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Essay on Mental Health

According to WHO, there is no single 'official' definition of mental health. Mental health refers to a person's psychological, emotional, and social well-being; it influences what they feel and how they think, and behave. The state of cognitive and behavioural well-being is referred to as mental health. The term 'mental health' is also used to refer to the absence of mental disease. 

Mental health means keeping our minds healthy. Mankind generally is more focused on keeping their physical body healthy. People tend to ignore the state of their minds. Human superiority over other animals lies in his superior mind. Man has been able to control life due to his highly developed brain. So, it becomes very important for a man to keep both his body and mind fit and healthy. Both physical and mental health are equally important for better performance and results.

Importance of Mental Health 

An emotionally fit and stable person always feels vibrant and truly alive and can easily manage emotionally difficult situations. To be emotionally strong, one has to be physically fit too. Although mental health is a personal issue, what affects one person may or may not affect another; yet, several key elements lead to mental health issues.

Many emotional factors have a significant effect on our fitness level like depression, aggression, negative thinking, frustration, and fear, etc. A physically fit person is always in a good mood and can easily cope up with situations of distress and depression resulting in regular training contributing to a good physical fitness standard. 

Mental fitness implies a state of psychological well-being. It denotes having a positive sense of how we feel, think, and act, which improves one’s ability to enjoy life. It contributes to one’s inner ability to be self-determined. It is a proactive, positive term and forsakes negative thoughts that may come to mind. The term mental fitness is increasingly being used by psychologists, mental health practitioners, schools, organisations, and the general population to denote logical thinking, clear comprehension, and reasoning ability.

 Negative Impact of Mental Health

The way we physically fall sick, we can also fall sick mentally. Mental illness is the instability of one’s health, which includes changes in emotion, thinking, and behaviour. Mental illness can be caused due to stress or reaction to a certain incident. It could also arise due to genetic factors, biochemical imbalances, child abuse or trauma, social disadvantage, poor physical health condition, etc. Mental illness is curable. One can seek help from the experts in this particular area or can overcome this illness by positive thinking and changing their lifestyle.

Regular fitness exercises like morning walks, yoga, and meditation have proved to be great medicine for curing mental health. Besides this, it is imperative to have a good diet and enough sleep. A person needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night on average. When someone is tired yet still can't sleep, it's a symptom that their mental health is unstable. Overworking oneself can sometimes result in not just physical tiredness but also significant mental exhaustion. As a result, people get insomnia (the inability to fall asleep). Anxiety is another indicator. 

There are many symptoms of mental health issues that differ from person to person and among the different kinds of issues as well. For instance, panic attacks and racing thoughts are common side effects. As a result of this mental strain, a person may experience chest aches and breathing difficulties. Another sign of poor mental health is a lack of focus. It occurs when you have too much going on in your life at once, and you begin to make thoughtless mistakes, resulting in a loss of capacity to focus effectively. Another element is being on edge all of the time.

It's noticeable when you're quickly irritated by minor events or statements, become offended, and argue with your family, friends, or co-workers. It occurs as a result of a build-up of internal irritation. A sense of alienation from your loved ones might have a negative influence on your mental health. It makes you feel lonely and might even put you in a state of despair. You can prevent mental illness by taking care of yourself like calming your mind by listening to soft music, being more social, setting realistic goals for yourself, and taking care of your body. 

Surround yourself with individuals who understand your circumstances and respect you as the unique individual that you are. This practice will assist you in dealing with the sickness successfully.  Improve your mental health knowledge to receive the help you need to deal with the problem. To gain emotional support, connect with other people, family, and friends.  Always remember to be grateful in life.  Pursue a hobby or any other creative activity that you enjoy.

What does Experts say

Many health experts have stated that mental, social, and emotional health is an important part of overall fitness. Physical fitness is a combination of physical, emotional, and mental fitness. Emotional fitness has been recognized as the state in which the mind is capable of staying away from negative thoughts and can focus on creative and constructive tasks. 

He should not overreact to situations. He should not get upset or disturbed by setbacks, which are parts of life. Those who do so are not emotionally fit though they may be physically strong and healthy. There are no gyms to set this right but yoga, meditation, and reading books, which tell us how to be emotionally strong, help to acquire emotional fitness. 

Stress and depression can lead to a variety of serious health problems, including suicide in extreme situations. Being mentally healthy extends your life by allowing you to experience more joy and happiness. Mental health also improves our ability to think clearly and boosts our self-esteem. We may also connect spiritually with ourselves and serve as role models for others. We'd also be able to serve people without being a mental drain on them. 

Mental sickness is becoming a growing issue in the 21st century. Not everyone receives the help that they need. Even though mental illness is common these days and can affect anyone, there is still a stigma attached to it. People are still reluctant to accept the illness of mind because of this stigma. They feel shame to acknowledge it and seek help from the doctors. It's important to remember that "mental health" and "mental sickness" are not interchangeable.

Mental health and mental illness are inextricably linked. Individuals with good mental health can develop mental illness, while those with no mental disease can have poor mental health. Mental illness does not imply that someone is insane, and it is not anything to be embarrassed by. Our society's perception of mental disease or disorder must shift. Mental health cannot be separated from physical health. They both are equally important for a person. 

Our society needs to change its perception of mental illness or disorder. People have to remove the stigma attached to this illness and educate themselves about it. Only about 20% of adolescents and children with diagnosable mental health issues receive the therapy they need. 

According to research conducted on adults, mental illness affects 19% of the adult population. Nearly one in every five children and adolescents on the globe has a mental illness. Depression, which affects 246 million people worldwide, is one of the leading causes of disability. If  mental illness is not treated at the correct time then the consequences can be grave.

One of the essential roles of school and education is to protect boys’ and girls' mental health as teenagers are at a high risk of mental health issues. It can also impair the proper growth and development of various emotional and social skills in teenagers. Many factors can cause such problems in children. Feelings of inferiority and insecurity are the two key factors that have the greatest impact. As a result, they lose their independence and confidence, which can be avoided by encouraging the children to believe in themselves at all times. 

To make people more aware of mental health, 10th October is observed as World Mental Health. The object of this day is to spread awareness about mental health issues around the world and make all efforts in the support of mental health.

The mind is one of the most powerful organs in the body, regulating the functioning of all other organs. When our minds are unstable, they affect the whole functioning of our bodies. Being both physically and emotionally fit is the key to success in all aspects of life. People should be aware of the consequences of mental illness and must give utmost importance to keeping the mind healthy like the way the physical body is kept healthy. Mental and physical health cannot be separated from each other. And only when both are balanced can we call a person perfectly healthy and well. So, it is crucial for everyone to work towards achieving a balance between mental and physical wellbeing and get the necessary help when either of them falters.


Mental Health Essay for Students and Children


500+ Words Essay on Mental Health

Every year world mental health day is observed on October 10. It was started as an annual activity by the world federation for mental health by deputy secretary-general of UNO at that time. Mental health resources differ significantly from one country to another. While the developed countries in the western world provide mental health programs for all age groups. Also, there are third world countries they struggle to find the basic needs of the families. Thus, it becomes prudent that we are asked to focus on mental health importance for one day. The mental health essay is an insight into the importance of mental health in everyone’s life. 

Mental Health Essay

Mental Health

In the formidable years, this had no specific theme planned. The main aim was to promote and advocate the public on important issues. Also, in the first three years, one of the central activities done to help the day become special was the 2-hour telecast by the US information agency satellite system. 

Mental health is not just a concept that refers to an individual’s psychological and emotional well being. Rather it’s a state of psychological and emotional well being where an individual is able to use their cognitive and emotional capabilities, meet the ordinary demand and functions in the society. According to WHO, there is no single ‘official’ definition of mental health.

Thus, there are many factors like cultural differences, competing professional theories, and subjective assessments that affect how mental health is defined. Also, there are many experts that agree that mental illness and mental health are not antonyms. So, in other words, when the recognized mental disorder is absent, it is not necessarily a sign of mental health. 

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One way to think about mental health is to look at how effectively and successfully does a person acts. So, there are factors such as feeling competent, capable, able to handle the normal stress levels, maintaining satisfying relationships and also leading an independent life. Also, this includes recovering from difficult situations and being able to bounce back.  

Important Benefits of Good Mental Health

Mental health is related to the personality as a whole of that person. Thus, the most important function of school and education is to safeguard the mental health of boys and girls. Physical fitness is not the only measure of good health alone. Rather it’s just a means of promoting mental as well as moral health of the child. The two main factors that affect the most are feeling of inferiority and insecurity. Thus, it affects the child the most. So, they lose self-initiative and confidence. This should be avoided and children should be constantly encouraged to believe in themselves.


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Mental Health Essay

Mental Health Introduction Mental health refers to the state of individuals psychologically, emotionally and socially. Mental health affects a person’s emotions, feelings, thoughts, and sections when exposed to different situations. Furthermore, mental health is responsible for a person’s reaction to stress and other social conditions. Generally, mental health affects how a person relates to others and their ability to understand and interact with them. Therefore, problems that affect a person’s mental health affect the abilities to socialize, their feelings, moods, reaction to situations. The person experiencing mental health problem may portray different behaviors when confronted with different issues. Mental health issues have several …show more content…

Today, the numbers of people with mental health issues are considerably high. The problem increases the national and global social and economic burdens as governments try to find means of empowering the people with the issue and solve the problem. Today, one in five adults in the United States has a mental health problem (“Mental Health Facts,” 2016). “Mental Health Facts” (2016) also states that the adults that received mental health services are about 60%. Only 50% of the youth with mental health issues received mental health services in the previous year. Further, mental health issues are also related to drug use and addiction. Of all the mental illnesses and disorders, depression affects the most people and has the biggest burden globally. Due to the increasing burden and the gap in service utilization, the mental health policy seeks to address several factors. Some of the key issues to address include early diagnosis of mental disorders, provision of appropriate and adequate intervention a particular problem, education and counseling for the family members, and research to help reduce the numbers and reverse the trend. Another key area of focus is the use of mass media to create awareness about mental health issues and help clear the …show more content…

There should be a holistic approach to the treatment diagnosis and management of the people with mental illness. Such an approach should put into consideration the families of the people with mental illnesses and help them understand the issue. Once they understand, it is easier for them to welcome and help the individuals instead of sending them to institutions. To achieve prompt treatment, the mental health facilities and personnel need to be accessible and operate within the recommended standards. The Children and Mental Health Children, like any other age group, have their numbers steadily increasing with time. They too face the same issues as adults and need an intervention to help them recover. Children have the right to be prevented from mental health complications and the families and health systems should work together to enhance that. Enhanced systems should be able to detect such conditions early enough and provide interventions that solve the problem in the long run. Efficient detection systems can also help establish causes of mental issues among children and provide an opportunity for preventive health approaches. The criminal justice system and mental

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that mental health affects a person's emotions, feelings, thoughts, and sections when exposed to different situations.
  • Explains that mental health policy issues refer to affairs relating long-term decisions made by relevant bodies that normally occur in priorities.
  • Explains that the number of people with mental health problems has gone up with the increase in global population hence the need for the prioritization of related policies.
  • Explains that government agencies, healthcare providers, media people, individuals with mental health problems, and the general population have a critical role to play in helping create awareness and management of the mental disorders related policies.
  • Explains that there are a number of policy issues that are crucial in matters to do with the mental health of the american people.
  • Opines that the mental health system needs to be transformed to make intervention accessible and efficient.
  • Opines that health policies should aim at acknowledging and recognizing people with mental illness and respecting their rights and privacy.
  • Opines that mental health facilities and personnel need to be accessible and operate within the recommended standards to achieve prompt treatment.
  • Opines that children have the right to be prevented from mental health complications and the families and health systems should work together to enhance that.
  • Opines that the criminal justice system should take into consideration the needs of people with mental illness and help them instead of just holding onto them.
  • Recommends increasing the funding to public healthcare to levels matching the population growth, and providing funds for modern equipment to diagnose and treat mental health issues.
  • Opines that it is unwise to come up with a strict prioritization of what needs should be addressed first and which ones should come last.
  • Cites desilva, samele, saxena, patel, and darzi, a. (2014). policy actions to achieve integrated community-based mental health services.
  • Explains that werner, s. (2012). needs assessment of individuals with serious mental illness: can it help in promoting recovery.

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Essay On Mental Illness

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) (2013) mental illness is defined as a health

Treating Concurrent Disorders

Mental health is being aware, accepting yourself, and striking a balance in all aspects of your life like social, spiritual, physical, economical, and mental (Association, 2001). Mental health can be described as our positive interactions with the context and events in our life, and having the ability to cope with life’s stressors. Mental health problems can begin at anytime during your life (CAMH, 2010). In fact anything can make it difficult for an individual’s ability to interact effectively, and may lead into a mental health problem (Association, 2001).

Essay On The Importance Of Mental Health

During the years of 2014-2015 when I was a senior in high school, I had one of the lowest and highest points in my life that I can vividly remember. The lowest point began when I got my class rank, and I realized that it was not high enough for me to get into my dream school UT. I have always had low self-esteem but after that, it plummeted even further. However, that fall I kept hope and still applied. Around February I had found out that I was not accepted and I was shattered. During this time, it was hard for me to find motivation to do anything. All I wanted to do was sleep regardless of the time, which to me was a strong indication that something was wrong. This continued until about May when I

What is Mental Illness?

...ducate, Support, most of all changes need to be made. The definition of mental illness is a list of things but they can be overcome.

Mental Depression Essay

Is depression a mental illness? Before we get into the discussion we need to know what depression is. Depression is typically defined as a mood state that goes well beyond temporarily feeling sad or blue. It is a serious medical illness that affects one’s thoughts, feelings, behavior, mood and physical health. How is it determined to be a mental illness? The American Psychiatric Association 's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) is the current reference used by health care professionals to diagnose mental illnesses such as depression. Depression symptoms are listed as follows: Depressed mood (such as feelings of sadness or emptiness; Reduced interest in activities that used to be enjoyed;

Prevention of Mental Illness Policy

The Secretariat. (2011). Global burden of mental disorders and the need for a comprehensive, coordinated response from health and social sectors at the country level . ().

Should There Be The Primary Source Of Psychopathology?

All forms of psychopathology—from mild depression to severe schizophrenia—have had a complex, if not contradictory relationship with the public and even those considered experts in the field. After compiling research through both secondary sources and primary sources, there was an obvious sense of discourse between what was right and what was wrong, even within the basic idea of what designates someone as suffering or not suffering from psychopathology. As a result, it seems much less that there are experts in the field of psychopathology, but rather are experts in the field of theorizing about psychopathology. Such a claim does not discredit those who have studied psychopathology and are deemed experts, such as Dr. Thomas Widiger or Dr. R.J.R. Blair. They have, after all, dedicated their lives to the understanding of psychopathology, but it can be argued that complete understanding of the field can never be truly reached due to the subjectivity of it.

Essay On Mental Health

Health is a complex concept, and when we talk about health we refer to body health and to the health of the mind, the health of relationships between us and those around us, the spiritual health. Looking online on one of the additional resources recommended,, I have noticed that one of the symptoms of most diseases that affect a person's mental health is lack of sleep. Lack of sleep not only worsens man's mental health, but also causes serious imbalances in metabolism, immunity, general mood, and last but not least, affects the ability of learning and memorizing among students. The sleep fulfills a number of vital functions for both our mind and body. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, which is a valuable and useful

Mental Health Assessment Essay

The mental health assessment is a crucial part in everyday nursing care as it evaluates an individual’s mental condition to assess for risk factors of mental illnesses and provide optimal care and treatment. Mental health is described as “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.” (CDC) If the patient not mentally healthy, they can develop mentally illnesses, which can affect treatment and the disease process of physical ailments because without mental health a person cannot be completely healthy. “Suicide Risk Assessment in High Risk Adolescents” is a nursing article that outlines suicide risk factors and prevention strategies for assist nurses in performing mental health assessments. Suicide, the act of

Mental Health Issues In America Essay

In the United States, one in every four people has some kind of serious mental illness, which is about 61.5 million people.1 Suicide is the tenth leading cause of life loss, and 90% of suicides are related to mental illness.2 In addition, in the case of mass shootings, 60% of shooters suffer from some kind of psychosis.3 It is a matter of concern that, according to the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 60% of people suffering from mental illness were untreated.1 While more effort, more manpower and more money should be invested, the budget for mental health accounts only 5.6 percent of national health care spending.4

Mental Illness Essay

Since the 1800s, treatment methods for mental illness have developed significantly worldwide. From electrotherapy to modern practices like psychotherapy, treatment for mental disorders has greatly progressed as scientists and psychologists learn more information on the causes of mental illness and the best therapy for each particular disease. The past 200 years mark the most defined era since the beginning of humans for the progression of treatment for mental illness. Not only has treatment improved for the mentally ill, but also the perception of mental illness has greatly changed and will continue to do so as more is learned about the human mind.

Mental Health Counseling Essay

A mental health counselor develops a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families and groups to accomplish mental health and career goals. Helping others to accomplish their goals and listening to various stories of hardship have always played a part in my life. Stories of others have helped me get through rough times, and so did my own personal stories do the same for others. My story may help save a life tomorrow. It is a rewarding career path that one may enjoy which requires excellent communication skills and a commit between each other.

Persuasive Essay On Mental Health

Mental disorders are rapidly becoming more common with each new generation born in the world. Currently, nearly one in two people suffer from some form of depression, anxiety, or other mental health problem at some point in their lives (Editor). With so many people suffering from their mental illnesses, steps have been taken in order to get help needed for these people but progress has been slow. In the medical world, hospitals are treating those with physical problems with more care than those with mental problems. Prescription drugs can only do so much helping the mentally ill go through their daily lives and more should be done to help those who need more than medicine to cope with their illness. Mental health should be considered just as important as physical health because of how advanced physical healing is, how the public reacts to those with mental illness, and due to the consequences that could happen if the illness is not correctly helped.

Cause And Effect Essay On Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health in a person’s life. Mental health is critical to a person’s well-being, their ability to live a productive life and to keep a healthy family and interpersonal relationships. Mental health does not just affect the mind it also affects people’s physical health. Some physical health diseases can cause a mental health disorder and vice versa. Mental health disorders are associated with the occurrence, development, and outcome of some of the today’s most chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. When people go untreated from a mental health disorder are at a higher risk for many unhealthy behaviors such as alcohol and drug use, violent behavior, and suicide.

Argumentative Essay On Mental Health

It is deeply alarming that ignoring mental health is systematically ignored as an important part of health promotion. This is shocking because, in theory, mental health is recognized as an important component of health, the close link between physical and mental health is recognized, and it is generally known that physical and mental health share many of the same social, environmental and economic components. We know that facilities dedicated to those with mental health problems are more vulnerable to the resources of physical diseases in many parts of the world, and it is essential that mental health promotion should not be equally affected

More about Mental Health Essay

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The Importance of Mental Health Awareness

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Updated: 4 November, 2023

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Table of contents

Introduction, mental health awareness, video version, emotional well-being, psychological well‐being, social well-being.

  • Health Effects of Social Isolation and Loneliness. (n.d.). Retrieved from
  • Top of Form Mental Health Myths and Facts
  • Mental Health Care Services by Family Physicians Position Paper. American Academy of Family Physicians Web site. Accessed February 11, 2013. [Google Scholar]
  • Newman, T. (2017, August 24). Mental health: Definition, common disorders, and early signs. Retrieved from
  • Bottom of Form Rodriguez, B. D., Hurley, K., Upham, B., Kilroy, D. S., Dark, N., & Abreu, E (n.d.).Happiness and Emotional Well-Being. Retrieved from
  • World Health Organization. The Global Burden of Disease, 2004 Update. Part 4, Burden of Disease, DALYs. . Accessed January 10, 2013. [Google Scholar]

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Germov, J. (2005). The social determinants of health. In Second opinion: An introduction to health sociology (pp. 87-119). Oxford University Press.Willis, E. (2011). The social origins of health and illness. In The sociological [...]

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Easterlin, M., Chung, P., & Leng, M. (2023). Association of Team Sports Participation With Long-term Mental Health Outcomes Among Individuals Exposed to Adverse Childhood Experiences. JAMA Pediatrics.National Public Radio (NPR). [...]

Exercise help people with mental health issues. The reason why I mention this is because it can be helpful for people with mental health issues, It can increase positive emotions, and give them a distraction kind of like [...]

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Essay on Mental Health in English for School Students

Mental health essay: here, students can find essays on mental health in english. these 100, 150, 200, and 500 word essays on mental health can be used by students in competitions and various examinations. mental health is an important part of our lives that should not be neglected and openly discussed as much as well -being of our physical health is discussed. .

Tanisha Agarwal

Mental Health Essay: What do you think is important for the well-being of a person? Is the physical fitness of a person enough to consider him/her in a sound situation? The answer is ‘NO’. A person can be said to be fit only if he/she is both physically and mentally in good shape. Mental health refers to the psychological, emotional, and social well-being of a person. In fact, it is more important than being physically fit because your physical wellness is somehow dependent on your mental health.  

Open and free discussion on mental health was an underrated topic of conversation until 1922, when the World Federation for Mental Health declared 10th October as World Mental Health Day. Since then, the day has been celebrated to spread awareness about mental health issues, educate people about mental health problems, and impart the knowledge that it is okay to have a mental health issue, to seek help, and to meet a mental health doctor. The day aims to fight against the social stigma posed by society on its people and indulge everyone in an open discussion about this sensitive topic. 

Mental Health Essay in 100 Words

Mental health essay in 150 words, mental health essay in 200 words, mental health essay in 500 words, mental health 10-line explanation.

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  • What is the theme of World Mental Health Day 2023? + The World Mental Health Day 2023 is themed "Mental Health is a Universal Human Right". The WHO through this theme wants to say that mental health should be looked at as a human right. It is a basic need that every individual has the right to possess.
  • What is Mental Health? + Mental Health is the state of being psychologically, emotionally, mentally, and socially healthy or in good shape. An individual's mental health is said to be good if he/she is happy, optimistic, and excited towards things. If a person notices a sudden development of negative emotions and social awkwardness in him/her, then their mental health can said to be deteriorating
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Introduction to mental health

Mental health determines how you think, feel and act. Good mental health is when you feel positive about yourself and cope well with the everyday pressures. If you experience issues dealing with everyday problems, it could be a sign of a mental health problem and should be addressed immediately.

Mental health problems

One in five people in Northern Ireland will experience potential mental health problems.

Anyone can suffer from mental health problems. While certain individuals or groups are more vulnerable, no one is immune to poor mental health.

People with mental health problems often face stigma, which can prevent them from seeking help and hinder their recovery.

Preserving good mental health

There are five simple steps that can help you maintain and improve your wellbeing. 

Try to build these into your daily life – think of them as your ‘five a day’ for wellbeing:

  • connect – spend time developing your relationships with your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours
  • be active – you don’t have to go to the gym, but taking part in physical activity such as walking or playing football will help you stay mentally healthy
  • keep learning – learning new skills can give you a sense of confidence and achievement
  • take notice – be more aware of the present moment, including your thoughts, feelings and body
  • give to others – acts of kindness can improve your own mood and have a positive impact on your own mental health
  • Take five steps to wellbeing
  • Mental health conditions

There is a range of mental health conditions a person can suffer from, including:

  • bipolar disorder
  • borderline personality disorder
  • obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • schizophrenia

Further information is available at:

Early warning signs

There are some early warning signs that you should be aware of that can suggest something may be harming your mental health.

These can be one or a number of the following:

  • mood swings or constantly feeling low
  • lack of care for personal appearance or personal responsibilities
  • increased use of alcohol or drugs
  • thinking life is not worth living
  • losing interest in things you used to enjoy
  • withdrawing from social activities and spending less time with friends and family
  • disturbed sleep, either not getting enough or sleeping too much
  • eating less than normal or overeating, perhaps losing or gaining weight
  • feeling irritable, over-sensitive or aggressive
  • having difficulty concentrating or remembering things
  • experiencing recurring physical symptoms such as aches and pains or other unexplained illnesses
  • a drop in work performance
  • doing things that don’t make sense to others
  • hearing or seeing things that no one else can hear or see

If you can relate to any of these warning signs, it’s important that you seek help.

Talk to a friend or a family member and speak to your GP about support services available to you.

Alcohol and drugs

Many people drink alcohol without experiencing any problems. Enjoying a couple of drinks can be part of a normal social life or help some people relax. For others, however, alcohol is associated with a range of mental health problems, including depression.

Alcohol has also been linked to suicide. According to the Mental Health Foundation:

  • 65 per cent of suicides have been linked to drinking too much alcohol
  • 70 per cent  of men who kill themselves have consumed alcohol before doing so
  • almost a third of suicides among young people happen while the person is intoxicated

Using illegal drugs has also been linked to mental health problems.

For some people, taking drugs can lead to long-term mental health problems. Others may already be experiencing mental health problems and use drugs to manage their condition.

Long term use of drugs including cannabis and ecstasy has been linked to conditions such as depression , anxiety and schizophrenia .

Cannabis also affects how your brain works, so regular use can make concentration and learning difficult.

Users can also develop a physical or psychological dependence, becoming addicted.

Recovering from mental health problems

People can and do recover from mental health problems. Recovery can be a process, rather than a particular outcome.

The recovery process:

  • does not always mean getting back to where you were before
  • will have ups and downs
  • requires commitment from you and support from your family and friends
  • can allow you to lead a normal life
  • will involve finding your own ways of coping with life’s challenges

For many people, recovery is about staying in control of their life, despite experiencing mental health problems.

Certain factors which can help in a successful recovery include:

  • good relationships – it is vital to have support from family and friends
  • self-direction – a person in recovery needs to decide their own direction and goals
  • having a positive living/working/education environment that helps in recovery
  • financial security
  • responsibility – a person in recovery needs to develop their own self-care skills

Recovery is a unique and individual process and, while there may be common themes and experiences, each person’s recovery will be unique.

Recovery colleges

Recovery Colleges offer a range of courses which are open to all members of the public, over the age of 16, in each of the five Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland. 

Courses are designed and delivered by mental health specialists, carers and experts.

Recovery Colleges are open to:

  • service users
  • those with an interest in wellbeing and mental health
  • Health and Social Care Trusts - Mental health

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Mental Health Essay

Introduction .

The history of mental health is old as humanity. Mental health issues include the psychological, emotional, general social well-being of a human being; this refers to how one feels, acts, and thinks. An individual’s mental health is crucial because it helps manage stress and relationships with others in society. Therefore mental health is crucial in every stage of a human’s life (Bertolote 2008). However, mental health has a very rich history, and the way people perceive mental health has evolved dramatically over the ages. To understand mental health, it is crucial to examine its history and the subsequent evolution to this era. Therefore, understanding the concept of this problem and its impacts on contemporary society, this paper explores its history, development, and outcomes.

History and Development 

Mental health has a timeless history. In the past ages, people with mental health issues were assumed to have been possessed with evil spirits. Religion had a very rigid conception of mental health issues and did not allow the scientific concept of mental health. These negative attitudes made it had for practical intervention to mental health issues. For example, the mentally ill people were taken to religious healers who would then pray for them, cursing out the evil spirits from them. This persisted into the 18th century, especially in the United States, thus causing dramatic stigmatization of mentally ill people. The ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greek also had these strong religious views about mentally ill people, categorizing them as people facing religious problems hence could only be treated religiously (Eghigian, 2017). Quintessentially, this rich history of mental illness in the US and other parts of the world is the epitome of how trends in the psychiatric and cultural conception of mental health impact the development of certain national health policies addressing mental health.


The development of the understanding of the issue can be assessed by looking at the shift in the perception and beliefs about mentally ill people in society. First, one would be interested in looking at the evolution of the national healthcare systems worldwide. Introducing an inpatient care model where patients live in hospitals while receiving treatments from the professional staff was one of the initial developments. This is considered one of the most effective ways to deal with mental illness. However, these services were only available to people with severe mental health problems. Up to the 19th century, there had not been a big improvement in handling mental health issues. Again, this left out the most vulnerable groups.

Analysis of the development in mental health issues

Today, the mental health issue is looked at through multiple prisms. This development has made it possible to go beyond looking at mental health in its previous form to broaden the conception of mental health types and their effects on society. Today, the majority of people suffer from mental health issues. For instance, according to research, one in five Americas experiences mental illness at a given time of the year, especially the youths. The advent of technology, exposure to social media, and other social conditions such as gender, economic, class, and status are some of the main causes of mental health issues in contemporary society. While discussing each of these causes is beyond the scope of this paper, it is important to mention that these factors form the talking points in the current mental health debate in society.

There are various interventions to solve the mental health problem. Even though these strategies have not sufficiently addressed the issue, it is believed that with the advancement in technology and research, ways to address the pandemic will be realized (Colizzi et al., 2020). First, there is a need to develop primary prevention in youth mental health by creating a primary prevention model. This model focuses on the general population, sub-group, or specific individuals. Essentially, this strategy states that the groups mentioned above should be monitored throughout the neurodevelopmental stages of their lives (Colizzi et al., 2020). Secondly, research shows that there is limited awareness of mental health problems. Therefore, creating awareness about mental health issues is an important intervention. This can be facilitated through various media mainstreams or other platforms. It begins by letting people know the symptoms of mental health issues, after which they can be encouraged to seek help. The dearth of information about mental health is a leading cause of mental health-related deaths.

Finally, the family system intervention is another important strategy to address mental health issues. This strategy focuses on improving outcomes of persons experiencing any form of mental health disorder through improving family engagement (Morey & Mueser, 2007). The family system method aims at improving the well-being of the patient by ensuring that the care given to such people is appropriate and effective.

In summary, the mental health problem is an existing problem in society. It is a pandemic that has lived with humanity for a long time. The perspectives about mental health have evolved over the ages, from retrogressive to rational views. This shift has resulted in a tremendous improvement in the management of mental health. However, as a perennial problem, there is a need to develop practical strategies for dealing with the menace. Many youths and adults experience mental health due to a lack of awareness. Therefore, besides promoting awareness, other interventions such as the primary prevention model and family system invention have been identified as the most important means of addressing mental health issues. With a focus on regions with high mental health causes, such as the US, this paper has identified recommended interventions required for mental health issues in a population.

Bertolote J. (2008). The roots of the concept of mental health.  World psychiatry: official journal of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) ,  7 (2), 113–116.

Eghigian, G. (2017). The Routledge History of Madness and Mental Health.  Routledge ., 1351784390

Colizzi, M., Lasalvia, A., & Ruggeri, M. (2020). Prevention and early intervention in youth mental health: is it time for a multidisciplinary and trans-diagnostic model for care?.  International Journal Of Mental Health Systems ,  14 (1).

Morey, B., Mueser, K. T. (2007). The Family Intervention Guide to Mental Illness: Recognizing Symptoms & Getting Treatment. United States: New Harbinger Publications.

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Essay on Mental Health

Students are often asked to write an essay on Mental Health in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on Mental Health

Understanding mental health.

Mental health is as important as physical health. It refers to our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act.

The Importance of Mental Health

Good mental health allows us to handle stress, make choices, and relate to others. It’s crucial at every stage of life, from childhood to adulthood.

Factors Affecting Mental Health

Many factors can impact mental health, including biological factors, life experiences, and family history of mental health issues.

Mental Health and Stigma

Unfortunately, there’s a stigma around mental health. People with mental health problems are often misunderstood and judged.

Mental Health Care

It’s important to seek help if you’re struggling with mental health. Therapy, medication, and self-care can all help improve mental health.

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250 Words Essay on Mental Health


Mental health, an often overlooked aspect of overall well-being, is as significant as physical health. It encompasses our emotional, psychological, and social well-being, affecting how we think, feel, and act.

Mental health is integral to living a balanced, fulfilling life. It influences our ability to cope with stress, relate to others, and make decisions. In the college years, mental health is especially crucial as students deal with academic pressure, social changes, and the transition into adulthood.

Challenges to Mental Health in College

College students face unique mental health challenges. The pressure to perform academically, social anxiety, and the struggle to fit into new environments can all contribute to mental health issues. These can manifest as depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and more.

The Role of Society and Institutions

Society and institutions play a substantial role in promoting mental health. By creating an environment that acknowledges mental health issues and provides support, we can help mitigate these challenges. Colleges should provide mental health resources and encourage students to seek help when needed.

Mental health is integral to our overall well-being. As we navigate through life, particularly during challenging college years, it’s essential to prioritize mental health, seek help when needed, and create environments that support mental wellness.

500 Words Essay on Mental Health

Mental health, a critical aspect of overall wellbeing, is often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of modern life. It’s a broad term encompassing our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act, influencing our handling of stress, relationships, and decisions.

Mental health is as vital as physical health. It contributes to our cognitive functions, behavioral patterns, and emotional stability. Good mental health enhances our productivity, effectiveness, and ability to contribute to our community. Conversely, poor mental health can lead to severe complications like depression, anxiety, and even suicide.

Various factors contribute to mental health problems. Biological factors include genetics and brain chemistry. Life experiences, such as trauma or abuse, can also play a role. Additionally, family history of mental health problems can make individuals more susceptible.

Stigma and Mental Health

Stigma is a significant barrier to mental health care. It can lead to discrimination and misunderstanding, discouraging individuals from seeking help. Education is crucial to dispel myths and stereotypes, fostering a more supportive and understanding society.

Mental Health in College Students

College students are particularly vulnerable to mental health issues. They face unique challenges such as academic pressure, social struggles, and the stress of transitioning into adulthood. Colleges should prioritize mental health services, providing resources and support to students in need.

The Role of Therapy

Therapy is a powerful tool for managing mental health. It provides a safe space for individuals to express their feelings and learn coping strategies. Therapists can help identify underlying issues and develop personalized treatment plans.

Mental Health and Technology

Technology has revolutionized mental health care. Digital platforms provide access to therapy and self-help tools, making mental health resources more accessible. However, the overuse of technology can negatively impact mental health, highlighting the need for balance.

In conclusion, mental health is an integral part of our lives. It’s crucial to understand its importance, recognize the factors that affect it, and work towards reducing stigma. As society becomes more aware of mental health, we can hope for a future where mental health care is as mainstream and accepted as physical health care.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

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