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Essay on Global Warming and Climate Change for Students

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Global Warming and Climate Change: Global Warming is used to refer to a rise in earth’s average surface temperature. This rise in temperature is due to human activities like the burning of fossil fuel, industrialization, etc, which releases gases like carbon dioxide CO 2, Methane CH 4, and Nitrous Oxide N 2 O, which are also called greenhouse gases. More than the prescribed concentration of green house gases in the atmosphere traps the heat from the Sun, preventing it to escape the earth’s surface, ultimately causing a temperature rise. This effect is called Green house effect. This change in earth’s temperature results in a unexpected climatic changes. Heavy down pours, droughts and a shift in monsoon is experienced at several locations.

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Essay on Global Warming and Climate Change in English

We are providing below short and long essay on Global Warming and Climate Change in English.

The essays have been written in simple yet effective English language to make them easily memorable and presentable when needed.

After going through the essays you will know what green house effect is, what are its causes and impacts, how does green house effect causes climate change etc.

These Global Warming and Climate Change essay will prove extremely useful in your school/college assignments where you are required to write an essay, take part in debate or give a speech on the subject.

Global Warming and Climate Change Essay 100 words

The whole climate of the world is changing regularly because of the increasing global warming by the natural means and human activities. All the changes have an enormous impact on the people’s lives and ecosystems. The average global temperature has been raised by 1 degree in the last 30 years.

Climate change poses a significant threat to our environment. It’s happening due to industries growing quickly, more people on Earth, and pollution. This leads to an increase in the average temperature of our planet over the past hundred years.

It has been reported by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that average global temperature can be raised by 2 to 8.6 degrees F by 2100. The rate in increasing global temperature is because of the increasing emissions of heat-trapping gases called green house gases in the atmosphere.

Global Warming and Climate Change Essay 150 words

Climate change on the earth is partially takes place by the natural cycles of Earth however currently human activities are still major source of climate change. Increasing level of greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide brings more heat to the earth as they have ability to absorb and emit heat in the atmosphere and thus keep earth warm. Some of the dangerous human activities such as burning fossil fuels, deforestation, technological inventions, etc., are adding more toxic greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. All the greenhouse gases make temperature of earth to increase at higher rate which is not in the favour of life of human beings, animal and plants.

A huge level of climate change disturbs the balance of the global ecosystem as well as increases health risks and more heat-related injuries and deaths. Rising sea levels is a also an example of climate change due to the global warming which in turn causes flood, drought, promotes danger of malaria and other parasites.

Global Warming and Climate Change Essay 200 words

There are many reasons of climate change including natural cycles of earth however the major contributors of the climate change is global warming. Many human activities and technological development in the world are forcing the greenhouse gases to increase and getting collected to the atmosphere which in turn makes the earth surrounding hot and warm by increasing the temperature of the environment in fast and easy way. Other climate change like rise sea level causes flood which gives rise to malaria and other parasites, increasing coastal erosion, destroying people’s homes in coastal states and so many.

Higher temperature causes problems to the existence of life on this planet even many important species of the plants and animals have been endangered. Longer and severe heat waves of the environment cause more heat-related injuries and higher atmospheric temperature increase rate of water evaporation from smaller water bodies.

The ever rising temperature has different effects in different regions like in some areas it raise water levels and in some areas it decrease water levels. Freshwater availability is declining all over the world which is a vital resource of life on this planet. In such a hot environment, it is very hard to grow some crops like corn production may reduced by 10 to 30% if the temperature rises by 3.6 degree Fahrenheit.

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Global Warming and Climate Change Essay 250 words

Climatic changes have become more prominent now because of the global warming which is a global concern. Both are hot issues of the current time and it is the time to analyse causes and prevention methods to prevent the global warming. The release of various green house gases in the atmosphere by many natural means and human activities causes increase in atmospheric temperature because such gases have capability to absorb all the heat of environment from sun, burning coal, etc. Such gases never let sun rays to go back to the atmosphere however trap heat from them.

Increase in atmospheric temperature causes many climate changes like increase in sea level, flood, drought, weather changes, increase summer season, decrease winter season, melting glaciers, increase death rate, increase number of disease, declining ozone layer and other so many climate changes. Fossil fuels burning release more carbon dioxide which is increasing day by day because of deforestation. Plants are the main source to utilize carbon dioxide as a food however we are disturbing the natural cycle by cutting more plants.

Burning coal, oil and natural gases are the main cause of global warming. CO2 gas acts as a blanket which retains environmental heat and warms the earth’s surface. The level of carbon dioxide has become increased to a great level in last century. The earth surface has become successively warmer than ever in the last three decades. Each month is becoming warmer than ever which we can feel very clearly. This increasing heat affecting the lives of human beings, plants and animals even many species have been endangered.

Global Warming and Climate Change Essay 300 words

There are many reasons behind climate change, some are natural and some are human activities. Climate change is not area or region specific, it s changing all through the world. Climate change occurs when atmospheric temperatures increase a lot which in turn causes many different changes to the earth such as more floods, intense rain, droughts, increase in rate of more frequent and severe heat waves, increase level of oceans, melting glaciers, warming oceans, sea water becoming more acidic, and so many. All these changes may become more frequent in the future decades and hugely challenge the society and environment.

In the few past centuries, human activities have increased the release of large amounts of carbon dioxide including other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Most of the green house gases come from burning fossil fuels which work as blanket around the earth and trap all the energy and heat available in the atmosphere and thus warm the earth surface. This effect is called as the greenhouse effect which triggers climate to change to the huge level and result in dangerous effects to the lives and ecosystems.

Such a warmer climate affects the availability of natural water supplies, crop production, agriculture, natural environment, safety, security, etc. Such huge climate changes are unavoidable however cannot be stopped at once.

Global warming has really affected and forced the climate to change over the last century throughout the world. Unusual increase in the earth’s average temperature is because of the high amount of greenhouse gases release due to burning fossil fuels and other human activities. Some of the green house gases having more influence on the climate are CO2, water vapour, dinitrogen-oxide, and methane.

According to the research, it has been recorded that almost 30 percent of the heat by incoming sunlight gets reflected back to the space through clouds and ice but because of global warming ice are melting. It means there are no left sources to send heat back to the space and all are getting collected in the earth atmosphere and affecting the climate.

Global Warming and Climate Change Essay 400 words

A huge level climate change in the current time attracts the people’s attention very easily. Every one of us is feeling very clearly from the short-term changes in the seasonal patterns of temperature, drought, rainfall without season, changing weather patterns, etc., to the long-term changes affecting the entire earth. Climate is a long-term weather trend affecting human lives positively or negatively.

Climate change is the long term variations in the weather patterns. Climate itself adjusts time to time however going at wrong path since many years because of regular loss of huge ice sheets. Earlier the earth atmosphere was covered with ice sheets which were able to make the earth atmosphere cool by preventing earth from heat and sending back extra heat out of the space from the earth.

Climate has changed from cooler to warmer over the last two million years in the cyclical manner. Sun is the ultimate source of heat energy which fueling the weather systems after reaching to the earth. Earlier the harsh and extended bitter cold season was called as the little ice age which was due to the huge level variations in the solar activity. It is found that the positive human activities may play major roles in shaping earth’s climate.

Such a huge variations in the climate may lead to the danger of the human lives. Earlier it was believed that shifts in the climate pattern from ice age to warmer periods was because of time however later it was imagined that it is due to regular melting of ice sheets of more than a kilometre in thickness. Our climate is getting warm rapidly by the rate of approximately 8°C over the course of 10 years.

A huge industrial revolution in the modern time has largely impacted the global climate system by increasing the amount of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere. Heat trapping nature of the green house gases contributes to the global warming. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the increase in earth’s average surface temperature by 20 th century has been approximately 0.6°C.

It has also been recorded in the northern hemisphere over the last century that there is decrease in snow cover by 10 percent, decrease in spring and summer sea-ice by 10-15 percent, increases in rainfall and its intensity, huge level change in shifts of ice freezes and breaks up in the rivers and lakes.

Long Essay on Global Warming and Climate Change – 800 Words

Global warming refers to an increase in earth’s average temperature. Climate change, on the other hand is one of the most significant consequences of global warming. Though, global warming and climate change are often used interchangeably, they are distinctly different from one another. In the following essay, we will study global warming and climate change in detail.

What is Global Warming?

Global warming refers to the long term warming of planet since industrial revolution in 1970s. Since then, the average temperature of earth has gone up by a little over 1°C, a change which might seem small, but even small changes in earth’s temperature could have damaging affects and moreover the temperature is still gradually on rise.

What is Climate Change?

Climate change is an implication of global warming. Global warming results in unexpected weather changes, apart from other effects like melting glaciers, raised ocean temperatures and extreme cold or heat. These conditions all together cause changes in climatic conditions throughout the globe.

What Causes Global Warming?

One of the main causes of global warming is an escalated green house effect. It is an effect caused by the increased atmospheric condition of Green house gases like Carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and Methane (CH4). These gases are emitted as byproducts of fossil fuel production and use. Humans extensively use fossil fuels resulting in increased atmospheric concentration of green house gases, consequently resulting in green house effect.

In order to understand global warming, let’s understand green house effect. Under ideal conditions, earth’s atmosphere contains a number of gases including quantities of green house gases. During sunlight hours, these gases do the job of filtering UV rays of sun and also the intensity of sun’s rays. In night these gases help retain the heat absorbed by the earth during the day, by not letting it escape in the atmosphere, thereby resulting in a maintained temperature of earth.

Human activities like industrialization and extensive use of fossil fuels, results in production of green house gases (ex – CO2, CH4, CO etc.), and hence a larger green house effect takes place. To better understand green house effect, imagine yourself sitting inside a car on a sunny day, with its windows all rolled up. The rays of sun, will reach inside of the car through window glass, but since the car is completely closed, they are unable to escape back into the atmosphere, thus further raising the internal temperature of the car. This phenomenon is called green house effect, and forms the basis of global warming.

What Causes Climate Change?

Green house effect as explained above is primarily responsible for climate change. Sun’s heat is blocked from escaping the surface of earth by certain gases which form a thermal blanket over the earth. These gases constitute primarily of water vapor (H2O) and other gases like carbon dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4) and Nitrous oxide (N2O), and are responsible for maintaining earth’s temperature to a life supporting 15°C.

These gases are called green house gases. Problem arises when the atmospheric concentration of green house gases rise above the permissible level. Human activities like industrialization and excessive use of fossil fuel, produces green house gases.

This raised concentration of the green house gases in the atmosphere, raises the green house effect, consequently raising the earth’s average temperature above 15°C. The temperature rise in earth’s atmospheric and surface temperature results in some unexpected and drastic changes in the climatic conditions, initiated by a series of events arisen due to the temperature rise. For example, the temperature rise results in melting of earth’s ice cover, present in form of glaciers and snow falls. This excess melting of ice results in raised temperature and other climatic conditions.

A rise in earth’s average temperature also changes the movement of monsoon currents, which has resulted in some areas witnessing lesser rainfall, since the past few decades. South Asia has recorded considerably low rainfall during past four decades, while rainfall in tropical western pacific has increased abundantly.

Also, a raised earth’s temperature, results in natural calamities like floods, famine, droughts and storms. Many cyclones and hurricanes across the world have been attributed to the green house gases and a raised green house effect.

Climate change is a consequence of global warming, and the latter on other hand is caused by human activities. Green house effect has been responsible for maintaining earth’s average temperature to a livable 15°C, but in recent decades, there has been an escalation in green house effect, due to increase in human produced green house gases.

With the rise of green house effect, abrupt climatic changes across the globe become inevitable, often resulting in extreme events like famine, droughts, floods and cyclones. Global warming and climate change both are directly linked to the human activities and only humans have to power to reverse or at least nullify the effects.

It is therefore, necessary to take appropriate steps in this regard and save the planet from the consequences of global warming and climate change.

Other Helpful Related Information

Global Warming and Climate Change FAQs

What are the main consequences of global warming.

Rising temperatures, extreme weather, melting ice, and sea-level rise are the main consequences of global warming.

What are the consequences of global warming in essay?

In an essay, you can discuss various impacts, such as climate change, heatwaves, sea-level rise, and their effects on ecosystems and human life.

What are not consequences of global warming?

Global warming is not responsible for unrelated events like earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

What are the consequences of global warming?

Consequences of global warming include more frequent and severe heatwaves, melting glaciers, sea-level rise, and disruptions to ecosystems and agriculture.

What are the 10 main effects of global warming?

The ten main effects of global warming include temperature rise, extreme weather, sea-level rise, ocean acidification, and threats to biodiversity, among others.

What are the consequences of global warming Class 9 in points?

In Class 9, you can learn about the impacts of global warming, such as changing climates, melting ice, rising sea levels, and their effects on the environment and human societies.

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what is global warming and climate change essay

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what is global warming and climate change essay

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what is global warming and climate change essay

Essay on Global Warming

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  • Nov 23, 2023

essay on global warming

Being able to write an essay is an integral part of mastering any language. Essays form an integral part of many academic and scholastic exams like the SAT , and UPSC amongst many others. It is a crucial evaluative part of English proficiency tests as well like IELTS , TOEFL , etc. Major essays are meant to emphasize public issues of concern that can have significant consequences on the world. To understand the concept of Global Warming and its causes and effects, we must first examine the many factors that influence the planet’s temperature and what this implies for the world’s future. Here’s an unbiased look at the essay on Global Warming and other essential related topics.

what is global warming and climate change essay

This Blog Includes:

Short essay on global warming and climate change, what are the causes of global warming, solutions for global warming, effects of global warming, essay on global warming paragraph in 100 – 150 words, essay on global warming in 250 words, essay on global warming in 500 words, essay on global warming upsc, climate change and global warming essay, tips to write an essay.

Since the industrial and scientific revolutions, Earth’s resources have been gradually depleted. Furthermore, the start of the world’s population’s exponential expansion is particularly hard on the environment. Simply put, as the population’s need for consumption grows, so does the use of natural resources , as well as the waste generated by that consumption.

Climate change has been one of the most significant long-term consequences of this. Climate change is more than just the rise or fall of global temperatures; it also affects rain cycles, wind patterns, cyclone frequencies, sea levels, and other factors. It has an impact on all major life groupings on the planet.

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What is Global Warming?

Global warming is the unusually rapid increase in Earth’s average surface temperature over the past century, primarily due to the greenhouse gases released by people burning fossil fuels . The greenhouse gases consist of methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, carbon dioxide, water vapour, and chlorofluorocarbons. The weather prediction has been becoming more complex with every passing year, with seasons more indistinguishable, and the general temperatures hotter. The number of hurricanes, cyclones, droughts, floods, etc., has risen steadily since the onset of the 21st century. The supervillain behind all these changes is Global Warming. The name is quite self-explanatory; it means the rise in the temperature of the Earth.

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According to recent studies, many scientists believe the following are the primary four causes of global warming:

  • Deforestation 
  • Greenhouse emissions
  • Carbon emissions per capita

Extreme global warming is causing natural disasters , which can be seen all around us. One of the causes of global warming is the extreme release of greenhouse gases that become trapped on the earth’s surface, causing the temperature to rise. Similarly, volcanoes contribute to global warming by spewing excessive CO2 into the atmosphere.

The increase in population is one of the major causes of Global Warming. This increase in population also leads to increased air pollution . Automobiles emit a lot of CO2, which remains in the atmosphere. This increase in population is also causing deforestation, which contributes to global warming.

The earth’s surface emits energy into the atmosphere in the form of heat, keeping the balance with the incoming energy. Global warming depletes the ozone layer, bringing about the end of the world. There is a clear indication that increased global warming will result in the extinction of all life on Earth’s surface.

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Of course, industries and multinational conglomerates emit more carbon than the average citizen. Nonetheless, activism and community effort are the only viable ways to slow the worsening effects of global warming. Furthermore, at the state or government level, world leaders must develop concrete plans and step-by-step programmes to ensure that no further harm is done to the environment in general.

Although we are almost too late to slow the rate of global warming, finding the right solution is critical. Everyone, from individuals to governments, must work together to find a solution to Global Warming. Some of the factors to consider are pollution control, population growth, and the use of natural resources.

One very important contribution you can make is to reduce your use of plastic. Plastic is the primary cause of global warming, and recycling it takes years. Another factor to consider is deforestation, which will aid in the control of global warming. More tree planting should be encouraged to green the environment. Certain rules should also govern industrialization. Building industries in green zones that affect plants and species should be prohibited.

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Global warming is a real problem that many people want to disprove to gain political advantage. However, as global citizens, we must ensure that only the truth is presented in the media.

This decade has seen a significant impact from global warming. The two most common phenomena observed are glacier retreat and arctic shrinkage. Glaciers are rapidly melting. These are clear manifestations of climate change.

Another significant effect of global warming is the rise in sea level. Flooding is occurring in low-lying areas as a result of sea-level rise. Many countries have experienced extreme weather conditions. Every year, we have unusually heavy rain, extreme heat and cold, wildfires, and other natural disasters.

Similarly, as global warming continues, marine life is being severely impacted. This is causing the extinction of marine species as well as other problems. Furthermore, changes are expected in coral reefs, which will face extinction in the coming years. These effects will intensify in the coming years, effectively halting species expansion. Furthermore, humans will eventually feel the negative effects of Global Warming.

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Sample Essays on Global Warming

Here are some sample essays on Global Warming:

Global Warming is caused by the increase of carbon dioxide levels in the earth’s atmosphere and is a result of human activities that have been causing harm to our environment for the past few centuries now. Global Warming is something that can’t be ignored and steps have to be taken to tackle the situation globally. The average temperature is constantly rising by 1.5 degrees Celsius over the last few years. The best method to prevent future damage to the earth, cutting down more forests should be banned and Afforestation should be encouraged. Start by planting trees near your homes and offices, participate in events, and teach the importance of planting trees. It is impossible to undo the damage but it is possible to stop further harm.

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Over a long period, it is observed that the temperature of the earth is increasing. This affected wildlife , animals, humans, and every living organism on earth. Glaciers have been melting, and many countries have started water shortages, flooding, and erosion and all this is because of global warming. No one can be blamed for global warming except for humans. Human activities such as gases released from power plants, transportation, and deforestation have increased gases such as carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants in the earth’s atmosphere. The main question is how can we control the current situation and build a better world for future generations. It starts with little steps by every individual. Start using cloth bags made from sustainable materials for all shopping purposes, instead of using high-watt lights use energy-efficient bulbs, switch off the electricity, don’t waste water, abolish deforestation and encourage planting more trees. Shift the use of energy from petroleum or other fossil fuels to wind and solar energy. Instead of throwing out the old clothes donate them to someone so that it is recycled. Donate old books, don’t waste paper.  Above all, spread awareness about global warming. Every little thing a person does towards saving the earth will contribute in big or small amounts. We must learn that 1% effort is better than no effort. Pledge to take care of Mother Nature and speak up about global warming.

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Global warming isn’t a prediction, it is happening! A person denying it or unaware of it is in the most simple terms complicit. Do we have another planet to live on? Unfortunately, we have been bestowed with this one planet only that can sustain life yet over the years we have turned a blind eye to the plight it is in. Global warming is not an abstract concept but a global phenomenon occurring ever so slowly even at this moment.

Global Warming is a phenomenon that is occurring every minute resulting in a gradual increase in the Earth’s overall climate. Brought about by greenhouse gases that trap the solar radiation in the atmosphere, global warming can change the entire map of the earth, displacing areas, flooding many countries, and destroying multiple lifeforms. Extreme weather is a direct consequence of global warming but it is not an exhaustive consequence. There are virtually limitless effects of global warming which are all harmful to life on earth.

The sea level is increasing by 0.12 inches per year worldwide. This is happening because of the melting of polar ice caps because of global warming. This has increased the frequency of floods in many lowland areas and has caused damage to coral reefs. The Arctic is one of the worst-hit areas affected by global warming. Air quality has been adversely affected and the acidity of the seawater has also increased causing severe damage to marine life forms. Severe natural disasters are brought about by global warming which has had dire effects on life and property.

As long as mankind produces greenhouse gases, global warming will continue to accelerate. The consequences are felt at a much smaller scale which will increase to become drastic shortly. The power to save the day lies in the hands of humans, the need is to seize the day. Energy consumption should be reduced on an individual basis. Fuel-efficient cars and other electronics should be encouraged to reduce the wastage of energy sources. This will also improve air quality and reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Global warming is an evil that can only be defeated when fought together.

It is better late than never. If we all take steps today, we will have a much brighter future tomorrow. Global warming is the bane of our existence and various policies have come up worldwide to fight it but that is not enough. The actual difference is made when we work at an individual level to fight it. Understanding its import now is crucial before it becomes an irrevocable mistake. Exterminating global warming is of utmost importance and each one of us is as responsible for it as the next.  

Always hear about global warming everywhere, but do we know what it is? The evil of the worst form, global warming is a phenomenon that can affect life more fatally. Global warming refers to the increase in the earth’s temperature as a result of various human activities. The planet is gradually getting hotter and threatening the existence of lifeforms on it. Despite being relentlessly studied and researched, global warming for the majority of the population remains an abstract concept of science. It is this concept that over the years has culminated in making global warming a stark reality and not a concept covered in books.

Global warming is not caused by one sole reason that can be curbed. There are multifarious factors that cause global warming most of which are a part of an individual’s daily existence. Burning of fuels for cooking, in vehicles, and for other conventional uses, a large amount of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, and methane amongst many others is produced which accelerates global warming. Rampant deforestation also results in global warming as lesser green cover results in an increased presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which is a greenhouse gas. 

Finding a solution to global warming is of immediate importance. Global warming is a phenomenon that has to be fought unitedly. Planting more trees can be the first step that can be taken toward warding off the severe consequences of global warming. Increasing the green cover will result in regulating the carbon cycle. There should be a shift from using nonrenewable energy to renewable energy such as wind or solar energy which causes less pollution and thereby hinder the acceleration of global warming. Reducing energy needs at an individual level and not wasting energy in any form is the most important step to be taken against global warming.

The warning bells are tolling to awaken us from the deep slumber of complacency we have slipped into. Humans can fight against nature and it is high time we acknowledged that. With all our scientific progress and technological inventions, fighting off the negative effects of global warming is implausible. We have to remember that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors but borrow it from our future generations and the responsibility lies on our shoulders to bequeath them a healthy planet for life to exist. 

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One good action in a day is to combat the heat.

Global Warming and Climate Change are two sides of the same coin. Both are interrelated with each other and are two issues of major concern worldwide. Greenhouse gases released such as carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants in the earth’s atmosphere cause Global Warming which leads to climate change. Black holes have started to form in the ozone layer that protects the earth from harmful ultraviolet rays. Human activities have created climate change and global warming. Industrial waste and fumes are the major contributors to global warming. Another factor affecting is the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and also one of the reasons for climate change.  Global warming has resulted in shrinking mountain glaciers in Antarctica, Greenland, and the Arctic and causing climate change. Switching from the use of fossil fuels to energy sources like wind and solar. When buying any electronic appliance buy the best quality with energy savings stars. Don’t waste water and encourage rainwater harvesting in your community. 

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Writing an effective essay needs skills that few people possess and even fewer know how to implement. While writing an essay can be an assiduous task that can be unnerving at times, some key pointers can be inculcated to draft a successful essay. These involve focusing on the structure of the essay, planning it out well, and emphasizing crucial details. Mentioned below are some pointers that can help you write better structure and more thoughtful essays that will get across to your readers:

  • Prepare an outline for the essay to ensure continuity and relevance and no break in the structure of the essay
  • Decide on a thesis statement that will form the basis of your essay. It will be the point of your essay and help readers understand your contention
  • Follow the structure of an introduction, a detailed body followed by a conclusion so that the readers can comprehend the essay in a particular manner without any dissonance.
  • Make your beginning catchy and include solutions in your conclusion to make the essay insightful and lucrative to read
  • Reread before putting it out and add your flair to the essay to make it more personal and thereby unique and intriguing for readers  

Relevant Blogs

Ans. Both natural and man-made factors contribute to global warming. The natural one also contains methane gas, volcanic eruptions, and greenhouse gases. Deforestation , mining , livestock raising, burning fossil fuels, and other man-made causes are next.

Ans. The government and the general public can work together to stop global warming. Trees must be planted more often, and deforestation must be prohibited. Auto usage needs to be curbed, and recycling needs to be promoted.

Ans. Switching to renewable energy sources , adopting sustainable farming, transportation, and energy methods, and conserving water and other natural resources.

We hope this blog gave you an idea about how to write and present an essay on global warming that puts forth your opinions. The skill of writing an essay comes in handy when appearing for standardized language tests . Thinking of taking one soon? Leverage Edu provides the best online test prep for the same via Leverage Live . Register today to know more!

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It is not good , to have global warming in our earth .So we all have to afforestation program on all the world.

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what is global warming and climate change essay

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what is global warming and climate change essay

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  • Global Warming Essay


Essay on Global Warming

The last few decades have been monumental when it comes to technological development. Humans have developed systems and machines that make our lives easier. Especially during the early modern period from the early 16th century to as far as the late 18the century, also commonly referred to as “The Scientific Revolution” or “The Enlightenment”, modern technology leapt ahead in development in such a short time frame compared to all of history.

However, with the development of society, there has been a severe detriment to the quality of Earth’s environment. One of the most massive threats to the condition of the planet is climate change. Inadequate research and reckless misuse of natural resources are some of the core reasons for the deteriorating condition of the planet.

To understand the concept of Global Warming and its causes and effects, we need to take an in-depth look into many factors that affect the temperature of the planet and what that means for the future of the world. Here is an objective look at the topic of Global Warming and other important related topics.

What is Climate Change?

Ever since the industrial and scientific revolution, Earth is slowly being used up for its resources. Moreover, the onset of the exponential increase in the world’s population is also very taxing on the environment. 

Simply put, as the need for consumption of the population increases, both the utilisation of natural resources and the waste generated from the use of said resources have also increased massively. 

One of the main results of this over the many years has become climate change. Climate change is not just the rise or fall of temperature of different areas of the world; it is also a change in the rain cycles, wind patterns, cyclone frequencies, sea levels, etc. It affects all major life groups on the planet in some way or the other.  

What is Global Warming?

Global Warming is often considered an effect of Climate change. Global Warming is the rapid increase in the temperature of the Earth’s environment that is causing many life-threatening issues to arise.

Global Warming is a dangerous effect on our environment that we are facing these days. Rapid industrialization, increase in the population growth and pollution are causing a rise in Global Warming. Global Warming refers to the increase in the average temperature of the earth's surface during the last century. One of the reasons why Global Warming is dangerous is because it disturbs the overall ecology of the planet. This results in floods, famine, cyclones and other issues. There are many causes and results of this warming and is a danger for the existence of life on earth.

The sign of Global Warming is already visible with many natural phenomena happening around globally, affecting each living species.

Here is some data that can help to give a more precise understanding of the reality of Global Warming in the last few years:

On average, the world’s temperature is about 1.5°C higher than during the start of the industrial revolution in the late 1700s. That may not seem a lot to you, but that is an average estimate. This number is only increasing. Many parts of the world face far more severe changes in temperature that affect the planet’s overall health.

In 1950, the world’s CO 2 emissions were at 6 billion tonnes which had quadrupled in volume until 1990, just 40 years later to 22 billion tonnes. Not only that, unchecked CO 2 emissions today have reached a whopping 35 billion tonnes.

The most evident causes of Global Warming are industrialization, urbanization, deforestation, and sophisticated human activities. These human activities have led to an increase in the emission of Greenhouse Gases, including CO₂, Nitrous Oxide, Methane, and others.

Causes of Global Warming

A variety of reasons causes Global Warming. Some of which can be controlled personally by individuals but others are only expected to be solved by communities and the world leaders and activists at the global level.

Many scientists believe the main four reasons for Global Warming, according to recent studies, are:

Greenhouse gases


Per capita carbon emissions

Global Warming is certainly an alarming situation, which is causing a significant impact on life existence. Extreme Global Warming is resulting in natural calamities, which is quite evident happening around. One of the reasons behind Global Warming is the extreme release of greenhouse gases stuck on the earth surface, resulting in the temperature increase.

Similarly, volcanoes are also leading to Global Warming because they spew too much CO₂ in the air. One of the significant causes behind Global Warming is the increase in the population. This increase in the population also results in air pollution. Automobiles release a lot of CO₂, which remains stuck in the earth.

This increase in the population is also leading to deforestation, which further results in Global Warming. More and more trees are being cut, increasing the concentration of CO₂.

The greenhouse is the natural process where the sunlight passes through the area, thus warming the earth's surface. The earth surface releases energy in the form of heat in the atmosphere maintaining the balance with the incoming energy. Global Warming depletes the ozone layer leading to the doom's day.

There is a clear indication that the increase in Global Warming will lead to the complete extinction of life from the earth surface.

Solution for Global Warming

Global Warming can not be blamed on individuals; however, it can be tackled and maintained from worsening starting at the individual level. Of course, industries and multinational conglomerates have higher carbon emissions levels than an average citizen. Still, activism and community effort are the only feasible ways to control the worsening state of Global Warming.

Additionally, at the state or government level, world leaders need to create concrete plans and step programmes to ensure that no further harm is being caused to the environment in general. 

Although we are almost late in slowing down the Global Warming rate, it is crucial to find the right solution. From individuals to governments, everyone has to work upon a solution for Global Warming. Controlling pollution, population and use of natural resources are some of the factors to consider. Switching over to the electric and hybrid car is the best way to bring down the carbon dioxide.

As a citizen, it is best to switch over to the hybrid car and to use public transport. This will reduce pollution and congestion. Another significant contribution you can make is to minimize the use of plastic. Plastic is the primary cause of Global Warming taking years to recycle.

Deforestation is another thing to consider that will help in controlling Global Warming. Planting of more trees should be encouraged to make the environment go green.

Industrialization should be under certain norms. The building of industries should be banned in green zones affecting plants and species. Hefty penalties should be levied on such sectors contributing towards Global Warming.

Effects of Global Warming

Global Warming is a real problem that many want to prove as a hoax for their political benefit. However, as aware citizens of the world, we must make sure only the truth is presented in the media.

Various parts of the environment, both flora and fauna, are directly adversely affected by the damages caused by Global Warming. Wildlife being in danger is ultimately a serious threat to the survival of humanity as we know it and its future.

The effect of Global Warming is widely seen in this decade. Glacier retreat and arctic shrinkage are the two common phenomena seen. Glaciers are melting in a fast way. These are pure examples of climate change.

Rise in sea level is another significant effect of Global Warming. This sea-level rise is leading to floods in low-lying areas. Extreme weather conditions are witnessed in many countries. Unseasonal rainfall, extreme heat and cold, wildfires and others are common every year. The number of these cases is increasing. This will indeed imbalance the ecosystem bringing the result of the extinction of species.

Similarly, marine life is also widely getting affected due to the increase in Global Warming. This is resulting in the death of marine species and other issues. Moreover, changes are expected in coral reefs, which are going to face the end in coming years.

These effects will take a steep rise in coming years, bringing the expansion of species to a halt. Moreover, humans too will witness the negative impact of Global Warming in the end.


FAQs on Global Warming Essay

1. What Global Warming will Cause?

Global warming will have a massive impact on our earth in the end. Flood, extreme weather conditions, famine, wildfire and many more will be the result. There will be hotter days, which will also increase the wildfire and famine. In the past years, many meteorological bureaus have added purple and magenta to the forecast.

Another impact of global warming will be rising sea levels. Increased ocean temperatures will lead to the melting of glaciers and ice caps. Increase in the sea level will lead to floods in many low-lying areas.

The overall ecosystem of nature will be an imbalance. This will affect nature in the long-term.

2. Why Does Global Warming Happen?

There are many reasons for the cause of global warming. There are certain gases in the atmosphere called greenhouse gases. The energy then radiates from the surface; the greenhouse gases trap longwave radiation. We humans have added to the atmospheric blanket of greenhouse affecting the living species. Warming of air, oceans, and land is how global warming happens.

Climate Change Essay for Students and Children


500+ Words Climate Change Essay

Climate change refers to the change in the environmental conditions of the earth. This happens due to many internal and external factors. The climatic change has become a global concern over the last few decades. Besides, these climatic changes affect life on the earth in various ways. These climatic changes are having various impacts on the ecosystem and ecology. Due to these changes, a number of species of plants and animals have gone extinct.

what is global warming and climate change essay

When Did it Start?

The climate started changing a long time ago due to human activities but we came to know about it in the last century. During the last century, we started noticing the climatic change and its effect on human life. We started researching on climate change and came to know that the earth temperature is rising due to a phenomenon called the greenhouse effect. The warming up of earth surface causes many ozone depletion, affect our agriculture , water supply, transportation, and several other problems.

Reason Of Climate Change

Although there are hundreds of reason for the climatic change we are only going to discuss the natural and manmade (human) reasons.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Natural Reasons

These include volcanic eruption , solar radiation, tectonic plate movement, orbital variations. Due to these activities, the geographical condition of an area become quite harmful for life to survive. Also, these activities raise the temperature of the earth to a great extent causing an imbalance in nature.

Human Reasons

Man due to his need and greed has done many activities that not only harm the environment but himself too. Many plant and animal species go extinct due to human activity. Human activities that harm the climate include deforestation, using fossil fuel , industrial waste , a different type of pollution and many more. All these things damage the climate and ecosystem very badly. And many species of animals and birds got extinct or on a verge of extinction due to hunting.

Effects Of Climatic Change

These climatic changes have a negative impact on the environment. The ocean level is rising, glaciers are melting, CO2 in the air is increasing, forest and wildlife are declining, and water life is also getting disturbed due to climatic changes. Apart from that, it is calculated that if this change keeps on going then many species of plants and animals will get extinct. And there will be a heavy loss to the environment.

What will be Future?

If we do not do anything and things continue to go on like right now then a day in future will come when humans will become extinct from the surface of the earth. But instead of neglecting these problems we start acting on then we can save the earth and our future.

what is global warming and climate change essay

Although humans mistake has caused great damage to the climate and ecosystem. But, it is not late to start again and try to undo what we have done until now to damage the environment. And if every human start contributing to the environment then we can be sure of our existence in the future.

{ “@context”: “”, “@type”: “FAQPage”, “mainEntity”: [ { “@type”: “Question”, “name”: “What is climate change and how it affects humans?”, “acceptedAnswer”: { “@type”: “Answer”, “text”: “Climate change is a phenomenon that happens because of human and natural reasons. And it is one of the most serious problems that not only affect the environment but also human beings. It affects human in several ways but in simple language, we can say that it causes many diseases and disasters that destroy life on earth.” } }, { “@type”: “Question”, “name”: “Can we stop these climatic changes?”, “acceptedAnswer”: { “@type”: “Answer”, “text”: “Yes, we can stop these climatic changes but for that, every one of us has to come forward and has to adapt ways that can reduce and control our bad habits that affect the environment. We have to the initiative and make everyone aware of the climatic changes.” } } ] }


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This essay will discuss the issues of global warming and climate change. It will examine the scientific evidence for climate change, its causes, and its impact on the environment and human society. The piece will explore the responses to climate change, including mitigation strategies and international agreements, and the challenges in addressing this global issue. PapersOwl offers a variety of free essay examples on the topic of Agriculture.

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“Global warming isn’t a prediction. It is happening” – James Hansen.

It is normal for the earth’s temperature to fluctuate. However, in the last century alone the planet’s temperature has risen unusually fast. Although many do not believe it, scientists have proven that algaculture activities are largely to blame for climate change. Farmers must thoroughly investigate how their contribution leads to the actuality of climate change, how it impacts them, and lastly what can be done to deal with this going forward.

The greenhouse effect is a natural process that occurs when gases in the Earth’s atmosphere trap the sun’s heat. Although it is a natural process, algaculture activities such as burning fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas), farming has increased the concentrations of greenhouse gases. According to Canadian Scientific reports farmers also utilize nitrous oxide through their use of synthetic fertilizers (Canada Scientific Achievements in Agriculture 2019). In the research that has been done by the government of Canada reveals that “…to produce bio-energy can help partly replace fossil fuels and using agricultural wastes to generate energy are additional examples of ways to reduce GHG emissions” ( Reducing agricultural emissions). This shows that maximizing energy efficiency and shifting away from fossil fuels are important steps that farmers can take to reduce their effect on climate change. This can also include on-farm renewable energy production such as solar panels and wind turbines to reduce energy use.

The agriculture is continuing to damage the Earth by consuming the most water as well. The data scientist Tariq Khokhar mentions that “In most regions of the world, over 70 percent of freshwater is used for agriculture” (Globally,70% of fresh water is used for agriculture). To alleviate this problem farmers can build ponds to capture and store rainfall for use throughout the year. Aside from farmer’s building ponds, there are many ways of water conservation practices, such as planting a buffer of trees and bushes along streams and rivers to prevent erosion and contamination from crop runoff. Smart water management is also another technique that farmers can use to deliver their water to their crops. To avoid under- or overwatering their crops, farmers can carefully monitor the weather forecast, as well as soil and plant moisture, and adapt their irrigation schedule to the current conditions. Furthermore, it is imperative that farmers should be aware of how to utilize their energy use.

In addition, The forests act as carbon sinks by absorbing carbon dioxide, hence deforestation contributes to the massing CO2 levels. An alarming one-fifth of greenhouse gas pollution directly comes from forestation (Natural Resources Canada, Forest Carbon 2016). In terms of climate change, cutting trees both adds carbon dioxide to the air and removes the ability to absorb existing carbon dioxide. Trees have a lot of benefits on farms. They can act as windbreaks, reducing soil erosion, enrich the soil, filter water, which can result in higher water quality, they create habitat for wildlife and wildlife corridors, they suck up and store greenhouse gasses and the list goes on. Based on Wageningen University research “Agriculture is estimated to be the direct driver for around 80% of deforestation worldwide” (Agriculture is the direct driver for worldwide deforestation). This is evident that conversion from forest to cropland produces a significant amount of greenhouse gas emission. Planting trees instead of cutting them is a contributor to alleviate climate change.

Recently an engineer has discovered a technology where they use recycled cell phones to monitor chainsaws. In the article “Your Old Cell Phone Can Help Save the Rain Forest” by Christina Nunez the author mentions how Topher White who is an engineer and has developed a system which can detect illegal logging and send message “to authorities who can determine if it’s illegal and then stop it”( Your Old Cell Phone Can Help Save the Rain Forest). Moreover, in Tanzania people have planted thousands of trees to fight against climate change. In the article “This island was on the brink of disaster” Sarah Gibbens the author mentions “more than two million trees have been planted there and on Kokota”( This island was on the brink of disaster). Planting tree preserves local food sources, protects wildlife habitat, and promotes biodiversity, among other climate-friendly impacts.

On the climate front, trees, shrubs, and other woody vegetation also store carbon in their biomass, protect the soil from erosion, and conserve water. Given this information, it is necessary that farmers should deeply explore all the ways they can change to avoid these frightening irreversible effects of global warming.

Furthermore, the governments are actively working on creating plans to change the direction the Earth is heading in due to global warming. In many countries around the world, the governments are taking action in limiting and educating farmers when it comes to fossil fuels and greenhouse gases. There are many ways to support climate-friendly farming on the ground but reducing the damage of climate change and building climate resilience will require major policy changes. Canadian federal and provincial ministers of agriculture, including administrative, legislative, and budgetary are taking actions to support farmland conservation, healthy soils, water stewardship, renewable energy, and other sustainable practices. Based “OECD Meeting of Agriculture Ministers” that took place in France it was mentioned “Further investment in research and development (R&D) is needed to spur innovation that can improve sustainable productivity growth. ”(2).

Governments obtain large amounts of income from algaculture. However, there is uncertainty about how to control nitrous oxide emissions from crop production. Therefore, the only prescription for getting more knowledge is to hire a research team to investigate this problem. Agriculture and Agri-food Canada has introduced a program called the “Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change”.

The focus of this program has been to assist rural communities and farmers in adapting to changes in economic policies and Canada’s emissions reduction target. While the program is mainly aimed at climate change, there is potential to use it to have agriculture adapt to more than just economic policies.

Despite uncertainties and varying feelings regarding global warming, the facts remain in place and if the farmers don’t act now, they are only doing a disservice to themselves. It is urgent to recognize how human activities have contributed to the actuality of global warming, how it impacts them, and lastly what change can be implemented moving forward to not cause any further damage to their planet.

If the necessary steps are taken now, a lot of the damage that could be caused by global warming can be alleviated. Humans can regulate greenhouse gases by increasing funding for developing cheap renewable sources of energy, reducing organic wastes, and produce all-new infrastructures as net-zero energy ready. However, they should not fully rely on global politics and clean energy technology. Farmers have several tools to help them accomplish the climate change, it is now up to them to utilize it.

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what is global warming and climate change essay

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Global Warming and Climate Change Essay

what is global warming and climate change essay

Climate Change In Global Warming

Global warming Global warming is a well-recognised concept since the mid 1900s. The current issue in question revolves around the extent climate change will affect mankind, the timescale and the severity of such changes. Various visible physical changes are evident over the last decade. Not only does the disasters strike more frequently and with more force, all three major global surface temperature reconstructions illustrate that the Earth has warmed vastly since 1880. The Department of Energy & Climate Change (2014) stated a 0.5°C increase in average temperature over the 1970s in their fifth assessment science report. Frankly, the majority of the warming began in the 1970s, with the 10 of its warmest years from 1998 (Climate Central, 2016).…

The Risks Of Global Warming And Climate Change

Global warming has played a major role in the changing weather all over the world; the climate change all over the world is a proof that the weather conditions are changing. Global warming has made some of the hottest land cold now and the countries that never had a summer in millenniums are now having sunlight regularly. These are the basic changes that signify that global warming is affecting the whole world. Global climate change is a procedure which is according to the climate studies a…

Global Warming: The Theory Of Climate Change

The theory of climate change, also known as global warming, has been an ever growing topic researched for hopes of one day figuring the cause of it. Studies held over the last few decades have indicated a slight rise in the Earth’s temperature annually and scientist and environmentalist have made it their goal to find the root of this global temperature increase hoping that there will be some cure to bring climate change to a halt. Like many hot topics that deal with some sort of danger or…

The Issues Of Climate Change And Global Warming

Climate Change The issues of climate change and global warming have began increasing at an exceptionally alarming rate. Many people believe that this has become a major problem in today’s world, but nothing is being done to stop it. Industrial companies have been led to believe that climate change does not exist and is not a threat rather than change their ways to accommodate our planet. Other countries believe that the climate change is not within our control. The disregard for how our…

Global Warming: Climate Change In The World

The Earth has had multiple climate changes during its lifetime. From the extreme cold during the ice age to our weather as of modern day. During the lifespan of our Earth, temperatures have fluctuated from warmer to colder, changing back and forth. However, the Earth is currently on a course of global warming. Scientist, politicians, and the general public may agree that the Earth’s average temperature is increasing, but there is a disagreement on if the occurrence is natural or as a result of…

The Controversy Of Global Warming And Climate Change

controversy of global warming and climate change. According to Livescience, Global warming is the term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and its oceans; a change that is believed to be permanently changing the Earth’s climate. In fact, this matter can be as controversial as political debates. Global warming and climate change are natural phenomena that mankind had found in the world. However, studies have discovered that the accommodation of…

The Severity Of Climate Change And Global Warming

In this report, I will give you a good definition of what Climate Change and Global Warming are and I will explain the severity of these two issues. Something I will also be explaining is why the message has never gotten across because people don’t understand the severity of these issues, that they take the time to develop, and that we need to do all the little things for a longer period of time if we want our planet to be safe again. The way to resolve this is by getting the message about the…

Climate Change And The Future Of Global Warming

Over the past few years global warming has been a major topic and a serious concern for a lot of people. Global warming is really important because it’s a factor in the climate in the world and that can alter a lot of things for the world and people. It been a major discussion over the past few years in the politic areas. Global warming is the unusually rapid increase in earth’s average surface temperature over the past century primarily due to the greenhouse gases released as people burn…

The Consequences Of Global Warming And Climate Change

human kind. All of these issues will become more difficult to manage if we do not act soon. This phenomena is known as global warming and climate change. Global warming is the increase in temperature throughout the world. It is caused by the increasing amount of carbon dioxide, methane, and other gases in the atmosphere (Gürlük). These gases are known as greenhouse gases because they contribute to warm the Earth 's atmosphere. We need to pay attention to these changes, since climate change and…

Climate Change: The Causes Of Global Warming

The climate is warming and will continue to rise under human influence. Signs of climate change are already being seen in today’s environment and the significance of these changes are accepted by most people, however there are still some people who choose to deny these facts. Global warming has the potential to dramatically disrupt some of life’s essential requirements for health, water air and food. In order to plan for climate change policies, and understanding of how Australians perceive…

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Global Warming Vs Climate Change Essay

Global warming and climate change.

During the past several hundred years, civilization has made rapid progress in industries like air travel, automobiles, and energy production. These developments were made without consideration of the long-term effects that their emissions may have on the planet. Changing weather patterns are now wreaking havoc around the world, and scientists attribute this to human-caused climate change. During President Obama’s State of the Union address in 2015, he stated that, “No challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change,” (“Remarks by the President”). Warming temperatures caused by anthropogenic climate change have disastrous consequences that pose a threat to humanity and the environment.

Global warming is defined as the recent increase in the world 's temperature that is believed to be caused by the increase of certain gases (such as carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere. There are many different theories on whether global warming is similar or not to climate change. Simplistically, climate change is different because climate change is defined as a change in global or regional climate patterns or, in particular, a change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels, having been measured over long periods of time, due to the changes in Earth’s orbit and organic carbon which reflect sunlight. Global warming and climate change are not to be confused because global warming is caused mainly by anthropogenic factors like the emission of carbon dioxide gas and use of fossil fuels whereas climate change is completely natural, however, according to Milan Radovanovic, “it is clear that the anthropogenic factors dominate the increasing temperature and the natural ones have the maximum influence…” (Radovanovic). Therefore, “the contribution to global warming from natural forcings and from natural internal variability is in the range between -0.2 to 0.2 [degrees] celsius over the period 1951-2010…” (Radovanovic). Natural factors have had the most effect on global temperature in the past 59 years totaling a 0.4 degrees celsius increase in

Global Warming And Global Warming

Look around. Every day, everyone will witness some sort of carbonic emission in some form dispersing into the atmosphere. You hear enough about it on the news, whether you care or not. However, the question lingers: is it even that big of a deal? Most likely, if you are a Republican, you will say that Democrats are blowing the whole climate change situation out of the water, or that the warming of our earth is completely natural. Notice how they switched it from global warming to climate change; that is because their previous assumptions and models have not been completely accurate, right? On the other hand, if you are a Democrat, you are most likely seething over the statements you just read and want to do anything you can to prevent this possible catastrophic disaster. 97% percent of climate scientists agree that Climate Change is here and now, caused by all of us… right? Democrats are also more likely to target and blame carbon emissions on the rising temperatures. Nevertheless, William McDonough, a famous urban planner, says that targeting carbon is a purely political move. Further, carbon should be a useful resource for humans, and an imbalanced carbon cycle is to blame. In fact, McDonough claims this imbalance is the result of poor and inadequate urban designing. Are any climate change believers right? Or are Donald Trump and friends correct in pointing the finger at the problem and saying, “wrong!” First and foremost, let us explore the partisan views on the issue.

How Does The Use Of Fossil Fuels Impact The Earth?

First, climate change and global warming must be defined and explained. According to Melissa Denchek from the Natural Resources Defense Council, climate change is “a significant variation of average weather conditions” (Denchek). The key factor is that the variation is a long-term trend, and not just due to natural weather

Global warming and climate change will cause health problems for future generations. Climate change and global warming affect everyone. Polar bears are losing their homes due to global warming, and humans are forced to adapt to a continually changing environment. According to John Balbus, he mentioned “With the climate change can cause exposure, sensitivity, and adaptive capacity which are associated with social and demographic factors” (Balbus n.p). Also, increase susceptibility to higher rates of illness caused by climate change and global warming, which it is similar in some cases. Global warming may be a high risk of health consequences also heat-related disease, mental health consequences, and stress. Global warming gives several adverse health effects in both humans and animals.

Climate Change And Global Change

Climate change is caused through the increase of greenhouse gas emissions within Earth’s atmosphere. Through trapping sunlight, temperatures have risen over the past years thus being called climate change. However, through things like being energy efficient or changing aspects within daily life climate change can be lessened. Reducing gas emission both in peoples own life as well as world-wide is also an important response to reducing the effects of climate change and it is also important to be involved in organizations for the environment in order to help promote climate change.

Climate Change : Global Warming

The first section of this paper establishes what exactly naturally occurring climate change is. What are the underlying causes? What happens when climate change occurs? Most importantly how do we know this? The second section of this paper seeks to use our new found knowledge of natural climate change. It builds upon the premise of the first section and the ideas introduced there. Since we know the natural causes of climate change we can draw conclusions relating to the impact and influence that humanity is having on climate change. It is by first establishing naturally occurring climate changes legitimacy and causes and then linking these causes to our now current anthropogenic climate change This second section is also the more controversial, nobody disputes naturally occurring climate change, but as soon as causation is assigned to humanity and particular sections within; it becomes a vigorously debated topic. By first establishing climate change as a naturally occurring

"It is urgent and the time frame is critical and it has to be right now," said Vicki Arroyo, executive director of the Georgetown Climate Center at Georgetown Law. "We can 't lose another four years, much less eight years" (Neuhauser).

Climate Change

Climate change and global warming are seen used interchangeably, as if they were the same thing, which I think is a mistake. There are obvious differences between the meanings of the two terms. To better understand their distinction, it is good to have their definition. Global Warming refers to the overall increase in the heat of the planet, based on average temperature over the entire surface. Climate Change on the other hand denotes changes in regional climate characteristics, including temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind and severe weather events. Hence we can say climate change is about much more than how warm or cool the earth’s temperatures are. In short,

Global Warming And The Climate Change

A meeting discussing global warming and the ongoing climate change (and the impact CO2 emissions have on the growing problem) has been in session in Peru for the past few days. Dozens of world leaders are gathering to discuss possible changes that can be implemented to halt the increase in temperature seen around the globe. However, many prominent scientists have stated that it may be too late for these world leaders to make any significant impacts (Associated). These scientists, and many other people around the world, believe that humans have contributed significantly to global warming, and as a result mankind needs to do whatever it can to combat this ongoing crisis. Nearly 3,500 miles away from Peru, United States Senator James Inhofe is in Washington D.C., representing Oklahoma in the United States Senate. Senator Inhofe is one of the loudest preachers of the belief that global warming is not the dire threat that so many scientists make it out to be. Inhofe has claimed that it is “arrogant for people to believe human beings are able to change what He (God) is doing in the climate” (Tashman). The Senator believes that only God controls the climate and the environment, and to even think that humans are impacting the earth’s climate is misguided (Tashman). These two opposing viewpoints bring with them questions of religion, politics, human responsibility, and ultimately the fate of the planet. On one side, there are those who say that the science is so concrete, and the

Climate Change And Global Warming

Climate change is a self-contradictory subject and has affected areas worldwide, plants, animals, the environment, habitats, etc. in a variety of ways. One of the main environmental changes faced today are climate changes caused by humans. There was a statement on climate change from 18 scientific associations which stated, “Observations throughout the world make it clear that climate change is occurring, and rigorous scientific research demonstrates that the greenhouse gases emitted by human activities are the primary driver"(Scientific consensus: Earth’s climate is warming,” 2017). The government and the public responses to this issue have been really weak. There are programs and businesses that understand and know that climate change

The Causes Of Climate Change

Climate change can be defined as the study of weather patterns over an extended period in any environment and at any time of year. Global warming relates to climate change because it is the ongoing increase of Earth’s normal temperature. The cause for climate change is due to the rise in concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere like carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, and water vapor. Issues that arise because of climate change are sea levels rising, growth in ocean heat content, and buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to human activities. Humans contribute the most to climate change by engaging in driving, burning fossil fuels, and natural gas distribution. Climate change is conceivably evolving due to human activities and minimally biological factors but, climate change is still a scientific phenomenon that requires further investigation.

Global Warming And Global Climate Change

In the last twenty years, the issues surrounding global climate change have become increasingly dominant in the international community, as the implications associated with the global issue pose many threats to the environment and humanity as a whole. Beginning in the 1970’s, scientific research regarding pollution led scientists to discover that chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) where destroying the ozone layer, posing threats to plant and animal life, and humans as a rise in skin cancer followed. Luckily, the world community came together to make the Montreal Protocol in 1987, which established a common goal of reducing and eventually eliminating the use of CFC’s, leading to the restoration of the ozone layer. Unfortunately, the world community has yet to fully collaborate on a universal approach to global warming. Since discovering that the burning of fossil fuels increases levels of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere and ultimately causes a rise in the earth’s temperature, successful collaboration between states has been limited. The global climate change regime has had many diplomatic problems due to the varying levels of resources within each state, different opinions regarding the weight of the issue, along with other cultural factors that make cooperation hard to achieve. The three main perspectives of international relations, realist, liberal, and identity, offer contrasting approaches to preventing the progression of global warming and other pressing climate

In 1879, citizens were in shock in Menlo Park as Thomas Edison publicly demonstrated his new invention, the incandescent light bulb, the first time. This device was incredibly impactful and would eventually lead to electricity being within the houses of millions of people across the globe. Industries began to mass excavate large amounts of coal in order to produce electricity to light the homes of these people. However, big business wasn’t aware or concerned about possible environmental damage that was occurring. Power plants sprung up across America which would produce waste in the forms of different types of pollution that would have quite an impact on the surroundings. As a result, individuals started to become aware of the effects of

Essay on Global Warming: Impact of Climate Change on the Environment

By climatologists’ evidence there are two causes with several factors that have a response for the Earth’s climate. They are: human activity which includes deforestation, burning fossil fuels, agriculture, transportation and infrastructure, and natural causes which include volcanic eruptions and variations in solar output. (Pidwirny. 2006).

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