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Our College Library Essay

Our College Library English Essay

Our college has a splendid library. It is situated in a very big space in the remote corner of the college building. You may feel puzzled by the cleanliness and orderly array of books when you enter the library for the first time.

There are so many rooms in the library. One room is allotted to reference books. These books cannot be taken home. Students read them in the library and take notes from them.

Mr. Kashif is the librarian of our college library. He has been working as a librarian for the last 15 years. He is a gentleman with a calm nature. He is always ready to help the students.

Our college library contains books of nearly all descriptions of literary, scientific, historical, biographical, political, religious, technical, and social. Our college library also contains a book on fiction, arts, painting, music, etc.

Our college library is a great boon. Life would be dull without it.

Another room is meant for teachers a fairly big reading room is attached to the library. It is always crowded. You find all leading weeklies, newspapers, periodicals, and magazines in the reading room.

Our college library contains books of nearly all descriptions of literary, scientific, historical, biographical, political, religious, technical, and social. Our college library also contains a book on fiction, arts, painting, music, etc. A library contains I am told as many as 15000 volumes.

A cozy atmosphere prevails in the library. A silence, which you are not accustomed to, prevails all around. Of course, a low humming sound comes from the reading room despite the repeated request for perfect silence from the man in charge.

The advantages we drive from a library are great and many. History books tell us of the past geography tells us of other countries, books on astronomy, psychology, physics, chemistry, and biology open our eyes to the beautiful and wonderful creation of God.

Biographies of great men remind us that we can make our lives sublime tales of travels adventure and exploration fills our heart with inspiration to wander abroad. Novels give us recreation in earlier.

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Essay on Library and Its Uses for Students and Children


500 Words Essay on Library and Its Uses

A library is a place where books and sources of information are stored. They make it easier for people to get access to them for various purposes. Libraries are very helpful and economical too. They include books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, manuscripts and more. In other words, they are an all-encompassing source of information.

Essay on Library and Its Uses

A public library is open to everyone for fulfilling the need for information. They are run by the government, schools , colleges, and universities. The members of the society or community can visit these libraries to enhance their knowledge and complete their research.

Importance of Libraries

Libraries play a vital role in providing people with reliable content. They encourage and promote the process of learning and grasping knowledge. The book worms can get loads of books to read from and enhance their knowledge. Moreover, the variety is so wide-ranging that one mostly gets what they are looking for.

Furthermore, they help the people to get their hands on great educational material which they might not find otherwise in the market. When we read more, our social skills and academic performance improves.

Most importantly, libraries are a great platform for making progress. When we get homework in class, the libraries help us with the reference material. This, in turn, progresses our learning capabilities and knowledge. It is also helpful in our overall development.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Uses of Library

A library is a very useful platform that brings together people willing to learn. It helps us in learning and expanding our knowledge. We develop our reading habits from a library and satisfy our thirst and curiosity for knowledge. This helps in the personal growth of a person and development.

Similarly, libraries provide authentic and reliable sources of information for researchers. They are able to complete their papers and carry out their studies using the material present in a library. Furthermore, libraries are a great place for studying alone or even in groups, without any disturbance.

Moreover, libraries also help in increasing our concentration levels. As it is a place that requires pin drop silence, a person can study or read in silence. It makes us focus on our studies more efficiently. Libraries also broaden our thinking and make us more open to modern thinking.

Most importantly, libraries are very economical. The people who cannot afford to buy new books and can simply borrow books from a library. This helps them in saving a lot of money and getting information for free.

In short, libraries are a great place to gain knowledge. They serve each person differently. They are a great source of learning and promoting the progress of knowledge. One can enjoy their free time in libraries by reading and researching. As the world has become digitized, it is now easier to browse through a library and get what you are looking for. Libraries also provide employment opportunities to people with fair pay and incredible working conditions.

Thus, libraries help all, the ones visiting it and the ones employed there. We must not give up on libraries due to the digital age. Nothing can ever replace the authenticity and reliability one gets from a library.

FAQs on Library and Its Uses

Q.1 Why are libraries important?

A.1 Libraries help in the overall development of a person. They provide us with educational material and help enhance our knowledge.

Q.2 State some uses of the library.

A.2 A library is a great platform which helps us in various things. We get the reference material for our homework. Research scholars get reliable content for their papers. They increase our concentration levels as we read there in peace.


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Essay on Library: 100, 200 and 250 Words

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essay on library

A Library is a place where students and people interested in reading books visit very often. It constitutes several collections of books of variable genres to please the reader. The library is the in-person source of information. It is an easily accessible place for the students and raiders. Every school and college has a library with multiple books. Besides that, it is economical for the students. This article will provide an essay on library for students and children studying in schools. Enjoy Reading! 

This Blog Includes:

Sample essay on library, 100 words essay on library, 200-250 words essay on library.

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The library is an important place for the community. It includes books, newspapers, magazines, manuscripts, DVDs, and more such informational sources. It plays a significant role in the kid’s learning phase. Despite the advancement in technology , the library still plays a critical role in everyone’s life. One can borrow books from the library. There are two types of libraries one is a private library that is controlled by the school and college authorities, whereas the other is a public library that is open to all. 

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A library is a place where books belonging to different subjects and genres are stored. My school also has a very big library next to the computer lab. Our timetable is designed in such as format that we could visit the library twice a week and explore books apart from our syllabus. This practice of visiting and exploring books in the library induces a habit of reading in all the students.

My school library has autobiographies, picture books, comics, novels, fictional books, books on culture, art, and craft, and many other materials. Students can borrow the desirable book to read for one week and then, on a specific date we need to return that book to the school library.  Thus, the library teaches us the value and importance of books and inculcates the habit of reading and imparting knowledge.

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The library is the place where people come together to learn and gain knowledge. Books are arranged on large bookshelves. Books belonging to similar genres are arranged on the same shelf by the librarian. The librarian is in charge of the library.

Some libraries have digital software to keep track of books issued and received to and from the library. Owing to technological advances, books are nowadays available on online platforms. Readers can read the book on apps like Kindle. But still, the library has its role, it is easily accessible plus it will provide a trustworthy source of information. 

Good raiders prefer books to read in their physical form as they cherish the quality of pages, type of writing , and the authenticity of book covers. Thus, the library plays an important role in the student’s as well as adults’ life.

Every school allots specific hours for students to visit and read books from the library so that they can induce reading habits from childhood itself. Students also refer to books from the library to complete their assignments or summer vacation homework. 

There are set rules and regulations of the library. Generally, we are not allowed to talk so that readers won’t get distracted and lose their pace of reading. Besides that, if any book issued from the library gets misplaced, damaged, or lost from the borrower then, he/she has to pay a fine to the librarian. 

Thus, the library is an excellent resource for books that spread knowledge and information along with entertainment . 

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A. The library plays a critical part in every individual starting from the school itself. It helps in developing the overall personality because reading books and gaining knowledge help people to make a good career.

A. Include points like what is a library, why books are important, and the importance of a library in the life of students and children. Divide your essay into three parts introduction, body, and conclusion. End the concluding paragraph on a positive note. 

This was all about an essay on library. The skill of writing an essay comes in handy when appearing for standardized language tests, thinking of taking one soon? Leverage Live provides the best online test prep for the same. Register today and if you wish to study abroad then contact our experts at 1800572000 .

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essay on college library

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Essay on “Our college library” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Our college library

A library is said to be the heart and should of a college. The quality of education given in college can be roughly judged from the type of books in its library. Buildings alone do not make a college. Every college must have a good library.

Our college library is housed in a big building. It has about thirty two thousand books on various subjects. Students come to the library and take books of their choice either for reading in the library itself or for study at home.

Our college library is under the charge of a qualified librarian. She is an efficient and hard working lady. She is very helpful to students and members of the staff. She encourages those students to read as many books as possible. She is a strict disciplinarian. She makes sure that there is perfect discipline in the library. Our library is assisted by an assistant discipline in the library. Our library is assisted by an assistant librarian, four restorers and three peons. The catalogue is up to date. The books have been listed author wise and subject wise.

The library is divided into three major sections. The different sections are the general section, the reference book section and the M.A. Section. The library has a big reading room which can provide seating accommodation to about two hundred students at a time. A visitor to the library is impressed by the perfect silence in the library.

There are a number of daily newspapers in Hindi, Punjabi and English in the library. Besides, there are about thirty two journals. There is a separate reading room for the staff. The magazines or periodicals are place do and big central table. Newspapers are kept on reading stands. The reading room is crowded throughout the day. It is a rewarding experience to sit in the library for one or two hours and study the magazines and newspapers. 

I also take full advantage of the library facilities. I get two books issue every fortnight. I am very proud of our college library.

I think this is one of the best libraries in the state.

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essay on college library


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Campus Library Essay

A good campus library creates an inviting and an interactive learning environment. The school library is central to learning and plays a key role as a place for encouraging innovation, curiosity, and problem solving. The campus library is not known as an interactive learning center, it is known as a place to check out books. Our campus library barley reaches the standard level because it is small and not used as a public good correctly. When walking into the library, one sees rows of computers placed in the center. Tables are against the walls, and in the center is a librarian ’s desk. What one doesn’t see is the library begging for more space. Students are cramped at the small tables trying to share the space with each other. The library …show more content…

When presented a research project, students go to google and search the topic resulting in over one million websites. “They tended to over use google and misuse scholarly databases. They preferred simple database searches to other methods of discovery” (Kolowich). Many college students do not have time to sit in a library and do research. They need to find the fastest and easiest way to finish a project. “Now more than ever, academic librarians should seek to ‘save time for the reader’” (Kolowich). Librarians either spend too much time hovering over students or not at all. “Librarians tend to overestimate the research skills of some of their students, which can result in interactions that leave students feeling intimated and alienated” (Kolowich). Our campus library is small and not efficient, so students do not want to spend a lot of time in it. The result means their work is getting half done and they aren’t taking it serious. The campus library should post pictures, signs and the librarians should walk around to offer help to those in need of time management and ways to get their work done faster. Also, the campus library needs more study rooms and control the amount of people who aren’t using the library for the right …show more content…

They need to set up seminars and classes to help students use the web correctly. “Students who had attended library orientations or tutorials showed more proficiency than those who had not” (Kolowich). The library staff needs to get the students interested in a fun and creative way. For example, librarians could set up interactive seminars for teaching research habits. According to Thill, “Librarians and teaching faculty certainly have an obligation to encourage good, through research, but they also have a responsibility to serve students” (Kolowich). Most students are pragmatic, they do enough to get by. Relating to issue can help the librarians form better relationships with the students and teach their knowledge. When walking into the campus library, the students aren’t greeted by anyone. First, greeting students would show them the librarians are here to help. Second, it starts to form a relationship between the librarian and student when the first walk in the door. Students react better to people when they are greeted by a friendly face and are more likely to ask for help when

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that a good campus library creates an inviting and an interactive learning environment.
  • Opines that the suffolk community college library is busting at its seams.
  • Opines that the campus library should post pictures, signs, and the librarians should walk around to offer help to those in need of time management.
  • Opines that librarians need to find a common balance between overpowering and not helping at all. they should set up seminars and classes to help students use the web correctly.
  • Argues that the campus library is sufficient and an education source. they argue that students don't want help because they are pragmatic.
  • Opines that libraries are misused including the suffolk community college library, which is a place to check out books and go on the computers.

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At the start of the semester, my oblivious state of nature associating with the Chinese culture reached an unacceptable level. Implementing a necessary change, I decided to educate myself on different cultures starting with China. I failed to ponder that such a rich, deep culture existed outside America. Encompassed by this country’s unique yet suffocating melting pot culture, my outlook believed ideas such as uniformity between American Chinese food and Authentic Chinese food. After this course, my bigot perspective widened as I witnessed diversity in the world. Before this class, when I thought of Chinese food, my connotation jumped to thoughts associated with chop suey, but as I progressed my education, my mindset gradually pondered foods like steamed buns or “New Year Cakes” with authentic Chinese food.

Community Analysis Report

This library system is utilizing all the technologies and materials available to them to serve the community in the best way. Despite certain social indicators and demographic statistics indicating that the library should not be overly utilized, it is thriving and is heavily in use. There are areas that the library can look to improve based on statistical evidence, such as reaching out to the low income population and the over 55 years age group. This library seems to be meeting numerous needs for a wide range of patrons, and doing it well.

The Shawshank Redemption

In the article “What a simple library can really mean,” Jeff Little argues that the library in

The College Student's Dwindling Thirst for Knowledge Discussed in Rebekah Nathan's article, "Academically Speaking.."

"It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education" (Albert Einstein). Today, college classes are furthest from the minds of the very students enrolled in them; their curiosity and thirst for knowledge is dwindling. There is more importance placed on the interactions, parties, and other dorm life experiences than the degree needed for a successful career. In Rebekah Nathan's article, "Academically Speaking.." she explores the apathy that students feel towards college classes and suggests that the current structure places too much emphasis on personal experience. This system affords too much freedom to students by allowing them to decide what information is most relevant. Nathan voices many valid concerns surrounding the notion that classes are not as important as they once were. She correctly fears that the devolution of college's traditional learning ambition leads to a loss of class participation, preparation, and ultimately matriculation.

Lonetar Montgomery Case Study

This will be capable of competing with the best institution libraries in the world, and it will improve the standard of education and even the physical beauty of the campus in general. This kind of modern library will no doubt arrive with the best of textbooks and other materials required by the students of the great Lonestar Montgomery. Also, engineers who are up to the task must be invited to take up this responsibility for the best performance. One of the ways of achieving results in this case is to hear from the students by the use of questionnaires or direct contact and detect the kind of structure and materials they really desire for the new library. The new facility should be designed such that it will be a cynosure of all eyes. The students should also be well educated on the usage of the new facility in order to enhance the maintenance. Odunayo revealed in his article that, “aside upgrading of the libraries, I would also recommend that government should organize important programs annually where the populace can be taught or trained on the proper usage of the library”. This supports the fact that education on the library usage is also of significant

I am very interested in attending Flagler College for a number of reasons, Flagler is the perfect college to help my achieve my goals. It offers the individual help that I desire, an outstanding business program, a wide variety of clubs and organizations, and most important, Flagler opens up a lot of opportunities for career choices.

The L Word Versus the I Word

Of the 49 ALA-accredited library science programs in the United States, only one - the School of Library Science at Clarion University - omits the word "information" from its name. The "L" word doesn't fare so well. Twenty-eight percent of accredited library science programs have dropped the word "library" from their name. Other "I" word schools don't bother to seek accreditation because they no longer see their mission as training librarians.

Yahoo Conspiracy Theory

Public Librarians’ Attitudes Regarding Acquisition and Access. Judaica Librarianship [serial online]. July 2014; 18:54-87. Available from: Academic Search Complete, Ipswich, MA. Accessed February 4, 2015.

Importance Of Interpersonal Skills In The Library

We live in an information society where the development of information and communication technologies accompanied by a corresponding increase in knowledge with a rapidly growing flow of information. In this new information environment, library professionals require new skills in seeking, processing and disseminating information.

As I thought of this article, many of the issues I have faced as a single Hmong woman in her mid-twenties came to mind. Should I discuss the functional reasons why marriage is so important in the Hmong culture, especially for women? Or do I talk about the lack of eligible, older Hmong men? Better yet, should I complain about the attempts by my relatives to find me a good husband as if it were an unfortunate circumstance that I was single instead of a conscious choice? Thinking it over, though, I decided that all those questions boiled down to one fundamental truth – the Hmong community is still trying to learn how to treat the increasing number of Hmong women who, like me, are making the choice to stay single in their mid-twenties.

Writing Center Challenges

It is a quite nice, which made it easier to accomplish my assignments. When I needed to print out a paper for a class, I would use the printer available at the library. There were times, I would even scan or copy documents that were job related. When professors assigned group projects, it became challenging trying to find a location where members of the group can meet and complete the assignment. Another service the library offers is the group study room. Students and facility are able to reserve the room for academic purposes.

Assignment 1 Library Comparison Summary

In a nutshell libraries exist to connect people with information. The purpose of this is to discuss similarities and differences between following libraries in terms of who they serve, collections held and what services are provided. All the information below are from their perspective websites.

As a woman on active duty in the United States Coast Guard I have benefited from numerous experiences that have molded and prepared me for my academic career. As a Health Services Technician, I have had the unique opportunity to treat patients and truly help my fellow shipmates. Seven years of experience has shown me how much listening to someone’s story is treatment alone. I have selected Sociology as my major because I have learned that understanding how we operate in society is an essential tool when making an effort to really understand someone and more importantly understanding what tools are necessary to succeed in a particular environment. Sociology is a specialty that will aid in a future career in medicine because treating the person is as crucial as treating a disease. A focus in Sociology expands our imaginations, broadening our capacity to feel compassion for our fellow man.

Internet Research

The Center for the Digital Future’s 2005 report found that 'among users 17 and older, 56.3 percent consider the Internet to be a very important or extremely important source of information for them' (p. 4). Online resource capabilities save an individual time as well as provide ease of access and availability to a broad scope of materials. Print books and journals, though they provide in–depth information on a particular subject, are not easily accessible and available at any particular moment. In order to access many books, an individual must either visit the local library or contain the book in his or her own private collection, which could be costly. Online resources can be accessed anytime at anyplace. “Overall, there is expanded access to information in a variety of formats from worldwide institutions, businesses, and universities" (Darrow & MacDonald, 2004, p. 22). Access to “worldwide” information puts a broad range of information in the h...

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5) What is your feeling about your college library?

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A college library is a place where different types of academic books, newspapers, magazines, novels, storybooks, etc. are available for the students to study. It is an important part of college academic sides. It is generally housed in a spacious room of college academic building.  All the books are arranged in many shelves. There are few tables and chairs for the students to study. Different types of books are found in the library. These are academic books, stories, novels, religious books and many magazines. A librarian controls all the activities of a library. He strictly maintains disciplined and silent environment for the students to study. Students have free access to study various books and magazines. They can also borrow books for few days to study at home in time of vacation. Recently the use of computers and internet has made a library an important source of information. A college library also provides library cards to the students. The students who hold a library card can take necessary books at home for seven days. A library is really a storehouse of knowledge.    I feel pleasure having great benefit from my college library. I think all colleges should maintain a good library.

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Essay on Library and Its Uses in English for Children and Students

Table of Contents

Essay on Library and Its Uses: Library is the physical building or a room with the collection of books and resources accessible to a community. It consists of books and resources on diverse genres and subjects. Libraries are important for healthy development of society. It provide valuable services to meet the learning needs of the people. Libraries also benefit the economy of our nation as people use them for research purposes and to improve their job skills. They play an essential part in overall educational development of people and community.

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Almost every educational institute around the world has a library, with facilities of reading and issuance of books at very low charges. Many communities or societies also have their own libraries, open for membership to all. Libraries play a significant role in spreading knowledge and keeping the reading habit alive in people.

Long and Short Essay on Library and Its Uses in English

Here are long and short essay on library and its uses of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exams/school assignments.

After going through the essays you will understand the advantages of a library and role that it plays in the overall mental and educational development of an individual as well as a community.

You can select any Library and Its Uses Essay according to your need:

Short Essay on Library and Its Uses – Essay 1 (200 words)

Library is a storehouse of books. It also provides various other sources of information for reading in its premises as well as borrowing for home. The collection of library can include books, manuscripts, magazines, periodicals, videos, audios, DVDs and various other formats. Wide range of books are stored in a library and well organized in book shelves.

It is not possible for an individual to have such a wide collection of books at home. One can get access to diverse genres of books and other resources in library. It shuns the need to buy expensive books and resources. If there were no libraries many students who love to read would have been deprived of reading mostly due to financial difficulties.

Library is an important part of every educational institute such as schools, colleges and universities. Such a library is open for students of the particular institute it forms a part of. Therefore it contains a wide range of resources vital for the students.

Libraries attract people to read and develop habit of reading and learning. It increases their thirst for reading and expands knowledge. Library is also essential for any kind of research on different subjects.

Thus, libraries are important for research, information, knowledge and pleasure of reading. Libraries provide perfect environment to enjoy read peacefully.

Essay on Library Uses and Importance – Essay 2 (300 words)


Library is a place where there is huge collection of books and various other resources that are made accessible for reading and reference purpose. People of every age group can find resources such as books, magazines, periodicals, audios, videos and materials in other formats as per their reading interests and tastes.

Uses of Libraries

Library provides access to various books, materials, resources and digital media for research, information and knowledge. Libraries also provide services such as assistance in finding books of one’s interest which can be done with the help of librarians.

Besides, they provide space and environment to facilitate individual or group studies and collaboration. Libraries are extending their services by providing access to digital means and services by librarians in navigating and assisting with various resources of information. Libraries are becoming a center where people can engage in learning, enjoy reading and explore their interest in different subjects.

Importance of Libraries

Libraries play a vital role in encouraging and promoting the process of learning and gaining knowledge. People who love reading can have access to a wide range of books and resources. Libraries provide educational resources to everyone. Reading improves social skills, knowledge, mental health, academic performance and offers numerous other benefits. Library is a common platform for people with diverse reading interests and capacities. People get an opportunity to learn and progress as per their interests and capabilities. Library is the best place to spend leisure time wisely that leads to the overall development and well-being of an individual.

Thus, libraries are important and have different uses for different individuals. Libraries cultivate reading habits and promote progress of knowledge. However library is a perfect place to indulge in the pleasure of reading and for researching. Nowadays, librarians provide complete assistance and guidance with researching and navigating information.

Essay on Pros and Cons of Library – Essay 3 (400 words)

Libraries are buildings filled with stacks of books and resources. Modern day libraries also consist of electronic resources. Libraries offer wealth of knowledge, resources, space and environment to discover the world of books and enjoy studying or just reading for pleasure. The benefits of libraries are countless as they play a vital role in helping people by providing access to information, knowledge and entertainment resources. However, they do have a downside too. Here we have discussed few pros and cons of libraries:

Pros of Libraries

  • Virtual libraries provide immediate access to wide range of books and resources. Libraries provide materials in all formats such as books, periodicals, magazines, videos, audios and digital media. The resources are customized and tailored to meet the needs of learners’ community. The wide range of resources meets the need of diverse users with diverse needs.
  • Whether in educational or public library people benefit from the assistance of librarians and staff members. There is head librarian in every library and a team of professional staff who helps people with queries and also recommend books as per their interest.
  • Libraries are always catalogued by trained staff. They are catalogued to meet the needs of the community. The catalogue is also entered and stored in computers so that it becomes easy for the users to search.
  • Libraries have positive impact on the development of our society. They open a world of books and resources of information and knowledge to people for free.

Cons of Libraries

  • Libraries require lot of staff and real estate to house various books and resources. It becomes really expensive to maintain libraries and the library staff. Since they are not seen as crucial, they are likely to bear budget cuts.
  • Since a wide range of books and resources are to be maintained and updated in old libraries the useful resources may be limited due the time it takes to update. So, the libraries may not sometimes have access to the current information.
  • Some limited edition books and journals from centuries ago may not be available in every library. People looking for such resources must visit traditional libraries for the same.

Some argue that there is technology to read online and do research so what is the need to visit library. Yet libraries have served the communities since centuries by providing original and quality resources. People who have the habit of visiting and using libraries understand the value and importance of libraries. In addition to it, there are people who love reading but cannot afford to buy many books and resources. They can get easy access to valuable resources in libraries.

Essay on School Library and Its Benefits for Students – Essay 4 (500 words)

School library is the library within the school where students, teachers and other staff members have access to books and other resources. Therefore the purpose of school library is to ensure equitable access to books, resources and information technology to all the members of the school. Over the history libraries have played essential role in imparting knowledge. They develop social, educational and cultural growth of the students.

School libraries are different from other public and private libraries as they mainly support and extend school curriculum. School libraries support students’ learning and have positive impact on students’ academic achievements. Teachers and students need library resources and services for knowledge and success. School library supports both teachers and students and is vital for teaching and learning process.

Benefits of School Library for Students

  • School library supports students by providing various study materials and encouraging them to read. School library is an important source of knowledge for the students. Reading frequently in libraries improves vocabulary and develops reading and writing skills of the students.
  • Students get access to wide range of books and resources essential for reference, knowledge, learning and entertainment. Therefore they can choose from diverse books as per their own interest and learning purpose.
  • School libraries encourage students for independent learning and help them explore their interests.
  • Libraries are essential for the educational and personal development of the students. It impacts positively on the academic performance and achievements of the students.
  • Besides assisting teachers in research and supporting the students in their studies, libraries help in developing reading habits and provide information and knowledge to enrich learning experience. Libraries encourage fiction reading that helps students develop habit of reading for pleasure and enhances students’ intellectual, cultural, artistic and emotional growth.
  • Library is an appropriate place for the students to study and research without any disturbance. It also provides the perfect environment for students to read for pleasure. Reading is important for the overall growth and mental development of the students.
  • Books can be borrowed for further reading to get in depth knowledge on subjects of interest or simply to enjoy reading. There are general knowledge books that students can read to develop their mind. Reading is a good habit that boosts confidence in students.
  • Students can take reference from the books and resources to complete their school projects and assignments. They can refer books to make notes for learning and to prepare for exams.

The purpose of school libraries is to support students in learning process. Not only students but libraries also facilitate teachers with access to relevant sources and information for reference and research. Library staff collaborates with teachers to plan, implement and evaluate study programs that will ensure students acquire necessary skills to compete and progress in this fast paced world. Libraries are important part of every educational institute as they provide the right support to students and teachers. However education and library go hand in hand and are inseparable. Library is the essential leap in the development of literacy provided to students in classrooms.

Long Essay on Library and Its Uses – Essay 5 (600 words)

Library is the collection of books and sources of information made accessible to people for borrowing or reference purpose. The collection of libraries can include books, magazines, newspapers, films, audios, DVDs, maps, manuscripts, e-books and various other formats. Library is organized and maintained by individual, institution or public body. Public and institutional libraries provide their collection of resources and services to people who need material they cannot otherwise have access to. Those who require help for their research can seek the same from the librarian.

A personal library is the one owned by an individual with adequate means. Such libraries are created as per the knowledge and interest of person. Thus public library is open for all to cater to the interest and taste of all people and contains books on diverse subjects. An institutional library refers to a library that belongs to an institution such as school, college, university or a club, etc. Such library is open to the members of community and caters to their needs and interest.

  • Libraries play a vital role in imparting knowledge. Libraries help in learning and expansion of knowledge. Therefore it develops the habit of reading and boosts the thirst for more and more knowledge. It adds to what an individual has already learnt and leads to his personal growth and development in life.
  • Libraries are especially essential for people who cannot afford costly books and resources for reading and acquiring information. They are the ones who truly understand the value and importance of library.
  • Libraries do not only provide resources but also offer service by professional librarians who are experts at searching, organizing and interpreting information needs.
  • Libraries provide virtual space for individual and group studies. They also facilitate access to digital resources and internet.
  • Modern libraries are extending services by providing material accessible by digital media. Librarians provide assistance in navigating and also analysing large amount of information through digital resources.
  • Library is the place with absolute silence where one can concentrate on reading. Even though it is open for all people the basic rule for all those who enter the library is to read peacefully and also the maintain silence.
  • People who love reading create their own private libraries. Such ambiance at home has a positive impact on the members of the family. However it helps in developing reading habit in children and contributes to their growth and development. It broadens the outlook of the people.

Uses of School Libraries

  • Education and libraries go hand in hand. Libraries create and provide flexible learning space and environment. School library is essential to support teaching and learning process.
  • Facilitates the work of teachers by providing access to various curriculum resources and information. Therefore it equips students with skills vital to succeed in this competitive world. It encourages students to read quality fiction to develop the habit of reading for pleasure and enhances social, cultural, artistic and emotional growth.
  • School libraries and the study programs incorporated by librarians, teachers and administrators cater to the educational growth and also development of the students.
  • School libraries have a positive impact on the students’ academic performance. The students with access to well supported libraries with professional services perform and score better regardless of their socio-economic status.

Any kind of library is an asset to our community. However it is the leap in advancement of knowledge and well-being of a person. Reading is always the good habit. Visiting the library and reading can be the best way to spend leisure time and to learn something new. Libraries play important role in progress and development of the society. Thus, library is a valuable resource for the society.

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