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Nutrition Essay Topics

In today’s world, nutrition has become an important aspect of life. What we eat and what it is made up of counts more than ever. With more and more fast food joints opening, it is hard to maintain a healthy stance. There is an increase of food related health issues that could be avoided if people eat clean. More and more people are seeking healthier ways to live and improve their body form. Many students have already learned what they should eat and why they should eat. We must combine the right elements of food so as to avoid suffering certain deficiencies.

The best way to gain a deeper understanding about what you should eat or not is writing an essay. Nutrition essay topics are vast and intricate, one can choose anything to write on. However, it is not an easy topic to write on.

The topics must be relevant and timely. One should pick topics that encompass the right ideas about food, health and the relation to physical appearance. Nutrition topics are vast and one can easily lose the scope when trying to choose the most suitable topic for research. Here are the best nutrition topics you can research:

  • What Are The Advantages of Veganism
  • What is Child Nutrition
  • What Leads To Child Obesity and How To Mitigate
  • How To Revel Nutrition Month At School
  • What is The Place of Chocolate In Healthy Foods
  • How Consistent is the School Lunch Schedule at A National Level
  • How To Find A Solution
  • How To Create A Food and Nutrition Schedule
  • What is the relation of Diet to Nutrition?
  • What are the Misconceptions of Diet
  • What habits do Adolescent have to Food
  • The Relationship between Academics and Nutrition
  • What is Equine Nutrition
  • What is the Impact of Fast Foods on Nutrition
  • How to Integrate Fitness and Nutrition To Shaping the body
  • What is the Nutrition of Tennis Players
  • What are the Food Taboos
  • How Are Gender Roles Affecting Nutrition
  • A Template For Students Pursuing Nutrition as a Career
  • How To Have a Standard Nutrition In School
  • How Does Health And Nutrition Affect Cognitive function
  • What Are the Barriers To Nutrition Education
  • What are the Advantages of Healthy Foods to Junk Food
  • What is The History and Importance of Potatoes In Different Cultures
  • The Prevalence of Bad Nutrition
  • Ways to Teach Children about Nutrition and Exercising
  • What is Human Nutrition
  • Why is maintain a Healthy Body important
  • Integrating Non verbal Communication into Nutrition
  • How To increase eating Fruits and Vegetables
  • How To Create Awareness on Food
  • The Effect of Milk on Human Body
  • The relationship between Nutrition and cognitive function
  • How Nutrition and Fitness Controls A Healthy Body Weight
  • Relation of Nutrition and Health
  • What is the Relationship of Nutrition and Stress Eating
  • The Impact of Nutrition and Weight loss
  • Case Studies of Nutrition
  • Nutrition as a Challenge
  • What is the difference between Nutrition and Sport Performance
  • An Overview of Nutrition
  • What Is Organic Food?
  • What is the Relation of Nutrition and Poverty in America
  • Analyse how Proper Nutrition is Linked to A Healthier and Active Life
  • Nutrition: How Schools Should Combat Obesity
  • What is Student Nutrition
  • What are the Proteins Present In Nutrition
  • What are the Protein Possibilities
  • Describe Prostrate Cancer and its Relation to Nutrition
  • What are the Nutritional Objectives for Public Health
  • How To Control Dietary Supplements?
  • The Need For Change In School Lunch
  • What is the Nutrition of a Teenage Athlete
  • How Does Nutrition Affect Developing Osteoporosis
  • The Relation of Poor Nutrition and poverty
  • How Has Nutrition Evolved
  • An Overview of Food Nutrition
  • How Nutrition and Sleep Affects Learning
  • What is the Relevance of Nutrition and Diet
  • Relevance of nutrition and Exercise During Pregnancy
  • Role of Fruits in Proper Nutrition
  • The Impact of Proper Nutrition on Aging
  • What is the Composition of Western Diet

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22 sample questions on Food and Nutrition

nutrition essay questions and answers

1. Define Food. Briefly classify the types of food.

2. What do you mean by ‘food’ ? Describe the functions of food.

3. What are the ‘proximate principles of foods’. Briefly, outline their functions.

4. Describe the composition, sources and functions of protein.


5. Briefly classify protein indicating the deficiency diseases caused by it.

6. Differentiate between the different types of Carbohydrates with examples.

7. Which type of food forms the ‘staple’ food of mankind. Why ?

8. Discuss about the sources of Carbohydrates in an Indian diet.

9. Why fat is considered as a useful constituent of our daily diet ?

10. What is the importance of calcium, iron and phosphorus in our body ?

11. Name the B-Complex Vitamins. Briefly state the sources and functions of each these Vitamins.

12. What are Minerals ? Discuss about the major and minor Minerals.

13. What are Vitamins ? Classify Vitamins and show their significance in our diet

14. How do you benefit by eating :

(a) eggs (b) Fresh fruits (c) Milk (d) Vegetables.

15. What are the food sources of Iron, Calcium and Iodine.

16. The deficiency of which Vitamin causes

(a) Night blindness (b) Ricket (c) Reproductive failure (d) Beri Beri

17. Mineral salts are required by our body in a very little amount, but are In­essential for our growth and health. Justify.

18. Name the water-soluble vitamins. State the functions, sources and effect deficiency of any one of these vitamins.

19. Define ‘Food preservation’, Explain the importance of food preservation examples.

20. Describe the most common household methods of food preservation adopted Indian families.

21. Explain the principles on which the food preservation processes are based.

22. Write an essay on the causes of food spoilage.

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Nutrition And Health Exam Questions

1. What is nutrition? Why is nutrition essential to our daily lives? | Nutrition is defined “as the science that links foods to health and disease. “ Nutrition is also called nourishment that provides food for support of life. Nutrition involves the process of humans ingesting, digesting, absorbing, and excreting food substances. Food provides energy in the form of calories needed to maintain all body cells.

Nutrients are the substances obtained from food that are an important factor to promote growth & maintain a healthy body through an individuals’ life. | 2. What is the connection between nutrition and health? | Nutrition is an important lifestyle factor that promotes growth and maintains a healthy body throughout an individual’s life. If an individual lives a sedentary life style and maintains a poor diet he/she will become at risk for developing life threatening diseases varying in different conditions from chronic and acute.

Examples of such diseases included but not limited to be heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. Life threatening diseases mentioned above and other disorders will & may contribute too many deaths Risk factors such as hereditary, life style choices or poor nutritional habits also contribute to life threatening diseases. | 3. What are the six classes of nutrients? What are essential nutrients? What are the sources of nutrients?

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What do nutrients do? | The six classes of nutrients include: Carbohydrate—composed of hydrogen, carbon, & oxygen provide a major source of calories for the bodyLipids (fats & oils)—made up of carbon & hydrogen- used for main energy storage in the bodyProteins- made up of oxygen, hydrogen & carbon-nitrogen- makes up structure of body- muscles, bones, cells, blood, body cells, enzymes, and immune factors.

Vitamins—can be made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus- allow for chemical reactions in bodyMinerals—functioning play an important role in the nervous system, water balance, structural systems, and many other cellular processes, but yield no calories as such for the body. Water – transports nutrients and waste-regulates temperature, acts as a lubricant and solvent for the bodyThe ources of nutrients include plants sources from fruits & vegetables, Nutrients can provide individuals with calories to meet energy needs; are very essential for growth, development, maintenance, & to assist in maintaining healthily body functions. | 4. How do vitamins and minerals work? | Vitamins allow for & enable many chemical reactions to occur in the body. Some of these reactions help release the energy trapped in carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins. While the consumption of vitamins is beneficial to our bodies, over consumption of vitamins is dangerous and can be fatal.

Minerals—functioning play an important role in the nervous system, water balance, structural systems, and many other cellular processes, but yield no calories as such for the body| 5. What does it mean to eat a balanced diet? Why is food choice important for good nutrition? | To consume the daily required amounts of nutrients from the six major food groups on a daily basis- see below:Vegetables, Fruits, Milk, Meat, Beans, and OilsFood provides energy in the form of calories needed to maintain all body cells Food provides energy in the form of calories needed to maintain all body cells.

A balance diet mean eating different types foods and a variety of food groups. This means eating the proper portion size. When eating a balance diet the individual must eat the right amount nutritious.. | 6. What is undernutrition? What is overnutrition? | Undernutrition occurs when nutrient intake does not meet nutrient needs. For example if an individual’s iron level becomes low symptoms indicating low levels may not be noticed immediately- Follow up lab work with a physician would determine problem therefore requiring tx.

Overnutrition is defined as “prolonged consumption of more nutrients than the body needs. ” “The most common type of overnutrition in developed nations is an excess intakeof calories often leading to obesity. “| 7. Why is physical activity important as it relates to nutrition and health? | When an individual engages in physical activity, it decreases the sedentary life, promotes healthy emotional well being while maintaining a healthy body weight. Physical fitness is very important in order to be fit an individual must us proper nutrition.

The effect various based on the nutrients that affect the body. When the body needs to repair and grow it uses protein. The body uses carbohydrates during physical activity as an energy source. When an individual is fit the body uses its nutrition to help heal and main certain hydration when conducting physical activity. Healthy physical activity helps the individual sleepy at night, possible live longer, feel better, healthy weight. | 8. Where might you find dietary recommendations? What are the recommended dietary allowances (RDA)? What are dietary reference intakes (DRIs)? The dietary recommendations can be found in the DRIs. The recommended dietary allowances (RDA) are the recommended allowances of nutrients that are based on meeting the needs of individuals in a certain age and gender group. Dietary reference intakes (DRI) is a group of terms that define nutrient needs. Included in the DRI are RDA- recommended daily allowances; AIs-adequate intakes; EERs-estimated energy requirements; &TUIL –tolerable intake levels. | 9. The United States Department of Agriculture created a diagram titled MyPlate. What is this diagram?

Why should someone study this diagram? | The My Pyramid is a diagram designed by the United States Department of Agriculture used to translatenutrient recommendations into a foodplan that provides a variety, balance,and moderation of nutrients for individuals. If individuals utilize and incorporate this diagram into their plan for healthy eating, it will help them maintain a healthy living lifestyle and body weight therefore decreasing the risk of life threatening diseases. In following this diagram, individuals may live a longer healthier life. | 10. What are some tools for diet planning? |

The MyPyramid symbolizes is a personal approach to physical activity along with healthy eating habits. The basic symbol is designed to help remind individuals to start making better food choices when deciding which foods to eat on a daily basic. The MyPyramid symbols recommend foods from each food group. The groups are, Vegetables, grain, milk, Fruits, Beans, and Milk, when using the food groups properly this should provide an individual a healthy meal. The last element that was added to the My Primide is physical activity, this element illustrate the gradual improvement when working in moderation to achieve a healthy goal.

The ultimate use for the MyPyramid is to give individuals a quick guide to how much and the portion size an individual should eat. This is based on the food group, gender, age, and the various activity physical levels. The Mediterranean diet Pyramid is data from the Mediterranean region that has the lowest chronic diseases along with the highest adult life expectancy. This is basic onepidmiological and natural research. This Pyramid emphasize the benefit of plant food such as fruits, grain, vegetables, nuts, legumes, olives, seeds and olive oil, and emphasize the benefit of eating fish. 11. What is the calorie intake calculator? What factors does this calculator take into account? | The calorie intake calculator is a formula that is used to determine an individual’s caloric maintenance. The calorie intake calculator takes an individual’s height, age, sex, current weight, gender, and the amount of weight that an individual wants to lose into account. There are many different formulas you can use to determine your caloric maintenance level. When your RDI is set the food recipes, meals as a food diary for the individual and this information will display in the RDI. | 2. What are some dangers associated with dieting? | While dieting can be beneficial to individuals, it can also be very dangerous. There are many problems that can arise as a result of dieting. Nutritional deficiency is one the major risks when dieting. If an individual is on a fad diet and eating small portions of food, it will result in nutritional deficiency. If an individual is on a low carbohydrate diet, it can cause high blood pressure with the release of unhealthy ketones. If these ketones are released, it can cause nausea and weakness. | 13. What is the best way to lose weight?

Explain your answer and provide at least one source, formatted consistent with APA guidelines, to support your answer. | The best way to lose weight is to understand how to select a healthy eating plan. When an individual eats a healthy diet, it provides the body required nutrients in which to perform to the best of their ability. Once the plan is understood and planned out it can be implemented. The individual can benefit from following the plan therefore reducing the risk of having life threatening diseases. Reference | 14. How does exercise influence body weight? |

When individuals exercise on a regular basis, it helps reduce weight & maintains weight loss. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle & fight obesity an individual must maintain a good diet, and work out program. Research has proven that if individuals eat a nutritious meal & exercise on a regular basis, they can lose a significant amount of weight, improve cardio vascular, feel more energetic better that men and women who lead/live a sedentary life. | 15. Consider your personal dietary habits. What are some modifications you might make to promote good health? I personally have lost a significant amount of weight recently and was able to do so by reducing the portions of my food by half at each meal, cutting out sweets, breads, drinking lots of water (~ 8 glasses daily) –stopped eating at fast food restaurants on regular basis- not eating past 7:00 pm --snacking on foods like vegetables, yogurt, salads, fruits in between meals. I do not deny myself food when feeling hungry – just eat in moderation. I have recently joined a fitness gym and am incorporating an exercise regime to maintain my weight loss and tone my body. 16. How does today’s society affect our nutritional habits? | In today’s society fast food has become a regular part of our daily life. Everywhere you turn you see a variety of fast food restaurants enticing individuals to eat out. Daily routines and lack of time do not allow for some individuals to prepare healthy meals. It is much easier or even cheaper to eat out Some restaurants are now serving healthier menus. It is up to individuals to make the choice of how they choose to eat healthy or unhealthy. |

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Nutrition and Health Worksheet use Ch. 1 of Contemporary Nutrition, Ch. 2 of Visualizing Nutrition, supplemental course materials, the university Library, the Internet, or other resources to answer the following.

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Human Nutrition: Questions and Answers

nutrition essay questions and answers

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Food and nutrition.

Brian’s unhealthy eating habits have caused his body to either be receiving inadequate amounts or a surplus of water-soluble vitamins. Brian is taking in to much Thiamin or Vitamin B1 because the Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) is 1.2 mg/day, the Daily Intake Value for adults is 1.5 mg and he is consuming 3.18 mg. He is also taking in to much Riboflavin or B2 because he is consuming 3.29 mg, his RDA is 1.3 mg/day and his Daily Value for adults is 1.7 mg. Brian is also taking in to much Niacin or B3 because his RDA is 16 mg NE/day, the Daily Value for adults is 20 mg and he is taking in 45 mg/day. He takes in 2.41 mg of Vitamin B6, which is too much, compared to the RDA of 1.3 mg/day and the Daily Value for adults, which is 2 mg. He also takes in too much Folate of Folacin since the RDA and Daily Intake Value for adults is 400 mcg/day and Brian is consuming 472 mcg. Another water-soluble vitamin that Brian might be consuming too high of an amount of is Vitamin B12, where he is taking in 5.2 mcg and his RDA is 2.4 mcg/day. However, according to the Daily Value Intake for an adult is 6 mcg, making the amount of Vitamin B12 Brian consumes acceptable. Lastly, the one water-soluble vitamin that Brian is not consuming enough of is Vitamin C. His RDA for Vitamin C is 90 mg/day and he is only taking in 51.5 mg.…

Unit 21 Nutrition in Health and Social Care P2

In this assignment I will be describing the characteristics of nutrients and the benefits to the body.…

Nutrition and Diet: Questions and Answers

I am 21 years old / female and my life stage is that I am very activate I play sports such as volleyball and I also go to the gym to work out. My workout routine mostly consists in weight lifting and 15-30 min cardio.…

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Nt1330 Unit 4

3. Sally wants to print a list of foods that have 100 calories, zero grams of fat, and 2 grams of…

Examples of children diets: children need few calories than adults as their bodies are not as big…

Calorie Calculations

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Questions and Answers on Nutrition Case Study

Questions and Answers on Nutrition Case Study

Based on page 511 of "how to" feature, plot the birth weight and current weight of jesse. what does the information about weight show her parents.

The case shows that Jesse should have a weight of 22.5 pounds. However, she has a current weight of twenty pounds. This means that she is underweight. In essence, vegan diets lead to low intake of protein components. American Dietetic Association asserts that a vegan diet requires the inclusion of some vitamins and proteins to avoid any adverse effects that the infants or grown-up children may experience. As the parents may require Jesse to continue using the vegan diet, they should understand the nutritional deficiencies, which may affect Jesse in the future. The parents need to give supplements rich in proteins, iron, as well as Vitamin B12 to the child.

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What would be the impact of a vegan diet on the development patterns and nutritional status of Jesse that the parents need to consider?

Usually, foods with vegetable have lower protein contents as compared to proteins obtained from animal foods. Since Jesse is underweight, it is evident that the vegan diet affects her negatively. She does not get a balanced diet as the vegan diet lacks minerals and vitamins. Additionally, the calcium component found in a vegan diet is lower than the recommended amount that one should take to keep a proper nutritional status. The iron intake is higher than the one recommended for an individual. The vegan diet lacks Vitamin B12, which always serves crucial for the human body as it keeps the blood cells and nerves healthy. As the diet does not provide adequate amounts of Vitamin D, it would interfere with the cognitive development and overall growth of an individual. Therefore, the parents will have to take early precaution to prevent the defects of deficiency that might come forth in the future.

What are the components of Jesse's vegan diet that may lead to low weight gain rate? Explain the rationale of response.

Since Jesse's parents discourage her from breast milk, the dietary intake ought to provide adequate amounts of calcium and Vitamin D. When she continues to take food with insufficient vital nutrients, Jesse would suffer from a range of nutrient-related deficiencies. Improper balance of iron and zinc in the body caused by the vegan diet leads to low weight gain. Moreover, the vegan diet has low quantities of cholesterol, animal protein, as well as saturated fat. In the case of Jesse, various nutrients are insufficient. These include riboflavin, calcium, iodine, Vitamin B12, zinc, and iron hence causing the low weight gain.

Regarding the current diet of Jesse, what are some of the nutrition strategies that her parents can consider to help improve weight gain? Provide specific examples.

Vegan diets always lack essential nutrients required for proper development and growth of a child. As such, health care practitioners like nutritionists should advise parents on appropriate dietary intakes for their children. The parents can consider providing other types of food rich in animal protein to enable Jesse to acquire adequate Vitamin B12. These may include eggs, fish, cheese and poultry. Enough Vitamin B12 will prevent the child from having a deficiency in such nutrient. They can also provide vitamin supplements that are available. However, if both the parent and child get enough of Vitamin B12, there would be no need for supplements.

What are some of the vegan foods that can be added to the dietary intake of Jesse to prevent deficiencies caused by insufficient nutrients, since she is not allowed to take breast milk?

Ideally, it is evident that milk from a cow and other dairy products have enough calcium. From this aspect, the parents have to consider adding the foods rich in calcium to the vegan diet. Other calcium sources that would be essential consist of mustard seeds, kales, green leafy vegetables, as well as sesame butter. These nutrients will promote normal growth and development of the child. Weaning Jesse from breast milk would cause a deficiency in Vitamin B12, which might consequently lead to hypotonia and lower body weight gain than the recommended. Provision of supplements will help improve the condition and deal with retardation.

Figure 16-6 provides a meal plan that can be used as a guide in the case of Jesse. Based on this meal plan, show how the parents of Jesse can provide a well-balanced diet that lacks animal foods.

The parents need to give Jesse enough Vitamin B12 through the provision of fortified soymilk. In essence, the supplies will match the recommended daily requirement of Vitamin B12 that serves crucial for normal growth. Jesse should be provided with foods rich in enough iron like cereals, nuts, legumes, soy, and nuts. When Jesse is given food with Vitamin C, there would be a substantial increase in the bioavailability of iron nutrients. These types of foods may comprise spinach, citrus fruit, potatoes, and tomatoes. Beans and soy products can also provide calcium and protein nutrients to Jesse. They have higher amounts of lysine than cereals. Lysine would enhance proper growth and development of the child.

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