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We walked together to the field, the spikes on the bottom of my cleats clicking with each step on the parking lot pavement. A huge field with onlookers filling the bleachers on the far side came into view, lit up by the soft evening light. I spotted the girls on my team and my tired looking grey-haired coach. Me and my dad split up, me going to warm up with my team and my dad going to sit with the team parents. As I was passing with my teammates I watched the opposing team carefully. I observed how neat their drills were and how accurate their shots and passes were. They all looked so athletic and that really made me doubt myself. How was I supposed to prove to everyone that I was a good player if I had to play against a team this good? What if I mess up and the other team completely destroys my team? The loud buzzer that ended the warm ups sounded and both teams went to their side of the field. My coach called today’s starters out, and luckily he didn’t choose me. Relieved, I went to go sit on one of the hard metal chairs they provided for the teams on the sidelines. The chairs were uncomfortable but that didn’t bother me. I had other things on my mind. I sat shivering watching the events of the game

Personal Narrative Of Basketball

Basketball was a new experience to me a few years ago, but i never realized I was going to love it. When I was younger, I’ve always wanted to play the sport of basketball, and I got my opportunity to play when I was in fifth grade at Monte Vista Elementary.

Personal Narrative: Middle School Basketball

When I was younger, basketball was all I wanted to play, it just looked like so much fun. In fifth grade I had my parents sign me up for CYB, then in sixth grade I tried out for middle school basketball and played all the way up until ninth grade. In middle school when I was in eighth grade I was awarded the captain position and that helped me build leadership and responsibility. All of the players especially the younger ones knew they could always come to me at any time if they needed anything or help with anything. High school basketball was a lot different than middle school. In middle school I was one of the star players so I played a lot but in high school that changed. I sat the bench a lot that taught me patience and understanding even

Basketball : The Success Of High School Basketball

There are many high school basketball phenoms that are scouted by pro teams even when they are in high school. A select few in the past have gone straight to the NBA out of high school and had a lot of success, while some players go to college all four years to develop their skills at the next level. However, there are athletes that will waste one year at the college level just so they could get to the NBA. Why would you waste one year of your life when you could have already been in the NBA a year earlier? Basketball players should either go to college all four years and enhance their skills and get a solid education. If not, skip college and go straight to the NBA, rather than wasting a year of your life, and possibly a classroom seat for a person who wanted to get an education.

Lacrosse Personal Narrative

I worked out everyday and practiced every chance I got. When the first day of tryouts came around again, I woke up that morning like every other day, but I knew today was different. I knew that today was the day I was going to redeem myself. When I got to the field most of the guys looked familiar, a few of them even joked around with me and asked "you're back for more?" Unlike the previuos year, I was ready for this tryout. I proved to everyone that doubted me and said I couldn't and I earned my spot on that team. The moment I saw my name on the team's roster was one of my proudest

Personal Narrative: My Love With Basketball

I fell in love with basketball 7 years ago. What began as a few trial trainings gradually grew into a deep passion for the sport. I realized that I had the flair for it as doing moves like layups came to me very naturally. All I had to do was to observe my coach do an example once, practice the move a few times, and I got it.

Final Cut In Basketball During My Sophomore Year

Our coach at the time, Coach Lallemand, would have cuts at the beginning and end of the year every year. So, at the end of my sophomore year we were at tryouts going through our drills and what have you. Then at the end he called us one by one into his office. I was expecting to make the team I had no doubt in my mind I was going to make the team. When he called my name I wasn’t nervous or anxious, I knew I was

Personal Narrative: Our 8th Grade Basketball Team

Our 8th grade basketball team were putting on a show! Opponents would enter bobcat territory where our team would play a hard fight to take another win. Every game spectators are left in astonishment after witnessing determination, willingness, and our spirit until the clock expires down to its last second.

Personal Narrative: B-Team Basketball For White Knoll High School

I was confident. I was a better basketball player and everyone knew it. Each day after tryouts I told my dad "I've got it this time." Needless to say, once again my name wasn't on the list. I was so dejected that I couldn't even look my dad in the eye when he picked me up. That night, I went straight to bed and skipped dinner. I later found out both my mom and dad silently cried because they knew how hurt I was. My friends kept telling me I should have made the team, but that didn't change the fact that they were playing and I just had to sit in the stands and watch night after night. I went to every single game that season, and supported my friends; all the while feeling empty because I couldn't be out there with

How Baseball Saved Me Essay

February 3rd 2013 was tryouts for the high school baseball team. I can remember I marked it on my calendar at home in early fall of 2012 and I worked hard every day so I could be my best and make the team. I remember counting down the days witch felt like for ever and ever. Then the day hit when I had to go out onto the field and show the coaches what I was made for. Before me and the other freshman’s had to be on the field we all were in the field house and seating around waiting on the coach to come and tell us to come outside. I remember all the older kids talking bad on me, they were saying " wow the coaches must have lost it letting you try out for the team”. I told myself to just let the be the fuel to your fire and go out there and be the

Personal Narrative: Senior Girls's Basketball Team

I do believe that it is very important to be involved with not only your school but also

Middle School Basketball Journey Analysis

I have gone through many experiences and journeys throughout my life. However, out of all of them, one stands out the most. That one journey that stands out the most is making the middle school basketball team. It was a two long journey that I will never forget. It all started seventh grade year at Sebring Middle School when I tried out for the basketball team. The whole month before tryouts, I conditioned and played basketball nonstop preparing for the week-long tryouts. Finally, the first day of tryouts came and everything went well. The second day of tryouts came, which is when they do the first cut, and I was lucky enough not to get cut. After the second day, the next two days were a breeze. Then Friday came, the last day of tryouts. At

My Basketball Journey

There have been several events that have affected my life. there's times that life will hit you hard that will make you fall over but you will need to get back up and continue what you started. This is how i viewed myself with my ambitious journey of basketball. I was around seven years old when I was bored at home and I turned on the TV and was skipping through the channels and I wanted to see what I was going to be able to watch. I stopped at the sports channel for whatever reason and I remember that it was a Spurs game in the NBA (National Basketball Association). I was in shock seeing people jump all around being able to run from the court coast to coast being chased down by others trying to get the ball through the basket. I saw this particular player at the time on the opposing team Ray Allen from the Boston Celtics. This man had such a dominant presence on the court just getting the ball and being able to shoot the ball in any given time in whatever position he was in either it was going to be contested or open he gets the ball its an automatic scoring machine. This got me very fascinated and i began to start watching basketball since that day. I also wanted to try basketball wanted to play the position Ray allen played a shooting guard, one that is a spot up shooter and is in charge to score from a convertible distance away.

My Love Of Basketball

It was the first day of tryouts in ninth grade and I was nervous out of my mind. I walked in the freshly lit gymnasium, with maroon bleachers and the roaring black panther mascot in the dead center of the court. The first game of tryouts and I stepped onto the court knowing that I should display my talent for scoring, passing, and defending. I made sure that talked on defense “Down Low, Cutter, I got two, One D, Baby J” and I made sure I said it enough where the coach heard me from the sidelines.

Personal Narrative Essay : My First Basketball Team

One rainy night in November, I arrived to the church gym for my first basketball practice of the season. As I walked in the doors creaked and you could smell the gym floor. As I already heard the basketballs hitting the ground, bouncing up and down. My friends Brittany and Destiny walked in right behind me through the door. That was when we realized we were the only girls surrounded by all guys. As practice came to a start we began to run, it felt like we were never going to stop. Up and down the court as we ran suicides, you could hear the squeaking of shoes as we went from the next line back and then on to the next. Before we started scrimmaging, the two captains were boys. Brittany, Destiny, and I stood in amazement as we were the last three standing there. You could see by their expressions they didn’t want any of us on either team.

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  • 1. High School Basketball Essay Essay #1 Basketball is something you have to acquire a taste for like wine, sushi, or vegetables (I find all of these things unappetizing.) You must also be able to understand the logistics of the game. From my understanding basketball is basically two teams of heavily sweating people running up and down a gym for about an hour or more attempting to score points by shooting a ball into a hoop. One of my friends, a lanky boy named Jeremy, was on my school's basketball team. He was one of the reasons my friend group decided to spend a good portion of our senior year at basketball games. The first high school basketball game I ever attended was eye opening. In this sport lies an entirely different culture. A culture of shouting, odd phrases, Get more content on
  • 2. We can all agree that basketball is almost becoming popular around the world. So many people play this sport but do people know how basketball started and how it evolute throughout the years since basketball was borned? So like every other sports and creations, there has to be a inventor and in basketball there was a man by the name of Dr. James Naismith. "Created in 1891 in a Springfield, Massachusetts YMCA gymnasium has grown into a game played worldwide by more than 300 million people"( So this game has been out for a very long period of time with many changing of the rules in basketball throughout the history. When it was first played in the late 1800s, there were different rules and even different looking basketball. As for the rules, originally there would be 10 people on the court but it first started with 18 people on the court which after couple of years it changed to only 10 people. Substitution was also different and the rule for this was at first no one can enter until the next game. "The rule was changed in 1920 to allow a player to re–enter the game one time. In 1934, the rule was expanded to allow players to re–enter the game twice, and, in 1945 the rule was finally changed to permit players to return to the game an unlimited number of times"( The first basketball looked very alike a football but round. The backboards were made out of straight wood and the baskets were made out of peach baskets or square boxes. There was only Get more content on
  • 3. Basketball And Basketball : My Life Of Basketball Taking a retrospective look at my life history, as a child I recall having all this energy and being very hands on. As a child, we did not have much to play with. So, anything that I was able to lay my hands on was a big payoff. My mother bought us a basketball where she thought me how to shoot the basketball. At the time, we did not have the money to pay for a basketball goal. My mother said that she had an idea. So, my mother said, "let's go to the store when we get back you will play." We went to the store and we came back with a milk crate where we cut the bottom of it out and we hung it on the telephone pole in front of our house. For me this was a challenge even though I had a lot of energy and was super motivated to play. It was hard shooting the basketball in the milk crate. I believe shooting the basketball in the milk crate helped in many different ways. Thanks to great idea my mother came up with, to this day basketball is my life. It a tradition that I pass on to my kids. Basketball was a tool for me as it was a sport that my mother taught me to keep me out of trouble. Basketball taught me team work as well as communicating with others as well as working with other. Basketball is an activity I consistently enjoy engaging in with my friends and family. I have three boys and one girl and they all love basketball. Basketball has taken over our house. Our three boys play basketball for the school, so we as a family attend to all the games. Basketball for me is not only a hobby its where I release stress. For example, playing basketball with other team mates gives me a chance to get rid of all negative energy that has piled up throughout the week. Nature and nurture shaping one's character. Nature and nurture affect one's character in countless ways. In my daily life, I've come across people on the basketball court as well as interacted with some at work that have a different idea about how to approach issues in life. Taking in to consideration nurture there are some parents that believe their children should grow up and be leaders and to demonstrate it in their lives. Features like this are acquired when you grow up with and associate with people. Nature is the different environments and the Get more content on
  • 4. Essay About Basketball The sport of basketball is known as a fun past time for any person young or old. Basketball is a great way of exercise and a great way to have fun with friends and possibly make some new ones. I love to watch and play the game, basketball is a very entertaining sport and can be played by anyone. Basketball has many negative and positive things about it based on my opinion. Basketball is known as a good pastime in many people's eyes but can also be seen as a passion for many others. Basketball in my opinion the best thing I can do with my friends to have fun while burning a few calories. I see basketball as a fun and easy way to have fun rather than sitting on the couch all day playing video games or watching television. One reason I more content... I also believe out of all these sports basketball is the best sport to watch on television. Basketball is very fun to watch on television because when you watch it you can take the moves you see the professional's perform and add them to your style of play. I take many of my moves from professional basketball players and make them my own because they expand my arsenal of tricks. There are a variety of tricks the players perform during games it makes the games much more enjoyable to be watching. My favorite player to watch is Kobe Bryant. He makes basketball seem as a mere game for little kids. He is an all around athlete is still going strong at 30 years old. He is a big role model to many kids who enjoy playing this sport. Kobe can do anything he is a very versatile player and could get anywhere around the court in a blink of an eye. Bryant is the definition of all–around in my book. He knows how to play both sides of the game offense and defense. I look at Kobe Bryant as the ultimate weapon. I want to play like him as I continue to get better and better every time I play basketball. Kobe makes the game much more enjoyable to watch because of his acrobatic shots and stunning defense. Basketball is my favorite sport of all–time. There are just endless possibilities when it comes to the thought of Get more content on
  • 5. My Experience Of Playing Basketball The first time I played basketball was like the first time finding myself. I started playing basketball when I was very young and I fell in love with it. I was really really good from a young age, I had an innate ability to play basketball. I had fun dribbling and doing all the dirty work, I liked the running and playing defense I loved every aspect of the game. The first experience I remembered was when I was in 4th grade and it was the champion ship game against Lakeland. Lakeland was always super good and before this game we never have gotten even close to them in score. This game was different. It was 32–28 our lead and we had 2 mins left. I remember Lakeland only had one good player and I was guarding him, it was the hardest challenge of my life because this kid was the best. I was guarding him and he shot a 3 and somehow it went in so now the score was 32–31 with about a minute left. We had the ball and we were dribbling up the court but somehow, they got the ball back and scored so now the score was 33–32 their lead. My coach (my step dad) calls a time out and brings us together and says "now boys this is the closest we have ever gotten to beating this team so let's not let it slip away" everyone looked at each other and we knew we had to do something. So, we made a play so I could score to win the game. I was so nervous; the play was called "2". the play would start at the top of the key and I would have to run up to the elbow and then someone would come and pick for me and I would do a back door. We tried the play in practice a couple days prior to this game but we never put it in action. So, the time out ended and we went back on the court. my heart was beating and my legs were shaking. So, we bring up the ball and we all get in position, now there is about 40 seconds on the clock and we wait a little bit before we start the play to take some time off the clock. But then finally the point guard yells out "2" and my heart drops even more. but I do what I'm supposed to and pop up and then here comes the screen. I set my guy up the cut back door. I got a perfect pass from my team mate and I go up for the shot and I get hammered. Someone fouled me really hard and I fell and I had no idea if it went Get more content on
  • 6. Basketball : The Game Of Basketball The game of basketball started in December 1891. Basketball was founded by a Canadian born instructor named James Naismith at the Young Men's Christian Association training school in Springfield, Massachusetts. The YMCA developed rules for the game which were later used in high schools, colleges, and settlement houses. The game grew bigger and popular in a lot of areas. Particularly in urban areas, where games were sponsored by schools, social clubs, churches, and companies. Colleges sponsored tournaments to attract players to their school. The best players around the world would attend these tournaments and invitational meetings in hope to earn scholarships or enter semipro leagues around American cities. Not only did men play the game of basketball but women, particularly in the south, received similar opportunities to play basketball for sponsored teams. Throughout the 20 centaury, basketball was a primary sport in inner–city playgrounds and urban recreational communities. College basketball was the main form of organized basketball beginning in the 1930s. The American basketball league began in the 1920s. As professional as the ABL was, it could not compete with college basketball. However the American basketball league changed the college basketball world. One of the main places basketball was played was at the Madison Square Garden. The first ABL elite program was the Boston Celtics. In the 1920s they won as much as 90 percent of their games. The game of basketball Get more content on
  • 7. Basketball Essay Since its conception in 1891, the sport of basketball has always been a catalyst for excitement that never ceases to amuse its viewers. It not only excites those participating in the sport, but also manages to innervate those who watch from the comfort of their couch. This surge in energy continues to persuade even the most indolent individuals to join in a friendly game of basketball every once in awhile. Basketball has long been praised as an elegant sport because of its focus on accuracy, precision, and teamwork. Qualities such as these are the main reason that basketball is gradually becoming America's national pastime. Despite its fame and recognition, basketball was merely created as a hobby and was never intended to become a more content... The sport became so popular that the National Basketball Association (NBA) was created in order to supply the nation with a televised center of professional basketball. A mere 8 teams were expected, and almost obligated, to entertain a nation of excitement–craving sports fans. The creators of the NBA saw that this would become a debilitating problem and over the next 30 years nearly tripled to 22 teams stationed throughout the country. Along with this increase in professional teams, the founders of the NBA wanted to create a new league to increase the NBA's variety. This led to theAmerican Basketball Association (ABA) being created and providing even more fierce competition between superstar caliber talent. The ABA quickly gained popularity due to the players who rebelled against the idea of basketball fundamentals and instead opted to perform flashy moves that bedazzled the audience. In 1976, the NBA and the ABA combined to for the NBA that we all know and recognize today. This was a direct result of integration in major sports and was done as a marketing technique that would help gain the less bigoted fans. From then on, the NBA continued to dominate the sports world and has made many of its players into household names. This has quickly allowed basketball to become America's favorite pastime with over 48% of adults admitting that basketball was there favorite sport. The journey from a small, recreational sport to a global Get more content on
  • 8. Basketball Reflection Individuals face manageable trials everyday. In my life, I get stuck on a math problem or I can't make a shot in basketball practice. I usually stop, take a breath and move on to the next problem. During basketball practice, I take a breath, controlling my frustration and go back to the basic bunny shots a few feet from the basket. It is all about simplicity. I once had a coach tell me, "boring is beautiful." A volleyball approach is supposed to be simple and boring. It is the adrenaline rush of the game that makes it exciting. The most effective hitters perform simply and efficiently. We get sidetracked from these trials and try to take more complex routes, such as a thick forest in Minnesota, when a perfectly paved path cutting through the forest is only a few feet away. When conflict arises in academics and athletics, I see the solution more complexly than it needs to be. But after conquering a very significant conflict in my volleyball career, I learned those very important life lessons. During my 2016–17 volleyball season as a junior in high school, I slowly sunk into a rut. I was not performing well in crucial game situations, nor was I hitting the marks I had hoped for, for that season. I had been pulled up to play varsity volleyball my freshman year and had success ever since. I wasn't used to the struggle and frustration of my ability as a middle hitter. I sat down with my coach and we talked about my performance the last few games. I felt I was letting my team Get more content on
  • 9. History of Basketball Essay The game of basketball is recognizable high school or the NBA. The sport is very popular and is played worldwide. Everyone may also know the sport from some names of basketball stars. Maybe the names Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Dr. J, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, or Carmelo Anthony ring a bell. They are all outstanding players of the game and have a significant understanding of how the game is played. Basketball has changed alot overtime and has become one of Americas most played sports. It takes time to really learn the ins and outs of the game and also to get a good handle on things. The game of basketball started in Springfield Massachusetts and has now become on of the most popular sports nationally known. The game was more content... He got to thinking and started combining ideas from other games to make the game of what it is known today as basketball. Naismith invented this game in 1891 (Faurschou). He decided to start making little notes of his ideas. He was going to use a slightly large and light ball. Since the game was made to play indoors the players would have no need to run with the ball. Also players couldn't hit or strike other players. After Naismith came up with the basic rules he decided what the goal of the game would be. The goals were first going to be placed low but Naismith decided that if the other team were defending it, it would be nearly impossible to make a goal. This is how the idea of the basketball hoop came about. He decided to place the goal over the player's heads. The goals would start as peach baskets but would later evolve into hoops (Padwe). The hoops would be made of iron and a braided cord netting to verify the ball was going through the hoop (Peterson).Naismith had his game ready but needed a way to start it. He thought of several different ways but wanted to eliminate roughness. He decided to take part of rugby when the ref throws the ball in between the players. Naismith said the ball would be thrown in an upward motion in between both of the centers for each team and this would be the start of the game. The game of basketball was now ready but just needed people to start it. The kids at the YMCA training center started Get more content on
  • 10. The Physics of Basketball Essay The Physics of Basketball There are many aspects to the game of basketball and physics can be applied to all of them. Although to be good at basketball it is not necessary to play it from a physics point of view. Basketball players become good by developing muscle memory for the actions that must be performed in the game of basketball from years of practice. Nevertheless knowing some of the physics in the game of basketball can help a good player be a better player. In this paper I will cover the three most important aspects of the game, shooting, dribbling and passing. The most important part of the game of basketball is shooting the basketball, after all the object of the game is to put the basketball through the basket. A more content... The first description of a shot was described earlier as simply a shot but more specifically can be referenced to a jump shot. The second way to look at shooting the basketball using physics is referred to as a layup. The difference between the two is that a jump shot has little or no horizontal movement toward the basket. Instead the jump shot relies strictly on vertical movement. Specifically the shooter will be stopped and jump using two feet straight up and down vertically and push the basketball off the finger tips to obtain the force and angle to get the ball to the basket. The layup on the other hand is done by the shooter jumping off of one foot while running. The shooter jumps vertically and uses the momentum from running to propel horizontally toward the basket. The shooter is generally closer to the basket while shooting a layup versus a jump shot. The same physics that were applied to the jump shot are applied to the layup as well. There is still an angle and force that the ball would need to travel toward the basket but since the shooter is moving horizontally toward the basket velocity will play more of factor. Since the balls velocity is the sum of the shooters speed and the balls speed the ball does not need as much force to get to the basket but it is more or less just let go of or dropped off into the basket. This also explains the slam dunk. Instead of dropping the ball into Get more content on
  • 11. Playing Basketball Essay Playing Basketball Being part of the basketball clique in high school helped me learn the intrapersonal and social communication skills I use today. As a child playing basketball was my favorite activity or hobby. It's also the way I met a lot of my good friends that I have now. All my close friends I have met. I have met them through playing basketball.. Whether they were on my team, the opposing team or just fans in the crowd who admired my play. Not only has basketball helped me gain friends, but basketball also taught me a lot about life. There are many aspects of life that coincide with basketball. For instance basketball is a team game and an individual game. Like in life you have to work together with other people. more content... Me on the other hand, I had older friends that I had already made through basketball. So when I got to high school even though I was nervous I had a clique that I fit and hung out with . As I hung out more with the basketball team I started to break out of my shell. Some of the great experiences I remember were the bus rides to games. We use to make up songs or just crack jokes on each other. My clique in high school was well know we were known as the ?ballers?. We got along with all the other people at school. My basketball clique went everywhere together we even had a weekly senior ditch day to the beach. We went to all the dances in groups and had fun. By the end of my four years I gained about ten brothers that I knew I could rely on and call for anything at any time. From freshman year to the time I graduated I became a whole new person thanks to my teammates and all my experiences that I shared with them. I learned how to talk in both a one on one and group situation. Thanks to basketball I had developed the fundamental skills to communicate to friends and family. Being the point guard on the team I had to relay the message from the coach to the other teammates. So I learned how to communicate and be heard in a big group. Like when I saw something that I thought someone was doing wrong I had to speak up and let them know what they need to day. I then took those skills to my everyday real life situations. I no longer held my tongue Get more content on
  • 12. My Experience With Playing Basketball To most basketball is just a game but to me it is so much more. Playing basketball for over 15 years has taught me a lot about life and myself. Whether there is a crowd of people watching me or I am the only one in the gym, once I step on to the court my mind becomes free. There is something about an empty court, headphones in my ears, and the ball in my hands that makes me like I'm right at home. I met some of my closest friends for the first time on the basketball court. My coaches did not just teach me skills on the court but they also acted as father figures in my life. Playing basketball has taught me some of my greatest life lessons. The basketball court has been my second home. Not because I spend countless hours there but because it gives me an opportunity to express myself and escape from reality all while being with people I consider family. I first began playing basketball when I was just four years old. My dad signed me up to play in the city league. The age cut off for the league was July 1st. My birthday was not until July 17th so my dad had to lie to get me onto a team. He said that I was born on May 17th while he was signing me up for the league. While I do not have very vivid memories of playing for the first time, I do know that is was something I had wanted to try ever since my older brother began playing. My brother, Chris, is two years older than me. I have always looked up to him and still do this day. Growing up my brother and I would Get more content on
  • 13. How To Shoot A Basketball Essay Shooting a basketball involves many steps. To shoot a basketball a hoop is needed. So, go to a gymnasium at school,rec center, or even your driveway. Grab a basketball and dribble a few times to get comfortable with the basketball before shooting the basketball. Go to a spot closer to the hoop, like the left or right block on the marked court. It is a square shape located on the floor of the gym. After finding the blocks or the place you choose to shoot from, the first thing you should do is line your foot up to the basket. If you are left–handed, your left foot should be lined up to the basket. If you are right–handed, your right foot should be lined up to the basket. Once you have lined your dominant foot up, the other foot that is not lined Get more content on
  • 14. Basketball is a complex sport that takes many years to fully grasp the Complete concept of. Basketball is for anyone who is willing to become a little physical, for you are running up and down the court with ten other players while playing defence and offence. There are just a few elements you need to focus on when starting off. These include; dribbling, passing, shooting, and defence. You need to learn the rules and regulations in thegame as well. Not only that, but, Always be in triple threat position, meaning you have your elbows are out and you are balanced. This assures that the ball is protected and you are in the position to either pass, shoot or dribble. Dribbling is the first and most important factor you need to learn more content... In contrast to bounce passes and chest passes, an overhead pass is thrown over your head instead of from your chest. Shooting is the next integral when it comes to basketball. If you have to take one thing from this essay it should be to always remember the word "BEEF". The "B" stands for balance, hence, your legs are slightly bent and spread as far as your shoulders are. Additionally, your strong leg should be slightly in front of the other. The first "E" in beef stands for elbow in, meaning it is tucked in and not sticking out like a chicken wing. Many younger kids tend to do this to get more leverage to throw the ball up, but it's better just to do it right. The next "E" stands for eyes, this is important when shooting the ball. As a result, eyes should be on the back of the rim or top of the box on the backboard when shooting. Never have your eyes on the ball when you shoot otherwise the ball will not travel towards the basket, unless you are fortunate. Equally important to that are the types of shots you can take in basketball. The common lay–up is one of these, it can be on the left or right side of the basket. Not only that, but, you can execute a reverse lay–up, meaning you run under the basket and throw the ball up backwards. As you move farther from the basket you will bend your knees more and put additional force into shooting it. Calculating the amount of force needed is a tough element when learning to shoot. Furthermore, different spots on the Get more content on
  • 15. I Love Basketball Essay The sport of basketball is known as a fun past time for any person young or old. Basketball is a great way of exercise and a great way to have fun with friends and possibly make some new ones. I love to watch and play the game, basketball is a very entertaining sport and can be played by anyone. Basketball has many negative and positive things about it based on my opinion. Basketball is known as a good pastime in many people's eyes but can also be seen as a passion for many others. Basketball in my opinion the best thing I can do with my friends to have fun while burning a few calories. I see basketball as a fun and easy way to have fun rather than sitting on the couch all day playing video games or watching television. One reason I more content... I performed several different searches with yahoo and google I found google more resourceful than yahoo so I used google but google has more articles on how Mosley 2basketball was played what it was better than yahoo but it kind of came up with unrelevent things but then I used Boolean operators and used key words like don't, only, not this, not that my results were good it only came up with what I said so it was very useful by the way I used keywords in google the difference in yahoo and in google is yahoo comes up with more things im not trying to learn stuff I did not type up and google shows me the things I typed up especially with keywords Know it is time to tell you my other favorite sport I love volleyball just like I love basketball but I think I have more passion for volleyball I used to play on the all stars team but are season is over. when I go home I play volleyball with my friends I don't own a volleyball but my friends have one I don't really have a favorite team for volleyball I like all the teams volleyball is so fun it is like you taking a hot bath just relaxing thinking when I play it I get motivated to be better practice and motivated to be myself when I play volleyball I feel happy exited know im going to tell you more about volleyball in volleyball they usually call out the ball they say me, I got it, etc., you can bump Get more content on
  • 16. My Passion Of Basketball Basketball is my passion. I started playing basketball because i saw how much joy it brought to my mother and how excited she would get when home our team the Boston Celtics would win games. And the 2008 NBA championships At The time my mom was raising three kids. My two sister and I i was eight years old and my sisters were eleven and thirteen on her own and money was very tight. My father wasn't around so at a very young age i was told i was "the man of the house" i didn't know what that meant but to my mom it meant taking out the trash while it was time grew went by i had decided that becoming a basketball player because i saw how much an NBA contract is worth and i knew that's how i would get my mom and my sister out of the the financial situation we were in because being a man was to take care of my family and put them in the best situation I will never forget that the first shot I ever took was a perfect, nothing but net. Swish. It felt amazing, and I've been in love with this sport ever since.and at that moment i knew i was destined once i saw my mom have the excitement. I decided to tryout for the 4th grade basketball team. At tryouts i really didn't have any basketball IQ but i had the athleticism and the heart the coaches pick that up quick to make the team I was one of the best players. I played the starting point guard it's one of the most important positions on the basketball court. I followed my favorite player in the nba chris paul who also played the same position being point guard for my team was nerve wracking but once I got on the court it was easy to clear my mind so the only thing I was worried about was the game and the plays I was going to do. And making sure we had the higher score than the our opponent. Even though we would lose all our games i was still proud of myself cause i got a lot of exposition by AAU coaches all over boston but lack of money i couldn't sign up so i just train whenever i got the chance. Basketball – Playing basketball provide me a stress reliever. If i play a casual game with others, the competition will be a welcome distraction from my daily stresses. Other sports like football also might relax me, but unwinding with basketball doesn't Get more content on
  • 17. Basketball as it is known today invented by Physical Education Instructor Dr. James Naismith in December 1891 in the town of Springfield, Massachusetts. He invented it to condition young athletes during cold months and for it being an less injury prone sport than football. Why is basketball good for either the players or spectators? There are ways to show why basketball is a good sport for either player or spectators, by showing facts and experiences me and the people encountered playing basketball. Basketball is the best sport due to its rules, facts, health and fitness benefits, and people's experiences. Basketball is the best sport because it can be played with two to five players each side, and also a sport to play with friends and other competitors. According to Total Sportek, Basketball is the second most played game in the world. It had at least a billion followers and is a major sport in USA with NBA generating over 4.75 billion dollars per year in revenue. Basketball can also be played with a person and be entertained for hours. It is a good sport to play because playing basketball has benefits on health and fitness. It burns calories by running, jumping, and quick lateral movements done in basketball provides a significant amount of aerobic exercise and can burn a great deal of calories. It helps develop concentration and self discipline through the rules implemented in the game, breaking them can result to penalties for the player and the team. Practicing self discipline helps one another become more competitive and fair to their game focused in succeeding. It improves awareness in which a person will be aware of oneself and evolve the understanding the relationship of these objects when there is a change of position. Enhanced confidence in which self esteem increases and help gain more confidence, being a confident person has more faith in his or her skills and can face life with a better opposition. Basketball also helps players improve concentration and encourages the development of teamwork. People dream of going to the NBA. It's such an exciting game, filled with buzzer–beaters, blowouts, and ankle breakers. So much can also be learned from the game, such as the correct way to shoot, play Get more content on
  • 18. Narrative Essay On Basketball Walking onto the court almost every time was definitely a mix of excitement but also terrifying. Basketball is a team sport so the amount of pressure to perform for your team was very nerve racking. Although no one can perform perfectly at all time who doesn't want to play as well as you can in every game. Although every time walking onto the court gave some type of emotion, I had never had a wave of emotion hit me like it did the first time I stepped on to Rocky's court. I was especially nervous but truly excited for the fact I was about to prove myself that I could continue my passion at the next level. I had met the team on my visit and I found out how great all of the girl were, but after I signed a new kind of anxiety set in. I was so nervous to fit in and be accepted by my new team. I was also so afraid to let the coaches down. When I got here and started practice I found out I was worried for nothing. I was accepted by my team and was not letting my performance anxiety get to me. I decided I was just going to play my game and not worry so much. I am so thankful that my worrying was for nothing and I feel like I am really going to enjoy myself here not just in basketball but also in the social aspect. While I was reading The Art of Fielding I felt myself connecting to Henry the most. Why I was relating to henry was due to him not being the best of the field but knowing the game and his position so extremely well. Henry is also from a small–town such I am so I really connected to the feeling. Although throughout the story he started to allow himself to get performance anxiety. Learning more about it will allow me to be more aware of the feeling and deal with is before it becomes an issue. Henry was very dedicated to baseball, he not only played the game he also spent so much time studying the game to improve his performance. He has a love for baseball that is indescribable and that is why I connected with him more in the beginning. Henry Skrimshander was just a small town boy who was playing baseball who really had so clear future ahead of him until one day he proved himself to a college player who believed he was the next big thing. Mike Schwartz who is the college player who decided Henery would be Get more content on
  • 19. Basketball Essay Basketball Basketball was created a simple game. The primary objective was to place a ball, without dribbling, into a peach basket. However, like Darwin's theory of man, basketball has evolved into the most exciting exhibition of athletic ability. Basketball has seen many rule changes, because of the increasing ability of the players. Basketball is a melting pot, where black, white, and European people excel. This is a sport that is color–blind. This sport requires complete control over one's body and mind. Pure strength is required to fight through opposing teams picks, and to gain position for rebounds. Speed is necessary to create space for a shot attempt or a pass. Concentration is vital to dribbling a ball up the court, with more content... He is from the ghetto, and ESPN exploits this dark horse image. Along with his "Playground style", that ruins years of coaching fundamentals, he is involved in a thuggish lifestyle. Iverson, and many other players, are still young men who participate in smoking weed, beating women, and multiple other illegal activities constantly. ESPN receives the police reports and bleeds the information to the public. Hoops Junkies, like myself, hear the information and we form opinions. Contrary to logical reasoning, ESPN makes me cheer a player for these normally condemnable acts. Latrell Sprewell attempted to asphyxiate his coach, and less that six months later he is praised like a man who found the cure for cancer. Player's "Realness" lies in direct proportion with their lifestyle. American media wants the bad boys, because there is a more interesting behind them. With this going on, youths across the world are feed the message smoke weed, beat women, and most importantly forget the team concept and dunk the rock. ESPN is not the only source of blame for the non–existent morality of basketball, but I can directly link it to the American public's warped views and opinions of the professional basketball player. Since the induction of the three–point arc, basketball has changed. Players reason, why settle for a sure bank shot from seventeen feet when I can step back a Get more content on

Basketball Essay for Students and Children


500+ Essay on Basketball

The game of basketball has truly become global in the last few years. The game is currently popular in the United States. Also, it is described by many as an American game because of the fun and competitive element in it. Also, this is one of the games which is played indoors and still caters to billions of fans around the world. This game was Dr. James Naismith from Canada. Initially, he invented the game by using a rectangular pitch which was 6 feet wide and 4 feet high. Additionally, the court includes a free throw line which is 12 feet long. In basketball essay, students will get to know about the different components that make the game of basketball special.

Basketball Essay

It is a team game that has gained immense popularity. Also, the game is played with the help of a ball and the ball is shot into the basket that is positioned horizontally. So, the objective in the game is to shoot the ball and score the maximum points. This game is played by 2 teams that constitute a total of 5 players each. Also, the game is played on a marked rectangular floor that has a basket on both the ends. 

Originally, basketball was played using a soccer ball. Also, it was James Naismith that used a peach basket which ha ad a nonhollow bottom. So, this basket was nailed at a height of 10 ft. above the ground and on an elevated track. If you consider the manual removal of the ball from the basket a drawback then the bottom was removed to and it took the shape of modern-day baskets. Also, dribbling was not part of the game initially. Eventually, it evolved till 1950 by which the balls got better shape due to manufacturing. 

Additionally, the orange ball was evolved from the brown ball. The brown ball was used in the beginning as it was thought that the ball is more visible. By 1996, the peach baskets used were replaced by metal hoops on the backboard. 

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Basketball Game 

At the start of the game, a referee tosses the ball at the center of the court between two players. One player from either team try to get their hands on the ball and the ball is passed on to the teammates. For scoring a point, a team needs to shoot the ball through the basket. If a shot is scored from a distance that is closer to the basket than the 3 point line than it fetches 2 points. Also, if the ball is shot from the distance behind 3 point line, it fetches 3 points. So, the team that has a maximum number of points is declared the winner. 

In case of a draw, there may be additional time allotted to both the teams. In the game, a player is cannot move if he is holding the ball. The player needs to dribble, otherwise, it is considered as a foul. Likewise, when there is a physical contact that affects the other team then it counted as a physical foul. 

Basketball is game played with a maintained and carefully marked court. It is a team sport that is commonly found in many different areas. 


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Narrative Essay On High School Basketball

high school basketball essay

Show More A nail bitter, teeth clincher, bone shaker. This game was everything you want when you take the family out for an evening of high school basketball. The Falcons and The Stallions battled tick for tac down to the very last second, but there could only be one winner. The first quarter was a bit sloppy, a lot of missed baskets, a lot of fouls, and plenty of turnovers, no one had gone on a stretch, after the first quarter the score was Green Run 10 Cox 9. The 2nd Qtr we had a little more action. Freshman Jordan Lewis began to find his rhythm as he would drop 2 3 pointers in the 2nd quarter as well as a few layups at the basket. Jordan Williams came up big becoming unstoppable inside the paint just having his way with the Stallion defenders on both ends of the court. Cox had been hitting Green Run with everything they had but 2 big steals from Ashley James would let the Stallions escape with the lead at the end of the half Green Run 24 Cox 21. The intensity went to another level in the 2nd half. These boys came out to play and gave all they had to open the 3rd Qtr. Chris Campbell continued to have his way in the paint , and AJ Smith joined the party driving to the paint and getting to the free throw line slightly …show more content… Showers would finish with a game -high 16 pts and 5 steals, and Shawn Sanders finished with 15 pts. Cox Head Coach Bobby Wolfe was incredibly proud of his team and the fight they put up even though they were not at full strength coach did not use that as an excuse, he stressed that too much sloppy play had cost the Falcons the game. The Stallions have not lost to a beach district team since 2013, and that streak continued tonight. If we can take something away from this game is everyone needs to be on notice that these two teams are pushing to make a deep run this year and they will fight until the final second to come up with a

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Personal narrative: the junior varsity team.

We had our heads in the game and pulled out the first few points. As the game went on, we were back and fourth. I had my personal record for blocks and hits against a team that I was so nervous for. As I played my front row rotation and was going to sub out for someone to come in and serve for me , my coach informed me that I would be serving. Alpena had 18 points, and TC West had somewhere extremely close to that.…

Jebron Lames: The Goodpasture Christian Varsity Football Team

TJ Harkins Realistic Fiction Short Story Title: We all know the famous Jebron Lames, star small forward for the San Antonio Spurs. But did you know that back in highschool he was known as a failure for getting cut from the Goodpasture Christian Varsity Football team. Let’s look back into that hard time in his life.…

Bloomingdale Bears Vs Wheaten Rams Research Paper

Throughout the 1st half of the game, it was a really tough game because of all the rain so it make it harder for Dylan to throw a deep ball. So the team went into the half, Rams leading 14-0. Dylan truly believed that his team was better but they weren’t showing that, they were getting lazy on him. Into the second half the team did a much better job and were totally demolishing. Although they weren’t winning, you could tell by the way they were playing that they were going to win.…

W. Va Analysis

In the third, WVU tacked on a pair of runs. Galusky singled through the left side and Hill walked. Inman drove in both runners with a double down the right field…

Alabama Crimson Tide Research Paper

The Women’s Volleyball Team beat Alabama Crimson Tide in a bruising battle making it a fourth consecutive win for The Rebels against the Elephants at The Pavilion, injuring a player from both Ole Miss and Alabama. Ole Miss has Junior Lexi Thompson to credit for their success with 20 kills, whether she gives herself credit or not, she led the Rebels to a win against Alabama Crimson Tide, while also moving into 7th place for career kills. “I personally never lost to Alabama, and it is great to say that,” Thompson said. “It is all in all my team. Aubrie Edie thank you so much for being an awesome setter and helping me.”…

Personal Narrative: Pic-Six

Pic-Six Let me set the scene; it was a particularly nice day in October and we were having our annual panthers “pink game”. This was to raise breast cancer awareness. After being out for 3 games due to a concussion, I was really looking forward to this game because it was my first game back. One thing that is pretty important to note, We were playing the best team in our league. The Dekalb Bengals.…

A Summary Of Sonora Argumentative Essay

The court was quiet, we lacked motivation but maintained a lead for most of the match but only by a point or two. It felt like we put in as much energy as needed to pull off a win. But with that said, we still had some great moments in the court. Claire Caldera and Allie Eveleth have gotten stronger in their attacks. Janae Roberson has begun to be a forceful blocker in the middle and our setters, Grace and Julian, continue to push our offense to be better with each match.…

Personal Narrative: The Journey To Team Louisiana

Nobody wanted to wake up on that bright and early morning and remember the horrific loss to JPRD. We had to forget about it, someone had to step up, and I was tired of waiting around. I told them that we had to forget about last night, and focus on Richland Parish at 5:30. We did exactly that. We arrived at the ballpark, Bennett Brown, who I warmed up with was a big factor to this game.…

Narrative Essay On High School Baseball

What I was looking forward to doing my senior year, was leading my team as a senior to the best we could be. I was working harder than I ever had all winter long leading up to this. I had one goal that I did not see happen any of my four years there, which was getting to the state championship. There were a lot of things that had to go right for this to happen. The team had to be good, they had to work hard every day, they had to win districts, they had to win regional’s, and the most importantly the team had to get along great they have to be a family.…

Golden State Warriors Research Paper

What Makes The Golden State Warriors So Deadly? The Golden State Warriors seem to be the team that no one can defeat. The New Orleans Pelicans, Memphis Grizzlies, and Houston Rockets all failed to come up with a solution to defeat the Warriors in a seven game series and now the Cleveland Cavaliers find themselves down in the NBA Finals one game to none with Kyrie Irving out for the rest of series. 1.The…

Jez O Whiz Rodney Hood Analysis

Jeez-o-whiz Rodney Hood. The Pistons controlled the game from early, and this would easily have been a double digit win if not for one Rodney Hood. Hood scored 14 second half points, including a three point shot with 6 seconds remaining to pull the game within one point. Reggie Jackson was able to hit a pair of free throws and the Pistons defense managed to avoid fluke shots that have been a plague so far this season.…

Personal Narrative Essay: Pennridge Men's Basketball Team

The colors of red and white dominated the gym. I looked around and saw Pennridge colors faded behind the Reading fans. It was Pennridge Men’s Basketball team’s first appearance in a PIAA State game. We played in front of a crowd of 4,200 people. About 95% of those people were rooting against us.…

Personal Narrative-8-Point In American Football

Eight-eighty-seven seventy-one,” Coach Morris said to me. “Look for the outside receivers and tell them to get out of bounds to stop the clock. If they don’t get out of bounds, hurry to the line and spike the ball!” After hearing those instructions from coach I trotted onto the field with 1:22 left in the Decorah football game. Since our defense held them on 4 straight downs we had a second chance and we were going to take advantage of it.…

Personal Narrative Essay About Playoff Basketball

Getting into the fourth quarter, with two minutes left, Markieff Morris hit a corner three. Soon after that, Bradley Beal came down the court, drove in, and dropped a floater off the glass. Then, Bradley Beal came down again, spun off a defender, and hit a three from the left wing. It was tied at 92. The Celtics inbounded the ball and gave it to Al Horford who banked a shot in off the glass for the lead.…

Mid Atlantic Cup Essay In 150 Words

We came out at half time and dominated for the rest of the game. We just couldn't score, we had tons of opportunities but we couldn't convert any of out chances. With only 5 minutes I played Zach a perfect through ball. He took it to the end line, he was one on one with the keeper. The keeper did a great job of closing down the angle.…

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How High School Basketball Saved My Life by Zaire

Zaireof Roseville's entry into Varsity Tutor's December 2013 scholarship contest

How High School Basketball Saved My Life by Zaire - December 2013 Scholarship Essay

Describe an extracurricular activity you participated in for school and how it impacted you.

One extracurricular I participated in while in school was basketball. Actually, “participated” does not describe what I did. Basketball was, and still is, my passion and first love. I started playing basketball as part of the school team when I was in eighth grade. It started out as a just a hobby and something fun to do but, later the game of basketball became much more than that. It became a teacher of life, a vision of a better life, a therapeutic escape, and a physical connection to my late father.

I grew up in a large family, with my eight sisters, two brothers, my mother, and my father. Due to the large number of siblings I had, we never had much in material. The youngest children would have to share beds and wear hand me down clothes. We often had days when we weren’t sure if we would have enough to eat; but somehow my parents always found a way to provide. Of course we didn’t always have what we wanted but we did have what we needed and for what we lacked in money and materials, we definitely made up for with love, care, and great memories. My siblings and I had to be very creative with what we had and we came up with some very unique games. Such as the game “all the balls” which was a mix of dodge ball and capture the flag. Basketball was one game we often enjoyed, although, obviously, we did not make this one up. We played just for fun as something to do but, once I started middle school, a love for the game began to grow inside me. Basketball was also my dad’s greatest passion. As my passion for the game began to grow, he and I became much closer and created a stronger bond. When I was fourteen years old my father unexpectedly passed away. When we first returned home it was very strange for me to be in the house knowing he would never return. In that moment, I grabbed my basketball and went to the park. From that day forward, basketball became a crucial part of my life. I began to play basketball as an extracurricular activity through school when I was thirteen. I became much more involved with the team and the school when my father passed. I attended Columbia Heights High School in Minnesota. As I began to use basketball as one of the few physical connections to my dad that remained, I also began to realize the therapeutic effect it had on me with many different challenges I faced in life. When I had an important decision to make, felt stressed, or needed to feel my dad’s presence, I would go to the park and play by myself. It gave me a positive way of dealing with difficulties in life.

Along with a positive escape, basketball gave me a positive vision and taught me a lot about life. With a goal to play college and professional basketball in my future, I had a vision of something more than what I was surrounded by, which was a lot of violence, drugs and alcohol, teen pregnancy, and friends dropping out of school, along with the peer pressure to get involved with these things. But my goals helped me stay focused and hold on to a vision of more positive things. I also attribute a lot of my character and life lessons to being involved with the basketball team. Playing a competitive sport such as basketball teaches you how to work with others to reach your goals. It greatly assists in building vital life characteristics, such as patience, work ethic, discipline, paying attention to detail, and learning how to deal with both success and failure.

Along with all of these great things, the most impactful thing basketball has given me is the chance to meet and work with great people, along with finding an even greater purpose in life. I have been blessed with so many great people from teammates and coaches to friends and mentors. So many of these people could see my positive vision and determination that they were willing to help in so many ways. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Which is where basketball has led me. Basketball gave me the chance to work with youth, running camps and coaching teams. Because of these programs, I have realized a greater purpose for my life: to work with youth and people throughout the world, helping them find their true passion and purpose, to guide them through their tough times. I am now a Spanish and TESOL Education major with a minor in Communication at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls. Although I no longer play basketball at the collegiate level, I continue to play all the time in different men’s leagues and in intermural. I no longer pursue basketball as a career but I am thankful every day for the chance that participating in high school basketball gave me. Combining my education with my passion truly saved my life.

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Personal Narrative: My Last High School Basketball Game

It 's the day before my last high school varsity basketball game as a senior… Wow four years went by this fast who would have imagined this day would have came. All day I was thinking about the season ending. This game meant everything to me, it wasn 't any ordinary game. It 's a section game! Win or go home.. With it being my last high school game I wanted to close the chapter knowing I gave it my all. Practice was probably the most intense it 's ever been for me. Emotions were flaring and we were all on the grind. So I slept great and I feel great. Its an away game at Saint Francis so that means it 's dress up day. I dress up nice so I look sharp, and go to school. School felt like an eternity my classes felt like they went from an hour to two hours long. I could not pay attention no matter how hard I tried. Finally lunch time comes around and that …show more content…

I won the tip. The game is now under way. I remember getting the ball in the post and backing my defender down, I faked to the right and went up with my left hand! Bam and one the basket counts. The ref blows his whistle because of the foul. Now i 'm at the freethrow line and I sink it. Nice way to start the game right off the bat. As the game went on I was finding out none of my teammates showed up prepared… Basketball is a game of runs. Saint Francis was on a run the whole game, they are known for their three point shooting and they were shooting the lights out. It was a very chippy game I seem to be making most my shots. I look up and the scoreboard says i 'm the leading scorer with seventeen points. Were starting to get on a run. My teammate passes to me, i 'm in the corner for a three and I make it. Then we get a quick steal and we make another

In this essay, the author

  • Recounts the day before their last high school varsity basketball game as a senior and how they wanted to close the chapter knowing they gave it their all.
  • Describes how they slept great and felt great at saint francis' away game. school felt like an eternity and they couldn't pay attention no matter how hard.
  • Narrates how they met up with a good friend of theirs, mason, after school, and talked about their four years of high school. they knew it was their last game tonight.
  • Recalls driving to the high school while pre-game pump-up music was blasting, thinking to themselves this is it, after tonight i will never be playing high-school basketball again.
  • Describes how they sat in front of the bus and listened to music. then they went into the locker room and put their stuff down because they didn't play for 45 minutes.
  • Recounts how their coach mike ogorek called their team in for a pre-game talk and told them to keep them from shooting three's, rebound the ball, push it up the court, and have an up tempo pace.
  • Recounts how they got ready to do the tip ball and the ref blew the whistle and threw the ball up in the air. saint francis was on a run the whole game.
  • Narrates how they tear up knowing that this is going to be their last varsity game ever. they learned a lot about themselves and made great friends playing the last four years.

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Personal Narrative: Basketball Tryouts

It was the most competitive three days of my life, basketball tryouts. This is the first time my friends and I were trying out for a school team, we were all hyped for basketball season. I entered the tryout excited and consequently energetic. Adrenaline was pulsing through all the players bodies, there were 6 foot tall 8th graders with years of experience competing against 6th graders who have never touched a basketball before for the same spots. I was in between, I was a 6th grader that had experience along with some skill. That was also my downfall, I went in overconfident and consequently cocky. I wasn’t planning on getting cut, I walked into the tryout overwrought, nothing could stop me from being on the team.

Personal Narrative: My Final Hockey Victory

The team was ready, we had been working extremely hard for the past seven months for this. We were all in great shape and very rested. A few of the returning players were meeting me at my house to carpool to the final game of the state championship tournament. Everyone knew that the hard work had paid off when we won the semi-final game the preceding day.

Personal Narrative: My Basketball Season At Ridge Community High School

Aww man! We almost went the finals but almost don’t count. However, what an amazing run at the State Championship going 19-8 on the season. My Basketball seasons at Ridge Community High School were enjoyable and something I can never forget. We were a dominate team, beating all the Polk County teams that were in our district. We lead the county in assists, steals, and the most Three pointers that year, as well. We also, had one of the best players in high school that year name T.Rose. The most competitive team I enjoyed playing was our cross town rival Haines City Hornets. My Basketball season is one of the best experiences in my life.

Personal Narrative: My Early Years Of Basketball

Basketball is where I found my first passion. Through it I have learned many life skills and how to become a true leader. I have learned to understand others and to use that understanding to lead with compassion. Throughout my early years of basketball I learned how to work with others and that you must discipline yourself to achieve success. Later on I learned that making mistakes is okay and that your body language speaks volumes.

Personal Narrative: Basketball

Outside of ASB, the only sport I play is basketball. I am currently playing for the LOHS JV boys basketball team. Even though this is a vast commitment, I still manage to meet my responsibilities in ASB, school, and at home. I have the mentality of getting my work done before anything else. Of course, basketball comes last on my agenda. In order to manage all these commitments, I must be great at time management. First, I make sure that my most paramount work is done first, and that I focus on the task at hand. I must limit my distractions. There are times where I just lock my phone away, just so that I can get my work done as agile and efficient as possible. I make sure that I have time for ASB and basketball because I keep myself determined

Personal Narrative: My Junior Year Of Basketball

I remember my junior year of basketball as if it were yesterday. To start, my coach Mr. Neal was pushing me harder than I have ever been pushed by any coach I have ever had. He was taking time to mold me into the leader of the team. See Mr. Neal was about 5’6, African American, very easy to relate to as well as he was very respected he just had this sort of presence about him as if he meant business and he was willing to do whatever was necessary to achieve his goals. It was his first year as a coach for our basketball program and coming off a very successful last year winning the championship he had a lot to live up to as a first year head coach for the team, as well as the team being mainly made of juniors myself included with also only 3

Personal Narrative: How Basketball Changed My Life

It was my eighth grade year, I had the opportunity to play high school basketball for the first time. I played many times before, but never like this. Not for a team, never with a group of girls aiming toward the same goal. I went into tryouts looking for fun. I wanted to play a game, nothing more. The week came to an end, I made the varsity team, it was nothing more than a title to me at the time. Not until the intense practices, serious locker rooms, and hours upon hours of repetition that I truly understood the meaning behind the name.

I remember my junior year of basketball as if it were yesterday. First off, my coach, Mr. Neal pushed me to my limits in order for me to reach my full high school potential. This strenuous effort was to make me into the leader of the team. Mr. Neal was about 5’6, African American, and very easy to relate too. He had much respect around campus, and his presence allowed others to notice that he was willing to put in the effort to achieve his goals set in place. With it being his first year as the head coach of the basketball program, he had lots of pressures on him, especially with our last season being successful in winning the championship. Another struggle he faced, was the team was made up mostly of juniors and only 3 seniors, which means

Personal Narrative: The Sport Of Basketball

I have been playing high school basketball as a Lady Hornet since my freshman year, and I firmly believe that I have given tremendous effort into being the most valuable player that I can be. Ever since I was a child, I have had an immense passion for the game of basketball. My mother played collegiate basketball at William Carey University, so all throughout my childhood, she was my main inspiration to play. I will be forever indebted to her for pushing me to play the fantastic sport of basketball because I have no idea who I would be without it. While playing this sport for almost thirteen years, I have learned many valuable lessons along the way that have influenced the way I live out my life.

Personal Narrative: My Experience At The Athletic Team

Sweat dripping down my face as I attempt to catch my breath in the warm and humid air. My arms are aching and sore with pain. I look to my right and see Javaughn struggling to stay up. I yelled over, “Don’t give up, we’ll have to start over again!” The look on Javaughn’s face clearly expressed that my tone of voice wasn’t as encouraging as I meant it to be. I maintained eye contact with him to reassure him that I was trying to encourage him instead of yelling out of disappointment.

Personal Narrative: My First Day In A Basketball Tournament

It was just dusk and woke up because something was on my mind. The second day of a basketball tournament was on my mind. I only got about five hours of sleep from having millions of butterflies in my stomach. We had to be at the tournament and warming up by seven. We were the third seed with Lin mar black and Xavier Xtreme. On the way to there, my superstition is listen to my pump up playlist and eat a banana with a cliff bar. I always show up early because I take longer to warm up than most people. When my team showed up I was just finishing my own daily routine when the other team walks in too. When my team was ready to face the enemy we always have like a starting squad huddle and get pumped. This huddle was more than pump up; it was us

Personal Narrative: My Passion For The Sport Of Basketball

Ever since I was a little boy, about eight years old or so, I had an extreme passion for the sport of basketball. On weekends, I would wake up in the morning, eat a bowl of frosted flakes or cheerios, put on basketball shorts and then go in my driveway to shoot around. I would be out there for hours just shooting around or playing with some random kids that I would occasionally see walking around my neighborhood. This was satisfaction to me, but even better was playing on multiple public teams and not just playing in my driveway every day. In elementary school, I played in a recreational league, just like almost every other kid who tries out basketball when they were younger. This was fun and all but it was nothing too serious. There were never any practices, it was just one or two unorganized games per week. I never took

The Final Game

It was November 1st and it was the day of my last volleyball game. I ran into my friend Eri and we started talking about the game later that day. It was against Tunkhannock. They were the best volleyball team from our area, and wouldn’t you know it on our senior night we had to play against them. Senior night was the one night where the seniors were recognized, whether they were good or not. The whole day the team was joking about how much we would lose by against our rival team. In a game to fifteen we thought we would end up owing them points.

The Love of the Game

The opposing team just made a crucial shot to give them the lead by two with 20 seconds left in the game. Now, it was our possession and there were no timeouts left to strategize. Sweat was dripping down the side of my face, my heart was racing, but my mind was completely focused on nothing but the game at hand. As I dribbled the ball down the court, I looked for my teammates but all of them were heavily guarded by the opposing team. I noticed the girl, who was guarding me, gradually backing up as she was anticipating my move to drive to the basket; so instead I squared up with my feet behind the three-point line and with the game on the line, I took the shot. The entire gym, which was jam-packed, went totally silent. The ball didn’t even touch the rim, it went straight through, nothing but net. My team ran up to me and the stands erupted in celebration. I am far from a sore winner but seeing the opposing team, who were disappointed and heavy-hearted, added to the many sensational feelings and thoughts running throughout my body.

My Dream Of Basketball

Once I arrived to practice, I felt like Michael Jordan himself, my muscles felt bigger than they actually were, I felt like I could’ve dunked the ball at 4’11, although my confidence wasn’t warranted, it was much needed. I played the best that I’ve ever played up until that moment. The ball was going through the hoop, instead of going through my face. My teammates were talking to me now because I was playing well, and my coach named me the starting point guard. I slept very well that night, I proved to myself that I could do

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Narrative Essay About High School Basketball

Personal narrative essay: middle year basketball tryouts.

I remember it like it was yesterday freshman year basketball tryouts I was really excited as soon as that final bell rang I ran straight to the gym to get ready tryouts were the whole week but I felt like I needed to get off to a good start. I got in the gym put my shoes on stretched and started to get warmed up. The coach walked in the gym I got really nervous he didn 't know me I didn 't know him so I went up shook his hand and told him my name and the grade I was in. Tryouts finally started we started doing drills

Personal Narrative: Lake Winaukee

I kept going for the guy next to me performing to the best to his ability. Success was the result of all the hard relentless work done throughout June into August. I acknowledged that my team had a good group of seniors who were high character student-athletes I spent most of childhood with. Ultimately finishing with a record of 3 wins and 7 loses taught me many lessons on becoming a better person and

Jackie Robinson's Nine Values And Stereotypes In Major League Baseball

I was set on helping my teammates realize that I could be a valuable asset to this team. As the season progressed, my teammates started trusting my decisions on the court and were confident I would try my best to make the right play. I earned their respect as a teammate and made some great news

Personal Narrative: The Punta Cana

I smiled gently as my feet sunk into the warm sands of the Punta Cana coast. During a short snorkeling expedition on the magnificent coral reefs, I was abruptly awoken by a loud series of bangs. Who was outside the door this time of night? As the banging got louder, my anger quickly morphed into terror. My mind began racing with the infinite possibilities awaiting me outside the safety of my bedroom.

Soccer Captain Research Paper

Summer was at full blast, Sunday league was starting and I was playing soccer every single day. I was ready for the next season of high school soccer to come and I was training myself to the limit because I wanted to be one of the best players on the field and to possibly be captain for varsity this year. This year was also the year our new coach, coach Jay was in charge of us because Olivier had left last year to to go to Michigan with his wife. Jay had already seen how well of a player I was because I played in his soccer club and immediately placed me in the varsity roster but as a defender and not a striker. The transition was difficult but I learned fast.

Why Baseball Is Important To Me Research Paper

I hope what we did shows them, no matter your size, no matter your age, no matter height or weight, if you put more work in then the next guy you will be successful. No matter what just play you heart out and leave it all on the field. Do to the actions my teams and I have accomplished in those years I believe my family will think highly of me for working hard and playing my heart out, but that's part of the reason they will think highly of me. I feel they will because we set the bar high for the oncoming district teams as they will have to work insanely hard and long so they can accomplish something we didn't. As I may be athletic and played in the regional tournament I wanna be remembered for something more then that, I wanna be remembered for who I am as a person, my traits could have played into this as I am the person to make people laugh when down, or always joking around and happy, alone side that I am hardworking and I want my teachers to always remember me for that as I work hard day in and out during school.

Narrative Essay On High School Baseball

I had the privilege of being on many teams that went on and won my first tournaments, and seasons, and even got my first ring from winning a state championship. Having this kind of experience, I met my future middle school coach, Woody Bolus, while practicing at the fields a few weeks before I would start middle school. I remember like it was yesterday, he told me I was looking good and to come out to tryouts in the spring strong. That one sentence alone drove me to go out and practice every single day until I made the team. The day of tryouts came rapidly, and although determined and ready as I could ever be, I was anxious.

Dean Gullberry's Argumentative Essay

One summer, there was a kid named Dean Gullberry and Dean liked to play the game of basketball. Dean would always go out to the river court and do what he does best. Dean had three best friends that he had always spent time with 24/7 playing basketball and just hanging out. His friends Ben Dover who lived across the street from Dean, Dixie Normous who Dean met at the river court but didn’t go to his school, and Jack Koffing who Dean met playing travel ball back at Compton. Dean Gullberry had always wanted to play in his city’s basketball league but people kept on saying that he wasn’t good enough, strong enough or big enough to be in the league.

Personal Narrative: My Year Of High School Basketball

My junior year remained full of success when I became the leading player in almost every aspect of the game: most points per game, most rebounds per game, most blocked shots, etc. Even with my great success I remained humble because of my rough beginning during my freshmen

Stereotypes Exposed In The Angry Black Bitch

Growing up in the southside of queens’ public school is the typical for most African American in the neighborhood. But of course, my mom wanted to make sure I wasn’t just typical so for high school I had attend a private school. I was very eager to join a new school but also nervous but to get rid of nerves I joined various after school activities to meet new people and feel comfortable at school. I joined the girls’ basketball, I quickly noticed that I had been the only African American girl on the team, but I didn’t let that stop me from trying to improve my game and make new friends. As the basketball season went on I had noticed that not much of the girls would talk to me, but I continued to rub it off and made the best out of it.

Personal Narrative: My First Soccer Team

My determination to get better and overcome my obstacles paid off my senior year when I awarded second-team

High School Volleyball

In high school, I was a starter on our varsity team as a freshman. By this time, I had grown into a very capable player who everyone expected to play in college. In my four years there, I had been in two state final-fours, was captain for three years, and won many awards for my skill. But those awards and titles don’t mean anything, what I really took out of my high school volleyball experience was mental toughness and how I learned to push myself, even if those around me aren’t. One of my coaches, Ken Fehrman, shaped me immensely during this time.

Narrative Essay About Basketball

I started to practice at my house—it was the only hoop available for me at the time. Everyday, I would go outside and just shoot as many shots as I can so, I could make my form better. A few weeks of practicing, I started to see progress in my form—I made more shots than usual. Since I thought I was getting better, I decided to ask my parents if they could put me in a basketball team. My parents agreed without any hesitation.

Narrative Essay On Playing Basketball

It was a warm sunny day, and I woke up and wanted to go play basketball. So I got up all exited and went and took my shower, I probably took a 5 min shower. I wanted to get out of there quick so I could get playing my basketball. I got to my room and got dressed and pulled out my cool kicks, they were my basketball shoes. I got them tied on pretty tight.

Narrative Essay About Basketball Game

How In the 7th grade our basketball team was good, we had never played together and our chemistry came out pretty well. The first team we played was Derby, they’ve always been good in about every sport. We worked hard at practice every day leading up to Gameday. We won that game, in fact we won every game except for two in the regular season, we lost to Andover Central and Augusta. Then we had to play Derby in the championship, it was a hard fought game, but in the end, we lost by 3.

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