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75 Blog Ideas for Your University or College

Coming up with blog content is tough. So, we came up with a few blog ideas for your university or college. 75, to be exact. Read up.


Creating a blog for your university or college is a no-brainer; blogs are an essential part of any school’s content marketing strategy. Coming up with content on a weekly or daily basis for that blog, however, is another matter. The cyclical nature of higher education is a blessing and a curse; it can make it easier to plan content around the calendar year and upcoming annual deadlines, but it can also leave blog editors struggling for fresh ideas, especially if their blog is more established.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with 75 blog ideas for your university or college blog. For added convenience, we’ve organized these content ideas into four categories based on the suggested author of each blog post: current students, alumni, faculty and admissions professionals. We’ve also included a fifth bonus category, which contains content from other author groups, such as your enrolled students, career services office and more.

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  • From or Featuring Your Current Students: Student Life
  • From or Featuring Your Current Students: Advice for Prospective Students
  • From or Featuring Your Current Students: Campus Living
  • From or Featuring Alumni
  • From or Featuring Faculty
  • From Your Admissions Staff
  • Bonus Category: College Campus Potpourri

Category 1: From or Featuring Your Current Students 

Subgroup a: student life, 1. check-ins from summer and semester internships.

We all know going to college is about more than going to class. Talk to your career services office to get a few recommendations on students with interesting internship placements, and then ask them to write about those periodically throughout the summer or after the internships finish and they’ve had a chance to reflect. This could also be a chance to build relationships with those companies that provide internships to start a pipeline between your college and companies from all industries.

2. Recaps of Student Events on Campus

Some colleges host “midnight madness” events. These are often student events that start at—you guessed it—midnight and help kick off the start of basketball season. Don’t let these events go private. They’re excellent content opportunities that go beyond a simple social media post or residence hall announcement.

3. Coolest Work-Study Jobs on Campus

Princeton University has perfected this idea. Work-study jobs are a necessary part of campus life for many students. I love the concept of taking something that isn’t traditionally a selling point and making it one. Well done, Princeton.

4. Spotify Playlists

Duke University initially expanded the scope of what was considered “content” with their Spotify playlists showcasing their students’ interests. When considering this idea, be sure to make different playlists for studying, homecoming, graduation, and so on. 

Purdue University took this concept and turned it into a way students could collaborate and make public playlists together during the pandemic, going above and beyond what any Zoom classroom could do for an in-person community feeling.     

Two people working on a computer in a cool study spot on campus

5. Best Study Spots on Campus

This concept works because it’s technically a blog post for current students, which expands its reach, but it’s a sneaky way to showcase your campus and its buildings. Pro tip: consider posting the photos of the study spots on Pinterest , and then embedding the Pinterest board into the blog post.

If you want your students to get a better look at the community around them, take a page from UT Austin and include a few off-campus study spots, such as coffee shops and bookstores.

6. School Project Highlights

Initially used by the University of New Mexico ,  this idea is taking off with art schools and STEM programs. Your students are doing incredible things on campus; tap into that and share those projects with the world. 

Not sure how to find these content opportunities? Consider creating an avenue for faculty to recommend projects for expanded coverage. You can even include faculty research in these highlights, as Towson University did, and use this as a way to get student talent into research opportunities with professors. It’s a win for all concerned.

7. Day in the Life

Your prospective students do care about this . You can find endless DITLO content on YouTube, like this video from a student at Wake Forest University . The key to success is to ask several different students to document their day-to-day. Remember, going the extra mile for popular college-oriented media students will not go unnoticed.

8. Sample Semester Schedule 

Along the same line, give students a clear idea of what a sample semester course schedule may look like. When do students go to class? What do they do at night? Do students have classes on Friday? Consider asking students from different class years and different programs to write these posts, or even record a Q&A-style panel to turn long-written posts into condensed video posts instead.

9. Stories About Student Organizations

Prospective students want to get involved on campus. Showcase the different organizations they can join and document the exciting things those organizations are accomplishing. Colorado State University provides a good example of what something like this should look like: readable, easy to find and informative. 

10. Experience with Studying Abroad

In 2020-21, the total number of U.S. students who studied abroad declined by 91% . The next year saw a renewed interest in international programs and a significantly greater number of U.S. undergrad students planning to study abroad. Cater to the undergrads that plan to study abroad and you’ll see the overall number of students who end up abroad increase as well.

11. Life as a Part-Time Student

For many schools, this is an ever-increasing subset of the student body. Part-time students are hard-pressed for time, but I’ve found that they are also more inclined to want to help out future part-time students by documenting their experiences. Fewer than one in five part-time students graduate within the traditional four-year term , so fostering a strong support system that understands everything they’re handling will be crucial in keeping them content and enrolled. 

12. Life as a Night Student

If students who take night classes are an important audience for your institution, be sure to document any programs that might be helpful for these non-traditional students. Old Dominion University provides a solid example of creating something that documents university resources while maintaining a tone with which students can align. 

13. Exploring ‘The Gap Year’

During the 2020-21 academic year, many students elected to take time off of school versus going fully remote , thus missing up to a full year of traditional in-person education. This isn’t likely going to apply to a large percentage of your audience, but if you cover the topic, you’ll make those few students feel seen.


14. advice for move-in day.

Few events conjure up more mixed emotions than a move-in day. Feelings of excitement and anxiousness abound as students say goodbye to bedrooms and parents and hello to roommates and dorm rooms. Boost the excitement and quell the anxiousness by having current students share their best advice with incoming students . As mentioned in blog idea #7, countless examples of these are made by independent creators on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. 

15. How Students Chose Their Majors

You probably don’t need me to tell you this, but many prospective students don’t know what they are going to major in at college. Others pick majors but do so half-heartedly and later change their minds. This type of blog can help prospective students identify with current students, learn more about the majors your institution offers and learn about the process of choosing a major. Bonus point, it can also help you create a larger bullhorn for on-campus resources, such as a freshman advising staff and student development departments.

16. Advice/Experience of Being a Student Athlete 

Employers love student-athletes because they’ve demonstrated that they can balance two full-time commitments while in school. Tap into their wisdom and set your future student-athletes up for success.

Incoming student-athletes can even be a target audience. Ohio University outlines simple habits and routines that can help prime incoming students for their upcoming busy college schedules.  

17. What I Wrote About in My College Essay

Perhaps no aspect of the college application process is more feared than the college essay, and it will continue to be unless artificial intelligence makes this requirement obsolete. Have your admissions team mark some of their favorite essays and have those students talk about the thought process behind selecting their topics or what they hoped to accomplish in the essay. This can also help shed a little more light on what your admissions office wants to see out of their students, washing away some of the mystery and “crapshoot” mentality that many students face when sending their applications off to schools.

18. Student Success from the Waitlist

For some applicants, being waitlisted at their university of choice is almost worse than being rejected outright. That feeling of not being quite good enough can have lingering effects on the students who are ultimately granted admission. Find a successful student who was originally waitlisted and have them share their story. Note that this blog idea can be transferable to deferred applicants as well.

19. A Firsthand Account of the Admissions Interview Process

With the rise of virtual communication, such as Zoom and Cisco Webex, virtual interviews are now making college interviews significantly more available for colleges of varying selectivity in the United States. Although this type of content is useful from an admissions office viewpoint, getting a behind-the-scenes viewpoint from a current student may have a profound impact on your prospective students. 

20. Remembering the Moment They Chose Your University

Find your current students who remember making their commitments and ask them to share how and why they chose your university. It’s just the type of emotional content that resonates with admitted students who are still on the fence. New York University shows us that this can be a great way to present content in both written and video formats. 

21. Balancing Full-time Student Life While Employed Part-time

Let’s face it, outside work cuts into all aspects of a student’s life, socially and academically. Take a few students who are in this position and have them share their stories or day-to-day schedules. This will help students who are in the same position balance out their activities and provide a mini manual for collegiate success. 

22. Letters Back to Themselves (During Their First Week) Written on Graduation Day

Now is the time to get graduating students to write letters to the version of themselves that first stepped foot on campus. Throwback social media and blog content are always entertaining, and your incoming students will gobble this up. You can see a v ersion of this concept from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business .

23. What I Learned My Freshman Year of College

Continuing on the advice theme, incoming college students have plenty of questions about starting their academic careers on the right foot. Answer those questions with blog posts from successful upper-level students who can share advice for not just surviving, but thriving, as a freshman. Good outlets for these types of posts can be utilized through your college-backed websites or even social media platforms such as Reddit.

24. Packing List

Here’s another move-in day suggestion. No matter how much incoming students prep, they are bound to overlook something they’ll need for dorm life. Have your seasoned students create the ultimate packing list and get creative with how you share the information. For example, come up with an infographic or a checklist to post on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

25. Advice for First-Generation Students

This is pretty simple. Some incoming students have parents or siblings that they can lean on for college advice. Others don’t. Make sure you’re helping your incoming students in the latter category. Maybe take inspiration from Boston University and present this advice via digestible fast facts that anybody can look at for a few minutes and find key takeaways.

A college or university dorm room with a bed and a teddy bear on it

Subgroup C: Campus Living

26. dorm room tours.

Prospective students, and their parents, want to see dorm rooms. Don’t just showcase the best rooms on campus either. Try to showcase dorm rooms in different buildings and students with different living arrangements. This is another great opportunity to add videos. SUNY Purchase even went the extra mile to include Google Earth-style room tours in which one can virtually walk around a variety of rooms at their own pace.

27. Dorm Room Decoration Inspiration

We all knew that friend in college who thought their dorm room was the best designed on campus. Find that student at your university and give them a platform to share advice on decorating dorm rooms with limited space. Not sure how to find this student? Consider hosting a contest where students can enter their rooms, like Texas Woman’s University’s “ Best Nest Contest. ” They’ll be more likely to participate than you think.

28. Dining Advice on Campus

Ask any admissions student ambassador about their most frequently asked questions, and I guarantee you that dining options are on the list. For some schools, this is pretty straightforward, but for others, this type of content could get pretty complex. If the latter describes your university, consider putting together a custom Google Map of dining options on or around campus. Brownie points if you put your custom dining map on platforms such as Snap Map and Instagram Map.

29. Advice for Getting Around Campus

When I arrived on campus for my freshman year, I was blown away by the number of students using longboards and skateboards to get around. I had no idea that was a thing. If you have a large campus, make sure you’re sha ring what options are available for current students, from buses to the ubiquitous Bird Scooter: dockless electric scooters that you can find and rent with your smartphone app .

30. Tips for Living with Roommates

For many prospective students, college will be the first time they have shared a bedroom with another person, or group of people, in their life. Be sure to share best practices and advice from current students on sharing a living space, whether that’s with one student or several.

31. Living Off-Campus

During my senior year of college, almost everybody I knew lived in apartments and houses that were off-campus. If that’s true as well at your college or university, make sure to share the ins and outs of living in these independently owned buildings. New York University offers a great example of this and could be a big hit for your students, especially for colleges located primarily in the city.

32. Exploring the Surrounding Area

Whether students choose to live on or off campus, be sure to share information about the neighborhood beyond your university. This may involve the hottest restaurants and museums in a big city or where the local CVS or grocery store is located. Practical content can be incredibly helpful to an incoming student, who is going to be living in a new location for the next four or so years.

Category 2: From or Featuring Alumni

33. career advice.

Your alumni have successfully navigated the transition from college student to professional, and they’ve certainly learned a thing or two along the way. Ask them to share that advice, whether it’s about job interviews, resumes or work–life balance. Linkedin can be a great method to show off these posts and even provide current students with the opportunity to connect with and speak to those alumni.

34. Career Highlights

Your prospective students are evaluating their potential career prospects. Identify some of your biggest alumni success stories and profile those individuals. In this win-win scenario, you earn appreciation from your alumni and demonstrate proof of success to your prospective students. Check out Villanova University’s use of LinkedIn to highlight its graduates and faculty.

35. Day with Alumni

Over the past two years, TikTok has taken the social media scene by storm. Our next idea comes from the University of Washington , utilizing this ultra-popular platform to showcase a day in the life of alumni. This offers a ton of creative opportunities, maybe even showcasing the post-grad lives of various majors. Be sure to check if your state or university is one of the many banning the platform before posting.

36. Oral Histories of Great Moments in University History 

Oral histories are fascinating. I guarantee you that your university has a moment in its rich history that is beginning to be explored from new and diverse vantage points. Pick a moment and interview alumni, administrators and faculty about their memories from the event. This is a great way to put a new twist on documenting your university’s past.

37. What I’d Do Differently

Your alumni have learned a thing or two from transitioning from student to professional. Most alumni will be very willing to share those lessons, even if they learned them the hard way. Publishing content that’s humble humanizes your brand and resonates with all audiences.

38. #TBT Photos and the Story Behind Them

Throwback photos are always crowd-pleasers, especially for alumni. However, most universities just share photos of the quad or old buildings. Ask your alumni for fun pictures from their time on campus and share those images with the stories that explain the photo. Something that should be noted is that your school should coin its version of “#tbt” to stray away from this dated term. For example, Temple University could coin “#TempleTimeMachine” for its old photos and videos.

39. Why I Chose This University

This concept is pretty self-explanatory. The power behind asking your alumni to write the story is that it’s one thing to be happy with your college choice while you’re still a college student, but remaining satisfied with your choice of college years later says something entirely different. This is also a huge green flag if you’re trying to showcase your strong alumni network to potential students and parents.

40. Alumni Events Recaps

Consider publishing these posts during alumni events in different cities or around campus events like homecoming. This will boost your alumni presence and motivate other alumni to join up when events are held at a later date.

41. How I Used My College Network to Land a Job

This concept is especially relevant for graduate and professional schools. Your prospective students are coming to you for one reason: to better their careers. Make sure you’re demonstrating that others sought the same thing and succeeded using their college networks. You could also pick alumni with different majors, current cities and activities in college to highlight the different career paths students can model and pursue.

42. Advice for Reaching Out to Alumni 

I have heard students share how they networked with an alum of the school to land coveted internships. Your students may love the idea of reaching out to alumni but may be too intimidated to do so. This type of post can help students overcome anxious feelings and create an environment in which alumni are looking for messages from current students. The  University of Pennsylvania goes the extra mile and even includes email templates for its students to use when reaching out and connecting with alumni.

43. What I’m Looking for When Hiring New Graduates

Consider this idea as a large tree with many branches. What are employers looking for in cover letters, resumes and Linkedin or Handshake profiles? What are they looking for during interviews? What extracurricular activities do they hope to see? How about internships? How important are grades? The list goes on and on, with no limit to the available topics.

Two college girls studying at a picnic table outside with their notebooks and pens

Category 3: From or Featuring Faculty 

44. faculty research topics and their impact in layman terms.

You have three options when it comes to publishing content regarding faculty research. You can (1) not publish it, (2) publish it in its jargony glory or (3) share it in an interesting and tangible way that prospective students can understand. Follow  Temple University’s lead  and choose option 3.

45. Highlights of Specific Majors 

We’ve covered the theme of choosing a college major a few times on this list, but I think having faculty members discuss the merits of different majors can be a good starting point for students who are still unsure.

46. What Faculty Love About Teaching

Faculty are too often stereotyped as research addicts who only teach as a requirement to the school. For many faculty, that’s just not the case. Give them a platform to talk about what they love about teaching and share that content with any prospective or admitted students in your database that are considering studying in that school or major. Your faculty are just as diverse as your student population, and you must remember that they chose your institution to pursue their passions. 

47. How to Succeed in My Class

I could always count on my professors saying one thing that was the simplest, yet most pivotal, part of collegiate success: show up on time. Your faculty are probably clear about what it takes to succeed in their classes too. Don’t keep that information hidden from students until the first day of class.

48. Advice for Not Just Surviving But Thriving in Your First Semester 

I included this topic above in the current student section of this blog post, but your faculty will have a much different vantage point on this than your students.

A professor teaching a college class in front of a projector screen

49. How They Came to Teach and Study Their Area of Focus

This type of content is all about humanizing your faculty members and helping students identify with them. When you publish this type of content, you build a connection between your prospective and current students and your faculty. This is a big part of a student’s decision to enroll in your university. The University of Rhode Island sets a great example as to what you should be looking for in these blog posts for your institution.

50. Ways to Get Involved with Undergraduate Research

This is a helpful blog post for current students but there is a secondary benefit to prospective students who have a clear picture of their plans once enrolled in your university. Make sure you target faculty members who are working on especially interesting projects to maximize the marketing impact of this content.

51. Get to Know the Dean

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln initially launched the incredible “ Perls of Knowledge ” video series in 2014. (Check out the original videos. They are comedy gold.) There are many different ways to put a creative spin on this if your university gives this blog idea a try. Check out Texas A&M’s post about their current dean of education and human development. These posts help humanize the current dean to your student body, showing the dean as approachable and willing to help

Category 4: From Your Admissions Staff 

52. student ambassadors answer faqs .

I can’t think of an easier or better way to become a trusted resource in higher education than asking the people who interact with your prospective students daily to answer the most frequently asked questions. You could channel  Brown University and feature student ambassadors with their majors and short biographies. Provide an email in which students, both current and prospective alike, can independently reach out to these students to add another dimension of personalization.

53. Important Deadlines

Sure, you have this information on a web page and your admissions brochures. You still need to make sure you’re blogging about upcoming deadlines as they approach. Don’t assume your prospective and admitted students are setting alerts and reminders throughout the admissions process. Examples include posting a “number of days countdown” or a “save the date” for these important deadlines on social media pages such as Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter.

54. Guide to Making the Most of Your Rising Senior (HS) Summer 

Bob Jones University exemplifies this idea . It’s a clear example of what I’ve described above in terms of answering your prospective students’ most-asked questions. If you work for a graduate or professional school, tweak this content appropriately.

55. Guide to Writing College Essays

This topic is in the current student section, but it’s a topic worth writing from multiple perspectives. Use Harvard University’s article regarding this topic as a solid starting point. Your prospective students will appreciate reading what your admissions staff is looking for in a college essay. You can even go the extra mile and include some of your staff’s favorite college essays that they’ve reviewed to get a better idea of what they hope to see from students.

56. The Right Questions to Ask at College Fairs

Have you ever had a student walk up to your table at a college fair and ask “So, tell me why I should apply to your school?” It’s the worst. Set them up for success by publishing content about what they should be asking at college fairs instead.

57. Understanding the FAFSA 

You may think you’ve covered the FAFSA process, but I guarantee you that there is some aspect of the form or process that you haven’t covered. Florida State University goes the extra mile here and includes both a rundown of the process on its website and links to the official FAFSA website.

58. Understanding the Admissions Process 

This is pretty high-level content. You don’t have to go into crazy detail here, but you should be transparent about what the process is for gaining admission at your institution. What forms are required? How long does it generally take to review applications? Who reviews them? When are scholarship decisions made, and are these decisions based on different criteria? Be as open and transparent as possible with your prospective students.

59. Advice for Standing out on Your Application 

Your admissions staff is probably asked this question all the time . It’s a frequently asked question for a reason. I know you have a holistic process for reviewing applications, but surely there are things that students can do that signal to your admissions team that they are a good fit, right? Label those actions and share them with your prospective students.

60. Explain Any Unique Aspects of Your Admissions Process 

When I was applying to colleges, every university had something special about its application process that made them unique. Wake Forest University had a prompt that simply asked you to create a top-10 list with no other context, while Lehigh University asked you what your favorite riddle was and why. MIT, however, has an entirely different process from other institutions and has devoted an entire website to admissions. If your school or college has something similar, make sure you are sharing what is unique and how students should address it. 

61. What Does A “Holistic Review” of Applications Mean to Your Institution?

We’re returning to the idea of the holistic review of applications . As much as possible, go into what this means at your institution. University of Texas Austin offers a solid starting point for the possibilities of what you could do with this idea.

62. Guide to Acing College Interviews 

Yes, I covered this above with current students, but again, your prospective students will appreciate hearing different perspectives on this potentially crucial part of the admissions process.

63. Advice If You Land on the Waitlist 

Earlier in this list, I suggested sharing the success stories of students who were originally waitlisted at your university. This example, however, is about sharing information on the process. If students are waitlisted, do they need to submit any forms to display interest in the school or college? Is there a general time of the year when they may hear back from the admissions staff? Is there anything they can submit to increase their odds of being accepted? All of these questions could be vital for keeping waitlisted applicants interested and informed of your process.

64. Guide to Visiting Campus 

Campus visits are a crucial part of the admissions process. Make sure your prospective students and their parents know what to expect and how to make the most of their visits. This may include a campus map, buildings to see, accommodations near campus for families traveling from afar and so forth. Penn State does an excellent job laying out ways to plan a visit, including local attractions and reliable accommodations for overnight stays.

65. Must-Take Photos During Your Time on Campus 

Some campuses have particular statues, buildings or viewpoints that are simply a must-see on campus. If you’re lucky enough to have one of these assets, share them with your prospective students and get them feeling a little school pride before they’ve even enrolled. If applicable, be sure to include the traditions that make these locations unique. Texas A&M University gives a brief history of the Century Tree and other campus locations.

66. Where to Find Scholarships

Just because an admitted student didn’t receive a scholarship from your university, doesn’t mean there aren’t other options out there. Help these admitted students by sharing external options for discovering scholarships. St. Edward’s University offers something similar on the Scholarship Search Sites” page. Fordham University channels this idea with its “Reputable Scholarship Sites” post.

67. Guide to Orientation 

Although the topic of making the most of orientation is probably best left to your current students, who have gone through the process fairly recently, you should also be sharing logistical information about the event. This would also be a good way to wrap up your packing list post with other useful pieces of information, such as deadlines, directions and activities.

68. Campus Mindfulness Programs

Let’s face it: college is stressful. Your institution should incorporate helpful ways in which students could better minimize and deal with college-related pressure. Wake Forest University takes a solid crack at this by listing easy ways to practice mindfulness for the average student, with links to more helpful resources dealing with mental health.

69. Infographics/Overview of Each Year’s Entering Class 

This content will be a big hit with your incoming class and their families who are as excited as can be about the journey that lies ahead. Capitalize on that sense of excitement by sharing some visually dynamic content about your incoming class.

Category 5: College Campus Potpourri 

70. enrolled students: making the decision to enroll.

Don’t wait until your admitted students have arrived on campus to utilize them as ambassadors. As students submit deposits to your university, have them share their reasons for enrolling. That type of social proof can be very persuasive to those students still on the fence. Wake Forest University channels this by including instructions on their letters of acceptance to cover an item with toilet paper to echo their longstanding tradition of “rolling” the quad in toilet paper after a big win. Admitted applicants are encouraged to post their item with a #WFU27 on social media.

71. Career Services Advice for Entering Students 

When I was a freshman in college, my university’s office of career and personal development was made available to me the second I stepped on campus. Make sure your students know that your career services office can be a resource to them before they reach their final years of college and need a job or an internship.

A student studying at a desk in the university library with shelves of books on either side

72. Professionalism 101

This idea is an extension of the previous topic, but it’s especially relevant to today’s college students when you factor in the rise of social media. Make sure your students know that the internet is forever, without coming across as a concerned parent. After all, social media may be a student’s ticket to a rewarding career.

73. Campus Building Tours

You create campus maps and campus tours for your prospective students, but make sure you are digitally sharing tours for each building. This is especially helpful for larger campuses where students of particular majors may spend much of their time in buildings that aren’t covered on a traditional campus tour.

74. Campus Safety on College

This is a tough topic to cover, but students and their parents care about this stuff. Don’t bury your campus safety reports, and don’t avoid talking about this subject, which only makes you look like you have something to hide. Instead, talk about the steps you take to make your campus a safe environment for your entire community, students included. Remember that your students are already discussing these things on social media , so be upfront and honest.

75. Meaning Behind the Mascot

I love hearing stories about how campuses came to adopt their mascot. College sports are an incredibly influential part of students’ decisions about where to apply. By sharing the story of your mascot, and how it relates to your school, you can create a bridge to learning more about your university for a student who only arrived on your website because they watched a successful hail mary.

Whew! We did it:   75 blog ideas for your university or college. I hope you’ll take these ideas and experiment with different storytelling techniques when you can. Finally, remember that, although the topic or audience may change, the main goal of any university or college blog is to create content that educates and resonates. If you can do that, you’ll be well on your way to attracting new web visitors and developing those visitors into prospects and ambassadors.

Ryan Schwartz

Ryan Schwartz

Editor’s Note: Originally composed by Stephen App in 2016, this topic was revisited by Volt Reporter Ryan Schwartz in 2023. 

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It can be difficult to generate new ideas and topics when creating content. You may be a blog writer, run your own social media account, or are interested in digital marketing. Whatever your niche, these top 10 article topics will give you the creative spark you need to write your next great article.

1. Personal and Lifestyle

2. top must-read books, 3. local news and events , 4. current events, 5. “have you ever … ” article, 6. educational experiences, 7. mental health and well-being, 8. content marketing, 9. trending topics , 10. how-to articles, what do i need to do if i want to generate more ideas for my articles, how can i improve my article writing skills, what is best article for a magazine, what are some good topics to write about, how do i find topics to write an article.

Top Article Writing Topics

If you are looking for your next article topic, consider writing about a personal experience or lifestyle topic. When dealing with writer’s block, one of the quickest ways to overcome it is by looking at your past or current events. Consider using your personal experiences to write an article. 

You may think that your life is boring, but you have had numerous experiences that other people will find interesting. Some of the ideas you may want to use include:

  • Vacations and holiday experiences
  • Sports activities
  • Musical activities
  • Funny anecdotes from day-to-day interactions with friends and family
  • Cooking and meal plans
  • Any travels you might have been on
  • Funny shows and concerns you might have attended

You might be surprised by how many people are interested in things that have happened in your life.

Another great article idea is to create a list of your favorite books. You can even use this idea to start a fun series if you are a blogger. For example, you may want to break up different books into different categories. 

  • Create a list of your favorite mystery books. For example, you might want to include an Agatha Christie novel in this list, such as And Then There Were None .
  • Create a list of your favorite horror novels. For example, you might want to include It by Stephen King in this list.
  • Create a list of your favorite works of historical fiction. For example, you might want to include The Killer Angels , by Michael Shaara, in this list.
  • Create a list of your favorite fantasy novels. For example, you might want to include the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling.

Bookworms love to read, so include relevant information and recommendations in your article! Your readers will be avid book readers and will want to find new and interesting books to read.

Top Article Writing Topics: Local News and Events

If you are writing for a local audience, you may want to create a roundup of the top upcoming events in your area. By writing about current events, you will drive more traffic to your website and can also promote fun upcoming activities in your local community.

Some of the events you may want to write about include:

  • Local musical concerts or comedy shows 
  • Fun sports events involving high school, college, or professional teams
  • Local events at the dog park
  • Events put on by local breweries
  • Discounts and deals at local retail stores
  • Special events at local restaurants

You can expand this to include bigger events that might be happening. For example, if there is a popular sporting event, a popular band coming to town, or a significant celebration occurring, you can write about this in your article.

When in doubt, look at current events. There is always something happening in the world that you can write about, and you can probably tie this to your audience’s interests. For example, you might have seen a recent news story about geopolitics. Even if you do not consider yourself an expert in this area, you may want to summarize the article for your readers.

Or, if there was a recent scientific study published, you may want to talk about this if it is relevant to your audience. For example, you might find a scientific study on global warming, a new medication, or something happening in space.

Not all of your articles on current events have to be serious. For example, you may want to write a news article on the Oscars or Grammy Awards if it is the right time of year. You can even talk about what is happening in celebrity news if you think your audience is interested.

Perhaps you are looking for a way to engage with your audience. You may want to write a “have you ever” article to do this. The idea behind this article is relatively straightforward. First, you will write an article about something you have done. Then, you’ll ask your audience to respond or comment on the article about similar things they have (or have not) done.

A few ideas for this article include:

  • Have you ever traveled outside of the country?
  • Have you ever gotten into a fight with one of your siblings?
  • Have you ever had one of your friends call you in the middle of the night to pick them up from the bar?
  • Have you ever been caught cheating on a test?
  • Have you ever gotten locked out of your house?
  • Have you ever had your credit card stolen?
  • Have you ever thrown up while drinking too much?
  • Have you ever missed a flight at the airport?

This is a great way to encourage your audience to share some of their experiences with you. You might even find that one of their experiences could serve as the foundation of a future article. 

Everyone goes to school growing up, but everyone has a slightly different experience, so your experience in high school is probably different from your readers’ experiences.

Because every education system is different, consider pulling out some of the unique experiences you had in school growing up. Then, see if your readers are willing to share theirs. You might find that you can use some of their experiences to create a future article. 

You may even want to consider starting a series. For example, you may write one article on elementary school, one on middle school, and one on high school. A few topics include:

  • Who was your best friend in elementary school, and what did you do?
  • What type of trouble did you get into in middle school?
  • What were your most challenging classes in high school, and how did you deal with them?
  • How did you decide where to go to college?

Ask your readers for comments. They might have some good ideas you can use.

Mental health is one of the most important issues facing today’s healthcare system. Just about everyone has thought about their mental health at some point. This topic could serve as a launchpad for your next article.

There are plenty of directions you can take this. Some of the ideas for articles you can write regarding mental health include:

  • Most important signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions.
  • Mental health struggles and how you overcame them
  • Tips for taking care of your mental health
  • Common stressors and how to process them
  • Top music for dealing with stress
  • Who to talk to for mental health issues
  • When to seek the care of a mental health professional
  • How to talk about mental health issues with loved ones

Everyone struggles with their mental health from time to time, and by writing an article on mental health, you bring up important topics. You can break down barriers that make it easier for your audience to talk about their mental health with people close to them. 

Top Article Writing Topics: Content Marketing

 If you are writing articles for content marketing purposes, consider creating a piece of writing that specifically talks about content marketing.

For example, you may want to write an article on the different types of content marketing. For example, some people might create infographics, while others might create videos. You can even write an article about how to start a podcast, as this is a form of content marketing that is growing quickly in popularity. 

You could even write an article that talks about search engine optimization. This is usually shortened to SEO, and there is a good chance that you use SEO tools to help you improve the ranking of your articles. This could be a great idea for an article topic.

If you want your article to gain some traction, you can look at trending topics on various social media platforms. For example, you may want to go to Twitter to see what is currently trending. 

Writing about trending topics is a great idea because it could help your article rank better. If a topic is trending, this is a sign that it is very popular and will result in lots of interest and views for your article.

Before you start writing, think about what your audience is interested in. Then, take a look at the training topics to see any overlap. This is a great way to find a topic for your next article. 

Everyone likes to learn new skills, so consider beginning a series of how-to articles. Consider your audience, and see what they might be interested in. 

You may want to start a series of how-to articles that focuses on plumbing. A few possible ideas include:

  • How to stop a faucet from dripping
  • How to fix a leaking shower
  • How to change the temperature on the water heater
  • How to increase the water pressure in the kitchen sink
  • How to unclog a drain without damaging the pipes
  • How to prevent items from getting stuck in the sink 

You can also go to social media to see the most popular technology devices. Then, consider writing a few how-to articles that show people how to use these devices. A few ideas include:

  • How to jailbreak an app to remove ads
  • How to create a strong password on your phone
  • How to increase the internet speed on your computer
  • How to find the MAC address on a computer, Roku, or Chromecast
  • How to set up a Google home
  • How to change your cookie settings on a website
  • How to pull the Internet history from the router in your home 

If you have an audience that is interested in handyman activities, a few possible topics include:

  • How to easily start a push lawn mower
  • How to remove weeds without harming your back
  • How to cut planks of wood safely
  • How to sharpen knives in the kitchen
  • How to reset the circuit breaker in the home
  • How to change a flat tire on your car
  • How to change the oil on your car
  • How to install shelves in your home evenly
  • How to hang pictures evenly

There is a never-ending list of topics you can use. Once you post your articles, collect feedback from your audience to see what they like and what they don’t like. You can use this as a source of inspiration for future articles.

FAQs About Article Writing Topics

It would be best to think about what is interesting to you and what your audience might be interested in. Consider drawing from your life experiences, the local news, or some trending topics on social media platforms. You can also survey the topics your readers want to see in your next blog post.

The easiest way to improve your article writing skills is by practice. Explore different niches and subjects. Write for a variety of clients and editors. Seek feedback from readers as well as those paying you to write articles. Then, use this information to figure out what to improve at.

If you are interested in learning more, check out these essay writing topics !

topics to write an article for college magazine

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Top 21 Content Writing Topics To Write On in 2024

Whether you are an experienced or a new writer, you must have wondered about content writing topics that would appeal to your target readers. even if you are a seasoned content writer, you will have days when you ponder over the effectiveness of the topics you choose. there are always some topics that you can count on. they invariably help to make a difference in the lives of your target readers.  but it is not easy to select a topic, especially for novices. when you first start your journey as a content writer, it is but natural that you are confused, and in two minds about a topic. apart from the fact that several ideas jostle in your mind for prominence, you also have to identify where your inclinations are. here are the top 21 content writing topics to write on. .

The image describes the Top 21 Content Writing topics

Let’s cover the popular content writing topics in this article. Hopefully, it will give you some ideas on what topics to pursue for maximum productivity and impact.

You have to identify your strengths and existing skills. For some, writing on technical topics is intriguing. Some concentrate on writing on generic subjects. Then some want to write business and news reports. Choose your topic wisely, and insert keywords as and when necessary.

When you create content, ensure that they cater to the demands of your consumers, and target readers first. Remember, you are primarily writing to provide value to your audience. If you intend to disseminate relevant information, then search engines will automatically value your content based on its quality.

topics to write an article for college magazine

Now let’s look at the top 21 Content Writing Topics that writers can choose to write on. They provide you with the option of diversity. You can also gauge your versatility by attempting to write articles on such topics.

Health and lifestyle.

Health and lifestyle together is an issue that is always going to be in demand. Today’s life is fast-paced life and the din and bustle of the city tell on the overall health. A healthy lifestyle has become a growing concern among people from all fields.

There are numerous articles, topics, data published on these topics regularly. The innumerable health magazines need high-grade content on diet instructions, exercise, nutrition, supplements, and other related elements.

You have to be able to understand the health and lifestyle industry to create successful articles. It requires plenty of research and an incisive understanding of how different people need different ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There is no “one size fits all” policy.

The article should inspire confidence and inform your readers. Therefore the write-up has to mandatorily be well researched and backed up with facts and statistics.

Some of the most in-demand topics for health and lifestyle are as follows: 

  • Food And Dietary Instructions
  • Types Of Diet To Follow
  • Yoga And Mind Healing
  • Managing Different Ailments
  • Importance of Mental Health
  •  Styling And Beauty Tips

The article should be packed with value and should incentivize readers to lead a better and more healthy lifestyle.

Writing Tips

In this age of information, every online user is inundated with different content. One thing has to be constant in this dissemination of content across platforms. It is the ability to write compelling articles that will induce the target reader to take notice.

Writing tips are one of the best content writing topics that you can choose to educate your readers on. Today we have further opportunities for people from diverse fields to make a career in the web domain.

Most of it is concerned with disseminating written, audio, visual information to the public. Keep in mind, in any form of information distribution, writing is an indispensable part.

Whether it is a script for a podcast, an explanation of a video, content writing is paramount to convey the information properly.

This is why there is a huge demand for people wanting to know what would help them to improve their existing writing skills. Talent in writing will bolster their opportunities for a lucrative income online as well as the offline medium.

Business, Finance, law, Marketing, and every other avenue requires the skills of a competent writer. And to become skilled you need to remember the important writing tips that make for great content.

Enrol in the Best Online Digital Marketing Course for better prospects in the online job domain.

Facts vs Myths

When there is so much information being relayed consistently, it is imminent that you will have untrue/false information being disseminated as well.

Providing adequate evidence and debunking myths with facts is one of the most appealing ways of getting readers. It is a sure-shot way of appealing to your target readers.

It also helps to establish your dominance in this niche. With a well-rounded article that is strengthened with proof, you can ensure that you invoke trust in your target readers as a dependable content creator and writer.

Real-life Incidents and Takeaways

Slice-of-life stories and real-life examples are great topics for writing. It helps you to inform your target reader about the challenges and wins of real life. With compelling content, you can also provide information on how to face the hardships and come out a winner.

Real-life incidents have a way of influencing people to make better, well-informed decisions. By discussing these topics, you provide your target readers with the best examples and proof. Such content is of immense value.

This type of content almost always contains a takeaway at the end. You should be clear as to what you want your target readers to take away from your article to dispel any ambiguity.

Learn to create engaging content with the Best Content Writing Course

Relevant Industry News

If you are a digital marketer, a financial analyst, or a fashion Technology expert, you’ll always have industry news to disseminate to your focus Group.

This type of content is always in demand since people are interested to know about what’s happening in the relevant industries.

Trending Topics 

Trending topics are those subjects that intrigue and interest target readers the most. Look up trending topics in a particular country or a specific niche. You will see several results coming up. This indicates what the readers want to read. Trending topics are the result of people’s curiosity. They make topics trend. So, you get a clear idea of what to write on.

For example, if you take up today’s trending topics for India, you will see several political news, covid news, and news on IPL trending.

The competition is high for trending topics. You have to incorporate an attractive headline and an appealing first paragraph to reel the reader in. Any trending content topic has the potential to attract a great readership provided you abide by the rules of content writing.

Case Studies

Case studies are some of the most popular content writing topics. They are generally an account of a person or organizations’ different story from failure to success.

It is generally the story of triumph after going through several difficult steps to achieve the goals and objectives. Well-structured case studies can get great traffic and readership.

Case studies help to instill a sense of confidence and trust in people. You might encounter a similar situation as an organization or an individual. Hence, you can find innovative ideas to get solutions to your problems.

Also, Case studies are created by a variety of industries and businesses. They are a great means to connect with their target audience and resonate with the reader. It is a great way to promulgate your brand, products, and services and increase conversions.

Businesses use a lot of case study content to put forth their points with clarity. Case studies can be very valuable because they are effective in connecting people with stories of accomplishments and success. There are plenty of facts, statistics, and data provided in case studies to prove the points.

Lists and How To’s

Lists are comprehensive and have the characteristic of certainty attached to them. Listicles almost always come with a certain number that helps to give it a definite purpose.

For example: 

  • 10 Advantages Of Digital Marketing
  • 9 Reasons To Learn Content Writing.

These topics always provide insight into the topics and help you to make informed decisions. It also gives you several choices that you can ponder on.

The same is applicable for how-to content topics. They generally deal with life hacks and are a favorite with the readers.

Today more and more content is based on the listicles and how to format. Since they are a favorite with the target reader, most companies come up with innovative ways to impress the readers with such topics and headlines.

Education is always one of the most popular content writing topics. They aim to educate and inform the readers about the latest certificate, diploma, graduate, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs.

With the advancement in the digital domain, there are several ways to get an education. You can write about online classes and the particular characteristics unique to them.

Content writing topics on education can provide details on such courses and certificates. They should invoke the emotional as well as the practical aspects of a person.

Select some of the topics that have a high search volume on this domain. Make sure you dedicate several hours to research the topics. Use fluid language, and powerful words to get your point across.

Work Culture and Ethics

In the ever-competitive and relentless corporate world, it is essential to uphold the standards of work ethics and culture to be successful. When someone is a budding professional, you might lack confidence, and knowledge of work ethics and culture.

Content writing topics on work culture and ethics help to clear such muddled minds. They give you a clear picture of how to develop and improve social skills and become an asset to your organization.

It also involves providing information on developing your interpersonal skills, becoming more resourceful. Also, several content topics in this niche help to imbibe the qualities of honesty and transparency.

In-house content topics help to know about the characteristics of an organization and business. You learn how to co-ordinate, collaborate for maximum productivity.

How to Crack Interviews and Get that Desired Job

This is an extremely popular and always in-demand content writing topic. There are so many new job candidates every year. The prospect of appearing for an interview can be unnerving. These new professionals cover articles covering these topics. Acing interviews is their main aim right after passing out from an institute. Providing a guide or detailed article on the probable questions in an interview can be a great content topic. Combine it with a listicle on FAQs of cracking interviews. You have a winner article there.

Tutorials on Tools and Applications

You constantly need to innovate your content writing techniques and incorporate new things to provide to your target readers. Tutorials are great for sustaining readership and bringing in recurrent readers to your blog or website.

There are some pertinent best practices to create tutorials that would continue to reap the benefits in the long run. Most importantly, you have to be clear on the points you communicate.

It is generally a step-by-step process of informing your focus group about a particular application, software, device, or tool. You should write it as simply as possible.

A very important part of writing tutorials is to include text with images as you proceed with clarifying the steps. It helps your target reader to understand and follow the article more closely. Moreover, a long-winded tutorial without images to bolster your write-up will not appeal to your target readers.

Tutorials are a great way to expunge any doubt relating to any device. application, appliances, etc.

You should take the utmost care to provide as much value and give them as much help as you can in your article. Do not forget the element of intrigue. Keep it interesting, conversational, and structure it properly.

Solving Problems

This topic is a corollary of the above points. Nevertheless, problem-solving is one of the most widely read topics for any niche globally.

The 5 Ws and 1H can be great topic titles for content topics that deal with problem-solving. The how, why, where, when, what questions can lay the premise for a great article.

Every niche comes with its fair share of queries, and questions. If you provide satisfactory answers through your content, it is bound to get you results. It will help you become a reliable content writer with a sustained readership.

Some Examples: 

How To Choose A Niche For My Blog
When Is The Best Time To Workout
5 Tips To Start Affiliate Marketing
20 Best Ways To Boost Your Self-confidence
How To Build Your Self-esteem
What You Need To Become An Influencer
How To Choose The Right Career Path

You have so many opportunities to write and make an impact on target readers and consumers. There can be diverse content topics to create impeccable content on.

Special Occasions, and Festivals

Festivals a moment to rejoice and create memories. Articles on festivals should have a human element to them. There are always memories attached to festivals and events. You should research and know about the history of these festivals, and special occasions.

They are fun topics to write on, and you can put your perspectives into your write-up to give a more personal feel to it

Content writers can choose to write on a variety of topics in festivals. Ideas for decoration, gourmet food, celebrating with near, and dear ones, are some human stories that have an evergreen appeal to them.


In this digital era, several small and medium enterprises have come up. Entrepreneurship can be an extremely important topic for budding marketers and entrepreneurs who want to make a mark in the online as well as offline domain.

Writing on entrepreneurship gently entails creating a comprehensive report on the industry you are writing for. You have to possess business acumen and know the glossary, jargon, and terms used in that particular industry. It is paramount that you do your research well and do not give out any ambiguous or untrue information unwittingly.

Content writing topics on entrepreneurship can be extremely rewarding for writers across the globe today. The only prerequisite is that you have to be knowledgeable yourself. Create articles that are full of information that concerns your target reader.

International Affairs/ International Relations

This is also one of the favorite content topics. You have to possess in-depth knowledge of several disciplines to be able to write on international affairs. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular but challenging content writing topics.

Whichever topic you choose to write on, you have to know no the language you write in very well. Another aspect is having a comprehensive understanding of the political scenario. You should know about the economy, social structure, cultural aspect, history, and geography of countries you are going to write on.

Whatever facts you provide out there, should be backed by enough evidence. You can also create an analytical report based on the facts you gather.

A content writer of this domain should have a unique style. They should know who they are writing for very well. Since the reader base will be wide, owing to the nature of the topics, ensure that you convey your points coherently.

Digital Marketing

Today, digital marketing and its different modules are the top content writing topics to consider. The fact is that all businesses today are venturing into the online domain for marketing purposes. This makes it extremely relevant to write about the medium.

Digital marketing has gained tremendous momentum in the past couple of years. There has been a lot of changes, development, new regulations & rules about the digital industry.

Digital Marketing offers innumerable topics to write on. There is a huge readership for Digital Marketing articles and people are ever ready to read them. The main purpose of the content on digital marketing should be to educate them on the different facets of the digital industry. You can also combine the education aspect and create articles on the different courses available and their utility.

Digital Marketing constituents are a goldmine of topics for content writers. There are SEO and Digital Advertising modules. Then, there is Online Reputation Management, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing. Working on the digital marketing niche opens up abundant opportunities to write.

Try to provide as much information as you can on these topics. The articles, blog posts, webpages should be full of significant news and information.


This is another topic that is gaining prominence by the day. Freelancing in any job is different from a regular office job. There are many intricate elements to successful freelancing. People are curious to know about their prospects. Therefore, it can turn out to be a very promising topic for content writing.

Various industries today require the services of freelancers. Whether it is web designing and development, coding, marketing, transcribing, every sector is today replete with freelancing work. There are numerous advantages to a freelancing career. And, as content writers, you have the opportunity to inform your readers about it.

However, freelancing is also new and unexplored still. There is a lot of ambiguity surrounding it. You should research and write on topics that will be of value.

Freelancing fees & charges, job opportunities, prospects in the future , are some of the hot topics for content writing. You need to invest time and dedication in writing these articles. If you are a freelancer yourself, that experience can come to great use.

Social Media Tips

Making a favorable impact on social media is a challenging task today. So many influencers and companies vying for your attention on these platforms. You might be at times, confused about what strategies to use.

This can be a great topic for content writers. You can create several topics on the utility of social media and how to make an impact on the different social media channels.

Life, Spirituality, and Relationships

Topics on the different facets of life, spirituality, and relationships can be very interesting topics to read. They make for great topic ideas for content writing.

You need to have the traits of empathy, compassion, and depth of character to be able to write topics about these elements successfully.

Additionally, You should take the utmost care not to offend sensibilities and try to create a positive vibe with your writeups on such topics.

People generally read topics on these subjects to gain a sense of calm, and understanding. Therefore try to create an optimistic ambiance through your writing. Provide a feeling of hope. That can immensely help your target readers and turn you into a thought leader in these niches.

Reviews on Varied Topics

Reviews get a lot of traffic simply because online consumers are interested in knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of a business, product, brand, or service are.

For example, you can write about new products that are launched in the market. You can also write about educational institutions. There are varied topics in every niche that you can pick and write reviews for.

It brings recurrent traffic to your blog and/or website. If your reviews are genuine, it builds an element of trust. That can go a long way in helping you build your brand reputation as a reviewer.

So here, we have the 21 content writing topics that you can choose to write on. Your topics should include the characteristics of great communication, impactful language, originality, and coherence. Once you achieve these, you are likely to gain great traction for your website and your goodwill as a writer.

Creating content that influences people positively takes time and solicitude. You should have the ultimate aim of providing value in the form of education and information to your target consumers. Only then will your content topics serve the purpose. Once it starts answering the questions that are buzzing in the minds of your target reader, you are on the path to becoming an impressive content writer.

Excellent article, and very well-written, too. Thank you!

Very informative article… thanks for providing such a important and necessary information.. Appreciate the work you are doing… Thanks from bottom of my heart…

Nice article

Intrested in writing contents .

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topics to write an article for college magazine

Editorial Topics: 143 Good Ideas for Article Writing

topics to write an article for college magazine

“Creating topics for editorials? Sounds lame,” most students think. “But that’s a part of studying, right?”

Choosing an editorial topic is a lot of fun. Need some proof? Well, take a look at the ideas below! With their help, you’ll definitely write an excellent editorial and, most importantly, enjoy the writing process.

Editorial Topics 101: What They Are & How to Choose Them

Let’s start with the basics.

What are editorial topics ?

Well, they are issues people discuss in newspaper articles, blog posts, and other similar types of content. These topics are usually related to current events that interest the public.

Creating such writing ideas is really easy, but if you need them right now, check out our editorial topic ideas below!

The most exciting editorial topics are:

And with that, let’s proceed to our list of true winners among editorial topic ideas!

Controversial Editorial Topics: Intriguing & Challenging

A part of being a writer of editorials is creating articles on controversial topics. Let’s see what ideas are likely to bring you success:

  • Abortion: common sense against social morals.
  • Gambling: don’t sell your life for a deck of cards.
  • Child adoption for same-sex couples .
  • Clones, GMOs… how far will genetic engineering go?
  • When poverty rates hit the ceiling, something has to be done.
  • Gun control: second amendment rights vs. public safety.
  • Marijuana: beneficial plant or a gateway drug ?
  • Can pro-life activists really be called “pro-life”?
  • Immigration reform: why a path to citizenship is necessary.
  • Universal healthcare: is it government overreach?
  • Death penalty is a useless punishment.
  • Climate change: what is human-caused and what is natural.
  • Ways to balance LGBTQ+ rights and religious freedom.
  • Censorship in social media: does it go too far?
  • Clash of mandatory vaccination and individual freedom.
  • Euthanasia is an act of compassion.
  • Is affirmative action reverse discrimination?
  • Surveillance: can we balance privacy and national security?
  • Promoting animal rights in traditional communities.
  • Incentive for innovation as a way to combat income inequality.

These topics have passionate opponents and proponents. They’re perfect for thought-provoking editorials. Choose a topical social issue, and you can be sure your text will draw a lot of attention. Just make sure to be objective!

Current Topics for Editorial Writing

Alternatively, you can take an ordinary idea for discussion and make it significant. Make your paper compelling—pick a persuasive topic to write on!

  • On violence in mass media : children see it!
  • Alcoholic drinks commercials and other examples of TV hypocrisy.
  • The abuse of sexual imagery in mass media.
  • Children and animals in advertising: consumerist cuties.
  • Banning single-use plastics: protecting the environment and wildlife.
  • Stricter gun control measures will help reduce violence.
  • Billionaires should be investing in renewable energy.
  • Importance of promoting diversity in the workplace.
  • Broader access to quality education will make communities stronger.
  • Universal healthcare is a basic right for all citizens.
  • Fighting food waste as a way of reducing hunger.
  • Why comprehensive sex education in schools is essential.
  • We need a financial reform to limit the role of money in politics.
  • Raising the minimum wage as a way to address income inequality.
  • Legalizing same-sex marriage globally is key to human rights.
  • Promoting mental health awareness is essential for population’s well-being.
  • Urgent action to preserve national parks for future generations.
  • Providing support to small businesses will strengthen local economies.
  • We need stricter cybersecurity regulations to protect people’s data.

These topics work best when served hot—that is, in a witty and intriguing manner. Make sure to support your discussion with evidence to persuade the readers effectively!

Good Editorial Topics for Children to Explore

Kids can also deal with complex social issues. In fact, they sometimes do it even better than adults! So, here are editorial topics for children:

  • Is watching TV good or bad?
  • Parents divorced: how I see it.
  • What I think about terrorism.
  • Don’t mock obese people : help them instead.
  • Can a boy be friends with a girl?
  • The magic of reading: why books are awesome.
  • Why every kid should learn to code.
  • What makes dogs (or cats) great companions.
  • Best ways to actually enjoy fruits and veggies.
  • Recycling: saving the earth one bottle at a time.
  • How I would use my dream superpower for good.
  • Why it’s better to spend time outdoors away from screens.
  • The coolest places in my hometown.
  • How acts of kindness make the world a better place.
  • Fun science experiments I tried at home.
  • Why I joined our school chess club.
  • What I would do if I were president.
  • Best activities for making the most of summer vacation.
  • The power of imagination: why pretend play is awesome.
  • Here’s why my favorite cartoon character is the best.

These editorial topic ideas will serve as great prompts for school newspapers, blogs, or other publications. Go ahead, kids—you know these things better than adults!

Editorial Topic Ideas for High School

It’s time to offer some help to middle school students! Try to incorporate your opinion and ideas on the following issues in your editorial:

  • The negative effect of Internet slang on everyday language.
  • Generation gap and the means to cross it.
  • Being overweight: grind and bear it… or get up and fight it.
  • Books vs. the Internet: reading means more than consuming information.
  • My vision of a teacher: education through the eyes of a student.
  • What opportunities does social media offer to teenagers?
  • Bullying chronicles : why we need more effective bullying prevention programs.
  • Here’s how to stay organized while doing homework.
  • We should be all participating in extracurricular activities.
  • Why I’m in favor of using technology in education.
  • How pop culture influences the lives of middle school students.
  • Reasons to try volunteering in your community.
  • The power of friendship and strong relationships in today’s world.
  • Is our homework becoming too challenging?
  • How art and music can help in middle school education.
  • Best internet safety tips for teenagers.
  • How peer pressure affects our decision-making.
  • The development of healthy eating habits in teens.
  • Why critical thinking skills are crucial in middle school.
  • A new argument in favor of school uniforms.

Use these editorial topics for middle school newspapers, and you’ll see that some issues never age. Perhaps you’ll be the one to find the solution to them—who knows?

Editorial Topics for College Students

Well, it’s high time you’ve had your say on current social problems! And the best way to do that is to pick one of our editorial topics for college. They will allow you to discuss issues directly related to your academic and social life, as well as broader trends.

So, the hot tickets for this year are…

  • Joe Biden’s policy should be changed.
  • Gay marriage as another acknowledgement of people’s rights.
  • World economics of the XXI century: another crisis ahead.
  • Gender discrimination in the workplace leads to worse business outcomes.
  • To merge or not to merge: culture fusion is inevitable.
  • The rising cost of college education: is it worth the investment?
  • Mental health on campus: we need to address the stigma of depression.
  • How student loan debt affects a person’s future.
  • How does technology distract students from studying?
  • A new look at the ethics of AI in colleges.
  • Best approaches for climate change activism on campus.
  • The hardships of balancing studying and social life in college.
  • The progress we’ve made in promoting diversity in our school.
  • My experience with co-op programs.
  • How social media can enhance college culture.
  • Do college rankings matter in students’ decisions?
  • Free speech on campus: expression vs. inclusivity.
  • Studying abroad: new experiences and cultural understanding.
  • The future of online learning: what will happen to traditional education?
  • Post-graduation transition: job market dreams vs. realities.

Editorial Topics for Students 2023: Forecasting 2024 Issues

Here, we present to you the hottest editorial ideas for 2023. They are also likely to maintain their appeal for the next few years and remain topical in 2024. Here they are:

  • Meddling with god’s domain: medical and ethical perspectives on cloning.
  • Genetic engineering: potential danger or best solution to world’s problems?
  • Computer engineering will change the world.
  • Environmental disasters can be prevented.
  • Medicine: the “walking wound” and the “crisis care” conflict.
  • The long-term impact of technology on young children.
  • How education has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • How do social media platforms address the mental health of their users?
  • Latest concerns surrounding animal farming.
  • Should businesses rectify gender pay disparities?
  • What should be done to prevent hate speech online?
  • Potential use of AI in treating health issues.
  • How decentralization can help in combating illegal activities online.
  • How should countries respond to climate-related migration?
  • The impact of digital learning platforms on early education.
  • Pros and cons of remote work compared to in-person work.
  • Can stricter moderation of social media posts help combat misinformation?
  • Should the fashion industry prioritize ethical practices over trends?
  • How can we strike a balance between digital privacy and national security?

With these editorial topic examples, your perfect grade is just around the corner.

Editorial Topics for Discussion

Editorial discussion topics usually revolve around current events and problems. Your task is to inform readers on these topical issues in an engaging way. Check out our collection of editorial ideas to discuss:

  • How artificial intelligence is changing the job market.
  • How can international agreements help with climate change mitigation?
  • The future of work: should everyone go remote?
  • The mental health crisis in youth: beyond anxiety and depression.
  • Can social media influence the elections?
  • A call for a racial equity reform in criminal justice.
  • The debate over gun control : is there a solution?
  • Ways of making sustainable transportation more affordable.
  • How to use video games in education.
  • Achievements of women in leadership positions.
  • Affordable housing in urban areas: what are the barriers?
  • Will designer babies ever be legalized?
  • How can traditional media compete with streaming services?
  • Can universal basic income put an end to financial inequality?
  • Will cybersecurity measures ever be able to resist all possible threats?
  • Telemedicine, AI diagnosis, and other future trends in healthcare.
  • The lasting effects of social isolation during the pandemic.
  • Conservation measures against the global water crisis.
  • The role of big tech in today’s internet and beyond.
  • SpaceX: myths and facts about space exploration opportunities.
  • Will mental health stigma reduction improve access to treatment?
  • How can we develop a just immigration policy?
  • Greta Thunberg and other youth activists advocating for climate change action.
  • How blockchain technology is changing finance.
  • Modern food culture trends: plant-based diets and sustainability.

Creating Editorial Ideas: Best Tips

So, with these topics, we conclude… Hold on, where are you going? We have some additional tips for you!

What if you want to develop your own editorial topic? Well, here’s what you can do:

  • Use witty phrases, idioms, and pop culture references to keep the reader’s attention.
  • Avoid clichés and repetitive sentence structures.
  • Help the reader see the problem from a new angle.
  • Focus on a current event or thing people are actively talking about.
  • Try not to write broad or vague topics; instead, narrow down your focus.
  • Consider who will be reading your editorial and what topics will interest them.
  • Try to develop a controversial theme: it will likely be very engaging.
  • Try to frame your title as a question to encourage your readers to think about the issue.
  • Avoid long or confusing titles: keep it short and sweet instead.
  • Consider topics related specifically to your community to make your writing more relevant.
  • Make sure your editorial title is ethical and doesn’t contain misinformation.

Well, there’s no need to cry “I need topics!” anymore—now you are ready to create one of the most successful editorials ever.

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Something new for everyone

What are the best topics for college magazine?

C ategory 1: From or Featuring Your Current Students

  • Best Study Spots on Campus.
  • Day in the Life.
  • Sample Semester Schedule.
  • Stories About Student Organizations.
  • Life as a Part-Time Student.
  • Life as a Night Student.
  • Advice for Move-In Day.
  • How Students Chose Their Major.

What are some interesting article topics?

Essays Topics About Yourself

  • My Best Friend.
  • My Favourite Teacher.
  • My Aim In Life.
  • My Favourite Game – Badminton.

How do you write an article for a college magazine?

6 Tips for Writing for Magazines

  • Target your pitches carefully.
  • Become a specialist.
  • Do more research than you think you need.
  • Consider the magazine’s target audience.
  • Keep track of personnel changes among magazines.
  • Be flexible.

What topics can magazines be about?

Top 10 Topics to Pitch to Teenage Magazines

  • Hot Topic #1: Celebrities. Teens go crazy over celebrities.
  • Hot Topic #2: Latest Teen Styles.
  • Hot Topic #3: Music.
  • Hot Topic #4: Reviews.
  • Hot Topic #5: Top Ten Lists.
  • Hot Topic #6: Makeovers.
  • Hot Topic #7: Love Life.
  • Hot Topic #8: Beauty.

What should a college magazine contain?

It contains poems, articles, and short stories all written by the teachers and students. Almost every well-established college publishes a magazine every year.

How do you choose an article topic?

Guidelines for Choosing a Topic

  • Choose a topic that’s appropriate to the length of your paper.
  • Avoid a topic that will tempt you to summarize rather than to discuss or analyze.
  • Choose a topic that interests you.
  • If your assignment requires research, choose a topic on which you can find material.

What should a magazine article include?

The structure of an article for a newspaper, magazine or website, is usually in three parts:

  • introduction – engaging the reader, or outlining the main point of the article to follow.
  • middle – making clear and interesting points about the topic.
  • end – a concluding paragraph that draws the points together.

What is the best thing you like about college magazine?

What are some good topics to write an article about college?

Where can I find ideas for magazine articles?

Is it appropriate to write about a professor in a magazine?

Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search. Press ESC to cancel.

Dear Jilsters, please be advised that due to postal delays because of the holiday season, there may be a slight extension of 1-2 business days in the delivery time of your order 💌

40 ideas and topics for a school magazine

Find inspiration on what to write about....

topics to write an article for college magazine

There are so many occasions and opportunities to design your own magazine for school in Jilster's makerspace. Whether in class for projects, for practical work, for school newspapers, farewell magazines , memorial publications, and many more. Do you have one in mind?

Quick & Easy: Make a school magazine in Jilster's makerspace

In our makerspace you can design any magazine you want. Our easy-to-use editor offers many options with great, professionally designed magazine templates for you to use as a basis and starting point for your own projects. You can choose a template for every topic.


Are you looking to design magazine projects for school but are not sure what to write about? Perhaps you are part of the editorial team for the school newspaper and looking for new topics? We have compiled a list below of ideas that can help you develop a concept for your own magazine.

People in the spotlight

Do interviews with…

  • The school secretary
  • The caretaker
  • The school psychologist And let them tell their story.


What is the story of life at school?

What does a typical day at school look like? Are there any new clubs and teams?

Write about:

  • Sports teams - volleyball, football, basketball, athletics…
  • School clubs - theater, literature, science…
  • School band, orchestra choir…

What is the school's current topic of discussion?

For example:

  • Food offered in the cafeteria
  • School party
  • Introduction of school uniforms
  • Dismantling the table tennis table..

What do you and the other students enjoy?

Let others write about their recommendations and provide others with special tips.


Topics to write about for example:

  • Latest music
  • Popular movies
  • Interesting art
  • Exciting games (board games, apps, ect.)

What is the story about your school's history?

Do some research and share your school's history. Celebrate your school and it's anniversary.


  • Foundation of the school
  • History of the school name
  • What was it like 50 years ago?
  • Renovation: before and after photos of the school building (s)
  • Local news: find out what's going on in the near area of the school. Is there something interesting for students and teachers? Write reports and articles and take some photographs.

What is on the school's agenda?

  • Will the bus stop be rebuilt?
  • Is there a new sports complex?
  • Has a new basketball hoop been installed in the park?
  • Interview with the mayor
  • Interview other important groups of people in your city or town
  • Opinions and perspectives

Ask your classmates to write opinion articles, letters to the editor, and editorials about:

  • School rules
  • School classes and subjects
  • School uniforms
  • What makes a good teacher?
  • What makes a good student?

Include opinions and tips on personal topics in your magazine. For example:

  • How do you make friends?
  • How do you work well together? (teamwork)
  • How can you overcome fear?
  • How can you get rid of bad habits?
  • How can you deal with peer pressure?
  • What can you do against bullying?

More ideas you can implement in your school newspaper or magazine project at school

  • Comics (written and drawn by students)
  • Competitions
  • Project on socially relevant topics
  • Practical work
  • Results of creative projects (art works)

How do you make your own school magazine?

  • Create an account in Jilster


  • Make a design in the makerspace


  • Choose a template from our selection


  • Invite students, teachers, and parents to collaborate together


  • Get creative. Add images, your own photos, texts, PDF-files and edit the pages as you wish. You can also use templates & cliparts.


  • Do a final edit


  • Place your order


  • Share your moment of giving with us 🤗

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255 Unique Essay Topics for College Students [2023 Update]

The success of any college essay depends on the topic choice. If you want to impress your instructors, your essay needs to be interesting and unique. Don’t know what to write about? We are here to help you!

Our specialists will write a custom essay on any topic for 13.00 10.40/page

In this article by our Custom-Writing.org team, you will find 255 interesting essay topics for college students. We’ve also included some helpful tips on choosing a topic that will make your essay stand out.

  • 🔝 Top 10 College Essay Topics
  • 📋 How to Choose a Topic
  • 🧑 Personal Essay Topics
  • 🖌️ Descriptive Topics
  • 🏺 Narrative Topics: History
  • 🔮 Creative Writing Topics
  • 🎓 Topics for Various Fields
  • ✍️ Topics for Different Essay Types
  • 🚫 Topics to Avoid

🔗 References

🔝 top 10 essay topics for college students, 📋 how to pick a college essay topic.

There is no universal advice on picking a great essay topic. However, the tips below will surely help you avoid choosing a mediocre one. Just follow these steps:

The picture shows the steps in choosing a college essay topic.

STEP #1: Start with brainstorming.

Relax and write down everything that comes to mind. It can be related to your personal life or areas of interest.

STEP#2: Use outside sources.

If you need additional inspiration, find a list of essay topic suggestions. Pick several options that appeal to you.

STEP#3: Select a topic.

Once you have your list of possible topics, do the following:

  • Review the essay instructions or prompt, if you have one.
  • Exclude ideas that are not suitable or compelling enough.
  • Decide which of the remaining topics you want to write about. It might be the one you are interested in or understand best.

College Essay Topics: Fields & Disciplines

Now that you know how to choose a theme for your assignment, let’s examine this list of college essay ideas. These exceptional topics are arranged by subject, so you can go right to the section that interests you the most.

🧑 Personal Essay Topics for College

  • Your perfect date.
  • Settling an argument.
  • What’s usually in your bag.
  • Your most memorable purchase.
  • What your upbringing was like.
  • One quote that inspired you the most.
  • What you do to make the world better.
  • Where you want to spend your life.
  • When the effort was worth the result.
  • An unusual feeling you’ve experienced.
  • A life-changing adventure.  There are many ways to write about  adventure in an essay . You can describe an interesting situation from your own life or one experienced by another individual, perhaps a famous figure.
  • Positive and negative leadership examples. Typically, essays on leadership describe a specific person or a situation. A more interesting perspective on this subject is highlighting episodes of disastrous leadership. Some examples include the expansion of fascism after World War I or exploitation under European colonialism .
  • Decision making. Both mundane and monumental, earth-shattering decisions make great essay topics. You can choose a situation and describe what the decision-maker did correctly or incorrectly.
  • Deciding what to wear today.  This might be the most mundane decision that everyone makes daily. However, just because it’s so ordinary, it might yield a fascinating college essay if explored thoughtfully.
  • President Truman’s decision to drop atomic bombs on Japan. This decision may have been the most significant of human history. It marked the introduction of a technology that could annihilate the human race. This decision may have been the most significant of human history. It marked the introduction of a technology that could annihilate the human race.
  • Purchasing decisions in the supermarket. Similarly, everyone decides what to eat several times every day. In an essay on this subject, focus on the most interesting factors influencing grocery shopping decisions.
  • Picking a book to read. According to The Atlantic, an  average modern American reads fewer books  than at any earlier time in history. With this in mind, consider writing an essay on selecting a book to read. This is particularly interesting when you recognize that more books are being published nowadays than ever before.
  • Childhood experiences as behavioral drives. An analysis of childhood experiences can help interpret individual character traits. Any challenge and achievement play a part in the formation of behavioral drives. You can discuss them in the context of one’s mental development .
  • Parenting styles and motives. Everyone knows that the role of parents in children’s lives is crucial. For your essay, you can choose to evaluate specific approaches to interacting with a child. Obtain reliable data about a child’s habits and find correlations with social adaptation principles.
  • Problem-solving skills in everyday life. Problem-solving skills allow a person to overcome challenges. You may assess these skills from your perspective. This essay can also highlight the traits that enable you to cope with difficulties.
  • Negotiation skills and conflict resolution attainments.   The ability to compromise is a valuable personal quality. It can be helpful in different areas of interpersonal communication. In your paper, analyze ways to enhance this skill for successful conflict resolution.
  • Bill Gates’ initiative to create Microsoft and change the world.  Thanks to Bill Gates , computer technologies became available to everyone. Assessing his career path can help identify specific components of success. What valuable lessons can we learn from him?

🖌️ Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students

  • What your hometown is like.
  • What you dislike about the Internet.
  • If emotions were personified.
  • How you experience art.
  • Holiday season and nostalgia.
  • Your personal teaching experience.
  • How regular workout makes you feel.
  • The impact of music on your body.
  • National holidays in different countries.
  • Traditions you observed around the world.
  • Marriage: then and now. In bygone eras, most children were born within wedlock. In the contemporary world, fewer marriages take place than before. What are the reasons behind it?
  • Pressure on women to marry. In the past, women were coerced into marriage more forcefully than men. Unfortunately, this tendency remains in many societies even today. You can choose this topic to investigate sexism in everyday life.
  • Sports in your life.  Everywhere in the world, fans fervently adore  sports . It’s a spectacular subject for an essay, no matter if your tone is serious or lighthearted.
  • Football : pros and cons.  An essay about this popular American sport will surely spark your readers’ interest. For instance, you may explore the long-term health risks associated with concussions.
  • Basketball as a global sport. After soccer, basketball is the most rapidly growing sport globally. Your  basketball essay  could delve into the geopolitical implications of this newly globalized sport.
  • What is love ? It is the quintessential  human emotion , and that’s why it’s a timeless topic for any writing assignment.
  • Happiness and how to achieve it. Love and happiness go together, so it is no surprise that  happiness is a fruitful writing topic . You can choose to concentrate on pursuing happiness, simply being happy, or anything else.
  • The 19 th  century origins of Christmas carols .  You could write about the origins of Christmas carols, most of which date back to the 19 th  century. Before that, Christmas songs were restricted to church hymns .
  • Christmas carols around the world. Every country with a significant population of Christians celebrates Christmas uniquely, making the global diversity of Christmas carols one of the more interesting essay topics.
  • Personal feelings evoked by Christmas carols. Once again, you can focus on your personal experience. Simply describe how Christmas carols make you feel. feel.

🏺 Narrative Essay Topics for College Students: History

  • The life of Socrates.
  • Nero and the Roman Empire.
  • Everyday life of Puritans.
  • Events of Mexican-American War.
  • Life during the Great Depression.
  • Women in Trojan War.
  • The start of the Nuclear Age.
  • Heroes of the Space Race.
  • Pearl Harbor through the eyes of a witness.
  • The fall of the Sumer civilization.
  • Local heroes.  You can write a fantastic college essay on a historical personality who is highly appraised in your state. What is this person’s contribution, and what makes them outstanding?
  • Real-life villains. The Ivy League essays often include an analysis of notorious people’s deeds or personalities. You can write about Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin , Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Josef Mengele, H. H. Holmes, Caligula, and many others.
  • Influential people in any area. Your college essay can focus on some notable figures in politics, finance, science, literature, architecture, visual arts, music, sports, or pop culture.
  • The most influential women. You can write about women who achieved a lot in the “men’s world.” Choose between Elizabeth I , Margaret Thatcher , Indira Gandhi, and many other renowned figures.
  • Scientists who changed the world.  You may write a great college essay about the contributions of Nikola Tesla, Charles Darwin , Thomas Edison , and other scientists. What areas of our lives have changed thanks to these people?
  • Great conquerors and their power. Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan , Attila, and other commanders were outstanding people of their time. They expanded their territories thanks to successful military campaigns. Your essay may focus on one of these great conquerors.
  • Hitler’s decision to unleash World War II .  Adolph Hitler’s personality is often explored in academic works. Your paper can explore what prompted the German leader to popularize Nazism in Europe . Understanding it may help prevent the repetition of such events.
  • Religious figures.  Explore individuals who developed essential doctrines and spiritual teachings. Your essay may include the key ideas of people such as Thomas Aquinas and Joseph Smith Jr.
  • Fighters for justice and equality.  Democratic societies were significantly influenced by those who struggled for human rights. Freedom of people around the world was their primary goal. Your essay can assess the roles of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, or Martin Luther King Jr .
  • Voyagers and discoverers.  Thanks to the great explorers of the past, the world as we know it today was shaped. You can write about Christopher Columbus , Ferdinand Magellan, and others in your paper.
  • Roman emperors .  Ancient Rome was the greatest civilization of its time. Throughout its history, individual emperors have contributed to its prosperity. Julius Caesar , Nero, and other rulers can be the focus of your essay.

🔮 Creative Writing Topics for College Students

  • A conversation with yourself from the past.
  • What would life be like on a rogue planet?
  • If you were an ancient conqueror.
  • A children’s fairy tale.
  • What if there is no money in the world?
  • A new perspective on a famous story.
  • If you lived in another era.
  • What are animals thinking?
  • A perfect world as you see it.
  • A horror story in the style of Kafka.
  • Detective stories . Suspense is often the key to interesting essays. You can write a unique story about a murder in a castle, a theft in your college dorm, or fraud in a famous (or fictional) company.
  • The world of your fantasy. Write an outstanding college essay that describes a brave new (or beautiful) world. Your dreams, books, films, or even news you’ve heard can be the source of your inspiration.
  • Stream of consciousness . It can be the most straightforward task you have ever completed. Just write about your thought, dreams, and ideas. Whatever comes to your mind! Make sure to edit it afterward.

The picture shows 6 types of creative writing.

  • Description of a dystopian world. Come up with a dystopian scenario to assess contemporary vices and problems. Use descriptive words to make your essay stand out.
  • A new look at traditional values. For a creative essay, try rethinking traditional values. For instance, you may provide new perspectives on compassion, charity, respect, and other essential components of a civilized society.
  • A short movie script. One of the ideas is to write a short film script on any topic. This task will allow you to showcase your storytelling skills .
  • The future as you imagine it. You can pay particular attention to social issues and their development. Will the situation improve in the future?
  • Reporter experience. Conduct an investigation and report your findings in a creative essay. This work may include interviews, illustrations, and the analysis of issues. This approach allows moving away from traditional forms of essay writing .
  • On behalf of another person. Take an opportunity to explore an issue from someone else’s perspective. For instance, you can assess the difficulties faced by people of the opposite sex. It can help analyze the problems of interpersonal communication .

🎓 College Essay Topics for Various Fields

College life essay topics.

  • Making a choice. You can write your college essay about making a decision. For example, how did you choose your college? Are you happy with your choice?
  • Good and bad habits . Write about the patterns that affect your academic life. How can you get rid of the unproductive ones?
  • Major challenges . In your college experience essay, you can describe the major issues you have faced during your school years. How did you handle them?
  • Time-management practices. College studies are often stressful. That’s why multitasking is an important skill. In your essay, explore the topic of time management. Analyze the algorithms for competent task distribution.
  • Memorable events. Did you ever have a life-changing experience? You can write a perfect college essay about it.
  • University life: expectations vs. reality. You can also try to imagine your future and write an essay on your expectations related to university life .
  • Interaction with classmates. An interesting topic for a college life essay is building relationships with classmates. It can be helpful to study the basics of teamwork. Conflict resolution practices are also important factors of interpersonal peer communication.
  • Freshman experience. You can describe it in anecdotes or conduct some research. For instance, assess the challenges and barriers that first-year students face. Then, determine optimal mechanisms to overcome them.
  • Teamwork and group activities. Describe appropriate ways to communicate with people in groups. Or, you can focus on the crucial features of effective teamwork .
  • Research work experience. College education involves conducting many kinds of research. They refer to theoretical training and the practical study of subjects. In this regard, you can describe your personal research experience.
  • The importance of self-education. Students often face the need to study some subjects on their own. Self-education and its aspects can be an exciting topic to explore. Focus on honing individual skills and overcoming academic challenges.
  • A comparison of high school and college. For many high school students, the idea of college study is different from reality. You can describe the distinctions between the two levels of education. Give personal views on the learning process and common pitfalls.

Health Topics for College Students

  • Healthy eating . In the wealthiest and poorest countries on Earth, healthy eating has very different meanings. Focusing on cultural variations of healthy eating has plenty of potential.
  • Fast food and its popularity. People have never eaten so much fast food as they do now. Consider writing about this interesting trend and its health implications.
  • Childhood obesity as a global health issue . Because of all the high-calorie foods available today, many children in industrialized countries have weight problems. This issue has some extraordinary potential for persuasive writing.
  • The problem of alcoholism . Substance abuse problems such as alcoholism have been an exemplary subject of writing for a long time. You can contemplate the implications of this problem in your college essay.
  • Teen pregnancy: risk factors . In many regions of the world, teen pregnancy rates are higher than ever . The phenomenon is often associated with poverty and lower levels of education.
  • Smoking in public . Should it be outlawed? Is it a public health hazard or just fundamental liberty that the government is unjustified to control or even regulate?

The picture shows a fact about tobacco-related deaths.

  • Why do people smoke ? All smokers have their initial justifications for starting to smoke, so perhaps use your essay to explore one or several reasons.
  • Quitting smoking . Some people use tobacco substitutes like candies or even nicotine gum. Whatever the methods are, everyone struggles when trying to overcome an addiction.
  • Smoking should be banned . This is an extremely strong stance, but these are often the most entertaining essays to write.
  • Smoking and mood. Studying the linkage between smoking and mood is undeniably intriguing, especially if you smoke or know a smoker.
  • Dangers of secondhand smoke . When a person smokes, nearby people also breathe in many of the toxins. You could write about the moral implications or the societal and health impacts of this phenomenon.
  • Smoking and cancer. Everyone understands that tobacco use is linked to cancer, so attempt to take a novel perspective if you choose this topic.
  • Smoking and cardiovascular disease. Long-term smoking has been linked to heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD.) Try to convince your reader of these very clear dangers in your essay.
  • Peer pressure and tobacco use. The vast majority of smokers develop this habit at a young age because their friends or acquaintances are already smoking.
  • Smoking in pop culture. In the past, movies and TV shows often depicted smoking. Your essay could explore how this pattern has evolved.
  • Acquiring bad habits from family members. As pointed out by a famous public service announcement from the 1980s, addictions such as smoking can run in families. You could explain the implications of it.

Ideas for College Essay on Ethics and Society

  • Abortion as a controversy . You could use this topic for an abortion debate essay. Rather than taking one position, try to do your best to present different perspectives.
  • The case against abortion . In writing a pro-life essay , you need to offer various reasons to oppose abortion.
  • The case for access to abortion. You may also consider a pro-choice essay . In this type of abortion persuasive essay, you need to emphasize the costs to individuals and society when women are denied access to abortions.
  • Shoplifting and its consequences. Your essay could explore the motivation for this practice, methods of discouraging it, or even its implications to retail businesses. Maybe you can even detail a personal story about a friend who has shoplifted .
  • Domestic violence in developed countries. Violence against women and children is frequent in all societies, so you can use your essay as an opportunity to explore domestic violence .
  • Types of animal cruelty . Another woefully widespread form of abuse is animal cruelty. It can range from dog fights to factory farming and everything in-between.
  • Capital punishment: pros and cons. The vast majority of governments have banned this barbaric practice. When judicial systems have the authority to take lives as punishment for crimes , there are profound social implications.
  • Current events analysis. If you have difficulty picking a topic, open up a newspaper or go to your favorite news website . Your next essay can be on the first article you read that captures your attention.
  • History of child labor . Under this subject, you could survey the decline of child labor over time. You might also want to consider atypical counterexamples of this trend.
  • Child labor laws . Child labor doesn’t occur on a larger scale because it is banned by law. Take some time to research the effectiveness of these laws.
  • Child labor across the world. In this essay, try to evaluate how child labor practices vary from one geographic region to another.
  • Unemployment and child labor. Sometimes, there aren’t enough jobs even for the adults in a nation, not to mention children. Consider exploring why this happens.

Environmental Issues Essay Topics for College

  • Local environmental issues .  Success in college essay writing largely depends on one factor: you should pick a problem you are interested in or know a lot about. For example, describe what environmental issues you and your community face.
  • The most urgent ecological problems. Burning issues such as pollution, deforestation , biodiversity loss , and scarcity of natural resources can jeopardize the existence of the human race if solutions are not found. You can come up with a perfect essay on any of these challenges.
  • Solutions to environmental problems.  Winning college essays often include describing and analyzing efficient or inefficient solutions. You can write about emissions restrictions , the use of renewable energy sources, and so on. Why are some solutions ineffective?
  • Renewable energy.  Solar energy, windmills, electric vehicles, and many other solutions are implemented every year, but environmental issues persist. Your essay can answer the following questions: Why is  renewable energy  underused? Why is the production of electric vehicles in its infancy, although it started at the beginning of the 20th century?
  • Global and political perspectives on sustainability.  Some countries, especially in Western Europe, are making significant progress in developing sustainable practices. However, some states focus on gaining economic well-being or supremacy, especially in the developing world. Will the US be one of the global polluters in the future?
  • Global warming and how to stop it.  This is an urgent contemporary issue that deserves particular attention. An essay on a climate catastrophe may prompt readers to discuss the problem. Describe the ways to avoid adverse consequences for nature and humanity.
  • Water and air pollution.  Write about the impact of pollution on individual spheres of life. For example, focus on the correlation between contamination and economy.
  • The depletion of natural resources.  Ecological issues are often connected with natural resources. They’re essential in industrialized societies. You can discuss the depletion of these resources in your college essay.
  • The issues of waste disposal. Environmental activists are concerned about severe soil pollution . They also address the negative impact of landfills on ecology. All of this shows that waste disposal is an urgent issue. Study how much of a threat it poses for humanity.
  • The dangers of animal extinction.  Over the past few decades, many species have become endangered . You can review this problem as a consequence of industrial development.
  • Deforestation’s consequences. This topic is closely related to the issue of mass extinction. Forests are a habitat for countless species of animals and plants. What adverse effects does deforestation entail?
  • The economic impact of environmental problems.  Focus on financial aspects and budget spending on pollution control . You can also highlight the importance of addressing challenges associated with climate change.

Topics for Funny College Essays

  • Humorous stories and personal experiences. University essay writing can be enjoyable and even entertaining. Describe some of your adventures or make up a funny story for your assignment. Be creative !
  • Interesting historical facts. You can find tons of funny stories if you dig deeper into history. Many entertaining events are well-documented. Choose one and write an essay about it.
  • Funny and awkward situations. All students know what it’s like to be in an uncomfortable situation. Try to describe such an event in a comical way. It will allow you to look at it from a different perspective.
  • Dealing with unexpected tests. Sometimes professors don’t warn their students about upcoming tests . Did it ever happen to you? You probably didn’t enjoy these experiences. Still, why not describe them in a humorous essay?
  • Your personal teaching experience . This topic is suitable for student teachers. Have you tried teaching a whole classroom of noisy children? Successful or not, these experiences make great anecdotes.
  • Excessive efforts. Some students put too much effort into education. Sometimes it pays off, and other times it’s all in vain. Does it sound familiar to you? Write an essay about it!
  • Poor time management. Delays, late deadlines, and other time management catastrophes can form the basis of this essay.
  • Jokes on classmates. Innocent pranks help maintain a friendly environment and even serve as team building . Describe the memories of such humorous situations in your essay.
  • Your professors’ jokes. Not only students but also teachers are often inclined towards humor. Occasional jokes on their part can be a good essay topic for college. Such gags can contribute to maintaining interest in a learning environment .
  • Least favorite lessons. Describe the most boring or unpleasant class you can remember in a humorous manner.
  • Making friends with other students. Awkward and funny situations often accompany these experiences. They can serve as a topic for a great essay.
  • Unexpected praise. It’s always a pleasure to receive unexpected recognition from teachers. It’s especially gratifying when you do something well by accident or without even trying. Did anything like that ever happen to you? Then write a short story about it!

Best College Essay Topics on Gender Issues

  • Machismo: what is it?  How was the term coined? What are areas of life negatively affected by this phenomenon? Think about sports, politics, or popular culture.
  • Gender roles in modern societies.   Many Harvard essays provide answers to the following questions. How are gender roles distributed in your country, community, family? What factors led to this distribution?
  • Famous feminists.  Explore the contributions of Lucrezia Marinella, Anne Bradstreet, Emmeline Pankhurst, Eleanor Roosevelt , Marlene Dietrich, Alice Walker, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and many other renowned women.
  • Men’s views on gender.  Writing a good college essay involves an analysis of different perspectives. It can be fascinating to examine men’s attitudes towards gender issues .
  • Matriarchy as a social system.  You can write about modern societies such as Bribri or Garo. Or, you can find examples of matriarchy in the past. What about Neolithic Ages or Bronze Age ?
  • Biological differences between sexes.  It can be an eye-opening experience to explore physical differences between men and women. Are they that different?
  • Patriarchal society in today’s world. Assessing patriarchy as a trend can help identify key stereotypes and stigmas. How can we facilitate women empowerment ?
  • Workplace gender discrimination .  Even today, many women struggle to get promoted due to gender stereotypes. Biased attitudes are unacceptable in modern organizations. Where do they originate from, and what should be done about it?
  • Conflicts between boys and girls at school. The foundations of interpersonal interaction are laid in a collective environment. Analyze students’ behavior patterns related to interactions between boys and girls. What are the most common causes of conflicts?
  • Family violence from a gender perspective.  Family violence is a grave social problem. In your paper, identify the underlying determinants of domestic abuse .
  • The role of women in science .  Assess the contribution of women scientists from different eras. You can focus on their specific achievements and auxiliary work. Both the humanities and the sciences are suitable for analysis.
  • Individual duties in parenting.  The roles of fathers and mothers in families are often separated. In your essay, analyze stereotypes and behavioral patterns related to parenthood. You can use specific variables such as the time spent with children.
  • Women in male-dominated occupations.  Assess the performance of women in positions usually occupied by men. You can study female CEOs, firefighters, or filmmakers. What are the career prospects for women in these fields?

Titles for College Essays on Diversity

  • Cultural diversity’s importance .  Many Stanford essays explore issues associated with cultural diversity and how it can affect individuals, workplaces, and societies.Many Stanford essays explore issues associated with cultural diversity and how it can affect individuals, workplaces, and societies.
  • Ethnic diversity in different countries.  The US is one of the most conventional examples of a melting pot. How do people of different cultural backgrounds co-exist there? What challenges do they face? How do they solve conflicts?
  • Variety of religious beliefs.   Religion is one of the most interesting subjects to write an essay on. You can concentrate on Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and dozens of other religions. Scientology or Happy Science can also be excellent essay subjects.
  • Diversity related to sexual identity . You can write an outstanding argumentative essay on same-sex marriages or the inclusion of issues such as transgender identity in the K-12 curriculum.
  • Personal contribution to diversity development.  Address the promotion of diversity as an important social phenomenon. Your essay will raise awareness of this practice.
  • Children’s and adults’ views on diversity and ethnicity.  This essay can highlight crucial aspects of interpersonal communication. You can pose questions from a child’s perspective. Do other people’s ethnic backgrounds play an essential role for children compared to adults?
  • Cross-cultural management in modern organizations. Leaders of various companies promote this valuable practice. It’s highly relevant in today’s business environment. The trend of globalization is one of its crucial factors.
  • Gender diversity in the management field.  Issues related to the distribution of leadership roles are often discussed in the context of gender. In your paper, evaluate the perception of male and female managers. This analysis may reveal the existing trends and views on the issue of diversity .
  • Gender diversity from a criminological perspective .  You can evaluate the current situation in the legal field. Assess offenses committed by people of different genders. The proportion of female prisoners, the severity of crimes, and other essential aspects can be used as criteria for comparison. This work may help assess potential bias.
  • Gender diversity in the army.  Attitudes towards women in military service are interesting to discuss. In an essay, you can present distinctive opinions. Mention the importance of involving people of all genders.

Short Essay Topics for College

  • Teenagers’ concerns .  You can write a simple essay on the appropriate age to vote or the proper age to buy alcohol. You may also want to examine major reasons for misunderstanding between teenage children and their parents.
  • Best something ever.  An excellent way to start a college essay is to write about something you admire, such as your favorite movie. What can you learn from it?
  • Someone inspirational. For example, why not write an essay about your favorite teacher? How did this person change your life?
  • Political issues in the US.  Many short college essays are concerned with political life. You can write a winning essay about Electoral College or the flaws in the US voting system.
  • An abstract concept.  You can define an idea in your short essay. For instance, write about consumerism and the existing definitions of this term. Which one is the most appropriate? Why?
  • Modern social values .  The topic refers to the shift in moral values. For example, you can discuss the roles of wealth and personal beliefs. Compare them with the values of past eras to highlight the changes.
  • Contemporary addictions and methods to deal with them. Explore excessive smartphone use, gaming , and other new addictions. Include the ways of dealing with these problems.
  • A management theory overview. This paper can summarize individual findings related to management. Alternatively, you can present one of the theories of business development.
  • Proposal of a legal act. This topic is perfect for a law essay. For example, discuss the document’s purpose, stakeholders , and industry-specific implications. The intersection with other regulations is optional.
  • A geographic location.  A short essay format is convenient for a description of a specific place. You can start by providing the basic facts about it. Include its population, area, resources, and several other parameters.
  • Definition of an economic term.  In this short essay, analyze a term of your choice. For instance, discuss inflation , capital, clearing, or any other definition. Explain the term you’ve chosen in simple words.
  • A science to study. Choosing a science to learn is a potentially daunting task. In your essay, assess any field of study you like. Describe their benefits and pitfalls. You can also mention career prospects.

Great College Essay Ideas in Visual Arts

  • Historical periods in art.  Your paper can dwell upon a specific era. Why did the Renaissance occur? What are the central peculiarities of Postmodernism ?
  • Artists and their personalities.  Countless Cornell essays on art provide insight into artists’ legacy. Your essay writing can become a fascinating process if you focus on Leonardo, Paul Gauguin, Claude Monet, Andy Warhol , Artemisia Gentileschi , or Barbara Kruger.
  • Prospects of artistic forms.  You can use your imagination and think of the world in the 2100s. Try to predict the movements that will become popular in 100 years.
  • Masterpieces. Essay writing practice is associated with the ability to narrow topics down. You can choose a specific work for your analysis from the following list:  The Birth of Venice ,  The Scream ,  Starry Night , and Girl with a Pearl Earring .
  • Different genres and styles in visual art .  Many distinctive genres characterize visual arts. They differ in style, period, and other aspects. In your essay, you can describe impressionism, surrealism , cubism, abstract art, and other genres.
  • Mediums in visual arts.  Every art form is distinguished by the use of materials. Explore the peculiarities of oil paintings, prints, or watercolors.
  • Art galleries to visit around the world.  You may want to choose one art gallery and describe its history. Your essay will be even more interesting if you add the descriptions of the most famous artworks found in the museum.
  • How auction houses work.  Numerous art pieces and collectibles are sold at auctions. One of the world’s most famous auction houses is Sotheby’s. In your paper, present the workings of an auction of your choice. Add individual examples of profitable deals from its history.
  • The most expensive art objects .  The cost of many classical paintings is enormous. The prices are usually estimated by qualified experts. Explore this topic in your essay and include information on the most expensive art objects.
  • The comparison of classical and contemporary art forms.  Art is a dynamic environment that is constantly evolving. New genres and forms of expression appear regularly. In your paper, compare classical canvases with modern means of creative expression such as graffiti . What influences the emergence of new art forms?
  • Rescued artworks and their history.  History knows examples of great artworks that were found centuries after their disappearance. Your essay can study several art objects saved during wars.

Conspiracy-Related College Essay Topics That Stand Out

  • Space exploration . If your essay requirements concerning the topic are not too strict, you can try to answer some of the following questions. Did “a giant leap for mankind” really occur? Why was the Moon project shut down? Is there life on Mars ?
  • Wealth distribution. An excellent essay for college students can focus on the allocation of resources. Is there a league of people who own or control all the resources ? How did the world’s wealthiest people earn their money?
  • Secret societies of the past and present. Does the Illuminati exist? Can such a secret society persist in the modern world?
  • Catastrophes and reasons behind them. Why did Titanic drown? Was the curse of the Pharaoh real? Was the Chernobyl nuclear disaster an accident , or was it an unsuccessful experiment of KGB?
  • JFK’s assassination . Who killed the most loved president? Why was the investigation so inadequate? Were any other countries’ agents involved?
  • Aliens among us. Does Area 51 exist? What do governments hide? With questions like these, essay writing for college students can be exciting!
  • Did Adolf Hitler escape after World War II? One of the most mysterious conspiracy theories is the possible escape of Adolf Hitler. Some people believe that the Nazi leader moved to Argentina after World War II . Your essay may discuss whether his suicide was staged.
  • Is HIV an experimental biological weapon against humanity? The end of the 20th century was a difficult time. During this period, a suspicion arose that HIV was a biological weapon. Pharmaceutical companies and governments were blamed for this. What caused this conspiracy?
  • Did Elvis Presley fake his death? Elvis Presley , the idol of millions, passed away long ago. However, many fans don’t believe in this outcome. A conspiracy theory was born that the musician faked his death. You can explore its implications and determine what it says about American pop culture.
  • 5G cell towers exposure and accusations against Bill Gates . Explore the public fears related to the potential exposure to 5G cell towers. Include the experts’ opinions and assess the role of Bill Gates as one of the promoters of fast Internet.
  • Flat Earth theory and its followers. In recent years, many flat Earth proponents have emerged worldwide. In your essay, compare their arguments with officially existing data. Why is this conspiracy so widespread?
  • COVID-19 conspiracy theory. Certain groups of people doubt the threat of the pandemic. They believe that the coronavirus is a fictional problem. Your essay might focus on the evidence for the virus’s existence.

✍️ Topics for Different College Essay Types

Below you’ll find writing prompts for problem solution, cause and effect, and definition essays. There’s also a section with personal statement essay topics. Check them out!

  • In a problem-solution essay , you need to introduce an issue and suggest several ways to fight it. Usually, each body paragraph describes a different solution. This essay aims to convince the audience that these scenarios are the best ways to eliminate the problem.
  • In a cause and effect essay , you need to discuss a problem, its reasons, and possible consequences. It’s better to pay attention to topics that involve multiple studies of the issue (you can read our cause and effect essay guide to learn more.)
  • In a definition essay , you need to explain a term, concept, or idea. Sometimes a definition is only a part of a more extensive research paper. It’s crucial to study the topic from different perspectives to provide an extended definition. Before you start working on your essay, make sure that the meaning of the word you’ve chosen is not too simple.
  • In a personal statement , you write about yourself. Writing a personal statement or a transfer essay is crucial when applying to college. How do you make it a winning paper? Read our personal statement guide .

Problem Solution Essay Topics for College Students

  • How can students contribute to educational system changes in the United States?  Discuss student communities and their impact on college life. Do students need to have more power and control over changes in the educational system?
  • Ensuring access to clean water in developing African countries.  Describe the achievements of charities that aim to help countries such as Ethiopia . You may also write about the costs of technologies that filter water. What are the possible solutions with a limited budget?
  • How can you help make energy cleaner?  Try to think about what you can do on campus that will enable clean energy access. Decide whether it should be a part of your curriculum.
  • Ways of reducing plastic waste in oceans.  Research the current efforts of environmental organizations and big businesses. Then, evaluate them and find the best solution.
  • Healthy eating habits among children.  Think about the right age to start educating children on healthy eating . Find several possible ways to develop the proper habits without forcing children.
  • How can students address sustainability and climate change?  Describe your participation in ecological projects, communities, etc. You can also discuss the possible things you and other students can do without spending too much time and money.
  • Ways of stopping healthcare rising costs in the United States.  Highlight the current problems of the healthcare model . What measures does the government take to solve them? Try to find the best way to optimize the resources.
  • Psychological support for children who suffered from violence.  Research the techniques specialists use when working with children. What do you find more preferable: therapy or medication ? Suggest how we can protect children from further offenses.
  • How can we provide equal chances to children who want to receive an education?  For this essay, find as much information as possible about financial aid , including grants, loans, and other projects. What’s the best way to make education accessible to everyone?
  • Reducing homelessness in the United States.  Study the factors that make people homeless and what the government does to fight it. Then try to come up with an action plan.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College Students

  • The effects of regular alcohol consumption on women’s health.  Everyone knows that excessive alcohol consumption has highly adverse effects. In your essay, you can discuss the causes of alcoholism in women. Try to find specific information about diseases, psychological problems, and lifestyle changes related to them.
  • What causes bullying among preschool children? Children might get violent due to many factors. Describe what beliefs and behavioral patterns influence their actions at preschool age.
  • What are the economic effects of the 2020 lockdown ?  Write about the changes in the labor market, remote jobs, and new opportunities. How did small businesses manage to survive in extreme circumstances?
  • Lack of education in African countries: causes and effects.  Discuss why children in some African countries don’t have access to education. Then, explain how it affects labor markets and economies. Make sure to choose only one country as a research subject.
  • What will be the effects of implementing higher taxes on tobacco ?  Will it inspire people to quit smoking or buy fewer tobacco products? Study the previous cases of such measures and predict the outcomes. 
  • How does social media affect communication in families? For this essay, research the impact of social media on family relationships. Do social media users communicate more or less with their closest relatives?  on family relationships. Do social media users communicate more or less with their closest relatives?
  • The causes and effects of glacier melting .  Global warming, ozone depletion, and many other factors contribute to this process. Discuss how this issue influences people and animals.
  • What would happen if everyone started using electric cars? Study the benefits and drawbacks of electric vehicles . You might discuss the CO2 emissions and safety.
  • What are the effects of animal hunting in the United States.  We can call hunting a hobby, a sport, and even an illegal activity. In your essay, describe the current laws and why people want to hunt. How do these activities influence animals’ populations?
  • The causes and effects of chemical pollution in China. China is the biggest manufacturer of goods in the world. However, the waste that the factories produce becomes dangerous for its ecology. In your essay, research how chemical pollution affects the everyday life and health of the Chinese people.

Definition Essay Topics for College

  • Behaviorism in psychology and philosophy. Consider writing your essay on behaviorism as a psychological movement at the beginning of the 20 th century. Additionally, you can provide a broader definition by researching behaviorism in philosophy. century. Additionally, you can provide a broader definition by researching behaviorism in philosophy.
  • How can we define egoism ?  People interpret human behavior and character traits in different ways. Someone who seems to be an egoist to you can seem like someone with a sense of self-worth to another person. You can provide your own viewpoint on this issue.
  • What is the definition of evil ?  Some people believe in eternal evil , while others see evil even in the littlest bad things that happen to them. In your opinion, what makes someone or something evil?
  • Does the term “commodification” only apply to goods?  In the modern world, everything has value. Discuss the moral aspects of commodification and the limits of its application.
  • What is your definition of the word “endurance” ?  You can compare the physical abilities of athletes and non-athletes. Don’t forget to mention mental stamina that involves dealing with psychological pressure and overcoming difficulties.
  • Does the word “ambition” have a positive or negative meaning?  Naturally, you can’t give a single answer to this question. Instead, you can discuss both sides of this concept in your paper.
  • How can you define the word “dualism”? Describe all the meanings of the word “ dualism ” in philosophy and daily life. Don’t forget to provide your understanding of the concept. You may also explain why this term is controversial.
  • What does the word “identity” make you think of? Cover all the meanings of this word. Begin with a set of qualities that defines a person. Also, you may include a psychological interpretation of the term.
  • What is your interpretation of the word “justice”?  Discuss the legal definition of this concept. Also, you can write about the moral aspects and the subjective meaning of the term. Describe how justice is related to rewards and punishments and its place in the modern world.
  • What are your thoughts about realism ?  This term is used in many disciplines. For example, it’s prominent in literature and art. In your essay, you may describe realism as a philosophical concept and its different forms and perceptions.

Themes for Your Personal Statement Essay

  • Your academic credentials. When writing about your academic achievements , it is appropriate to mention the major things like your degree or courses you’ve had. It’s better to focus on the moral lessons you’ve learned rather than your grades and certificates.
  • Your personality traits. A successful acceptance essay will reveal your character. Admission officers want to know who the applicants are. Every university has its specific culture, so they should make sure you can fit in.
  • An event that changed your life. Of course, your college entry essay can’t be just an enumeration of character traits. Describe some circumstances where your personal qualities manifested themselves. Again, it’s best to focus on the lessons you’ve learned!
  • Commitment as your character trait. Your college admittance essay should also show your dedication. Why do you want to study there? Why do you want to take the course you’ve chosen? What are you ready to do for your alma mater?
  • Humor in your life. Even Harvard personal statement essays are often characterized by humor. Write about your failures in a funny way, and admission officers will see your ability to stand up and fight.
  • Academic goals and ways to achieve them. Choosing a field to study is a responsible step. You can describe this process in a personal statement . Justify your choice and mention the academic skills necessary for this particular field.
  • Creative writing . When applying to a course in English, it can be effective to write a poem rather than a typical description of your educational background.
  • Views on society and contemporary values. You can impress the committee by discussing your opinions. One convenient approach is to focus on modern society and its values. Analyze the foundations of a particular cultural environment and assess interaction gaps.
  • Professional objectives you want to achieve. Without mentioning professional goals, a personal statement will be incomplete. One effective strategy is to evaluate the desired prospects you want to achieve. They can be related to education as well as work. Pay attention to relevant resources needed to acquire optimal skills.
  • Cultural background from an ethnic perspective. A personal statement can be focused not only on your academic experience but also on your cultural background . Include the basic facts about your ethnicity, parents, beliefs, family values, and other information. This way, you’ll present yourself comprehensively and impartially.
  • Self-evaluation over time: personal strengths and skills. Both short- and long-term perspectives are worth mentioning. Assessing individual development and career growth can provide you with a helpful timeline.

🚫 College Essay Topics to Avoid

When it comes to college essays, some topics might produce a wrong impression or offend your audience. That is why you need to know what kind of content is not suitable for your academic writing.

Here are the most common examples of the topics that you should avoid:

  • Your personal life. Better leave the stories about your breakups aside. For a successful application essay, you can focus on the other areas of your life. Try to choose a topic that will show how well you are suited for the college.
  • Inappropriate humor. Provocative, mean, or cruel jokes are not suitable for college essays. Your audience probably won’t consider such humor clever or funny. If you are unsure if a joke fits your task, don’t hesitate to ask your professor.
  • Tragic stories. This trope is critical to avoid when writing essays about yourself. It’s okay to mention tragic events, but it’s best to avoid making a pessimistic narrative out of your paper. Instead, you can describe such occurrences as challenges to overcome and focus on the positives.
  • Sensitive or controversial topics. Avoid them if you know that they may offend your readers. Politics, religion, abortions, and cruelty are not the best topics for college essays. If your assignment requires writing an essay on one of those topics, make sure you don’t make bold statements or provoke your audience.
  • Cliché topics. It’s better to avoid writing about your academic achievements, volunteering, or winning a sports competition. Admissions officers and professors have read similar essays thousands of times.
  • Overly narrow topics . It’s good to choose a topic that stands out because it’s not cliché. However, it becomes harder to find enough relevant information if it’s too obscure or limited. Choose a topic like this only if you are sure you will have enough data to research.
  • Insulting someone. Offensiveness is a wrong approach to your assignment that creates a negative impression. It’s crucial to stay objective and professional when it comes to academic writing.
  • Fancy words. Avoid overcomplicating your essay’s title and its contents. It’s also not a great idea to begin your essay with a trite quote. Instead, it’s best to prioritize logic and clear structure during writing.
  • Vague topics . It will likely make your essay lack a focus, which will come off as unprofessional. Make sure to always narrow your topic down to a particular issue.
  • Untrue and unrealistic topics. It might be interesting to fantasize about impossible scenarios and get creative. Still, remember that you need to support your statements with solid evidence. It’s much harder to do when you deal with unrealistic topics.

We hope these college essay topics helped you make a great choice. If you need more proposal argument essay topics, feel free to use our topic generator . Let us know in the comments what topic you’ve chosen!

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✏️ College Essay Topic FAQ

Think about something that makes you genuinely interested. You will need to research the subject. So if you are bored from the outset, you won’t be able to do a good job and impress your readers.

A good topic doesn’t have to be very serious. It means that the subject under study should fascinate you. Then you would be able to make it enjoyable for others, too. Study something connected with your hobby, favorite author, or even a country.

To choose a good topic, you need to think about your assignment. Different issues are appropriate for argumentative, persuasive, and other types of essays. The main thing is that the subject should interest you. Your essay would be more exciting for the readers if you have fun writing it.

If you are lucky enough to choose a topic for yourself, you can have fun writing the essay. Don’t waste this opportunity! To figure out the best subject, think about your favorite things. If you want to share something with others, write an essay about it.

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Well, I really liked studying it. This post offered by you is very effective for proper planning.

Custom Writing

Glad you found this post useful. Thanks for your feedback and be back for more helpful tips!

I do accept as true with all of the ideas you have offered in your post. They are very convincing and can definitely work. Still, the posts are very brief for starters. Could you please extend them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

Firstly, thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it. I’ll definitely take into consideration your request.

All people like adventures and traveling. Adventure essay writing is a nice opportunity to tell about the most amazing events of this kind you had in your life.

You’re absolutely right, Jacob! Thanks for taking a moment and writing the feedback. Hope you’ll be back 🙂

Thanks Thanks Thanks! This totally helped me write my adventure essay! I love your blog, so helpful with writing various types of academic papers.

Such a pleasure to read your warm feedback, Julia! Thanks!

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Best articles for college magazine

Here are a few best articles/topics that you could write for a college magazine.

Importance of Time:

You could explain why time is essential and what’s value it. For example, you could write like,

Time is a precious diamond for us, but most of us don’t care about it even though it never comes again once it passes. Our whole life revolves around time.

Article on childhood:

You can write an article on your childhood. You can compare your childhood with a busy life and make people realize how good childhood was. Neither was there any concern about earning money, nor was there any concern about studies. Just play games, Normal study, and wait for the summer holidays to visit Nani’s home.

Article on Social Issue:

You can write an article on the social issue. You can tell what is happening in society that we need to change; for example, no Indian politician or citizen talks on climate change even though we know that climate change is a matter of concern for us. Global warming is increasing day by day.

Women Empowerment:

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru once said that women are needed to wake up men. Suppose women also walk shoulder to shoulder with men. In that case, their family will move forward, the village will move forward, due to which the nation will also move forward. You can also make other people aware by writing an article on women’s empowerment.

Inspirational articles:

You can write an inspirational article for a college magazine. Through this article, you can tell about the life of any person whose life was complicated in the beginning, but he worked hard and did such work that now he will be remembered for centuries,

For example, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. You can tell how the son of a sailor became a missile man and the President of India.

Top 10 ways:

It is easiest to write on Top 10 ways. In this, you can quickly write any topic; for example, you can explain through this article that what are the 10 to become successful, ten ways to become self-independent, ten ways for a happier life.

Future of Humanity

Currently, people like Elon Musk are working to establish a human colony on Mars by 2050; on the other hand, we have also invented Electrical cars which can run without petrol or diesel so you can write how will be the experience living on mars or how will be the earth after 100 to 1000 years.

Forgotten Hero:

Through your article, you can make any person famous in college who has done some excellent work in history but not got the credit for his work like Nikola Tesla; Tesla was one of the most outstanding scientists, he Contributed to the creation of Alternating current, X-ray machine, Remote Control, Induction Motor, Teleforce, Neon Lamp, Wireless Telegraphy and many more.

You can explain to the students studying in the college from your article how the leaders of India fool the people by making false promises and what steps they take to stay in power and why the illiterate and ignorant people often become leaders while not educated.

Article for college magazine Conclusion

Through this article, I taught you that how to write an article for a college magazine. I hope you like this:)


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