strategies on how to reduce cheating in schools. The teachers can inform the students about the effects of cheating in exam. They should also come up with harass punishment if a student is caught cheating. This will reduce the cases of cheating, and students will be fully equipped for the job market. Therefore, students should know cheating in exams is bad.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that cheating among students is a well-known problem which is difficult to gain knowledge of. students can copy from each other, write short notes on their hands or other body parts, use of mobile phones, and others methods.
  • Explains that cheating is popular because students always want to have good marks. if students notice that many classmates have high marks, they also want the fame of having good grades.
  • Explains that students with high self-esteem feel embarrassed to cheat in exams. they think they have to study hard to get full marks thanks to their knowledge.
  • Explains that temptation is another reason for cheating in exams. the birth of internet brought the ability to quickly and efficiently transmit information on anything from anywhere, right to our fingertips.
  • Explains that students cheat in exams because others cheat. everyone cheats at some point so it is not discouraged among peers.
  • Explains that heavy workload among students contributes to cheating in exam. many professors speed classes giving lectures instead of having students’ class assignments as it is considered ‘old fashion.’
  • Explains that some students cheat because they fail to take certain subjects or courses seriously. they may decide some subjects are more important than others.
  • Explains the different effects of cheating in exam. the severity and type of punishment depend on the school's academic dishonesty policies.
  • Explains that academic probation is another effect of exam cheating. the specific probation varies from one school to another.
  • Explains that if someone is expelled or dismissed from college or high school, it makes it more difficult to get into college and find work.
  • Opines that cheating can have long-term repercussions on students. falling behind makes it more tempting to cheat and the more times someone cheats, the higher the chances of being caught.
  • Explains that cheating can become a habit when it is repeatedly successful. cheating students learn that they can receive credit for minimal work which has negative effects on their work ethic.
  • Explains that exam cheating results in a lot of time wasted, and that peers will finish school earlier than you.
  • Explains that cheating has a negative effect on the institution's institutional integrity. students with high marks prove uninformed in their field, and employers and admissions committees cannot verify which students do not know the information.
  • Opines that schools should come up with strategies on how to reduce cheating in schools, such as educating students about the effects and harassing punishment if a student cheats.

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Colleen Wenke's Too Much Pressure

That stomach churning feeling of guilt for many seems to appear as a small price to pay when completing an act of academic dishonesty. Colleen Wenke wrote an essay on cheating eighteen years ago called “Too Much Pressure”. In the past fifty years, the number of students who admit to cheating has increased fifty to seventy percent(Gaffe). Many people wonder what leads the students to make this unjust decision. Today, the reason for a rise in cheaters is because of how easy it has become, leading many students to the false conclusion that they aren’t breaking any rules; It is simply viewed as a shortcut to success in the classroom and beyond.

Richard Perez-Pena's Article On Cheating

One of the main reasons behind this would be how cheating is much more tolerated by teachers and parents. Teachers know that students cheat just as much as students know that they cheat. Teachers even see it going on, but they just ignore it. I have seen students in the hallway or at lunch just copying someone’s work and not even trying to hide it because they think they will not get in trouble. One teacher of mine was talking in front of the class just about two weeks ago, and he was talking about cheating. He said that he walked by some kids in the hallway in the morning copying each other's answers, and he says he sees is amongst students almost every day. He never puts a stop to it though. The majority of parents in today’s world think that their children are darling angels, and refuse to see the fact that they are doing something wrong. I went to grade school with a couple of boys who were just plain bullies and were the only ones who caused all kinds problems. Anytime the situation was brought up to those boys’ parents, the parents would get very offended and believe that their children were doing nothing wrong. Both of these boys always had their mother help with their homework. but I know she did more than just a little bit of help. I was friends with their sister, and once I witnessed the mother actually telling one of the boys

Cheating With Technology

Pressures from society to obtain a successful career require achieving an education in most cases. In today's economy having a thriving career could depend on our educational background as part of the ingredient to fuel our lifestyles. Students attending high school or college can relate to the pressures of sustaining adequate grades. Students who are overwhelmed with trying to maintain higher GPA standards push the academic barriers using technology to cheat. Our society is more advanced with technology such as computers, cell phones, text message systems, as well as various other electronic devices that could provide the avenue for a desperate student seeking a way to cheat in order to receive a higher GPA score. According to Ad Council (1999),"Grades, rather than education, have become the major focus of many students" (Ad Council, 1999). For those students in high school maintaining high GPA's could equal college scholarship programs needed to attend college. Students with peer pressures as well as pressures from parents to achieve higher grades could thrust students who are not motivated to study, to resort to cheating as an easy solution to an unethical problem. This research paper will discuss ways in which students are using technology to cheat. Other aspects of this paper will include statistics on academic cheating as well as ways instructors are catching students cheating. The pros and cons after using cheating detection programs as well as statistics that show significant changes after using the detection programs will also be discussed.

Critical Analysis Of Christian Miller's Essay On Cheating

In this final chapter, Christian Miller speaks about cheating. There is a cheating behavior that many people do for various reasons. This assumes that the cheater might not be the one who is advantaged. Most humans today cheat when the opportunities arise. In studies, it is clear that many students cheat while in college. Of the many students who cheat, only a small fraction of them get caught. In a very large group of people, it was seen that only 3 people stated that they have never cheated while in school. In one case, a student found an exam on the printer and mass distributed it to the class and the class finished the exam quickly and scored higher. This made the teacher skeptical and a retake was made. It is clear that cheating is very prominent on college campuses. In an experiment, participants were told that they could only take 5 minutes on a

Why college students cheat

How bad has cheating become over the years, the numbers in some cases are mind-boggling. In today’s day and age the amount of college students cheating is numbered to have maintain a steady figure of about 75 percent. (Lang, 2013) Cheating has been around since the beginning of time, some of the reasons behind most of the prolific cheaters are centered on what seems to be three main issues plaguing our society. Cheaters be it young or old, all seem to have what I call the “Big Three” in common. In my research on cheating, there were three things that continued to stick out, such as; procrastinating, the pressure to make the grade and it is easier to cheat rather then to do your own work. To the answer the question why college students cheat, we must first understand why, in order to find a solution on how to help avoid this continuing going forward. After reading this paper you will see that cheating has become prevalent in college, caused by a need to get better grades with less original work being done eventually the ends don't justify the means.

Cheating Is Cheating

What is cheating? Cheating is the dishonesty of an individual for their personal advantage. Base on various studies conducted cheating is getting worse among students. Students are cheating to get higher grades so that they look smart. Students are even cheating their way into colleges and universities. This is becoming a major problem and it does not only affect students but school administrators, employers and even generations to come. Don McCabe (2010) conducted a survey among 24,000 high school students at 70 high schools in the United States. 64% Of students admitted to cheating on a test, 58% admitted to plagiarism and 95% participated in some form of cheating. For college students, 70% of students, report to some form of cheating.

Analysis Of Who's Cheating Whom By Alfie Kohn

Situations of cheating have seemed to become more and more commonplace when the student is bored by the subject material, poor teaching and or feels they have no use for the knowledge. Kohn even states in his article, “cheating is more common when students experience the academic tasks they’ve been given as boring, irrelevant, or overwhelming.” This infers that if a student were attending a school interested in learning about art, the student maybe more inclined to cheat in a business accounting class due to the fact the student would find the subject material irrelevant to them and their future. Students seem to be less inclined to cheat and it “is relatively rare in classrooms where the learning is genuinely engaging and meaningful to students and where a commitment to exploring significant ideas hasn’t been eclipsed by a single-minded emphasis on “rigor”” (Kohn). To simplify everything mentioned above; students are inclined to cheat in school when they are disinterested in the subject material and or are overwhelmed by in assignment or finally the result in a poor teacher. Everyone who has attended school can relate to this in some way or another, most people do not want to retain knowledge they have no interest in or use for in their

Academic Dishonesty: Applying Technology To Cheat

The justifications behind cheating range from laziness to an unwillingness to put forth the effort to learn the expected material. Some students blame a lack of self-confidence in one’s ability to learn or lack of interest in the subject. Many modern students lack time to devote to academics, because of hectic schedules. Some students blame instructors for not providing clear expectations or practical applications of academic topics, encouraging a student to devote the necessary time to the material.

Cheating In College Essay

Cheating is a big issue that has reached the most competitive campuses around the United States. It is increasing more and more with the new technology that we have in the 21st century because students have easy access to many sources of information. Cheating is something all students have done at some point in their lives, but as they reach a higher academic level, they are faced with more rigorous consequences that can affect their futures in many different ways. Cheating might be seen as an easy way to obtain a good grade, get into a good college, or maintain scholarships or financial aid, but the consequences could affect the life and the future of the student.

Students Cheatwork

...Almost every student nowadays can admit to cheating at some point in their educational career, but motives as to why they cheat vary and can’t be narrowed down to one reason. There are many excuses as to why all levels of students chose to cheat no matter how wrong or unexpected it is. Cheating is a large problem, but members of universities and schools can discourage it and try to prevent it as much as possible. Not only should it be frowned upon, but it also should be a priority to make it next to impossible to do. Advisers can reduce the temptation of cheating by significantly decreasing the amount of true and false and multiple choice questions on exams and quizzes. Also by understanding the students social and parental pressures in a person at that age’s life is important and contributes to decreasing the amount of students cheating in schools and universities.

Using Technology to Cheat in School

There are so many ways that students use technology to cheat and so many devices that they use to accomplish this unethical behavior. The many different things that are commonly used in today’s society to make our life easier, but it is used in the wrong way are mostly small hand-held devices. Such things are cell phones, digital camera, PDA’s and lap-tops. These items are so high tech that they are able to store large amount of data that can be utilized to gather information to be used in assignments, exams and homework in the ways of cheating. Rather than worry about study for the test, students simply break into database and change their final grade.

Using Technology to Cheat

Over the past decade or so, we have seen a huge increase in cheating in our schools. The introduction of the Internet into most homes and schools and other technological advances are some of the main causes. Students are misusing the new technologies to find new and more high tech ways to cheat. During testing students are receiving answers via text messaging devices, they are downloading notes to iPods and graphing calculators, they are picture messaging exams with their mobile phones, and they are even hiring look-alike experts to take the exams for them. They can use the internet to easily plagiarize a paper; they can pay a company to write the paper for them, they can even pay to use a prewritten paper from a database. The internet and technology are making it easier and easier for students to cheat, and as technology continues to advance, we will continue to see a rapid rise in cheating.

Cheating and Technology: How Modern Technology Has Affected Education

We might want to first follow that question with another question. What is cheating and why do so many people do it? Most people would agree that cheating is deceitful and one who obtains answers by cheating is not practicing good integrity. We could further add that cheating also prevents the student from having to put in long hours of studying and preparation. Recent technology has made this “time saving method” even more efficient.

Academic Cheating

Academic knowledge is the basis on which future prosperity, and financial security has been determined. As a consequence, students feel inclined to perform above average in school. Now, as students perform less and less, they sink to obtain good grades by cheating. This method to acquire the desired grades will only harm the student, instead of the imagined result. Prompted by a child’s inability to perform basic tasks throughout his education , academic cheating spawns numerous negative consequences.

Why Students Cheat

The first cause as to why students cheat is because they are lazy. It happens all the time, where students go home from school, have a snack, watch television, take a nap, play some video games, and just keep saying that they will do their homework later. The next thing they know it eleven o’clock at night and time to go to bed, but no homework was accomplished. The student keeps pushing back the assignment until the last minute and the last minute is not enough time. This is also known as procrastination. The student does not want to fail, but they were too lazy to do their own work, so they ask to copy the work from a friend that did the work. I once said something to a guy about how this was cheating and he told me that he was, “using his resources wisely”. Another time I asked a student next to me to stop copying my answers in class and he told, “Then you shouldn’t let me see your answers”, he blamed his cheating on me. One time when I was in seventh grade in my ecology class we had to put together a presentation with a partner. My partner was a close friend at the time, and our topic was solar power. I ended up doing all of the research and put together the presentation a...

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Wow! You so smart leh

Students are ready to do everything to pass their exams, including cheating, if you wonder why they prefer this instead of studying a displine, this source can explain you in details

this is a good example that if children did not study for their test or examination, they will cheat.If they cheat, they would be found out very soon no matter how much they hide from the invigilator. Good example :D

Nice story . No wonder you got good marks for your exam . Congratulations to you !!!!!

Wow! very impressive story

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"was a momentary silence as the frantic writing of text ceased" can I know the meaning?? I searched it on Google but I still can get it...

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Student Cheating in an Exam and Its Consequences

Cheating in exams is one of the biggest malpractices affecting a majority of students pursuing college education today. Cheating is amorphous since it comes in many different forms. For instance, a student can copy somebody else’s work and present it as his original work. This could be as simple as peeping at his/her neighbors’ work or asking a friend for answers to a question. It could also be more complex where students go online and get the solutions for the exam questions and present them as their original work. Some students even pay some third-party people to do the assignment for them. Cheating in examinations is something that should be avoided at all costs. The one who suffers the consequences is the student that is cheating.

There are two broad categories of the consequences of cheating in an examination. The first category is the direct or immediate consequences. The direct consequences refer to the consequences a student faces when caught cheating. Different colleges have different policies for dealing with students caught cheating in exams. The second category of consequences of cheating in an exam is the long-term effects. This refers to the consequences that are cumulative. These consequences usually take a longer time to manifest. They could even appear years after successful completion of your college.

When you consider the immediate consequences of cheating, the most important is being penalized on the spot by your college. Different institutions have different disciplinary actions they take on such students that are caught cheating. Some colleges can even discontinue them. There is a variety of robust software in use by institutions today to detect any form of plagiarism. Once detected, a student’s work is not accepted and he is penalized immediately. An example is the University of Manchester which discontinued some students in 2008 for cheating (University of Manchester).

Another immediate consequence is the wastage of precious time. Copying a friend’s coursework may appear a good way to save time but this is actually not the case. This is because when plagiarism has been detected, one may be required to redo the work. While you backtrack to redo the work, your coursemates will already have already moved on to do something else. Moreover, some disciplinary actions usually involve suspension. This will mean that you have to wait for a whole year or so before you can get back to class. You could even be blocked from taking the course of your interest once the suspension is over.

But one may be thinking, “what if I don’t get caught?” Well, it is true that many students actually cheat and manage to graduate without their institution ever smelling a rat. But there are long-term consequences. You can cheat in an exam but you can’t cheat the system. Let’s take a hypothetical case of a project assignment that you have been given to work on as part of your course work. You decide to pay someone to do it for you since you don’t have the time for it. The project is done well and in good time. You get a good grade for the module. Some years later, your employer looks at your transcript, discovers you scored an A in the project, and decides to assign a task similar to what you did in college. Now you are in hot soup! You have absolutely no idea how to handle the task and you can’t say so. Your credentials show you actually scored an A. You give it your best shot but needless to say, you fail. If you are lucky, you will still keep your job but from now, your employer will always doubt your capability and credentials. If you are not lucky, you could end up losing your job.

Students who cheat always have a seemingly good explanation as to why they are doing so. Mostly, it is because they lack time. But before one justifies his/her actions, he/she should think of the consequences. While one may argue that cheating will save him/her time and he will do it in a way that will make it hard to be caught, the flip side is that students are continually being caught and are being penalized for cheating in exams. Do you really want to risk facing the consequences of cheating in an exam if you are caught? I wouldn’t want to be suspended or worse still discontinued from my course for something that I can actually avoid. Generally, the rule of thumb is, it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

Works Cited

University of Manchester. Cheating . 2010. Web.

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Consequences of a College Student Cheating In Exams Essay

Introduction, consequences of a college student cheating in exams, works cited.

The education system is usually faced with a lot of challenges one of them being cheating in exams. The main reason behind cheating in colleges is usually to pass the examination and reach the expected grades. Many students suffer from transition from high school to colleges and the belief that college education is tougher than that in high school makes them panic hence the temptation to cheat in exams.

The learning atmosphere in colleges, for instance, lack of strict rules with much freedom also may make the students relax and forget their studies hence cheating due to lack of adequate time to revise for exams.

All in all the factors that lead to cheating do not in any way justify the wrong act and the students usually face a lot of consequences. This paper gives an insight into some of the consequences faced by a college student because of cheating in exams.

There are various consequences that are linked to cheating in exams in the college level. The student face some punishment which in most cases is determined by the seriousness of the cheating, the institution’s stipulated rules and regulations in regard to examinations, the particular lecturer’s or professor’s view of the circumstance among other factors.

One of the consequences involves failure in the specific course which leads to the overall failure. This is because cheating may result in getting a zero mark.

Apart from the failure, the student may also face the academic examination and disciplinary body which may make severe judgment for instance suspension or probation in case of first attempt or discontinuation or expulsion of the students in case of repeated attempt which affects not only his or her academic life but also the general life for instance in terms of securing employment opportunities.

Another consequence of cheating in examination among the college students is that the habit of copying or relying on others as opposed to working hard in their studies creates a negative attribute on them where they lack creativity and originality in their academic work.

They also lose the sense of responsibility as they depend on others for their educational success reducing their chances of gaining new knowledge which adds to their pool of existing knowledge hence putting them in better places in various aspects of life.

The ethical and moral grounds of the college students who engage in cheating habits is also undermined which may affect all other aspects of their lives as they do not value accountability and ethics for example in family or work place settings (Hinrichsen 1).

In the event that the student who engage in cheating exam successfully finishes the college education, he or she may create a false character to the outside world as the certificates and other documents shows that the student is capable or fit for a particular position in the work place whereas he or she has little or no knowledge on the field.

The lack of independence and responsibility could also be carried on to the work place where the individual becomes inefficient and highly non-resourceful reducing the possibilities of securing and retaining a good job.

The students who are caught in cheating also face a lot of embarrassment and shame such as facing the disciplinary body which could be ruthless thus affecting their self esteem negatively.

The reputation of the particular student is also damaged as he or she is viewed as being incompetent and wrong by the other students, the lecturers and professors and even the administration. This reputation may have negative impact to the student even long after the cheating incident. A student who engages in cheating exams without being caught may also consider him or herself as a winner forgetting that it may affect them sometimes in future.

The students may find themselves being involved in other unethical acts in their adulthood which could lead to more severe consequences than those faced in an educational setting. Another effect of cheating in exams is that the honest present and even the future students in the system also suffer from the cheating behaviour.

This is because the cheating is deemed to affect the education system in a given manner as the rules tend to be inclined to both the honest and the cheating students. The grades of the honest students are also affected as they tend to be positioned lower than the cheating ones because the cheating students perform better in most cases although their means are not justified (Smith 1).

Cheating in exams among college students is in the rise as the school systems become more lenient in terms of the examination rules and regulation, the guidelines given to the students and also the consequences accrued to the cheating act. Students usually find themselves taking advantage of cheating at the expense of working hard.

It is thereby advisable that the education systems in colleges should be revised where the importance of ethics should be impacted to the students to ensure that the students are able to be resourceful and responsible even in their professional careers and other general life matters.

Hinrichsen, Erik. “ Consequences of Cheating on Exams in College ’. Bright Hub , 2010. Web.

Smith, Andrew. “Consequences for Cheating in School”. Ehow, 2011. Web.

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Cheating: an evil for students

Sakshi Aggarwal

Examination is a source of checking one’s knowledge rather than calculating one’s marks.

Students always think that they have to score good by obtaining more marks but in the race of gaining marks they forget to acquire knowledge. Our education system emphasizes on a good mark sheet rather than a good knowledge.

Parents teach their kids that they have to be a topper in any way but they do not teach their kid how to be a topper. They think that only good marks are sufficient to be a topper but the truth is that a topper is a person who not only tops in class but also in life.

In the race to score good marks students feel pressured and due to this pressure they use wrong means to score good in exam

Whenever we catch children cheating, we always scold them.  Instead of scolding we should persuade them that cheating is ruining their life.

We have to tell them that they can earn good marks by cheating but can never earn knowledge. Students always have a fear of failure in their mind that leads them towards cheating; we need to tell them that if they are cheating during an exam it means they have already failed. Because there is no use of going to school, colleges and institutes if you do not know what are you studying.

There are some teachers who help students in cheating so that they can enhance their performance in the school. But they do not think even for a moment that they are ruining a child’s life for their sole benefit. If a teacher really wants to enhance his performance then he should do efforts on his teaching instead of helping students in exam and ruining their life.

We have to weed out this evil from our children’s life. Children are our future and it is our duty to teach them good things. We should not pressurize our child for their education; we should tell them that learning is more important than marks. Therefore, do not teach them how to score well; teach them to learn well.

essay cheating in exams

what a pity - even decades after independence we are forced to discuss how to stop cheating in exams...thanks to sham probes in the big vyaapam scam -...

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essay cheating in exams

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Cheating In School: Reasons And Consequences

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The desire of every student is to achieve good results in school. However, the passion for good results in schools has pushed most students beyond the borders of integrity (Velliaris, 2016). Several students are openly engaging in exam cheating to score highly. The behaviour of cheating in schools is against school rules, guidelines, and core values. Therefore, cheating in schools is wrong, and the practice must be stopped.

Several students defend their cheating behaviours by stating that they are only interested in scoring high grades and not gaining education (Robinson & Simonton, 2019, p. 42). Also, the basis for cheating is incited by the pressure of attaining high levels of class ranking. Some students, therefore, claim to have lost the importance of schooling hence choosing to engage in exam cheating.

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Another reason for students engaging in exam cheating is the claim that they are only affected, persons. To them, it is their life, and nobody should interfere with their cheating tendencies since it is only them who are affected. In my response, this explanation statement is unreasonable. Cheating is wrong since engaging in it is equal to stealing the results of honest students who dedicated their time to learning and reading the appropriate examinable materials (Kingston & Clark, 2014, p. 39). More so, a student who engages in exam cheating and is not caught is likely to score a high grade. However, the truth is that the student does not merit the grade, and therefore, by earning the grade, the entire class curve is hurt. Thus, other students in the same class who scored lowly in the same exams are most likely to believe that they are missing something important because of their inability to perform well that is not the case.

The other idea that students use for their reasoning to engage in exam irregularities is the claim that their teachers are incompetent and unprofessional in the delivery of content (McCabe, Butterfield, & Treviño, 2012). Thus, some students consider adopting wrongful exam practices to go through a class by pointing a finger at accusation to their teacher. Though it is educationally wrong to subject students to poorly trained and incompetent teachers or instructors, the is no reason still for students to use such a claim to cheat in schools. More so, by students cheating and scoring highly, they mislead their teachers. The teachers are deceived in the sense that they perceive the dishonestly earned grades to be an accurate reflection of the students having appropriately understood the material which is not the case. Hence, such a teacher will maintain the same teaching method and possibly even consider increasing the pace of instruction.

There are several consequences arising from cheating in schools. However, it is essential to note that these consequences are spread across several spheres of daily human life. For example, lying in schools affects a person’s future career, level of trust and credibility, ethics and integrity, societal issues, among others (Mason, 2019, p. 54). Therefore, this paper explores the consequences of cheating from some of the viewpoints mentioned above.

One of the most important roles of all learning institutions is to produce individuals who are ethically and morally sound. Morally upright students are therefore expected not to engage in school cheating. Essentially, there is no difference between a student who is involved in school cheating and a thief or liar. Cheating in schools, just like stealing, is unethical and immoral behaviour. Students engaging in exam cheating from an ethical perspective lose their integrity just like the case of an apprehended thief. Submission of examinable schoolwork by a student involved in cheating is typically lying to the teacher that the work is genuine which is lack of integrity and stealing (Koretz, 2017, p. 22). Therefore, I firmly stand to emphasize cheating in school as an unethical and immoral behaviour due to its undeniable aspect of stealing and lying as well as the loss of integrity.

The establishment of trust between two or more individuals or parties is not a problem; however, the restoration of trust where it once existed is a big challenge. The loss of trust in a student only requires a single instance when a student is caught red-handed cheating. Once the trust has been lost, the student will always be a suspect to the people in authority, and his or her work will frequently raise suspicion (Benninga & Berkowitz, 2016, p. 66). More so, once the information of a student cheating in school spreads all over, the student’s credibility will be lost, and those who know the alleged student will compromise their opinion about the student. All the positive and good status of the student will immediately be replaced by the exam cheating comments thus damaging the overall reputation of the student among his or her fellow students, family, the community and teachers.

From an academic outlook, cheating in school only makes a fool of oneself. The person involved in cheating is primarily hurting him or herself. This is because lying is a short cut to score high grades, but the truth of the matter is that the individual involved in cheating learns nothing. Mostly, the student will be going to school to pass the time since he or she will not be gaining any relevant instructional information taught in school. Therefore, the learner will be wasting resources, the time of the teacher and most likely get into trouble with the authority.

Besides, going to school is not just tied to scoring good grades. The focus of schooling is learning. Hence, those who involve themselves in cheating only look forward to getting good grades. The significance of academics is for students learning the lesson even if they score lowly since they will be much better than the students involved in cheating and scored high grades (Balázsiová & Balázsi, 2019, p. 41). Cheating students will, therefore, lack knowledge of the subject matter and even though in the long run they will graduate, however, they will be unable to appropriately perform assigned duties in comparison to the students who scored low grades but were able to learn (Berry, 2013, p. 41). Hence, cheating students are incompetent and not well prepared to be hired in the job market.

Living in peace within a society demands equality and fairness. However, individuals engaging in cheating hurt their colleagues. Rules and regulations are set when doing assignments and exams in schools. This is the same in participating in a game such as a football match. Winning the game by compromising the rules is unfair. People who get involved in cheating, therefore, don’t play by the rules of the game. The ensuing effect on the honest students who are members of the society is high levels of frustrations. The honest students feel wasted and unfairly treated owing to the lots of time they dedicate in reading and learning (Cizek & Wollack, 2016, p. 30). More so, cheating students end up receiving undeserved grades and recognition that is otherwise deserved by the honest students.

The main consequence of cheating in school to a person’s career is a high level of career uselessness. Individuals who honestly accomplish their careers feel good since their self-confidence and self-esteem is strongly built. Students who cheat in school openly highlight the fact that they lack trust in their abilities. These students may get high grades, but deep within they are aware that they do not merit for their careers. As a result, they cannot take on work-related responsibilities when hired.

Additionally, cheating in school is a hindrance to career progress. Learning is a progressive process, and basic problems must be learned before complex problems. Failure to learn basic problems by cheating students, therefore, compels them to keep on cheating or go back and cover the unlearned instructions hence compromising career progress (Jones, 2019, p. 37). Thus, every cheating attempt usually denies a student the opportunity to acquire critical learning lessons and skills needed for career development.

In winding up, cheating in school is a wrong behaviour and needs to be stopped. The need to discourage cheating in school is based on its large share of negative consequences spread across people’s future careers, level of trust and credibility, ethics and integrity, societal issues among others. Therefore, by discouraging cheating in schools, society is assured of producing a morally sound, competent, and reliable breed of generation.  

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Essay About Cheating On Exams

Essay by richard perez-penasept: article analysis.

Cheating is nothing new to society. It has been seen over the years in schools and in life. Today, however, the cheating epidemic is out of control. In an essay written by Richard Perez-penasept, he shows us the facts of how cheating is out of control, and how a new set of rules on how to deal with cheating might be necessary. New competitive mindsets, easier access to online sources, and lack of integrity are reasons why schools should have more strict penalties against cheaters.

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There have been many cases of students in high school and college students cheating on tests and exams in various schools. Many students believe that signing a piece of paper does not have a huge effect on a person and does not guarantee that it will promote change (Source C). Students will only change their ways if they want to and feel it is necessary to change. Instead of enforcing a excessive school wide honor code, schools should focus more on the students who have a history of cheating. Many students automatically expelled students who are caught cheating, which may not be the best solution.

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Too many students are getting high grades in classes they put forth no effort into. They copy off of a smart students because they know that the correct answers will score them a good grade. On paper, they are surpassing the ones who aren’t cheating because unlike the scholars who they copy from, the cheaters can pick and choose their answers from several ideal sources. By ensuring that these students are punished for cheating and are given the appropriate grade, teachers would be forcing them to learn the course material because the student would fail

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Professor Doom is able to show how a students “no big deal” mindset behind cheating can lead to a detrimental effect of the school perceptions being changed and a hardworking student’s degree virtually meaning nothing but a sheet of paper. The trends of students participating in cheating is growing on college campuses and isn 't coming to a downward slope anytime soon. It is mentioned by Doom that

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Statistics show that cheating within the past decade has skyrocketed in education. According to the Academic Cheating Fact Sheet authorized by the Educational Testing Service, 20 percent of college students admitted to cheating in high school during the 1940’s, but today between 75 to 98 percent of college students surveyed admitted to cheating in high school. The drastic change suggests that cheating has almost become part of the high school and college experience, which everyone does it and it is now a social norm. In fact, most people won’t believe a person who said they never once cheated in high school due to the insane pressure to be well rounded and maintain a high GPA, which transfers into college life too. To be deviant is to turn

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As you can tell people cheat on the work just to keep going and not doing the work themselves. We need to set a good example for students. Without help from one another, cheating makes sense for many students because there is noone there for

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The nature of cheating originates from the common misconception of helping others and a student’s lack of self-confidence. Plagiarism, not so different from cheating, disperses from the broad range of information on today’s technology. Through an authentic study, it has been revealed that teachers have established many students who have cheated their way through complexed assignments. Even misleading students who have kept a high grade point average has been found as participants of academic dishonesty. Today, professors seek to find different measures that should be taken to decrease cheating and plagiarism.

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High school and College students’ ethics have elevated over the years and has only increased. Cheating has been a tremendous epidemic for a long period of time and recently skyrocketed because of the creation of smartphones and electronics. Students who are academically dishonest are usually in honors and advanced placement classes because they are challenged and learning a more rigorous curriculum than the other students who are in college prep courses. The reason for their actions is because of academic stress students receive on a daily basis to obtain admirable grades, so they can go to a well-known college.

Why Are Honor Codes Important

Students are faced with more stress and unnecessary responsibilities. Honor codes stop students from learning many important communication skills, due to the fear of getting in trouble for plagiarism or unauthorized collaboration. Likewise, students are tempted to cheat by honor codes, due to the loose restrictions during exams. Students can take the test on their own time, and without a professor, meaning temptation will become increasingly hard to repress. Furthermore, students are forced to disclose their close peers for cheating, which cause tensions between classmates.

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Since a young age, teachers, even our parents, told us that cheating is a very bad thing to do. “You are not only hurting others, you are hurting yourself”, they say. As children gradually ascend from middle school to high school, they are logically more mature and understand consequences better than a third grader. However, out of my own personal experience, cheating became a huge issue as I entered high school. I caught classmates glancing over my shoulders during quizzes, passing little notes, making gestures at me to give them an answer.

Cause And Effect Of Student Cheating Essay

In the article, Instructing Students in Academic Integrity this issue is addressed and there has even been a survey conducted on this matter which show that some have issues in differentiating between cheating and not being academically dishonest. There perspectives have changed because cheating has increased dramatically and to some has become a normal thing to do. This can is problematic because what if they become so familiar with being academically honest that they become really at passing another person’s work as their own. This means detecting whether or not someone is being academically dishonest will be even more difficult making it more difficult for schools to find out who is

Exam Cheating Utilitarianism Analysis

Utilitarianism Justification of Exam Cheating Utilitarianism is one of the best ethical approaches that can be used to justifying a right action from a wrong action by focusing on the outcome of the path taken. The most important thing is that the action taken to achieve a certain outcome has to be of the greater benefit of the society at large. Whether the outcome is bad, it can be used to morally justify some deeds regardless of how inhumane they can be. On the other side, utilitarianism also does not justify everything because it is difficult at time to predict whether the actions taken will be good or bad at the end. Additionally, values cannot be accounted for.

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You are failing a class in school. Were you not prepared for the quiz? Did your parents not help you? Or do you have an awful teacher? Whose fault is it if a student is failing a few classes in school; the parent, the teacher, or the student?

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A student will always try and find the easy way out that is why they cheat and unless we take technology away from students or put an age limit on their phones there will always be cheating in

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Students do realize that cheating is wrong because they are very much concerned about getting caught but they still do it because they do not consider it unethical enough to avoid doing it because in

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