1 Page Essay: Examples, Topics, & Word Count

What does a one page essay look like? If you’re a student, you’ve probably asked yourself this question. 1 page essays are usually assigned to check one’s ability to formulate their thoughts. A one page essay word count is 200 to 250 words (12 pt double-spaced). A paper of 1 page usually consists of 2 to 3 paragraphs.

When choosing a topic for a 1 page essay, remember that it is quite a short piece. That’s why your topic shouldn’t be too complicated. You might want to focus on respect, responsibility, bullying, or speeding.

If you’re searching for 1 page essay examples, look at the list below. We’ve gathered a collection of A+ samples for you to get inspired. Knock them dead!

1-page Essay Examples: 10281 Samples

Why indeed did the wtc buildings completely collapse.

  • Subjects: Chemistry Sciences

The Phylosophical Question “What is life?”

  • Subjects: Life Philosophy Philosophy

A True Profession

  • Subjects: Business Professions

The Tang Dynasty Analysis

  • Subjects: Asia History

Mrs. Dutta writes a letter

  • Subjects: American Literature Literature

The Impact of Media on Children

  • Subjects: Sociological Issues Sociology

My Classroom From Hell: Teacher Experience

  • Subjects: Education Teacher Career

Cultural Awareness and Diversity in the Workplace

  • Subjects: Business Employees Management

Alibaba.com Dominance in B2B Market in China

  • Subjects: Business Case Study

Columbia Industries, Inc. by John Zerio

  • Subjects: Business Company Information

IT & Networks for Business

  • Subjects: Internet Tech & Engineering

Wal-Mart Financial Analysis

  • Subjects: Business Marketing

The Relationships of Working Memory, Secondary Memory, and General Fluid Intelligence: Working Memory Is Special

  • Subjects: Applications of Psychology Psychology

Characteristics of Incarcerated Women

  • Subjects: Gender Studies Sociology

Social Relationships in Childhood

  • Subjects: Child Psychology Psychology

Relevance and Significance of Communication Technology

  • Subjects: Communications Sociology

How Ethnicity Affects Normal and Abnormal Behavior

  • Subjects: Culture Ethnicity Studies

Project Management and Medical Informatics

  • Subjects: Project Management Tech & Engineering

Reluctant Information Sharers

  • Subjects: Business Organizational Planning

Ethical and Legal Duties in Hospitality and Other Recreational Sectors

  • Subjects: Business Business Ethics

Adidas’ Management vs Nike

Success and money correlation.

  • Subjects: Economic Systems & Principles Economics

Three Common Small Group Networks

Lateral ankle sprains orthotic materials.

  • Subjects: Health & Medicine Physiology

Age and Sex Difference

  • Subjects: Cognition and Perception Psychology

Elements and Characteristics of a Clinical Micro System

  • Subjects: Health & Medicine Health IT

Cultural Diversity Issues in Sports

  • Subjects: Sports Sports Science

3D Printing as Third Industrial Revolution

  • Subjects: Other Technology Tech & Engineering

Exit Strategy in Tropical Health Drink

  • Subjects: Business Strategy

History: The American Red and Blue State Divide

  • Subjects: History United States

Europeans and Natives in British and Spanish America

Waves of immigration to the united states, “recitatif” by toni morrison literature analysis, “howl” by allen ginsberg literature analysis, mackie’s argument on evil and omnipotence.

  • Subjects: Religion Theology

Balanced Scorecard and Performance Prism

Key performance indicators: functional areas.

  • Subjects: Business Management Priorities

Pregnant Woman’s Asthma Case

  • Subjects: Diagnostics Health & Medicine

Parents Challenges: Raising Bilingual Children

  • Subjects: Language Acquisition Linguistics
  • Words: 2530

Statistical Significance Versus Clinical Relevance

  • Subjects: Health & Medicine Healthcare Research

Cardiovascular Examination with Symptoms of Angina Pectoris

  • Subjects: Cardiology Health & Medicine

Pulmonary Case: Pathological Process

  • Subjects: Health & Medicine Pulmonology

Alterations in Oxygen Transport

Promoting evidence-based practice in the workplace, ethical challenges in developing drugs for psychiatric.

  • Subjects: Health & Medicine Pharmacology

Patient With Menopause: Symptoms and Treatment

Ikea stores: multinational teams’ work, gestalt psychological theory.

  • Subjects: Psychological Principles Psychology

“Quality Circles” Concept in the Organization

Ethics in school leadership: solution.

  • Subjects: Aspects of Education Education

Psychoanalytic and Adlerian Theories Comparison

The affordable care act and improvements.

  • Subjects: Health Law Law

Ethics in School Leadership

  • Subjects: Ethics Sociology

Depression: Patients With a Difficult Psychological State

  • Subjects: Psychological Issues Psychology

Gestalt Theory as a Psychological Perspective

Patients with acute respiratory failure, workplace wellness program: involvement factors.

  • Subjects: Health & Medicine Public Health

Mentally Ill Homeless People: Stereotypes

  • Subjects: Health & Medicine Psychiatry

Asbestos Removal and Health Threats

Medical melodramas: house vs grey’s anatomy.

  • Subjects: Entertainment & Media TV

Return on Investment vs. Value on Investment

  • Subjects: Economics Investment

Celebrity Cruises Company: Situation Analysis and Marketing

  • Subjects: Business Company Analysis

Military Career: Human Resource Certification

  • Subjects: Military Politics & Government

Education’s Gamification in Abu Dhabi

  • Subjects: Education Education System
  • Words: 12752

Netflix’s Price Elasticity of Demand Strategy

  • Subjects: Economics Microeconomics

Leadership in Nursing: Statements of Intent

  • Subjects: Health & Medicine Nursing

Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Pre-Raphaelites

  • Subjects: Art Artists

Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s Personal Life and Poetry

  • Subjects: Literature Writers

“The Parting of Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere” by Cameron

  • Subjects: Art Photography

“Forrest Gump” Movie by Robert Zemeckis

  • Subjects: Art Film Studies

Alexander Pope, a Poet and Translator

Aubrey beardsley, an illustrator and author, alexander pope and aubrey beardsley’s collaboration, sound design of pale man scene in “pan’s labyrinth”, dramatic character in “blade runner” by ridley scott, gutters in “from hell” comics by moore and campbell.

  • Subjects: Art Visual Arts

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” by Tim Burton

China’s religion, literature and art.

  • Subjects: Religion Religion, Culture & Society

The Film If Not Us, Who? by Andres Veiel

The issue of stem cells.

  • Subjects: Genetics Sciences

Islamophobia Is on the Rise in Germany

  • Subjects: Religion Religion History

Genetically Modified Salmon Labeling Issues: Biotechnology, Religious Beliefs, and Eating Preferences

  • Subjects: Diet & Nutrition Genetically Modified Food

Zara Company and Its Limited Production

Mcdonald’s company: bandwagon technique.

  • Subjects: Advertising Entertainment & Media

The Cultural-Individual Dialectic and Social Nature of Intercultural Relationships

  • Subjects: Linguistics Spoken Language

Electronic Nature of Information Systems

Genetic testing limitation: ethical perspective as a framework, heinrich’s domino safety theory.

  • Subjects: Accidents & Protection Tech & Engineering

Wall Street Journal: The Work of Ford Company

  • Subjects: Business Management

Amazon Company’s Acquires of Whole Foods

Lifestyle influence on the planet.

  • Subjects: Environment Human Impact

Blue Apron Company: Struggling for Investors

Effective negotiating style for women.

  • Subjects: Business Managerial Negotiation

Nonprofit Organizations and Hospital Financing

  • Subjects: Health & Medicine Healthcare Financing

The MUSC-2020 Company’s Strategic Plan

Racial differences in clinical treatment, antitrust legislation in the united states.

  • Subjects: Business & Corporate Law Law

Gestalt Theory: Cognitive Neurology

The bottle by george cruikshank: visual analysis, “forrest gump” (1994): screenplay structure, “oliver twist” a book by charles dickens.

  • Subjects: British Literature Literature

Gestalt Psychology: Therapy and Its Principles

Antitrust legislation and competition laws, constitutional amendments to expand democracy.

  • Subjects: Government Politics & Government

Systemic, Adversarial and Image Crises in Business

  • Subjects: Business Marketing Communication

Right Spokesperson’s Role in the Organization

  • Subjects: Business Business Communication

Made in America Musical Festival Planning

  • Subjects: Entertainment & Media Events

Amazon Company’s Collaborators and Competitors

Patient length of stay in hospitals as an indicator of efficiency for the health system.

  • Subjects: Health & Medicine Healthcare Institution

Mental Status Exam in Clinical Practice

Qirong xu on music, culture, musicians’ problems.

  • Subjects: Art Musicians

The Toshiba Accounting Scandal of 2015

Digestive system diagnostic’s case, the mechanisms of kidney function.

  • Subjects: Health & Medicine Nephrology

Narcolepsy Treatment and Management

  • Subjects: Health & Medicine Neurology

Sore Throat Differential Diagnosis

Psychological problems: trauma and lessons.

  • Subjects: Professional Psychology Psychology

Otitis: Difficulties and Types

  • Subjects: Health & Medicine Other Medical Specialties

Essentials of Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences

  • Subjects: Sciences Statistics

Bath & Body Works Company: Main Strategies

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1 Page Essay Samples to Help You Write Your Own Piece

5787 samples of this type

While written assignments can be tedious, a 1 page essay is not the type of task which usually makes students jitter. Many might consider it a trifling task that's not supposed to take much time and effort. But despite being seemingly short and easy, one page essays come with challenges not to be overlooked. Having a strictly limited word count, these pieces should be thoroughly planned and outlined before you start writing. However, having a good one page essay example on hand can make the whole process less irksome; luckily, our online resource can offer you plenty of such examples along with free essay writer tips. Below we've gathered dozens of free professionally-written 1 page essays; reading them will give you a clear grasp of what your own work should look like. Browse this page to get inspired with interesting and versatile ideas, figure out which structure is apt for your own piece, and format it in a proper way.

Despite being highly effective, learning with the help of writing examples requires time and energy. In case a tight deadline keeps you from looking for the right one page essay sample, our professional writers will readily compose a unique piece that will adhere to all your specific instructions and requirements.

Good Example Of Essay On Under A Cruel Star: A Life In Prague 1941-1968

Good example of can moral value be aggregated essay, sample essay on recommendations for starbucks in sustaining competitive advantage over time.

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Free Essay On Conrad Underwood

Re: maintaining brief style for internal communication, good essay about leadership values.

The leader inspires and motivates his followers in process of constant difficulties. His character is flexible and innovative. Successful leadership depends on intelligence and knowledge, honesty, common sense, initiative, confidence, discipline, perseverance, certain socio-economic status, reliability, responsibility, and social activities. One of the most important qualities of a leader is ability to communicate establishing good relationships with others. My motto: To be a leader means being confident, reliable and sociable inspirer for others motivating people to achieve shared values.

The main qualities of leader

Perfect model question & answer on use the reading to explain and cite examples of the following concepts: value, norm and sanction, body rituals among the nacirema, good sarah’s story research paper example, research questions on sarah’s project, a-level essay on heritage management and archeological investigation for free use, essay on rihll on teaching in the ancient world, online courses essay sample, problem sheet 6: sampling plan.

My research question is Are online courses an effective method of learning? My intended sample (participants in my study) consists of (state who and how many): The participants in my study would consist of 170 out of 200 seventh grade students. Key demographics (characteristics of the sample) are as follows (e.g., age range, sex, distribution, ethnic breakdown, socioeconomic status, location [where are these subjects located?], etc.):

Age range: 14 - 15 year-old students

Good example of repetition in kanye west’s “famous” essay, thesis statement on human trafficking.

Human trafficking is the act of conducting illegal human beings exploitation and trade for forced labor, reproduction favors or prostitution. In today's world, human trafficking is equivalent to slavery. The international community must do what it can to recognize it as such if at all this crime is to be fully eradicated (Kempadoo, 94-95).

Research questions

How does a free society compare to a repressive society for the purpose of forced labor on human trafficking? What societal factors contribute to the human trafficking today? How do they lead to human trafficking and how can they be prevented? (Davidson, 244).

What are the evils which are associated with human trafficking?

Expertly written essay on globalization and daily life to follow, good essay about the big picture of network security, the tradition of robin hood essay, nursing challenges: example essay by an expert writer to follow, rhabdo research paper sample, good article review on comment on _3.5_rathje case study, humanities, question & answer example, biology: exemplar essay to follow, essay on golden sunshine hospital.

2333 J. A Merry Blvd

Comfortville TN 12345

Good research paper on patient care in radiology, good example of quality management essay, essay on simon sinek: reflection paper, draw topic & writing ideas from this essay on determination of social status: the village headman and the new teacher, good example of essay on principles of teaching and learning, a-level research paper on turbine engine noise reduction for free use, foucault, the history of sexuality: a sample critical thinking for inspiration & mimicking, jetblue case question & answer template for faster writing, expertly written essay on environmental justice to follow, good excel assignment question & answer example, question #1.

The coefficient of determination (R-squared) shows the proportion of variance in the dependent variable, which is explained by the independent variable. Let’s say, the independent variable is the amount of money invested by a population of investors and the dependent variable is their profits received. Assume, the R-squared between the variables is 0.8567. This means that approximately 85.67% of the variance of profit received is explained by the amount of invested money.

Question #2

Free essay on as a physical therapist driven by strong personal values, impeccable ethics and utmost professionalism, i will make every effort to:, evolution of nursing science {type) to use as a writing model, good case study on social interaction at the micro level: the sociology of subjective experience, geology 101, spring 2017, quiz 2 question & answer sample, relationship versus task orientation: a top-quality essay for your inspiration, conflict styles essays examples, chemistry assignment on finding the relationship of variables, introduction, example of article review on reading reflection, perfect model creative writing on economics, good essay about blog entry 3, contemporary crimes research paper examples, expertly crafted essay on multiculturalism in the workplace, quantitative research: a top-quality essay for your inspiration, free essay on trump’s inauguration speech, pmd job interview with merrill lynch: exemplar business plan to follow.

Preliminary Business Plan

In five years, I see myself being successful in my wealth management business career. As a financial advisor working for Merrill Lynch, I will be a client-focused and market-driven in all professional decisions I shall undertake in the industry.

Value Proposition:

Through zeal and determination, my business management, sales, and investment skills should help my clients get value out of transacting with us.

Professional goals:

Cloud computing as a service: a top-quality essay for your inspiration, review of the short story potatoes: a sample critical thinking for inspiration & mimicking, free down home vietnam: business plan sample.

Serving Hungry Bellies Fast

Free Morality Question & Answer Example

Negligent training research paper example, good the other assumption is that it will rain throughout the year making naturally grown food readily available throughout the year. essay example, business plan, time off request system: a sample capstone project for inspiration & mimicking.

Our project scope is the implementation of the Time off Request System to the existing site of VIH Aerospace to improve response times and track holiday request. Our project has the following milestones:

■100% Requirements Gathering

Learn to craft term papers on marketing mix summary with this example, marketing mix.

The management of Theranos understands that understanding the process of marketing entails taking the right product, having it in the right place, selling at the right price and promoting it well. Theranos marketing mix is discussed in detail below;

Theranos offers a broad range of products in its online platforms such as men and women shoes, dresses, suits, kid's clothes and all other types of clothes used by the young generation. However, the company is still expanding and hopes to incorporate household items, electronics and appliances and much more through its online platform.

Free Effective Teacher Essay: Top-Quality Sample To Follow

Good example of essay on aging in renaissance and early modern art, sample essay on the sustainability of the human life on earth, civil liberties and civil rights:: essay you might want to emulate, fbi and its steps to combat hate crimes, abundance on trial: the cultural significance of “sustainability”: a top-quality critical thinking for your inspiration, social stratification: a top-quality essay for your inspiration.

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1-Page Essay Samples Free

9847 samples of this type

The Naming Concept in the Social Environment

Naming allows people to execute their power and creates a social environment. For example, many people are anxious about the proliferation of neopronouns because it is a way for a person to take control of themselves and take it away from others (Green and Calafell 306). In addition, naming constructs...

Influence of Person’s Environment on Behavior

The surroundings one grows up in create a background that indirectly forms the character of a person. Despite their ambitions, their neighbors, having various social statuses, levels of income, and attitudes to crime, drugs, and violence, might stagnate a person’s plans and influence their manners and attitudes to social norms....

Non-Human Media Environment: Animal as Medium

Changes in the media environment always lead to changes in the media system, reflecting a different quality of communications. The nature of actors, channels, and effects becomes the object of attention of mass communications researchers. In her article Assembling the (Non)Human: The Animal as Medium, Jody Berland examines McLuhan’s media...

Home Depot Firm’s Competitive Environment Analysis

The Home Depot is an American retail chain that is the most considerable home improvement retailer. The company’s customers are divided into several categories, depending on the purpose of purchase. The most significant part of them are homeowners who purchase products and complete their projects and installations. The company has...

The Environment and Social Justice

Reflecting on the pollution issue in the heart of corporate districts where there is total neglect of the people living in the surrounding neighborhoods, one understands and appreciates the built environment’s impact on the quality of life. Exposure to pollution affects people’s lives health-wise, impacting the average lifespan. The built...

How many words are in a 1 page essay?

A 1-page text usually contains 200 to 250 words in case you use 12-point Times New Roman, double spaced. This is the most common format for all the major citation styles.

How long does it take to write a 1 page essay?

It will take you 5 to 10 minutes to type one page on a keyboard. However, if you need to write a 1 page essay from scratch, it will take you not less than 1 to 2 hours.

How many paragraphs are in a 1 page essay?

A paragraph in academic writing should be at least 75 words long. So, a 1 page essay is to contain 2 to 3 paragraphs.

What does a one page essay look like?

A one page essay is usually assigned to check one’s ability to formulate their thoughts rather than to test deep knowledge of the topic. The most common genres for papers of such a length are college personal statement and discussion board post.

How to write a 1 page essay in an hour?

If you’re short of time, consider using a 5-paragraph structure for your 1 page essay. A simple outline consisting of an intro, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion will help you structure your thoughts quickly.

Nonverbal Message on Environmental Features

Environmental features influence the human perception of visual objects significantly. They convey the nonverbal message, which can reflect the speaker’s or creator’s main idea. For example, in the Sherwin Williams Video, the author uses the environmental features to encourage the emotions of safety and comfort in viewers’ minds (Try on...

Business Excellence in a Volatile Environment

Literacy programs on business operation for all existing employees and strict literacy requirements for recruitment of new employees are instrumental. The education of existing employees should incorporate convenient means such as computers that ensure they learn in their spare time and practice the skills in daily business operations. The requirement...

External Environment Analysis in Strategy-Making

The present paper conducts an external environment analysis for the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei Technologies. External environment analysis plays an important role in the strategy-making process because it helps predict possible risks and develop strategies to mitigate them. Although Huawei is a Chinese company, its products are sold in Asia...

Representation of the Environment of the Time in Constitution

One of the main and most important goals of any legislation is to protect and ensure the rights of citizens. It is thanks to this principle that people both experience love for the country and feel safe. In turn, this creates conditions for the state under which development becomes the...

Stakeholders and the Physical Environment

In the past, suburban bedroom communities were considered “the future” as they could provide vast opportunities for households to improve the quality of housing. However, as time went on, most of such communities depended significantly on the constant changes in the private housing market. Thus, weaknesses in the bedroom suburbs...

Nursing Work Environment and Redundant Functions

Introduction In the contemporary world, situations when some workers are forced to fulfill functions, which are not their direct responsibilities, are a widespread issue. In the nursing work environment, there are tasks that many nurses have to do, despite the fact that other, less-paid employees should do them. This paper...

Strategic Environmental Analysis and Decision-Making

The success of strategic decision-making critically depends on the analysis of the current situation, meaning that tools such as SWOT acquire the top priority. One of the central advantages of this analysis method is that it helps a business to determine its strong areas and employ them to attain success...

Language Acquisition: Biological, Environmental, and Interactionist Views

Introduction Language constitutes an essential part of human development and is one of the most critical aspects of human ability that sets us apart from animals. Linguists and psychologists have long debated the origins of human language acquisition, hence, have presented a range of explanations. Although biological, environmental, and interactionist...

Social or Political Impact on the Urban Environment

The article written by Domaradzka (2018) narrates a history of urban movements, giving special attention to the “right to the city” framework. The author argues that urban activism is focused on the inclusion of citizens in city governance and urban development. According to Domaradzka (2018), urban movements emerge because existing...

Choi and Storr’s Idea of Higher Morality of Markets

Introduction Since the 19th century, humanity has constantly been arguing about the morality of market societies versus non-market ones and whether the market is a driver of societal corruption. This discourse began with Karl Marx, who stated that “the market transforms man into “an abstract being, an automaton, and […]...

Parenting Styles: Infancy and Early Childhood

Generally, a child’s behavior is directly linked to the parenting approach being used by the respective parent. Each technique used has a corresponding impact on the well-being and development of the young ones. According to the work of Amy Morin (2022), there are four basic parenting methods that are most...

Interview and Interrogation in Politics

Introduction Although interview and interrogation procedures have much in common, they have several differences. The purpose of both processes is to obtain information by asking questions. However, if the interview is an informal conversation, then the interrogation is a specific procedure for asking questions about the crime that has happened...

Using Technology to Enhance Learning

Introduction The topic selected for the research is how to leverage technology to improve learning. The primary motivation for choosing the topic arises from the trends in technology which allow learners and educators to use technological tools to make learning more enjoyable. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when schools were closed,...

Social Distancing: the Role of Technology

The pandemic and the practice of social distancing that was supposed to counteract its drastic effects have changed the landscape of interpersonal communication forever. Personally, I have experienced massive changes, including both negative and positive ones, and deployed substantial flexibility in order to adjust to the new communication environment. Specifically,...

The Young v. State Legal Case Analysis

Facts: The appellant challenged the judgment from the trial court, Dallas County (Texas), which convicted the appellant for resisting arrest. While at a musical concert, the appellant got on the stage and was pushed off and onto the ground by performing band members, at which time the appellant was arrested...

  • Communication

Strong Moral Principles in “The Black Cat” by Edgar Allan Poe

Introduction Edgar Allan Poe is an American poet, novelist, critic, creator of the horror novel genre, and “the moral anarchist.” It is essential to note that his work and creativity are associated mainly with the opposition of repulsive, crude reality and the romantic ideal of beauty, ethics, and spiritual, moralizing...

Aspects of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Introduction Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurologic and developmental illness diagnosed in childhood and can continue in adulthood. Treatment of this disease often raises questions for both pediatricians and parents. Therefore, disseminated information regarding this issue must be accurate and cover all the areas that are important to...

American Culture: Linguistics and Culture Review

Cultural universals are characteristics or traits shared by all societies worldwide. They include the institutions’ values, practices, and cultural patterns determined to exist across all people throughout space and time. Examples include performing activities such as singing, storytelling, and cooking (Woods, 2018). Some cultural universals, such as funeral rituals, take...

Reflection on Xenon’s Star: Incorporating Personality in User Interface Design

The paper by Smith et al. (1982) provides insight into the origin of modern personal computers. Specifically, it explores the first iteration of a computer work station created by the corporation Xerox in the early 1980s, which became so successful that it set the standard for the industry. Acquainting oneself...

The Insurance-Based Inequity Discussion

Humanity continues to fight cancer, trying to prevent people’s deaths. From 1991 to 2018, the cancer death rate in the United States decreased by more than thirty percent (Lin, 2022). However, cancer prevention and treatment are currently in a state where having health insurance is vital for patients. Even though...

Peer Learning in a Transcultural Environment

Summary It is possible to state that the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the method many companies operate. Presently, the needs of a hybrid workforce must be fulfilled to ensure its efficiency. For this purpose, the changes in learning and development methodologies shall be implemented (Einfalt, 2020). This work will examine...

Researching Environmental Criminology

Environmental criminology is the study of crime and criminality in connection with, firstly, specific places and, secondly, with how individuals and organizations form their activities in space. Crime prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) is another practical application based on the idea that situational factors, such as the environment (poor lighting),...

“Responsive Teaching”: Adapting to the New Learning Environment

The coronavirus pandemic has enormously impacted many of the world’s infrastructures, chief among them economic and social. Some of the most significant changes due to lockdown have been in the education system. In his article “Responsive teaching: Addressing COVID-19 pandemic-influenced online teaching challenges,” Zhengping Wu discusses ways to adapt to...

Environmental Conditions Analysis

The community surrounding my school of nursing is mostly represented by average middle-class people. In nursing, the environment can be defined as public places such as homes, schools, and workplaces, or the environment can be global considering air, water, soil, and food (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2016). The most common environmental...

The Role of Managed Care Organizations in the Healthcare Environment

Managed care organizations (MCO) have become a significant part of the overall healthcare environment, aiming to address the system’s challenges. They adhere to strict standards, which are necessary to follow to ensure safety and affordability. Failing to comply with them may put patients at risk, so organizations should have appropriate...

  • Discrimination
  • Relationship

Nurse’s Work Schedules, Staffing Data, and Patient Mortality

Introduction In the study, there were three types of variables: nurses’ work schedules, staffing data, and patient mortality. Work schedule variables were derived from self-report standardization measures referred to as the Standard Shiftwork Index; staffing data were provided by hospitals via the American Hospital Association Annual Survey; mortality was calculated...

Difference Between Bookworm and Thinking Man

Introduction Emerson critiques and distinguishes between two categories of knowledge seekers as a writer. In particular, Thinking Man is against a bookworm, which is, in my opinion, a good stance. According to Emerson, the difficulty is that the holiness innate in creation, the activity of thinking, is immediately transferred to...

A Policy Change Model: Cannabis Discussion

Due to cannabis’s dubious aspect, the evaluative discussion of why nations should authorize medical and recreational marijuana is still hotly contested and divisive in many places. Research can, at most, contribute to this debate in a limited way (Knopf, 2019). Due to the abundance of decades’ worth of proof on...

Ethical Analysis of the Bakun Dam Project

Introduction Utilitarianism distinguishes right from wrong based on the outcomes. As such, it is a representation of consequentialism. The locus of utilitarianism is choosing a course of action that produces optimal good for the largest number (Chen, 2021). Keeping the previous argument in mind, the ethical analysis of the Bakun...

A Unified Theory of Human Development

There is a plethora of studies, both new and archaic, that explore the most efficient models of education. There are structures contained within development research that share similarities, allowing scientists to attempt to congregate the existing information into a single framework (Liben, 2008). However, this notion has a questionable purpose...

How Does Substance Abuse Affect Mental Health in High School?

Introduction The topic of my research is the question, “How does substance abuse affect mental health in High School?” This topic is relevant because, recently, the number of people who use drugs has increased significantly. In connection with this, the number of students who, for one reason or another, begin...

How Analytics Can Help Improve Healthcare Decision-Making

Applying healthcare analytics appropriately helps one make more productive and effective operational and clinical choices. Healthcare analytics focuses on the technical procedures that gather, monitor, and interpret healthcare information to curb challenges like diseases, ensure good healthcare services, promotion of workers and patient security. Data analysis assists healthcare professionals in...

Importance of the Teacher Leadership

Introduction Teacher leadership is the process of a tutor undertaking formal and informal duties within the school instead of only classroom responsibilities to enhance learning for all students and the success of the school’s improvement efforts. Cheung et al. (2018) indicated that instructional reforms relied on teacher leaders’ ability to...

Patient Assessment and Social Determinants of Health

One of the most urgent problems of modern health care is the issue of patient assessment. Individual approach to health needs assessment requires considering personal characteristics that affect treatment selection (Mahalingamet al., 2020). Given the individual particularities of each patient, the interview techniques would differ in selecting questions on the...

Judges Decisions: Realism and the Law

The case of Mr. Kass is an example of a court proceeding where the judges had to consider several facts in reliance on the principles of the law. Mr. Kass quit his job with Bechtel Power and moved from Michigan to New Jersey since he was to be employed by...

  • Social Media
  • Historical Figures
  • Performance

Hamilton and Burr’s Duel: History Education

Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr’s duel is one of the most renowned in American history. The two political adversaries met on a dueling site in Weehawken, New Jersey, on July 11, 1804 (History Education, 2011). Hamilton’s shot was intentionally or unintentionally high. Burr’s bullet penetrated Hamilton’s liver and stuck in...

Leadership and Management: Reliability, Validity, and Approaches

Reliability and validity can demonstrate and link the thoroughness of research procedures and the veracity of study findings. Reliability and validity are often used in the research to ensure that data are reliable and reproducible, as well as the results’ accuracy. In quantitative research, the amount of variation in a...

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officers

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is the national police force of Canada. They are responsible for policing in provinces, local communities, municipalities, and international airports. Contrary to the theoretical implications of the name of the force, they ride horses only during ceremonies (Reichel, 2018). They control law and order throughout...

Aspects of the Environmental Activism

Introduction The environmental activism subculture is centered around ensuring the best outcomes for the environment. Members advocate for these interests through initiatives like informational campaigns, marches, lobbies, and peaceful protests. Its active expression of biospheric and altruistic values sets this group apart. The former values promote the interests of the...

Kantian Perspective on Lying: View of Ethics

Close inspection of different perceptions of morality in Western philosophy allows identifying unique features of philosophical teachings. Furthermore, studying how different philosophical doctrines approach violations of morality can be used for a clearer understanding of philosophers’ views. In a significant part of her works, O’Neil defended Immanuel Kant’s philosophy and...

The European Commission and Google

The lawsuit filed by the European Commission against Google has become one of the landmark legal battles for the right to privacy. Having drawn a legal line between the right for a company to promote its product and the right of individuals to retain their privacy, the specified case has...

Communist Manifesto vs. the Capital

The Communist Manifesto expresses Communist theories while Capital is a scholarly examination of the formation, collapse of an economic system. The Communist Manifesto gives a demand list on how to create communism while Capital is a political economy critical analysis showing exploitation of the working class. Communist Manifesto is a...

Reviews Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” and “Theory of Forms”

Plato experienced a variety of influences from previous philosophical movements. The pre-Socratic influential thinkers include Protagoras, whose relativist thought inspired Plato’s dialogues despite contradictions between the two thinkers’ approaches. As for the Sophists, some contempt for them could have encouraged Plato to achieve excellence in reasoning. The impact of Socrates...

Organizational Environment, Social Environment Affects on Organizations

Charter schools are institutions developed and managed by parents, teachers, society, or education organizations. According to Renzulli (2005), the primary motivation behind the emergence of such schools is autonomy. Most members who started the charter schools aimed at providing different curriculum and services from those offered in traditional schools. However,...

Stress Management in the Work Environment

Business responsibility cannot extend only to providing high commercial value. On the contrary, high business performance can be achieved by expanding employer social responsibility. This includes increasing corporate protection against stress. In general, stress has a severe negative effect on the mental and physical health of employees, and it is...

  • Intelligence

Organizational Environment: Specific and General

There are two types of environmental analysis of an organization: specific and general. When one conducts a study on the specific environment, he or she focuses on examining the organization’s internal elements. It is possible to note that “internal factors include aspects of HR (owners, managers, and employees), financial aspects,...

Information in the Modern Globalized Environment

In the modern globalized environment, information has become a major asset that can be used to improve people’s well-being and quality of their lives all over the world. Our organization contributes to the improvement in the quality of visual data management by offering the cameras and drones of the best...

Changes of the Global Business Environment

Currently, the global business environment is undergoing major changes. Firstly, digital technologies take the driver’s seat in guiding the development of almost all economic sectors. New solutions cause disruptions that revolutionize entire industries once and for all. For this reason, the global business environment is as competitive as ever. For...

Florence Nightingale’s Environment Theory

Major Concepts Nursing – Creation of The Best Conditions Human Beings Are Linked with Environment Environment Is the Most Critical Factor Health Is the Primary Goal of Nursing Health Promotion Is Important to Prevent Illness Florence Nightingale’s Environment Theory is a nursing theory with a key focus on environmental factors....

Safety, Independence and Least Restrictive Environments

The healthcare environment requires a fundamental focus on the patient’s safety, independence, and a sound healing environment. Such background may only exist where there are evidence-based practice and effective decision-making. Max’s case study provides a practical demonstration of how medication choice and self-response may affect a patient’s safety and recovery....

Present-Day Entrepreneurs and Their Environment

Entrepreneurs drive the economy and foster further technological progress, thus increasing people’s quality of life. Although personal traits and skills, such as innovative thinking and willingness to take risks, are important factors contributing to entrepreneurial success, they are insufficient without external support. Only the combination of personal qualities, supportive government...

Toxic Air Pollutants: Environmental Health

I did not know that toxic air pollutants present in the air can result in the emergence of cancer or serious health problems. Cancer risk associated with this issue is about one per million; however, it can be considered a critically high percentage because of the severe complications associated with...

Decisive Action Training Environment (Date) Overview

Military operations and the relevant environment for activities are highly dependent on a wide range of factors included in a region’s PMESII-PT. In the case of Caucasus, the political sphere affects the operations through a bipolar form of governance, such as democracy and autocracy. Military power concentration also influences the...

Advanced Nurse Practice Environment in Illinois

Before 2017, advanced practice nurses (APNs) could not work independently from physicians. However, in 2017, the Illinois Governor signed a law allowing individual nurses to provide services without being dependent on physicians (Korte, 2017). The law amends the Nurse Practice Act to enable APNs and other nurses to work without...

The International Music Festival Event Industry as a Business Environment

Operations in the international music festival event industry are highly complicated due to involving a large number of participants, venues, managers, and visitors. Unlike companies responsible for small events, the international industry has to predict and try to avoid the risks associated not only with the artists but also with...

  • Ancient History
  • Advertising
  • Environment

Developmental Research: Human Development

Introduction Human development is a continuous process that occurs not once but throughout one’s life. Developmental research is the study of how a person changes as they mature. According to Davis-Kean and Ellis (2019), developmental research may entail studying behavioral aspects that could be the effect of chronic illness against...

The Style in “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

Introduction The director’s commitment to strict symmetry explains the many orthogonal lines in the frame’s construction. Diagonal compositions, camera movements, and camera deviations from the horizon are almost not found in the film. A limited fictional world in which the strict arrangement of objects and people is practically a fundamental...

The Impact of Genomics on Policy and Practice in Healthcare

Genome-wide sequencing, multi-gene panels, and other multi-genic tests are replacing single-gene testing for illness diagnosis, prediction, prognosis, and therapy as the field of medicine moves from genetics to genomics. The consideration of the policy changes genomics poses is framed by the shift from genetics to genomics. The switch from genetic...

Mahayana Buddhism’s Beginnings

Introduction Mahayana Buddhism’s beginnings are still a mystery; neither its beginning nor its location is documented, and it is most likely that the movement developed over time and in several areas. Most representations have been hugely affected by the goals of contemporary sectarian motions, and the holy texts most highly...

The Problem of Aligning Cross-Cultural Concepts

The nature of social and personal conflicts might seem explicitly varied depending on the community and its characteristics, yet the core premise of failing to manage familial relationships and societal expectations remain consistent across cultures and time periods. Examining how these issues are interpreted in literature will allow eliciting a...

Coronavirus: Why Some Racial Groups Are More Vulnerable

Introduction The article discussed how the coronavirus has affected diverse communities and the causes of the disparities that have arisen throughout the epidemic. The present pandemic is being highlighted as a way to raise awareness about the social, political, and economic systems that influence how various individuals view the pandemic...

The Documentary “A Brilliant Genocide”

The documentary “A Brilliant Genocide” shows how the Ugandan government killed over 800,000 people in just 100 days. I enjoyed this documentary because it was eye-opening and informative. I like how it provides many details about the killings. Additionally, the film gives a voice to the Acholi people, who are...

Developing a New Information System

I absolutely agree that integrating a new information system can completely change the nature or direction of a business. Understanding business processes is essential to dealing with these organizational changes. The introduction of information technology can lead to administrative changes of varying degrees, from minimal to far-reaching (Laudon & Laudon,...

Earthquake’s Intensity and Magnitude

Intensity measures earthquakes’ strength and indicates how much the ground shook. An earthquake’s magnitude quantifies its size. There are two ways to measure magnitude; the maximum amplitude of a shear wave and the distance a fault moves. Intensity can be measured by the damage the earthquake causes and the movement...

Virgin Group: Investments in Start-Ups

Introduction Virgin Group is a well-known venture company that makes investments in start-ups that might change the world. In 2022 the firm has made yet another contribution that has been financially rewarding. In the summer of 2022, Virgin Group made an announcement that the company made an investment in Lightyear,...

  • Climate Change

Aspects of Bloodborne Pathogens Standard

Introduction Chapter 12 regards Bloodborne Pathogens Standard and OSHA Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs). It details procedures regarding contact with harmful chemicals and blood in daily routines at work. Key terms include blood, bloodborne Pathogens, Chief, clinical laboratory, decontamination, and engineering controls. Discussion The main pathogens addressed include Hepatitis B virus (HBV), Human...

The Ocean Clean Up Company’s Trial in Guatemala

The Ocean Clean Up firm decided to work on collecting plastic waste in Rio Motagua, which experts estimate is going to be the world’s most heavily polluted river. It is the largest river in Guatemala, extending from the western highlands to the eastern Caribbean Sea. Each year during the rainy...

Age-Related Mathematical Problems and Solutions

Age problems are algebraic, dealing with people’s current, past, and future ages. According to Ventura‐Campos et al. (2022), age-related word problems typically compare two different points in a person’s life. If the problem involves a single person, it is like an Integer Problem. In addition, if an age problem includes...

The Six Characteristics or Elements of Self-Control

The elements of self-control determine a person’s ability to resist and avoid crime in any context and kind of temptation. The absence of self-control shows the characteristics that essentially determine a crime in particular circumstances. This classification was created by Gottfredson and Hirshi to explain the mechanisms and reasons for...

Comprehensive Health and Physical Assessment: Environmental and Genomic Influences

Introduction Recent scientific advances in the field of genomics call for the urgent redefinition of nursing practice. Now, when using a holistic approach toward health examination, healthcare professionals should account for the patient’s socioeconomic determinants and genetic predisposition to a disease. This paper briefly overviews the significance of a comprehensive...

Human Resource Management’s Strategic Role in Achieving Organizational Goals

The HRM functions are related to stimulating the growth and development of the organization. HR managers utilize social support strategies to achieve the organization’s overall goals (Pak et al., 2019). The main goals of my organization include optimizing work processes and reorganizing the team to increase performance. My organization’s HRM...

Analysis of the Film: “The Invisible Man”

Introduction The film has been made into two different versions: the original from 1993 and a remake set for 2020. The original picture was a famous horror film from the Golden Age of Hollywood, based on HG Wells’ 1897 novel of the same name, and is a genuine horror picture...

Climate Change Threats in Public Perception

Ballew, M.T. Leiserowitz, A., Roser-Renouf, C., Rosenthal, C. A., Kotcher, J. E., Marlon, J. R., Lyon, E., Goldberg, M. H. & Maibach, E. W. (2019) Climate change in the American mind: Data, tools, and trends, Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development, 61(3), 4-18. Web. The study’s authors, research scientists,...

Orem’s Self-Care Implemented in Today’s World

Orem’s self-care is a nursing theory that offers direction to the nurse practitioner on how to identify a patient’s deficit needs in getting well. The different levels of care range from educating the patient’s family to giving total attention. The theory explains how nurses can intervene to help patients maintain...

The Decline of the Household Income in Suburban and Metropolitan Areas

Introduction According to Antonios, the article “Decline of Inner Suburbs” was written in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. The piece by Lucy & Phillips (2000) states that the household income in some suburban and metropolitan areas declined. Among the reasons is little to no reinvestment in structures which shortens the lives...

  • Christianity

Racial Issues in the “Fences” Play by August Wilson

My favorite play from this course’s reading is Fences by the playwright August Wilson. The drama relates the story of Troy Maxson, a former player in the Negro basketball league trying to provide for his family. Because of his race and the color barriers in sports, he was prevented from...

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

Introduction Faith and resilience stand out in the novel The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, particularly in the older man’s story. Reading about Santiago’s experiences allowed me to view life from a hopeful perspective. The old man’s life is an inspiration to deal with life’s challenges without...

Healthcare Costs Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Background It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected all spheres of life, including healthcare. In the United States and all over the world, it led to a dramatic growth of national healthcare spending as the prevention and treatment of the infection required the development and implementation of...

Aspects of the Transaction Demand

Introduction Both transaction demand and asset demand refer to an essential sum that a person or business has to possess. However, they differ in the purpose of having money on balance. Transaction demand is the entirety of money that a certain organization of individual needs for completing transactions. Asset demand...

An Analysis of Strategies for Businesses to Raise Cash

Introduction This article is an analysis of strategies for businesses to raise cash and find ways to lend. The authors present five main ways for businesses to act in an unstable financial situation. The purpose of the article is to explore what organizational and strategic steps will allow the company...

“Eleonora” by Edgar Allan Poe: A Short Story Analysis

Eleonora is a short story written by Edgar Allan Poe that could potentially relate to his personal, romantic experience. The story presents a collection of the main character’s discourse about love, passion, and memories of Eleonora, his cousin. The story’s plot can be separated into four parts: In the first...

Prioritizing Teachers’ Wellbeing

Teachers have a significant impact on the overall society’s future and progress. Therefore, addressing the issue of teachers’ well-being now is likely to have positively influence teachers’ productivity and the quality of education in the future. Furthermore, the teaching profession requires substantial efforts to overcome the challenge of working with...

The Story of Telemachus in “The Odyssey” by Homer

Numerous books exist in the world, presenting to readers various aspects of life. One of the most renowned literary works is the epic The Odyssey that represents the fascinating stories of Odysseus and his son Telemachus (Homer, 1996). While both characters go on complex journeys, Telemachus’s quest reflects the search...

Animation Film Pocahontas by Walt Disney

Introduction A seventy-eight-minute animation film, Pocahontas, by Walt Disney, is about a Native American heroine who saved a British man, John Smith, from execution by her father. The movie has received criticism, especially from Arab Americans (Goldberg & Gabriel, 1995). The film is analyzed on three concepts; libel, privacy invasion,...

Personal Philosophy About Raising Children

People react differently when they learn they are expecting their first child. To establish a meaningful definition of parenting, one ought to understand its essence. The basic definition of parenting is the process of caring for a child. Parenting is the art of naturing a child’s physical, social, spiritual, emotional,...

  • Globalization
  • American Politics

Navigating Organizational Theories in Healthcare

Introduction It is important to note that organizational theories are critical in healthcare. The main reason is that they determine the organizational structure and design, which can either enhance or hinder a healthcare facility’s capability and its business needs in a successful manner. A theoretical framework’s applicability is tied to...

Themes in “Two Ways to Belong in America” Book by Mukherjee

Bharati Mukherjee is an author of Indian descent who immigrated to America in 1961. She was born in 1940 and was raised in Calcutta, India. She earned an M.F.A and a Ph.D. in literature. Bharati Mukherjee has authored several books that have gained her worldwide fame and recognition. Two Ways...

Analysis of John Updike’s Short Story “A&P”

Introduction The tragicomic short story written by famous American novelist John Updike describes the social boundaries of society and how people create and follow their made-up rules. The author focuses on the topic of choice and its consequences. This essay analyses the meaning of the short story, its central and...

Hypertension and Nurse Practitioner Care

Hypertension (HTN) may be regarded as one of the most common cardiovascular system disorders all over the world. “Characterized by a persistent elevation in the arterial pressure,” this medical condition implies the rise of systolic (≥ 130 mm Hg) or diastolic (≥ 80 mm Hg) blood pressure or both of...

Enhancing Patient Safety Through Health Care Standards

One of the medical industry’s primary concerns is patient safety. Disfavored events during medical activities can occur because of any medical intervention, even when performed correctly (regardless of whether it is diagnostic, therapeutic, or rehabilitative). Improving patient safety requires comprehensive resolutions within the health care system, and safety standards are...

Public Opinion in Forming Public Policies

Introduction Public opinion is a set of viewpoints regarding a specific person, topic, or policy. They are used to learn about people’s approval, disapproval, or neutral attitude towards a certain politician’s actions and ideas. It plays a crucial role in politics, as ignoring it may result in protests or riots....

Geography and Healthcare Equity in the U.S.

The insurance coverage, accessibility to treatment, functional capacity, standards of healthcare, and care costs in the U.S. health system vary widely by geographical location. Geographical location plays a vital role in healthcare accessibility and equality concerns. Uneven geographic access to health care is a result of areas with greater income...

Gender Intersectionality: Fighting Discrimination

The concept of intersectionality in social sciences points to the connection between different social categories and how they apply to an individual or a social group. The social categories can include such characteristics as gender, race, and social status. The concept suggests that people belonging to several disadvantaged groups can...

Two Religions in “Yellow Woman” Story by Silko

The two religious traditions are approached in Silko’s story from the point where differences between people serve as the key contributor to issues within any given community. The author explained it by dwelling more on how there could be people looking forward to demoting another person based on perception and...

Groundhog Day: Philosophical Parallels

Summary Groundhog Day is an iconic film that has a classic rethinking of the time loop theme with deep philosophical overtones. Even though I had watched the movie several times before, I rewatched it a few days ago and found a lot to think about. The film builds parallels with...

Life and Work in a Foreign Country

Introduction Before reading the unit materials, I had a strong desire to live and work in a foreign country, but now I am not sure. As it appears, to find a job abroad, one needs to be an extremely valuable specialist in the field or already be an employee of...

Eclipse of Civility in Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado

In the short story “The Cask of Amontillado,” Edgar Allan Poe writes about how a man named Montresor exacted revenge on his enemy, Fortunato. The story is told by Montresor, who narrates that Fortunato had caused him a thousand injuries and insults (Poe 1). The narrator vows to avenge himself...

Adequate Supply of Registered Nurses

In hospitals with a high patient-to-nurse proportion, healthcare workers experience dissatisfaction, burnout, and patients suffer from higher rates of death and abandonment than those in organizations with a lower patient-to-nurse ratio. Some states and even countries have begun passing laws to limit the ratio of patients to nurses. Despite this,...

Themes in “The Bluest Eye” Novel by Toni Morrison

The novel by Toni Morrison The Bluest Eye shows how racial oppression has a devastating effect on African Americans through the image of madness. The main character was a victim of racism, and in an effort to conform to the ideals of the beauty of white people, she began to...

Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence Comparison

Human capabilities and feelings are much more complex than any computer program. Although, according to Laudon and Laudon (2019), Artificial Intelligence (AI) performs many tasks that would be impossible for humans to perform and can equal or come close to human tasks in interpreting CT scans, recognizing faces and voices,...

Illegal Drug Use in Nurses: Discussion

There are several reasons why nurses are at higher risk of developing a drug addiction, which means that there is a high chance for practitioners to work in unit with nurses who illegally use drugs. Firstly, the stressful nature of nurses’ work contributes to the development of compassion fatigue, which...

Navigating Impostor Syndrome as a New Intern

Imposter syndrome, alternatively defined as imposter paradox or impostorism, is a mental event in which a person continuously fears being discovered as a liar and has hesitations regarding their abilities, qualifications, or achievements. Imposter syndrome is a behavioral pattern in which individuals, including those who have sufficient external proof of...

The Problem of Biased Media in the Modern World

Introduction Media is expected to be one of the most potent democracy tools providing individuals with objective and accurate information about important events. Unfortunately, in numerous cases, it fails to perform its central function. For instance, journalists might be biased when speaking about racial issues or protests promoting injustice and...

The Role of Natural Resources on Economic Development

The worsening shortage of resources is one of the true underlying causes of the escalating and latent maturing local, regional and global problems of the new millennium. The existence or absence of the necessary natural resources directly affects the living standards of earthlings, the prospects for the socio-economic development of...

Supply Chain Disruptions and the Effects on the Global Economy

The research aims to define the key problems that appear during the supply process and how they affect the economic situation in many countries worldwide. The study will also show the recovery process and possible solutions to the existing issues in the sphere like planning and risk prediction based on...

Comparing Artificial Intelligence to Human Intelligence

Intelligence is essential for humanity, as it can isolate important information from the environment and systematize it into knowledge used to solve specific problems. In the modern world, firms and businesses often use not only human intelligence but also artificial intelligence (AI). AI performs many tasks of processing large amounts...

Recruiting Expatriate Staff Over Local

Introduction When compared to training locally available people, hiring expatriates to cover a significant number of operational jobs is simply too costly (Zheng & Smith, 2018). Although hiring locals could seem like a temporary, less expensive solution, the underlying reserve money might be compromised by unfavorable long-term results. Discussion This...

“The Pillow Book and the List of Hateful Things” by Sei Shonagon

Introduction The Pillow Book and the List of Hateful Things, written by Sei Shonagon, is a portrayal of the Heian culture in regard to elitist approaches to etiquette, social interactions, and gatherings. Namely, one of the hateful elements that the author highlights is “One is telling a story about old...

The Death Penalty: James Holmes’ Case

Introduction The doctor asserted that the convicted shooter was sullen and silent even though he was good when inquired about how he was faring. Hence, James Holmes was seen as a rational person during his shooting spree at a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado injuring 70 and killing 12 people...

An Open Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

For a deep study of culture, it is essential first to understand whether it is arranged according to the principles of patriarchy or matriarchy. Establishing a central line of transmission of cultural heritage contributes to the structuring of research. For example, if the matrilineal descent community defines membership in the...

The Psychology of International Politics

Introduction Political psychologist analyzes political patterns by applying whatever is understood regarding human psychology and concentrating on persons within a particular political institution. Political psychology is a prominent subject of a systematic social investigation involving bases in psychology and political science and integration into a multitude of other social sciences...

Issues and Possible Solutions in the Healthcare Sector

It is hard to disagree that healthcare is one of the most fundamental and intricate sectors playing a crucial role in people’s lives. Despite the importance of individuals receiving quality medical services, several factors negatively affect healthcare. For example, currently, health policymakers face the need to solve problems like the...

Constitutional Law: Freedom of Speech

Introduction One of the fundamental roles of the United States Constitution is to the protection of citizens’ individual rights and liberties. Although there can be limits beyond which the U.S. Discussion Constitution on an individual’s fundamental rights and liberties does not apply, only the court system can accurately interpret or...

Aspects of the Mobile Photography

Introduction Photography is a form of art that allows us to capture a memory and pass it on to future generations. The art of photography includes many elements, for example, lighting, composition, and the idea behind it. A photo is rich in the exactness of perspective and detail (Martin, 2018);...

Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Research

Introduction It is hard to disagree that academic research plays a significant role in people’s lives. While not everyone realizes it, precisely credible research papers can test hypotheses that affect healthcare, find new ways to eliminate social issues and explore the negative and positive effects of technologies. In order for...

French Communication Pattern and Listening Habit

Effective communication is extremely important to ensure successful business relation. Multiple factors need to be taken into consideration when approaching business partners from other companies and particularly from other countries. I believe that to approach a businessperson from another country, it is essential to try to predict the challenges that...

Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother Photo Review

The story of Florence Thompson and her migrant experience touches many people who see the works of a documentary photographer, Dorothea Lange. The themes of depression, despair, and the necessity to protect her family are perfectly observed in several images. In my attempt to evaluate the offered shots, I would...

The La Sierra Members: The Self-Defense Doctrine

Introduction The La Sierra members were not entitled to assert a defense of self-defense. The self-defense doctrine is only available when an individual reasonably believes that they are in imminent danger of severe bodily injury or death and that using deadly force is necessary to prevent that harm (Muñoz 2021)....

The Sund & Baelt Case Study: Business Analytics

Introduction The construction company sector undergoes significant challenges annually due to natural or infrastructure causes. Over 46,000 American bridges are architecturally inadequate and in unacceptable condition, as has been emphasized by the IBM case study (Bertrand, n.d.). The case study that will be reviewed is the Sund & Baelt case...

Love in “Lay of Guigemar” Book by Marie de France

Marie de France devotes a special place to the disclosure of the concept of love and how it happens. Her works often feature selfish love, as well as love sincere and genuine. Such a true love occurs between Guigemar and the Queen. Their love is presented as an external force...

Aspects of Witnessing in Teaching

Introduction It is always engaging to discover some new ideas and inspirations from the feasts and holidays of Indigenous peoples. Here the notion of “witnessing”, which constitutes a great role in the potlatch feast, will be discussed in the frame of ideas for new learning and teaching practices. Discussion Potlatch...

Post-crime Investigation Analysis

Introduction Post-crime investigations are an essential process that involves many factors. One of the most important is the scene of the crime and the testimony of the victim and witnesses. After a crime has been committed, each of these factors undergoes extensive changes, making it impossible to investigate the crime...

Authoritarian Political Systems and Economic Development

Authoritarianism and populism are returning to the world, raising questions about how economically successful such regimes can be. As practice shows, economic growth is less stable under authoritarian regimes than in democratic countries. Economic growth gradually leads to forming an urban class and protests against authoritarian rule. Authoritarianism as a...

Elaborated vs. Restricted Codes in Communication

Elaborated and restricted codes are specific forms of language and speech in particular social contexts, including in different orders of meanings. Basil Bernstein claims that English social classes demonstrate a diverse knowledge of each mode of speech and its social and educational consequences (Neuliep). Even though the codes are often...

The Unclouded Day Song by Homer Rodeheaver

Summary Web. Gospel music is exemplified by the recording of the song “Unclouded Day” by Homer Alvan Rode Heaver on September 10, 1913. The tenor vocalist is backed by primarily brass and wind instrumentation, giving the song a homophonic texture. It has a moderate tempo because it is neither fast...

Emotional Behavior in the Utku Family Members

The behavior model in the Utku family shows typical Eskimo traits such as the man’s dominant role and respect for older family members. However, in the Inuttiaq family, there are differences from this pattern in the very favorable treatment of children. A characteristic feature of behavior in the Utku family...

Rwandan Genocide Analysis with Foote’s Typologies

In 1994, a horrific event took place in Rwanda where large numbers of people were massacred during the Rwandan Civil War. The act targeted the Tutsi – a minority group in the country. The Hutu militias killed approximately 600,000 individuals within a period of 100 days (Meierhenrich, 2020). The conflict...

The Marxist Concept in the Historical Context

Marxism and the concepts behind communism have been reflected in many iterations throughout history. Speaking about the fact that Marxism and the ideas of communism are not compatible with human nature, Norberg makes a thunderous and dubious statement (Gasper 26). Even though Marx was frankly wrong about many economic and...

Phenacetin From Acetaminophen Using a Nucleophilic Attack Mechanism

Introduction This work aimed to obtain Phenacetin from Acetaminophen using a nucleophilic attack mechanism. Reflux, ice-bath cooling and heating, and vacuum filtration procedures were used to complete the synthesis. Melting point values were instrumentally measured for the final product, and TLC chromatography and IR and NMR spectroscopy were performed to...

Problem Solving Using Leadership Approaches

In a fast-changing world, the only constant factor is the influence of leadership. Leadership is applicable in every sphere of people’s lives, from politics and the workplace to households and a close circle of people. However, most of the time, leadership is discussed in terms of companies since the lack...

Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records

The main aim of “Appendix 2:Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records California Code of Regulations Title 8 General Industry Safety Orders Section 3204” is to enhance access to exposure and medical records. The document is published for employees, their representatives and representatives from the Division of Occupational Safety. In...

Dental Healthcare Persons’ Infection Control

Appendix 3 details the minimum code of regulations about infection control as defined by the California Dental Board. It begins by highlighting key definitions of terms useful throughout the established standards. For instance, it describes standard precautions as a set of practices for the prevention of infection that may apply...

Monitoring and Controlling Functions in Healthcare Organizations

Monitoring and controlling are the primary functions of an organization’s management team, and their work determines how efficiently the recourses are allocated and used. Multiple components, such as finances, workforce, technology, and equipment, are integrated into the strategies to administer and optimize the work of a hospital (Almansoori et al.,...

Business Presentation: Preparation and Delivery

To many workers, the opportunity to conduct a presentation to their superiors is either a dream come true or a nightmare. Standing before these executives indicates that one is doing a good job; hence, they should strive to turn the opportunity in their favor (Petty, 2018). Nuyen (2018) argues that...

Communication Patterns in Lewis’ Model

Richard Lewis’ model was developed in the 90s and was based on the writer visiting 135 countries and working in 20 of them. It consists of three specific categories: linear-active, multi-active and reactive. According to his perspective, my country, the USA, belongs to the first one along with the rest...

“The Power of Coincidence” by Jill Neimark

The Power of Coincidence, written by J. Neimark, emphasizes how the ambivalent concept of coincidence can influence lives and alter situations. After reading it, I can, without a doubt, concur that coincidences exist and are very important. As we read the narrative, we can see how the author recounts Elisabeth...

Negative Reinforcement in Pediatric Feeding Disorder Treatment

In this review the researcher’s main aim was to study how negative reinforcement can be used in the treatment of feeding disorder and the participant was an 8-year-old male diagnosed with cerebral palsy (Voulgarakis & Forte, 2015). The subject had challenging mealtime behavior which was maintained by escape and therefore...

News Coverage of the Jackson, MS, Crisis

Issues affecting communities and their well-being on a large scale are quite difficult to approach when shedding light on them in public media. On the one hand, the context and extent of the issue need to be provided; on the other hand, maintaining objectivity and neutrality remains a concern. However,...

Social Comparison and Social Cognitive Theories: Conceptual Synthesis

Psychological theories are collections of concepts that can explain many aspects of human cognition, behavior, and emotion. These theories are developed by psychologists in order to anticipate future human actions or events that may occur if specific behaviors exist. As such, social comparison theory and social cognitive theory are examples...

Outcomes of Analyzing Diversity

Evaluating racism as an element of diversity through the historical, social science, humanities, and natural and applied sciences lenses contributed to an in-depth understanding of human behavior and the consequences of racism. The lessons learned positively impact personal experiences by enhancing inclusiveness, facilitating professional conduct, and translating to a positive...

Teach Us to Outgrow Our Madness by Kenzaburo Oe

Kenzaburo Oe, the author of the book “Teach us to outgrow our madness,” has displayed several ways to uphold our passion and original vision for things. A fascinating account of the 1964 Christmas Eve party at Yukio Mishima’s house, where Nathan first met Oe and fellow novelist Kobo Abe, serves...

Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment

The health of a community is greatly affected by the work that people do. The reality is that every industry has its own set of risks when it comes to the place of employment, with perhaps just a distinction in the nature or severity of the dangers present. There has...

Abuses in a Healthcare Context

Physical and psychological forms of abuse manifest themselves in various ways within a healthcare context. Routinely, medical providers encounter different kinds of abuse that are either directed to them or their patients. Sexual discrimination, domestic violence, emotional abuse, and neglect are forms of abuse encountered in a medical context. Practitioners...

List of Required Postings in a Dental Office

Regulatory compliance requires that the posters be conspicuously displayed to the dentists. The posters can either be from the federal or state or printed by an individual from these state agency websites. Some of the posters that dentists should be aware of and can be retrieved from the national labor...

Functional Medicine: Probiotics in Children

The human body needs certain types of bacteria to maintain health, including those that help in digestion, fighting other infectious microorganisms, and absorbing nutrients. In children, probiotics help manage inflammatory bowel disease, reducing the duration of diarrhea associated with gastroenteritis and reducing the chances of developing allergies and eczema. When...

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An essay is defined as a short piece of writing on a particular subject, but is it possible for an essay to be just one paragraph? In short, yes! It is possible to condense the essence of the traditional, multi-paragraph essay format into a single-paragraph essay.

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Single Paragraph Essay

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  • Intercultural Communication
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  • Direct Quote
  • First Paragraph
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  • Primary Source
  • Second Paragraph
  • Secondary Source
  • Source Material
  • Third Paragraph
  • Character Analysis
  • Citation Analysis
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  • Vocabulary Assessment

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Meaning of Single Paragraph Essay

The foundation of any essay is made up of the Main Idea , information that supports the main idea with commentary, and a conclusion. In a standard five-paragraph essay, these elements are typically given the space of at least a single paragraph for each.

A single-paragraph essay is a condensed version of a traditional essay that includes the Main Idea , supporting details, and conclusion in the space of one paragraph. Just like a standard essay, single-paragraph essays convey the author's message through the use of Rhetorical Strategies (which we'll look at in more detail later in the explanation) and literary devices .

Literary device: a way of using language that goes beyond the literal meaning of the words.

Similes, metaphors, personification, symbolism, and imagery are common literary devices. These devices are creative writing tools that are effective in any Context , including a single-paragraph essay, for the purpose of enhancing communication.

Because of how short a single-paragraph essay must be, the main goal is to develop and support the main idea, using whatever means, as thoroughly and concisely as possible.

Why Would You Write a Single Paragraph Essay?

There are a few reasons you might need to write a single-paragraph essay. The first reason is that many exams include "short answer" responses, sometimes representing a hefty percentage of your overall score, which are essentially single-paragraph essays.

Single-paragraph essays are also a great exercise in concise writing. If you're only given a few sentences to make a point and support it well, then you'll have to practice "trimming the fat" from your writing or removing anything that is not essential to your purpose. This is also an essential skill for writing even longer-format essays.

Top tip: Keeping your paragraph to the widely-taught 4–5 sentence structure is a good rule of thumb for an average essay, but it is not always necessary. A paragraph can extend to as long as 8-10 sentences or more and still be a paragraph.

Tips for Writing a Single Paragraph Essay

Writing a single-paragraph essay can actually be more of a challenge than a several-page paper. Because of the space constraints, it is absolutely essential to make your point in a concise manner without sacrificing the message. This means leaving out filler language and any parts of the discussion that are not essential to making your point clear.

One technique for writing a single-paragraph essay is to write a longer essay and narrow it down to one paragraph. If you are writing a short answer response in an exam, this wouldn't be an ideal approach due to the time constraints. If time isn't an issue, though, then then this strategy could help you to make sure you include only the most important aspects of a discussion in your one paragraph.

Try the "necessity test" to narrow down your writing. This is the process of eliminating one sentence at a time and seeing if the author's point has been weakened. If it has, then you need to keep that sentence, but if it hasn't, then you can proceed until only the essential parts of the discussion remain.

Another technique is to write down a short list of the ideas you want to get across with your single-paragraph essay. Once you've written down everything you believe is relevant to the discussion, go through your list and look for anything that can be combined or condensed in any way.

If you find you're still having trouble condensing your discussion, then you might consider simplifying your main point. It's possible that you have too many supporting points, so perhaps pick the top two most effective ones and stop there.

Single Paragraph Essay, A girl with glasses sitting in front of a laptop and biting a pencil, StudySmarter

Types of Single Paragraph Essay

As with a traditional essay, single-paragraph essays can be used to discuss any topic the writer has some knowledge about. This also means that single-paragraph essays can use any rhetorical strategy to make their point.

Rhetorical Strategies : also known as rhetorical modes, rhetorical strategies are ways of organizing communication so that it has the greatest effect on the listener or reader. These are specific patterns of organization to achieve the writer's goal for any text.

Some of the more common rhetorical strategies are:

  • Comparison/contrast

Essays can be assigned based on a particular rhetorical strategy.

Sometimes, an essay prompt, such as "Write a comparison/contrast essay analyzing the relationship between organic and non-organic produce production," may make it clear which rhetorical strategy should be used to answer the question.

Other times, the author simply needs to understand these strategies well enough to know which to use in order to craft the best argument.

So, in essence, any discussion in a multi-paragraph essay could also be covered in a single-paragraph essay. The only limitation of a shorter essay is, of course, the lack of space, so the writer has to make the best use of the paragraph they have.

Single Paragraph Essay Structure

An essay is a focused piece of writing that develops a particular idea through the use of Evidence , analysis, and interpretation. Nowhere in that Definition do we see any description of length, which means this could be accomplished over the course of several pages or a single paragraph.

Unlike traditional essays, though, single-paragraph essays don't allow for much creative liberty. There is a basic structure that needs to be followed so that the paragraph will meet the criteria of an essay.

Here is a basic single-paragraph Essay Outline :

Topic sentence ( Thesis Statement )

Body support 1

Concrete details

Body support 2

Closing Statement

Single Paragraph Essay, A laptop and a cup on a table, StudySmarter

Topic Sentence in a Single Paragraph Essay

Every essay has a Thesis statement .

Thesis statement: a single, declarative sentence that summarizes the main point of an essay. Depending on the style of the essay, a thesis statement should almost always include the author's stance on the topic of discussion.

In a single-paragraph essay, the thesis statement acts a lot like a topic sentence of a supporting Body Paragraph found in a traditional five-paragraph essay. Typically, the first sentence in a body paragraph – the topic sentence – helps to organize the paragraph around the main idea that will be discussed. Since the essay will only be one paragraph long, the thesis statement and topic sentence are one and the same.

Use the thesis statement to introduce the topic as well as the main idea you will be discussing. It is also helpful to briefly mention the supporting points you intend to bring in later in the paragraph.

Thesis statement: The British Empire's ability to wreak havoc on trade, move large amounts of troops, and distribute resources by way of its navy gave them the power to dominate foreign territories.

This is a good thesis statement because the writer shares their Opinion on what made the British empire powerful. There are three pieces of Evidence to show Britain's power (ability to wreak havoc on trade, move large amounts of troops, and distribute resources) which can be developed in the body of the essay.

Body Support in a Single Paragraph Essay

The body of the essay is where the writer develops concrete details to support the thesis statement. Supporting details can be anything that helps prove your point.

Supporting details could include:

  • Statistical evidence and data.
  • Quotes from the discussed text or relevant experts in the field.
  • Examples of facts that support the thesis.
  • Details about events, people, or places that are relevant to the topic.

In a single-paragraph essay, there isn't as much space as you're perhaps used to, so you must be concise and direct when presenting your support. There won't be much opportunity to expound and explain each detail, so make sure they can stand alone in support of your thesis.

Also, include a brief commentary on the subject. This is your opportunity to connect your main idea or thesis to the supporting details and discuss how they interact.

Conclusion in a Single Paragraph Essay

As with the body support, your conclusion should be brief (likely no more than a sentence or two). Because you've conducted your discussion in the space of one paragraph, it is not necessary to Restate your thesis in the conclusion as you would normally do in a multi-paragraph essay.

You should make sure that your conclusion is clear and convinces the reader that you did indeed make your point. Include a short Summary of the discussion, and that's about all you'll have room for!

If you find your essay is longer than one paragraph, read through it one sentence at a time to see if every sentence contributes a different point. If you come across two sentences that are making the same or similar points, combine them into one sentence.

Single Paragraph Essay Example

Here is an example of a single-paragraph Essay Outline , including the topic sentence , body support 1 , body support 2 , and the conclusion .

Topic sentence

Charles Perrault's famous fairytale, "Little Red Ridinghood" (1697), is more than meets the eye. It is not just a story about a little girl who visits her grandma; it is an epic tale complete with a journey, villain, and challenges along the way for the protagonist.

"Little Red Ridinghood" is structured like a piece of quest literature. There is a quester, a place to go, a stated reason to go, challenges and trials along the way, and a real reason to arrive at the destination. Little Red Ridinghood (quester) decides to visit her grandma because she believes she is not well (reason to go). She travels through a wood and meets a wolf with bad intentions (villain/challenge). After she is eaten by the wolf, the reader comes to know the moral of the story (real reason to go), which is "don't talk to strangers."

Quest literature is not simply defined by structure, however. In quest literature, the hero usually does not know that the journey taken is a quest. So, the journey does not need to be epic in nature, and a hero is not required to save lives and fight battles – a young girl entering the woods not knowing that danger lurks around the corner is quest enough.

So the next time you pick up a book, remember that even a bedtime story for children can hold inside an epic quest – just look for someone leaving on a journey, and you might be surprised where it takes you.

Single Paragraph Essay - Key takeaways

  • A single-paragraph essay is a condensed version of a traditional essay that includes the main idea, supporting details, and a conclusion in the space of one paragraph.

Due to limited space, it is important to stick to facts and evidence alone, leaving out filler language.

A single-paragraph essay does require a thesis or main idea, but it only needs to be stated once.

There are several techniques to keeping your writing brief, such as the "necessity test" and/or making a list of your ideas and choosing the most relevant information.

A single-paragraph essay is a good format for "short answer" responses on exams.

Frequently Asked Questions about Single Paragraph Essay

--> what is a single-paragraph essay.

A single-paragraph essay is a condensed version of a traditional essay that includes a main idea, supporting details, and a conclusion in the space of one paragraph. 

--> What is an example of single-paragraph essay?

A single-paragraph essay can be a response to a "short answer" question on an exam. 

--> How do you write a single-paragraph essay?

Write a single-paragraph essay by focusing on your main point and the supporting details. Avoid filler language, and try techniques such as the "necessity test" and writing down your ideas and choosing the most relevant information to keep it to the one-paragraph format.

--> What are the types of single paragraph essay?

Single-paragraph essays can be in the style of any type of "regular" essay. 

--> How to organize a single paragraph essay?

Organize a single-paragraph essay in the same format as a traditional essay with a thesis statement, supporting details, and a conclusion. 

Final Single Paragraph Essay Quiz

Single paragraph essay quiz - teste dein wissen.

What is the definition of a single-paragraph essay?

Show answer

A single-paragraph essay is a condensed version of a traditional essay that includes a main idea, supporting details, and a conclusion in the space of one paragraph.

Show question

True or false: Because of how short a single-paragraph essay must be, the main goal is to develop and support the main idea, using whatever means, as thoroughly and concisely as possible. 

Single-paragraph essays can be used as a format for __________ responses on exams.

Short answer

What is the meaning of the phrase "trimming the fat" with regard to your writing?

Removing anything that is not essential to the purpose of your writing

True or false: All paragraphs must stay within the 4-5 sentence range.

Which of the following is not a concern for single-paragraph essay format?

Rhetorical strategy

What is the "necessity test"?

This is the process of eliminating one sentence at a time and seeing if the author’s point has been weakened. If it has, then you need to keep that sentence, but if it hasn’t then you can proceed until you only have the necessities to the discussion remaining. 

What should you do if two sentences contribute the same or similar ideas?

Combine them or eliminate one.

What should you do if you find you are having trouble condensing your discussion to a single paragraph?

It’s possible that you have too many supporting points, so perhaps pick the top two most effective ones and stop there.

True or false: You can use any rhetorical strategy in single-paragraph essays.

How do the body support points function in a single-paragraph essay?

Which of the following is not an example of concrete details for body support?

Literary devices

True or false: In a single-paragraph essay, you should include a short commentary on the interplay between thesis and support.

Should you restate your thesis in your conclusion?

No, it isn't necessary to state the thesis twice in one paragraph.

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is a single, declarative sentence that summarizes the main point of an essay. 

Why is it important to carefully craft the main idea and supporting details of a single-paragraph essay?

Because you must be concise; unlike a traditional-length essay, you won’t have the space of several paragraphs to flesh these things out.

What is the main idea of a text?

The main idea is the writer’s position or principal concept they would like to express

What does "support for the main idea" mean?

Supporting details are the means by which the author develops and proves the main idea.

True or false: a single-paragraph essay doesn't need a thesis statement?

The thesis statement of a single-paragraph essay will function the exact same way as a ____________ for a regular paragraph.

 Because of the length of a single-paragraph essay, it is important to state your main point _____________  

At the beginning of the paragraph

Which of the following is not  something recommended to support the main idea?

Your opinion

The following is an example of which type of support? The supreme court was founded on March 4, 1789.

The following is an example of which type of support?

According to The American Institute of Stress:  About 33 percent of people report feeling extreme stress .

Statistical evidence

What two sources of quotes are effective as support for the main idea?

Quotes from the primary source (text under discussion) and from authoritative sources on the topic.

What is an authoritative source?

An authoritative source is one that can be trusted because it is widely recognized in the field as authentic and/or expert.

Once you’ve identified the main idea and supporting details you can follow the author’s _______ through their use of examples or other support. 

Which tip for locating the main idea is missing from the following list?

Scan the title of the text

Look for significance in the pictures included

Note words and phrases that are repeated often

Ask yourself - what is this text mostly about?

Summarize the text in your own words (in a sentence, if possible)

Supporting details are meant to offer __________ of the accuracy or truth of the main idea.

_________ offer(s) more specific information about the main idea.

Supporting details

A statistic is a number derived from _____.

A large set of data.

_____ is justification for an argument.

_____ is a number derived from a large set of data that is used as justification for an argument.

Statistical evidence.

Can statistical evidence support a thesis?

Yes. In fact, it's a primary use for statistical evidence.

Can a single piece of evidence prove a thesis?

No. A thesis requires a synthesis of evidence, or else it is just restating the evidence.

When someone hears a statistic, it can feel final. What's the potential problem with this?

Statistics are not entirely accurate.

Statistics can be inaccurate because they are derived from _____.


Incorrectly gathered statistical evidence can be the result of _____ and _____.

Scientific error, bias.

What is scientific error?

Scientific error is a scientific observation not accurately reflecting the nature of the subject.

What is bias?

Bias is when you apply an assumption to something before any study of it.

Incorrectly applied statistical evidence is the result of _____ or _____.

Manipulation, ignorance.

You can’t be expected to get to the bottom of everything you read, because that’s impossible. This is why it's important to  what?

Cite reliable sources.

Which of the following is an example of a source you should not trust outright?

Social media.

You should refrain from trying to understand the full context of your evidence, so as to save time but more importantly energy. True or false?

How should you link statistical evidence to your thesis?

With logic. Follow a line of reasoning.

What is a fact?

A statement that is verifiably real

What is the difference between fact and opinion?

Facts can be proven while opinions reflect personal feelings. 

Is this a fact or an opinion? "The author did an excellent job describing the protagonist’s sadness." 

Opinion. The idea that the author did an "excellent" job is based on the writer's personal feelings. 

True or False. Fact is the same thing as truth.

False. A fact is something that is verifiably real, while truth can refer to something that is a belief or a feeling that is not completely verifiable. 

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a fact?

Facts always include statistics. 

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Topic: Is Mythology Still Relevant? My Research Experience

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Topic: Space Exploration and Innovation: Competition or Cooperation?

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Topic: Unaccompanied Minors and Migration

Creative Essay Category

Autobiography example.

Writing an autobiography is not that tricky. If you search for an autobiography example, you will find one below.

Creative Essay Example

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Topic: The Rise of an Androgynous Society

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Topic: Particular Aspects That Separate Regular Events from Unique Memories In Life

Topic: Dominant Impression

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Topic: Andrew’s Car Accident Revelation

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In these samples, length can readily be justified by the fact that these are writers who don’t necessarily fall into “typical” student categories but nevertheless are applying to graduate programs or for scholarships. To be competitive, these writers decided to stand out by telling their stories in a way that they hoped would set them apart from, and above, the crowd. A common thread linking these diverse writers is their obvious confidence that:

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Liberal Arts Student Sample

The three-page personal statement by the liberal arts student is interesting in that it is often intentionally abstract and a bit philosophical. This student attended a small liberal arts school that promotes a “Think, Evolve, Act” theme to its students, and this student reflects on this theme and embraces it in his own life from the beginning of the essay. In his curriculum, he has taken a course on Gandhi and Nonviolence, studied abroad in Belgium, and self-designed a program of “Peace and Conflict Studies with an emphasis in Technological Revolution.” He has also taken a ten-day service learning trip to Costa Rica, studied at the Institute of Gandhian Studies in India, served part-time as an assistant to a member of the European Parliament, and written a paper entitled “A Knowledge-Based Society and the Digital Divide.” Meanwhile, he plans to graduate with distinction in both of his majors. In jazz terms, this student certainly does seem to have the chops.

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One way to get a sense of the daring of this personal statement, written by a student who aims to study film at Columbia University, is simply to consider the allusions he makes throughout his statement. With neither apology nor obvious humility, this writer makes references to Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen, Jean-Luc Godard, Jean Vigo, Terrence Malick, and David Gordon Green. Further, this writer takes the unusual step of using section headings in his personal statement, including, on his first page “Poetry,” “Plastics,” and “Children.” But no matter how creative this writer is, of course, we must ultimately judge him on his evidenced ability as a filmmaker. In that regard, he showcases his ease with talking about films and directors, posits an analogy about student filmmaking (“directing your own material is like parenting”), and discusses the success of his nineteen-minute senior project, “Burying Dvorak”—a film he promoted by taking a year off after graduation, successfully landing it in more than 20 film festivals. As he closes his essay, he makes a specific pitch for Columbia University, where he hopes to continue “to discover my own voice, my own poetry.”

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